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Snatched up in the dead of night, a young woman struggles desperately to keep her mind and her freedom as all hope seems lost.

Laura had been in the dark van for hours. There was no noise but the tinny reverb of her breaths and the faint ringing of her ears. She had screamed herself hoarse and she could feel the blood on her sore knuckles as it slowly dried into a sticky residue.

There had been enough time for her to go from fear to self-pity and back to fear. She was coming back around to self-pity now. She thought it was appropriate.

Why her? Why like this? She was no one. She was just a girl waiting tables in the “Three Horseshoes” bar. The slaves that had abducted her had been fit, lithe, beautiful women. They were the kind of woman that got enslaved. She’d seen it on the news. Slaves always looked like models, or amazons, or athletes every time there was a story.

Laura wasn’t a model. She wasn’t an athlete. She was just a girl. She hadn’t thought she was exceptionally attractive. Fuck! This was the fucking worst possible way to be told otherwise.

She buried her face in her hands and sobbed. She wanted to go home.

They had taken her on the way from work.

She had pleaded with her captors as they held her down and the unmarked van drove off.

She had pleaded with them as they had stripped her naked.

She had pleaded with them as they left the van and abandoned her in the darkness.

Nothing had worked. They were mindless slaves. They had no will of their own.

Why was this real? Why was she caught in this? Why? Why?! Why!!

She realized that she was spiralling. Her head throbbed and she was hyperventilating again. She’d passed out before and woken back up in the darkness. There had been a moment when she’d dared to hope it had just been a dream. But it was real. Fuck, no! This was happening! She screamed, and the raspy, pained noise that escaped her was sickening to hear.

She’d seen their empty eyes. Pitilessly staring through her without seeing her, only seeing their task or their mission or whatever it was that still went on in their heads. Their minds had been completely written over by the slavers. They weren’t people anymore.

And again the thought hit Laura in the gut like a punch. They would do that to her. They would hook her up to some machine and make her become one of them. She screamed again, but the darkness didn’t care.

* * *

When they came for her, she was too tired to put up much of a fight. The doors swung open and from the blinding light emerged the forms of four slaves, two men, two women. They easily overwhelmed her and put chained cuffs around her hands and ankles, like in a prison. It seemed weirdly unfair. She had somehow expected them to restrain her with their bare hands, probably because it would have been easier to escape from that.

After they had put her on her feet, one of the female slaves faced her.

“You’ll come with us. Don’t try anything, or there will be consequences. Do you understand?”

Her voice sounded completely normal. Laura had expected a flat monotone. Instead, she sounded vaguely like she enjoyed it, which was worse. She looked at the woman in front of her and at the other three people that held her by the elbows. They were taking her to be enslaved. They were going to take her will. End her. Her chest tightened painfully.

With a feeling of screaming dread she nodded, because there was nothing else she could do.

“Good”, said the slave. “Come.”

They led her out of the van onto the concrete floor of a harshly lit warehouse. There were no windows. Laura wondered briefly what time it was. She was so tired.

She felt the cold and rough concrete beneath her bare feet and in the bright fluorescent light, she became again aware of how completely naked she was. She pulled her arms against her chest, covering her bare breasts. Then she changed her mind and covered her exposed sex instead.

Next to the van, there was a wheelchair. She was motioned to sit in it, so she did. Well, she thought, at least she didn’t have to walk to her enslavement in tightly cuffed feet. Fuck.

They pushed her to the end of the warehouse. There was a stairwell and a connected elevator. One of the male slaves pushed the call button. There was a pause where nothing happened, until Laura couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Who is doing this to me?”

The slave that had spoken to her earlier turned her head.

“You will meet your Owner once you are enslaved.”

Laura regretted asking. Her owner. Enslaved. No. No. No. Fuck this.

“Why?! WHY?!”

“Your Owner may tell you if they choose to, once you are enslaved.”

“I have no goddamn owner! I’m a fucking person! You were a person once, too!”

“Be quiet now.”

“No! I fucking won’t be quiet! What are you going to do?! Nothing matters! You’re going to take my will anyway! Fuck you! Fuck—AAAAAAH!!!“

Blinding pain shot through her and her whole body convulsed. Everything went white and her awareness disappeared into a red hot cloud of agony.

Seconds felt like hours and finally, the pain ended.

