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The Coffee Shop III: The Good, The Bad, And The Hypnotized

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Chapter 11. The Panel.

It was just as well that Andrew wanted a few days to think about things, since I had something I had to attend to anyway. My lack of success in influencing Andrew was still praying on my mind, and I decided to go and visit Mary at The Coffee Shop to see if she could shed any light on the situation. Knowing her as well as I did, I was sure that she could explain what had happened, or rather what had failed to happen. Perhaps she could also explain what had happened to me during the mental duel with Lyle. However, when I thought about talking to her about that, I got that sense of danger in my mind again. I trusted Mary. She had been my mentor, but I also trusted my new instincts too. They had saved my life a couple of times, and that is something that you just don’t ignore, not even for friendship. I decided to keep quiet about the duel with Lyle.

I had other errands to run that morning, so I arrived at The Coffee Shop at about 2:30 PM, which was usually a slow time. Mary wasn’t on duty, so I ordered a cup of coffee, some toast and sat down at one of the booths to read my Saturday paper. I figured that Mary would probably show up sooner or later. I took my time as I read the paper and sipped my coffee. I was in no hurry to go anywhere. I was enjoying myself as I indulged in a rare luxury, that of wasting time.

I was halfway through reading ‘Dear Abby’ when it happened. I felt the icy touch of danger on the back of my neck. I put down my newspaper and looked around me. I did not see anyone who looked threatening, but the feeling of danger was strongest behind me. I slowly turned around, schooling my face to remain calm no matter what. Mary was on duty at the counter. I smiled at her, and she smiled back at me, but it didn’t feel the same. I had come here to talk with Mary anyway, and now was as good a time as any. I walked back to the counter where she was, and waited for a break in the traffic of customers.

“Hi Mary,” I said when I managed to grab a few free moments of her attention. “If you have a minute, could we go into the back room and talk for a bit?”

She looked at me warmly, but again something didn’t feel right. “Sure, Paul. Just give me a minute and I’ll be free”

A few minutes later I followed her back into one of the storage rooms in the back of The Coffee Shop where there was always a couple of empty chairs and a table. There was also a lock on the door to assure privacy. We sat down and got comfortable. She looked at me quietly, waiting for me to begin, and smiled a few times to silently encourage me to start talking.

“Okay, well I’ve met someone very unusual,” I said quietly and calmly. Mary appreciated it when I stuck just to the facts and kept the details simple. “He appears to be completely immune to my abilities. I had a lot of physical contact with him, such as holding his hands, but I was not able to influence him or to touch his mind at all. Have you ever heard of such a thing?”

“Yes,” she answered. “Just as there are people like you and I who have this gift, there are those people who are able to block or resist it. It is a natural ability, just like ours. You could consider it the opposite or balance of what we have.” She suddenly beamed at me, got up, walked over to where I was sitting in my chair, and hugged me tightly. I was stunned and surprised. I hadn’t expected such a response.

“I’m so happy for you!” She cried with joy. “You’ve done it!”

“Done what? Slow down a second. What are you talking about?” I asked as my puzzlement grew.

“Why you’ve found the man you were looking for all these years,” she answered me, as she fought back the tears that were threatening to cascade out of her eyes. “You’ve found your true opposite. Your soul mate. Your partner for life.”

“But we hardly know each other!” I protested. “It’s kind of early for wedding bells!”

“Maybe I am overreacting just a tad,” she admitted. “But it is a very good sign. Most people who have this gift of ours find it impossible to have any meaningful relationship with anyone whom they can dominate easily. The most satisfying relationships are the ones that are more like relationships without the gift. That is to say, the less you can influence your partner or read his mind with your gift, the more likely you are to have a normal relationship. Do you see what I mean?”

“Yeah, I guess I do,” I answered as the truth of what she said dawned on me. (Who would want a relationship where your partner was just a puppet?) “But what about your partner, Richard?” I asked her. “I was able to read his mind, that other time a few years ago. Were you?”

“No, I can’t read his mind,” Mary said with a smile. “What you sensed was how I felt about Richard, and also the feelings that he had for me. You never touched his mind, and neither have I. At least not in the way that we have linked our minds.”

Mary looked at me, beaming with joy at the potential happiness I’d found and walked back to her chair opposite mind across the table from me. Her face slowly lost it’s smile. It became almost sad. I felt the icy touch of danger at the back of my neck, but it was much stronger this time.

Mary got up, walked over to the door and unlocked it. She opened it. In walked three men and a woman all of whom I’d never seen before. My feeling of danger increased several fold. I had no idea what was going on here, but decided to take precautions. I took a few calming breaths, and got ready to reinforce my mental shields at the first sign of an attack of any type.

“Friends of yours?” I asked Mary, as these strangers each collected a chair from the back wall, placed the chairs beside the chair Mary had been sitting in, and then sat down. It was a lame joke. The cool, calm neutral expressions set on their faces was anything but friendly. These people were seated in a man woman alternating arrangement. Mary’s vacant chair meant that she was the woman on the right. I did not have time to get a good look at the four strangers, as Mary started speaking as soon as everyone was seated. I could only spare enough attention to note that all the men were dressed casually, in jeans and golf shirts or some other type of casual shirts, each in a different color. The woman was dressed in jeans and a loose white T-shirt, while Mary had on her work uniform. I turned my attention back to Mary as she started speaking again.

“Not exactly,” Mary replied, locking the door. She walked over to her chair and sat down in it. “Are we ready?” she asked the strangers. Each nodded their head in silent agreement. “Good,” Mary said then turned to address me.

“Paul Walton, we have been tracking your progress over the past few years,” Mary spoke to me in a cool toneless voice, without so much of a hint of friendship in it. “You have progressed well, and now it is time to evaluate how well you have learned what you have been taught, and to determine how much you have built upon the foundation we have provided you.”

I looked a Mary blankly, not at all sure I was understanding what she was saying.

“You thought I was training you out the goodness of my heart?” She asked, and then continued speaking before I could start to reply. “You should know that nothing in this life is free. I trained you for a purpose, and it is time to see if you can fulfill that purpose. It is time to see just how strong and capable you are, and if you are ready to take on the task for which you have been trained.”

“Don’t I have any say in this matter?” I asked. “What if I am not interested in you or your little group, nor in this task that you have in mind for me? What if I just want to go on as I am doing, not harming anyone and having some fun along the way?”

“I would have thought by now, that you would have realized that you have certain responsibilities, Paul,” Mary answered me. “It is out of simple self interest that we must take this action, and I hope you can believe that none of us here is going to enjoy what is about to happen. If you have been using your abilities in a flagrant and irresponsible manner that calls too much attention to you, we must know of it. Such action is a danger, as well as a threat to us all. We must know if corrective action needs to be taken. Please do not resist, and let us into your mind willingly. If you resist you will only suffer great and needless pain.

