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The Coffee Shop II: Cowboys and Tuxedos.

Disclaimer. The following story, is a work of fiction. The characters portrayed within are a work of fiction as well, and any resemblance to any person, living or dead is a coincidence and unintentional.

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Part 9. Preferred Customer Service.

So here I was, alone in a men’s clothing store with three very good looking hypnotized, submissive and obedient men.. The store is closed and we won’t be interrupted for hours. Yes, there IS a God.

What to do first, though? I knew what I could and could not do with Doug, but John and Bob were unknowns. Were they gay? Straight? I was pretty sure they were not married, since neither was wearing a wedding ring. There was only one way to find out. Ask. But should I bring them out first and let them know that I’d hypnotized all three of them? That seemed like a good idea. It felt right. I counted them out.

There were several yawns and a few smacking of lips before they were all awake and fully aware of where they were.

“So all my sleeping beauties are awake, are they?” I asked with a smile.

“We were all hypnotized?” John asked in disbelief.

“Exactly, even though only Bob was supposed to go under,’ I said. “I can understand Doug going under, since I’ve hypnotized him before, but you John are a special case. You appear to be an especially good subject. So tell me how do you all feel?”

“Good.” “Really great.” “Relaxed and refreshed.” They looked at me and each other and sheepishly grinned. No one knew exactly what to do or say about this most unexpected turn of events. It was an embarrassed silence that followed. I decided to break the ice.

“I don’t normally tell my subjects about each other, but in this case there really isn’t any way to not have you know that you’ve each been hypnotized by me. The question is where do we go from here? Is there anything in particular that you want to have happen or to experience?”

Doug looked at me and winked. I KNEW what he wanted, and from the way his hand was brushing his crotch every now and then, he wanted it soon. Bob and John looked puzzled, confused and bewildered. “If you just want to relax some more, that’s fine too,” I said. “It’s your choice.” Still no one spoke.. This was getting us now where fast.

“Okay, then,” I said with a sigh. “I’ll be heading home now and you guys can get back to work. I’ll be by Friday night for the tuxedo fitting.” I stood up and headed for the till where there was a phone. I need to call a cab.

“Please, wait, Paul,” John suddenly called out. “I don’t know about the others, but I’d like you to put me back under. I just don’t want you to do it front of them. I want a private session.”

So that’s what the problem was. Privacy. I should have known. I looked at John, and then glanced at the other two guys. The same message was written on their faces. I looked up at the ceiling. I had to think. What I really wanted was all three of these guys under at one time. I’d never done a group before, and the idea of three guys under my control at the same time was a huge rush. I could almost feel the power building inside me. (Okay, so that was hormones...but you get the idea.) I stared at the ceiling a bit longer and wished in earnest that the three of them would just slip back under and not care what the other guys saw them do. My head suddenly felt like a big rubber balloon stretched tight. There were spots before my eyes and an intense pain building behind my eyes. I shut them quickly and grabbed my head as I started to swoon. Just as suddenly the balloon popped and I felt better immediately. That flash of pain sort of felt like the pain I had when I pushed my powers too far. I hadn’t done that in a very long time, though, so it couldn’t be that. Besides, I was well under the fifteen persons in 24 hours limit that my powers had. I stood back up and opened my eyes to see what was going on.

Nobody had moved. Doug and Bob were still standing in front of the chairs they had been sitting on, and John was a foot or so away from me. He had a look of genuine worry on his face. I smiled at him to show that I was okay, and then turned and headed for the telephone. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned back around and saw that it was John’s.

“Please, reconsider, Paul,” John implored me. " Is privacy too much to ask?” I guess he had a point. I looked at him for a second. John smiled at me, and then something strange happened. His face started to go blank. His hand slipped off my shoulder and fell limply to his side. I hadn’t said anything to him, nor had I given him any mental commands, but I was sure that he was slipping back into his trance, and fast. He stood there with a blank look on his face and his eyes glazed over. I waved my hand in front of his face. There was no reaction from John. He was in zombie land, no question about it.

Doug and Bob had walked over to where John and I were standing, when they saw John’s strange behavior. I looked at Doug as he stood there only a few feet away from me and his face too suddenly went blank and zombie like. Bob’s attention shifted from Doug’s face to John’s and back again as he tried to figure out what had happened. Bob looked at me, for just a moment, and his face became a match for the other two guys.

