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The Coffee Shop II: Cowboys and Tuxedos.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

Copyright © 1998. This story is the property of the author, Canadian Cowboy. Any duplication, in whole or in part, is forbidden without the express written consent of the author.

Author’s Note. Although it is not necessary, you may wish to read The Coffee Shop for the full story of how Paul acquired his powers.

Part 1: On With The Show.

Time heals all wounds. It’s an old saying, but true nevertheless. It took me about a year to finally get Steve and Jack out of my system and to let go of them completely. By that I mean that I didn’t still see either of them in my mind’s eye when I was with another man. Yes that is correct. Another man. I’m gay. But that is not what makes me special. I have been fortunate enough to have been given a rare gift, and to have encountered a skilled teacher who helped me to use that gift. To put it bluntly, I have the ability to ‘super-hypnotize’ people. I can control and influence a mind, and have the person do nearly anything that I want. I wasn’t born this way exactly. The power was there, buried deep within me. It took another person to uncover it and help me develop it.

Over the past two or three years as I’ve practiced and honed my skills I’ve had a lot of fun, some of it naughty, and most of it nice. I’ve also helped a lot of people. Helping people has been the easy part. Knowing when to let go of them, and to watch them walk out of my life has been difficult. It is the price I pay for being able to do what it is that I do. Every power has its price. That’s another old saying which is true as well.

“Enough of this wool gathering,” I thought to myself. “I’m here to have a bit of fun, and to relax. Now let’s see who we have here that might be interesting.” I started to look around at the other people in the lobby. I wasn’t looking for a particular person, just checking out the guys and seeing if any of them were cute or attractive. I was in the lobby of a theatre, not a movie theatre but a symphony house. Tonight was a scheduled performance of “Herman the Hypnotist”. Not a very original title for a stage hypnotist show, but he had a reputation for putting on a good show. Frankly, I could use a laugh, but I wanted to add a few things to Herman’s show. In particular, I wanted to insure that a few really good looking guys went onstage and went under. I could have just picked them out of the crowd myself and taken them away with me, but that wouldn’t have been any fun. In fact, it probably would have been downright dangerous as it could easily have lead to some very serious complications. It was much more fun, and much safer, to just encourage them (okay ‘command them’) to go onstage, become hypnotized and see how they reacted.

I continued to scan the room, but so far I hadn’t seen anyone that really caught my eye. Sometimes I find three or four good looking guys and ‘suggest’ to them that they should be part of the show, and sometimes I strike out. I had been looking around very carefully for the last few minutes, sipping my coffee before the show started. I had given up hope, when I noticed what appeared to be the top of a cowboy hat cutting through the sea of peoples heads, like the fin of great white shark cutting through the surface of the water. A second hard look confirmed it. “Now this does raise some possibilities,” I thought to myself. I looked around casually, trying to see where the hat was heading. I figured that it was probably to the bar, and a few seconds wait confirmed it.

It is not an easy task, you know to be actively searching out a guy and trying to make eye contact with him, and not LOOK like you are trying to do that. I’ve gotten very good at it over the years, though, so this wasn’t difficult. It was all a question of timing. “You need to pee, very badly in 15 seconds,” I mentally said to the cowboy as I caught his eyes for a second or two. That’s all I need now. Eye contact for just a second or two, to implant my commands in the average mind. More complex commands and multiple part commands take much longer, hence the need to get this cowboy somewhere with fewer distractions. It would also give me a chance to see what he looked like and if he really was interesting to me. I guess that I have a weakness for cowboys in general. The sight of a slim trim man in jeans, wearing a western style shirt, a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and a great big belt buckle is always a turn on for me. I don’t really know why it turns me on, but it does. Then again, so does the sight of a good looking man in a suit & tie. Maybe I just have a wide taste in guys and clothes.

