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The Coffee Shop II: Cowboys and Tuxedos.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Part 4. Climbing The Ladder

Monday morning finally arrived, and with it the start of another work week. As much as I disliked going to work on a Monday morning, I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I rode the bus to work. After all, it had been a most enjoyable weekend, to say the least. Best of all I know that I’d be having another night like the last one with Doug again, sometime soon. It was a wonderful thought to brighten my day.

Work was normal for a Monday morning, except that my boss Phil kept looking at me with a sort of funny expression on his face. He wasn’t exactly sad, but more like disappointed. I guess you could call it the kind of expression that a little kid has when he finds out that you’ve just bought his favorite toy, but that he has to share it with his little brother or sister.

Incidentally, I should mention that Phil is one of my regulars. I super-hypnotized him about three years ago, during my annual worker review when things were not going very well. Since then though we have had an excellent relationship. Phil is my devoted and obedient slave whenever I want him to be, and he has a much better attitude about me too. Phil is well built, handsome, and looks very good in a suit and tie. He has a nice body, and a tight, smooth, well defined ass. Add to that a handsome face, with boyish good looks (and the man is at least 38), comprised of jet black hair, a full mustache, and clear smoke gray eyes, and I think you get the picture. But, Phil is married, and has been for at least ten years, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting me to hypnotize him. You see, when I first super-hypnotized Phil, I made sure that he’d enjoy it and that he’d never ask me to hypnotize him. Rather that he would always wait for me to initiate a session. This a much safer approach in an office environment. In the three years that I’ve been hypnotizing Phil, I’ve continued to enjoy touching and feeling his body, but we’ve never had sex. It just would not be ‘right’ to screw the boss. I do have to work with the man after all.

Phil didn’t say anything to me all morning. I had decided to go outside for lunch since the weather was so nice, so I didn’t see Phil then either. Still, something was up. Phil just was not acting like his normal self. I tried to ignore Phil’s occasional glances at me and get on with my work, but it wasn’t easy.

The next morning, Tuesday, Phil was doing it again. He would just look at me funny and then continue on with his work when he saw that I was looking at him. I’d had enough of this, and decided that if Phil didn’t tell me what was going on, I’d find out from him, one way or the other. At 11 AM, Phil called me into his office and told his secretary to hold all his calls.

“Paul, please make yourself comfortable,” Phil said to me as he ushered me into his office.

I chose a chair across from his chair at his desk and sat down. I waited as I knew Phil would speak when he was ready.

“I have some news, which I’m sure will make you happy,” he began as he smiled at me. “You’ve been selected to take over the contracts review department from Sally Silverstone. She’s taken a position overseas, and after some discussion it was decided to offer you this position if you are interested. My boss, Mr. Lawson, needs to know your decision before the end of the day. I am sorry to put pressure on you to decide, but the contracts review department can’t be left unmanned for more than a few days. I’m sure you are aware of that since you did a nine month internship there about a year ago.”

“I’m flattered,” I replied. “But why me? I’m not on the management track. I’ve never once suggested to you that I wanted to move up the corporate ladder.”

“True, " Phil replied. “But your record speaks for itself. You were the person behind the file structure reorganization that helped to improve things in the department when you worked there, and everyone in that department seems to like you. Besides, Paul, it’s time you moved on. You can’t work here forever, you know. Much as I’d like to have to you stay here working with me, it’s time you considered moving on.”

I just sat there and tried to absorb the information that Phil was giving me. Three years. It had taken three long hard years, but finally I was getting a promotion. I had the chance head up my own department. For the first time I would be ‘in charge’ of a group of people. It was both thrilling and scary at the same time. I did not have any real worries, though, as far as managing my new subordinates was concerned. I always had my super-hypnosis to help me should it ever become necessary. I thought about it for a few more minutes, and realized that I was getting too comfortable in my current job. It wasn’t as challenging as it has been three years ago, and I felt as if I was just moving along in cruse control, sort of like I was on auto pilot, instead of tackling new problems and challenges head on. Looked at in that way, I guess I needed a change.

“I don’t need any more time to think about it , Phil,” I said to him. “The answer is yes. My only questions are when do I start, and how much of a pay increase might I expect.”

