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Club Lust

Annie was consumed by work and her career. When one of her friends gets an invitation to the hottest new club in town and can bring a friend, Annie has a decision to make. Should she go and have some fun, or stay home working spreadsheets all weekend. The decision may change her life.


Annie Broward walked into her downtown condo, threw her keys on the table and quickly thumbed through the mail. Kicking off her heels and moving deeper into the room, she admired the view of the sound sprawling out before her. The moonlight reflecting off the black water was a view she never grew tired of over the last few years. Annie worked hard to afford this lifestyle and as she poured a glass of Merlot, she took a moment to reflect on just how much she sacrificed to get to her current position. While many of her friends enjoyed an active social life, married, or even started families, Annie was in her office working on the latest proposal or marketing campaign. She sacrificed much, but believed it would all be worth it one day.

At 31, Annie was a successful marketing director for a biomedical firm. Tall, standing 5′9″, Annie commanded attention whenever she walked into a room. In heels, she was almost 6′ tall, and got noticed. Add to this her striking good looks, natural beauty and flaming red hair, and she could have easily passed for a runway model if not a marketing director.

Sorting through the mail, there seemed little of interest. Lost in the middle of the pile of junk mail, bills and requests for money was a small envelope with gold lettering that simply said “Club Lust” where a return address would have been located. Opening it on a whim, Annie found an engraved invitation for her and one guest for an opening preview of the club. Annie was sure there was a connection between her job as a marketing director and the invitation, but tossed it aside as he phone rang.

Jen was on the phone. She was a friend from college and like Annie was somewhat of a workaholic forgoing a social life for corporate success.

“Hey, Annie, I just got this invitation in the mail for a new club opening. Normally, I would not go, but given my recent promotion, I do want to celebrate. I can bring a guest, do you want to go?”

Annie laughed, “well, this is crazy, I got one in today’s mail too, but mine is for next week not this one.”

“Well can you go with me?” Jen asked and waited for an answer.

“Sorry Jen, but I am buried on a presentation. I will tell you what, why don’t you go and then let me know how it was. If you had fun, we can go on my invitation next week.” Annie hated to put her friend off, but she really was busy.

“Deal,” Jen said over the phone. “I will let you know.”

Annie thought nothing of the conversation until Wednesday of the following week when Jen again called her.

“Do you still have that invitation,” Jen asked.

“Of course I do, it is still on my desk. I was wondering how it went?” Annie waited for an answer.

“Well, dust off and get out your dancing shoes,” Jen laughed. “You need to go to the club and yes, I had a great time.”

Annie nodded into the phone. “Well, it does seem like you had a good time and I trust your judgment.”

“Annie, I hate to ask, but do you even own a club dress?” Jen knew the answer to the question before she asked it.

“I ask as I was not dressed appropriately last Saturday and felt a little out of place. I went shopping Sunday and found myself my own club dress special.”

She continued. “How about we go shopping on Saturday morning for something you can wear to blend in at the club? Afterall, you don’t want to stand out in a crowd of party goers do you.”

Annie could not argue with the logic and found herself agreeing with her friend.

“Great,” Jen said, “we will have an awesome time.”

Before Annie could ask her when did she started using terms like “awesome,” Jen hung up. As she did, Annie swore she heard a faint giggle over the cell phone.

On Saturday, Annie met Jen in front of a trendy downtown boutique. When Annie saw her friend approach, she did a double take and could not believe her eyes. Gone was the professional and proper workplace Jen. Walking towards her was a sensual and very very provocatively dressed woman who was turning heads as she walked along the street.

“OMG Jen, what has happened to you?” Annie asked of her friend when she approached the front door of the shop.

“Me,” Jen asked with a surprised look on her face. “Well, I am just enjoying my promotion and celebrated with a new look.”

“Wow, new look, that is an understatement, you have changed almost everything.” Annie looked her friend over. Jen now sported a short, sporty blonde hairstyle, perfectly manicured nails in bright pink, and makeup where she normally loved the natural look. Her lips were glossy and matched her nails. Beyond her physical changes, Jen was wearing a short skirt and midriff blouse that exposed her naval. The skirt was shorter then anything Annie had ever seen her wear before.

