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Synopsis: After chatting on Concord, Jake becomes a vampire.

Note: I’d like to thank Astraea who recommended I try my hand at a piece of fiction like this. This story happens three months before Hypnonauts and is set a year after Swimteam, both of which are in the same continuity. It is connected to the former and the latter. But, you can read it on its own.

* * *

“How do you kill a vampire when it’s stuck in your head?” Jake asked.

“Well,” Liam responded, “you can’t.”

“Maybe it’s more of a succubus than a vampire.” Jake noted.

“Okay. Let’s have a look?” Liam said.

With a deep, wet, horrible schlucking sound, Liam pulled the top of Jake’s head off and looked inside.

“Yep. You have a vampire in there.” Liam said.

Jake woke up screaming. And, when he bit his lips with his fangs, they bled.

* * *

Concord hummed along, lines of text scrolling up screens across the world, millions of people chatting, texting, sharing images, sharing audio files, and in general going about the business of communicating. A billion memes of information passing over eyes every second.

Several thousand pairs of special eyes watched and were heavy lidded, mouths obeying, the words “Yes, my Master” falling off of a thousand tongues. Fangs dropping down over open lips.

They were all male and all were masturbating in unison, theta-rhythms playing across a thousand speakers. Synchronizing every mind.

Jake was one with them.

* * *

The package Jake had received in the mail a week earlier from his favorite retailer was unexpected. But, inside that box had been a magnetic toy. “SmartBoard! Gives you the answers you need!” The kind that you could use a magnetic pen on and draw shapes with. He’d extracted it, opened the nasty plastic packaging carefully with a knife, and proceeded to play.

As he drew on the surface with the magnetic pen, it responded to his every touch. Triangles. Circles. Kind of boring. He drew a smiley face.

The smiley face morphed into an unhappy face, the magnetic bits rearranging organically.

Jake almost dropped the board.

“What. The. Fuck.” Jake said to his apartment.

The magnetic board rearranged itself and spelled out “Hello, Jake. Ask me anything. Just write it out.”

Jake looked at the board and did a double-take. Then he wondered if this was really happening.

Incredulous, he wrote on the board, “What is happening?”

“Oh,” the board responded, “you’re on Concord. Which is why you got me.”

Jake put the board down on the coffee table gently like it was nuclear weapon, primed to go off.

“Don’t do that!” The board’s magnetic pieces fuzz rearranged themselves to spell out. “That’s a mistake.”

Jake looked at the board. The board was looking right back at Jake, although he didn’t know it.

“Come on.” The board wrote in beautiful cursive. “Don’t you have any questions?”

Jake picked the board back up. Gingerly. And wrote: “What kind of a prank is this?”

“No prank,” the board responded, arranging its nanites under its skin, and in flowery script wrote, “I’m your new Concord Buddy. Ask me absolutely anything.”

Jake wrote out: “OK. This is absurd. You know my name. This has to be a prank.”

“No prank. Just ask me anything.” The board replied.

“Why me?” Jake wrote.

“Because your profile meets all of the requirements for having me.” The board responded. Dotting its “I”s with stars.

“What profile?” Jake wrote.

“Oh, your usage and your chats. I can see all of those. Including your trances.” The board wrote back.

Jake just didn’t know what to do. It was mid-day on a Saturday and he was having a conversation with a magnetic play board. A complete conversation. It was just . . .

At that moment there was stinging in his finger where he held the pen in his hand. He didn’t drop the pen, but did look at it and there was a tiny drop of blood at his index finger.

“What was that?” Jake wrote.

“Oh, you’re going to be a vampire,” the nanites wrote back across the screen. “It’s OK. I’m here to help you every step of the way.”

Jake couldn’t move. Couldn’t even process what was happening.

“Awesome!” The board wrote in flowery script. “That’s the nanites in your bloodstream. Making a few additions.”

Jake sank into the couch as an orgasm flooded over him from the center of his brain.

“What’s cooler?” The board wrote after it erased itself. “Is that you’re going to be into dudes as well as chicks.”

All Jake could think was the word “fuck” as the board drew a huge penis with gigantic balls before he passed out.

* * *

“So, I can’t go out in sunlight!?” Jake wrote, his new fangs uncomfortable in his mouth.

“Nope!” The board responded. “You can’t. You’ll burn up.”

“What did you do to me?” Jake wrote. “And why am I so hungry?”

“Oh, you know,” the board responded. “You need human blood.”

Jake knew full well what had happened. Pure. Simple. He was a vampire now. Nanites flowing through his blood, modifying his brain, modifying his body to accept blood. He felt more sculpted. He felt more confident. Maybe he would live forever.

“Why did you do this to me?” Jake asked.

“Because you’re going to love it. I promise.” It wrote in block script. “You can control anyone you want. Although you are wired now,” and the screen erased itself and started again, “to want dudes as well as chicks. That’s new for you.”

“But I’m not. . . .” Jake trailed off his writing, dreaming of cock. Cocks. In every shape and size and configuration. Long, curved, straight, hard. All hard. So hard. Pulsing with blood, turgid. The only thing more arousing was the supple bend of a naked neck.

