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After I don’t know how many years I have finally finished the Coffeehouse Quintet. This is the idea and ending that I always had in mind, I just could never get it to come out the way I wanted it to and I finally got it how I wanted it. It’s a completely different heat than the other stories, but I don’t care. I write to get me hot.

Speaking of writing and hot, I have decided that this is my last story and at the beginning of May, I will ask Simon to pull my stories. They’ll live on at various other places (can’t delete from the wayback machine) and there’s nothing I can do about it. The main issue I have is I’m no longer comfortable with the subject matter and don’t feel that I can endorse it any longer. In connection, I will also no longer read or respond to any mail sent to me at

For those of you who are disappointed with my decisions, my reasoning, or the ending of this series, I’m sorry. Also to all of you who have supported me (mudak) edited for me (mudak) and encouraged me (mudak) I really want to thank you (Others have also done those things for me as well, but none like mudak).


The Coffeehouse Quintet Five: These Shoes Were Made For Walking

Kaori scanned the busy coffeehouse for her twin sister. College aged males made up most of the crowd. They were loud and boisterous, like it was a bar, not a coffeehouse. There were very few women in the place, and of those, half seemed to be overly sexualized caricatures that the college boys probably visualized when they wanked off in the shower. It was not the sort of place Kaori would expect a middle aged feminist to choose as a meeting site.

If that fat bitch chose to hang out in places like this, that was her prerogative. Maybe it was some sort of protest, or maybe she came here to pick fights. Either way, Kaori didn’t care. As soon as their meeting was done, she planned on vanishing from Yumi’s life once more until the next family death forced them together again.

Finally spotting the rotund form of her sister in the back corner, Kaori eschewed ordering a drink and headed over to join her. Yumi was fatter than the last time they’d seen each other, but Kaori was still surprised that her twin hadn’t put on even more weight in the ten years since they’d last spoken.

There was still no discernible sense that Yumi made any effort to make herself presentable, no makeup, no attempt at any sort of fashion or style, and her black hair was thrown up into a ponytail. Kaori thought the expression “thrown up” truly fit her sister’s hair. With all of the crinkles and wild strands, it looked as if it had been jettisoned out of someone’s mouth rather than consciously arranged.

As Kaori approached, she noticed that her sister, while looking in the direction from which she’d come, hadn’t registered her arrival. Her normal hostile glare was absent as her eyes stared blankly off towards the crowd in general and there seemed to be a look of terror and revulsion etched into her face.

Setting her Tory Burch clutch down on the table, Kaori slid into the seat across from her sister. “If this place disgusts your overly sensitive sensibilities so much, why the fuck did you choose it?” Kaori asked.

Yumi’s eyes slowly drew away from staring through her and focused on Kaori’s. “Kaori, we have to get out of here.”

“What are you talking about? I just got here and I want to finish our business so I can get back to my life without you in it.”

“I’ve seen things here. This place wasn’t like this when I came in an hour ago.”

Kaori turned around and looked behind her, then turned back. “So it’s a rush. Maybe classes or something just got out.”

Yumi shook her head. “We’re ten miles from the school campus, that’s close enough to get some traffic, but not this much. And that’s not what I’m talking about.”

“Then what are you talking about?”

“I’ve seen people literally transform into something else.”

“What do you mean?”

Yumi pointed at a large busted barista who was milking her own breast into a grinning frat boy’s cup. “That woman with the giant tits was as flat as you are when I got in here.”

Kaori’s cheeks burned. “Fuck you! I know I don’t have breasts and that’s why David cheated on me with that coke whore intern at his law office. I don’t need your fat-ass reminding me!”

“I don’t care about your superficial insecurities. Look at the size of those jugs! They’re huge and an hour ago that woman didn’t have tits to speak of.”

Kaori looked again. The woman was adding cream to a different kid’s cup. “Breasts don’t grow like that in an hour,” Kaori said.

“Those funbags inflated like balloons after she tried to stop this guy with a massive cock from fucking a whore on one of the tables.”

Kaori turned back to her sister. “Are you okay?”

“No! I’m not. I’m telling you that there’s something wrong with this place.”

“Well, if it gets you off your feminist kick, it can’t be all bad.”

Yumi tilted her head. “What are you talking about?”

“Well, you’ve used the word ‘tits’ twice now and even called that woman’s breasts ‘funbags’. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say the word ‘cock’ before.”

Yumi’s eyes went wide. “Oh my god, Kaori. I can’t even think of a woman’s gazungas as anything but her fuck pillows, or a guy’s rod as his slob knob! This place is affecting me, too!”

Before Kaori could respond, a guy plopped down in one of the seats in between the twins that Kaori had left as a buffer. “Hello, girls.”

The fear on Yumi’s face vanished and the perpetual scowl that Kaori had known her to wear came back. “Get lost asshole,” Yumi said.

Kaori tried to get a read on the guy, but she couldn’t. He seemed unremarkable and average in every way and when she tried to make out some sort of detail on him, her eyes lost focus. “Look,” Kaori said, “I don’t know what’s going on and I don’t really care. I just want to be rid of both of you as soon as possible and out of here.” She picked up her clutch and pulled out several folded pieces of paper. She gave them to Yumi. “Just sign these settlements and I’m gone.”

“Aren’t you two the happy pair. How do you know each other?”

“We’re sisters,” Yumi said. She spat the word sister out like it was the foulest thing she’d ever tasted.

“Sisters? What are you twins or something?”

“Fraternal,” both of the girls said at the same time then glared at each other.

The man laugh and clapped, “You are twins, how marvelous.”

“I’m glad you’re amused,” Kaori said. “Now, Yumi, please.” She pointed to the papers that now sat on the table.

“You two don’t seem to like each other.”

“No shit, Sherlock,” Yumi said.

“Dig deeper, Watson,” the man replied. “But such animosity. I thought twins were supposed to be close.”

The last thing Kaori wanted to do was to rehash her childhood history with a stranger in a coffeehouse, but couldn’t stop herself as she said, “We’ve never liked each other.”

“And it didn’t help that you slept with my boyfriend in high school!”

“It’s not like you were going to marry him or anything. I did the poor boy a favor, the way you cock teased him for two years. I cured him of his fatty fetish, too.”

“What fat fetish?”

“Well, he was dating you…”

Yumi shifted her weight as if she was going to lunge at Kaori, but the man put his hand up.

“Now, now, girls.”

“Women,” Yumi said. “I am a woman, not something for you to look down upon.”

“Oh god, here we go again,” Kaori said and rolled her eyes.

“Say ‘breasts’, Yumi,” the man commanded.


“Keep saying it till I say stop.”

“Funbags, melons, love mounds, fuck-rockers, squeezable delights.”

“That’s good.”

Kaori tilted her head back and looked down her nose at the man. “What’s your point? What do you want?”

“I want to be helpful,” he answered. “You two are in dire straights. You don’t have much family left outside of each other,” he gestured to the will settlement sitting on the table, “and I think it’s a shame that you could be so close, you’re twins for god sake, but you ruin it with pettiness.”

Kaori wanted to interject. She wanted to protest that she didn’t care about family, especially her twin sister, but her mouth wouldn’t move. She couldn’t even look away from the lock she had on Yumi’s eyes. She remembered what Yumi had been prattling about when she got there and terror was too weak of a word to describe what she was experiencing.