“Well you are celebrating,” Annie added. “It might take me awhile to get accustomed to the new you.”

When she spoke the last line, she again heard Jen giggle.

Annie frowned, “since when have you taken up giggling like a schoolgirl Jen?”

“I can’t help myself, I honestly can’t. I am having a good time.” With that, Jen opened the door and walked inside.

Annie was overwhelmed by what she saw. Mannequin after mannequin displayed the latest club wear and each dress seemed to be shorter than the last.

“Don’t they have anything a little longer?” Annie looked at Jen while asking the question. “These seem so short.”

“Short is in, especially at the club.” Jen nodded towards a young woman walking towards them. “Chloe here will help us out.” With that, Jen walked up to Chloe and gave her a big hug and Annie could have sworn that Chloe kissed Jen on the lips, but decided it was just her viewing angle, it had to be a cheek peck.

“Chloe, meet Annie, we are going to Club Lust tonight and Annie needs something to wear.” Jen smiled at Chloe and then looked back to Annie. “My friend needs to loosen up and enjoy life and the club tonight.”

Chloe nodded mentioning all of the rave reviews she heard about the club. She told Annie to look around and walked Jen towards the front of the store. Unnoticed by Annie, the young woman whispered a few words in Jen’s ears causing the Jen to almost shiver in excitement and sent a fog passing over her eyes that quickly passed.

Handing Jen an envelope containing some small white pills, Chloe whispered, “I think both of you will enjoy these tonight, now let’s tend to your friend.” Heading to her counter, she poured two cups of herbal tea handing one to Jen.

“Is this the same blend you used last week? It was delicious.” Jen took a sip as she watched Chloe nod her head.

“I thought Annie might like a cup too,” Chloe said handing a second cup to Jen for her friend.

Jen walked back to where Annie was still looking at dresses and handed her a cup. “Here try this blend while you shop. It is wonderful.” Annie took the cup and laughed, “I did not know you were a tea drinker.”

“I am now,” Jen quickly remarked before flipping through some dresses on the rack.

Chloe looked as the two women sipped the herbal tea blend with a smile on her face. Walking over to Annie, she asked if she had found any dresses yet and when Annie shook her head no, Chloe took her to another rack and was soon holding up two dresses: one blue and one silver.

“Either of these would look lovely on you,” Chloe offered.

“They are so short,” Annie said, “I don’t think I would be comfortable in them.”

“Just try them on, I am sure you will like one of them,” Chloe whispered and then handed the dresses to Annie. As she leaned in to hand the dresses to Annie and whisper in her ear, Annie caught a faint whiff of her perfume which quickly penetrated her body. She did not see Chloe smile at that very moment.

Slipping into the dressing room, Annie tried on both dresses. As she did, she felt a warming sense of calmness permeate her body. Looking at herself in the mirror, she notice a visible panty line and her bra straps clearly showed. The dress was tight, form fitting and actually left little to the imagination. She had never worn anything so revealing in the past. Annie sipped the last of her tea and stepped out of the dressing room.

“Wow, you rock that color,” Jen said in an excited voice.

“We have to do something about what is showing,” Chloe said and held out her hands in a playful manner. “I will take the bra and panty and hold them for you.”

Annie looked at Chloe and did not know what to say. Almost immediately, Jen whispered into her ear, “it’s ok, I had to do the same thing. You want to make sure it fits, right?”

Inexplicably, Annie found her head nodding yes as she could not argue with Jen’s logic. She unzipped the dress exposing her pale back and unhooked her bra. Slipping it off her shoulders, Annie handed it to Chloe. Annie then reached under the hem of the dress and pulled down her panties. She could feel dampness, which surprised her. She again, handed them to Chloe who just smiled at her. Zipping up the dress, Annie stared into the mirror. The dress fit like a glove.

“God, I feel naked,” Annie proclaimed.

“Well, technically, you almost are,” Jen cooed. “Now you need some silver stilettos to complete the look.”

Annie was about to protest when Chloe firmly took her by the arm and led her to a seat before slipping on the first heel. As she did, Annie realized just how short the dress was and how exposed she was sitting in a chair. Chloe seemed to read her mind.