I quickly but unobtrusively, positioned myself so that when the cowboy headed for the men’s room he would pass right beside me, allowing me a good look at him both coming and going. (One has to plan these things out you know, otherwise it could result in a waste of effort and time.) He was the jackpot of the evening. Coming towards me I saw a slim and trim man, wearing pale blue jeans that were clean and neat being held up by a plain brown leather belt with a gold and silver belt buckle. The buckle was somewhat larger than normal but not massively large, and it had a gold eagle on a plain silver background with a what appeared to be a rope border in gold again. All in all a very nice buckle. His shirt was plain blue denim, several shades darker than his jeans. My eyes traveled up the front of his shirt, which encased a nice torso and chest. Not muscular, but very well in proportion to the rest of his body. His shirt was close fitting but not at all tight. It allowed him a good range of movement. Quickly my eyes moved on to his face, and meet briefly with a pair of sea colored blue-green eyes, separated by a powerful Roman nose, that matched the firm square jaw, strong cheeks and firm tight mouth that comprised the rest of his face. I had to look carefully and quickly to see that his raven black hair was cut very short at the back and that it was a complete contrast to the soft white Stetson hat that was perched on his head.

He moved gracefully, as he walked by me and headed to the men’s room. I waited a few seconds before following him. From the back he was as good looking as the front. (Okay, I’m a butt man. I notice a guy’s butt before I notice his face. I guess that’s not very complementary to all the guys that I’ve dated, but it’s the truth. Sorry, guys.) He had a skinny butt, encased in those snuggly fitting jeans, and he also had a great big bulging wallet in his left back pocket that seemed to make those jeans look even tighter. It caught and held my eyes, easily. It was difficult but I forced myself to look down and check out his footwear. As I’d suspected and hoped, cowboy boots. Dark brown, and plain, at least in this light. All in all a most handsome and good looking man. I couldn’t wait to convince him to become part of the show.

I followed him to the men’s room and waited outside for him. A few minutes later he emerged and before he had a chance to take more that a step or two, I moved in. “Excuse me, sir,” I said to him. “But don’t I know you from somewhere?”

He turned to look at me, and I made sure to look directly into his eyes, as he replied, “Perhaps, but you do not seem familiar to me. I am afraid that you are mistaken.”

“Take a good long look at me a second time, and look into my eyes,” I quickly sent into his mind. As he stood there blinking for a few seconds I sent him additional commands. “You want to go on stage tonight and become part of the show. You want to be hypnotized. You will enjoy yourself a lot. After the show, you will have to pee very badly once again so you will return to the men’s washroom. You will not be able to pee until you and I are both in the men’s room. After you pee you will ‘accidentally’ bump into me and gaze into my eyes again.” He just stood there blinking his eyes at me for about a minute with a glazed expression on his face. Finally he shook his head gently and said to me, “Gee, I’m sorry, but I really do not recognize you.”

“Yes,” I replied with a slight blush. “I think you’re right. I’m sorry to have bothered you. It was nice to have met you though. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye,” he replied with a slight shake of his head, and walked away briskly. It was nearly time for the show to start so I headed into the theatre to find my seat. I knew that it was probably going to be a good show, but the cowboy was going to make it just a little bit better. I had purchased a seat in the 3rd row, so that I’d be close enough to see what all the subjects on stage were doing. I was looking forward to this show.

If you’ve ever been to a stage hypnosis show, then you know exactly what goes on. The induction of the volunteers was interesting to watch, but there wasn’t anything remarkable about it. The cowboy was up there with the other male volunteers, and he went under very easily and very quickly. So quickly in fact, that Herman the Hypnotist noticed. I’m sure Herman intended to pay special attention to such a willing and responsive subject. That of course, was the whole idea. I wanted the cowboy chosen as one of the main stars of the show. I wanted to see just how imaginative and creative he was.

Herman’s show was g-rated so there wasn’t going to be anything naughty or really sexy, but I didn’t care. There was time enough for that later, if the cowboy fulfilled my expectations. For the most part, the show was average and entertaining, but nothing out of the ordinary. At least at first. Later on things got a bit more least for me.