What the hell had I done? It hadn’t been any conscious decision of mine. I had not ordered these guys back into their trances, nor had I used the trigger phrases. For some unknown reason, though, they were back in their trances and even deeper it seemed.

“John, how do you feel? What do you want to do?” I asked him.

“Good and obedient, sir. I will do whatever you tell me, sir,” John replied in a monotone almost robot like voice.

“Why? What about the other guys seeing what you do?” I queried him further.

“That is not important, sir. I do not care about it, sir. All I care about is obeying you so that I can continue to feel good., sir,” he replied in that robot like voice.

“What about you, Bob?” I asked him.

“The same, sir,” Bob replied simply.

“Doug?” I asked.

“The same, sir,” Doug replied in the same voice tones as the other two guys.

This was getting really strange. Exciting, and erotic, but strange.

“What are the limits?” I asked no one in particular.

“No limits, sir,” they replied in unison. Then after exchanging glances with each other, Bob spoke up.

“We would ask only that you not permit us to remember anything of what we do here tonight, sir. Let us know only that we were hypnotized and enjoyed ourselves. We wish to forget the details. We wish to serve you whenever and however we may, though. It is an honor and a privilege to do so, sir.”

“Return to your chairs, close your eyes and relax until I call for you,” I said to them. Each nodded his head to me, and merrily sauntered back to his chair. When he reached it each man sat down and immediately slumped down blissfully. I walked over to them and touched their foreheads one at a time as I scanned their minds. It was the same story in each case. They were excited and thrilled to have been hypnotized by me. They wanted only to serve me in any way possible while entranced by me. When I mentally asked what would happen when they woke up, they didn’t like the idea much, but knew that it had to happen sometime. Things would be back to normal then, and I would be just another customer. They looked forward to the next time that they could give me some preferred customer service.

This was all very nice, but I still didn’t understand what was going on. My cock was normal size and not getting hard at all, which is a sure sign that something was wrong. I was excited about the possibilities this situation offered me, but inside I could not get turned on until I figured out exactly what was going on here. I thought about it for nearly thirty minutes without coming up with any possible explanation. I knew what my powers were capable of, and this was something beyond them. It was kind of scary. Was I in control here or not?

“You’ve progressed much faster than I thought you would, Paul,” said an old familiar voice. I nearly jumped out of my skin at that, and whipped around fast. I saw Mary (my old mentor from the Coffee Shop) standing just inside the front door of the store.

“How did you get in, and what are you doing here?” I asked her.

“I have a key. John is an old friend of mine. I look after the place for him when he takes a vacation,” she said with a warm smile. “I was never able to touch his mind like you have. As for what I’m doing here, well you wanted an explanation right? I felt your mind calling out to mine. Remember our link? I never dissolved it. I always know when you are in trouble. But don’t worry, you’re not in trouble now.”

“So how do you explain this, then?” I asked her pointing to the three men siting quietly on the chairs in front of us. “What happened here?”

“You’ve just discovered another facet of your powers, is all. Now without you telling me a thing. I can deduce what happened. First, one of these three men is a regular of yours whom you are deeply involved with. The other two men are first time subjects, at least one of which you influenced tonight. The other man is just a very natural and deep hypnosis subject. Finally, you wished for something that you want very badly, but that you knew you couldn’t have for some reason or another. Your mind reached out and tapped the mental energy off all three minds in this room, added it to yours and shifted those minds so that they would agree with whatever it is that you want so badly. This is known as a ‘group mind shift’. You should feel proud, Paul. Most people with our talents don’t acquire this ability for another five or six years, if ever. You’ve made remarkable progress.” Mary stood there and softly clapped her hands, applauding me.

“But what does it mean for them? What harm have I done them?” I pleaded with her. I knew enough about my powers to know the dangers involved. I was scared to the core of my being.

“You scanned them, didn’t you?” She asked me.

“Yes,” I replied ‘But what I found seemed too good to be true. There doesn’t seem to be any mental or psychological damage. But it just doesn’t seem possible.”

