The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Conditioning Niki

John quietly works his way behind the bleachers until he can partially see up Niki’s skirt. That isn’t exactly why he is here, but it is a nice bonus. John pauses a moment to enjoy the view.

Niki (Nichole to their professors) is a cheerleader, with all of the physical attributes that implies. Her 5′ 1″, 98 lb body always puts her at the top of whatever pyramid the cheerleaders are doing. Despite her size, she is never mistaken for a young girl. Her narrow waist, flat stomach, generous hips and “C” cup breasts give her a lovely hourglass figure. Red hair and blue eyes finish out a devastatingly desirable package.

John and Niki are both juniors at a moderate size University. He has desired Niki ever since they shared Psych 101 as freshmen. Unfortunately, John’s low social status means that Niki has never really noticed him.

John’s appearance is very bland and unremarkable. His most distinguishing feature is paleness from too many hours spent in physics laboratories. He has put all that lab time to good use, however. Today, he is finally ready to begin conditioning Niki to be his lover and slave.

Once John manages to drag his eyes away from Niki’s thighs, he attaches his invention to the bleachers directly under her. His invention is the size and shape of a cell phone. It also has the same sort of numeric keypad as a cell phone. Its purpose is simple. It directly stimulates the brain’s pleasure center. It has settings for 1 to 10. Level 1 is mildly pleasant. Level 4 is similar to eating food that you are craving. Level 7 is similar to an orgasm from really great sex. Level 10 is the maximum and most people go their entire lives without feeling pleasure that intense. The device can be set for continuous stimulation with the # button or pulsed with a push of the * button. It can operate both modes at once, allowing a higher or lower level pulse to be given during continuous stimulation.

Right now, John is “tuning” the device to Niki’s brain. This involves leaving it within 8 feet of her alone for 10 minutes. The device’s range is 8 feet. Once the device is tuned, it will affect only Niki’s brain.

Niki is taking a break during Sunday afternoon cheerleading practice. The rest of the cheerleaders are trying to learn a new formation. Niki won’t be added to the top until the rest of the cheerleaders have their new positions learned. This gives John and his device the 10 minutes they need.

John looks down at the beautiful woman kneeling in a few feet front of him. “Niki?”

She looks up from the floor to his face. “Yes Master. What do you desire?

John can hear the need in her voice. Obeying him has become the prime focus of her life. “Well, my dear, I desire you.”

Niki’s smile brightens. “Yes Master.” She covers the few feet between them in a sensuous crawl.

John and Niki share 2 classes this semester. Niki is a business major. John is a physics major. He is taking some business classes however, mainly to be near Niki.

On Monday, he arrives early to their first shared class. He sits one row forward and one row to the left of Niki’s usual seat. This puts his seat is about 6 feet from hers.

John always brings his laptop to class. He has modified the built in camera. He can now change its direction enough to show Niki’s seat behind him and to his right. This allows him to observe her without turning around.

Just before class starts, Niki hurries in and heads to her usual spot, between two of her Sorority sisters. She glances at John briefly while walking past him. He uses his device to give her a level 3 pulse of pleasure. She jerks to a stop briefly. John sets the device on level 2 continuous for the rest of class. She glances at him once during class while passing some papers and John gives her another level 3 pulse.

He begins sitting just in front and to the left of Niki during both of their shared classes. Niki receives a level 2 continuous stimulation throughout class with a level 3 pulse every time she looks at John. By Wednesday, she is glancing at him more and more often. She has a puzzled smile each time.

On Thursday, during their first class, he sits one seat farther to the left. He is now one row forward and two rows to the left of Niki’s usual seat. This puts her seat out of his device’s range. Niki enters the class room and then pauses just before sitting in her seat. She looks around for John. He fakes a yawn and stretches his arms out and backwards as far as they can go. This puts his right hand, with the device, close enough to give Niki a level 3 pulse. Once John sits back up straight, Niki is out of range. She does not receive the level 2 continuous stimulation during class and she misses it. She spends the class period looking uncomfortable and fidgeting.

During their second shared class, John again sits one row forward and two rows to the left of Niki’s usual seat. Niki stops right before sitting down in her usual seat and again looks for John. He repeats his fake yawn and stretch to give her a level 3 pulse. After receiving the pulse, Niki moves one row to the left and sits diagonally behind John.

Niki’s sorority sisters are surprised by her seat change and ask her why she moved. She replies with an offhand “I just felt like it”.