“Have you two heard the expression ‘You can’t know a man until you walk a mile in his shoes’? I would think as twins you’d know each other well enough, but you don’t. So this is what I’m going to do, I’m going to let you walk a mile in each other’s shoes and find one another.”

Suddenly, Kaori was no longer looking at Yumi’s eyes. She was looking at her own. Her beautiful, delicate face stared at her in horror. Kaori knew that when she regained the ability to look down, she would no longer see her painstakingly well maintained physique, but rather see the unkempt mass that her sister laughingly called a body.

“When will you change us back?” Kaori heard herself say, only it wasn’t herself. It was Yumi in her body. That bitch was going to live, no, ruin her life now and she could do nothing to stop it.

“I’m not.”

“No!” Kaori heard Yumi say, but this time she said it, out of Yumi’s mouth.

“Oh, don’t worry, Kaori. I said I won’t change you back, but I didn’t mean you’re stuck like that forever. You’ll go back to being yourself as soon as you completely understand and appreciate the other.”

As the man finished his sentence, Kaori gained control over her body… no Yumi’s fat pig of a body. She turned to watch the man walk away. As soon as he was two people into the crowd, she could no longer pick him out from any other person milling around.

She lifted her hand up in shock. It was gigantic. Her fingers looked more like bendable bratwursts than human appendages. Worse, her hand looked like someone had shoved those sausages into a pink ball. Yumi’s forearms were thicker than her old body’s thighs. As she moved her arms around, she could feel her sister’s large pendulous breasts rub against her huge belly. She could also feel the rolls of fat collide into each other. A wail escaped her mouth and she looked up to see her sister in her body.

Yumi was running slender fingers up and down her porcelain skin. “Your arms, they’re so light. I feel like I could fly away.” She stood up and jumped. “Not even the slightest jiggle!”

Kaori leaned forward and shot her elephant sized arms out and grabbed her sister by the lapel. “Give me back my body!”

“I can’t!”

Kaori slapped her. Yumi went down in a heap and when she got back up, Kaori could see a red welt on her perfect cheek. She sat back and cried.

Holding the cheek that should be Kaori’s Yumi said, “Don’t think for a second I’m actually happy being the shallow, worthless person that you are!”

“You can’t deny it, Yumi. You lucked way the fuck out on this one. Beauty, money, and a life. Just try not to mess them up like you did in your life.”

“Like I messed it up? It was bad enough playing second fiddle to you growing up without you actively sabotaging my every effort. It wasn’t just Todd that you fucked. Do you care to count how many projects and papers you destroyed of mine, or the ones you flat out stole because you’d been out partying and didn’t do it yourself? And no one would ever believe me when I tried to tell them! Not even mom!”

Kaori tried to fold her arms under her chest, but couldn’t from all the fat in the way. She wound up resting her left arm on her belly and the right arm on top of that. Her hands couldn’t even reach her elbows.

“Trying to do this, fatty?” Yumi asked and with a fluid motion folded her arms. She lifted them up towards her bosom once or twice and gave a humph. “You know, I would have thought with all your money and insecurities that you’d’ve paid for some fake tits by now.”

“Look at the feminazi telling a woman to sexualize herself.”

“I didn’t say ‘should.’ I’m just surprised it’s something you hadn’t done.”

Giving up and dropping her hands to her sides Kaori felt her face fall into the scowl that she’d seen Yumi develop over their childhood. “You know, not all feminist wage war on tumblr while shoving donuts in their faces on some ignored picket line. While you did that, I spent my life actually improving the situation from the inside.”

“You’re trying to tell me that you think you’re a feminist?”

“I fight for gender equality, not gender reparations.” Kaori could see Yumi chewing back her response, so she left off sarcastically thanking her sister for being the conservative stereotype of a feminist.

They sat in silence for a while, each staring at their former body. Kaori broke the silence, “Look, I’ve got a pretty full day today. Most of it I think you should cancel and spend that time catching up on it. I can help you learn the ropes.”

Yumi’s eyes went wide. “What time is it?” she asked.

Kaori lifted up her arm. The only watch that could fit around this thing would need to be attached to a belt she thought. Using the momentum, she pointed at her former wrist. Yumi lifted her arm and looked at the petit Rolex on it. “Shit! It’s 3:30. You have a doctor’s appointment at four.”

“Can’t I skip it?”

“No. It would take too long to reschedule. Why don’t I just go back to my place and wait for you there?”

Kaori shook her head. “You have to go to the 5 o’clock meeting. You don’t need to say anything, and probably shouldn’t, but you need to be there.”

“Okay. Then we’ll meet up at mine.”

“By ‘mine’ do you mean this body’s,” Kaori ran her thick arms down her large profile, “or mine?” she finished and pointed at her old body.

Yumi reached forward and grabbed Kaori’s clutch. She opened it up and pulled out the set of keys in it. “This place.”

Kaori nodded and tried to stand up. Her legs gave out from under her and she panted from the exertion she’d given the body. Using the armrests, she pushed herself up and unused to her girth, bumped into the table, knocking over Yumi’s half drunk sugar-masquerading-as-coffee onto a jelly-filled donut of which only a single bite had been taken.

Yumi stood without any aid and grabbed the settlement papers off the table. “We can finish these tonight. Which car is yours?”

“The black Mercedes. Yours?”

“The reddish Metro.”

Kaori turned around to grab the carry-on luggage size bag that Yumi lugged around with her. In that time, Yumi had already turned and headed for the door. Kaori waddled to catch up with her. She caught up at the door, just as a frat boy opened it for her twin. Kaori watched as he ogled her former body’s well-toned ass. She made a move to follow through the door, but the boy stepped in front of her and let it slam painfully against her elbow. That bastard!


Yumi was enjoying this. All her life she’d felt like trash compared to her sister. That guy who’d done this to them was wrong. It wasn’t “walk a mile in her shoes” it was more like “shoe on the other foot.”

She’d almost bursted out laughing as she watched Kaori struggle to stand in her old hippo sized body. All her comments of feeling like she was going to float away couldn’t have been more true. The loss of weight, combined with her chance to destroy her sister’s life made her glide to the door. She wanted to laugh at the guy who rushed to open the door for her. No man had ever done that for her before, and instead of being and belittling him for ogling her ass as she went by, she tried to put an extra shake into her walk to tantalize him more.

Considering it was her first time to ever walk in heels, her ability to just walk should have been considered a miracle. The extra shake brought back the reality that while the body was used to the shoes, she wasn’t. She took a tumble, but before she could hit the ground, the strong arms of the guy who’d held the door open for her wrapped around her from behind.

“Ooh,” she cooed. “My hero.”

Suddenly, she fell to the ground as large, meaty hands grabbed the boy’s collar and ripped him away.

“Get your dirty hands off my engaged sister,” Kaori said. The boy pushed away from Kaori, called her a bitch, then wandered away. Yumi picked herself up and dusted her clothes off.

“Engaged, huh? Where’s my invite?”

“Look, let’s not fight again. Let’s go do our things and then get back to my place and figure out how to switch back.”

Yumi smiled sweetly, like all those times Kaori did when they were younger, right before she stabbed her in the back. “Sure thing.” Yumi promised herself there would be no life for Kaori to come back to.

Kaori explained how to bring up the preprogrammed location of her office on the car navigation unit and Yumi told Kaori the address of the hospital. She then watched her formerly thin twin lumber away in her old enormous body. Get used to it, bitch. I’m going to balloon this thing out like no tomorrow.