“It’s okay, Paul,” she assured me. “Without wanting to sound like a broken record, you have what you want. Enjoy it. You’ve earned it. I know, and you should by now, that you won’t harm these men.” And with that she quietly left the shop and locked the door on her way out. I wanted to ask her more questions but she left before I could even think of the words. I looked back a these three suits studs sitting before me and my shriveled cock suddenly tingled with excitement and began to stir.

“Everyone stand and do up your jackets,” I said out loud. Three entranced and obedient men stood and did just that. They looked at me with joy and pride on their faces. They were serving me, obeying me, and relishing every second of it.

“John, is there a bathroom in this shop?” I asked him.

“Yes, sir,” he replied quickly. “Would you like to see it?”

“Not right now, thank you John,’ I said to him. I was pleased to hear this as it meant I’d be able to have some fun tonight. Looking back at my harem, (Well what would you suggest I call them?) I addressed them. “Gentlemen, listen to me most carefully. I know that you enjoy obeying me. (There were sudden and frequent head nodes at that statement.) When I snap my fingers you will each be competing for the title of the world’s greatest male stripper. The top prize is $100,000, so you have to give it your best shot. However, you will not assault or harm any of your competitors in any way. This is a clean competition. You will find that stripping turns you on, and that the more clothes you remove the more turned on and sexy you feel. You must stay in the immediate area of your chair when you do your show. There is to be no crowding around me. Once you unbutton your jackets your cocks will be hard and fully erect. However, you will NOT be able to cum without my permission. No matter how turned on you are, you cannot shoot your load until I tell you that you may. Is that understood?”

I was greeted with a ‘yes, sir’ from each of them. “One very important point, guys,” I said and looked at them sternly. “I’m the judge. The ONLY judge of this competition. If you want to win it, you have to please me. You have to be creative. Since I cannot watch all of you at the same time, you will strip in a round robin fashion. We’ll start on my left with Doug, and go around to John and then back to Doug again. You will each have five minutes of show time before moving on to the next contestant. I happen to have a yacht timer function on my digital watch, and I’m setting it now.” (For those readers who may not understand what a yacht timer is, please let me explain. It is a simple countdown timer that continues to repeat until you stop it. So in this case, after five minutes the alarm on the watch goes off and the timer starts another countdown of five minutes. The alarm goes off again, and the timer starts another countdown of five minutes and so forth.) “When the timer goes off, I’ll say ‘freeze’ and that is what the current contestant will do. The next contestant will then continue from wherever he left off. The contest will continue this way until each contestant is down to just his shorts or underwear.” I looked at them as they absorbed the rules of this game. There was delight and smiles all around. I walked back to my chair slowly, and three pairs of eyes watched my every move. They were like horses at the starting line, raring to go, but waiting for the starting pistol to fire.

I made myself as comfortable on the chair as I could, then I snapped my fingers. I punched the button on my yacht timer and pointed at Doug. The show started.

Doug, my ‘cowboy’, and the man who’s body I had come to know so well. I had seen him naked many times. All of these facts counted against Doug though. He would have to do something extra special to keep my interest aroused, as it were. I couldn’t tell if he was entertaining any of these thoughts as he started his show. He looked at me and smiled a small brief smile, and set to work. He ran his hands slowly up and down the sides of his blue blazer, as he started to sway his body back and forth moving to some musical beat that only he could hear. When his entire body was undulating he slipped his hands down to the front of his jacket and casually undid the buttons. Without missing a beat his hands parted his jacket open and I had a clear view of the front of Doug’s pants as his cock swiftly became fully erect. Those gray pants were close fitting, but not anywhere near as tight on Doug’s body as his blue jeans had been. Still it was easy to see the bulge of Doug’s cock and to note that it was straining against his fly. A most satisfying sight indeed.

Doug knew that he had my attention now, so he spun around a few times to try and tempt me with a few peeks of his butt. His jacket was flying up and out as he spun around and it was just high enough for me to get a very brief view of his bubble butt. Damn, it was only a second at the most, and I wanted to see more. Doug wound up with his back to me when he stopped spinning around. He looked over his shoulder at me, coyly, and sundered over to his chair, swaying his hips back and forth as much as he could. He straddled the chair and wrapped his legs around the chair legs. Slowly he lowered his torso down and out from the chair as far as he could, bending his head back to gaze at me lustfully. His hands were firmly gripping the chair back so he wasn’t in any danger of falling over. My watch alarm went off. “Freeze,” I called out to him. He froze. I pointed at Bob.