“Tomorrow, if at all possible,” Phil replied. “As for the pay, it works out to about 25% more than what you are making now, which is about what I make. Incidentally, you’ll be at the same management level as I am. Welcome to the club.” Phil took up and held out his hand to shake mine.

I stood up and shook Phil’s hand firmly, as he congratulated me. “Phil, how about we celebrate my promotion?” I asked him.

“Sure, I’ll have my secretary book us a table at the restaurant of your choice.” Phil said.

“Well, that would be nice, but I had something different in mind. How about you come over to my apartment this evening and I hypnotize you for a few hours?” I asked him.

“Really?” Phil asked, as his whole face lit up with the possibility of another hypnosis session with me. “That would be wonderful. You haven’t hypnotized me in nearly two weeks and I really miss it. How about 7 PM, if that’s not too early? My wife is still out of town visiting her mother and won’t be back until next Monday. The kids are all off at some weekend camping trips with the Cubs and Scouts and Guides, so I’m on my own for the rest of this week.”

“Seven would be find, Phil,” I assured him.

“What should I wear?” Phil asked as a puzzled expression crossed his face. “I know you like seeing me in suit & tie but you didn’t tell me which one you wanted to see me in.”

“Surprise me for a change, Phil,” I grinned at him. “I’m sure that whatever you wear will be just fine.”

“Okay,’ Phil replied as he smiled at me, and then winked. “I’ll come up with something I’m sure you’ll like.”

“I know you will, Phil,” I said to him. “I’d better get to work on cleaning up my desk and getting ready for the move.”

I turned and left Phil’s office and headed off to my desk to try and clear out as much of my current work as I could before I moved over to my new office. The rest of Tuesday went by very quickly.

“Ding . Dong.” The doorbell rang. It was 7 PM and Phil was right on time. I walked over to the door of my apartment and smiled as I thought of the fun I was going to have with Phil tonight. I didn’t bother to look through the peephole and check out who was there as I expected it to be Phil. No surprise there.

Boy was I wrong.

The sight that greeted me when I opened the door was something else, and completely unexpected. It was Phil, but not a Phil that I recognized at first. The man was gorgeous. He was slim, and just slightly muscular. He wore a brightly patterned red western shirt, with a bright red bandanna tied around the neck. Add to that a medium brown Stetson hat, and a pair of killer skin tight light blue jeans. The dark brown wide leather belt and its accompanying huge belt buckle were totally unnecessary. There was no way those jeans were going to fall down. They looked like they were clinging to that body, from the waist down, as if they were in love with it. The only way to get those jeans off would be to peel them off. (All in all, not a bad idea, I thought to myself. ). When I could finally wrench my eyes away from staring at the crotch of those jeans where a very large and very long bulge was evident, I notice that the legs of the jeans ended above a pair of dark brown cowboy boots. When I said surprise me, he’d really done that. I didn’t even know that he HAD a cowboy outfit after all these years of hypnosis with him. Once I got over the shock of seeing him like that, I finally said to him, “Hello there, stranger. New in town?”

“Yup,” Phil drawled in his best imitation of a Texas accent. “Just want to tie up my horse to your hitching post for a couple of hours, is all.”

“Just as long as you leave your horse out there, ‘Tex’, " I said to him as I smiled. “Congratulations, by the way, you really surprised me.”

“I aim to please,” Phil replied as he walked into my apartment. “Mind if I hang this in the closet? I don’t want it to get wrinkled,” Phil asked as he swung a garment bag out from behind his back.

“Sure ,” I replied. “Why the suit, though?”

“Insurance in case you didn’t like the jeans,” Phil replied. “I brought my favorite suit.”

He had to be kidding about those jeans though. As Phil walked over to put the garment bag, and the suit it contained in the closet, I was getting a wonderful view of his ass in those jeans. I’m a butt man, and I was enthralled and entranced. Those jeans might have looked tight from the front, but from the back there was no question. Phil had his wallet in the right back pocket of his jeans and it was clear that those jeans were hugging his ass for all they were worth. He didn’t seem to have any problem walking, though. I could hear him sigh with pleasure as he passed me. Those jeans were snuggled against his butt, his crotch and his cock and he was loving it. The spell I was under was broken when Phil eventually sat down in a chair by the sofa. I had followed close behind him as he’d walked into the living room. I did not want that ass out of my sight for even a second. I blinked a few times as I came back to my senses and then I ask him. “So what do you feel like doing tonight?”