“Oh, please don’t be embarrassed. You would be surprised what I see in here. Afterall, you are going to a club and the idea is to be seen.” She then grinned adding, “you really should have waxed earlier in the week. Be sure to trim and shave closely before you go as we don’t want to spoil anyone’s view.”

Instead of being insulted, Annie found her head nodding in agreement with the young woman while again Jen giggled in the background. Alarms should have been going off in Annie’s head, but they were not.

“It seems Annie likes the herbal tea, can you get her a second cup? I have one steeping on the counter.” Chloe looked to Jen as she asked her the question and quickly pointed to the teacup.

Jen quickly returned and handed Annie the new cup as Chloe was trying different heel combinations on the young executive.

“Doesn’t that tea just relax you so,” Chloe asked slowly massaging Annie’s foot. Annie could not argue as she was relaxed, very relaxed.

“Now, why don’t you stand up, walk over to the mirror in these heels and let’s see what you look like.” Chloe put out her arm and helped Annie to her feet.

Annie walked over to the mirror and was stunned at what she saw. The silver dress almost looked like it was spray painted on her body. The heels she wore made her even taller and leaner looking than she normally was. Jen exclaimed “I love it,” while Chloe nodded her head.

Annie walked back into the dressing room and changed almost forgetting she needed to retrieve her bra and panty from Chloe. When she opened the door to get her lingerie, she found Chloe and Jen in a heated embrace and even deeper kiss. However, instead of screaming, she merely cleared her throat getting Chloe’s attention. Retrieving her lingerie, Annie headed back to the room to finish changing.

Returning to the front of the store, she thanked Chloe for the help, gathered her packages and headed to the door with Jen. “I hope to see you again,” she spoke turning her head to the door.

“I am sure we will meet again,” Chloe laughed as the door shut behind the women.

Walking over to the counter, Chloe picked up her cell phone and punched in a number. “Jess, hi, yes the woman from last week is coming tonight as instructed and bringing her friend. They were just here and Jen has the pills with her. Her friend had two doses of your favorite elixir with her tea and has become very agreeable.” There was silence as the woman on the other end of the phone was talking. Chloe finally smiled and simply said “have a good time with them. I am sure they will help enhance the reputation of the club. Bye.”

Annie was totally relaxed as they drove home. She finally looked over to Jen and questioned her about what she saw in the shop. “So, did you enjoy her kiss and embrace? It looked like you two were having fun.”

Without hesitation, Jen answered, “you have no idea how much fun Chloe can be. She is so open, so free and so sensual.”

Annie nodded unable to think of the words to disagree. Jen looked over and said, “and you dear friend will look so hot tonight. You will sizzle the night away.” With that line, both friends laughed.

Five hours later, Annie was heading to the club via Uber. She did not want to worry about drinking and then driving. At the same time, Jen was also headed to the club, but she could walk as it was right around the corner from her condo.

Annie checked her makeup in a mirror she pulled from her purse. Normally as a professional woman, Annie did not wear much makeup, but tonight, she had on bright red lipstick that matched her well manicured nails. Annie never wore eye makeup. She did not have time for such frivolous luxury, but tonight was different and Annie was surprised at how a smokey look highlighted her face. The silver dress covering her body felt like it was painted on. Annie remained conscious of how she must sit to maintain a modicum of decency as under the dress was just her naked body. Annie took Chloe’s advice and now sported freshly trimmed pubic hair delicately framing her pussy. Annie did not have time for a professional waxing. That would wait for another day. The young professional had never felt so naked or exposed in public, but had to admit, it did provide a thrill.

As Annie got out of the car, Jen was standing along the rope line leading to the main door of Club Lust. There was a long line of sensuously dressed women and their escorts waiting to get in. Annie waved to Jen and then kissed her on the cheek inhaling some of her perfume.

“What a wonderful scent, is it new?” Annie asked.

“Well, it is actually called ‘Lust’ and it was a gift from Armando, who runs the club. He gave a bottle to all of his VIP guests last weekend. Maybe you will get a bottle tonight.” Jen kissed Annie on the cheek, took her arm and headed to the front of the line.

Annie followed slightly behind Jen and admired how her friend looked. She too was wearing a short, form fitting club dress that left little to the imagination. Annie could not take her eyes off of the sway of Jen’s hips as she walked. It was clear that her friend was also naked under her dress.