Mister burgundy suit didn’t’ waste any time. He stood up on his toes and raised his hands up over his head until they touched. He knew that his jacket was riding up and exposing his crotch and the lower part of his butt to my view, as he spun around slowly a few times. He wanted to just give me a taste of what he was hiding under his suit jacket. I could see the lower part of the fly of his pants, but there did not seem to be any thing noteworthy there. Bob had only just started.

He returned to his chair and sat down facing me. He winked at me, and blew a few kisses to me as he unbuttoned his suit jacket. With his jacket now hanging open Bob leaned back in his chair and stretched his legs out in front of him. Slowly and sensuously he spread his legs apart as his cock grew larger and longer right in front of my eyes. Bob’s face was shining with joy and pleasure as he felt his cock surge forth and stiffen. He put his hands on the gold buckle of his black belt and let a long slow sigh of delight escape from his lips. Slowly he let his hands travel down the length of his fly searching for the tip of his rock hard cock. He shuddered slightly as his probing fingers found the tip of his cock. He traced the outline of that great big bulge in his pants and looked me square in the eye. A smile slowly grew on his lips as he nodded his head a few times. Without warning he bounced to his feet and slipped his jacket off like a snake shedding its skin. Freed of that encumbrance, Bob, began to sway his hips suggestively as he started to walk slowly around his chair. Every few steps he thrust his hips to the left or right, his tie hanging free and swinging back and forth. My watch alarm went off as Bob was standing sideways, and had just thrust his right hip in my direction. “Freeze,” I called out, and then turned and pointed to John.

John stood there facing me for a several seconds, looking around the room, and did not move at all. I was starting to wonder if he was having a problem thinking up what to do for me. He looked at me for a few seconds, turned around and walked a few steps away from me. He turned back to face me and unbuttoned the beige jacket of his suit. He was too far away for me to see anything happening to his cock, but the look of pleasure that crept across his face suggested that his cock was responding well to my earlier suggestions. He suddenly ran towards me for a few steps and then drove towards the floor. My heart skipped a beat in surprise. John’s arms stiffen as he approached the floor and before I realized it he executed a wonderful forward hand stand and held his position swaying just a bit. His jacket fell down around his head and arms and exposed the seat of Johns pants for one and all to see. They were very nice looking pants, too, and in that position gravity was causing the pants to slide up (now down) onto John’s ass and crotch. I bet it felt very good. I had only a few seconds to enjoy the spectacle as John relaxed his arms and let his body fall forward into a somersault roll which brought him back to his feet again, facing me, and with his clothes slightly disarrayed. John grinned at me and held his jacket out and open so that I could see all of the front of his pants, shirt and tie. As he stood there catching his breath, I just looked at him and nodded my head silently in agreement. He’d surprised me all right, even if it had been a bit dangerous. John started to pull his jacket to the left and then to the right as he turned around and walked back to his chair. Of course he was wiggling his ass at me the whole time. It was like he was using a towel to dry off his body after a bath or shower, that was the best way to describe his actions. My watch alarm went off just as John reached his chair. “Freeze,” I called out to him, turned and pointed at Doug.

Doug slowly raised himself back up, rose to his feet and stretched his arms up over his head for a second. Easily he lowered his arms back down to his sides and slid his jacket off of his body, catching it with one hand before the jacket could fall to the floor. He bent forward and slipped the jacket onto the back of his chair, all the while insuring that I could see his backside, and most importantly his butt. The man knew I had a thing for butts, and he was making effective use of that knowledge. Those smoke gray pants of his were almost clinging to his ass like a fly stuck on flypaper. The effect was enhanced by Doug’s large wallet residing in his left hip pocket of his pants. The bulge it made was very sexy, mostly thought because it caused the material at the crotch of Doug’s pants, and along his butt cheeks to become even tighter. He wasn’t through yet though. He climbed up onto the chair and knelt there. The effect was to tighten the grip of those pants on his butt and crotch. I heard him moan, as he knelt there on the chair and slowly wiggled his butt back and forth as thought he were wagging his tail, second after second after second with no sign of stopping. Oh so sexy, and so desirable. I almost gave him a wolf whistle, but restrained myself. I had to be an impartial judge after all. My watch alarm went off. Damn! Reluctantly I called out, “Freeze”, turned towards Bob and pointed at him.