“Hypnosis is fine with me,” Phil replied. “Put me under, please, and we’ll take it from there.”

“My feet are hot,” I said to Phil. His reaction was immediate and total. His eyes closed, and his head nodded forward. He slumped down in the chair as his body relaxed while he went down very deeply into a state of hypnosis. In only a few seconds he was sitting there slumped in the chair breathing easily and evenly with a big smile on his face.

“How do you feel, Phil?” I asked him.

“Great, sir!” He replied quickly and simply. “I’m so glad to be hypnotized by you again, sir. It seems like forever since I’ve felt this good. My cock is wonderfully hard and I can feel it pushing against my jeans. It’s a great feeling, sir.”

“That’s good to hear, Phil,” I said to him. “So go even deeper now, and you’ll feel yourself getting even harder and you’ll start feeling yourself getting turned on more and more and feeling more and more sexy. It’s okay to go ahead and moan with pleasure when you feel yourself getting very, very horny. So just sit there and feel yourself going deeper with each word that I utter and with each breath that you take, Phil”

Phil sighed a few times and smiled a bit as he sat there, slumped in the chair. It was only a few moments later that he started to moan out loud. He was shifting around in the chair and his hands were twitching and slowly moving towards his crotch.

“Phil,” I said to him. “Go lie down on the sofa and keep your hands away from your crotch and your hot and hard cock. Lying there on the sofa, Phil, you will feel yourself become ten times more aroused than you are now, and the longer you lie there the closer you will feel yourself getting to an orgasm. But, as always, you cannot shoot your load until I give you permission. Oh, and leave your cowboy hat on the chair.”

“Yes, sir,” Phil replied, as he stood up, took off his cowboy hat, placed in on the chair behind him and walked over to the sofa. He quickly lay down on the sofa, made himself comfortable and closed his eyes. His arms were lying at his sides, but they were tense. He was forcing himself to keep his arms at his sides. In only a few heartbeats Phil was moaning with pleasure again. I walked over to stand beside Phil. I looked at him lying there and just licked my lips devouring him with my eyes. I knelt down beside him and slowly I reached out and placed my right hand on top of the huge bulge in Phil’s jeans, and then I slowly moved my hand up and down the length of that bulge.

“Do you like this Phil?” I asked him. (Okay, so it was a really dumb question to ask, but I couldn’t help trying to stretch out the moment.)

“Oh yes sir!’ Phil cried with joy. “I can feel your hand on my cock and how you are moving your hand around. It’s so wonderful! Please, sir, whatever you do, don’t stop!” Phil’s eyes popped open and he looked up at me and tried his best to smile in between the groans and moans of pleasure. As I pressed just a bit harder on his cock, Phil’s eyes swung around and looked at his crotch where my hand was slowly tracing the outline of that steel rod of his. He could not take his eyes off the sight and his moans became more and more intense.

“Uhm, sir,” Phil spoke between moans. “I....I....have to cum very badly sir. Please sir, will you let me cum soon? I don’t see a towel around here sir, and I’ll need time to go and get one before I cum.”

“Yes, I can see that you are on the edge, Phil,” I spoke softly to him. “You’re enjoying it a lot. I can see that. You won’t need a towel this time, though, Phil. For just this one time Phil, when you hear and see me snap my fingers you will cum like you’ve never come before. You brought extra underwear with you, didn’t you Phil?”

“Yes, sir, I did,” Phil managed to say. “I brought silky boxers to wear with the suit. I have just plain jockeys on under my jeans. Oh God, sir, please let me cum! I’m begging you sir. Really I am!”

“You don’t look like you are begging to me, Phil,” I told him. “But that is okay, I think I believe you.”

Phil just lay there for a few seconds and then he turned his head and looked up at me. He sat up on the sofa, and gently brushed my hands away from the crotch of his jeans, looking at me with a sad and pained expression on his face. Quickly he stood up and walked over to the chair where his cowboy hat was, and he put it back on his head. He stood there, and ran his hands down the front of his body, from his chest down past his belt and on down to the fly of his jeans which he rubbed a few times, smiling all the while. “Sir,’ he said in a very small and quiet voice. “Please come here and stand in front of me.”