“What gives YOU the right to impose your will on me?” I asked starting to become angry.

“We have to consider the welfare of many people, not just you,” Mary spoke loudly, interrupting me. “The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few, or the one. We have just as much right to protect ourselves, and to live our lives in peace, as you do. You DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT, to place me, or anyone else on this panel in jeopardy due to your actions.”

“Please do not insult our intelligence by suggesting that you didn’t know this meeting was due to happen soon. Your experience with Lyle Lawson should have helped to you understand why it is necessary for us to do this. It does not matter how strong or weak your gift is. We must be sure that you know how to use it and that you are not leaving any clues or tracks that would lead back to you or to anyone else you know who has the gift.”

I thought about Mary had just said, for a few minutes before I spoke. “You are asking me to surrender the privacy of my mind, my thoughts, to a group of people whom I do not even know. You are asking me to let you rape me, mentally. What guarantee do I have that you will not probe my mind for private information that has no bearing on your so called security? For all I know you could be doing this just so that you could black mail me into doing whatever it is that you want.”

“You have no such guarantee,” Mary confirmed. “If you are able to conceal what you consider private information from us, then you are entitled to keep it. I can assure you that we will not in any way injure or damage your mind.”

“I’ll open my mind to you, just as much as you open your minds to me,” I said in an icy voice, and then looked directly into the eyes of each person, one at a time. “We exchange information equally, or it is no deal.” I couldn’t help it. I shook as I spoke. My nervousness was all too apparent. I was both scared and angry with these people. I didn’t know what I was getting into, but sure as hell I wasn’t going to lie down and just let them walk all over me, no matter what their reasons were. I could see that they had some valid points, but in my mind it did not justify exposing my entire mind to their mental gaze.

“Before we begin, there is one other thing that you need to know,” Mary said, as she raised her mental shields. I could feel the other people shielding themselves as well. It was like watching someone turn up the brightness on a lamp. Their minds were easier to see, with my mental eyes, but I could not make out any details of their thoughts. It was like they had erected a gray dome around their minds and that’s all I could see.

“Somehow you managed to sever the mental tracer I had implanted in your mind, Paul,” Mary addressed me. “The thread I planned was nearly invisible and buried very deeply in your mind. For you to have discovered it and snapped it indicates that you have progressed much father than I thought you would. You should not have been able to accomplish such a delicate task for several more years. We need to know how you learned that skill so quickly.”

I kept silent. I merely looked at them and waited for them to begin. I silently prayed that the experience wouldn’t be as painful as my fight with Lyle Lawson had been. I was kidding myself, though and I knew it. It was five of them against one of me. The odds were not very good. I steeled myself for the assault.

“This is a waste of our time,” The man on the far left said forcefully. “I’ve already scanned his shield while the two of you were having such a nice chat, Mary. His powers are weak and of no concern to any of us. If I were inclined to be generous, I MIGHT give him a level 2 rating. I’d be surprised if he has been able to influence anyone to any great degree.” The arrogance in this mystery man’s voice grated on my nerves, but I did my best to ignore it. I bit my tongue and fought down the urge to snap off a witty remark. I could not afford the luxury to be flippant. Even if what he said was true, it was still five to one, and I had no way to judge the strength of the minds before me. I had felt something brush against my shield, but it had been light and brief so I paid little attention to it.

“Thank you for that report, Albert,” Mary said, never taking her eyes off me. “Just the same we will wait for everyone’s opinion.

In less than a minute, the votes were in. This panel judged me to be somewhat weak and probably able to defend myself against one of them but not two and certainly not all five. They were not exactly filling me with confidence. As soon as they finished speaking, Albert launched a probe at me. I felt it impact my shield. It clung and moved around searching for a weakness. I did not increase the strength of my shield. It was not necessary. The probe continued for second after second, getting stronger and pushing harder and harder against my shield. I looked at Albert and remained silent. After nearly five minutes of this I notice a few beads of sweat appearing on Albert’s brow.

“Donna, your assistance is required,” Mary directed to the woman sitting next to Albert. Donna nodded her head silently and I felt the strength of the probe suddenly increase as Donna added her power to Albert’s. I was not aware that two person with the gift could merge their powers into one probe or attack. Lyle and his two cronies had not done that when they tangled with me.

My shield started to sag and I reacted instinctively. I poured more power into my shield. I made it as strong as I could. I was delighted to feel the combined probe pushed away from my mind. Even more satisfying was the look of surprise and shock on Albert’s face, and the lines of concern that broke out on Donna’s face a they realized what had just happened.

“More is needed,” Donna said quietly, not taking her attention off me for a moment. “He was holding back earlier. His shield is very strong. It is at least a level five or a six.” As the last syllable was spoken I felt the probe become stronger as another mind joined the assault on my mind.

“Careful, Herbert,” Mary cautioned the man sitting between her and Donna. “We do not want to hurt Paul, merely find out how strong he is and breach his shield.”

I stood there and thought only of how important it was to defend myself. I did not feel any strain on my shield only a sight increase in pressure as the probe pushed harder at my shield.

“Now you, Perry,” Mary directed the man sitting to the right of her at the table.

Perry nodded and added his efforts to those of the other three people. I felt the probe became stronger, but again I did not feel it penetrating my mind at all. I was surprised, but said nothing.

“Interesting,” Mary commented after about a minute when there was no indication of any successful breach of my shield. Without warning she joined the combined effort to probe past my shields. I swallowed nervously as I felt the probe gnaw into my shield, but it only scratched the surface. When the probe moved onto a new area of my shield, the old area regenerated immediately even as the new area became scratched.

“Enough,” Mary called out. The entire group of people relaxed and I felt the probe fade away from the surface of my shield. I did not lower the shield but I reduced the strength of it, so as to conserve my powers.

“You really should have let us in, Paul,” Mary said to me as she shook her head sadly. “I am surprised and proud of you. Very few people have ever managed to resist a five person combined probe of their minds. You are something special, but you now force us to take stronger measures.”

Mary held out her hands, one to Herbert and the other Perry. Each man grabbed Mary’s hand firmly. Herbert held out his free hand to Donna. She grabbed Herbert’s hand and held out her hand to Albert. He grabbed her hand firmly. They now formed a human chain. Less than a second later I felt something start to claw and tear at my shield. This was no probe it was an attack! I quickly raised my shield to full strength.

