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If you ARE 18, then you should know the following story is about women who are forced through mind control to participate in non-consensual sex, public humiliation, and b&d, in both m/f and f/f situations. Both the characters and occurrences in this fiction are completely fictitious.

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The Conditioners

By Marlissa

17 of 33

Chapter Sixteen: Chloe Is Corrected

The men reclined on pillows, having finally rejoined the growing number of Cain executives relaxing by the pool with their girls. Klaw had begged off yet again with the need to deal with some nebulous “Singaporean interests,” but promised to return to the party as soon as he could.

Kendall, commenting that it was getting dark, had send a serving girl to fetch Lisa. The woman appeared a few moments later with the teenager in tow. The girl was frowning, but Keith had the distinct impression that she was glad to have been called for. She now sat at Kendall’s side, almost responding as the Research Manager’s hands pawed at her. Seeing that Jackson was similarly engaged with Avril, Keith sent for Chloe. He didn’t want to be the odd man out.

The secretary arrived a few moments later, skipping over to her boss’s side wearing a simple white sun dress. Sporting a large smile on her pretty mouth, Chloe leaned up against Keith, like a cat rubbing herself against a returned owner. “Hi, Boss!” she purred.

Keith drew her close and kissed her. He had learned that she was a very capable kisser. “Hey, Babe—miss me?”

Chloe put on a slight pout. “Of course I did Mr. Hynde! I was starting to wonder if you even wanted me with you for dinner!”

Keith smiled. He liked her put-out playful manner, even when she was as bold as this. Despite her Conditioning, she was a bright woman and had proven herself to be a very valuable secretary in the short amount of time he had taken possession of her. Keith had also discovered, to his surprise, that he genuinely like her.

Kendall looked over from where he sat sprawled next to Lisa. “Still using whatsername as a secretary?” he chuckled, groping at the teenager’s breasts. “Thought you’d be doing better than that by now.”

Hynde shrugged, trying to feign indifference to the older man’s jibes. “I don’t have any complaints,” he answered.

The Research Manager laughed. “’I don’t have any complaints,’” he mocked. He jogged Jackson with his elbow and nodded toward Chloe’s meagre chest. “Not a breast man, huh?”


“She’s flatter than those teenagers we just checked out. Let’s take a look at her. Bet she’s not even wearing a bra.” Before Hynde could answer, the Research Manager turned to Chloe directly. “You don’t have a bra on under that pretty dress, do you Chloe?”

The girl frowned. “No—Mr. Hynde won’t let me wear one. Will you, Boss?” She seemed genuinely put out now, which confused Hynde. What was it about girls and their bras, he wondered. The small chested ones were so damn self-conscious around bigger breasted girls like Avril.

“Let’s take a look,” Kendall suggested.

Chloe looked frightened.

Hynde felt a burst of anger at Kendall’s behaviour. Chloe was his! He opened his mouth to tell the Research Manager to leave his secretary alone, but, out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of Klaw. The company president had rejoined the party and was watching the discussion intently from across the pool.

Hynde suddenly felt self-conscious. What had he been about to do? Get into a fight with a senior Cain executive in front of his boss? Over a secretary? What was he thinking? Hynde glared at her, anxious that he not be embarrassed by a disobedient secretary. “Show these men why I don’t let you wear a bra, Chloe.”

She was still being playful when she finally pulled her dress top down by only revealing one breast. Her smile was the same “I’m so naughty” one she had flashed earlier, but now it was annoying him. He had given her an order and she wasn’t following it fully. He yanked the dress down fully. Instinctively her arms rose to hide her small chest.

Hynde felt a wave of anger wash over him. “God damn it, put your fucking arms DOWN! And stick out those tits!” Maybe it was the drinking, but he was growing very angry with his secretary. And she was growing frightened, aware she had overstepped her bounds.

“Yes, Mr. Hynde,” she replied, swiftly obeying his command. She felt the three men’s eyes fix on her chest.

Jackson was to first to comment. “Gee, she is pretty small. No wonder she doesn’t wear a bra—she really doesn’t need one.”

Chloe glared at the pudgy scientist.

Kendall roared. “Bitch has tiny tits and an attitude! You see the way she took that remark? You’ve got some work on your hands with this one, Keith. But why you’d bother, I have no idea.”

Hynde flushed at the older man’s comments. What had started out as a joke had turned into personal humiliation—all because his secretary had made him look bad! “Yeah, well, she’s not bad in the sack,” he answered, lamely. “She tries to compensate.” This was true—she was a good screw. And her face was pretty in that off-beat way, but this sulkiness... he didn’t like this at all. He had been too easy with her!

“Have her pierced,” Kendall suggested.

“Pierced?” Keith asked slowly.

Chloe looked like she was about to burst into tears.

Jackson looked interested, hardening his grip on Avril’s tit. The sultry brunette yiped in pain, but he ignored it. “You pierce them?”

Kendall nodded. “Sure—Keith, have her nipples pierced. They put little rings through them so you can pull on them if you like.”

Keith felt revolted and fascinated at the same time. “Does it... hurt?”