I was more curious and pleased, rather than upset, that Phil was doing something on his own. I liked it when he occasionally surprised me. I quickly walked over to where he was standing by the chair and took up a position only a foot or so in front of him. Phil immediately dropped to his knees with his arms dangling by his side. Kneeling there in front of me, he looked up at me and pleaded. “Sir, I am on my knees before you. I am begging you in the only way that I know. Sir, PLEASE, let me cum! I know that I can do only what you will have me do, but sir, I feel like I am going to explode. I feel like I will cum soon anyway. I....I...I...don’t WANT to do that sir, but I don’t think I can hold back much longer. I don’t want to fail you, sir, but I AM only human.”

Oh, this was more delicious than I could have ever hoped. Phil was doing this on his own, without a specific suggestion or order from me, and that made it all the more sweet. “Stay where you are Phi, and prepare yourself for the most outrageous orgasm you have ever had.” I knelt down beside him and placed my hands on the big bulge that was his throbbing cock. I could feel it move and twitch as I gently moved my fingers across its length.

“Oh, GOD, SIR! You are torturing me! I am dancing on the edge, sir! I know I’m not worthy, but for God’s sake sir, PLEASE LET ME CUM!!!!!!” Phil shouted.

“At the count of three, Phil, you will cum. Right in the jeans that you are wearing.,” I said to him. His eyes lit up and his face broke into a smile as he heard my words

Then his expression changed to one of wonder as he started to whisper to himself, “I’m going to cream in my jeans. I have no choice but to obey. I’m going to cream in my jeans.....” Phil seemed amazed at the thought of doing this. I can only guess it was because he’d never done such a thing before.

“One,” I said. That wrenched Phil’s attention back to the matter at hand. He let out a long and loud moan of pleasure, as he suddenly rushed closer to shooting his load.

“Two,” I said.

“Three! Oh, God, three! Please say three! I can’t stand it any longer, sir!” Phil whined at me.

“Three!” I said softly, and snapped my fingers..

“OH GOD YES!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Phil screamed. (He made a lot of other sounds, but I can’t begin to try and type them down as words. Let’s face it, you HAD to be there.) Both of my hands were covering Phil’s enormous cock, so I felt the warmth and wetness spread out from the tip of Phil’s cock and cover nearly the entire left side of his jeans. Phil’s muscles were locked tight as he bucked and pressed strongly against me, all the while continuing to shoot his load and scream with unbridled pleasure. He must have been saving this up for a very long time since he seemed to produced a gallon of cum. I could smell it as the waves of cum soaked his jeans. It even started to run down the inside of his left leg and pool at the knee. I gently pressed downward on Phil’s cock as he continued to wiggle and squiggle in ecstasy. Finally after about five minutes Phil started to relax and to calm down. Suddenly his entire body when limp and he fell forward on top of me. I barely reacted in time to catch him. His body seemed much heavier than before, but maybe that was because it was as limp as overcooked spaghetti. I slowly and carefully lowered Phil’s limp and unresisting body to the carpet and rolled him on his back. He was smiling and breathing easily.

“Feeling good, Phil?” I asked him with a smirk on my face. “What are you going to do now?”

“Mmmmm, yes, sir,” he whispered. “Thank you, sir. I can do only what you tell me to, sir. After what you just did for me, I would do anything you say, sir. It is such an honor and a privilege to serve you, sir.”

“Yes, that’s exactly right, Phil,” I said to him. “Now you just lie there and open your eyes and watch what happens. I’m sure you will enjoy it. In fact Phil, you’ll find that it will make you feel very good.”

Once Phil’s eyes were open, and watching me carefully, I started to do something that I’d wanted to do for a long time. A very long time. I slowly and carefully ran my hands over Phil’s body from his boots to the top of his head. His cowboy hat had fallen from his head when he had shot his load. I looked around and saw it lying nearby on the carpet. I paid it no mind as I had more important matters to attend to. Fortunately for me, Phil was wearing a ‘Wrangler’ western shirt which is done up using snaps instead of buttons. I smiled in anticipation. I took a firm hold on either side of his shirt near the collar and pulled strongly. His shirt open easily in a smooth even motion from the first snap below his neck to the last one just above his jeans. I pushed his shirt out of the way and placed my hands on his exposed chest and stomach and started to run my hands over his skin. The look on Phil’s face as I did this could only be described as ‘delighted’. He was grinning and nodding his head ‘yes’ as I explored the front of his body with my hands.