Bob picked up right where he left off. He continued to walk around his chair and sway his hips seductively at me, for a about another minute. He stopped when he reached his chair and tuned away from me to stand in front of it. He knelt down dropping to his left knee. What a wonderful view I had of his ass in those pants, and the cheeky little sneak KNEW it. “If this is torture then chain me to the wall,” I thought to myself. Slowly Bob reached down and started to untie his right shoe, glancing back at me coyly and winking. A few times he tried to adopt an air of innocence as he looked at me, but he couldn’t maintain it for long. His face would dissolve in a chuckle of gentle and soft laughter as he saw the naked desire and lust on my face. (I’d given up trying to be objective. I was having too much damn fun.) Eventually he removed his right shoe and tossed it away, gracefully. His right sock followed, but not at all quickly. Bob had my undivided attention and he was playing it for all he was worth. He stood up when his right sock was off and then dropped down to his right knee. I knew what was next, and I was dying to see it. I wanted to have Bob remove his left shoe and sock, and I nearly called out to him to tell him to get a move on. My watch alarm went off again. “Son of a....” I muttered to myself. “Freeze,” I yelled out in frustration and swung around to point at John. I stood up and slipped of my jacket. I was much too warm. Is it any wonder why?

John, continued his ‘toweling’ of his body while he finished the walk to his chair. With the grace and ease that comes from much practice, he causally almost offhandedly slipped off his suit jacket and hung it on the back of the chair in front of him. He walked backwards a few steps, heading towards me and then stopped. He bent forward at the waist and reached down to touch his toes. He was doing a fine job of showing off his butt to me and in those beige pants it was a sight to behold. His pants were pleated at the front and thus somewhat more loose than either Bob’s or Doug’s. John was suffering a competitive disadvantage, even if he was not aware of it. Seconds later John smoothly dropped down into a squatting position and then waddled back to his chair. His pants were clinging to his butt very nicely as he made the journey back to his chair, and I silently approved.

Once at the chair he turned around to face me and slowly sat down on the floor with his back against the chair. Fixing me with a hot and hungry stare he slowly opened his legs to give me a direct view of the crotch of his pants. He brought his right foot up to his left knee very slowly and without blocking my view for more than an instant. I could clearly see the bulge in his pants that marked his fully erect cock. It started to twitch and push against his fly as John’s hands slowly unlaced his right shoe and slipped it off his foot. He repeated the maneuver with his left foot and removed the shoe residing there as well. With both legs now back on the floor, John spread his legs apart just a bit more as a couple of moans escaped his lips. He brought his knees up until his socked feet were flat on the floor. He placed his hands on the floor beside his hips and with a slight grunt lifted his butt and lower body off of the floor until he was walking on just his feet and hands, like a crab. It was difficult but he managed to move a few feet towards me while still keeping his crotch centered in my line of vision. Remembering my injunction about not crowding me, John stopped a several feet away from me and lowered himself back on the ground. He lay there panting, trying to catch his breath when my watch alarm went off. (Walking like a crab is not easy. It’s very tiring. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.) “Freeze,” I said and pointed at Doug.

Doug’s ass picked up right where it left off, to my delight. Doug continued to swing it back and forth and moan. Doug reached back and tried to remove his left shoe but he couldn’t get a good grip on it in that position. (I wanted to race up and help him, but I couldn’t do that, I was the judge after all!) He slid off the chair and then stood up in front of it with his back towards me. Placing his left foot on the chair he leaned over and untied his left shoe, all the while gyrating his hips to some unheard musical beat. Tight pants time again. He slipped off the shoe and spread his legs apart a bit wider. Bending way down he managed to look back through his legs at me and smile for just an instant. His head popped back up as he put his left foot back down on the floor and lifted his right foot on the chair. His right shoe soon joined his left. He pushed off away from the chair with his right leg and simultaneously spun around to face me. He stood there looking at me with a cocky and sexy grin on his face. His eyes never left mine as he unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt. Doug let his hands start to roam all over his chest and stomach as he openly caressed himself, and began to dance slowly and sexily. Doug closed his eyes as the waves of pleasure started to flow through his body. His movements became graceful and natural as he surrendered himself to the role he was playing. Doug pulled gently at his shirt as his hands continued to weave a magic spell around his chest stomach and ass. It was as if his shirt was rising up out of his pants on its own, it was so gradual and subtle. It was only when Doug spun around quickly a few times that I noticed his shirttails flying out and away from his body. His hands moved oh so slowly towards the bottom button of his shirt and slipped it open, as he moaned loudly. My watch alarm went off. Damn it! This was starting to become a real annoyance, but I’d set up the rules and I had to go along with them. I forced myself to yell out, “Freeze!” Doug’s hot and sexy body became a statue. I turned to Bob, and pointed at him.