The doorman recognized Jen and waved her up to him where Annie presented the VIP card she received in the mail. “Welcome back,” Henri said with a fake French accent. May I say you two ladies are looking exceptionally lovely this evening.” Jen gave him a small kiss on the cheek and whispered something into his ear, before heading through the door and into the club. Annie followed her lead. As they walked in, Henri called his boss simply saying, “they are here.”

As Annie followed Jen, a short, beautiful Asian woman walked up to her and holding up a bottle said “welcome to Club Lust. All first time VIP guests get a complimentary bottle of Lust perfume.” She handed Annie a bottle, which was quickly put away in her purse. As Annie looked up to follow Jen, she was engulfed in a fine cloud of perfume mist that she could not help but inhale. As she did, Annie became lightheaded for a moment, but calm. Without saying anything, the hostess smiled and walked away.

The music in the club was loud, pulsing and penetrating. The pulsing beat seemed timed with flashing and rotating lights that immediately captured Annie’s attention. Moving to the table reserved for them by the club, Annie struggled to get accustomed to the noise. “Loud isn’t it,” Jen noted, “have some aspirin we can take as a precaution once our drinks arrive.”

Five minutes later, Jen dug into her purse and found the white envelope with the pills Chloe provided earlier in the afternoon. Taking one herself, she quickly handed two across the table to Annie. “These will help ward off any headache,” she almost yelled over the music and smiled as her friend swallowed both with a sip of her cocktail.

Within minutes, the pulse of the music seemed even more intense vibrating through and within Annie’s body. The lights swirling and flashing seemed to have a pattern that caught Annie’s eye and she found herself fascinated by the movement and unable to look away. When Jen leaned across the table and whispered above the noise into her ear, “just watch them and relax,” Annie just nodded her head.grabbing Annie’s arm, Jen led her to the dance floor where the two were soon surrounded by a mass of swirling bodies moving in concert to the beat of the music.

Annie, shook her head trying to clear it, but found it impossible. It was as if she were floating and disconnected from what was happening in the room. Her body seemed almost liquid flowing to an fro with the pulse of the music. Jen was dancing in front of her drawing close and grinding pelvis to pelvis. Untold bodies were behind her, doing the same. It was a mass of humanity and to Annie, it seemed that she was the center of attention. When the music transitioned to another beat, both Annie and Jen were able to extract themselves from the crowd and moved towards their table. As they did, Annie noticed something else, her pussy throbbed to the driving pulse of the music. The beat consumed her and aroused her. As they finally sat, Annie realized her nipples had hardened and were now outlined by the material of her dress, while her pussy was wet and even now throbbed in time to the tunes the DJ spun.

Watching from across the room Jess Highgrove, the club’s owner, smiled as she saw her special guests relax and fall under the club’s spell. The music, crowd, atmosphere and even the drugs flowing freely in their system combined to produce the only thing that mattered at the moment, a feeling of increasing lust: a feeling Jess would exploit later in the night.

Jess turned and walked into a back room where a small group of men and women sat around monitors. “As you can see, even the most professional and educated woman falls under our spell here. Ms. Annie Broward, is our latest special guest. Her bio is in front of you and bidding will start in about thirty minutes. Until then, enjoy being a voyeur as she falls under the Club Lust spell.

As the group watched, Annie and Jen finished their second drink and soon Jen headed back to the dance floor where she quickly joined the mass of dancers seductively pulsating to the music that sent them into an erotic frenzy.

“I assume their drinks have been altered,” one woman in her mid-40s asked.

Jess nodded her head. “Actually, we started drugs earlier today at the boutique. Their drinks tonight are just a continuation.”

Another bidder asked, “you mentioned the decibels of the music and the pulsing sensations are calibrated to affect her body?”

Again Jess nodded. “We have put a lot of work into the technology and science behind the club. Be it on the floor or at the table we selected for her, the pulses reverberate throughout her body building in intensity leading to a highly aroused state. Basically, she is being turned on and there is nothing she can do about it, not that she would want too.”