Niki’s move puts her back in range of John’s device. She receives a level 2 continuous stimulation throughout class with a level 3 pulse every time she looks at John. She spends most of the class staring at the back of his head with a dreamy expression.

During their two Friday classes, John sits in two completely different places. Each time Niki moves to sit one row behind and to the right of John. Niki’s sorority sisters don’t move with her. This upsets Niki, but not enough to skip the level 2 continuous stimulation.

John waits until Niki is between his knees. She is kneeling with her rear end on her heels. She leans forward enough to give John an excellent view down the front of her sexy maid dress. She is wearing nothing under it.

John responds to her silent invitation by sliding his hands down the front of her dress and caressing her breasts. Niki gasps and thrusts her chest out.

After a few moments of this, John pulls Niki up onto his lap and begins kissing her. Their tongues wrestle passionately through a series of kisses that leave them both breathless and hungry for more.

On Saturday evening, everyone attends the football game. Niki is there early. She wants time to chat with some of her Sorority sisters before the game starts. Just before she has to go down to the field with the rest of the cheerleaders, John stops by her group.


She glances over her shoulder at John and automatically says “Hi”. She starts to turn back to her friends and then does a double-take. John gives her a level 4 pulse. Niki’s eyes go wide in surprise and she unconsciously steps towards John. He turns the pulse into continuous level 4 stimulation. Her Sorority sisters step back to express their distaste for associating with someone like John.

“Niki, I’m glad to see you. I misplaced my notes about the reading assignment for Accounting. May I have a copy of your notes?” John spent all day rehearsing this conversation. He can say his lines without much concentration. This is good because most of his mental effort is being spent on keeping his eyes from straying down to Niki’s chest in her cheerleading uniform.

Niki is somewhat dazed by the constant level 4 stimulation. “Ummm, sure, I guess.”

“Great. I want to have it read by Monday. Speaking of Monday, have you learned all of those organizational charts for Business Management? Monday’s test is worth a big part of our grades for the semester.”

“I know. I can’t believe that we actually have to draw them out for the test. I am so not a visual learner.”

“I am not really a visual learner either, but I did find a good way to memorize them all. Since you are being so nice about letting me copy your notes, how about I show you my trick for leaning all of those organizational charts? I can meet you in the Library by the copy machines tomorrow after your cheerleading practice. Will you do that?”

The level 4 pleasure makes Niki feel very agreeable. “Yeah, sure.”

“Great. I’ll see you tomorrow in the library after practice. Oh, look out.” John touches her arm to shift her out of the way of some people passing by. Niki realizes that John did it as an excuse to touch her. Before she can call him on it however, John turns his device up to level 5. She closes her eyes and shudders in response. She doesn’t realize that he has gone until he and his device go out of range. She reluctantly heads down to the field to begin cheering for the game.

“Start with your mouth.”

Niki slithers out of his lap and ends up between his knees. “Yes, Master. I live to please you.”

John knows that this is literally true and his arousal spikes higher.

Niki opens his pants with practiced ease. She slowly slides her mouth all of the way down his erection. She is very eager to taste his cum. She would be drooling if her lips were not sealed around him. She begins to slowly slide her mouth up and down as she works her tongue. Niki has a difficult time keeping the slow pace that John wants.

“Oh, that feels very nice Niki.”

For John, the hours seem to crawl by until Sunday afternoon. He arrives at cheerleading practice shortly after it starts and sits up in the bleachers. He pretends to read a book rather than openly gawk at the cheerleaders. No one is fooled. Niki sees John arrive. She keeps looking at him and expecting to feel something. She starts to think that something is wrong but can’t really define what it is. She gets distracted by trying to catch his attention and gets dirtier than usual from falling. By the end of practice, she is very worried that something is wrong.

After practice, the coach lectures Niki about staying focused. When the lecture is finished, Niki looks around for John. He is already gone. She grabs her stuff and runs straight to the Library. She finds John at a table by the copy machines. She feels a huge wash of relief when she gets in range of his device. Niki sits down across from him and spends a moment just enjoying the level 2 pleasure. She is panting and sweaty and streaked with dirt, but still stunningly beautiful.

John concentrates on looking at her eyes. He finds it very hard to keep his gaze from drifting downward. “Thanks for coming.”

Niki pulls her mind out of the clouds and back to school work. Then she gasps, “I forgot to get my notes for Accounting.”

“That is OK. I actually found my notes and already finished the reading.”

