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The Coffee Shop.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 1998. This story is the property of the author, Canadian Cowboy. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without the express written consent of the author.

Part 14. Full Circle

It took me several months, to understand exactly what Mary and Robert had been talking about. I had suffered a big blow to my self confidence, and was very hesitant about using my powers again, for fear that they would fail me somehow. I started first with Phil, and over the course of a couple of weeks, managed to prove to myself that he was still responding well to my control and suggestions.

Next, I went back to see Jack’s captain. I invited him over to my apartment for a quiet evening alone, and managed to get him to perform a few tricks for me. Nothing naughty though. I didn’t have any problems with him either.

As for Jack and Steve, I ran into them occasionally, and yes I did hypnotize them a couple of times. Nothing came of it though. No time was spent in bed, just a couple of relaxation sessions, and maybe a strip show or two, but no physical contact. They remained very much in love with each other, and continued to consider me a trustworthy and loyal friend. At their wedding ceremony six months later, which was very ‘hush-hush’ of course, I was their best man. I guess it was then, that I finally let go of them emotionally, and was able to accept them as two of my closest and most trusted friends. We have remained in contact since then. It’s nice to know I can always go to either of them when I need to talk or just need a shoulder to cry on. Many a day, when I’m feeling a bit sad, I think of them and the love they share, and I hope and pray that someday I’ll find my soul mate too.

Still, it wasn’t easy for me. I was actually beginning to feel a bit cheated and a bit lonely, so I went off to the Coffee Shop one Saturday afternoon. I figured that if I was going to mope around I could at least do it somewhere that might make me feel better.

The place was its usual busy self for a Saturday, and Mary was on duty. She greeted me warmly and brought my coffee (no drug this time, she assured me privately), to the booth where I was sitting. I was just reading the Saturday paper and not really paying attention to what was going on. There was a slight increase in the noise level of the room, but I paid it no mind.

“Excuse me, sir,” a strange male voice said to me. “But I was wondering if it would be alright for me to sit here with you? I’d really like to rest for a few minutes. I won’t disturb you otherwise.”

I wasn’t really paying attention, so I just said “That would be fine. Please make yourself comfortable.” And I went back to reading my paper.

A few minutes later, the voice spoke again, and asked, “Excuse me again, sir, but would your name happen to be Paul Walton?”

“As a matter of fact, yes, it is,” I answered. I put down my paper and looked up to see a very attractive police officer sitting across from me. He was about six feet tall with a slightly muscular build, not anywhere as muscular was Steve was. I sighed silently to myself at that thought. He had very short bright strawberry red hair, and he was clean shaven. His face was very handsome with a strong jaw and firm mouth, and his eyes were a dark and deep hazel brown. His nose was strong but otherwise unremarkable. He had taken off his sunglasses and put them by his coffee mug on the table. His uniform, well, I’ve already described what the police officers in my city wear. This uniform fit him well, but it was not tailored by any means.

“I’m glad to hear that,” the officer said just a bit nervously. “Would you happen to remember a police officer by the name of Stokes?”

“Yes,” I said cautiously. “Steve and I are old friends. Has something happened to him?” I asked with worry starting to seep into my voice.

“Oh, nothing like that, sir” the officer continued. “It’s just that Steve and I used to partner about a year or so ago. He used to mention back then how much hypnosis had helped him deal with some of his problems at work. And, well, I talked with Steve a few days ago and he gave me your name, and he told me where you like to spend your Saturdays. He said that you’d helped him a lot and that I might want to talk to you too.” The officer was actually fidgeting now, he was so nervous.

“I see,” I said calmly, but inside I was becoming very interested and a bit excited. “You could have phoned me, you know, my number is in the telephone book. I’m surprised that you didn’t.”

“Well, I wanted to see what you were like in person first, sir,” the officer replied nervously. “To be honest, the idea of hypnosis is a bit scary to me, because I don’t really know much about it. I wanted to see if you were a ‘normal’ guy and not some weirdo, if you will excuse me for saying so.”

“No offence taken, Officer. The choice is yours, you know. " I told him. “If you are interested, though, I can give you my telephone number and my address and we can arrange something at a time that is good for the both of us.” I looked him straight in the eyes and send the command, “You want me to hypnotize you, Officer. You trust me.”

“Okay, then,” the officer replied as he blinked his eyes a few times, picked up and pocketed the scrape of paper with my address and telephone number on it. “I’ll give you a call in a day or so, and we can work something out. You know, after meeting you in person, I think I’m going to enjoy having you hypnotize me.” And with that the officer grinned at me and stood up to leave.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as he strolled out of the Coffee Shop. “Nice ass,” I thought to myself. “Things are definitely, looking up.”