Yumi slid into Kaori’s Mercedes. No, she thought, my Mercedies. She ran her lithe hands around the steering wheel and inhaled the new car smell. There wasn’t a piece of trash on the floor. There wasn’t even a speck of dirt on any of the seats. She tossed the clutch and will settlement over onto the passenger’s seat. The paper slipped off and onto the floor. Yumi ignored it.

She reached over to the ignition. It had a keyless button. Sometimes Yumi could start her Geo without the key in the ignition, but that’s because her old car was a broken down piece of shit. This was a luxury that she knew of, but was well beyond her reach.

As her finger hit the button, but before she could press it in, a force stopped her. Something inside her was revolting. It wanted her to look over at the passenger’s seat. She turned her head and saw the papers on the floor. Desire to pick them up burned inside of her. Her hand shot out and collected them, straightened them up, folded them perfectly along the crease and stored them safely in her clutch. What the fuck?

Why would she do that? She didn’t care about being tidy. She’d planned on half burying the car with empty fast food bags. Rebelling, she opened the clutch and dumped its contents out. The second they hit the seat, she scrambled to put them back in the bag as neatly as they’d been before.

She did it again, and again she swiftly had the bag back in order. For ten minutes she repeated the process: dump it out and then clean it up. She was panting with her efforts. She couldn’t be messy. Terror gripped her.


She left her sister with that grin on her face. Kaori didn’t trust Yumi as far as she could throw her, well the old her, the-fat-suit-Kaori-now-had-to-endure Yumi. She couldn’t think of this thing as her own body. When they’d last lived with each other, Kaori had picked on Yumi’s weight mercilessly, but if anything all that insulting had seemed to double Yumi’s efforts in becoming more spherical in shape than cylindrical.

When Kaori found her sister’s car, she understood why she had called it “reddish.” It looked as if it had originally been red out of the factory, but scrapes, dings, and sun had left the little car a myriad of colors.

The door creaked as she opened it, then groaned again as she slammed it shut without getting in. Kaori bent over as much as her rolls of belly fat would allow and heaved. The car smelled retched. Looking through the windows, there was so much garbage piled up Kaori had a hard time discerning any seat but the driver’s.

“Disgusting,” Kaori said. For the next five minutes, Kaori cleaned the car. She stuffed garbage into the larger drive through bags she found, making a collection of them that she could easily drop into the dumpster two feet away from the car. By the time she’d gotten all of the garbage gathered, she’d piled up five or six bags. She picked the first one up to toss it, but instead of throwing it away, she dumped its contents back out into the car.

Why did I do that?

Kaori put the rubbish back into the bag and headed over to the dumpster. When she got there, she lift the empty bag and dumped the air out. Shocked, she looked at it. Her eyes traced her path back to the open car door, piled on the floorboard was the garbage she’d thought she’d put in the bag. She checked it for holes, but found none.

She headed back to the car and grabbed another bag filled with garbage. She waddled as fast as her blimp-sized body would allow and dumped a second bag of air out. She looked back at the car to see the pile on the floor had grown. How had she… when had she…?

Taking the empty sack, she threw it in the car and slammed the door shut. She picked up two of the remaining three bags and checked their contents of old wrappers, empty bottles, and mostly eaten remains. Her thunderous thighs shook with each determined stomp she took to the dumpster. Simultaneously, she dumped two empty bags out into the bin. Looking back, she saw the car door open again and trash now littered out of it and onto the parking lot. Kaori let out a grunt of frustration and slammed her fists into her legs.

She grabbed the final bag of trash, slammed the door shut and locked it. She checked the contents of her bag, then double checked that the door was locked. For good measure, she tossed the keys on to the other side of the car. Then she heaved the bag of trash at the dumpster. The physical effort was demanding on her body, but the bag managed to get halfway there, then smacked onto the asphalt, tearing it and sending its contents flying.

Dammit, she thought. She headed over to pick it up, but found herself picking up the keys on the other side of the car. She went back around and opened the driver-side door. She plopped down into the seat, which was now covered in the trash she’d been trying to throw out.

Kaori started sobbing. She was a slob. She looked like an overstuffed pig sitting in a sty. And she couldn’t change it.

The man had said “walk a mile in the other’s shoes.” Kaori realized she couldn’t throw the garbage out because Yumi wouldn’t throw the garbage out. And as she was now Yumi, she couldn’t just start doing things that Yumi wouldn’t.

Kaori’s tears dried up. It all made sense now. Remembering the smile Yumi had given her when they’d split up, relief washed over Kaori. With these limitations, she didn’t have to worry about Yumi doing something to fuck her life up because if Kaori herself wouldn’t do it, Yumi couldn’t. Kaori wondered if Yumi would be able to figure that out.


Frustrated and confused, Yumi sat in the car with her hands on the wheel. She couldn’t say or even think the word boobs; she was stuck in her bitchy sister’s body and to top it off that scary man had made her a clean freak for some twisted reason. She pushed the ignition button and marveled at how quiet the car was despite her attempt to redline the engine. Not caring if she wrecked the car or hit someone, she looked left, then right, then left again before pulling out onto the road.

She had Kaori’s money now, tickets be damned. She felt like she should be getting to close to 70mph on the residential streets, doubling the unmarked speed limit, and looked down at the speedometer; the digital display read 36. Yumi banged Kaori’s hands against the steering wheel. Did that bitch have some sort of governor on this car?

Yumi cruised at the speed limit down the road, following the car’s navigation system back to Kaori’s office. Now that the seed of revenge was planted in her mind, she had no intention of canceling any of the meetings. She was going to go to all of them and completely trash Kaori’s career. As she debated about whether to act like a moron or to offer to suck everyone off, she came up to a Krispy Kreme with the Hot Now sign on. Speaking of trashing, Yumi thought and turned the luxury car into the parking lot.

She hopped out of the car. There was nothing more that she loved than a hot Krispy Kreme donut. She almost skipped into the store.

“Good afternoon, ma’am,” the girl behind the counter said. “May I take your order?”

“Yes, I want a dozen hot glazed, an assorted dozen, and one hot glazed to eat while you get my order ready.”

The girl smiled and nodded. She handed Yumi a hot donut, placed a pre-prepared box of hot glazed on the counter, then went about gathering the other twelve donuts. Yumi sank her teeth into the sugary goodness then violently spit it out.

“Oh my god!”

Startled, the donut girl stopped. “What is it, ma’am?”

“What did you put in this? I’ve never tasted something so bitter in my life!”


Yumi tried another bite and it joined the first on the floor. She wrapped the remaining donut in some napkins and set it on the counter before taking some more napkins and cleaning up the mess she had made.

“It tastes like goya concentrate!” she said as she wiped up the last remains.

The girl looked at her confused. “What’s goya?”

“It’s an extremely bitter Japanese vegetable that my mother tried to force us to choke down as children!” Yumi walked her trash over to the garbage cans and threw them away, including the remains of her donut.

“I’m terribly sorry, ma’am, I don’t think there’s anything unusual about this batch.”

“Whatever happened to them, they taste terrible,” Yumi said as she fiddled through her clutch purse for her wallet. “And there’s no way in hell I’m paying for them.” Yumi slammed a fifty dollar bill onto the counter and stormed out.

Despite her outburst, part of her wondered if it had to do with Kaori’s body, more specifically her taste buds. Is this why her sister was so skinny? Was her secret that sweet foods tasted terrible to her? Was it that simple?