As they watched Annie on the monitors, she was swaying to the music sitting in her chair. Her earlier concern over the shortness of her dress and how to sit without exposing herself was washed away by the drinks, lights and music. As a camera zoomed in on her table, it was clear Annie’s thighs were now parted under the table and her pussy was exposed.

“As you can see, the target is highly aroused and has lost all caution for the time being.”

In the meantime, Jen was back in the crowd grinding into a male in front of her while another behind her, simulated grinding into her ass. As she danced, her dress rode higher and higher on her thighs. Annie could not keep her eyes off of her friend. When one of her dance partner’s hands disappeared under Jen’s dress, Annie almost moaned. It was at that moment that Jess, now out of the room with bidders decided to walk by.

“Welcome to Lust, I see you are VIP and new.” Jess spoke to Annie and then motioned to a waitress.

“Bring our guest the ‘Lust Special’ and be sure to tell the bartender it is for one of my special guests.” Jess then turned to Annie. “Are you looking for someone?”

Annie explained that she had come in with Jen, but lost her in the crowd. “Ah yes, I saw her earlier. I think she wandered off with two gentleman into the lower level if I am not mistaken.”

“Lower level,” Annie questioned as her drink arrived.

“Yes, that is where the lust really happens and is reserved for our special guests. Afterall, what would Club Lust be without a Lust Level?” As Jess spoke these words, she watched Annie’s eyes fog over slightly as the latest drink took effect. Annie’s eyes stared up into the colorful flickering lights. Jess took note, leaned in and whispered, “That’s it Annie, just stare at the lights, stare at the pretty lights and feel yourself relax.” Annie could not resist the soft words and relaxed.

Within minutes, she was under her spell.

When Jess returned to the observation room, the bidding for Annie was well over $10,000 for the evening. “Please, please, she is worth much more. Her friend Jen went for $15,000 last weekend and has already gone for $12,000 tonight. This one is worth more.” By the time bidding stopped, Annie had been sold for over $22,000 for the night.

Jess looked to Chloe, who now joined her in the room. “Please get the IT team to add her to our website. Annie will make the perfect Club Lust girl.”

“I will bet she has another friend or acquaintance she will volunteer to receive an invitation for next week. Soon we will have a stable of Club Lust women for of clientele to party with each week.” Jess looked to Chloe for a reaction to her statements, but Chloe just nodded. She was in total agreement.

Chloe laughed, “these professional women become workaholics and then wonder why they are frustrated with their social life. Actually, in a twisted way, you are providing them a service. They get to meet professional men, have great sex, and never remember it.”

Jess nodded adding, “and I’ll bet their job performance increases as their sexual frustration goes down.” Both women laughed at that comment.

“How is Jen doing tonight given it is her second time here?” Chloe asked as she had aided in her recruitment.

“Just fine,” Jess noted. “She left the dance floor with the Johnson brothers about thirty minutes ago and went to the lower level. They are in one of the fantasy suites.”

Chloe turned to the bank of monitors and identified the suite in use. She quickly zoomed in on the action. At the moment, Jen had lost her dress and was on all fours in the middle of a king size bed. She wore a blindfold and her wrists were bound together with locking cuffs. . One of the Johnson brothers had buried his cock in her mouth, while the other was filling her pussy from behind. Chloe spotted the jeweled head of an anal plug sticking from her ass.

“It looks like she is having a good time, but is rather busy at the moment.” Chloe could not help grinning as she gave this report to Jess.

“Just think, before she visited your shop, she was just another corporate lawyer, now look at her. I think she has found a new purpose in life.” Jess looked away from the monitors as she made her comment and then continued. “Now we must deal with our latest Club Lust Woman.”

Jess walked to the side of the dance floor with Terry and Nancy Brook who were not only social influencers in the city, but independently wealthy. They help to financially back the opening of the club and the $22K deposited for the use of Annie was small change to them.

“Just go out on the dance floor and have a good time, I will have Annie join you in a minute.” Jess hugged Nancy after she spoke and directed them both to the middle of the floor.

As the music pulsed throughout the club, Annie had become more and more aroused. It seemed the thump of the deep base directly hit her clit with each pulse. Jess smiled at the effectiveness of not only her drugs, but the quick induction that brought Annie under her spell.