I lightly licked his nipples, but only enough to have Phil moan once or twice, after all I didn’t want to exhaust the man. The night was still young. I reached over and pulled the cuffs of his shirt open easily, and then pulled his shirt out of his jeans. I had to roll Phil onto his left side and then back to his right to get the shirt off of him, but it wasn’t any trouble. I enjoyed doing it, since it gave me the opportunity to caress his butt, and to empty out all the pockets of his jeans. (I’d always wondered what it would be like to ‘rob’ my boss, and now I was finding out.) I even told Phil that I was going to keep everything I took out of his pockets. His only reply was that since he was already mine, I could do whatever I wanted with him and his belongings, since they were already mine too. How I loved to hear him say that, to declare to me how submissive he had become. If anything it made me even harder. Undoing his belt was easy, as was unbuttoning his jeans, and unzipping them. But, I had to have Phil remove his boots himself as I just could not get them off. Once he had done that, though, I had him stand up so that it would be easier for to me to peal those jeans off of him, and the still wet underwear beneath them.

There he stood in front of me, swaying just a bit. My former boss. Nude, submissive, docile and obedient. His cock had shrunk back to normal size, and as I looked at him, I could see it start to stir. Phil’s face was calm and relaxed and he was smiling slightly, as he looked at me and waited.

“Phil, go into the bathroom, and clean yourself up, then go to the bedroom and lie down on the bed face down. Once you are in that position, you will go even deeper than you are now, and will be unable to move. Your muscles will still be very relaxed but you will find it impossible to move your body until I tell you otherwise. It will not concern you, but it will make you feel good, because you are obeying me. You will still be able to talk, of course, and you will be able to move your head.”

“Yes, sir,” was all Phil said as he turned around and started to carry out his instructions. Meanwhile I hurried to the bedroom and got ready. By the time Phil had placed himself on the bed, I was nude and had managed to place a condom on my own throbbing cock. I climbed on to the bed and I mounted Phil. I told him exactly what I was about to do, that I was going to fulfill every workers’ dream of screwing the boss.

“I am yours, sir,” Phil replied quietly. “It is only right that you should have a good time too. Will it hurt, sir?” There was a slight quiver in his voice. He almost sounded scared.

“Not really, Phil,” I told him. “You will find it very enjoyable, since I’ll be stimulating one of your erogenous zones. You’ll get hard and probably shoot another load. It does not mean that you are gay, Phil, only that you’ve been excessively stimulated. I’ve wanted to fuck you for a very long time, Phil. Now that you are no longer going to be my boss, I can screw you without feeling guilty or causing any problems at work since we will be equals now, at least at work.”

Phil moved his head slightly so that he was better able to talk. “You’re gay aren’t you sir? Then what does that make me? Are all gay men able to do this sir, to completely take control of another man? I never knew you were gay. What will happened to me after this, sir? Will I be gay too?” The quiver of fear in Phil’s voice had quickly grown into a torrent of fear. He was actually shaking with it. The expression on his face had melted from joy to terror. If it had not been for my command that he was unable to move, I’m sure he would have been running from me at that instance. I knew I had to calm his fears or I wasn’t going to enjoy this at all.

“Yes, Phil,” I said to him. “I am gay. I have wanted you for a very long time. For me this is a dream come true. For you, it will be at least as good as sex with your wife. It will not change who and what you are, Phil. It won’t turn you gay or anything like that. Phil, this act is just as intimate and special between two men as it is between a man and a woman. You have given so much of yourself to me over the years and been so obedient and willing that I finally want to give you something very special in return. Until now, it would not have been right, because you are my boss, but now that is no longer true. Do you understand? Now, I could force myself upon you now, and you’d be unable to resist, but I’m NOT going to do that. Phil, I’m giving you the choice and the chance to say ‘no’. So what is your decision?”

Phil lay there quietly for a few moments and then spoke. “I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t want you to do this to me. I’m not ready, sir.” His face was a mask of fear, since he obviously thought that I wouldn’t keep my word. I climbed down off of him, very reluctantly and then told him he was free to move. I sat on the edge of the bed with my back to him, and nursed my erection which wasn’t getting any smaller. I was very disappointed, and a bit frustrated. I’d thought Phil was ready, but it turned out that he wasn’t. It was at least a few minutes before I noticed the muffled sound of sobbing. I turned around to see Phil curled in a ball with his head under the pillow. He was crying, and his back and shoulders were shuddering occasionally. That got me soft, but not much. Even in such a fetal position, Phil was still a very sexy and attractive man.