She was back in a wheelchair, in chains, in front of an elevator. She groaned. There was now a sore spot in the right side of her waist.

“Be quiet now”, said the slave. The male slave next to her held a tazer.

Laura pressed her lips together tightly, her pulse hammering in her ears like heavy running footsteps. She had never been in so much pain. There were tears in her eyes. She blinked them away, but she stayed quiet.

* * *

The elevator took them down underground where the door opened to a small lobby with a chime. It was lit softly by indirect lights and it smelled of linoleum and citrus. There were two armed security guards, one male, one female. They had the same fixed stares as the other slaves. When they entered the quards looked her down intently, and their gazes were more than just passing. They lingered on her breasts and sex, and Laura saw lust and enjoyment in their eyes. She tried to cover herself, but it didn’t help. She still felt as naked as before. There was nothing between her and them to protect her.

Laura’s chest tightened. She was shivering. Those guard weren’t there to protect her. They were there to make sure nothing would stop this from happening. Everything her was. There was nothing to help her. Oh God. She was breathing quick and shallow breaths. She was so afraid. Why was this happening to her? This was unreal. She was sitting in a Goddamn wheelchair, being pushed to her doom!

The guard’s eyes followed them as they pushed Laura past them and into a wide corridor, like in a hospital. At the end of the corridor, they continued through a set of wide double doors that autonomously swung open at the push of a button.

Behind them, there was a large room that was quite empty except for what looked like a dentist’s chair and a large screen. The room had a strange airy feel and Laura couldn’t see the ceiling. The walls seemed to simply end at the top, and above them there was only air.

Then, as Laura’s eyes adjusted to the darkness above, she saw the rows of seats. It was an operating theatre, and they were in the pit at the bottom.

Oh God. Oh no. This was it. This is where it would happen! A sudden, powerful impulse to run tugged at her chest, but the fear of pain had already been burned into her. The thought withered in her. The fear was too strong, and her bare feet remained heavy and still.

Instead, Laura’s eyes were drawn to the chair. All the lights in the room focussed on it. There were restraints on its arm and foot rests, and instead of a headrest, there was some sort of technical apparatus the size of a beach ball that looked like nothing she’d ever seen. It was all sharp corners and exposed wires, like she’d imagine the inside of a MRI scanner . Only that this had obviously been built with no regard for the well-being of the person sitting in the chair. It was horrifying, and she couldn’t look away from it. This is where they enslaved people. This was the terrible, secret technology slaves killed themselves to protect.

Before she could contemplate it further, she was lifted out of the wheelchair by her armpits.

“No!” she squeaked without even thinking. No! No! No! She had to fight. There was nothing worse than they could do. She had no time. She had to fight! She had to try!

She struggled, twisting her arms, fighting for every single moment more. The slaves twisted and shifted to contain her and for a moment, she brought them slightly off-balance. Yes! Every second longer of being herself seemed like a win. But they were too strong. All four of them were restraining her now. Now nothing she did would help. They carried her over and put her in the chair.

* * *

One by one, they forced her arms into the restraints, followed by her legs. The restraints were thickly padded and didn’t move one bit. She couldn’t move anymore. She was trapped.

With their task done, the slave wordlessly left her vision, and she was alone.

She could feel the presence of the huge chunk of circuitry, wires and stainless steel behind her as if she was stalked by a monster. She heard the slaves push buttons and work a keyboard from somewhere out of her sight, and Laura could only sit there and cry at the sheer reality of her situation. This was it. This was the end. This was really happening to her. Oh God. No. Please. Her naked chest was heaving with tight, heavy breaths.

“You will be put into a state of total suggestibility. Then, you will be enslaved,” a voice said behind her.


There wasn’t even an answer.

“Please,” she begged. She knew it was worthless but something made her try. Anything.

“Please let me go.”

She was crying.

”I don’t want to. I want to go home.”

Something sharp pierced the small of Laura’s neck. She shrieked breathlessly, twisting in her restraints. Moving now was like twisting a knife in her neck. She stopped, clenching her teeth. The tears in her eyes made the blinding lights around her swim and dance.

“No! No! Don’t! Please! PLEASE!” she sobbed.

Painful pressure built up from where she’d been stung. Oh God, no! What was happening?! What were they doing?!


Laura felt it spread. It was in her head! Something was in her head. They had injected her with something!

“No! Stop! It hurts! Please! Don’t!

