The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


A student discovers an ancient manuscript claiming that humans were put on earth by an alien slaver race. He soon puts the slaver command language to good use.

I suppose this all started because my student grant needed topping up again.

The university had recently received a whole heap of manuscripts willed to them from a collector. The documents were in Acadian, which was the subject of my PhD studies. They all needed translating, and the university was willing to pay. There was a slight disagreement as to the rates. I argued that it was a specialist task, and therefore should command top rates. Sheila, my tutor, and the head of department, argued that it should really be a labour of love; I should feel privileged just to have the chance to do it; however, as a concession to the perilous state of my finances, she was willing to free a small portion of her meagre departmental budget. And, she added as the clincher, Marilyn Foxtrove would also be helping to translate some of the documents.

Marilyn was also studying Acadian, and was a complete hottie. All the guys on the course lusted after her; possibly even all the guys on campus. However, as far as I knew, she kept her legs firmly together, and politely rebuffed all advances. Her studies, she said, were far more important at this time in her life than a relationship. Nevertheless, the chance to sit in the same room as her, to freely ogle her hot body and perhaps even talk from time to time was compelling. Sheila knew it too, and my rate negotiations swiftly caved in.

So it was that for three evenings a week and Saturday mornings I found myself in close proximity to Marilyn Foxtrove. The conversations weren’t as plentiful as I’d hoped. Marilyn made it clear that she was there to work. She had negotiated a much better deal than me, and was being paid per item translated, rather than on a time basis. Since she had a mind to match her body, her throughput was awesome, but it did mean that she was pretty fixated on the job in hand. Small talk was therefore quickly deflected, although she was more than happy to help with translation issues and talk technical. Still, I was able to steal almost unlimited glances down her voluptuous cleavage, which was some consolation.

Most of the documents were deadly boring, and the main bulk were some kind of tax collection records; I translated endless accounts of grain harvests, labour costs, and market trading levies. Occasionally there would be some little treasure in the pile though, which I would inevitably use as a chance to try and start a conversion.

“Marilyn, you have to read this one after me!” I said, “I have no idea whether I am translating it properly.”

“Oh?” she said, looking up just too slowly to catch my eyes savouring her breasts. Sometimes while she worked she rested them on the table which made them strain against the material of her dress in a most appealing way, making them appear even larger than normal.

“Apparently the human race is one big slave colony. Aliens from outer space come down periodically, check on our progress and give us our next work instructions. I’m summarising of course. Here, check it out.”

I handed her the document.

“It sounds like they had just as many wackos as we do nowadays” she said, taking it from me. She scanned through the first few lines.

“You’re translating this word as ‘aliens’? Hmm, it could also just be ‘people from overseas’. I think you are overcomplicating things Martin.” She gave me a withering look. “It’s just nasty historical ‘business as usual’. The Acadians were repeatedly invaded and enslaved by some local barbarians, and this is the description of those events.”

“Right, but the historical records have no mention of repeated invasion by barbarians.”

“They have no mention of repeated invasion by space aliens either, Martin. Really, it’s an amusing thought, but you would be laughed off the course if you handed in your version of the translation.”

I tried my best to salvage the situation.

“Yeah, I guess. Kind of fun though. It’s probably written by some nutball priest, high on the local drugs or whatever. It certainly makes a change from the rest of the documents.”

“Yes.” She agreed. “The one I’m working on now is driving me crazy. It’s just gibberish. I’ve been stuck for twenty minutes now without headway. I think I’m going to pass and move on to another.”

This was a better turn of events. Perhaps I could still dig myself out of the hole. Aliens. Whatever had I been thinking? I reached out my hand.

“Here, let me take a look. Perhaps I can help.”

She handed the document over and I scanned quickly through it. It was indeed gibberish. The first line was the only one that even looked like Acadian words, and the rest just appeared to be a random jumble. I looked at the first line again. I seemed to recall seeing those words before.

“Hold on. Give me the nutty one back as well. I think I saw that first phrase in there somewhere.

She passed it to me and I put the documents side by side.

“Look, there!” I pointed to the documents, “It’s the same phrase.”