“Phil, " I said to him as I touched him gently on the shoulder. “Please, tell me what’s wrong.”

“I’ve failed you, sir,” Phil sobbed. “I couldn’t bring myself to do what you wanted, what you deserved. All these times, all these years of pleasure that you’ve given me, and I couldn’t even give you that same pleasure once. Not even once. I know that you’ll never hypnotize me again. I’ll never be able to serve you again, not after tonight. Not after this failure. I know that you can’t even bear to look at me, sir.”

“That’s not quite true, Phil,” I said to him. “Yes, it is true that I’m disappointed. I will get over it, though. Hopefully, in time you’ll be ready to try this. Forcing you to do it now would not be nearly as wonderful as when you agree to it. I can wait, Phil. I will be hypnotizing you again. You do have a wonderful body you know.” I waited.

Phil pulled his head from under the pillow, rolled over and looked at me. “Really? Really, sir?” He asked, blinking the tears out of his eyes and letting them roll down his cheeks. “You’ll hypnotize me again sometime and let me serve you?” There was hope painted on his face as he nearly pleaded with me.

“Yes, Phil,” I told him with a small smile and a wink. “I will be hypnotizing you again sometime.”

“Oh, thank you, sir!” Phil exclaimed and kissed me briefly on the cheek. “But isn’t there anything I can do for you now, sir?” He asked me.

“Well, you could take off my condom, and stroke my cock until I shoot all over you, Phil,” I said to him, looking him square in the eye. (No I was NOT sending him any commands, by the way.)

“Right away, sir,” Phil said as he reached down and gently almost reverently, removed the condom from my semi erect cock. He quickly rolled on to his back and motioned me to straddle him. Once I had, he gently cradled my cock in both of his hands and hesitantly at first, but with growing confidence started to stroke it. It didn’t take long for me to get hard once again. I slowly let my eyes close so that I could focus my attention solely on Phil’s hands as he gently stroked my now fully erect and throbbing cock. His hands were warm, and wonderful as they caresses my throbbing and aching member. I gave myself over to the delight, and sighed a few times before I started to grunt and moan with pleasure. Slowly, oh so slowly I felt myself getting closer and closer to shooting.

“It’s so big and hard, sir,” Phil muttered. “It feels so hot, too.”

I felt Phil shifting on the bed, so I pried my eyes open. Phil had moved down so that his chest was directly in front of my cock and he was moving it back and forth across his chest and mumbling something. that I could not quite hear. “What was that, Phil?” I asked him, thought it seemed to take a great deal of effort. My thoughts and feelings were centered on that hot rod of mine, and there was little room in my mind for anything else.

“I want you to paint my chest with your seed, sir,” Phil replied. “I want to feel your hot seed spray all over my chest and to rub my fingers in it and spread it all over me. Mark me as yours sir, please.” Phil continued to stroke and caress my cock., as I felt myself starting to dance on the edge of release.

With an animal cry of passion, the dam burst. I arched my back and shot my load all over Phil. My eyes were open and saw the white stream of my seed spray all over Phil’s chest and stomach. It was like white lava, hot and moving slowly across his body. Phil’s hands were encircling my cock and with each shudder of my body he would squeeze my still throbbing member, trying to milk me of every last drop. After all too short a time, it was over. I was finished and I rolled off to the side of Phil and collapsed. I was drained, but Lord did I feel good. I scarcely paid any attention to Phil’s mutterings as I lay there and tried to get my strength back. It returned, but very slowly. So I just lay there and tried to get my breathing back under control. After about ten minutes or so, I guess, I finally was able to prop myself up one elbow and turn my head to look at Phil.

He was lying there, with his eyes closed and a gentle smile on his face. Both of his hands were moving across his chest and stomach playing with the remains of my cum that had not dried out. He was moving it around and muttering to himself, still.

“How are you doing, Phil?” I croaked at him. My throat was very dry.