The attack steadily increased in strength and in less than a minute it matched and then exceeded the strength of my shield. I could feel it starting to dig deeper and deeper into my shield and I started to feel my guts turn to water. Fear started to flood through my mind. I fought it down and resisted all the more. I poured more and more power into my shield and was able to keep repairing it at a slightly faster rate than the combined attack was tearing through it. I only hoped that I had more energy and could hold out longer than any of the five linked minds. The pressure remained steady. I was not sure how much more of this I could take. The experience was becoming painful to say the least. One small weak thought finally made its way through the mounting pain in my mind. “Remember Lyle.” I blinked away the tears in my eyes and from somewhere inside I found the strength to smile confidently at the five people sitting across from me.

I wasted no time. I modified my shield to accept rather than reflect or resist energy. As I became aquatinted with the texture and the feel of the attack against me, I was able to draw more and more power from the attack. I started to breath some what easier as I siphoned more and more energy out of the attacking shaft of energy, and increased the strength of my shield. My own energy stores were low, so I directly some of the energy to replenish that as well. It took only a few seconds before the attack was doing nothing but feeding me energy. The attack suddenly faded away. I kept my shield up. I knew that this wasn’t over. It could not be that simple.

“You are no longer my student, Paul,” Mary said. “You have learned much. What did you do? How did you resist all of us?” She spoke softly, but everyone in the room remained linked together. They looked at me coldly. I swallowed nervously as that familiar feeling of danger suddenly blossomed in my mind. I poured all my energy into as strong a shield as I could.

The surprise attack came from Albert, or at least from the direction of where he sat. I had my attention focused on Mary, since she was the person speaking to me, and so I was expecting the attack to be directed by Mary. She had seemed to be the person in charge. The bolt that struck my shield was very strong. I closed my eyes to better to deal with it. Instead of trying to blast through my shield, though, it latched onto my shield like a cat pouncing on a mouse. The bolt started to seep through my shield, before I was aware of it, and was nearly all the way through before I’d absorbed all the energy. I barely had time to deal with that attack when a second bolt latched onto my shield. I let the energy I’d just accumulated flow back into my shield, to make it thicker and harder. I hoped that the shield would also be able to absorb the energy even faster. I was wrong.

It seemed that I could absorb the energy only so fast, no matter how much thicker I made the shield. I had to do something quickly, or soon the accumulated bolts would finally seep through and attack my mind directly. Albert knew what he was doing. I had to admire his strategy. He was insuring that the bolts hit the same spot on my shield, knowing that once a bolt had seeped in at that point, the next bolt would seep in even faster. I was fast running out of time, and I knew it. I had to do something. I was familiar with the construction and texture of these bolts. I did the only thing I could think of. I launched the blots back at the members of the chain.

The first bolt missed its mark completely. I did not know how to steer these things, but I learned quickly. The second bolt hit squarely on Donna’s shield. I figured that if I broke the link between Albert and the others his fuel for these bolts would be gone. I didn’t wait to see what happened. I launched the third and forth bolt at Donna as well. The fifth bolt had Herbert, the man between Donna and Mary, as it’s target. The sixth bolt, which I launched at Perry was very weak, a pale shadow compared to the others. That was when I noticed that Albert’s attacks had faded in strength. The bolts were so weak now that I was able to absorb them at the surface of my shield. This attack was no longer a threat to me.

I opened my eyes. The chain was broken. Donna lay sprawled on the floor, with Mary and Perry next to her. Herbert was holding his head in his hands as if he had a bad headache. Albert remained seated, looking at me with an expression of stunned surprise and amazement frozen on his face. I waited to see what would happen.

Finally Perry helped Donna back up to her seat. She was shaking but the color had come back into her face. I guessed that she would recover from my attack. I knew that I had done nothing but defend myself, but the knowledge of the hurt I had inflicted on Donna still left a bitter taste in my mouth. It wasn’t because she was a woman, but rather that she was innocent. She had never hurt me, whereas I had just hurt her. But what else could I have done?

Mary returned to her chair, and looked at me thoughtfully. She seemed to be remarkably calm, as she contemplated on what had just happened. After about five minutes she took a deep breath and started speaking.

“Paul, I’ve never seen anyone resist five linked minds before. I wonder how many of us do you think it would take to penetrate your shield?” She asked thoughtfully.

“I don’t think that you ever could, no matter the number,” I answered quietly.

“Being a bit arrogant, aren’t you?” Perry asked, in a cool and distant voice.

“No, not really,’ I answered him. “I didn’t attack you. I used your own energy against you. I’ve discovered that the stronger the attack on me, the stronger my own attack becomes. Please don’t ask me to explain further.” I lowered my shield strength somewhat, but kept my shield up just in case. I didn’t trust these people, with the possible exception of Mary.

“Paul, would you please lower your shields and link with me?” She asked me quietly.

“Yes, I’ll do that,” I answered her. “I trust you enough to do that. I warn you though, if anyone attempts an attack on me while we are linked, that person will regret it.” I directed a couple of looks at Perry and Albert to be sure that they understood I was referring to them.

Mary smiled at me. She held out her hands to me across the table. I took her hands in mind and lowered my shields. I got ready to link with her. I knew that the only way I could deal with these people was to answer their questions and prove to them that I was being responsible with my powers. Otherwise they would not leave me alone, and I could not keep up a shield twenty four hours a day. We linked, on a deeper level then ever before. I answered her questions as fully as I could. She seemed satisfied with the answers. We broke the link and I sat back as she discussed the information with the other members of the panel.

“Paul, thank you for sharing that information with us,” Mary said. “The panel judges you to be a responsible and careful guardian of your gift. We anticipate no problems with your actions in the past and feel confident that you will do well in the future. We would also like you to consider joining this panel and serving on it for as long as you like. You are very talented and could be of great help to us in finding, training and policing others with the gift. What is your decision?”

All the time that Mary and I had been linked I had felt someone trying to probe my mind. They had tried sneaking around in my mind, like someone tip toeing around a house late at night. They had not found out anything, at least nothing that I had not wanted them to know.

“I must refuse,” I said quietly, looking Mary straight in the eye. I didn’t need any time to consider my answer.

“Why?” Mary asked, puzzled. “I know that you can handle such a responsibility, otherwise I would not have made the offer.”

“Because with the exception of you, Mary, I do not trust any of the people on this panel of yours,” I answered, and then lowered my voice menacingly. “I warned you not to try probing my mind while I was linked with Mary. Now you pay the price, Perry.”

“Did you expect me not to try?” He asked me, coldly. “You are a threat to us all, and we need to know how you accomplished what you did. Only in that way can we devise a defense against it. I only did what was necessary for the greater good.”

“Believe that if you wish to, Perry,” I said to him sadly. “Everyone has secrets, and like any other person, I am entitled to keep mine. You went somewhere where you were not invited, even after you were warned not to.”

“Stop your jabbering and just do what you are going to do, okay?” Perry asked. “That is if you can even do anything. My shields are up and tight.” He looked at me defiantly.