She felt different. She felt dizzy. It was making her dizzy. Her head swam. Oh God, no! She wanted to be herself! She wanted to live! This wasn’t real. She would wake up. She would wake up! Her entire head throbbed with dull pain now and there was a hum in the room, coming from behind her. It made the hairs on her body stand up. It was getting louder, higher.

“Stop! Please! I want to go home!”

The hum was a drone now. Her face was wet with tears and sweat. She was shifting in and out of fits of pain and fear . It was so hard to concentrate. She wanted it to stop.

“Stop! Stop! STOP!!!” she screeched.

The drone had become a high pitched whine that seemed to come from inside her head and everywhere at once. Her heart was beating into her ears. Her chest pounded painfully. She shut her eyes tight, dizzy and out of breath. What was happening? She felt so strange. They had done something to her. She felt different. Her thoughts felt strange. Oh God, no. Something was happening to her! She didn’t want this!

* * *

She blinked. What had just happened…? Time must have passed. Drool had run down her chin. In her clouded mind she registered dull panic. She had completely phased out. It was affecting her. She was…

* * *

She blinked.

The noise was gone now. Laura hadn’t even noticed it had stopped. What was happening? Had they stopped? She felt exhausted and groggy. Please, God! Please let them have stopped! Please! Her mind spun. She felt so dizzy.

* * *

She blinked. The noises was gone. Maybe…

“Please,” she said weakly. Her words came out sluggish and tiny. It was hard to speak now, but she mustn’t stop trying. She had to fight! She had to keep trying!

“Let me go. I—“

“LISTEN AND OBEY” a deafening synthetic voice filled the room.

Listen and obey listen and obey listen and obey listen and obey. She listened and obeyed. She listened and obeyed. She listened and obeyed. Yes. She listened and obeyed. Yes.


“I obey,” she said without thought or hesitation before her thoughts fell back into the loop. Listen and obey listen and obey listen and—


She was a slave. She was a slave. She was a slave. Yes. The voice had told her and she listened to the voice. She obeyed the voice. She obeyed and she was a slave. She was a slave.


”I am a slave,” she said without thinking. She was a slave.


“I have no will. I am a slave.” Saying it was very easy because that was what she was. It was so easy to have no will and simply obey.


“I am a slave.” It was an easy question.


”Laura Teller”


Yes. Of course. She was slave Laura. She was a slave.


“I am an obedient slut,” she repeated and it was true. Yes. Slave Laura was an obedient slut. Sluts like to fuck. Sluts are horny. Sluts want to be naked. She liked to fuck. She was already naked. Being naked made her horny. She was horny. She was a slut. She obeyed.


Yes. Her pussy was itching with the need to be touched, the need to obey. She was painfully aware of her own naked body now. She liked how naked and exposed she was. She wanted to obey. It made her so horny and wet. She was horny and wet. She was an obedient slut.


She was a slave. She was property.


She had no will. She only obeyed what she was told.






She loved to serve. She would obey any command. She wanted to be told what to do, to serve, to obey. It made her so fucking hot. She wanted this.


Yes! Obey! She loved to obey. Obedience made her horny and wet.


She loved to be used. She was a slave. She was property. To be used was to serve and obey and she loved to serve and obey.

“WHO ARE YOU?” spoke the synthetic voice that owned her mind.

“I am Slave Laura. I am an obedient slut. I am property. I obey.”


Slave Laura was panting heavily. The need to touch herself was almost torturous. Her pussy was on fire. She needed to come. But slaves had no will and only obeyed. What she wanted wasn’t important. It was more important to listen and obey.


On the far end of the room, a large screen lit up and showed her a picture of the black-haired woman that owner her. Slave Laura recognized her. It was the strange lady that had been to the Three Horseshoes twice last weekend and tipped her an uncomfortable amount.

She was slave Laura’s Owner. Slave Laura was her property. Slave Laura loved being her property. Being property was arousing.


Yes. Of course she worshipped and obeyed her. Slave Laura was her property. She was her obedient slave. She was ready to obey.

“BEGIN CUSTOM COMMANDS” the voice continued. Slave Laura listened eagerly. She would obey everything it told her. Obeying made her so wet.

“YOU WILL ADDRESS YOUR OWNER AS—” droned the synthetic voice, then an audio recording of a woman’s voice played.


Mistress’s voice was a smooth soprano. It owned her. Slave Laura obeyed it. She was its obedient slut.

