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Chapter 3—The Plan

Part I—Breakfast

It was Monday morning and Ryan was in the kitchen. He was in a great mood. After all, he’d just spent the entire weekend living out every sexual fantasy he’d ever had involving his two stud roommates, Dan and Jason. He’d gotten up somewhat early that morning after spending the night in Dan’s bed sleeping between his two slaves. It was a little crowded, but nobody was complaining, least of all Ryan. Getting up, he accidentally woke his two slaves.

“Go back to sleep,” he said, as he headed to the kitchen. Without another word, both slaves went right back to sleep. As he went out the bedroom door he could already hear them snoring softly.

Ryan had decided to make breakfast for himself and his slaves. Can’t let myself get too lazy, he thought. All weekend, when his slaves weren’t taking part in his sexual fantasies, they’d pampered him. Cleaning the house, doing his laundry, and generally done everything they could to please their master. Ryan could see how this could get out of hand if he let it.

After a 20 minutes or so, the clinking of dishes and the smell of bacon and eggs woke the two slaves for the second time.

“Master, let us do that!” said Jason, horrified that his Master was doing slave’s work.

“It’s alright Jason, you two can get the dishes. Sit down at the table. Breakfast is almost ready.”

Dan and Jason both looked skeptical, but an order was an order.

Ryan brought over two plates and sat them in front of the two studs. He smiled to himself. Both slaves were in their standard home-attire. Since he’d programmed them, they usually wore nothing but tight jocks (when they wore anything at all). Ryan doubted he would ever get tired of seeing them walk around the house that way.

Grabbing a plate for himself, he joined the two at the table and asked Dan, “So what time will you bring Coach Johnson over?”

“I should be able to convince him to come over sometime late this afternoon, Master,” said Dan. “It shouldn’t be difficult. He’s been over a few times before.”

Ryan hadn’t met the coach yet. The other times, he’d been out of the house. From what Dan said, Coach was quite the stud though. Coach Johnson had been state wrestling champion when he was in college and at 32 he was still in great shape. He was also young enough that he enjoyed hanging out with team assistants like Dan.

“It’s important that we get him over here,” Ryan said.

“I understand, Master,” said Dan.

Part II—Coach Johnson

That afternoon Ryan and Jason waited upstairs for Dan to come home. Since Ryan didn’t know for sure when Dan would be there, he decided to spend the time having Jason practice the fine art of cocksucking. Both had been happily engaged in this for some time when they heard the front door open and voices downstairs.

He and Jason quickly and quietly got dressed. Once they were in their “street clothes” Ryan opened the door to his room, but neither left.

Ryan had decided that it would be easier if Dan got Coach to try the ‘great new sports drink.’ If all went according to plan, in about five minutes Dan would come up and get Ryan and Jason so they could put part one of Dan’s plan into place.

The first day that Ryan had enslaved his roommates, Dan had come up with (in Ryan’s opinion) a brilliant plan for enslaving ten of the hottest guys on campus. First they would enslave Coach Johnson and then with his help, the rest of the wrestling team. Ryan had gone to several matches, and though the team was small, he couldn’t remember seeing a finer looking group of guys anywhere.

Downstairs, Ryan and Jason could hear Dan talking to Coach Johnson.

“Here’s that drink I was telling you about, Coach. I really think you’ll like it.”

A deeper, sexy voice said, “Well, if it’s got all the vitamins and performance enhancing amino acids you say it does, it sure can’t hurt.”

“If you like it, I’ll bring you the literature on it so you can check it out for the team,” Dan said.

“Hey, this is pretty good! I expected it to taste terrible. You know the old saying ‘If it tastes good, it can’t be good for you,” the coach said.

Ryan and Jason exchanged wicked grins.

“I’m sure you’ll feel like a different person after that sports drink kicks in, Coach,” said Dan. “I sure did.”

Coach took another sip and said, “Dan, you can call me Pete when we’re alone.”

“Cool, Pete.” said Dan. “Want to kick back for a few? We can go over the training schedule for the team.”

“Sure,” the coach said.

Downstairs, Ryan and Jason could hear the two discussing several new training regimes that had gotten a lot of attention in the college-wrestling circle.

A few minutes later Ryan heard Dan say, “Here, I’ll take your glass to the kitchen. You want anything else to drink?”

“Naw, I’m fine,” said the coach slowly.

Ryan knew that Dan would be up to get him in a just a few more minutes.