Without missing a beat, Bob sprang back into action, and continued with removing his left shoe and sock. With those tight pants on his ass, it wasn’t hard for me to shift my focus from Doug and back onto Bob. (As naughty as the thought was, I sincerely wished that I had a couple of camcorders recording this event. I’d tapped into some unexpectedly talented men.) His hands were clasped behind his head as he started to gyrate his hips in slow circles. First to the left and then to the right. He turned around to face me and his face was soft and yet seductive as he looked at me and fluttered his eyes at me. He walked a few steps towards me as his hands slowly traveled down to the knot of his tie. When they met there, he pulled at the knot to loosen it, and suddenly jerked it down hard. Bob slipped his tie off very quickly and held it clutched in the fingers of one hand as his hands flew to his belt buckle. In a flash he pulled his belt open and out from his pants. I was taken aback as I thought he was rushing it a bit, but hey it was his show after all.

Belt in his right hand, and tie in his left, Bob sauntered over to his chair. Looking back at me for just a second, he started to whip his chair with his belt! It was a half hearted attempt and not at all serious. He grinned and laughed as he kept missing the chair. After about a dozen attempts he dropped the belt and walked over to where Doug stood frozen waiting for his turn. Bob carefully dropped to his left knee in front of Doug, looked back at me and winked. I decided not to say or do anything. As long as Bob didn’t start fondling Doug I would wait and see what Bob was up to. Bob took his tie and carefully passed it between Doug’s legs and pulled the tie up until it was snug against Doug’s crotch. With an evil grin at me, Bob started to pull his tie back and forth slowly between Doug’s legs. After a few pulls of the tie, Doug started to moan. He might not have been able to move, but Doug still had feeling in his body. What a turn on, to see Bob caressing Doug and yet not touching him. Bob kept at it for only a minute or so before he let his tie fall from his hands and turned away from Doug and back towards me. Bob started to pull at his shirt. Soon he had it pulled out of his pants and was dancing in front of me, a few feet away. He dropped to his knees and sat back on his heels as he pushed his shirt up to expose his flat and smooth stomach. He undulated his stomach in and out, while swaying from side to side. He looked like a belly dancer, and what a belly he had to dance with! Every few seconds he would push the shirt up a bit higher and give me a quick peek of his chest, before letting go of his shirt and letting it drop down in front of him. Running his hands over his chest with his shirt hanging down and covering his chest and stomach, Bob moaned with pleasure. He looked at me with hungry eyes as his hands absently unbuttoned his shirt cuffs. He leaned back as far as he could dropping his head backward, and arching his back. He reached up to his shirt collar and undid the button, and let out another moan. His hands slowly but steadily worked their way down his shirt until all the buttons were undone. A gentle shake of his torso, and the entire front of Bob’s body lay exposed to my gaze. His shirt hung down from the sides, and without a moment’s hesitation he slipped the shirt off and let it fall to the floor. He spread his legs a bit wider and reached down to his fly to run his fingers over that mountain of a bulge in his pants. Bob moaned a few more times and threw a couple of quick smiles my way. He slowly raised his body upright and was sitting back on his heels when my watch alarm went off. “Freeze,” I called out to him, and pointed at John. I was getting used to this switching around every five minutes.