She is surprised by her feeling of disappointment. “Then, why’d you come?” She frowns slightly. “Oh, I’m sorry. That sounded bad. I mean, if you don’t need my notes then you don’t really need to meet me here, do you?”

“Of course I need to meet you here. I promised to help you study for tomorrow’s Business Management test.”

In all of her worrying and rushing around, Niki had almost forgotten that part. “What? Umm, yeah that’s right.”

“Your voice sounds dry. You must be hot and thirsty after practice.” John hands her a couple of dollars. “Go down to the Student Union and get something for each of us from the pop machine”

“But, we can’t have drinks in the library.”

“Get yourself a drink and get me a Dr. Pepper. Then meet me outside behind the library and we will sit under a tree to have our drinks and study.” John gives her a level 5 pulse. Niki’s eyes close and she melts into her chair. This gives John time to pick up both of their backpacks and head for the door.

Niki remains seated until John and his device go out of range. Then she jumps up and runs after him. John has turned off the continuous stimulation so Niki feels nothing when she gets close to him. She briefly touches his arm. “Wait…”

John glances back and frowns slightly. “Niki, please do what I told you to do. Go get our drinks and meet me outside.”


John puts a hand on her shoulder and turns her towards the Student Union. He gives her a gentle push and a level 5 pulse. “Niki, go.” The pleasure distracts her long enough for John to get outside. She almost starts after him again but then goes quickly to get their drinks.

Niki slides her mouth up and down John’s erection faster and faster. When his orgasm feels close, John puts his hands on her head. “Stop Niki.”

She unseals her lips with a wet slurp. “Yes, Master.”

She sits back onto her heels and makes a “sad puppy” whine. “What can I do for you, Master? Please, tell me to do something.”

“Dance for me”

Niki’s smile returns. “Yes Master. I would love to.” She stands and straddles his lap. After posing for a moment, she begins a lap dance that includes LOTS of physical contact. Niki’s incredible body grinding against John pushes him towards the edge again. He grabs her hips and holds them still.

“I need a change of pace or this will be over way too soon.”

Niki easily finds John again. Sitting under a tree behind the library is still “in public” but it is more secluded and intimate than a table inside the library. Niki is uncomfortable with this change in location but can’t think of a way to politely retrieve her backpack and leave.

When she gets close, John stands up. He smiles at her just as she gets in range of his device. She sees his smile and feels the level 2 continuous stimulation at the same time. She pauses for a moment and then smiles back at him. She steps closer. “Here is your Dr. Pepper.” She hands it to him. After he takes it, she says “and your change.”

Rather than take the change, he sets his drink down. He brushes the hair out of Niki’s face and gives her a level 5 pulse. “You did a good job. I am glad that you got our drinks so quickly and brought them here just like I wanted.” The pleasure fades back to a 3 when he pulls his hand away. John gives her a level 4 pulse as he touches her hand to take the change.

John gestures towards a spot on the ground next to their back packs. “Sit here Niki.” He gives her a level 5 pulse when she obeys.

John jumps right into helping Niki through the material. Focusing on studying helps keep his mind and his eyes off of Niki’s body.

John makes a point of giving Niki direct instructions about small things. He gives her a level 5 pulse each time she obeys.

“Hold my book for me.”

“Turn to page 85 and set the book here.”

“Here Niki, use my pen.”

None of these orders are enough to be really rude, but Niki would be getting annoyed if she wasn’t distracted by the pleasure. She is also distracted by trying to sit demurely in her sweaty cheerleading uniform.

“Look closely at this diagram.”

“Move that book over there.”

Once Niki seems to be obeying without much resistance, John moves to the next phase. He sets a notebook on ground. “Try to draw out these diagrams.” John holds the notebook in place so that Niki has to kneel and bend forward to draw. John feels very tempted to stare at her ass, but remembers that controlling himself now means a big payoff later.

“You are doing well Niki. You have got almost all of the diagrams memorized.”

“I just can’t seem to get that last one.” She is kneeling over the notebook trying to keep her rear end down enough to keep her panties covered.

“I have an idea. Hold still and let me help you draw it.” John moves to her right side and places his left knee between her feet. Then he leans over so that his left shoulder is just above her right shoulder. This puts the left half of his body directly above the right half of her body.

“If you feel your hand move through it correctly then you will learn it better.” He takes her right hand in his right hand and pulls her hand towards the notebook. As she leans forward, her rear end lifts and brushes against his left hip. She starts to sit back up but that moves her right shoulder up against his chest.