Sure enough, within minutes they could hear the conversation begin to slow down, until Coach’s responses became one-word responses to questions Dan asked him. Moments later Dan appeared at the top of the stairs. He looked at his Master and motioned them down without saying anything. With the coach fully under the effects of the drug, Ryan didn’t want any random comment being permanently etched into his mind.

The three walked downstairs. Ryan motioned the two slaves to the side and took a moment to check out the man who would soon be his newest acquisition.

Coach Peter Johnson was sitting on the couch in jeans and a t-shirt. Even though he was sitting, Ryan could tell that he was probably about 5′10. Short brown hair and green eyes seemed to match the strong jaw and made for a very attractive face. His t-shirt couldn’t hide the well-built chest or the strong biceps.

Ryan was very pleased. Coach would make a great addition to his little group. He could see the glazed look in his eyes and knew the coach was deeply under the influence of the drug.

Coach Johnson hadn’t said anything when the three walked down, so Ryan asked, “Coach Johnson, can you hear me?”

He looked over at Ryan and slowly blinked a few times. “Yes,” he mumbled.

“Peter, I have something very important that you really want to hear,” Ryan said.

As Coach Johnson listened, Ryan began to reprogram his mind.

Ryan used the same script he had prepared for his two roommates with the exception of the order to wear only a jock around the house. After he was done, Coach would wear anything Ryan told him.

After a few minutes, Ryan finished and told the coach to sleep until Ryan woke him.

Turning his attention to his first two slaves, he noted that they were still wearing their street clothes.

“Why don’t you two get more comfortable,” he said.

In a flash, the two had stripped down to the jockstraps they had been wearing under their jeans.

“You did well, Dan.” Ryan said.

Dan felt like he was in heaven, from his Master’s praise.

“You too, Jason. Good job upstairs,” he said with a smile.

Jason gave him a big grin, but simply said, “Thank you, Sir.”

Checking his watch, Dan realized it was time to wake up his new slave.

“Peter,” he said. “Wake up!”

Coach Johnson opened his eyes. For a split second he looked at Ryan with total confusion and suddenly he realized who he was looking at.

“You, you’re my Master!” he exclaimed.

Ignoring the obvious, Ryan simply asked, “How do you feel?”

“I feel good, Sir,” Coach Johnson said as he sat upright.

“Do you understand what’s happened?”

“Yes, Master. You’ve made me your slave,” the coach said with a smile.

“And how do you feel about that?” asked Ryan.

“I know you changed me somehow, Sir, but I can’t help feeling really happy that I’m serving you.”

“Are you dating anyone?” Ryan asked. Dan had already told him the coach wasn’t married.

“Nobody serious, Master.”

“Perfect. Nobody will miss you tonight?”

“No, Master. I don’t have anything planned,” said the coach submissively.

“Good. Stand up,” Ryan ordered.

After he stood up, the coach let out a little moan of pleasure as he obeyed his first order. He hadn’t been expecting THAT. Serving his Master was literally going to be a pleasure.

Now that he was standing, Coach Johnson noticed Dan and Jason standing nearby in their jocks. He looked over at Ryan with a slightly puzzled look on his face.

“They’re my slaves too. I like them to dress that way when we’re at home.” Ryan explained. “Speaking of clothes. Take off your shirt and pants.”

Rushing to comply, the coach quickly pulled off his shoes, quickly followed by his t-shirt and jeans.

Ryan stood in front of the beefy coach and decided he enjoyed the view very much. The coach had a moderately furry chest with a “treasure-trail” that disappeared beneath the band of a pair of tight Calvin’s. The combination of the coach’s pleasure obeying orders and his newfound desire for men began creating a wonderfully obscene bulge that Ryan couldn’t resist fondling. Feeling the heft of Coach’s cock and balls, Ryan knew they’d made a good choice. Eager to see more, he ordered the coach to strip down completely.

Freed from its white cotton prison, Coach’s cock began to expand and stiffen. Ryan stepped closer and gave his new slave’s cock a few slow strokes while massaging the large furry balls hanging underneath.

Turning to Dan and Jason, he could see that they too were hard. Jason’s huge prick was already sticking out over the top of the jock. “Take off those jocks and start practicing your cock-sucking skills,” he ordered. “Don’t cum until I tell you!”

“Yes Master!” the two slaves replied eagerly.