Kendall nodded again. “Sure it does. And they hate it—It’s real slutty and it’s permanent. But it would teach her a lesson about how to behave around you. You’d never have to ask her twice to do something, that’s guaranteed. Hell, with little boobies like those, I’d go with bells. They’d always be ringing! Let’s do it before you change your mind—trust me, once you have her done, you won’t regret it!”

While Keith considered the idea, the Research Manager clapped his hands and a girl appeared. “Take Chloe to Mr. Petersen in the Discipline Cabana. Tell him Mr. Hynde would like his secretary’s nipples pierced. Little bells should be attached to her rings.”

Keith looked at Chloe, who was white with fright. A mere touch of Conditioning would be needed, he guessed. “Chloe,” he commanded, fixing on her with his growing power, “do what Mr. Kendall says. When I see you again, I want to see pretty bells on your titties.”

“Yes, Mr. Hynde,” she answered weakly, then rose to follow the girl. Avril was snickering at her as she rose to leave.

Keith felt a pang of regret as he watch Chloe walk away. He almost said something—called her back—but, in the end, he didn’t have it in him. Not with Klaw watching. Instead, he grabbed a drink from a passing tray and started in on it.

The alcohol eased the transition to the next phase of the evening. The fifty or so Cain executives had grown increasingly raucous as the effect of drinks and easy availability of bare young female flesh took effect. After a while, Keith relaxed and began to get into the party. A scream in the dark might have been Chloe’s—Keith wasn’t sure, but knew he no longer cared. He might fuck her tonight. Or not. Even if her tits were tender.

Klaw, at ease on a small mound of overstuffed pillows and reed mats, called for attention toward the end of the meal. “Now that we almost through our meal gentlemen, let me take this opportunity to thank Chester Jackson for joining us at Gilded Cage and to thank him for the opportunity to work with his fine company, the Jackson Organization. Cheers, Chet—let us work together for mutual success!”

Hearty cries of “here, here!” filled the garden, punctuated by excited, vacuous female giggles.

Klaw smiled. “Let us start with some light entertainment in honor of Mr. Jackson’s first—but hopefully not last—visit to Gilded Cage. Bring on our first set of performers.” He snapped his fingers and several girls mounted the stage, all in bikinis or lingerie.

“Put up the ring, girls.”

Moving quickly, the women brought poles attached by rope and inserted them into holes in the stage floor. Keith was surprised at the result. In less than two minutes, the stage had been transformed into a simulated boxing ring!

Chet, more than a little drunk, slapped Avril’s ass hard. “I’m through with you for now, honey. If I want you later, I’ll send for you.” The slinky brunette looked at him in discomfort, obviously dismayed at being sent away. But she knew better than to complain. She did a small curtsey and fled.

Keith, now drunk, laughed.

“And now gentlemen,” Klaw called out, “let’s pick out some contestants to perform for us, shall we? Let’s see... hmmm. You,” he pointed to a hard looking blonde in a yellow bikini—“and you.” A lithe Mediterranean beauty with smooth black hair wearing a white teddy stepped forward. The two girls considered each other apprehensively.

“And let’s choose an appropriate prize for the victor. Say this little bangle.” Klaw pulled out a black velvet choker with an expensive antique cameo. The two girls were agape at the prospect of winning the bauble. Prizes were rare—they set girls apart in the world of Gilded Cage.

“And for the vanquished? A whipping. Mr. Petersen, your call?”

The subject of this question was flexing a riding crop he had used earlier on Mandy in the Discipline Cabana. “Oh, twenty at least. And, Mr. Klaw—could we have the winner perform the dirty work? I’d like to watch the show myself.”

Klaw nodded gracefully. “Certainly. Come forward girls. Remember—no scratching or biting each other. We don’t want our pets scarred up. Failure to remember this rule will result in automatic forfeiture.” Klaw looked from girl to girl—Keith felt his power for a moment—and then sat down. “Begin.”

At first the brunette, who seemed quicker on her feet, easily leapt out of the grasp of the harder, more compact blonde. But the bikinied blonde was stronger and would not be denied. With a burst of energy, she tackled the petite olive-skinned girl. Using the long hair almost as a leash, she spun the screeching girl around, eventually forcing her to her feet.

Straddling her, the blonde let loose on her teddied backside with some severe, targeted bar hand spanks. The brunette wailed and shook her head in denial of her defeat. The blonde twisted the hair, taking a shorter choke on the mane and forced the brunette’s face to the stage floor—next to the blonde’s feet. Slowly, the smaller, darker girl’s lips quivered, then planted a kiss on her conqueror’s foot—displaying her submission.

The men roared and the blonde sneered down, gripping the hair more tightly and forcing the girl to continue to worship her. After a few minutes of this and a bored smirk from Mr. Klaw, the thin-lipped blonde allowed her opponent to collapse.

Keith joined in as the men cheered.

Klaw stepped forward and the blonde knelt. Like a bizarre knighting of old, Klaw attached the choker around the girl’s neck. She rose in triumph.

“You may take her to the Discipline Cabana and thrash her there, girl. We’ve better things to do than watch some bitch’s whipping,” Klaw explained matter-of-factly. The girl nodded and dragged her foe out of the ring.

Klaw waited until they’d left and turned back to the audience. “Let’s move on to our next piece off entertainment for the evening, gentlemen. Kendall—please do the honors.”