He tugs her hand. “Focus on our hands.” She ends up barely touching both his hip and his shoulder while he holds her hand and moves it through drawing the problem diagram.

John is holding the device in his left hand. He gradually increases the level of stimulation as he moves her hand across the paper.

When the diagram is finished, John lets go of her hand. The device is up to level 6. He puts his right hand on her right upper arm and his left hand against her left upper arm. He gives her shoulders a brief hug and pulls her back against his chest a bit more. He leans close and whispers into her ear. “Very good Niki. You did it just the way I told you to.” He gives her a level 7 pulse. “Good girl. You followed my instructions exactly.” She unconsciously digs her fingers into the grass and arches her back against him while her eyes roll up into her head. After about 5 seconds of bliss, he lets go of her and stands up. The pleasure drops down to level 2.

She barely suppresses a whimper and squeezes her thighs together. He quickly stuffs his books into his backpack as she drops her chin to her chest and gasps for breath. He slings his backpack onto one shoulder and turns back to her. She is looking dazedly at the diagram her hand just drew. He gently puts a hand into her hair and pulls her head back until her face is tilted up. She is still too dazed to protest or resist.

She finds herself kneeling at his feet with his hand in her hair. She is looking almost straight up at his face. Before she has time to really think about her position and feel awkward, he starts increasing the pleasure level again.

“You have done well, my Padawan learner.” He smiles at her and turns the device up to level 5.

“You did everything I asked you to do.” John turns his device up to level 6. Niki doesn’t resist as he tips her head all of the way back. Her glassy eyes stare into the sky and her mouth hangs open. John shifts his hand to the back of her neck.

“If we keep studying together like this, I can teach you to do all sorts of stuff.” John turns his device up to level 7. Her body starts to quiver like a vibrating harp string. He pulls her head backward far enough that she would fall if he wasn’t holding her up by the back of her neck.

“You want to keep studying with me like this.” John turns his device up to level 8. Niki is limp with her arms dangling and her eyes rolled up. Some drool forms at the corner of her mouth. He lowers her gently to the ground. She is lying on her back with her knees bent all of the way and her feet folded under her. Her rear end is on her heels and her shoulders are on the ground behind her feet. This tilts her pelvis up and pulls her cheerleading uniform skirt way up on her thighs.

With his device still at level 8, John leans close to Niki’s ear. “You know that I am the smartest person in our class. You need me to tell you what to do so that you can succeed.” Niki’s conscious mind is too distracted to hear his words, but her subconscious soaks them up.

He slips his hand out from behind her neck and gradually lowers the pleasure level. Her position stretches her top tightly across her breasts and exposes all of her flat stomach. Her deep breathing makes her chest heave. Her hands are twitching at her sides, which helps pull her skirt up a bit more.

When the pleasure gets down to level 4, she starts to reconnect with the world. When her eyes roll down enough to actually look at him, John says “Niki”. She blinks and focuses on his face. “You are shivering. That sweaty uniform is probably giving you a chill. Here.” He drapes his jacket across her. It reaches from the tops of her shoulders to her knees. Since her feet are folded up under her, it covers everything below her neck.

“Now my young Padawan;” He gives her a joking smile. “I have to run or I will be late for a date. Bring the jacket to me tomorrow before our first class.” He brushes his hand across her forehead to get the stray hairs out of her face and gives her a jolt of level 6. He takes advantage of her distraction to hurry off at a rapid walk.

John’s date is with a very cold shower.

“Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands together behind your back.”

“Yes Master.” Niki quickly complies.

“Now, don’t move, don’t use your voice and don’t cum until I release you.”

Niki gulps.

John walks slowly around Niki, just inspecting his beautiful and very aroused slave in her sexy maid costume. He stops behind her and unties the strings holding the apron at her waist. He re-ties the strings around her wrists, binding her hands behind her back. Even without the binding, Niki will not move her hands until John releases her. He doesn’t need to tie her hands, he just likes to.

After almost a minute, Niki recovers enough to glance around. John is already gone. She suddenly thinks about her position and pushes up onto her elbows to look at herself. Her skirt is not quite covering her panties and her top is pulled up enough to reveal the bottom of her sports bra. However, all of this is covered by his jacket. She glances around to see if anyone is watching. She is facing away from campus and the large tree right behind her would have mostly blocked anyone’s view.

‘What just happened? That was the strangest study date ever.’ She sits up and adjusts her uniform. ‘He is kind of demanding, but not really rude or demeaning like some guys. I sure did like doing what he asked.’