Kaori sat in her sister’s filthy room. She held the insulin needle that she’d been prescribed after her visit to the doctor. It was her first time to be prescribed it, but the conversation she’d had with the doctor led her to believe that Yumi had been battling it for a while. She’d felt bad at the doctor’s office. He’d asked her about cutting sugars out of her diet and tried to answer truthfully, knowing what her sister had had at the coffeehouse, but the curse caused her to say that she hadn’t eaten anything with processed sugar in two months.

After the doctor’s appointment, Kaori had used the address on Yumi’s licence to find the run down apartment that she shared with a roommate. Fortunately, no one was home when she got there. And now she sat on the edge of her sister’s messy bed, pondering her situation.

Shifting her gaze from the needle to the small, messy room depression overcame her. Kaori knew that to the world she looked and mostly acted like Yumi, and most of the world was treating her like shit. Even the doctor had looked down on her.

How had Yumi’s life gone so poorly? While she’d been mean and spiteful to her twin sister growing up, she never wished her sister to be so close to poverty and death. That was part of the problem with children. That disconnect didn’t let them see how their actions the would affect others later.

Sighing, Kaori stood up and cleared a spot on the dresser to put the medicine. She hadn’t run it by her sister yet, but she planned on packing up a weeks worth of clothes to take back to her place and crash there until they got the Freaky Friday curse settled out. She opened the top drawer, gasped, and fell back onto the bed.

Kaori stood up and peeked into the drawer again. The contents hadn’t changed. Several dozen vibraters and dildos of various lengths and sizes resided in the drawer. Kaori felt herself getting wet looking at the sex toys. She’d never used one in her life. Pulling one out at random, she flipped on the switch and the vibrations caused it to slip from her grip.

The body she was in demand she fuck herself.

Kaori picked the still undulating machine up and pulled off her sweatpants. Her body felt wrong being contained up top, so she threw her shirt and bra off as well. Her fat folds shook and wobbled with her motions. She was disgusted by them, embarrassed, but those emotions were overridden by her need to fuck her sister’s twat with a plastic toy.

She laid back on the clothes covered bed and inserted it into her fat mound. She moaned. Kaori wasn’t a nun, but sex had never been a priority for her. She’d enjoyed it from time to time, used it as a weapon when she needed, but for the most part, she could go days without even thinking of it. This was different. As good as the toy in her snatch felt now, she was surprised Yumi hadn’t become a whore.

Orgasm after orgasm shook her body, but her body told her to push on, that more and bigger things were coming. She was nearing what felt like would be the biggest orgasm she’d ever experience when the bedroom door burst open.

“Hey, Mimi,” a deep, gravelly woman’s voice said. “You wanna...”

Kaori came hard. She was so embarrassed. She looked at the husky woman standing in the doorway. She had a gold stud through one of her nostrils and short hair that was spiked up. She wore a black t-shirt that showed off muscular arms and camouflage overalls.

“Bitch, if you wanted to be fucked when I got home, you should have left the door open.” The woman walked over to the drawer and picked out a dildo attached to a harness. She put it on over her clothes. She grabbed Kaori’s ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed. The covers and clothes scattered on them and the woman’s muscular arms were all needed for her to perform the miracle of moving Kaori’s considerable girth.

The woman grabbed the vibrator out of Kaori’s hand and threw it to the corner. The wetness on it shined as it continued to gyrate. Kaori let her arms roll to her sides and laid on the bed like a dead fish. The woman pushed Kaori’s legs apart as far as she could then plunged her fake cock into Kaori’s pussy. As pleasurable as her own menstrations had been, they paled in comparison to having someone force herself in Kaori fully. The micro orgasms she’d brought herself to after minutes of struggle happened with every thrust.

The monstrous size of Kaori’s legs meant her flexibility was almost nonexistent and the force the woman exerted on them to keep them apart hurt. The pain added to the pleasure and Kaori could feel the promise her body had given her earlier come to fruition. She clutched the sheets under her and cried out.

The woman who’d been fucking her pulled out and unhooked the cock strap. She let it fall to the floor, then pulled out a cigarette from her overalls. The slap she gave Kaori’s massive thigh stung. “Get dressed, we’re going out with Julia tonight.”

Kaori stared at the ceiling. What was this? Was this what sex felt like? What had she been missing her whole life? Her breathing was ragged and the woman gently rubbed her knee.

“Mimi, you with us still?” Her unlit cigarette dangled from her lips.

Kaori heard the question, but didn’t have the strength to answer. She searched the ceiling as if the answer to her own questions were written on it. Could sex always feel like this? If so, how did society still function? Then, she remembered her partner. A woman. Did that mean she was… did that mean Yumi was gay?

She didn’t realize she’d asked the question out loud until she heard the woman laugh. The other woman had her hand cupped around the lighter as she lit her cigarette. She inhaled, and exhaled a plume of smoke. “No, you aren’t gay. I don’t think you’d put up with my ruttings if you could actually find a guy you didn’t piss off five minutes after meeting. But I am gay, and my understanding better half will be pissed at us if we’re late. Get up and get dressed.”

Through her sexual come down and excessive weight, Kaori slowly managed to lift herself up. “I’m sorry, I can’t.”

“What do you mean you can’t? What else do you have to do?”

Kaori’s legs still dangled off the bed and her arms managed to support her weight as she braced herself with them. “I’m going to spend couple of days at my sister’s. I just came by to grab some clothes and stuff.”

The woman’s eyes lit up. “You have a sister?”

“Yeah, a twin.”

“A twin sister? I’ve known you for what, twelve years and this is the first I’m hearing of her?”

“Well, to say we didn’t get along would be an understatement.”

The woman crossed her arms and glowered. The long look and long silence made Kaori feel like she was 15 again and lying to her mother about going to a party. “Blow her off.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not? You haven’t been in each other’s lives for at least twelve years and just admitted that you hate each other.”

“It’s complicated. Some things have happened and we have to work it out together.”

The woman eyed her. She chewed her mouth around as if she was debating whether or not she would allow Kaori to go. At last she said, “Remember, you are a strong, proud, and formidable female. Don’t cow to anyone.”


The woman nodded. “Call if you need anything.”

Kaori watched her leave then flopped back down onto the bed. She’d just had more and better orgasms than any other time in her life combined. She was still coming down. She didn’t know whether or not her body would allow her to leave without taking some toys with her, but she wasn’t about to find out. She was picturing the drawer in her mind and contemplating on which one and how many she needed to pack. Suddenly, a thought crammed into her mind, she knew it was alien in origin, but soon came to be of her voice, something fundamental to her core: she shouldn’t be the one packing. A man should be.


It was 6:30 and Yumi was cruising home. Despite her body forcing her to maintain the speed limit, she was flying. Kaori had set up the dream life. Long gone were the thoughts of revenge, the only thoughts left in her mind were how to keep this life. She didn’t care about the job or money Kaori had, Yumi was in love with the power Kaori had over men. If there was one thing she could take from this life it would be that.

Gender equality my new, skinny ass Yumi thought. Everything in Kaori’s office set up screamed of female domination over men. It started with the male secretary she had. With just a couple of hours of interaction with him, Yumi could tell he was a capable man. Not only did he seem intelligent and highly educated, he was also well built. He was exactly the kind of man Yumi had dreamed of domineering.