“Annie, do you see the couple out there,” Jess pointed to the Brooks. When Annie nodded, she simply said, “please join them and make them happy.” Jess watched in wonder as the biomedical marketing manager, nodded, stood up and walked out onto the floor. It never stopped amazing her how compliant some of the driven women where when she got her hands on them.

Annie felt her hips sway seductively to the music as she moved across the floor. The Brooks soon had her in a sensual sandwich where Terry danced from behind, while Nancy fronted their new friend. Annie was putty in the hands of this experienced couple and when Terry’s hands gripped her hips pulling her back into his groin, Annie could only part her lips and moan. As she did, Nancy slipped her tongue into the young executive’s mouth and locked her tightly in a deepening sensual kiss.

“Breaking the kiss, Nancy whispered seductively into Annie’s ear, “you look wonderful in that dress, it shows your body beautifully, and I will bet you have a beautiful body.” She then stepped back a little and ran a hand slowly down the front of Annie’s dress lingering for a moment over her hard left nipple. “Beautiful,” she said, “very beautiful.”

As Nancy teased the front of Annie’s body, she whispered, “why don’t you show me how wet you are for my husband and myself. Touch yourself.”

While Terry slowly kissed the back of Annie’s neck and shoulders, he allowed his hands to cup and squeeze her ass knowing immediately, she was not wearing a panty. “So sexy,” he whispered into her ear. “So very sexy.. Now do as Nancy asked.”

Without thinking, Annie allowed her hand to slide under the hem of her dress and snake its way to her closely trimmed pussy. There she lightly stroked her own wet pussy coating her fingers with sweet lubricating pussy juice. When she pulled her hand away, Nancy grabbed Annie’s glistening fingers and pushed them into the young woman’s mouth. For the first time, Annie tasted herself, but was too far under Jess’ spell to offer any resistance.

“Good girl,” Terry whispered. Nancy could hear Annie whimper lightly as her husband whispered those words.

Smiling at each other, the couple continued to tease Annie in the middle of the dance floor. The floor was mobbed with a large crowd moving to the beat of the pulsing music. No one noticed Annie sandwiched between her two tormentors. Even if someone did, it was Club Lust and sexual adventures on the floor were part of the allure.

“I think my wife needs a taste don’t you?” Terry whispered into Annie’s in a deep voice. “She likes to approve of anything I eat and I will be eating you.”

He nodded to Nancy who quickly ran her hand up under Annie’s dress and stopped only when she touched wetness. “OMG, she is so wet.” Nancy then whispered into Annie’s ear, “aren’t you glad you are not wearing a panty?” As she posed the question, Nancy’s index finger penetrated the young marketing director’s pussy. “I’ll bet you never felt like this in the boardroom, did you?”

Nancy’s question was quickly followed by a no head shake from Annie. Now watching Nancy sway in front of her, Annie saw the woman’s fingers glistening with wetness —— wetness from her own pussy, but said nothing. As she watched, Nancy rolled her fingers over her own glistening lips. Then, making sure Annie’s eyes were on her, slowly sucked each finger smiling the entire time. Annie stood almost mesmerized and said nothing.

“It seems my wife loves your taste and scent,” Terry remarked. “Knowing her, she is very wet for you too. If you are very good, maybe I will let you taste her later.”

He then ground his pelvis into her ass. Annie could clearly feel Terry’s hardness pressing against her. She could also feel the eyes of the crowd locking onto them as others began to realize what was going on. Instead of being mortified, Annie grew excited; in fact, she was extremely turned on.

Nancy leaned in even closer. “I can smell the Lust perfume on you as your body heats up, but I detect something else. I smell your arousal. The blend of the two scents is perfect.” She again kissed Annie deep on her lips as they danced to the music. Instinctively, Annie parted her lips allowing Nancy to penetrate her mouth with her warm tongue. As she did, Terry reached around and cupped both of Annie’s breasts with his hands and immediately began to slowly circle her hard nipples with his fingers. Anyone close to the trio would have heard Annie moan into Nancy’s kiss.

Terry nodded to Nancy who smiled and then whispered into Annie’s ear. “It is time we take our party to the lower level.” She did not wait for a reply, but took the young executive’s arm and led her through the crowd to the stairs leading to the lower floors.