I consulted my translation notes.

“In the context, I’m pretty sure it means ‘Command language for slaves’.”

“Command language for slaves?”

“Yes, it’s a couple of paragraphs in. I don’t think you got that far when you read it. Apparently the aliens used a special language when giving the slaves – the Acadians – their instructions. It says they were forced to obey any instructions given in the command language. It doesn’t say how though. I guess the usual brutal slave punishments were used.”

Marilyn grabbed the papers back excitedly.

“Well this makes a whole lot more sense. This document isn’t babble; this is the language of the slavers. Forget about space aliens. This is a new language we have just discovered. ”

She paused to consider the ramifications.

“Martin! This could make us famous. Oh my god! Oh my god! Look, this means there is a whole new race of people, a slaver race, unknown to historians at the moment. They have their own language! A language never seen before. And we were the ones to discover them!”

The implications slowly dawned on me.

“We shouldn’t tell anyone, not yet.” I said, slowly.

“Right!” she agreed. “We should gather as much information as we can from the documents here, then publish. This could make our careers!”

“We’ll have to tell Sheila at some point.”

Marilyn groaned. “She’ll steal all the credit! Professors always do.”

I tended to agree with her.

“Ok, well, we’ll just have to do the best we can, and worry about that later. But we don’t tell her until we really have to. We carry on translating, but only pass on the normal stuff. Anything to do with the slavers we hold back until we are ready.”

“Agreed. And we work every night from now on!”

“Fine by me!” More chances to stare at her tits, as well as becoming world famous.

“And mornings as well, before lectures.”

“Great!” Even more tits.

“So how do we translate the babble? There’s nothing to cross reference with.”

“I don’t know. " She thought for a few seconds. “Now we know what we are looking for, perhaps we will find something in these other documents. I’ll start looking through this pile, and you can check the rest. Anything with the slaver language goes in this pile. Everything else goes here.”

Now we knew what we were looking for, we started to find more examples of the slaver language. Most documents had nothing, but we had a significant amount of documents with snippets of slaver text. We also went back through the pile of already translated documents and found quite a few examples where previously we had thought there was an untranslatable word or phrase, but which we now recognised as slaver text. Finally we were finished sorting.

Marilyn patted the pile of untranslated documents.

“I wonder what part of the world the slavers came from. There must be clues here now we know to look for them.”

“Or what part of the universe?”

She gave me her ‘you are an idiot’ look.

“Martin! Don’t be silly. It’s obvious, these were just normal people.”

I didn’t want to appear foolish, so I tried to divert the conversation again.

I still had the command language sheet in my hand. I read the first command in a theatrical voice, pointing at Marilyn.

“Zultmyn ab cthultos!”

“I wonder what that means. Do you have any strange urges to go and build a pyramid? Harvest a couple of acres of grain before tea?”

I was hoping to make her laugh, but it had the opposite effect.

“Ha! Don’t be an imbecile Martin. The Acadians didn’t build pyramids, everyone knows that. Please! Keep focussed! Jeez, it is hot in here though. Do you mind?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, but was already unbuttoning her blouse. Of course I didn’t mind at all, but stared dumfounded as more of her gorgeous pillowy flesh came into view with each button she unfastened.

“Martin, do you mind? I know you keep sneaking looks at my tits, and that’s fine... ”

I blushed at realising I had been caught.

“...but if we’re going to get any progress made, you are going to have to look at the documents now and then.”

I tore my gaze unwillingly from the depths of her cleavage. She took the document from me, rather brusquely, I thought.

“Anyway, you’re pronouncing it all wrong. The generally accepted pronunciation of ‘cth’ is a harsh C with a following click. Not ‘chuth’ like you were saying.

I tried again. “Zultmyn ab cthultos!”

“Yes, that’s much better.” she agreed, then followed it with a little squeak. “Oh!”

I glanced from the document back up at her. She had a strange expression on her face, almost as if she was fighting something, and her upper body was twitching, and jerking. Not like she was having a fit or anything, but every few seconds, like she had an itch she was trying to keep secret or something.