She wanted to play BDSM games with him. She wanted to tie him up, whip him, belittle him, torture him. She wanted to use him like one of her dildos. Yet she couldn’t. Her mind was wanting, but her body had no interest in it. Between meetings, she buzzed him in to demand that he sexually please her, but every time wound up sending him on some trivial task. Never once did he complain. In fact, Yumi felt he was reverent of Kaori and got a Princess Bride as-you-wish vibe from him. It made Yumi want to dominate and crush him even more.

The meetings were in a similar vein. Most of the attendees were male and Kaori had complete control over all of them. The few other females in the meetings stood second to Kaori on the totem pole, but well above the males in attendance. Yumi enjoyed watching the men yield to all of the women. The whole day was a rush of power.

With her thoughts of revenge, Yumi had initially planned on destroying Kaori by heading into all of the meetings nude, demanding group sex from all attendees, but she couldn’t. Her hands wouldn’t even allow her to undo the top button of her blouse. Her next plan had been to spout random nonsense and have Kaori terminated for incompetence, but every time she opened her mouth to speak, the correct thing to say tumbled out, even though she had no clue what she was talking about.

In the end, with the power she found Kaori had over men, Yumi was thrilled she couldn’t sabotage her sister’s career. The power was amazing. If she could materialize it, she would fuck it, marry it, and have its children she was that in love with it. She wanted complete control over men for herself.


Kaori stood naked in the destruction of the ruins of her sister’s room. It hadn’t been cleaned when she’d arrived, but even that state had deteriorated. The sight didn’t really register with her. She could feel changes taking place in her. In her job and life, while she’d built up power over men, she’d never wielded it, or even really thought of it. At work, she respected and valued the opinions of her male subordinates. She didn’t lord over them, she practiced equality.

But she had power over them. Over men. They were hers and did her bidding. Men had subjected women for centuries and now it was her turn to flip the tables.

No. Equality was the answer. subjugating males wouldn’t solve anything. It would lead to similar problems in the future.

Fuck the future. Fuck equality. She had power over men. They were hers to control.

Not bothering to dress, Kaori left her room and left her apartment. She headed into the parking lot, naked. A muscular white man with a shaved head and swastika tattooed on his neck was working on an old beat up truck.

“Hey, boy!” Kaori shouted.

He looked up at her and then looked around to see if she has been talking to someone else. There was no one. Anger clouded his expression. “Watch what you say to me, you fat chink!” he said.

Kaori put her hands on her hips. “When someone like me calls you, you better cum.”

The man convulsed and a dark spot appeared on his crotch. His mouth hung open and he stared at Kaori. Despite just creaming his pants, the man didn’t bother hiding his still hard cock.

“Are you going to come here, or do I have to bitch slap some sense into you?” Kaori asked him.

“Sorry, ma’am,” he said. He dropped his tool on the ground and ran over to her.

“I need someone to clean my place.” She looked him up and down. “You got a friend you can call? You might need some help.”

The guy nodded and pulled out his phone. Kaori didn’t wait for him, she turned around and headed into her sister’s place.

Soon after, the white supremacist followed her in. “Okay, boy. I need you to clean this place. I’m moving out and I’d hate to leave it like this for my roommate. She’s a nice girl. Start with my room though. I want you to pack a bag of all the dildos and about a week’s worth of clothes, then move the rest over to your place so you can set up an altar to worship me.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Kaori sank into the sofa and watched the man work. A phone started ringing in Yumi’s room and her servant brought it to her. She looked at the caller ID and saw that it was from her own phone.

“Hello?” she answered. “Yeah, I figured that since it was my phone calling. I’m at your place. Because I found it. Look, I’m kind of busy right now. I’ll be headed home in a bit. We can talk more about things when I get there.” Kaori hung up the phone and tossed it on the table she was using as a footrest. She watched the man tidy about around the room. She felt light headed and watching the man work kept her calm.

Full details of Yumi’s life started filtering into her memories. She knew the name of the girl who’d fucked her: Caroline. She saw the series of events that left Yumi close to homeless and living with her only real friend in the world. Caroline seemed to be the only positive in Yumi’s life. Kaori shut her eyes and tried to ignore the negative memories. She soon feel asleep.

An hour later, a knock on the door woke Kaori up. She opened her eyes to see the place mostly cleaned. The knock became a pounding, then a bearded biker with a large pot belly burst through the front door. “Where’s Steve?” he asked.

“Fucking fatties,” Kaori said and scratched her barrel like stomach. “Took you long enough.”

“The fuck you say to me, slanty?” The biker’s fists clenched and he took a step towards Kaori.

Her body was horny. She didn’t want to have sex, but her body needed it. She wanted it from her fiance, but even if he was here, to him she wasn’t Kaori right now. She was Yumi. He wouldn’t have sex with her, but these two, they would. She could make them, but she was revolted by them, but her body wouldn’t let her be picky. “Steve’s making good progress, but watching him has gotten me horny. You can take over for him and he can come fuck me.”

“What?!” the biker said. He took another step towards her.

“Did I stutter, shit-head? Get your ass cleaning and get your friend in here to put his dick in me.”

The biker’s body loosened up as the anger drained out of him. “Yes, ma’am,” he said and left the room. Soon the man Kaori now knew to be named Steve came in.


“Fuck me,” Kaori said. She hated this body. She hated the needs it had. She hated how large and disgusting it was. She didn’t want to have sex with the man stripping in front of her, but her body demanded it. She wouldn’t do anything to help.

Now nude, Steve sat next to her on the couch and started caressing her.

“Ew! I said fuck me, not make love to me. Just put your dick in me and rut.”

Steve shot up. He used his strong arms to lift and spread Kaori’s legs. The instant his penis entered her she came. If she’d thought sex with the dildos had been intoxicating, sex with a real man ripped her mind out. Her eyes rolled into her head and in spite of her promise to do nothing, her hips rocked into his thrusts.

Kaori learned what bliss felt like. While she didn’t care for the insesent need of Yumi’s body, if there was something she’d take, something she’d want it from Yumi’s life, it would be this feeling. She wanted sex to always feel like this for her.


Yumi pulled into a parking space in the parking garage where the car had lead her after hitting the home button on the navigator. Kaori was loaded. That’s all Yumi could think when she saw the condo building where Kaori lived.

The navigator had gotten her here, but in all honesty, she’d been hoping Kaori lived in a house, something where Yumi would be able to figure out where to go easily, but that wasn’t the case. Kaori lived in a sixteen story building and Yumi had no idea what the room number was.

She cut the engine and sat in the car for a bit. On the ride home, Yumi’s elation at having control over men had subsided. She’d thought about her time living as her sister. She could see why her sister always had the superiority complex when they were growing up. In most regards, she was superior. Sighing, she pulled out Kaori’s phone. Maybe Kaori would tell her the room number.

Fortunately, the phone was on fingerprint recognition and she could access it. She didn’t know what she would do if it had been passworded. Yumi dialed her own cell’s number and pushed send. She didn’t want to have this conversation.

“Hello?” Kaori answered.

“Hey, Kaori. It’s Yumi.”

“Yeah, I figured that since it was my phone calling.”

“Where are you?”

“I’m at your place.”

“My place? How did you know where it is? How did you find it?”

“Because I found it. Look, I’m kind of busy right now. I’ll be headed home in a bit. We can talk more about things when I get there.”

The line went dead. Kaori had figured it out? Figured what out? How do you figure out something you don’t know?