John took up the action. Slowly he climbed to his feet and started to gyrate his hips as he walked back and forth in front of me. He slowly started to run his hands over his chest stomach and ass, as he began to whistle the tune of “Do You Think I’m Sexy?". John undid his belt and slowly pulled it out of his pants as he walk around, pausing every now and then to shake his ass in my face. His belt discarded, John got to work on his tie and slipped it off in only a few seconds. Now he really got down to business. He planted his feet firmly apart and stood directly in front of me as he got to work on the buttons of his shirt. Winking and raising his eyebrows at me, John undid each button one at a time, pausing between each button only long enough to moan out loud. His shirt was finally undone and he stood there with his fists planted firmly on his hips and continued to move his body around in every direction that he could, while still whistling the tune. He undid the shirt cuffs easily and slowly start to work his shirt up and out of his pants by pulling the shirt open to expose some of his wonderful chest to me, and then pulling the shirt closed quickly. It took several minutes to for John to finally pull his shirt out of his pants, but it was delightful watching him do it. He started to walk around again and to turn around to give me a view of his entire body as he slowly slipped his shirt off, allowing me to finally see his chest and back. It was well worth the wait. John’s chest wasn’t hairy but there was enough chest hair on it to make it interesting. He didn’t drop his shirt to the floor as I expected him to. Instead he passed it between his legs and began to pull it back and forth across his crotch and ass. It must have felt wonderful because he stopped whistling and started moaning more and more. He moved his legs and pelvis around so much that I thought he was going to hurt himself. He started playing with his fly at the same time, zipping it open when he pulled his shirt (still passed between his legs) back toward his ass, and zipping his fly closed when he pulled his shirt back to his front. My watch alarm went off just as John had zipped his fly open for the umpteenth time. “Freeze,” I said, though I didn’t want to stop John. I pointed at Doug.

Doug started on the next button on his shirt without missing a beat. Slow and sexy, that is how he moved as he undid each button in turn. When he reached his collar he loosen his tie just enough to undo the collar button, but no more. Somehow he managed to slip his tie up and over his shirt collar so that his tie was riding above his collar and directly on his neck. Doug lowered his right shoulder and let his shirt slide down (with a bit of encouragement), and expose the right side of his body. I felt like I was unwrapping a Christmas package. I’d seen Doug’s body nude many times, but the way he was moving made it feel like this was the first time. He slipped his right arm out of his shirt and let his shirt just hang there from his left side as he started to spin around slowly. With each rotation he pushed his shirt off of his left arm just a little bit more. When finally the shirt flew off of his body Doug stopped spinning and froze to a stop. He was facing away from me, so I could not see what he was doing but I had a pretty good idea. Doug pumped his hips a couple of time and then slowly turned around.

His belt was in his left hand. He let the belt drop to the floor. He was still wearing his tie though and he had pulled it tighter so that it was snug against his neck. His face was joyful and beaming. And why not? His fly was open and his underwear enshrouded cock was poking out He was fingering and caressing it lightly. I knew he was starting to get close to shooting his load. My watch went off, I called out ‘Freeze,” and pointed to Bob.

Bob did not waste any time. His fingers flew to his fly and zipped it open as quickly as he could. He spread his fly open as wide as he could and tried to get both of his hands inside so that he could stroke himself. He was getting very hot and very turned on. He almost tried to rip his pants off before he came back to his senses and undid his pants. He quickly forced his pant down off his hips and to his knees exposing his black jockey short for me to see. He tried unsuccessfully to force his pants down further until it finally dawned on him that he needed to straighten his legs. I was forgotten as he sat down on the floor and uncurled his legs from beneath him. He frantically pulled at his pants to get them off. That done he lay back down on the floor and pulled his jockey shorts down to mid thigh, exposing his hot, hard and horny cock to my gaze. He stroked it lovingly and tenderly moaning with delight each time. His eyes were tightly shut and I knew he was on the edge. I was saved the trouble of having to decide if I should let him cum or not, as my watch alarm went off. “Freeze,” I said to him and pointed at John.