Her face cleared and went back to normal, but now her hands were back on her remaining few buttons. This time she was much more urgent, practically ripping them open, then she was wriggling out of her blouse. She dropped it onto the floor like it was burning her hands.

“Um, still too hot?” I asked, a bit nonplussed.

“Er, yes. Yes, that’s right, much too hot. I, er, needed to get this off right away.”

She looked flustered. I looked at her boobs. They looked almost perfect, spilling over the top of the lacy white bra she was wearing. She was breathing slightly harder now following her mild exertions, and the creamy flesh was rising and falling in a most intoxicating way. She stayed like that for only a few seconds before she started twitching again. I thought I heard her gasp an almost inaudible “No!", and then she grasped hold of her bra, tugging it down. Her tits flopped out, freed from their confinement. Now they looked perfect.

There was an audible sigh of wonder, which I guess came from me, because she looked round and caught me staring at her chest again.

“Martin! Please! You’d think you’d never seen breasts before. Give me some respect! And help me out of this damn thing!”

She was struggling to unclip and remove her bra. She turned her back on me so that I could help. This was a most unexpected turn of events. I had no idea what was going on, but was enjoying it immensely.

“It’s just, well, I just can’t wear a top in here. I just can’t!”

She turned back to me. She was trying to cover her breasts with her hands, but all that did was make her look more sexy.

It’s much It’s just too...unbearable. So we can either be adults about it, and carry on working, or I’ll have to leave. But you will have to stop staring at my breasts all the time. I need you to respect me.”

“Um OK!” I croaked, tearing my eyes from her cleavage. “I think I can manage that.”

“Good.” She released her breasts, keeping eye contact with me to make sure I wasn’t looking. With a huge effort of will I kept my eyes firmly on hers.

“Good.” She repeated. “Right then, back to work!”

Well, we spent the rest of the session poring through documents, her with her tits out on the table, and me getting as many surreptitious peeks as I could. My dick was absolutely giving her breasts as much respect as it could, throbbing away uncomfortably in my pants.

The office we were using for the translations was in the basement of the research building, and was more a storeroom than an office. Sheila’s budget really was as poor as she claimed. Still, this meant that there were no windows, and zero chance of anyone walking in on us. Sheila had popped down once or twice in the first week to check things over, but hadn’t been seen since. All in all, this meant I was in for as much uninterrupted tit appreciation as I could stand.

I don’t know how many documents I looked through, but I do know that if you have a hard on for an hour, you become incredibly horny by the end of it. I was almost glad when she called time on the session. I dashed to the toilets for some much needed relief, while she presumably put her amazing rack back under wraps.

It was only later that evening when it dawned on me that I had been thinking with my prick, and not my head. I had just accepted the fact that Marilyn has disrobed in front of me, because, well, I was happy enough for the chance to gaze at her tits. But it really wasn’t that hot in the basement office. A thought slowly percolated through my thick skull.

What if it really was the command language? What if it really did work? Oh my god!

If so, then I think I had the first translation worked out. That first line must mean ‘take your top off’ or something similar. I was in the student coffee shop at the time, and one of the waitresses was just passing by. I was so eager to test my theory out that I just blurted out the phrase, without any thought to possible consequences.

“Zultamy ab cthultos!”

“What was that love?” She stopped by my side. I waited with baited breath, but she was making no move to show me her tits.

Shit! I couldn’t remember the exact phrase. I must have pronounced it incorrectly.

“Er. Zultimy ab cthultos?”

Her hand strayed up to her breasts, and teasingly hovered around the buttons of her blouse for a few seconds. But then she shook her head as if to clear it, and disappointingly dropped her hand back down to her side.

“Is that the Mocha with extra chocolate? Sorry, I’m new here.”

“Um, no sorry. Look, er, never mind. I just realised I have to go. I’m er....late for a lecture.”

I dashed out with a mixture of embarrassment and anticipation. She must have thought I was a complete idiot – lectures had been over for hours. But I needed to get back into the office and have another look at the document. Well of course, my frustrations only doubled at that point. The office was locked at that time of the evening, and I was just going to have to wait for the next day.