I sent a probe to feel out the surface of his shield. Once I had the texture of his shield established, I drained it as quickly as I could. I had not realized, until just that moment that such an action was possible. It was instinctive on my part. I felt I was able to do it, and I went with my feelings. The look on Perry’s face as his shield crumbled was satisfying. His face went from smug to shocked and finally scared. When his shield was totally drained, I sent in a full power probe of his mind. I was not at all gentle. Perry dropped to the floor and rolling around in pain, he cried out to me. “God, please stop! My mind! My brain! It’s on fire! I’ll do anything you want, just please stop! For the love of God, STOP PLEASE! OH, PLEASE STOP!!! I...I CAN’T TAKE THE PAIN ANY MORE!!!”

The operation took only thirty seconds, but it was the longest thirty seconds of Perry’s life. Perry’s body when limp as I withdrew my probe from his mind. Shaken and fearful of me, Perry crawled back to his chair and sat down on it. He wiped away the tears from his face. He looked at me, and then dropped his eyes to look at the floor. He started sobbing quietly, and unashamedly.

“What did you do, Paul?” Mary asked me quietly, while looking at Perry.

“Ask Perry. He will answer, won’t you Perry?” I said to Mary but directed the question to Perry.

“Yes, Paul,” Perry said in a trembling voice. He sat in his chair with his hands neatly folded in his lap, and did not raise his head to look at me.

“Perry, what did Paul do to you?” Mary asked Perry, and I could hear the quiver of concern in her voice.

“He...he took away my powers. He look away my gift....” Perry sobbed.

“He did what?” Mary asked, surprised.

“He took away my powers,” Perry cried, sobbing profoundly. “I can’t use them. I can’t feel them anymore. It is like there is an empty place in my mind.”

“Is it permanent?” Mary asked, turning back to me.

“No,” I answered her. “His powers will return in time. I will not tell you how long that will take. Maybe next time he’ll believe me when I warn him.” What I did not tell Mary, or anyone else was that I had not removed Perry’s powers at all. I had only drained his powers completely. It was a simple extension of what I had done to drain Perry’s shield. With enough rest his powers would return. I stood up.

“If there is nothing else for us to discuss, I will be leaving you now,” I addressed the group. “Perhaps, in a few years, I may consider serving on this panel of yours, but not right now. I am willing to help you if you need me Mary, but I will not serve on this panel. I am sorry.”

“I understand, Paul, more than you might think,” Mary said to me as I opened the door. I left the room. Maybe someday I would explain to Mary how much it had cost me to carry through on my warning to Perry. I lost a piece of my self respect that afternoon. I did not know if I would ever be able to get it back. I had crossed the line. I had inflicted pain, needless and heartless pain, on someone only because he refused to heed my warning. I knew that I had had to carry through on my warning or the warning would have meant nothing. I understood the need for doing what I had done, but it did not make it any less difficult for me to have done it. I took no pleasure or satisfaction in what I had done. It was necessary, pure and simple. That thought was of little comfort. My only consolation was that Perry’s pain had been brief, and it was over. Mine had only started. I would have to bare the burden of what I had done to Perry, and work through it somehow. I sighed softly. Maybe in time I would forgive myself. I wondered if Perry would ever forgive me. I hoped so, but I did not think it would be anytime soon. I spent the rest of that afternoon shopping. I arrived at home for supper at about 5:30 PM. I was looking forward to a quiet evening.

At 7:30 PM the door bell rang, interrupting my quiet evening at home. I almost didn’t answer the door, since I was not in the mood for company. I peeked through the peephole and was stunned at what I saw. It looked like it was Perry. The Perry from the panel. I wondered how he had found out where I lived, and more importantly what he was doing here. I gathered together my mental powers in case I might need them. I opened the door.

“Hello, Paul,” Perry said quietly, in a meek voice that was barely above a whisper. “May I please come in?”

“Yes, but only for a minute or so,” I answered. I moved aside to let him enter. Once he was inside I closed and locked the door. I stood silently and studied him. He was a surprise. I had not really noticed him at my evaluation, but I took a good long look at him now. The more I looked at him, the more interesting he became.

Perry was nearly six feet tall, I would have judged, with an overall build that would have to be called slim, maybe even skinny. It was somewhat difficult to be sure, because of the outfit Perry was wearing. To begin with, Perry was standing up straight with his hands clasped behind his back, and his feet slightly spread apart. He reminded me of a solider given the command to stand ‘at ease’. Perry was no solider, though. On top of his head was a plain black cowboy hat, with a simple silver band running around it. It sat squarely on his head and covered all Perry’s hair. If it had not been for the hair that remained exposed on the back of his neck, I would not have known that Perry’s hair was an earthy dark brown. I had noticed this when Perry walked past me as he entered my apartment.

The hat set off Perry’s lean and angular face wonderfully, not that he wouldn’t have looked good without the cowboy hat. He just looked even better wearing it. Perry’s nose was small, and slightly askew, which suggested he’d had it broken at least once. It added a touch of ruggedness and maturity to his otherwise boyish face. His eyes were a combination of gray and blue, depending on how the light struck them. One second they looked as blue as the ocean, and the next they looked as gray as the sky on an overcast day. Those eyes were clear and sparkled with energy. Perry kept those peepers of his focused on me as I looked him over. Perry had a slight smile plastered on his face, with his lips drawn up slightly at the corners of his mouth. It was not really a grin, just enough of a smile to be called coolly friendly or at least non-threatening. Clean shaven, and smelling slightly of Old Spice, it was a forgone conclusion that Perry had gotten himself ready only a short while before he came over to see me. There was nothing noteworthy about the rest of Perry’s face. It was well proportioned and very pleasant to look at. He was simply put, average looking. Still he was a nice sight to gaze upon, I had to admit that.

The black cowboy hat was not at all out of place on Perry’s head. It matched the rest of his outfit perfectly. The styling of the short black western tuxedo jacket he wore was elegant. The jacket had single peak front and back yokes, accented with satin piping, a center knife pleat at the back and western scalloped pocket flaps. The jacket ended an inch or two below Perry’s waist. A black belt with a huge silver belt buckle encircled Perry’s waist. Lest you think that is all he wore, I hate to disappoint you but he was wearing pants. A pair of black dress pants that flowed from his narrow waist, closely following the contours of his hips and all the way down his legs to stop just above where I guessed his heels would have been. These pants, like the jacket were of western style with front top pockets, scalloped pocket flaps in the back, and a satin stripe running down the outside seam of each leg. As you might have guessed by now, Perry was wearing black cowboy boots, and a blinding white long sleeved, unruffled tuxedo shirt. A black western string tie, actually looped and tied I noted, completed the outfit.