‘He never stared at me, even with my uniform on. He just helped me study. Drawing with my hand was awkward, but...’

She picks up her pen and flips to a blank page in her note book. She effortlessly sketches out all of the diagrams including the last and most difficult one. ‘Wow, I got them all. That last one is, like, burned into my brain.’

She doesn’t realize that the pleasure from John’s device has burned other things into her brain as well. Her subconscious is already beginning to associate Obeying John and John’s Touch with Pleasure. Her subconscious wants more of this pleasure and will push her towards getting it.

She sets the pen down and pulls his jacket onto her shoulders. ‘He didn’t try to touch me when he was helping me draw. I kept fidgeting and brushing against him. He kind of hugged me afterwards but it felt REALLY good. I sure didn’t discourage him.’

She pauses to think and remember what happened next.

‘My God, what was I doing? I was kneeling there just staring up at his face. I must have looked retarded or drugged or something. I don’t think I have ever felt that good. I hope I didn’t drool or anything.’ She wipes her hand across her mouth. ‘Crap, I did drool.’

‘I guess I started to fall backwards because then he had to catch me. I must have looked like a slut lying back like that with my skirt hiked up. And all he did was look at my face and talk about teaching me stuff.’

Niki pulls John’s jacket tightly around her shoulders.

‘Then he gave me his jacket. I was thrashing around like a stripper and he acted like an actual gentleman.’

Niki looks wistful at the jacket for a moment and then her eyes go wide as a new idea springs into her mind.

‘Did I WANT him to touch me? Do I WANT him as a lover?’

She tilts her head and searches her memory.

‘I never really noticed him before, but I have been following him around like a puppy all week. This doesn’t feel like any of the other times that I have been in love. This feels WAY better. Maybe that means this is really something different, something special.’

She hugs his jacket even tighter around herself.

‘Could I be falling in love with him and not realize it. Is that even possible? It must be possible. That is the only logical explanation for how I feel around him.’

Niki sits up straighter with a puzzled look.

‘Is he interested in me? He sure didn’t act like any other interested guy ever has. Can he really be that much of a gentleman, or is he just not interested in looking at me?’

Her expression falls into a look of horror.

‘He said that he had a date. He must already have a girlfriend. He takes time away from his girlfriend to help me study and I spend the time trying to flash my panties.’

Her stomach sinks and she goes pale.

‘I am falling in love with a really nice guy and he is taken.’

She sadly collects her stuff. She hesitates but decides to take his jacket off. ‘I shouldn’t be walking around in his jacket if he has a girlfriend.’ She folds it carefully and tucks it into her backpack.

‘I want to see him again. Will he still want to help me study? He talked like he would. He called me his Padawan. Isn’t that like a junior Jedi or something? I need to find out for sure what that means.’

John steps up close behind Niki and reaches around to caress her breasts and stomach through the thin fabric of her French maid dress. Once her nipples are hard, he slides his right hand down the front of her dress to caress her breasts without any intervening fabric. Niki’s arousal climbs and she begins panting with occasional gasps when John pinches a nipple.

John ups the ante by sliding his left hand up her thigh and under her dress. The whole area is warm and wet and very inviting.

The next morning Niki feels even worse about her behavior and considers skipping class. Then she has a sudden, clear memory of him saying “Bring the jacket to me tomorrow before our first class”.

‘That is burned into my brain just like the stuff we studied. I HAVE to go to class and return it.’

She arrives outside the classroom 15 minutes early. Part of her is hoping that she will be able to just hang the jacket on his chair and leave. A larger part of her wants desperately to see him again.

John is already waiting in his usual seat. No one else is in the room. She is surprised by how much better she feels once she gets close to him.

John has his device on level 2 continuous. He gives her a level 4 pulse when their hands touch as she hands over the jacket. Then he suddenly hands it back. “Actually, fold it up for me and put it in my backpack.” She looks at his backpack lying on the floor next to his chair. When she starts to kneel down, the level 5 pulse almost makes her drop the jacket. She reverently places his jacket inside and starts to zip up his back pack.

“Niki?” She pauses and looks up.

Niki realizes that she is again kneeling at his feet. ‘He can see down the front of my blouse.’ She automatically starts to pull up the front of her blouse but is distracted by another level 5 pulse of pleasure. John’s eyes never leave hers and she lets her hand drop.

“Get out my textbook and my red notebook and my black pen.” She shivers as the level 5 pleasure washes over her. She gets out the requested items and sets them on the desk in front of him.