Yumi gripped the steering wheel then hit her head on her knuckles. After her control over men, If there was something Yumi wanted from Kaori’s life, it was her intelligence. As she finished the thought, it was like a floodgate opened in her head and she had access to knowledge she didn’t even know she had.

Of course Kaori had figured it out. Driver’s license, duh. That wasn’t the only thing Yumi realized. She now perfectly understood their curse. Yumi should have seen what was going on when she couldn’t messy up Kaori’s car, or eat the donuts, or sabotage her career. She had to live and do things like Kaori would. And since Kaori wouldn’t do any of those things, neither could she. But since she was Kaori now, it meant she had access to everything Kaori had including knowledge. She didn’t have to look at a driver’s license.

Smiling, Yumi got out of the car. Of course Kaori lived in 1601. It was the best room in the building.

She made her way over to the elevator and used the access key card in the Tory Burch clutch to call the lift. She had to use it again to activate the button for the top floor. The elevator opened directly into the apartment. Yumi could hear and smell someone cooking.

“Kaachan, is that you?” a masculine voice called out. And that would be… Ken, Kaori’s fiance Yumi thought. Then she smiled at the nickname Kaori had him use for her. Instead of having a staccato to put a pause between the “ka” and the “chan” to make the proper Japanese simplification of her name, he elongated the “a” making it sound like the Japanese word for “Mommy.”

Grabbing the wall, Yumi swung herself around so that she could see over the breakfast bar and into the kitch. “That’s right, mommy’s home,” she said. Then her heart skipped a beat. It was like the model on the cover of GQ had stepped off the page and into the kitchen to make her dinner. Ostensively, she knew what Ken looked like from Kaori’s memories, but it was another matter to see him with her on eyes.

Ken smiled at her joke. “Dinner’s still going to be another forty minutes or so. If you wanna go ahead and get your exercise in now, it should be ready when you get back.”

Yumi wanted to snarl at the mention of exercise. The only exercise she wanted was to take that man and his chiseled chin for a drive. Her body had other ideas, though. It made her feel antsy. She’d taken that bite out of a donut. Sure she’d spit it out almost immediately, but she still needed to work off those calories.

“You’re the best,” she said and headed to her room to change.

The view from the window was phenomenal. She could see half the city. Yumi stopped to look. She could get used to this. The only view her dump had was of the ass cracks of the local rednecks who were constantly working on their trucks in the parking lot.

She took her suit off, but instead of throwing it on the floor like she normally would, she put the pieces of it on their hangers and readied them to be taken to the cleaners in the morning like Kaori would have. She tossed her bra and panties into the laundry hamper. Then she tied Kaori’s shoulder length hair up in a pony tail and threw on a pair of short spandex pants and a sports bra.

As she passed through the kitchen, she checked out Ken’s ass as he was bent over, working on something in the oven. Damn, Kaori knew where to keep her man Yumi thought. She headed out of the apartment and took the elevator down to the second floor where the pool and exercise room was. A couple was in there working out. The woman was on a stationary bike while the man was working the butterfly press.

“Evening, Kaori,” the woman said to her.

“Amber,” Yumi responded and got on a treadmill in front of her. Yumi didn’t really want to converse with Kaori’s neighbors, so she put her headphones on and started running. She let Kaori’s body set the pace. Yumi hadn’t run since elementary school. Even then, she wouldn’t have been able to keep pace with Kaori; the treadmill was set for a thirty minute run at four minute kilometers.

Yumi watched herself run in the large mirrors covering the wall. Her well toned legs pumped in perfect form. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her exposed washboard stomach. Her arms weren’t beefy like her roommate, Caroline, but neither were they scrawny. Kaori’s body was damn near perfect. The only draw back was her complete lack of chest. The sports bra was more for decency than any actual need of support.

Before she knew it, the treadmill beeped and started the cooldown run. Yumi was amazed at how good she felt. Her skin had a nice sheen of sweat, and she was breathing heavier from the exertion, but she wasn’t tired. Leaving her body in auto-pilot, she finished her workout with several machines and weights.

At some point, the couple had left her alone in the room. Yumi wondered if this was something she could do daily on her own without the body she inhabited forcing her to do it. She wasn’t sure. Finally tired from its workout, Yumi’s body told her it was finished. She grabbed a rag and wiped down all the machines she’d used that evening. Her body ached. She felt fantastic.

Yumi turned off the lights and headed back to the elevator. She keyed it to take her back to her apartment. When she got off, she saw that Ken had set dinner out on the table. She walked over to it and looked at the vegetarian affair. She plucked a roasted carrot off her plate and took a bite. It melted through her mouth better than any Krispy Kreme ever had.

Ken came up behind her and wrapped his arm around her.

“This is delicious,” she told him.

“You like it?” he asked and nibbled her neck.

Yumi moaned and dropped the remains of the carrot. For the first time since taking over Kaori’s body, she felt heat between her legs. She turned around in Ken’s embrace and kissed him deeply. He picked her up and put her on the table. She leaned back, knocking over the center piece, but gave it no mind. She pulled Ken on top of her. Yumi was excited. She was about to have her first man.

He kissed his way down her sweaty body. When he reached the bottom of her sports bra, he pulled it up and over her head. He pulled and twisted on her nipples and Yumi moaned. So this was foreplay she thought. She could get used to it.

After giving her tits their due, Ken kissed his way down her taut stomach and then pulled her tight shorts off. She spread her legs as her pants hit the floor and pushed Ken’s face into her. His tongue delighted her. He knew the right spots and the right amount of pressure to apply.

Yumi had had enough. She wanted to experience her first real dick. She pulled his head up and kissed him, tasting Kaori’s juices on his lips. “Take me,” she whispered in his ear.

He put himself in her and Yumi moaned, but felt disappointed. Through all the heat and build up, she’d expected to be sent out of the world the second he entered her. He was stroking in and out of her and while it felt good, she knew she wouldn’t climax.

An image of Kaori in Yumi’s fat body being fucked on a couch popped into her mind before it went white. Pleasure seared through Yumi’s soul. This was sex. She screamed and convulsed under Ken and the largest orgams she’d ever felt tore her apart.

Ken pulled out and a worried look appeared on his face. Yumi used her strong legs to push him back inside of her. She pulled him to her tight. “Don’t stop,” she said. “Don’t ever stop fucking.” She dug her nails into his back as he pounded in and out of her. He came in her and her body went limp as she lost consciousness from the pleasure.

When Yumi came to, Ken was laying on top of her, panting. She rubbed her hands down his back.

“That was the best sex we’ve ever had,” he told her.

“Mmmm,” Yumi replied. She pushed him up and he moved. Yumi hopped off the table and her feet made a slight sound as they landed on the floor. “I’m going to go shower off.” She trailed her hand down his chest and down along his large cock as she strode away.


Kaori basked in the afterglow. Sperm drooled down one of her massive breasts. She’d commanded Steve to shoot on her as she was disgusted by the thought of a man like Steve actually cumming in her. “Clean it off,” she said.

Steve started looking around the room.

“You don’t need something to wipe it off with.”

“How should I clean it off then, ma’am?”

“Your tongue.”

Steve made a disgusted face, but started to clean his own sperm off the large woman.

“I think some might have gone into one of the folds, be sure to get in there, too.”

The biker guy came into the room and made a face at the sight.

“What jealous?” Kaori asked him.