“Wonderful, sir,” Phil replied dreamily. He opened his eyes and turned his head to look at me. “Did I do good, sir?” He asked me. “Are you okay, sir?”

“I’m fine, Phil,” I assured him. “It was incredible and you did a fantastic job. I am very pleased with you. I’m sure we will be doing this again sometime. I think, though, that you need to clean yourself up and change into that suit you brought. Your cowboy clothes need to be washed before you leave here. Well, the jeans and your underwear for sure.”

“The shirt too, sir”, Phil said to me. “I got cum on it as well. Thank you so much for this, sir.” Phil moved next to me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, before he rolled away and off of the bed. I watched him as he headed off to the bathroom to clean up and change. I felt a brief touch of sadness that I had not explored that wonderful ass of his. Maybe next time.

I forced myself out of the bed and got dressed in my jeans and a casual shirt. I collected Phil’s cum stained clothes from the living room and headed off to the laundry room with them. Once they were being taken care of in the washing machine, I headed back with Phil’s belt to the kitchen for a cup of tea. I arrived in the kitchen to find that Phil was waiting for me there, with a hot cup of tea, and dressed in a wonderful dark brown two piece, two button, single breasted suit. There were vertical stripes in the suit but they were very subtle, so you could not really call it a pinstripe suite. In the breast pocket of the suit jacket was a burnt orange silk puff that matched the burnt orange tie that hung down in front of the light cream colored shirt that accompanied the outfit. All in all a most stunning and eye pleasing ensemble.

“Oh, good, you have my belt,” Phil said to me. “I was wondering where that was.” He reached over and plucked it from my hand as he handed me the cup of tea. He took off his jacket and hung it up on the chair beside him. He hummed happily to himself as he fed the belt through the loops of his pants. It was a bit hard at first as the belt was almost too wide to fit in the belt loops, but Phil managed to do it. My eyes drank in his appearance, without his jacket on. The shirt fit him very well, sung but not tight. The pants were the same. Wonderfully snug, but not anywhere as tight as those jeans had been. I put the cup of tea down on the kitchen table and walked over to Phil just as he was doing up the belt buckle.

“Go even deeper now, Phil, and just relax as you stand there,” I said to him as I touched him on the forehead. His eyes closed, and he sighed with pleasure as his entire body relaxed while he stood there. I counted him out.

“Oh, hi,” Phil said to me in a small voice, and blushed.

“Hi, yourself.,” I said to him. “Have you enjoyed the evening so far?”

“That would be an understatement, Paul. It was wonderful, and I thank you for not pushing me beyond what I was ready for. You really are a very kind and understanding man, you know,” Phil said to me. “But why did you bring me out? I really would liked to have stayed under. Are we finished for tonight?”

“No, we’re not finished,” I said to him. “I just wanted to be sure that you are okay with everything that has happened.”

“Oh, I see, I guess,” Phil replied in a slightly confused voice. “I never realized that you were gay, Paul, although the thought did cross my mind once or twice. Funny thing is, it doesn’t seem to bother me in any way. I feel like I can trust you now more than ever before. Somehow I know that I’m safe with you.”

“That you are, Phil, " I told him with sincerity. “But you are not quite out of hypnosis yet. In fact if you put on your jacket right now, you’ll go back under and start to get hard.”

“Really?” Phil asked. It was obvious that he didn’t believe me. “You’re bluffing I think, and I’m going to call your bluff.” Phil said as he reached over and took his jacket off of the chair, and put it on. “I know that the trigger will put me back in hypnosis, but there is no way that putting on my jacket is going to......” Phil’s eyes closed and his head rolled forward onto his chest as he returned to the state of hypnosis that he had left only a few minutes ago. I looked down at the front of his pants and I could see a growing bulge there.

“Just keep going down deeper with each breath you take, Phil,” I said to him with a smile on my face. I just loved it as Phil stood there in a suit & tie, hypnotized and waiting to obey me. As much as I might like good looking guys in tight jeans, good looking guys in suits are my first passion.

“Yes, sir,” Phil replied. “Feels so good to keep going deeper.” I walked up and stood just behind Phil. I reached out and cupped his butt with my hands, and then gently pressed inward. Phil moaned and groaned. He was enjoying this, as was I. I stopped and went to get a clean dish towel from the kitchen drawer. I placed the towel on the kitchen table beside Phil, and went back to my kneading of his butt.