“Put the textbook on the left side and the notebook on the right side.” She arranges his stuff as specified and enjoys another level 5 pulse. When that task is complete, she remains kneeling next to him and looking up. She has begun to enjoy kneeling and waiting for his instructions.

John pats her shoulder while giving her a level 6 pulse. “Very good, my young Padawan. You did everything just the way I told you to.” She inhales sharply and then nuzzles her cheek on the back of his hand. The pleasure fades slowly down to level 2 but his hand stays on her shoulder.

Finally, she recovers enough to look up and lift an amused eyebrow. “Young?”

“Yes, young.” He smiles a bit smugly. “I saw your friend Cathy give you a birthday gift right before class one day in Psych 101. That was on April 10th. Since the 10th was a Wednesday, your birthday must be the 10th.” She looks puzzled and says nothing so John continues. “If she had given you the gift on a Monday or Friday, then your birthday might have actually been on the weekend. Since we had Psych 101 every day Monday through Friday, there was no reason for her to give you the gift before or after your actual birthday. So, your birth date is April 10th 1989.” He pauses briefly but she just stares, hardly blinking. “Since my birthday is in January, I am 4 months older than you are.”

John pats her head while giving her a level 6 pulse. “So, yes you are my young Padawan.” He moves his hand back to her shoulder as the pleasure glides back down to level 3.

Niki blinks to clear her head. “But...Psych 101 was 2 years ago!” She looks slightly guilty. “I didn’t even know you were in that class...and you remembered all of that about me. How? Why?”

John strokes her cheek while giving her another level 6 pulse. “Because, you were worth remembering.”

She starts to say something else but he gently puts a finger against her lips. “Shh, get up and go sit at your desk before anyone else arrives and wonders what we are doing.”

Niki doesn’t want anyone else to see her kneeling beside him. She silently moves to her usual place, one row behind and one row to the right of his desk. Her friends are happy to see her back with them. However, they quickly realize that she is distracted and give up trying to talk with her. She stares at John’s back for the entire class and hears nothing of the lecture.

Her thoughts swirl around. ‘Does worth remembering mean that he was interested in me way back then? It must. Does it mean that he is still interested? He never stares at me like every other interested guy has. And, I thought he had a girlfriend. Did he actually say that he had one?’

She tries to remember the details of yesterday’s conversation.

‘He said that he “would be late for a date” but maybe it wasn’t a date date. I need to ask around and find out.’

‘I don’t know who to ask? None of my friends will know, or even care. I need to find out who his friends are.’ The rest of the lecture is spent planning how to learn more about the guy that she seems to have fallen so hard for.

John slides two fingers inside Niki and feels her whole body shudder. He begins slowly pumping his fingers in and out of her. His thumb brushes her clit with each thrust. His order holds Niki motionless and quiet. She has to concentrate on obeying and this delays her orgasm. The pleasure builds and builds until it starts to overwhelm her self control. She is quivering all over and gasping with each breath when John whispers, “You’re released.”

White hot ecstasy explodes in Niki’s mind. Her orgasm is equivalent to a level 9 pulse, but John doesn’t need to use his device on Niki anymore. She throws her head back and gives a strangled scream as her legs start to buckle. John has to help hold her up while the orgasmic convulsions roll through her body.

John whispers words that the pleasure burns deeper into Niki’s subconscious. “You love obeying me. You love serving me. You love being my slave. Obeying me is your purpose in life.”

Finally, he is left holding a limp, semi-conscious Niki in his arms. “Don’t fall asleep. I am not finished with you yet.”

Niki’s Mom got remarried a few weeks before Niki started college. As part of this process, Niki acquired a step-brother named Mark. He is 2 years younger than Niki and is now a freshman at the same university. Mark is the only geek that Niki actually knows so she decides to ask him about John. Once decided, she pulls out her cell phone and dials.

“Mark, this is Niki. I have a favor to ask.”

“OK, what is it?” Mark isn’t surprised. He saw Niki’s name on the caller ID and the only time she calls him is when she wants something.

“What is a ‘Padawan Learner’?

“Huh?” She usually asks him about problems with her computer. “Why do you want to know that?”

She tells him about her sudden interest in John and about being called his ‘Padawan Learner’. Mark is puzzled by her interest in someone like John but can hear the sincerity, even desperation in her voice. He sees this as an excellent opportunity. He agrees to “tutor” her about Jedi and to find out more about John. In exchange, he wants to photograph her in a bikini top and mini-skirt. She has never really thought of him as a “brother” and is used to being on display so this trade-off doesn’t bother Niki.