Sitting backward on an ordinary chair, the cowboy at Herman’s suggestion believed he was in a rodeo and riding a bull that no other man could ride. If you have ever seen bull riding then you have some idea of what this looked like. The cowboy was holding on to the bottom of the chair with one hand while the other had grabbed his hat from his head and was waving the hat wildly in the air as he ‘rode the bull’. (The chair was bouncing all across the stage.) I can’t honestly remember what he was yelling out, but he was having a good time. The cowboy had a lovely voice and he was definitely enjoying himself.

After having ridden the bull, and gotten top marks in the rodeo, the cowboy was awarded a prize and a kiss from the ‘queen of the rodeo’, who happened to be the most beautiful person in the audience that the cowboy could see, in the front row. But Herman told the cowboy that when he left the stage he would see all the men as women and the women as men. You can guess what happened. The cowboy went up to a really good looking guy, and asked him for his prize and for a kiss. At first the guy was laughing so hard that he couldn’t talk, which made the cowboy all the more puzzled, to the extent that he called back to Herman (whom the cowboy thought was the director of the rodeo), and asked why it was so hard to get a kiss from a beautiful woman. Herman suggested that the cowboy might try begging her on his knees, as that might move her. I guess the cowboy really wanted his prize and his kiss because he dropped to his knees almost immediately and started to beg this guy, and very nicely I might add, for a quick kiss on the cheek and nothing more. The cowboy kept trying to convince this ‘queen of the rodeo’ that he was a decent and trustworthy man who only wanted a brief kiss on the cheek from the most beautiful woman in the world. At this point Herman called out to the cowboy that when he was kissed on the cheek he would wake up and not know what had happened, but that he would return to his seat on the stage. The man in the audience finally stopped laughing long enough to give the cowboy a quick peck on the cheek, which resulted in the cowboy suddenly jumping up to his feet as he realized where he was and what had just happened. Before he could become too upset, he headed back to his seat on stage. As soon as he sat down, he was under again. (Boy, was I ever loving this. I couldn’t wait to get this cowboy alone.)

Later on in the show, Herman the Hypnotist took the audience to the circus. Or rather he took his volunteers to the circus. The cowboy wound up being the world’s greatest impersonator of a lion. He left his hat on his chair of course, but that did not distract from the show he put on. He scampered around on all fours and he obeyed the lion tamer completely. The lion tamer was a beautiful slim redhead who really got into her role. She had the lions rolling on the floor and sitting up. The cowboy really showed off his butt and those tight jeans when he was rolling around on the floor with his legs curled up close to his chest. I laughed along with everyone else when the lions sat back on their hind legs and reared up and roared at the lion tamer. I was looking at only one lion in particular, though. Later in the lion act, the lion tamer showed just how much control she had over her beasts as she took a magic healing brush (actually just her hand) and brushed the coats of the lions all over. Of course this involved her running her hands over their bodies and yes even between their legs, as she brushed their coats. I should mention that all the lions were played by guys, and I’m sure they enjoyed this part of the show a lot. The final bit with the lion tamer was when she decided (with some prompting from Herman) that she would ride bareback on her favorite lion, which happened to be the cowboy. I didn’t have anything to do with that choice. She was told to choose the lion she liked the best, and the cowboy was the best looking guy up on the stage. At that point in time, I wished I was the lion tamer, as I would have loved to have ridden that cowboy. (Yes, dear reader, I was starting to get ideas, even as I continued to watch the show.) She rode him for only a few seconds, and she kept her feet on the ground to take the weight of her body, so as not to strain the cowboy’s back. Herman saw to this, and it was just another subtle indication of the careful control he kept in his show so that no one was hurt. I was impressed by Herman. I could not believe how good that cowboy looked, and how tight those jeans were on his ass, especially with the huge bulge his wallet made on the left side of his jeans. My cock was rock hard and I had to force my hands NOT to move and start stroking it. I was so turned on I could hardly sit still.

The rest of the show I really don’t recall all that clearly, as I was too busy thinking about what my commands should be to the cowboy when I saw him next. I did my best to enjoy the rest of the show, but it wasn’t easy to keep calm. My thoughts kept drifting back to that cowboy and what I could have him do for me. Gradually, though my cock returned to its normal size by the end of the show, and I headed off to the washroom. I really did need to pee by then. I was not going to the men’s room just to meet with the cowboy.