“No, revolted. A good white man like Steve forced to do that to a yellow like you.”

Rage overwhelmed Kaori. “Off!” Steve shot off her like he was burned.

Kaori lifted herself off the couch as well and looked up at the two men who towered over her by almost a foot each. Steve stood next to his friend, staring at Kaori. He was still hard looking at her naked body because she hadn’t told him he could stop being hard.

“Neither of you so much as twitch,” she said. Kaori paced around the biker, then shoved her way between the two men. She stopped in front of the man whose name she still didn’t know.

“What do you think of homosexuals?”

“Every one of those fucking fairies need to be killed.”

Kaori nodded. “Interesting thing to call them, seeing as that’s your name.”

“What is?”


“The fuck it is.”

Kaori looked at Steve. “Steve, you never told me, what’s your friend’s name?”

“Fairy, ma’am.”

She turned back to the biker. “And when you so rudely came in earlier, you never did give me the pleasure of your name.”

“It’s fucking Fairy.”

Kaori laughed. “Is that ‘Fucking Fairy’ or just ‘Fairy’? Oh, and do be polite.”

“Just ‘Fairy’, ma’am.”

“Why would someone have the name ‘Fairy’?”

Fairy looked at her. Rage gripped Kaori again. “Don’t look at me! Look at the wall as if its growing tits.”

Fairy’s eyes shot off of her and went wide as the looked at the wall. “I ask you again, why would a man have the name ‘Fairy’?”

“Because you gave it to me,” Fairy answered.

I gave it to you? But that’s always been you name. Right, Steve?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Kaori turned towards Steve. He was looking at the wall as well, but without the dumb look of shock Fairy did. “And Steve, why would a man have the name fairy?”

“Because… he’s a fairy?”

“And what’s a fairy?”

“A fag?”

Kaori shook her head. “Oh Steve, and here you were being so polite. But you are right.” She pat his cheek like she would pat the head of a dog who’d just fetched a ball.

“I ain’t no fag,” Fairy said.

Kaori turned on him. She pressed her massive naked weight into him and leaned up to his ear. “Oh, yes, you are.”

She got off her tiptoes and walked away from the two men. She spun around and looked at them. “Look at me, boys.” Their eyes met hers. They didn’t dare let them roam over her large form as she paced in front of them. “This is how it is. I’ve had a really shitty day. Some asshole shoved me into my blimp sister’s diabetic body and I’ve been fucked by a woman and a white supremacist in the past three hours.” Kaori paused her walking, then picked it back up with an increased pace. “Which I guess makes it so that I’ve cheated on my fiance.” Through clenched teeth she said, “And I don’t want to cheat on my fiance.

“But, I’ve gotten two things out of it.” She lift her index finger. “I know what sex should feel like.” She added her middle finger to her index, “And I have complete and utter control over men.

“So, the question is. How do I punish you two assholes? I mean, cause come on, Steve, don’t for a second think that I’m going to let that ‘chink’ comment from earlier slide.”

Kaori stopped and looked at the two men again. She clapped once. “Okay, I think I’ve got it. You two make a great couple. You’re completely in love with each other.” As she finished her sentence, the two men reached out and held hands. “Unfortunately, neither of you are faithful for shit. You both constantly crave big black cock. However, Steve, you’re the one who gets it most of the time, and you flaunt it in front of Fairy. But you love being cucked, don’t you Fairy?”

Fairy swallowed. “Yes, ma’am.”

“You’ll continue to run with your racist friends, but, Fairy, at every gathering you’ll try to show off your latest recording of your husband’s ass hole being stretched by a gaint black penis. And Steve, you’ll pick up all the mannerisms of a very effeminate man. If a lisp stirs up more hate for you, develop one.”

“Yeth, ma’am.”

“And both of you, those tattoos just don’t do for a pair of flamboyant homosexuals. Slowly start having them changed into gay symbolism.” Kaori nodded. “That’s good for you, Steve. Get dressed, take my bags, and get your car ready to take me out of here.”

Steve bowed. “Yeth, ma’am.” He left the apartment. Kaori examined it. The two former white supremacists had made it spotless. A pang ran through her. Even clean, the place was still a dump. This is where her sister lived, because a friend took pity on her and gave her rent for way cheaper than she could find anywhere else. She was surrounded by fascists and the type of people who Kaori had only seen stereotyped on television.

How would Yumi have turned out if she’d been nicer to her when they were growing up? Despite their lie that they told almost everyone, they were identical twins. When they were younger, even their parents confused them at times. Had that been the cause of their resentment towards each other? Was that why Yumi had started fattening herself up, so people could tell them apart?

Kaori should have been there for her, instead of making things worse. Maybe it wasn’t too late. Regret and remorse welled up in her. Kaori turned to Fairy and clenched her fists. “You! Two things. I want you to offer your services as a maid to the girls that live here. And when you do, you’ll treat them with more respect than you would even me.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Last, you are going to start taking female hormones, or whatever you can find to make your dick start shrinking. Once it’s about two inches when erect, you can stop.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Now get out of here.” Kaori watched Fairy leave and smiled. His departure took her anger with him. The absolute control she now had over men was the second best thing to happen to her today. Her gaze fell down to the body she inhabited and her smile disappeared. A sick feeling welled up inside of her. She would never get out of this body.

Would Yumi allow her to start exercising? Would she have to eat the shit that Yumi shoved in her face? Kaori lifted some of her folds.The areas under them were pink from rubbing together and if she didn’t wash them well, they would start to fester. She was disgusted. Kaori hated everything about the body except for maybe the breasts. She hefted each one of them in turn. What would she look like if she had breasts that size on her old body? Yumi had been right, the only breast development Kaori had gone through in puberty was developing a complex about her lack of them.

She’d thought about surgery, but she’d never had the time. Kaori found a mirror in the apartment and looked at her naked reflection. She looked past everything but the breasts. Yes, she liked them. She wanted them for herself. Fake or real, she didn’t care, when she shed all the extra pounds, she had to have them.


The large overhead shower rained water down onto her naked body. She ran her hands through her wet hair and gathered it behind her head. Minute by minute, Yumi’s hatred for her twin sister diminished. She tried to think back to their childhood to where they’d gone wrong and started hating each other. She couldn’t pinpoint a time, but even though she felt she’d always been the bullied one, she could remember times where she was just as hateful as Kaori had been. She regretted it.

Another regret hit her. Kaori was now stuck in the body she’d spent her life destroying. She glanced down at the slender body she knew Kaori worked hard to maintain. How could she have thought to destroy such near perfection?

Suddenly, Yumi lost her breath. She gasped and fell forward. Her hand smacked into the glass wall of the shower and she brought her other hand up to support herself. Pressure and pain seared through her chest and she gasped for breath. More and more weight on her chest pulled her forward, threatening to make her fall over. Then, as suddenly as it start, it stopped.

Yumi stood up, but something tried to pull her down. She looked down and was greeted by tits. They had to be the same size as on her old body. With the slight frame she’d inherited from her twin, they looked enormous. Yumi reached up and felt them. She let out a moan. They were just as sensitive as her old ones had been. The only difference between her original boobs and these was that these weren’t natural. After years of staring at her old saddlebags, she was thrilled. Her knockers sat high and proud on her chest.

“Thank you, Kaori,” she said. Yumi smiled, She knew their curse. She understood what the man had done to them. She spread her arms out and stared into the eyes of her reflection. “Come home to me, my sister. This is the body we shall have. I love this body.”