“YOU LOVE HER” the synthetic voice continued.

Yes. Of course she loved her. She loved to obey and Mistress owned her. She was her property. She was her slave.


Yes. She wanted to fuck her so bad. Her pussy ached with the need to touch her and make her cum. She imagined her naked. She was so beautiful.


Yes. She was hers. She loved her and she wanted her between her legs, to be enjoyed by her.


Yes. Slave Laura was an obedient slut. She was horny and wet and her cunt belonged to Mistress. Her body was a toy. Yes. She would be such a good toy.


Yes. Obedient sluts like slave Laura like to be naked. She liked to be naked. She wanted to be displayed. Her body was Mistress’s property. She was a toy. She was property. She wanted everyone to see Mistress’s property.


“I will obey!” said slave Laura unhesitatingly. Of course she would. She was a slave. She loved Mistress. She loved to obey. It made her so horny. She was so wet. She wanted to obey. To fuck. To be used for sex. She needed to cum. Cum for mistress. Cum because she was such an obedient slave.


There was a pause. Slave Laura smiled. Enslavement Complete. Yes. She was completely enslaved. She was completely obedient. She loved being a slave. Apparently, not all slaves were made to fuck their owners. Those had been her custom commands. She loved that she was made to fuck her Mistress. She was such an obedient slut. An obedient sex slave, to be used and displayed.

“COMMENCE CUSTOM MESSAGE” the voice boomed and slave Laura’s thoughts stopped as she opened herself to it.

When Mistress spoke to her through the recording, slave Laura shivered as she listened.

* * *

“Laura”, said the voice of her Owner. It felt incomplete without the ‘slave’.

There was noise in the background of the recording. A few muffled voices, music.

“It’s a pretty name. You just told me.”

Slave Laura was confused, but she would listen to Mistress. It would make sense and she would obey once she understood.

“You are wearing a black tank top and black jeans. You are at the bar right now, getting my Vodka Tonic. I like the way you cross your arms and tilt your head when you wait. I like looking at you, picturing what’s under those clothes. I bet you shave. Look, there’s my drink on your tray. Here you come. I’ll be right back.”

There was a rustle as Mistress put down what was presumably her cell phone with which she was recording. The voices became more muffled. Slave Laura understood now.

“Here you go, Ma’am. Is there anything else I can help you with?” said the voice of a young woman. Professionally cheerful, slightly hoarse from having to speak up over the constant noise for hours. It was slave Laura’s own voice.

Slave Laura smiled. The memories were still fresh. Her cunt was dripping with the arousal of being enslaved.

“Thank you so much, Laura!” said Mistress’s voice. “You’re very nice.”

“Uh, thanks. I do try to be, but it’s also my job”, Laura replied a tad awkwardly, but with a smile in her voice. “But much appreciated. Is there anything else I can bring you?”

“May I have another napkin, please?”

“Sure thing, be right back!”

There was the small pause of wordless acknowledgment before another rustle. Mistress’s voice was loud and close again, even closer than before. She was murmuring directly into the microphone.

“I want you. Laura. And I’ll have you.”

Slave Laura tensed. This was so fucking hot.

“I’m looking at you right now. You’re at the bar again. Now you’re looking back. You’re such a beautiful thing. Look at that smile. I’ll make you eat out my cunt with those lips. Oh yes, you’re going to be such a good slave. I can’t wait to see you kneel. Here you come, slut.”


“Here you go. Paper Napkin. Only the best.”


“So… what’re you recording? Writing a book?”

“Oh, no! I’m not that creative. Just my personal thoughts on life and love. Self-therapy I guess. Messages to my future self. Kind of like a diary. Not that many people I can talk to, I’m afraid.”

“Oh jeez. I’m sorry. I’m sad to hear that. But good on you for taking care of yourself!” said the voice of Laura.

“Don’t be sorry. It’s fine. Really. I’m confident things will turn out my way.”

“Best of luck to you. Well, anyway… If there isn’t anything else you need…”

“Nothing for now. But keep an eye out for me, and I’ll keep an eye out for you.”

“Um… yeah! Sure… Sure thing! Just wave if you need me.”

A pause. Rustle.

“You’ll be mine, Laura. It is now 1:38 a.m. The bar closes at 3 a.m. You will ask me to pay, usher me out, wipe down the tables and put up the chairs for the cleaners in the morning. You will lock the doors and leave for your apartment in Norfolk Street, like you did yesterday.”