Luck was shining on me again when I headed into the men’s room. There were only a couple of guys in there, and none of the stalls were in use. I entered a stall, locked the door, sat down and made myself comfortable. As I attended to business, I started to focus my mental powers and to create a zone of compulsion that filled the entire men’s room, and stopped at about three feet outside of the door to the men’s room. This was a new facet of my powers that Mary had trained me in during the last six months. (Who’s Mary you ask? Why she is my mentor and instructor. She helped me to develop my powers of super-hypnosis and she is helping me still.) A zone of compulsion is like hypnotizing a room full of people at once, except that the suggestions only last for the duration that a subject remains in the zone. When a person enters the zone the suggestions take effect immediately and he (or she) is completely unaware of the suggestions or that they are following them. Once the zone is set up, maintaining it does not require any conscious thought or effort, but it does require mental energy, and the more complex the commands in the zone, the higher the energy drain. I decided to keep things simple since I did not know how long it would take the cowboy to arrive.

“There is nothing out of the ordinary going on in this men’s room,” I send out. “Ignore all that I say or do, unless I address you specifically, in which case you will look directly into my eyes when talking to me. If I do not address you, then pay no attention to me, and proceed with your business as quickly and quietly as you can.” I shook my head a few times as the zone of compulsion was generated. It took about 30 seconds for it to become established. I quickly finished doing what I had to do, and cleaned myself up. I unlocked the stall and went out. I headed for a nearby sink to wash my hands as I waited for the cowboy.

There were three men at the urinals and two at the sinks washing their hands. I looked them over while I waited for the cowboy to arrive. At first I didn’t see anything of interest until out of the corner of my eye I noticed that one of the men at the sink was checking me out. I’ve been looking at other men long enough to know when another guy is showing an interest in me. I walked over to this man, who appeared to be in his early fifties, and had only the smallest beginnings of a gut around his waist. He was dressed in casual attire consisting of a dark olive green golf shirt, and mint green dress pants with a dark brown belt in them. I did not notice what shoes he was wearing.

“Excuse me, sir,” I said to him. “Can I help you?” As he turned his head and looked into my eyes, I sent the commands “Tell me why you are interested in me, and you cannot lie. You will find it easy to tell me this, and it will not upset you at all.”

“I want you to come home with me, so I can tie you up and fuck your brains out,” he replied in a calm and normal tone of voice. “You’re my type, young and just average looking, and you didn’t come here with anyone tonight.” Then he stood there looking at me and waited for me to say something.

I was upset with this man, but also curious. “Just how did you plan to accomplish this, providing that I showed any interest in you?” I asked him.

“Simple,” he replied. “I’d get friendly with you and take you out for a couple of drinks, and then spike one of your drinks with this drug that I carry with me. See?” He reached into his left front pants pocket and produced a small vial of a clear liquid. “It only takes a couple of drops and it is tasteless, colorless and odorless.” He actually smiled as he said this, as though he were proud of what he was planning to do.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and turned my head to see the cowboy walking in. I had other matters to attend to at the moment, but I’d take care of this little piece of shit later. Still looking him in the eye, I sent the mental commands, “You want to obey me now, completely. Each word that I speak compels you to obey, and you find that as I talk to you, any thought of disobeying becomes impossible. In fact, you are now eager and willing to obey me, because it just feels so nice.” Out loud, though, I spoke softly to this man, and said, “You cannot leave this men’s room until I tell you to. You will go to a stall and occupy it in the normal manner. You will just sit there and pretend to take care of business until you hear me say ‘Come out.’ At that time you will clean yourself off in the normal manner and exit the stall and go wash your hands. When you have washed up you will stand in front of me, look into my eyes and say ‘ready’. Then you will just stand there awaiting further instructions. Now go.”

“Yes, sir,” the man blandly replied, and headed off to an empty stall.

Meanwhile the cowboy was just finishing up at the urinal and was headed over to the sinks when he ‘accidentally’ bumped into me, and turned to look me directly in the eye. Then he just stood there, with a slightly blank look on his face.