I was both surprised and mystified at this outfit. I enjoyed standing there just looking at Perry. A cowboy in a tuxedo is not a common sight, but it was a most delightful one. I could not help but wonder, though as to why Perry was here and how he had found out where it was that I lived. I was just a tiny bit concerned about this.

“Why are you here, Perry? What do you want? How did you find out where I live?” I fired off the questions in rapid succession.

Perry took a deep breath and answered calmly and smoothly, “I talked with Mary after you left the uh meeting. Actually we had a discussion about you. She shared with us some of the information she obtained during your link. We have all come to realize that your abilities are something new. It was decided that someone would be sent to you tonight to offer an apology to you on behalf of The Panel.”

“So, on behalf of The Panel, I would like to extend to you our most sincere and heartfelt apology to you for the painful experience we subjected you to. It was necessary, as I’m sure you have come to realize, but we still regret having taken that action. It is our hope that now that you are aware that we bare you no ill will personally or professionally, you might give serious consideration to working with us in the future. We leave this offer open, and hope you will accept contacts from us.”

Perry held out his right hand as he finished speaking in a gesture to shake hands. He kept his eyes locked on mine and waited for me to respond. I didn’t need to make enemies with these people. For all I knew there could be many more, some more powerful than I was. Trouble like that, I did not need. So, I shook Perry’s hand and said to him, “Fair enough. I will not bare a grudge against The Panel for the actions that they took this afternoon. I will consider your offer to work together, but it will be some time before I will feel comfortable doing so.”

“Thank you, Paul,” Perry said and smiled gently at me. “We could not have expected anything more from you. But there is another reason why I came over here tonight.” Perry paused to be sure he had my undivided attention, and then continued speaking. “I insisted that I be selected as the messenger to bring you that message from The Panel. My powers are still gone, so I felt sure that you would not feel threatened by having me show up unplanned on your doorstep. And...there is something that I wanted to say to you.” Perry swallowed nervously and licked his lips. “Could I have a glass of water, please?” He asked me.

“Sure, the kitchen is right though that door,” I answered and pointed at the kitchen door. Perry nodded his head, turned about and swiftly walked off to the kitchen. His arms were swinging strongly back and forth as he hurried away from me. I smiled at him as he left. The view was yummy. I could see his backside in those tight black tuxedo pants, move back and forth as he walked, because the tuxedo jacket was short enough to leave a clear view of Perry’s butt. I sighed with delight. About a half a minute later Perry returned from the kitchen, glass of water in hand, sipping it slowly. He walked up to me and stood there in front of me drinking the water. I couldn’t help but notice how his Adam’s Apple bobbed up and down while he swallowed. It was kind of sexy, and frankly so was he. Perry finished off half the water in the glass before he stopped drinking. I guessed that he needed a minute or so to work up his courage to say what was on his mind.

“That’s better. Thanks,” he said to me, and then placed the glass on the front hall table. He looked me straight in the eyes, took a deep breath and started to speak. “I wanted to tell you that I am sorry for what I did this afternoon. I also wanted you to know that I understand that you had to punish me as you did. I didn’t enjoy it, and the memory of the pain you inflicted on me makes me scared of you, even now.” Perry’s body shook as he said those words. It was clear that he was still afraid of me, to some degree anyway. I admired his courage, though, in facing his fear and coming here to talk with me. He took another deep breath to help stop his shaking, and then continued. “I know what it cost you to punish me. I had to do something like that to someone else, many years ago. It changes you forever....I know....” His voice trailed off.

I could not believe what I was seeing as I looked at Perry. There were tears coursing down Perry’s cheeks, as he quietly cried. He wasn’t sobbing or whaling in pain, only crying, soundlessly. “Paul, I forgive you, for what you had to do to me,” he croaked between the tears. His voice was rough, broken and shattered, but still held the ring of truth in it. I held out my right hand to him, uncertain what to do. Blinking furiously to try and clear his vision, Perry reached out and took hold of my right hand with his left hand. “Scan that you will know I speak the truth,” he squeaked, his throat almost too tight to talk.

I could have done that without touching him, and I’m sure he knew it. Physical contact would make the scanning easier on me, which was probably why he had taken my hand. I sent forth a mental probe into Perry’s mind. I was as gentle as I knew how to be, and slowly opened up his mind to mine. I searched his mind only long enough to be sure that he was telling me the truth about all this. It turned out that he was speaking the truth. He was crying not because of the pain I’d inflicted on him, but because of the remembered pain he felt now, from knowing what I had to be going though. I gently retrieved the probe and withdrew from his mind, still confused by all this.

“You see?” Perry asked me in a weak but clear voice. Tears still streamed down his face, but they were fewer. “I told you the truth. I do forgive you. Come and sit with me on the sofa.” Perry pulled me into the living room. I let him lead me to the sofa, since I still wasn’t sure exactly what he was up to. I was curious to find out. We sat down next to each other. He was dressed in that fine western tuxedo outfit, and I was wearing an old dingy blue golf shirt and my favorite pair of faded, broken in jeans. We didn’t exactly go together. I almost felt ashamed of the way I was dressed, but then dismissed the thought as vain and foolish. This was my home after all. I could dress any way I wanted, here.

Perry smiled at me, and wiped away the last of the tears from his face with a white handkerchief that he had produced from inside his tuxedo jacket. He returned the handkerchief to his pocket, and then leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth! His lips pressed urgently on mine and there was no mistaking the message he was sending. This was not a friendly peek on the cheek! I backed away in surprise, and when I found my voice a few seconds later said, “What the HELL was that all about?”

“I’m gay. You’re gay. I want you. You want me,” Perry answered coyly.

“I think you presume a great deal, mister,” I cautioned him. “Yes, I find you attractive, but that doesn’t mean I want to go to bed with you.” I was starting to recover my wits, now. “You’re moving a bit too fast for me.”

“Maybe,” Perry agreed. “But at least now I’ve gotten your undivided attention.” He grinned at me. “I talked with Mary about you in some detail. That’s how I knew where you lived. It’s also the reason why I dressed like this before I came over here. From what she saw in your mind, she knew you’d find me attractive in this outfit. I wanted to catch your eye, and wear something that I knew you’d enjoy. I saw how you’ve been looking at me ever since I arrived. You’ve hidden your reaction well, but I can tell. I knew you would be feeling bad about yourself tonight, and I wanted to do something to help you feel better. You’ve enjoyed looking at me, and it has helped you feel better hasn’t it?”

“Yes, it has,” I reluctantly agreed. “But has that got to do with anything?”