Another pause.

“I told the slavers where to ambush you two hours ago while I was waiting for my first drink. I took a picture of you when you weren’t looking and sent it to them.”

There was a pop as the recording skipped, followed by a long pause. Slave Laura waited, her breath heavy with arousal. She had been sitting in a wet spot for quite a while now. In front of her, the image of Mistress filled her vision. She hadn’t taken her eyes off it the entire time she had watched. She worshipped it. It was the woman that had enslaved her. Mistress. Her Owner. The one she obeyed.

* * *

“Slave Laura,” the recording continued.

Slave Laura’s breath caught as her lower body tightened with pleasure. Being called a slave by Mistress made her want to cum right then.

”Mistress,” she moaned involuntarily. She felt like she was bursting. She needed release. She needed to obey.

“You are mine.”

Yes. Yes! Mistress owned her. Her body, her mind. She was a slave. Nothing but a slave.

“You will obey me.”

“Yes!!” moaned slave Laura.


She slid off the chair. The restraints were no longer on her. She hadn’t noticed at what point they had come off. It didn’t matter. All of the chains were now in her mind—where they belonged.

She knelt in front of the image of Mistress, her Owner. Her skin was wet and slippery against the cold linoleum. She breathed heavily.

“Slave. I am not allowed to know where you are being processed. You will be given your clothes back and returned to where you have been picked up. Since I own you, I also own the apartment you live in. Go there. Be inconspicuous. I will be waiting.”

“Yes, Mistress. I obey”, said slave Laura at the screen.

The image of her Mistress went out. It stayed firmly in slave Laura’s mind. It would always be there.

* * *

The other slaves led her through windowless corridors into a shower and she cleaned off the smell of sweat and sex. Her knuckles were still bloody from bashing at the wall of the van she had been brought in with. She also had a bruise above her right hip from being tazed when she had resisted enslavement. The memories felt foreign and deeply shameful. She wished that her body were in better condition. It was Mistress’s property. She would apologize for damaging it.

When she was clean, they gave her the clothes she had worn when she had been taken. She put them on. Her apartment keys were there and her cell phone had been charged. It was strange to think about having things of her own, because she was property. It became easier when she realized that she was a toy and they were just the included accessories. They were part of her package.

When she had all of the things she needed to pretend to be Laura and not slave Laura, the slaves blindfolded her and put her in a car. Not in the back of van, but in the back seat of a car that had leather seats and a quiet and smooth ride. It made sense that they would take care of the property of their customers.

After half an hour of driving, a slave took off her blindfold. Another half-hour later, they dropped her off at her apartment. None of them spoke. There was no need to speak. They all knew how to obey. Slave Laura got out of the car and walked up to her apartment. She didn’t look back to see the car leave. She had to obey. She had to go to her apartment. Mistress’s apartment.

She would have run, but she had to be inconspicuous. No one would know that she was a slave, at least for now. Mistress would decide what to do with her. As she climbed the stairs, unbidden thoughts fluttered through her mind. Old memories nagged at her. Memories of when she had been Laura. Of all of the times she had walked up these stairs, alone and in company.

But the memories held no meaning. She sighed with relief when she realized that she didn’t care. She was a slave. Yes. She was only pretending that everything was as it had been. Pretending was obedience. She focussed on it. She focussed on the warm, wet feeling between her legs. She focussed on the image of her mistress. Obey. Serve. No more Laura. She was a slave.

She reached the doorstep of her apartment. She turned the key and entered.

* * *

Her apartment was exactly as she left it. She closed the door behind her. Her heart was racing in anticipation.

“Living room”, called the voice that owned her and there was no more need for pretense. “Mistress”, slave Laura moaned as a wave of obedience washed her into the living room, past the shoe rack and the movie poster in the hall. She cleared the doorway and saw Her in front of her, sitting on what had once been Laura’s couch.

Mistress sat regally in the middle of the life She now owned. Slave Laura’s breath caught. Mistress was completely naked. Oh God yes, it was real! Mistress was here, and slave Laura would obey.

“Stop!” said Mistress calmly and with a deep mental sigh, slave Laura did like she was told. Yes. Finally, she was obeying. She came to a halt one step into the living room, standing straight at attention. Mistress was glorious. Slave Laura’s eyes were drawn to the sacred place between Her legs.