Annie followed as if in a daze. She could not help herself as every suggestion now seemed absolutely reasonable. As they got to the lower floor and began walking down the hall, they passed the room where Jen was playing with the Johnson brothers. The curtains covering the windows exposed to the hallway had been automatically drawn back by Jess who was monitoring the situation. As they drew near, Terry whispered to Annie, “it looks like your friend is having fun.” Annie stopped and gazed into the window with her eyes locking on Jen.

Jen looked dazed, but aroused. As Annie looked at her, she clearly saw cum drying around her friend’s lips and saw some drying on her face. At the moment, one of the Johnsons was under Jen clearly filling her pussy, while the other was behind her. Terry leaned close to Annie’s ear, “it looks like both her ass and pussy are filled.” Annie could feel her pussy and anal muscles clench tightly as he spoke those words. As they stood there, Annie heard Jen cry out, “OMG fuck me.” She had never heard Jen speak that way and the sharpness of the words excited her.

“It seems your friend is extremely heated at the moment. Just think of how wet and excited she is and how that feels.” As Terry spoke those words, Annie heard herself involuntarily moan out loud.

At that point, Nancy took her arm and led her into a neighboring room. Nancy slowly walked over, poured a drink for herself and her husband and looked to Annie. Turning on some pulsing music generated from the club, she simply said, “dance for us.” As she did, Nancy grabbed a bottle of Lust perfume from a shelf near the bar and sprayed a fine mist around Annie’s head.

Enveloped by the mist, Annie could not help but breath some in and immediately the pulsing music seemed to fill her body as she looked out at Nancy and Terry. Smiling, she began grinding her hips against an imaginary lover in a seductive manner.

“God, she is worth every penny and so hot,” Nancy remarked.

“Just think what a conservative, professional woman she was according to her resume. Now look at her. She is like a doll in your hands.” Terry smiled and then whispered, “and you always loved playing with dolls.”

As they watched her, Annie continued to grind and sway to the music. Her hands traced lightly over her silver dress outlining her body as they moved. When her fingers reached the hem of her dress, Annie pulled it up slowly over her thigh exposing more and more skin. Looking up, Nancy said simply, “strip” and Annie did. Reaching behind, she lowered the zipper on her dress, moved it off her shoulders and then allowed it to fall from her body pooling at her feet. Stepping out from it, Annie continued to dance now naked and exposed.

“She has a beautiful body,” Terry commented as his hands slowly unzipped his wife’s dress. Within minutes, Nancy was naked too and approaching Annie in a seductive way.

“Have you ever been with a woman?” Nancy looked into Annie’s eyes looking for a response. “No,” Annie whispered.

As Annie answered, her “no” was muffled as Nancy pressed her lips and then her body into the young executive. Annie’s mind was in a fog as she instinctively parted her lips deepening the sensuous kiss. She felt Nancy’s hands pull her body closer until breast met breast, hardened nipple met hardened nipple and pelvis met pelvis. “Shut your eyes and just feel,” Nancy whispered and Annie obeyed.

Back in the control room, Jess and Chloe monitored the progress of Nancy and Terry with their newest attraction. With a flip of a switch, a series of cameras in the room began filming the action. Club Lust was known for understanding the kinks of their well paying clients and the Brooks liked to capture their exploits on film for later showing. Tonight’s film promised to be a classic.

Back in the room, Terry watched as his wife took Annie’s head in her hands and pressed it lower on her body. When Annie’s lips slowly grazed over Nancy’s breasts, she unconsciously began sucking the older woman’s hardened nipple as a baby would suck on her mother. “Mmmmm, Good Girl,” Nancy purred as she moved Annie from one breast to the other and back again before pressing her head even lower on her body.

Annie was totally under the older woman’s control and when Nancy whispered, “eat me,” Annie’s lips and tongue moved quickly towards Nancy’s glistening pussy. The moan erupting from the older woman’s lips announced that Annie had found the right spot.

“OMG, for never doing this before, her tongue is so good,” Nancy moaned. She then shut her yes and let the now kneeling woman do her work.

Within minutes under the assault from Annie’s warm tongue, Nancy cried out, “I am going to cum.”