She proposes 10 photos in poses of her choice and she gets to delete any that turn out to be too revealing. He counters with taking 20 photos and keeping the 10 best. He also wants to suggest poses. She sets a maximum time of 20 minutes for the photo shoot and they have a deal.

Mark and John are in some of the same science and computer clubs on campus. Mark asks around. By Wednesday, he finds out that John does not have a girlfriend. The consensus is that John has a “thing” for Niki. This information makes Niki very happy and very grateful. She decides to show Mark her gratitude during the photo shoot. She forgoes her standard bikini top. Instead, she wears her “pasties and dental floss” bikini top. She combines it with her smallest mini skirt and gives Mark one of the most memorable days of his life.

John gently lowers Niki to the floor. Her hands are still tied behind her back, so she ends up with her knees and shoulders on the floor. Her rear end is in the air. Her limp form starts to collapse sideways to the floor. A slap on each butt cheek brings her conscious mind back enough for her to stay in position.

John is almost painfully aroused now. He quickly moves up behind Niki and grabs her hips. He slams his erection all of the way into her. He pauses a moment to enjoy the sensation and then starts urgently thrusting in and out. “Niki, tell me what you are.”

“Yes Master. I am your slave, Master.”

Thursday morning, Niki comes to class 5 minutes early. John and a handful of other students are already present. Niki hurries over to John. She has gotten used to the level 2 continuous setting and wants to be near him as much as possible. She automatically starts to kneel by his chair but John stops her. “You only kneel when we are alone.”

“Yes sir, of course.” The “sir” just spills out of Niki’s mouth. She hesitates. “Will you help me study for our next Accounting test, please?”

“But that test is 10 days away.”

Her need to obey him is growing. “I know, but please promise that you will meet with me and tell me how to study.”

John reaches out towards her face and is glad to see her unconsciously lean towards him. When his hand touches her face, he turns the device up to level 4. “We can go to my dorm room. Then I can tell you what to do without interruption.”

Niki was expecting the tree behind the library. “Um, I don’t think…”

“Hush, that is right, don’t think and don’t worry. Just come with me right now. We’ll skip class.”

John slides his hand off of her face, down her arm and then grasps her hand. He turns the device up to level 6. Next, he scoops up both backpacks and pulls Niki out of the door. She stumbles along after him in a haze of pleasure.

The short walk to John’s dorm room is a blur for Niki. Her thoughts boil around in her mind. ‘I’m sure he plans to seduce me. I have never had sex with someone this early in a relationship. Do we even have a relationship? All we have done is study together once. But, what I feel about him is so different, so powerful. I think I love him.’ Her thoughts finally settle. ‘I will be his girlfriend or whatever he wants. He will have no trouble seducing me. In fact, I may have trouble waiting that long.’

The sound of John’s door shutting brings Niki back to the real world.

John turns his device down to level 4 continuous and then sits on the edge of his bed. He tugs down on Niki’s hand and she automatically kneels in front of him.

He smiles. “Now, my young Padawan, I have much to teach you.”

Niki is pleased to have a chance to show off her new knowledge. “I’m your Padawan?” She smiles. “Does that make you my Jedi Master?”

John clenches his teeth and swallows while trying to look thoughtful. Meanwhile his mind is screaming ‘Yes!! It worked! I got her to call me Master!’ After a moment, he has his elation under control and smiles. “I guess it does, my young Padawan.” He smiles like they are sharing a joke. “You need to practice your lines. Try saying ‘Yes, Master’ to me”.

She snickers briefly. “Yes, Masterrrrr.” The last word turns into a strangled gasp when a level 8 pulse washes through her mind. A moment later, the pleasure drops back to level 4.

“Try it again but sound less sarcastic and more deferential.”

“OK.” She sounds dazed. “Yes, Master.” Another level 8 pulse rolls her eyes up for a moment.

“That is the correct response whenever I tell you to do something, isn’t it?”

She hesitates, but when another level 8 pulse hits, the words tumble automatically out of her mouth. “YES, Master.”

John puts his right hand on her upper chest. His left hand turns his device up to level 6 continuous. “You like it when I touch you, don’t you?”

Her “Yes, Master.” earns her another Level 8 pulse

He opens a button on her blouse, exposing more of her generous cleavage. “You want me to touch you more, don’t you?”