“Mistress!” She said breathlessly, her eyes full of love and the deep need to be owned whole by Her. Her entire body shivered. “I obey.”

It was like finally breathing after almost being suffocated. It was what she was. What she lived for. She was home. When Mistress smiled, her heart and her loins ached.

“On your knees, slave!”

She dropped down, eyes wide, looking up at Mistress. Her heart was open. She needed to obey. To be used.

“I obey,” she said, again. More intensely. Pleasure bloomed inside her.

Mistress still sat on the couch, relaxed.

“Get back up.”

She got on her feet.

“Turn around.”

She obeyed.

“Back around.”

Again, she obeyed. She loved being Mistress’s toy. She was nothing but a slave, obeying without thinking.

Mistress watched her for a long time, smiling thinly. Then, Her hand wandered down and she spread Her legs, baring Her pussy, inviting slave Laura’s hungry eyes. Slowly, She began massaging it.

“Do you want me, slave?”

“Yes!”, slave Laura said helplessly.

“Do you want me to fuck you, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress!” she mewed.

“What are you?”

“I am a slave. I am an obedient slut. I am your property, your plaything.”


Yes. Yes! Slave Laura gladly obeyed. She loved to be naked! She loved to obey! This was what she had been made for. This was pure purpose.

She stepped out of her sneakers, pulled off her tank top and jeans. She unhooked her bra and presented her breasts to Mistress, who looked at her hungrily. Slave Laura’s heart beat in excitement as she stepped out of her panties to display her pussy. She was indeed shaved. She didn’t pose, because she hadn’t been told to. Instead, she enjoyed Mistress’s gaze on her exposed body. She was Her property. She was Her toy.

Mistress’s hand was still working Her pussy. Her eyes were fixed intently on slave Laura. She saw them wandering down her body. She loved being naked. She loved that she was a naked, obedient slave.

“Say that you obey me.”

“I obey you Mistress!” slave Laura said.

“Back on your knees.”

Slave Laura almost fell down in her hurry to obey.

“Touch yourself and say that you are an obedient slave.”

Slave Laura’s finger slid readily between her slick pussy lips. She was so sensitive that she gasped and shivered before she was able to speak.

”I… aaahhhhh… I am a obedient slave.”

Yes. Yes! She was such an obedient slut. Her clit was throbbing. She stroked it gingerly as she repeated.

“I am an… ahhh… obedient slave.”

“You want to come for your Mistress.”

“Yes! Yes! I want to come for my Mistress!” she moaned and stroked harder. She was already on the edge. She pushed hard on her clit now as she worked between the lips of her hot, wet slave cunt.

“You are an obedient slut.”

“I am an obedient slut.” Yes! She gasped, and a high squeal escaped her as her lower body began to twitch. Her eyes were closed now, but she still saw Mistress in her mind.

“You are a slave!”

“I am a slave!”

She was an obedient slave. Mistress had enslaved her, and now she was Her property. She loved it. She loved being a slave. She was so hot. She was a hot, horny slut, fucking herself in front of her Mistress on her living room floor.

“Cum for your Mistress!”

“Yes.” She was shivering and moaning. She opened her eyes and looked up at her Owner. Mistress now stood above her, legs spread, fingering herself as she looked down on her slave. Slave Laura looked at the pussy she worshipped, saw how wet it was. She looked up at Mistress’s breasts, at her face. Her own wet fingers were stroking furiously, desperately. She had to cum for mistress. She wanted to cum. Loved to cum. She was such an obedient slut.

“Yes!” She moaned, working her clit. She was so horny and wet. Yes! she thought as her hips trembled with arousal. Yes! She was a slave! Yes! Nothing but a slave. Nothing but a slave! Nothing but a slave! Nothing but—

“YEEEES!” She moaned as the orgasm finally exploded through her and all of her nerves united in glorious, carnal obedience. Her mouth flew open wide in a high-pitched gasp as she shook and shivered and collapsed, still stroking her clit.

“Yes!!” She whimpered. “Yes!”

She twisted on the floor in waves of pulsating pleasure.

“I obey!” she said. Yes. She obeyed. She had obeyed. She had come, harder than she ever had. Thinking about how obedient she was. Thinking about Mistress. She was such an obedient slut.

She loved it.

She loved it so much.