Leaving them to entertain each other, Ryan turned back to the coach, who by now was fully hard and breathing heavily. Grabbing the back of the coach’s head, Ryan pulled him closer. The two locked in a passionate kiss as the eager coach began gently thrusting against Ryan’s crotch.

Ryan was now fully hard as well, and since he was the only one still dressed, he began taking off his clothes so that he too, could be “more comfortable.”

Coach Johnson looked at his Master’s cock for the first time. The naked lust on his face was plain to see.

“Have you ever sucked cock before?” Ryan asked the coach.

“No, Master,” he replied.

“I think it’s about time you had your first taste then,” Ryan said. Putting one hand on the coach’s shoulder he gently pushed him down to his knees in front of Ryan. That was all the encouragement he needed. Mouth open, the coach slowly sucked Ryan’s cock in as far as he could. Striving to give his Master the best blowjob he could, the new slave tried to take it to the base, but quickly started choking.

“Easy, slave,” Ryan said. “You’ll improve with practice. Just do your best for now.”

As far as Ryan was concerned, even if his newest slave couldn’t deep-throat him, it still felt incredible. With practice all three slaves would be experts in no time.

Glancing over at Dan and Jason, he watched as the two slaves 69’d each other. They seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. Ryan could hear muffled grunts of pleasure from both of them.

Turning his attention back to the incredible sensations his cock was experiencing, he could see Coach looking up at him, eager to please, as he sucked his Master’s cock.

Ryan reached down and grabbed the back of his slaves’ head. He gently began to fuck Coach’s mouth as the slave passively let himself be used for his Master’s pleasure.

“Dan, go get the lube,” he ordered. At this rate, I should by stock in a lube company, Ryan thought to himself.

Dan was back quickly and stood patiently waiting for further orders.

“Jason, go lube Dan up. When he’s ready I want you to fuck him. Go easy with that big dick of yours though,” Ryan ordered.

“Yes, Sir!” Jason said eagerly.

Dan got on all fours with Jason kneeling behind him. The two slaves made sure that their Master had a good view of the action as Jason began to slowly work a well-lubed finger up his buddy’s asshole. After a little work he could feel it loosen up so he added a second finger.

“You ready, dude?” Jason asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be for that big fuck-stick,” Dan replied. “Go easy on me, man.”

Jason greased up his pole and aimed it for Dan’s hot spot. After pushing in a little bit, he stopped. Dan pushed back against Jason, slowly forcing more of the cock into his ass. After a little work, all 9 ½″ were buried to the hilt.

“How’s that feel, Dan?” Jason asked.

“Feels fucking great!” Dan moaned. “Yeah, fuck me dude.”

Not needing any further encouragement, Jason began a serious fuck. Pulling almost all the way out, then slowly back in all the way again.

After watching this for a few minutes, Ryan decided it was time to pop his newest slave’s cherry. Pulling his cock out of Coach’s hungry mouth, he said, “Go get the lube.”

Returning with the lube, Coach got on all fours with his back to Ryan. He looked over his shoulder, waiting for his new Master to initiate him fully into the group.

Ryan poured out some lube and began massaging it into his slave’s tight ass. Sticking first one finger and then two into the tight hole, Ryan gradually worked on it until it loosened up enough to take his cock.

Taking his slick cock, he aimed it at the slave’s hole and began pushing against the tight entrance. Meeting resistance at first, Ryan felt his cock pass the tight ring and then suddenly slip much deeper in. Pausing for a moment to let his new slave get accustomed to his cock, Ryan continued on until he was in all the way. Pausing again, he asked, “How you doing?”

“Good, Master. Your cock feels fantastic, Sir!”

With that, the coach began fucking himself on Ryan’s cock.

Jason and Dan looked over at their Master as he fucked Coach Johnson. The sex they were having felt great, but nothing compared to having their master’s cock up their ass.

After a while, the moans of pleasure picked up pace and Ryan could sense that they all were ready to cum. Feeling the waves of orgasm begin to break over him, he managed to order the three slaves to shoot their loads. Instantly, he felt coach’s ass clinch rhythmically around his cock as they both shot their load together. From the noise Dan and Jason were making, Ryan could tell that they had shot at the same time as well.

Exhausted, the four collapsed in a heap together with Ryan in the middle.

* * *

Later that evening Ryan explained Dan’s plan to Coach Johnson who was, of course, happy to help in any way possible.

To be continued....