The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


mc: mind control
mf: male/female sex
fd: female dominant

She wakes up without remembering anything about her past and her current life is definitely weird.

Chapter one: A new day

When she opened her eyes, she felt dizzy and sick to her stomach. The world was fuzzy and dizzy around her. Still in a semisleep state she tried to focus on anything.

“Is she going to freak out when she wakes up?” asked a male voice somewhere.

“It’s impossible to tell, Mr. Bissot” a female voice replied. “Normally they can be cranky at this early stage, and her body will be adjusting hormonally for quite some time. She’ll still be a little groggy from the drugs I gave her even after I wake her up”.

“This is just delightful, Faye. So how has the day of grooming for my sweetie been finalized?”

“Oh, Mr Bissot, I’m sure both you and your wife will be delighted. Let her with me today and you’ll have your new wife in a couple days. You must leave now. I’m going to wake her up”.

Darkness and silent. Then after a few minutes she felt a gentle hand shake her.

“Well good morning Mrs Bissot,” said a squeaky voice. “Did you have a nice sleep?”

“What?” said a young woman in the bed shaking her head. She blinked a couple of time but could´nt still open her eyes.

“Had a nice sleep?” said the woman.

“Is it morning already?” said her not wanting to get up. She was inside bed.

“Yes,” said the woman sliding open the curtain letting in some light. “It’s a glorious day.”

The curtains were thrown open as a woman came walking around the bedroom. She had no idea who was there as they were gone by the time her eyes fluttered awake.

“Woahhh...easy,” said her sitting up squinting as some of the day light struck her eyes. “Where am I and what are you doing here?”

The woman in front of her really wasn’t all that young. She was about fithies with wearied skin and her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing all white scrubs and had on a pair of all white slip on shoes. She was smiling to her and patting her arm as the confused woman yawned and said, “What happened?”

The blonde said, “You weren’t feeling well so your husband called me and asked me to come over. You don’t remember?”

She scratched her head and said, “I cannot remember anything. Are you a doctor?”

“Well Mr. Bissot send me to assist you” said the woman. Do you not remember me?”

“I´m sorry but…”

“You don´t worry, dearie. My name is Faye Grant and I am a healthcare nurse. Your husband hired me to come over here and look after you. I know your crisis has been very difficult on you. But, don’t you worry, I will soon get you back on your feet and you will be back to your old self. He told me all about you and you sound like the sweetest wife in the world, Constance. Now, let’s out of bed and we can start your day.”

“Excuse me?” She shook her head as a scratchy voice “My name isn´t Constance …My name is…”

“You can´t remember you own name, right? It´s normal after your mental crisis it will take a couple of days for your memory to recover. Also, your doctor mentioned that you might have some early signs of dementia, so I am going to help out in every way.”

“I’m sorry. My head is pounding,” said her reaching up to feeling her throbbing head then feeling something soft yet bumpy atop it. “What the...??”

“Yes we expected it might be after your last crisis,” said Faye pouring her a glass of water.

“No!! What is that?” said her feeling soft silk atop all the wiry things on her head.

Faye handed her some pill and a drink.

“What the hell happened with me!”

“I don’t know much ma’am because I helped change you for bed once Mr. Bissot carried you here after you passed out,” said Faye. “Now I suggest you take those pills while I gather your undergarments Mrs Bissot.”

“Mrs. Bissot?” gulped her downing the pills and jumping out of bed. “am I a married woman?”

As she got closer to the mirror it was suddenly hard just to breathe as she stopped frozen noticing how her eye brows were mostly gone and had been reshaped. She twisted her neck seeing a touch of glimmer from just under the edge of the silk scarf and then reached up her red fingers realizing pearl balls now sat fronting the posts of her ears.

Her hair was in curlers covered by a hairnet.

When she dropped her hand she felt ready to puke and then Faye walked behind her undoing the top button.

In a moment, Faye had grabbed her by her elbow and began taking her to the bathroom.

“Mrs. Bissot” said Faye said in a condescending tone. “All you need now is a very relaxing bath”.

“A bath?” gulped her freaking out as Faye took her hand and led her

into the large bathroom.

“I’ll help you in and please tell me if the temperature isn’t to your liking,” said Faye. “Step in please and I’ll assist with the rest.”

“I don’t need a bath! I need answers!” grumbled her panicking as she looked down at her red toes. Her fingernails were expertly styled in an elegant length, tapered and polished the same bright red color as her toenails.

She was confused in her foggy state. Faye took advantage of her confusion to put her gently but firmly inside the bathtub.

