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If you ARE 18, then you should know the following story is about women who are forced through mind control to participate in non-consensual sex, public humiliation, and b&d, in both m/f and f/f situations. Both the characters and occurrences in this fiction are completely fictitious.

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The Conditioners

By Marlissa

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Chapter Twenty-one: Sappho In The Shower

It was about nine when Keith roused himself. Cally, clearly exhausted after her ordeal of the previous evening, lay stretched out beside him on the bed, fast asleep. He surveyed her magnificent body by the sunlight. Despite the odd, drying bits of his cum, it was as unmarred and perfect as it had seemed the previous night. What would he end up doing with her? Last night had been strange, a fantasy and beyond for him. And yet, did he really want this on his already overburdened conscience? Cally had been a friend in high school and, despite her rejection of his tentative advances, had never really done anything to hurt him. She wasn’t like the other girls in the Cain stable. He didn’t really know them. Cally was different. He’d have to think about it over the next few days.

He’d never spent the night at Gilded Cage. Chloe’s apartment had a private bath, but he decided to throw on the robe thoughtfully provided by one of Miss Gerdener’s “flowers” and find himself some coffee. A cross between a condo complex and a luxury hotel, the executive quarters at Gilded Cage were laid out to ensure maximum privacy for the male guest, though the female quarters were fairly cramped. For what Keith understood, this was by design, as the sight of multiple nude women dealing with one another in close proximity was stimulating in the extreme.

Considering this, he walked down the hallways, occasionally nodding toward some other Cain executive headed out or in. The plush appointments soon gave way to an almost dormitory-like quarter from which high-pitched female squeals, giggles and chatter emanated.

He passed by one of the doorways—there were no doors—and looked in at a bathroom with a set of open shower stalls against one wall. A bevy of pretty, towelled women preened and inspected themselves in the mirror. His entrance brought a nervous hush over the girls.

“Don’t mind me ladies. Go about your business. Just taking a look around.” His smile made it clear he meant it and they did so, though less loudly now. It was the fall in volume that let him hear soft moaning coming from one of the shower stalls. He turned the corner to investigate. Poking his head in, he was face to face with what he assumed was thoroughly unauthorized girl on girl play! He rubbed his hands in glee as he took stock of the two offenders, a blonde and a redhead.

“And what are you two doing?” he asked sternly. He had caught the two in mid-embrace, the redhead licking the blonde’s shoulders and cupping her girlfriend’s two firm breasts in jealous hands.

He vaguely recognized the blonde. Her name was Sherry or Terry or something—a Steno Girl someone had just added to the pool. The redhead was...

“What are your names?”

“Terry, Sir!” the blonde instantly replied.

“I’m Erin, Sir!” the redhead chimed in. Both were VERY nervous. Such interaction was strictly regulated. The executives didn’t like their pets involved in love affairs they hadn’t arranged for their own amusement. The penalty was a whipping at the least.

Keith considered the situation. Terry—she had been a car hop someone had taken a shine to. And Erin—she had been a grad student or something. It happened all the time—a Cain man would see a girl, then collect her for the firm. The firm discouraged it officially, but if it could be done discreetly and without too many complications, it was allowed.

These two had been added in the last month or so, and evidently become lovers. Conditioning made strange bed fellows out of the girls—in this case, a Bimbo and a Brain. Kendall had told him some of them had formed these kinds of attachments in their captivity.

“Why not just Condition them not to have these feelings?” he had asked.

Kendall had just sneered. “Why bother? It gives us a reason to learn more about them, to control them, to... punish them.”

Kendall’s reply wouldn’t have made sense two months ago, but now that he was more used to Conditioning, he thought he understood it. The girls were more fun when you allowed them free will on the margins. The basic Conditioning still held—they were pawns in most respects. But aside from the most basic Conditioning—such as “Obey Your Master” or “Stay At Gilded Cage” or “Try To Please,” the girls were often left to manage their own behavior.

On a macro-level, it was the only way to control such a large number of females, since literal control would have left them incapable of doing much of anything.

And would have left the Conditioner exhausted.

Keith shrugged. “Go on—show me a hot lezzie show. Get it on with your girlfriend Red.”

In relief, Erin and Terry resumed their tryst in the shower. They smiled over at him from time to time, their pretty faces filled with gratitude to him for not punishing their naughty activities. To thank him for his sufferance, he thought they even put more into their loveplay, to heighten the drama of the illicit performance for him. At last, the redhead’s lips parted from her blonde girlfriend’s smooth, wet cheek.

“Thank you for the little performance—quite amusing.”

He felt Klaw-like as he left the shower. The nude girls behind were shivering now and not from the cold. Petersen didn’t like lesbian love that wasn’t intended for entertainment purposes. The girls would be wondering if they’d be reported.

The performance had excited him and he returned to Chloe’s room. He lightly slapped Cally awake. A rudely demanded blow job and doggy-style fuck later (he liked taking the great Cally Rush that way, he discovered, when he realized how degrading she found it), and he was dressing. Cally would remain at Gilded Cage until he decided what to do with her.

On the way out, he remembered he wanted to check on Chloe’s progress. He passed quickly through the garden and into the discipline room.

Chloe was trussed up tightly.

Petersen approached.

“Great party last night, wasn’t it? Well, it seems Miss Chloe needed a reminder of how to behave. I administered a strapping to put her in the proper frame of mind before her piercing—you don’t mind?”

Keith shrugged, half surprised to realize that he really didn’t care.

“Well, your bitch is belled.” Petersen flicked the tiny silver bell on the secretary’s chest. She winced and moaned slightly.

“Thank you. By the way, one good turn deserves another. Terry and Erin—I caught them playing in the shower.”

Petersen nodded grimly. “Thought those two were closet dykes. They’ll be separated and punished at once—thanks, Hynde. You’re turning into a real Cain man, you know that? Your bitch will be ready and waiting at the office after lunch. After piercing, I suggest they hang and get used to the feeling.”

Keith thanked him again, flushed with the other man’s praise. A real Cain man. Chloe’s hurt, betrayed eyes burned a hole in him as he left the room.

He didn’t notice.