“You have to forgive yourself for what you did, Paul,” Perry said softly. “If you don’t, it will eat you up inside. I’ve forgiven you, but only you can forgive yourself. You have to see and believe that what you did was necessary and expected of you. Remember the price that Mary told you you’d have to pay? Well this is another part of that price. I’m here to help you to accept this, and to work through your pain. If it means going to bed with you tonight, I’m prepared to do that.” He smiled at me, and raked his eyes over me from head to foot. “Actually, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea,” he said and blew a kiss at me.

I sat where I was not knowing what to do, still taken aback by all this. Part of me wanted Perry to leave, since that would be the easiest solution. Another part of me want to explore that outfit of his, and him too. Perry looked at me and smiled that gentle understanding smile of his again. He blinked his eyes a few times, moved over to sit right next to me on the sofa and spoke. “Or we can do nothing but sit here and hold hands, if you like. I won’t lie and say that I’m in love with you or anything like that. But I will do whatever you want me to, to help you through this. Think of me as one of your hypnotized subjects if that makes it easier for you, Paul.” Perry cupped my face in his warm hands and kissed me gently on the lips. This was a warm and tender kiss, with very little pressure or urgency in it, and completely unlike the earlier kiss. His offer was kind and thoughtful, I suppose. I thought about what he said, and it did make some kind of sense, except that I didn’t want to pretend with him. I actually wanted him to be super hypnotized and under my complete control. It wasn’t revenge that motivated me to take this action. Perry was so damn good looking in that cowboy outfit of his, that it spurred (pun intended) my interest. I really wanted to hypnotize him and have him at my beck and call. It was selfish, and indulgent, and a very tempting idea.

“How about if we do it for real?” I asked Perry.

“Do what?” he replied looking at me quizzically.

“How about if I really hypnotize you?” I asked. “I’d enjoy that, a lot.”

“I really don’t have much of a choice in the matter, do I?” Perry responded and shrugged his shoulders philosophically.

“Actually, you do,” I answered. “I could force you into a state of super hypnosis, but I would prefer it if you agreed to it willingly. I would not feel like I’m using you, then.”

“And if I say ‘no’?” Perry asked.

“Well, then you should leave, preferably now, before I’m tempted to do something that I know I’ll regret in the morning,” I answered him.

Perry looked at me, thoughtfully, and the smile that had been residing on his lips slowly faded away. He stood up. I held my breath, as I silently prayed that he would not go. Perry turned to face the front door, and started walking towards it, not saying a word. He unlocked the door, opened it, called out “Goodbye”, and left, closing the door behind him, firmly. The sound of the door closing echoed in my mind like thunder rolling on in the middle of a pitch black night.

I sat on the sofa, completely taken by surprise. I’d never thought that Perry would actually leave. He had said that he was here to help me, and now he left me alone. Yet, I could not find it in myself to feel angry or upset with him. Like any other of my countless subjects I’d given him a clear choice. He took the option to leave. Curiously, I felt better for having given him that choice. I felt more like my old self, not a lot, but a bit. Maybe I had started to forgive myself. Still I would have enjoyed finding forgiveness in Perry’s arms. Now, more than ever.

My heart wasn’t quite so heavy when I got up off the sofa a few minutes later, walked over the to door and locked it. I smiled weakly to myself as I headed off to the kitchen for my sure fire remedy for depression, a hot cup of herbal tea. It was only 8:15 PM, but it felt later. I felt that I had aged a few years this night as well.

I had finished my tea and was engrossed in my book once again when my doorbell rang for the second time that night. I sighed to myself, trying not to feel annoyed, as I got up and peered through the peephole to see that there was no one standing there. My first thought was that one of the local kids was playing games. I looked again and thought I saw a hint of white at the lower edge of the round field of vision of the peephole lens. Carefully, I unlocked the door, leaving the chain on and peered out. Again I did not see anyone, but when I looked down I could see a white envelope, leaning against the door. It must have been propped up against the door so that it would fall over and into my apartment when the door was opened. The envelope was thoughtfully, or intentionally, placed near the opening of the door so that it was within easy reach. I swatted down, darted my hand out, grabbed the enveloped and snatched it inside as I withdrew my hand and arm back inside the apartment. I closed the door, and locked it. I turned my attention to the envelope, grabbed the letter opener from the front hall table and slit the envelope open. I peeked inside. A white card was all I saw. I took it out and looked at it. It was blank. I turned it over. There was writing on the card, in handwriting that I was not familiar with. “Count to twenty, and open the door again, please,” was all it said. I raised an eyebrow in surprise. In this day and age of crazy, sick people, and stalkers I would have been foolish to have done what the card said. Unless I checked first, and I don’t mean the peephole. I scanned around my front door and for a distance of thirty or forty feet, or any hostile, unfriendly, or malevolent feelings, thoughts or impressions. All I sensed was a feeling of joy, excitement, and pleasure from someone who had just walked up and was now standing in front of my door. It would have ruined the surprise for me to have peeked through the peephole. So I didn’t. I walked over to the door, unlocked, it flung it open.

The bouquet of red roses that were thrust into my face the instance the door opened, were overwhelming. All I could see was patches of red and green, and my nose was overwhelmed with the heavenly perfume that comes from the rose. My favorite flower, and not just because I’m a hopeless romantic. Instinctively I took a step or two back, which permitted the mystery person to walk into my apartment. I looked up from the heartwarming bouquet and into the devilishly grinning face of Perry! His grin became wider and wider as he smiled at the look of astonishment and surprise frozen on my face. My mouth was a small ‘oh’ of surprise, which probably made me look like a fish out of water as I tried to speak and could only move my lips soundlessly.

“I had a change of heart,” Perry said, as he answered the unspoken question of what he was doing back here. “Take me, I’m yours.”

I blinked a few times, and finally my mind shifted into gear. Thoughts flooded into my mind as I realized what Perry meant. I focused my attention on Perry and smiled at him as I sent my mental commands into his mind as quickly as I could. It took only a few seconds, during which all Perry did was blink a few times as his expression became blank. “When I ask you if you have smelled the roses, Perry, you will breath deeply and enjoy their sent. The wonderful sent of the roses will cause you slip into a wonderful state of hypnosis, with each breath that you take. After a few breaths, you will feel like doing nothing but smelling the roses, as we stand here and talk. Your mind will slowly go blank, as the smell of the roses causes you to feel more and more relaxed, and comfortable and at ease. Slowly as you go deeper into hypnosis, Perry, you will feel your legs become very relaxed. So much so that you will find it more and more difficult to stand up. So very slowly you will drop down to your knees, first onto your right knee and then down on both knees. When you are on both knees you will feel a rush of joy and pleasure as you feel yourself letting go completely, and find that the only thoughts you have are to listen to me and obey me. You will kneel there and think more and more about how good it feels to obey me. You will find yourself unable to think of anything else. You will soon come to realize that you must let me know how you feel, if I am to know that you want to obey me. You will do something, and say something to let me know. This is a one time, induction, Perry. However, you will return to this very deep state of hypnosis whenever you hear me say the phrase “roses are red, your jeans are blue, you want me, and I want you.” (Okay so it was a corny trigger phrase, but you have to admit it was appropriate.)