I could hardly get to sleep that night, and was back in the office the second it opened. I had already memorised the first three phrases by the time Marilyn arrived. She looked kind of sheepish when she walked in.

“Look, about yesterday,” she began. “I really don’t know what came over me. In fact I’m a bit embarrassed.”

“No, no, that’s quite all right. If you feel hot again, just feel free know.”

She shuddered and drew her hands tightly around her chest. She was wearing much more conservative clothes today, and her breasts were invisible under swathes of cloth.

“No, that was just off. I’d be grateful if you don’t mention it again.”

Of course, she had no idea then that that was not just a one off. But right now there were more important things for me to do than get another look at her tits. Right now I had other important research to begin.

I waited until we had both settled into examining the documents again before I tried another phrase.

“Ib smittyn lis muta, mis muta.”

“What was that?”

“Oh, another one of those phrases. What do you think it means?”

“I don’t know.” She brought her pencil up to her mouth, pensively, and started chewing on the end.

I tried a slightly different pronunciation.

“Ib smittyn lis muta, mis muta. Yes, I wonder what it could mean?”

The pencil was now sliding in and out suggestively. I had a pretty good idea what the command implied and my cock agreed with me, practically bursting out of my pants.

“Well if you get back to working through these, we might find out, mightn’t we?” she retorted, archly.

“Um, do you think I’m pronouncing it right?” I ventured, showing her the document. I was really regretting not paying more attention in some of the classes now. Jeez, who would have thought pronunciation of a dead language would be important.

Marilyn looked up briefly and glanced at the document.

“Of course not. Hmm, the second ‘muta’ is at the end of the sentence, so the intonation goes down and gets cut off abruptly. The rest was correct, I think.”

“Ah. Like this. Ib smittyn lis muta, mis muta.”

She looked up at me with a shocked expression on her face.

“Really? With mouth?”

I waited with baited breath. She licked her lips.

“Well, I’ve not done it before...but I guess I could try.”

I could hardly believe this was working. She was already on the floor between my knees.

“I hope you don’t think I’m normally this easy, Martin.", she said tugging away at my zip, “But you’re in luck today because I just happen to be incredibly horny”

My cock was free now, and standing to attention. She held it her hands for a few seconds, staring raptly at it as if it were the most desirable thing in the world.

“Oh god! I need to do this so much!” she breathed, and then her mouth was over my cock.

I can still remember every wonderful moment of having my cock sucked for the first time. Her lips sliding up and down on my shaft. Her tongue swirling around me. The incredible sensations as her head bobbed faster and faster. She was not particularly skilful, but I wasn’t complaining. And her enthusiasm for having my cock in her mouth more than made up for that. All too soon the sensations mounted until I was unable to hold out any longer, and seconds later I was spurting uncontrollably into her mouth.

I was still sitting there in post coital bliss when she suddenly jumped up.

“Oh! I’m sorry.”

“No! That was awesome!. You were...”

“No....I mean. I don’t know. I don’t know why I did that. I...I have to go.”

She ran out of the room, wiping my juices from her chin as she left.

I knew exactly why she did that, and the way I was feeling I knew she would be doing it again as soon as humanly possible. Marilyn made things difficult for me though. She missed the next two sessions and I’m sure she deliberately went out of her way to avoid me around college. I was in a perpetual state of horniness by this time, so I was forced to try out the next few phrases on the coffee waitress, whose name turned out to be Alice. Alice proved to be an excellent and experienced cocksucker and though her rack wasn’t quite as large as Marilyn’s she had no problems in also introduced me to the fine art of tit fucking.

Eventually Marilyn turned up to the translation sessions again. She seemed very embarrassed to see me.

“Martin,” she started, talking to the floor. “About last time. It was a big mistake. It can never happen again.”

“Oh? It was pretty great for me. Didn’t you enjoy it too?”

She blushed.

“Well, I...I” She stamped her foot. “That’s not the point. I don’t want to speak of this again.”

“Well seems to me that you might be telling the truth. Or you might be one of those girls who likes to suck cock, but pretends she doesn’t.”

I started to undo my trousers.

“Which is it?”