John continued right where he left off, pulling his shirt back and forth between his legs, except that he left his fly open and did not bother to close it again. His moans slowly got louder and louder over the next minute or so. Suddenly he tossed his shirt away. He ran his hands over his nipples as his body shuddered in pleasure. Eventually his hands strayed back to his pants and he ran his hands over his pelvis, cock, hips and butt before he walked near to where I was and turned around. He glanced back briefly at me to be sure I was paying attention, and then started to wiggle his ass back and forth. Slowly at first but with increasing intensity and frequency. His pants surrendered to the force of gravity and slipped off his hips to lie in a pile at his feet. (He must have undone his pants while he was facing away from me.) John stepped out of them quickly and bent over. I had a beautiful view of John’s ass in those white cotton briefs. John turned around and presented me with the front view. His cock was straining the fabric and around the tip I could see a small wet spot developing, but it was hard to be sure since John’ cock would not stay still. He was staring to pump his hips again making it difficult for me to see what was going on. My view improved greatly when John slipped off his briefs and exposed himself to me. His cock was free at last and the relief on his face was unmistakable. He started to strut around showing off his equipment to me, and every now and then he’d touch his cock with one hand or the other and wiggle in ecstasy. In the middle of John prancing around, my watch alarm went off again. “Freeze,” I called out to him, and turned my attention back to Doug. I pointed at Doug and snapped my fingers.

Doug’s hands flew to his pants and undid them. He took them off in only a second or two, and his underwear followed. That left Doug wearing only his tie. He made good use of it though. He loosen the knot just enough so that he could run his tie over and around his cock when he bent over. With each caress of his cock I could see Doug getting closer and closer. When he started to whimper I knew he was on the edge. (I was getting there too and knew I would have to attend to myself as well as these guys.) “Freeze,” I called out. The watch alarm had not gone off but I couldn’t wait for it.

“Take off your tie and lie down on the floor on your back, Doug,” I commanded him. “Point your cock at your chest and stomach. When I touch you on the forehead you will cum. Totally and completely.” He looked at me in surprise and relief. I headed to the bathroom and grabbed the roll of toilet paper from the spindle. I needed it. Once I’d made a catcher’s mitt out of the toilet paper I took out my own hard and hot cock and put it inside the mitt. I sat down beside Doug, near his head and braced myself against one of the chairs. Panting strongly I called out to Bob to take off the rest of his clothes and to lie down next to me. I gave him the same instructions as Doug. Once Bob was ready, I dealt with John in the same manner. How I managed to hold myself back from cuming while I got these three guys ready, I’ll never know.

When I was sure I was ready, I touched each of their forehead quickly in turn, and they came like a row of dominos right after the other. Somewhere amongst all the shouts of joy and screams of passion I came too. We all had a good orgasm, to say the least. (Again I wished that I’d been taping this, if only to have it as a memento of the evening.) I guess this was the closest I’d come to having an orgy, but it was a wonderful experience.

Once everyone was back to normal and had recovered their strength I had them all get cleaned up. I got to watch all three of these men get dressed and that was almost as much fun as watching them strip. I looked at my watch after they were all back sitting slumped in their chairs. Nearly 2 hours had passed. Even if I wanted to continue this there really wasn’t any time. They still had work to do, and I was getting a bit tired myself. In case you are wondering who won the contest, it was a three way tie. Yes, that is what I told them as well. I decided not to actively suppress their memories of the nights events. I told them only that they would remember what they wanted to remember. I counted them out.

“WOW!” John exclaimed as he came back awake. “I never knew that hypnosis could be like that! It was great!” He looked at his watch. Looking back at me with a very surprised expression said, “You had me under for 2 hours? Is that why my body is a bit sore? From sitting in a chair for so long?”

“Yes, I guess so,” I agreed with him. “How do you feel otherwise?” I asked.

“Great!” He replied. “Can we do this again sometime?”

“I’m sure that can be arranged,” I said to him. I turned towards Bob and Doug and said, “What about you two? How do you feel? Do you want to do this again sometime too?”

“Very good,” Bob said.

“Me, too” chimed in Doug.

“Well I don’t know about Doug, but sure, I’d like to try this again sometime,” Bob said smiling at me. “It was probably the best experience I’ve had in a long time.”

“I second that,” Doug said grinning at me.

“I’m glad to hear that,” I told them. What I did not say was how relieved I was that their own natural amnesia had kicked in to erase tonight’s events. All it took was a further command from me before I left to silently reinforce the situation.

I left Sterling & Son a few minutes later, after saying good bye to all three men. They went back to work happily. I looked forward to my Friday night tuxedo fitting.