Too ashamed to look at her body any more, Kaori had thrown on a shirt and pair of shorts and was headed to Steve’s car. She needed to get home. She was starting to get horny again and she didn’t want to undo the changes she’d made to Steve for a quick fuck.

Pain shot through her entire body and her legs locked up. She fell face first into the grass bordering the sidewalk. She laid there stiff as every joint locked up like her legs had. She wanted to scream, but nothing would move, not even her vocal chords. Every inch of her body burned. It felt like someone was skinning her alive. When the pain finally subsided, a new pain pierced her at the base of her neck, like someone had stabbed her. Had Steve or Fariy come to kill her in her vulnerable state?

The pain at her neck traced down her spine, like whoever had stabbed her was now cutting her open. The person killing her stopped when he reached her butt. Then the pain vanished like it had never been there. There were no lingering aches, but her skin felt weird, like she was wearing a suit.

Still laying on the ground, she reached up to feel where someone had stabbed her. There was a zipper on the back of her neck. She pulled it all the way down to her ass, where the person had stopped cutting. Then she pushed her back out of the hole. She pulled the full body suit off her head, then pulled her arms and legs out. She was free.

Kaori looked at Yumi’s old body laying in a crumpled up lump in the grass. She turned her gaze to her own body. It was her body again, slim, athletic, and toned. Only it wasn’t her body as the two most perfect breasts jutted out off her chest. Yumi had given her her body back, only better. “Thank you, sister. One good turn deserves another.” Kaori grinned at her thoughts and knew what Yumi was now experiencing.

She climbed into Steve’s truck completely naked. She told him her address then commanded that he have her there in less than ten minutes.


She was drying herself off when an explosion hit her crotch. Yumi moaned and fell to the floor. She knew this feeling. She’d lived with this feeling since puberty: the constant want of sex. She smiled and sank to the cold tile floor. “Oh, Kaori, you bitch. I’ll get you for that.”

Yumi pushed herself up off the floor and made her way out to Ken. Despite her words, there was no hard feeling behind them. How could there be she thought. She and her sister were identical twins, body and soul and Yumi loved it.


She climbed out of Steve’s truck. After commanding him to forget the address he sped off with the suitcase full of Yumi’s old clothes. The one filled with the sex toys trailed behind her as she wheeled it to the main entrance to her building.

As she reached the door, a couple exitted. “Kaori?!” Amber said in shock, staring at Kaori’s naked body.

“Amber,” Kaori said and nodded. “Josh,” she purred and looked him up and down.

“What happened to you?”

“My sister.” Kaori passed through the door they held open and into the elevator. The door closed on the couple and Kaori heard Amber yell at Josh for staring too hard.

Kaori rang the call button for the 16th floor and a second later the button lit up. Kaori pushed it and the elevator carried her up. The doors opened to Ken, kneeling naked in front of it with Yumi standing next to him, naked as well.

“Welcome home, Mommy,” Ken said.

Kaori tilted her head and looked at Yumi. Well, he was calling you Kaachan, so I thought I’d just make it official. Yumi’s lips hadn’t moved. The thoughts came to her as if they were her own. Though calling them thoughts was wrong. They were more like memories of herself, turning her former fiance into her and Yumi… No, Mimi’s faithful pet. Their first man-servant. They didn’t need a fiance or a husband, they had each other.

The two women kissed. Mommy pulled back. She knew Mimi knew, but had to say it. “I love you, sister,” both women said at the same time.


The man rode the elevator up to the 16th floor. He had had a good time in this city, but it was time to move on. He’d learned that if he stayed in one place too long the abnormal indecency that he created turned out to become the norm and where was the fun in that?

He smiled as he thought of his creations. The Darling sisters were two of the top porn stars in the industry thanks to him. One of their biggest competitors was of course the home videos that worthless cuckold shot of his whore wife. His only regret was he’d gone a little hard on the mother-daughter combos this time, but in all it’s been worth it. Lilly and her daughter had come close to becoming the city’s best call girls, but Lilly had won in the end.

That’s why he liked doing it the way he did. Sometimes people surprised him and didn’t turn out like he imagined. Sure, he mostly cheated and there was no way they could become anything but what he set them on the path to be. But just like in Vegas, the house usually won. Sometimes, it even turned out like Becca’s dad. The man didn’t care though. In his mind the annoying asshole got what he deserved.

The elevator chimed and brought him out of his revery. It was time to check on his last project. He stepped off and went around the corner into the living room. He smiled at the sight. One of the girls laid on the sofa while Ken, Kaori’s fiance plowed into her. The other one sat with her knees on the armrest and her ass in the air. Josh, one of the neighbors, was ramming into her hard. Daniel, Kaori’s secretary, stood at attention, off to the side. His arms rested down by his sides and he didn’t attempt to touch his large erection.

The man searched the girl’s minds to find out which one was which. He laughed. Fraternal twins. Even without his powers, he wouldn’t have believed the lie for a second. Though they’d hidden it, he knew they were maternal, and thanks to him they now looked completely identical. He frowned. He couldn’t tell which was which. When he checked their minds, he could feel the two of them, but they existed as one. As soon as he identified one as Yumi, she slipped into the other body.

The girls noticed the man’s arrival. They kissed each other, then pulled themselves off the cocks that were impaling them. The men immediately stopped moving and stood still. The women were a vision. Their large breasts were exposed through the transparent, black negligee robes they wore. Around their waists, they wore matching lace garter skirts that attached to their pantyhose, but had no underwear on under the skirts as they’d just been busy fucking.

The man hadn’t kept a harem in years, but the vision of the perfect beauties in front of him made his mind waver. He wanted them. He was going to take these two with him.

“Look who it is, Mimi,” the one on his right said as she caressed into him, grabbing onto his arm.

“I see, Mommy,” the one on the left said as she circled around them.

The one on his arm stood on her toes and nibbled his ear. “How should we repay him, Mommy?” she whispered into it.

The girl in front of him reached out and grabbed his rock hard cock through his pants. She held onto it as she wrapped herself on his left side. “Look, Mimi. He’s already lost control to us.”

The man’s stomach lurched as the floor vanished beneath him. What was happening? The girl with her hand on his cock squeezed it. She leaned up into his left ear. “Yes, we really could use,” she said into it.

“A reality controlling pet,” the girl on his right finished.

These girls were going to control him? He didn’t think so. The girl on his right detached herself. “Yes, Mommy. He is a great pet.”

The girl on the left let go of his penis and it felt like the light had abandoned him. He’d do anything to get it back. Meanwhile, the girl walked around her sister and embraced her from behind. “He’ll be so helpful in dealing with girls like Amber.”

“I know, she’s been such a little bitch since we stole her Josh.”

The man was in heaven. Both his mistresses were looking at him. If only they’d allow him to touch them. He’d do anything they asked.

“Now that he belongs to us, body and soul.”

“We can have whatever our heart desires.”

The two women turned away from him. The resumed their positions on the couch and the man’s fellow pleasure slaves continued their fucking. He removed his clothes and went to stand next to the other unused slave.

He looked at his fellow unnamed sex servants. All three of them were taller, more attractive, and muscular than he was. He knew his mistresses liked men like that. He could easily change himself to be that way, but didn’t. His mistresses hadn’t told him he could. All he could do was to stand tall, erect, and hope that they would find use for him soon.