“Listen to what I tell you, and obey,” I mentally sent to him. “It just feels good to obey and go along.” Clearing my throat, I then said to the cowboy, “You had a good time on stage didn’t you, cowboy?”

“Yes, I did, " he replied in a dull and lifeless voice. “I do not remember what I did but I feel really good now.”

“That’s good to hear,” I told him. “On Saturday afternoon at 2 PM you will go to a place called ‘The Coffee Shop’ at 911 North Albert Street, to have a nice relaxing cup of coffee and to read the Saturday paper. You will do this because it is something new and different to do on your Saturday. You will come alone to the Coffee Shop, because you feel like you want some time alone to read the paper in peace. You will be sure to wear the same outfit then, as you are wearing now. I will come up to you and mention that I saw you on stage at Herman the Hypnotist’s show. As soon as I do, you will invite me to sit with you and to discuss hypnosis. Because at that time you will want to know what you did on stage. Do you have any problem with this?”

“No, " the cowboy replied in that same dull and lifeless voice. “I understand. I will be there. I will come alone.”

“Fine, now continue with washing up your hands and you can leave,” I told him.

“Yes,” The cowboy said and continued walking to the sinks to wash up. He left a few moments later, none the wiser for what was planned on Saturday. I could not believe that I nearly forgot to instruct the cowboy to come to the Coffee Shop alone. The last thing in the world that I wanted was to have to deal with his girlfriend or his buddy, if the cowboy did not show up alone at the Coffee Shop. The zone of compulsion was working other man in the washroom paid any attention to me, the cowboy or our conversation. They just went about doing their business.

The men’s room cleared out very soon afterwards, which is just as well for me as I could not hold the zone of compulsion forever. Finally after about 10 minutes I was alone in the men’s room with the man who had wanted to pick me up. Before dealing with him, though, I stopped maintaining the zone of compulsion. It would fade in about five minutes, but that would be more than enough time for what I had still to do.

“Come out,” I called in a normal tone of voice.

Moments later the man who had intended to pick me up walked out of the washroom stall and quickly went to the sinks to wash his hands. In less than 30 seconds he was standing in front of me with a glazed look on his face as he said, “Ready.”

“Now what should I do with you?” I thought to myself. “I can’t just let you go out and continue on as you were. You are a predator, and a danger to others.” I decided that since I was going to solve this little problem for society, I was going to be compensated for my time and effort. It took only a few direct questions to determine that this man (if you want to call him that....I think animal would have been a better word) was well off financially, and he was living alone. This fit in with my plans nicely. I organized my thoughts and then sent a few new mental commands to him. “You will do what I am about to tell you. You cannot resist, because deep down you don’t want to. In fact, obeying me makes you sexually excited, and you get a wonderful erection. The more you obey me, the harder you get and the better you feel.”

I could see his eyes start to light up as I cleared my throat and prepared to speak. “What is your first name?” I asked him.

“Frank, sir,” he replied eagerly. I could see a bulge in the front of his pants as he answered.

“Well, Frank,” I said to him. “You were planning on trying to pick me up and have your way with me, weren’t you?” I asked him.

“Yes, sir, I was.” Frank replied with a slight touch of concern in his voice.

“Well, Frank,” I told him. “Such plans were wrong, and you know it, no matter how good it might have made you feel. So, you have to pay for that. Right now. When I tell you to, you will take out your wallet and give me all your money, Frank. Once you’ve done that you will take out your credit cards and flush them down the toilet along with that vial you are carrying. Doing these actions will make you feel so very good, and so very sexually hot that when you are done and stand in front of me, you will be on the edge of the biggest orgasm you’ve ever had. At that time, when I next say your name you will CUM like you’ve never cum before, right there in front of me and right in your pants. You will know that you are doing it, but you will be unable to stop yourself.”

I just stood there looking at him, as my instructions started to sink in. I could see a mix of pleasure and terror in his eyes. He liked the idea of the orgasm, but he didn’t like the idea of what he would have to do to achieve it.