“Martin! What are you doing? Pull them back up at once. I’ll call security if you don’t!”

“I don’t think so. I think you are one of those girls who likes to be told what to do.”

“Of course not. What are you implying?”

“I’m implying that I want you on your knees sucking my cock right now! And this time I want to see your tits while you suck me off.”

“Martin no! Do yourself up or I call security right now!”

“Ib smittyn lis muta, mis muta.”

“Martin! I mean it...I mean...”

It was incredible watching the change on her face. She went from embarrassed anger, through reluctant interest to uncontrollable horniness in the space of a few seconds. At the end she was eyeing the boner I now held in my hand and licking her lips with undisguised lust.

“Actually, you know,” she said, in a much deeper voice that dripped with seduction, “I guess there’s not much point in letting that go to waste.”

She was already sinking to her knees.

“Zultmyn ab cthultos!”

“I mean, I can always call security later,” she added, shrugging off her top and bra, “if you’ve still got that cock out in an hour or two.” She didn’t say much after that, probably because her mouth was once again wrapped around my cock.

I taught her a few of Alice’s tricks. She was a quick learner, and already her cocksucking skills were vastly improved. The net result was that I lasted even less time than before and only a couple of minutes passed before I was filling her mouth with cum. This time though, as I came I murmured “Choi pei!”

Marilyn’s eyes rolled up into her head and she shuddered uncontrollably. She let out a low grunt. I had learned that phrase with the waitress, and very enjoyable that had been too. The ability to make a woman come on demand promised to be very useful.

“Oh my god!” she gasped.” She still had a vacant expression of pleasure on her face. Great wads of cum drooled out of her mouth, down her chin, and dripped onto her tits, but she neither noticed nor cared. “I think I just came!”

“You think you just came?”

“I did come!” she panted. Her hand flew to her mouth. “Oh god, what kind of a girl does that make me?”

“A girl who likes sucking cock. A girl who likes sucking cock so much it makes her come. Now get up and let’s see what else you like.”

I helped her to her feet, and whispered another phrase into her ear. Seconds later she was bent over the table with her panties round her ankles, begging me to fuck her from behind.

I whispered again. “Hek sakista.” That was for me. Apparently some of the commands were for men too. My cock sprang instantly to full hardness, and soon she was squealing away as I slammed lustfully into her.

With great power comes great responsibility. I had made Alice cum thirty times in a row last night, and she had passed out with the pleasure. I had spent an anxious half hour waiting for her to recover and can still remember the immense relief when her eyes finally fluttered open.

I had learned from that though, and only made Marilyn cum four or five times before I finished for a second time. I think she might also have cum a couple of extra times herself but I was too far gone with my own pleasure to really be sure.

Translation sessions after that followed a set pattern for a while. Marilyn would turn up, say that everything before was a mistake, and deny she liked sucking cock. I would let her protest for a while. But soon she would be naked from the waist up with her head bobbing up and down on my lap and shortly after we would be fucking like rabbits. She stopped running away afterwards though, which meant we could get back to work. Productivity did suffer as we seemed to get through documents much slower in our post coital bliss. Especially if I was horny enough for a second session of having my cock sucked.

I was beginning to think life couldn’t get any better. Between Alice’s eagerness and Marilyn shy reluctance I was getting all the kicks I could cope with. I guess I could have had even more girls, but there didn’t seem much point. And I did have some tasks to do that didn’t involve sex.

Things changed in the second week following my discovery of the command language. I was in the library, catching up on my studies, when I felt a soft touch on my thigh. I almost leapt up in shock. I looked down to see Marilyn under the table. I started to say something, but she put her finger to her lips, pointing to the few other students scattered around the area. Before I could react she had freed my cock from my pants and was discreetly sucking me off.

Usually she was fast and furious, cramming my cock into her mouth like she was addicted to it. This time, she was slow, teasing and erotic. I had to admit it was extremely exciting knowing that at any moment one of the students might glance in the right direction and discover us. I was desperate to come before we were found out, but every time I got near the edge she backed off and let me subside. I was desperate to tell her to go faster, but dared not speak in case we were overheard. I tried mouthing ‘faster’ when we made eye contact, but she pretended she did not see.