“So are you sure about this, Perry?” I asked him as he awakened from the daze that my intensive suggestions had temporarily placed him in. “Have you smelled these roses yet?”

“What? Oh, yeah, sure. I’m sure,” he assured me. “I thought about it for a while, and decided that if you were going to be kind enough to give me a choice then what Marry had said about you probably was true.” Perry brought the bouquet of flowers over to his face and inhaled deeply. “I love the smell of roses,” he sighed, and his eyes fluttered a couple of times. Either he was being coy with me, or he was starting to slip into hypnosis, and I hoped it was the latter.

“So do I,” I said to him, referring to the roses. “What was it that Mary said about me, anyway?” I asked him as I moved past him, closed the door and locked it. I didn’t want anyone to see him going under after all. That was to be my pleasure alone.

“Only that you really do care about your subjects, more so than most people who have the gift,” Perry answered. He took a couple more deep sniffs of the bouquet and his eyes started to turn glassy. ‘Heaven...” he sighed dreamily, and smiled.

“Buying me that bouquet of roses was a sweet gesture, but totally unnecessary, Perry,” I said to him.

Perry smelled the roses a few more times and his expression gradually melted into a glassy eyed blank, zombie like stare, as he slowly said, “ I.....want.......” His voice trailed off as he seemed to lose his train of thought. Perry stood there for a few more moments staring at nothing. He was lost in his own world, his own thoughts. Slowly his arms dropped down to his sides and hung there limply, his right hand still clutching the bouquet of roses securely. I had to admit the sight of this handsome cowboy dressed in a tuxedo, standing there hypnotized was extremely exciting! I had to control my urge to whip out my hard cock and start stroking myself then and there! Not that Perry would have noticed or cared, but there would be time enough for that later. It was more important to pay attention to what Perry was doing, and to savor the sight of him slowly sinking deeper and deeper in to a state of super hypnosis.

Slowly and gracefully Perry raised the bouquet of roses to his face and inhaled deeply. As he exhaled, the expression on his face became completely empty, without even a hint of a smile. He carefully dropped down to kneel on his right knee. His face broke into a smile as soon as he was kneeling in that position. His eyes retained their vacant look. He took another deep breath, inhaling the fragrance of the roses deeply. Slowly he shifted his weight to his right leg on his right knee, moved his left leg out slightly and back down, as he lowered his left knee to the floor. In only a few seconds Perry’s left knee was beside his right one, and he had shifted his weight back so that he was kneeling on both knees. Perry let out a long low loud moan of pleasure as he knelt there. He looked up at me. Like a long awaited sunrise, he face blossomed into an expression of profound joy and euphoria. He positively beamed at me, he was so happy to be there kneeling in front of me. He tried to speak but when he opened his mouth no sound emerged. He quickly shut his mouth and swallowed a few times as he tried to find the strength to talk to me. I merely smiled benevolently down at him, thoroughly enjoying the situation. (Who wouldn’t? A cute cowboy in a western tuxedo, kneeling in front of you holding up a bouquet of roses. If that isn’t romantic, sexy and a turn on, I don’t know what is.)

“I.....I.....I....want,” he said brokenly, as he tried to say what was on his mind. “I...want you to have these.” Perry thrust out the bouquet of roses to me with his right arm, while his left arm dangled from his side. I slowly took the flowers from him.

“Thank you, Perry,” I said to him. “They are lovely.”

Perry clasped his hands in front of him, and looked up at me, soulfully. “Please, will you take me too?” He trembled slightly as he spoke.

“What do you mean?” I asked him. (I know, I know. I was stretching this out needlessly, and shamefully making Perry jump through some hoops, but can you really blame me? This is one of the most intense and satisfying moments of a hypnosis session, and I wanted to enjoy it completely and totally.)

“I want you to accept me, take me, control me, and use me,” said a lovesick Perry, as he knelt there in front of me. “I will to anything that you wish. Anything at all. Anything. Really.”

My lack of an immediate response only urged Perry on to try and convince me of his sincerity. Perry dropped down to his hands and knees and looked up at me. He was completely infatuated with me. Reason had gone out of his mind, and the only thoughts he had were about serving and obeying me. He crawled over to me, quickly covering the short distance between us. Without a second’s hesitation, Perry lowered his face to my socked feet and kissed them reverently.

“Yours to command,” Perry said, and then kissed my feet a second time. “Whatever you wish, I will do. Anything at all.” Perry said again. Perry turned around one hundred and eighty degrees, so that he was facing away from me, and his butt was presented to me. “Kick me in the ass if you wish to. As often as you wish.” Perry then lowered his face to the ground, which caused his lovely butt in those wonderful tuxedo pants to stick up in the air. I sighed softly at the wondrous sight before me. He moved his butt gently back and forth a few times as he called back to me, “My ass is yours, as is all of me. Fondle me. Use me. Take my money, my wallet. Do anything you want with me, but only grant me the honor and privilege of serving you.” Perry stayed in that bent over position awaiting whatever I might ask of him.

My cock was so hard and so hot that it was starting to ache. I moaned, more in joy than in discomfort. I stared down at Perry, bent over before me with that oh so delectable ass of his swaying back and forth in front of me. It was difficult for me to believe what I was seeing and hearing. I had hoped that Perry would accept the idea of obeying me while hypnotized, but I had not expected this profound a level of control, especially not with one who had the gift. Then a sluggish thought finally made it to the surface of my mind. I remembered how well Lyle Lawson had responded, when I had taken over control of his mind. I guess I should have expected something like this. I found myself unable to look away from Perry as he knelt there in front of me, bent over. His pants were so tight on that cute skinny ass of his, that it was all I could think about. My fingers ached to reach down and caress those sweet cheeks of his, clad as they were in black wool.

I dropped down to my kneels and knelt just behind Perry. My hands reached out and gently brushed the surface of Perry’s ass. I sighed in delight. A soft and low moan escaped from Perry’s lips as he felt my fingers brush across his backside. I pulled my hands back for a moment, choose my targets carefully. Like twin snakes my hands struck out and latched onto Perry’s buttocks. One hand on each. A shock wave of pleasure coursed up my arms and into my brain, upon achieving full sensuous contact with those heavenly buns.

“Yesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!” Perry screamed out, as he felt my hands on his ass. He launched his body upward using his arms and arched his back slightly as he cried out joy, “OH YES PLEASE! GRAB ME! SQUEEZE ME! OH!!!!!!!!! OH!!!!!!!!!!!! OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Tell me your name,” I said to him when his cries had fallen off, and he was only moaning and groaning with pleasure.”