Immediately, Annie’s mouth was flooded with sweet juices as Nancy erupted in orgasm quivering as she stood over the younger woman. Annie swallowed hard and continued to lap Nancy’s slowly spasming pussy while awaiting her next instructions. Throughout it all, Annie’s focus remained on her older lover and she never heard Terry undressing.

Terry now nodded to Nancy, The couple moved in practiced unison. Nancy lowered herself to a mat on the floor pulling Annie down on top of her and again pressed the younger woman’s head between her now drenched thighs. Terry, for his part, got behind Annie and pulled on her hips until Annie was on her knees. Annie now found her head buried between Nancy’s thighs as her pelvis angled up towards Terry’s erect penis, Almost Immediately, Annie started lapping at Nancy’s lubricating pussy focusing on her clit, while Terry slowly penetrated her own tight pussy. Annie felt her senses shift to overdrive and responded by moaning in passion as she simultaneously ate and fucked.

Chloe, watching on the monitor, laughed. “God, these smart ones really get into it don’t they.”

Jess nodded, “yes, they repress their sexuality at work and when given the opportunity, it explodes.” She smiled adding, “I call it the Club Lust effect.”

In front of them, they watched the monitors as both Annie and Jen were enjoyed by multiple sex partners. When Terry finally grunted and flooded Annie’s pussy with a spray of hot semen, Nancy exploded on the young woman’s lips. For her part, Annie could do nothing but scream as she was swept away with an orgasm that seemed to roll endlessly over her body.

For the next three hours, Annie was used in multiple ways before the Brooks finished with her. She was then taken from the room, cleaned up and redressed. Jess visited her, whispering some last minute instructions in her ears before having a driver take her home depositing her back at the condo.

Annie, slowly opened her eyes as sunlight streamed through the window facing East. She was momentarily confused not understanding how she got home or ended up in her bed. She was still wearing her tight club dress. Getting up, she slowly stripped and headed to the shower. Passing a mirror, she failed to notice the dried cum on her thighs and face. Standing under the shower, she tried to recall her night at Club Lust but could not. She determined that she would call Jen later in the day to see how the evening went.

After breakfast, she headed out to the spa. Arriving, the staff was waiting for her. “Please, I would like my hair shorter with a sportier look and red....I must be a red head.” Her stylist smiled commenting, “I see we want a new look.” Annie just nodded and walked to the receptionist where she also signed up for a body wax. Annie never questioned why she was making these changes. After leaving the spa, she picked up her phone and dialed Ashley, a friend from work.

“Ash, it is Annie. What are you doing on Friday night?” She then explained her VIP pass to Club Lust and that both she and Jen would be attending. She argued they needed a third to go with them.

“Great,” she said when Ashley agreed. “It is a club and well, I was wondering if you have a club dress?” Clearly Ashley did not as Annie, quickly said, “meet me at the following address at 4 pm.” She then gave her the address to Chloe’s shop.

At 4pm, Ashley watched as Annie approached her. She hardly recognized her friend as she was unaware of Annie’s makeover. “OMG Annie, you look so different.”

Annie twirled around in front of her friend. “I thought it was time for a change.”

Entering the shop, Ashley saw row after row of club dresses, each one shorter then the next. “These are much too short,” Ashley said almost embarrassed.

“Nonsense,” replied Annie. “With your figure, you will look great in anything. Besides, Chloe is an expert at finding just the right look.”

Almost on cue, Chloe appeared and unabashedly kissed Annie deeply on the lips shocking Ashley. Chloe reached over to the counter and picked up two cups of tea. “I just steeped these for the two of you.” Annie sipped hers and as she did, Chloe watched Ashley do the same. A small smile crossed her face.

“Let me guess,” Chloe said. “Ashley has been invited to Club Lust?”

Ashely nodded.

“Well finish your tea dear, I am sure we have the right dress for you.”

Chloe picked up her cell phone as she walked between the racks and sent a text message to Jess. It simply said, “they are here and she is beautiful.”

Jess picked up two dresses and returned to Ashley, held them up and said, “these would be perfect on the new you!”

Ashley nodded as she visibly relaxed. She had no idea what she had just agreed too, but would know by Saturday night.