No hesitation. “Yes, Master.” Her brain is rapidly forming connections between ‘Yes Master’ and the strongest pleasure she has ever felt in her life.

He opens another button. “It feels good to obey me, doesn’t it.”

Again, no hesitation. “Yes, Master.” Another level 8 pulse strengthens her brain’s connection between obedience and incredible pleasure.

He slides his hand inside her blouse and bra. He begins to caress her breasts.

Niki manages to shed her blouse and bra without interrupting John. “Oh Master, that feels so good.” She is too distracted to think about what she just called him. She tilts her head back and pushes her chest out towards John’s hands. Topless; she is breathtaking, particularly when she begs. “Please, do more.”

“No, Niki.” Her head snaps down to search his face. “It is time for you to please me.”

“Oh. Yes Master, I’ll do anything you want.” John can see that she means this literally. He almost cums in his pants while giving her a level 9 pulse. Niki throws her head back and painfully grips John’s knees. When he releases the pulse, she flops forward. Niki ends up with her head in John’s lap and her breasts on his thighs.

“Niki, do you really mean ‘anything’?”

She nods in his lap. “Yes Masss…”. Another level 9 pulse puts Niki beyond coherent speech.

When the pleasure drops back to level 6, she starts nuzzling his crotch.

“That’s right, Niki. Give me your best blow job.”

The words “Yes, Master” roll out of her mouth automatically. She kisses the front of his pants before removing them.

John feels the warmth of her mouth slide all the way down his erection. He realizes that he won’t last long at all, but doesn’t care. The thought ‘Her mouth is almost as good as my device.’ brings a smile just before he erupts into her mouth. He barely has the presence of mind to give Niki a Level 10 pulse.

Niki feels and then tastes him cum. She has a sudden explosion of pleasure beyond any orgasm. Her world suddenly consists of just the sensation of him filling her mouth as he cums and incredible, mind blowing pleasure. Logic plays no part in the association that forms in the deepest and most primitive parts of her mind. Her brain knows that she needs to feel this again and again no matter what it takes. Her brain knows that if she can make him cum in her mouth again then she will feel like this again.

Even after John completely shuts off his device, Niki keeps him in her mouth. She remains in a climax-like state. She is only aware of feeling him filling her mouth and the feeling of ecstasy that goes with it. Her conscious mind never even registers the words he says or her responses. All she knows is that filling herself with his cum has brought a climax to begged for and that she will do this again no matter what it takes.

“You love obeying me. You love serving me. You love being my slave. Obeying me is your purpose in life.” Niki’s head gives a tiny nod after each statement as she continues sucking. “Niki, you are my slave and you love obeying your Master.” She sucks harder and nods again.

John pulls Niki up into his lap. She snuggles her head against John’s shoulder.

“Niki, are you hungry?”

“What?” She looks up at him. Then her eyes widen. “Oh God yes. I am starved all of a sudden. How did you know?”

John leans over to the fridge next to his bed. “Don’t worry about how I knew, just drink this.”

Niki guzzles 2000 calories worth of meal replacement shakes while hardly taking time to breath.

“Why was I so hungry?” She suddenly sags against John’s chest. “Why am I so sleepy?”

“Your brain is burning huge amounts of energy rewriting neural pathways. It needs to sleep to finish the process.”

Niki’s eyes start to close despite her best efforts. “What rewriting? What is happening to me Master?”

“Don’t worry my lovely slave. Just relax. When you wake up, I will explain your new life to you. You will enjoy it, trust me.”

Niki’s mind drops into dreams of sex and service and PLEASURE. She smiles and snuggles deeper into her Master’s arms.

John continues urgently pounding in and out of Niki. “Who are you, Niki?”

She begins to recite Truths that are already burned into her brain. She can only manage one word with each thrust. “I’m….your….slave….and....I….love….obeying….you….Master. I’m....your….slave….and.…I….love….obeying….you….Master.”

Just before he cums, John reaches around Niki’s waist and furiously rubs her clit. When John blasts her cervix with semen, Niki has another mind-blowing orgasm. Her words rush together into a scream. “I’mYourSlaveAndILoveObeyingYouMaster.”

When John is finished, he lets go of Niki’s hips and she collapses to the floor. He unties her apron, which releases her hands. After cleaning himself with her apron, he drops it beside her.

Meanwhile, Niki continues to whisper. “I’m your slave and I love obeying you Master.” She is unknowingly carving these words deeper and deeper into her brain’s neural pathways, ensuring a lifetime as John’s obedient slave.