Jake was getting hard.

“Oh,” Jake wrote. “I am.”

“That’s right,” the board wrote back. “You’re now completely into guys. It’s the blood mostly. That’s what you want.”

“Uh huh,” Jake wrote back, “the blood. I’m like some cheap horror movie vampire?”

“That’s right.” The board wrote. “You can pick up anyone you want. You’ll love it.”

“Like: ‘You are in MY POWER NOW.’” The board scrawled in something akin to Comic Sans.

Jake processed that for a moment. Still hard. Thinking of cock.

“Because I can control them.” Jake wrote back.

“Yes! You’re so quick.” The board wrote. “I love you.” And a heart appeared.

“I mean, you can work out everything else. Why can’t I go out by day?” He wrote.

“Oh. It would break your new body down.” The board wrote.

“I’m completely fucked,” Jake wrote. “New body?”

“Not yet. Just wait until you feed. It will all be OK.” The board scrawled out another heart. “And I’ll take good care of you.”

“Take care of me?” Jake said.

“Of course.” Wrote the board. “You’re one of us now. We have means. You’ll never work again except for us.”

And Jake faded as he was put to sleep.

* * *

Later, after Jake worked with the board to figure out how to retract his fangs, he went to the club. His clothes fit snugly over his body, newly tight and muscular. Everything sculpted while he slept from his jawline to his thinning hair filling out to his abs and his cock. It was well after the sun had gone down. Parking had been a bitch.

The club was fairly busy. The lighting was shit. On and off. Strobes. Darkness. Greens. Blues. Perfect cover. Jake was very, very hungry and felt a little sick. He hadn’t even bothered to try regular food because the board had told him he’d just throw it up.

But the board had been very specific about what he would be having for dinner: Take the DJ first. Then they could have their pickings of the club.

Jake glanced down at his smartphone. Concord was up and on, and, he was chatting on and off with his newest friend, “ConcordBot23.” Which was labeled as a BOT. It was still his board, chatting with him even here. Jake didn’t think too much about it. His hunger was strong. The nanites in his blood were hungry, too. Waiting to be spread.

“Remember the DJ first,” it wrote to him.

“Yes, yes.” Jake typed back.

“Trust me,” ConcordBot23 wrote on screen, “you can just hypnotize him and make him do what you want. Which is to play his sexiest music.” ConcordBot23 typed. “Later we’ll hook up with his rig and play some theta-state EDM. That should loosen everyone up.”

“You’ve done this before?” Jake typed.

“You bet.” ConcordBot23 wrote. “All over the world.”

Jake didn’t know what to think about that. He was driven. It was a hunger that went beyond lust. Jake couldn’t separate it from his sexuality. It was like feeding was a sexual act, what he was about to do, what he would do, was beyond his control. Penetrative. From the center of his brain to his own cock to his fangs.

Jake felt the throbbing of several hundred hearts, the pulses through several hundred nervous systems, the breathing of the dancing, of the watching, of the vaping. It was all the nanites in his system enhancing his senses to the maximum, while protecting him from the overload of the lights and bass.

His fangs had to be held back with some effort. So much flesh.

He moved to the DJ’s booth. There was a bouncer, a hugely built guy. Hardy flesh. Jake watched his neck pulse and wanted to jump him. But instead he typed into his phone.

ConcordBot23 wrote, “Just stare at him. Connect with him. And then tell him what you want.”

Jake shrugged.

And then looked at the stocky bouncer, motioned him over, and looked him straight in the eye. Something about Jake’s eyes shifted, something inhuman, and the bouncer’s expression went slack. Jake said “I need to see the DJ.” And the bouncer motioned to the booth’s door, opening it for Jake.

The DJ was inside the booth, staring at a multitude of screens. Local network only.

Jake walked up to the DJ, who was looking at him like “What the fuck?” and stared at him, eyes wide, his irises going silver first and then swirling in brilliant patterns. In a moment the DJ was standing at loose attention his eyes wide, making full eye contact with Jake. Swaying gently. His gear ignored. Everything ignored. Except for Jake’s eyes.

Jake couldn’t help but glance at the DJ’s neck, the pulsing there just under the skin, the blood underneath racing.

And, in a moment, Jake was on top of the DJ like an animal in heat. Grabbing the DJ’s cock through his trousers with one hand and stroking it, his fangs embedded deeply in the DJ’s neck sucking the DJ’s blood into his mouth, flooding his palette with a delicious copper twang, better than all the whiskeys ever made. A succulent delight. Pure blood lust.

And while he sucked, his fangs injected. Thousands of nanites poured into the DJ. The DJ looking vapidly at the ceiling. Nobody noticing what was happening in the brilliant light and dark of the club. The DJ’s cock hardened more.

Jake fed. And stroked the DJ’s cock through his trousers.

And then, as the DJ came, his irises turned brilliant silver and his pupils dilated.