“That’s not all, " I said to him. “You will not be able to remember that it was I who made you destroy your credit cards, or that you gave your money to me. You will only know that you had to give away the money in your wallet and destroy your credit cards. Now, for the next six months you will NOT be able to replace those credit cards. You will find it impossible to take the necessary action to do that. As well, you will be impotent for the next six months. You will be unable to get an erection no matter what.”

“After six months you will find that the ONLY way you can get hard is if you have someone else tie you up and do to you, what you liked to do to the men that you used to pick up, drug and tie up. In fact, you will insist that the men who agree to tie you up, drug you first with that little drug of yours. You want to be as helpless with these men as you once made the men whom you used. Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Frank gulped. He was not at all happy to hear this, but he was helpless to refuse it, any of it.

“Finally, you will forgot all about me, except that if you EVER see me in public again, you will be compelled to again give me all the money in your wallet. You will do this because you still owe me for trying to pick me up. Execute my instructions now, " I told him.

“Yes, sir,” he replied as he reached back into his right hip pocket and removed his wallet.

“Here you go, sir,” He said as he counted out his money into my open palm. It came to $127. Frank quickly took out all his credit cards from his wallet and walked over to the nearest stall as he returned his wallet to his right hip pocket. I followed him to be sure he actually did what I said.

There was regret on his face, but some joy too as his erection became more pronounced when he tossed his credit cards into the bowl followed by the small drug vial. He paused for a moment and then flushed them down. As the water swirled around and the credit cards and the vial got sucked down, Frank became harder and harder. He started to rub the bulge of his now rock hard cock as he built closer and closer towards an orgasm. He closed his eyes in delight, and started to moan softly as he continued to play with himself as best he could without taking his cock out. I silently walked backwards out of the stall until my back was up against the wall. I waited silently. Soon Frank opened his eyes and realized that I was not there. He turned to look at me, and slowly walked over to where I was standing. He moved slowly, and with some difficulty. His face was contorted with both pleasure and pain. He was very close to coming, and each step seem to be increasing the intensity of his feelings. Finally he stood before me and just looked at me. I could see the agony in his eyes as he was on the edge of his orgasm.

“Please, oh please, sir,” he whimpered.

“Please, what?” I asked him.

“Oh God, Sir!” He cried with tears starting to run down his cheeks. “Please, oh please, let me cum! I’ll do anything you want! I don’t care! I’ll give you anything and everything I have! Please, for the love of God, let me cum!”

“Wave good-bye to your credit cards, Frank.” I said to him.

He let out a loud and long animal moan of pleasure as he came right there in front of me. I looked down and could see a large dark stain on the front of his pants, that slowly spread outward as he withered and moaned in pleasure. His orgasm was long and intense, and he just stood there enjoying it. Eventually he finished shooting, and stood there smiling, while he waited for his next instruction from me. I almost pitied him then, since this was the last moment like that which he would be able to experience for a very long time.

“You may go now, Frank,” I told him. “Forget all about me, but you will remember all that you have done tonight, even if you do not know exactly why you did it. One last thing. You CANNOT clean yourself up until after you arrive home. Go now. Before I change my mind.” I looked at him with all the fury and coldness in my eyes that I could muster.

The smile on his face quickly vanished and was replaced with deep fear as he realized that I meant exactly what I said. He didn’t know what other things I might have had him do, and he certainly did NOT want to find out. He nearly stumbled and fell in his hurry to leave.

I stood there looking at the door after it closed. I shuddered. I knew I’d get over these feelings in a few hours, but right now dealing with a person like Frank made me feel dirty and slimy. I tried not to think of what might have happened to me, if Frank and I had gotten ‘chummy’. Well, at least he wouldn’t be doing anything like that to any other man ever again. When he was able to become interested in sex again, he’d be on the receiving end of his own drug. It seemed like justice to me...letting the punishment fit the crime. He’d also have the trouble of dealing with his ‘lost’ credit cards, and having to live without them for half a year. Not an enjoyable situation, I was sure.

Oh well, I thought to myself, at least I have the cowboy to look forward to next Saturday. I’d even gotten some money for all my trouble....$127. First time I’ve ever made a profit while using my powers.

I decided to keep the money.