After an age of torment she looked up and mouthed ‘cum in my mouth’ to me. She opened her is wide while using her tongue to stimulate the flap of skin on the head of my cock. Then she started to jerk me off, faster and faster. Well, I don’t know any man who could have held out in those circumstances. I griped the table while I started coming like a fire hose, spurting time after time into her willing mouth.

I can’t remember whether I commanded her to cum too, but she did anyway, I could tell by the shudders she gave. When it was all over cum was everywhere. On her face. In her hair. Dripping down her chin onto her clothes. She looked incredibly beautiful. As I watched she carefully scraped it off with her fingers and popped it into her mouth, giving little groans of pleasure as she did so. When she was semi-respectable again she emerged regally from under the table and whispered in my ear.

“The office. Five minutes.”

I waited a discreet amount of time before following her. I made a few surreptitious glances around, but none of the other occupants of the library were paying me any attention. Oh my god! We had got away with it!

I made it to the office in record time. Marilyn was there waiting for me. Kneeling. Totally naked. Her nipples were jutting out like organ stops and she was obviously highly aroused. If I looked carefully I could still see a couple of streaks of cum in her hair.

I must have been standing in the doorway open mouthed for a while, because she cocked her head playfully, licked her lips and blew me a kiss.

“Come on then big boy. It doesn’t usually take you so long to take advantage of my mouth.”

Well, I needed no second invitation, and was soon pounding into her mouth like a man possessed.

When I had finished I flopped into a chair, temporarily breathless.

“Oh my god Marilyn, that was awesome.”

“Well, I’ve had a little think about things, and it’s stupid to keep denying it to myself. I love sucking cock. I know it sounds stupid, but at first I didn’t really like it. I don’t know why though, but every time you told me to suck you off I just couldn’t resist it. I tried to stop myself, but I would always find myself on my knees with your cock in my mouth. And then, jeez, the orgasms I was having. Whenever you came in my mouth I was just having these huge orgasms. And then I would feel so horny I just needed to fuck and fuck, and I just kept coming and coming. So I finally figured out, why the heck am I fighting this?”

She looked me straight in the eye.

“So here I am stud. And if you don’t have me on that table with my legs round my ears in the next fifteen seconds, I will be very disappointed.”

Well I didn’t disappoint her, not now and not since. She really does have a huge sexual appetite, it’s a wonder we have time for anything else.

We’re married now, of course, which means I don’t fool around with waitresses any more. Well not unless Marilyn fancies a threesome. Or if they have really big tits. Or if I’m horny. You probably know us as the couple that cracked the Acadian code. It made big news at the time. You remember, it was right after the department head got fired for inappropriate conduct? She was caught fucking students in the library. Twice. It didn’t help that she kept fingering herself during the disciplinary proceeding either.

Archaeologists are still speculating about the whereabouts of the missing tribe of barbarian slavers. You know, a good mystery is great for business. You don’t make a large amount of money from academic research, but as it turns out you do from film and TV rights. Not that academic status is unwelcome either. The college appointed Marilyn and myself to joint Heads of Department of Ancient Languages within a year of awarding us our PhDs. Rumours that this was due to the amount of time Marilyn was spending under the Dean’s desk were of course entirely unfounded.

Of course, I was pretty careful to not make the full extent of our discoveries public, and to misfile all the important documents. After all you can’t be too careful.

I looked down at my cock, rhythmically appearing and disappearing between the huge tits of the student kneeling before me. Jaycee, I think her name was. Most other professors moaned about the amount of tutoring they had to do. I on the other hand found tutoring positively stimulating. I never tired of finding out about my students and teaching them new things. For instance, it was hard to believe that with the rack she had, Jaycee had never had a cock between her breasts before. Still, you had to hand it to her, she had got the hang of tit-fucking straight away, and was pleasuring my cock between her massive pillows with great gusto. I had no doubt she shortly going to receive a huge pearl necklace as reward for her efforts.

Yes, you couldn’t be too careful. After all, there was no knowing what an unscrupulous person might do with that kind of discovery.