“Perry Maxwell,” he answered quickly. “Please, Paul, let me do something, anything for you. Please make me earn this.....”

Mercilessly I plunged my fingers in between his buttocks as far as his pants would permit, which wasn’t very far. Still it did the trick. Perry continued to scream out in ecstasy, not words just grunts groans moans hoots and hollers. When I reached in between his legs and groped his balls and rock hard cock as well as I could from behind, Perry spread his legs wide to allow me as much access as possible. His breathing was rapid and I could feel the heat starting to pour off his body. I was feeling much the same. It was the newness of the situation, and the fact that I’d never seen any part of Perry’s body that was exciting me so much. My own cock was starting to ache more and more. I knew that I had to do something soon, as I was becoming somewhat uncomfortable in this position. I closed my eyes to savor the sensations flowing in through my fingertips. Nothing else mattered at that moment.

“Blow me,” I whispered. Suddenly my hands lost contact with that wonderful butt of Perry’s. I opened my eyes in surprise to see Perry scurrying around to face me. He was panting eagerly as he looked at me, a few drops of sweat running down his face. Gently but firmly he took hold of my arms and forced me the lie down face up on the carpet. I was in too much shock to resist, and if the truth be told I had asked for this. Perry crawled on top of me so that he was straddled over my legs, and his face was just about level with the top of my jeans. Quickly, but with a soft and delicate touch, Perry, grabbed the front of my jeans, and unzipped my fly. He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them open, and then downward as far as they would go. His eyes gleamed with anticipation as he curled his fingers around the elastic top of my briefs and tugged them down my legs. He was very careful, though, to be sure that he did not hurt me in any way. Released from its confinement, my aching cock popped up like a jack-in-the-box and swayed there in front of Perry’s face. He looked at it closely for a few seconds and licked his lips. (He was so close to my cock it was a wonder that he did not go cross eyed from staring at it.)

He placed his nose at the base of my shaft just above my balls and breathed deeply. “Better than roses,” he sighed as he exhaled. I could no longer see what Perry was doing, but sure as hell I could feel it. He gave me a thorough tongue lashing, so to speak. There wasn’t a millimeter of my cock and balls that his tongue did not attend to. How I managed to prevent myself from cuming while he was doing that., I’ll never know. When I felt his lips press against the tip of my burning cock, I thrust myself upwards. I felt my cock slip past his willing lips and only brush by his teeth on its way to his waiting tongue. The warmth, the moistness, the feel of his tongue on my cock was beyond the power of words to describe. It was pure undiluted joy and pleasure mixed together and dancing all over my brain. Slowly I lowered myself back to the floor and Perry’s mouth followed. He took me deeper and deeper into his mouth and then pulled back a bit. He took my cock deep into his mouth again, and played his tongue all over my hard, aching bursting red hot shaft. A few seconds later he pulled back a second time.

Finally it dawned on me that he was ‘reverse pumping’ me! Instead of me thrusting my cock down his throat, pulling back and thrusting my cock in again, Perry was doing that for me. “After I cum, so will you,” I said to him. “Just as soon as I’ve finished cuming, you will cum.” He nodded his head in silent agreement. (I’ll refrain from making any jokes about Perry not talking with his mouth full.) It did not take long. Only a few minutes after I gave him that last instruction, I came. My brain was flooded with wave upon wave of joy and ecstasy as my aching member burst forth into Perry’s mouth. He sucked it all up and swallowed it down without missing a beat. I squirmed and heaved and pumped and thrust for what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes at best. I opened my eyes as the last pumping efforts faded away. I lay there and tried to catch my breath as Perry sucked down the last few drops of my juice. I looked down at him as his tongue gave my wilting cock a final lick. He raised his head up to look at me. He nodded his head and smiled at me glowingly. It was clear to see that he’d had at least as good a time as I’d had.

Suddenly he jerked upright, and his eyes became wide with surprise. His arms flew out to his side at about a forty-five degree angle, he arched his back, and thrust his head up to the ceiling. A long, loud cry of joy, pleasure and gratification wrenched itself from his lips as Perry came. He bucked and thrust his hips forward and back as he pumped himself while still kneeling on top of me. I had a close up view of his cock as it explosively released its load behind his tuxedo pants. Sure they were black, but they were very snug pants, and I could see his cock pulsated as he dumped his huge load into his underwear. Just to be on the safe side, though, I sat up, reached out with my right hand and placed it over his pulsing cock, all the better to feel his load coursing out of his huge member. Okay, so safety had nothing to do with it. It was a turn on for me to feel the wetness of Perry’s release, and from the expression on his face, he appreciated my attentions.

When he finally finished cuming, Perry’s arms dropped down to his sides, and his body sagged a bit. He looked down at me, and smiled at me with a glassy and far off look in his eyes. “Oh thank you,” was all he said before his eyes closed and he toppled forward on top of me. I caught his body with my right arm, and held him close to me, knocking the cowboy hat of his head in the process. Using my left arm I lowered the two of us back onto the floor. Perry lay on top of me, with his head on my stomach, just below my chest. I held him there with both arms, as he lay unconscious. My cock, meanwhile was pressing up against Perry’s stomach. I was too drained for my cock to do more than to tingle a bit as Perry pressed down on top of me. We both needed to recover our strength so I lay there for a while, with my eyes closed, softly stroking the sweaty hair of this wonderful cowboy, not saying a word.

I guess it was about twenty or thirty minutes later when Perry opened his eyes and struggled back up onto his knees. He looked down at me, and then slowly reached down and replaced my briefs to where they belonged. Carefully he pulled my jeans up, buttoned them closed and zipped up my fly. He climbed off of me and then lay down beside me, on his stomach which his head resting in his crossed arms. His cowboy hat was back on his head once again. He’d noticed it was gone when he’d woken up, and had corrected the situation without having to be told to do so.

“Is there anything else you wish of me, Paul?” He asked softly looking into my eyes warmly.

“Not tonight,” I said to him. I was tired. It had been a long day. I counted him out, albeit reluctantly.

Perry looked at me but did not move. He only smiled at me in a happy and satisfied manner. “Looks like I helped you through it,” he said to me.

“Yes, I guess you did,” I smiled at him and slowly got up.

“Anytime you want me around again, I’m in the book,” Perry said as he got up.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I said to him as I lead him to the door. We exchanged pleasant good-byes but I knew that it was unlikely I’d ever see him again. There was someone I had become very interested in as of late, and I was hoping to hear from that man soon. Perry had helped me, and for that I would always be grateful. Grateful enough to avoid putting myself in the position where I would make use of Perry again.