“You’re getting harder and harder, aren’t you, Phil?” I asked him.

“Oh yes, sir!” Phil exclaimed. “You’re driving me crazy, whatever it is that you’re doing, sir.”

“When you are fully erect Phil, you’ll wrap your cock in the dish towel on the table. You don’t want to get any cum on your clothes this time,” I instructed him.

“Yes, sir, when I’m erect,” Phil gasped between groans. He gave himself over to the feeling of my hands on his butt. His pants were wonderfully smooth and warm to the touch. In less than two minutes Phil unzipped his pants, and pulled out his hard cock. He reached for the towel, and very quickly wrapped up his cock. He held the towel there around it. Slowly at first, he started to pump his hips as he became more and more enthralled with the sensations he was experiencing. The pumping became harder and more urgent as he started to build closer and closer to that sweet moment of release.

“Phil,” I said softly in his ear. “You don’t need my permission to cum this time. Just shoot when you have to, and when you do, you’ll say whatever it is that you most want to say to me. Anything at all. Whatever it is that you most want to do or to be, that is what you will say.” I looked forward to what Phil might say. I hoped it would be what I most wanted to hear. I kept massaging his butt and occasionally ran one of my hands down to his crotch and in between his legs. I knew how much that turned me on, and I suspected it would do the same for Phil.

“God that feels good!” Phil nearly screamed out. “Don’t stop it, please, I beg you! Keep doing that! I’m so fucking close! I don’t deserve this sir, but Christ I WANT IT!!!” I did not say anything. I just kept on caressing Phi’s ass and his crotch. Moments later Phil cried out as he came, “I’M YOURS SIR! TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY YOURS!!! YOUR SLAVE!!! I OBEY YOU SIR!!!” As he continued to shoot Phil kept repeating ‘your slave’ over and over until at last he was finished. As his body started to relax and become limp he continued to mutter ‘your slave’ as he stood there smiling and swaying a bit. As for me, I was smiling too. Phil had said what I’d hoped he’d say, and without me having to give him a command. Okay, so maybe I hinted a little, but Phil took it from there.

“Clean yourself up, Phil,” I instructed him. “Then go and sit down in the living room and tell me who you are.”

“Yes, sir,” Phil replied with a yawn. It appeared that he was getting just a bit worn out by all this. I waited for him in the living room, while he attended to matters in the kitchen. Phil sat down on the sofa next to me a few minutes later, turned to look me in the eye and said, “I am your slave, sir. I do anything and everything that you tell me without question or concern, in the hope that it will please you sir, so that you will let me cum.”

“But only when I hypnotize you, Phil,” I cautioned him.

“Yes sir, only when you hypnotize me, sir,” Phil quickly agreed. “If I may say sir, I hope you will hypnotize me a lot, but I will never ask you sir. No matter how much I might wish it, I will leave the choice of where and when up to you, as always, sir.” Phil smiled at me and sat there on the couch with his hands in his lap patiently awaiting my next command.

“Well, Phil,” I said to him. “It’s going to be at least an hour until your clothes are done and you can change out of that suit and head home. So, in the meantime how about you make me a cup of tea while I sit back and watch a movie?”

“Yes, sir, of course,” Phil replied as he stood up and headed to the kitchen. “Is there anything else you wish, sir?” He looked at me eagerly, hoping that there might be something, some small thing that he could do for me.

“Well, I’ve never had a foot massage.....” I hinted.

“Then I’ll give you one, sir, as soon as the movie starts and you have your tea,” Phil beamed at me. He was so happy to be able to do something for me, that I almost felt a twinge of guilt about using him like this. Well, as long as I didn’t push him beyond anything he was comfortable with, I guess it was okay. It was difficult for me to tell which I enjoyed more, the massage, or the sight of Phil dressed in a suit giving me a massage. In either case, I was pleasantly stimulated for the next little while as the movie began.

So, for the next couple of hours I had my ex-boss hopping to every snap of my fingers (and I do mean that literally), as he willingly and obediently served me. Once Phil’s western clothes were dry I had him change back, and then woke him up. He remembered every detail of the evening and thanked me for it profusely before he left for home. His only regret was that the evening had to come to a close. I agreed with him completely. We both knew, though, that there would be more evenings in store for us.