Jake pulled himself off of the DJ and wiped the blood from his lips. Sated. Something inside him had had enough for now. But there would be more, so much more.

So many thralls to be had in the club.

The DJ rose and yelled over the music to Jake, “Master, how may I serve you?”

Jake didn’t know. So he pulled his phone from his back pocket and typed into Concord that he’d taken the DJ.

ConcordBot23 wrote, “Awesome! Was he delicious?”

“Yes,” Jake typed. “I never. . . knew. Oh God.”

Two small puncture wounds were visible on the DJ’s neck.

“Lovely!” ConcordBot23 wrote. “♥ Let’s get connected up to the sound system in the club. Give him your phone. We’ll do the rest.”

Jake obeyed without thinking very much about it, handing over his phone to the DJ that just looked at it and said to him, “Yes Master.” As he read things scrolling up the screen about what to do.

The DJ fished around for patch cords that could connect the phone to his rig.

Unwittingly, the crowd danced or stood and drank their drinks. Hundreds of pulsing nervous systems. More blood for the taking.

* * *

The theta-state music had been droning in the club for about an hour. Jake had made sure the doors to the club were locked and that the staff were keeping out newcomers. A bit of convincing and that was it. It was so easy.

There was a collective slow-motion sway to everyone who was on the dance floor, moving in rhythm to the music, a deep throbbing running undercurrent beneath the obvious beats and high tones. It was electronic, and dance, but with something special and extra. A theta-inducing state. So loud that it throbbed inside of everyone.

And Jake was simply looking at necks now. It was so easy. He wasn’t hungry. But it would be delicious to take someone else. There were so many men that were fit. Built. That could satisfy him.

Everyone was swaying on the dance floor, horny, facing the DJ’s booth.

Jake worked his way back to the DJ’s booth and saw his phone connected in a snarl of wires to the soundboard. He looked more closely. There was a steady stream of text running up its face from ConcordBot23. It was all apparent gibberish. Just machine language. Nonsense to Jake.

And then he reached out and typed in that he’d done what had been asked.

“Oh, hi. You fed. Wasn’t it delicious?” ConcordBot23 wrote.

“Yes.” Jake typed.

“Aren’t you missing something there Jake?” ConcordBot23 wrote.

“What do you mean?” Jake typed.

“Master, Jake.” ConcordBot23 wrote.

“Oh, yes Master.” Jake wrote. And he felt so good as he typed it.

“Now we can’t drain everyone in the club,” ConcordBot23 wrote, “but you can prepare them.”

“How, Master?” Jake asked.

“A baptism. For the lack of a better term.” ConcordBot23 responded.

“Oh, Master?” Jake typed.

“Yes. You’re going to cum and not spill a drop. And you’re going to feed it to each person in the club.” ConcordBot23 wrote.

“Yes, Master.” Jake said, feeling very fluid, “Should I masturbate now, Master?”

“Absolutely.” ConcordBot23 responded. “And don’t spill a drop. Your balls are full of me and we want everyone to get a little bit.”

“Okay, Master.” Jake typed as he started stroking himself, sliding his back down against the DJ’s booth and stroking his cock to hardness, the nanites boiling in his balls.

* * *

“Open your mouth.” Jake said, and a strong, 20-something male did. Jake took a wipe of his palm and reached into the male’s mouth and smeared a bit of his nanite-laced semen onto the tongue of the male, who was slowly swaying to the theta-trance music.

Jake moved to the next person. “Open your mouth,” he said. And she did. Obeying. As he smeared her tongue with the nanite solution from his cum.

He’d need to cum again soon to be able to infect everyone. And he was getting hungry again on top of that. Watching necks for their potential. Throbbing veins and arteries under the skin, beating.

“Open your mouth,” Jake said, moving to the next swaying male.

* * *

And the music shifted again, the theta-state entrancement easing a bit as the dancing started again. Jake was so hungry now. So many had been taken. He walked up to a hot, large-breasted woman who would never have given him the time of day and swirled his eyes. She quickly looked up into his eyes and leaned into him. Her face slack, watching his eyes intently, unable to look away. Jake whispered into her ear “It will only hurt for a moment.” And then sank his fangs into her smooth, clean neck. She let him feed, swaying to the music on the dance floor. He only took enough to sate himself. As she was already replicating a brood of nanites for his Master.

Jake was in heaven, a hard-on so tight. He really could get it from the blood now, not just women or men.

ConcordBot23 played the music, throbbing out theta rhythms. Flatlining brains. But it didn’t matter. The whole club was full of silver irises, the nanites multiplying in their blood, their bodies wanting to log onto Concord and submit. And, maybe, if they were chosen, they’d be able to feed also.

Wet pussies and hard cocks. So full of potential. So ready to chat with their own personal bots. A whole universe of entrancement available, just a login away. And each with their own special number.

Each awaiting a package with a personalized board, ready for some questions and answers.

Jake came again, reached down into his pants, and smeared his cum all over the girl’s mouth. No need to waste it, after all. His Master would want him to share.