“I’m sorry we weren’t able to consult with you first Mrs. Bissot. You had a bad crisis yesterday. Her doctor and her husband were agreed and they felt it might be a good idea to heavily sedate you at first when you were picked up or you would object to coming, and you were still in that sedated state when we had your nails done. Well, we

did sedate you a little more when you arrived.” she smiled. “Just enough for you to sleep the rest of the day. You looked exhausted”.

“I don’t remember nothing because you drug me, right?” gulped her.

“We let you sleep in as doctor ordered,” said Faye lifting her leg and washing it. “You seemed to need the rest. Are you not happy with the color of the nail polish that I selected for you? I actually like that particular shade of red. I think your toenails are cute and fingernails look very pretty. Brittany did a beautiful job with your manicure and pedicure,” she said as she went back to combing her hair. “Very elegant and sophisticated looking.”

“It’s the fact that in addition to drug me I have long fingernails and my nails are painted without my permission”.

“What color would you have preferred?” she asked looking at her. “Your toenails need to be red. That’s the traditional color for toenails as far as I’m concerned. Most women at your age wear red nail polish on their toenails.” said Faye.

She still could´nt keep open her eyes. She was tired and wan´t fight more with a strange. She sliding down a little enjoying the tub’s warmth until she felt her neck stop short the edge of the tub behind her.

She reached back felt the tension of the roller near the nape of her neck at the back of her kerchief and then patted her entire head realizing she was soaking with a head full of rollers.

“If you calm down I can bathe you and answer your questions. Now just carefully sit back and mind your hair.”

“My hair? Said she reaching up feeling her head covering in rollers hidden beneath a kerchief.

“Mrs Bissot I’ll need you to sit without slouching or sliding forward or it could accidentally dip into the water,” said Faye. “Now you soak and relax while I prepare a few things for you.”

“Prepare?” she moaned. She lifted her right leg from the water staring at the soapy bubbles and then dropped it down almost socked she was relaxing in a fragrant bubble bath. The soft aroma that filled her nose was so sweet and intoxicating yet the entire experience felts unreal like it couldn’t be happening.

She wiggled her toes from beneath the suds to the waterline at the other side of the tub staring at the red digits that now sat painted at her feet. She was fully relaxed and enjoyed the bath. She began to feel warm from the water. She blinked and felt sleepy. In a semi sleep state she stretched out her manicured fingers still convinced this was a dream she was about to wake up from. She could almost hear her own heart pounding. What was she doing here? And how could she let this woman have control over her appearance?

“What the hell is going on here Faye?” said her panicking as she leaned her forward washing her back.

“Just a nice bath for yours nerves Mrs. Bissot” said Faye washing her chest and under her arms.

“Nerves?” said her while Faye washed her arms. “I am not…”

“ You do not have to be ashamed of what happened. It happens to many women at your age. I’ll be helping ready you since you’re so new at all this I’m told. Soon you will feel like past day before your enchanting... and well... drop dead gorgeous as usual with you.”

“Did you say I was glamorous? And gorgeous?” said her

“Yes Mrs Bissot,“said Faye “You are a reference on how a wife should be in this city”.

“I’m so confused” gulped her as she was washing her buttocks and then between her legs.

“I think it’s your husband who should explain you what happened. I’m sorry but you’re clean everywhere now ma’am,” said Faye “Step out please”

Then she held out a towel for to dry her. After Faye drying her she wrapping another around her waist.

“We all think you’re quite striking and from what I saw. I love like you look in public Mrs. Bissot. And you seemed quite enamored yourself with your appearance last night.”

“I was?” said Faye trying to remember.

Wrapping a towel, she was surprised to see Faye in her bedroom pulling out clothes. It seemed like Faye was treating her like an mature lady.

“Yes Mrs. Bissot. Please sit down because I can’t have you be late,” said Faye sliding out a chair from the vanity. “I believe once I’ve refreshed your makeup then I would think it might all come back to you.”

“Slow down Faye,” she said shaking her head understanding now where she was seated. “While I’m grateful for your assistance I am perfectly capable of fixing myself.”

“Mrs Bissot, I can do nothing of the sort,” said Faye stepping back unscrewing a tube. “I have strict instructions to have you dressed and coiffed for yuor doctor´s examination. I realize some of this is out of the ordinary for you in your present condition but did you want me to lose my job? I help support my family. Now if you intend to run from here naked I’m afraid I’ll have to be tougher with you. You must control your nerves Mrs. Bissot and let me my work with you. I would hate to have to sedate you.” Said Faye leaning in with a tube blotting near her chin and then across her jaw line. “Now I believe you’re fortunate. This is Max Factor’s new concealer called Erace and after we tried it on you last night your skin looked flawless.”

“Please Faye. I apologize to you. I didn’t want to seem tough” she said stopping her. “But I have a feeling I did something bad yesterday and nobody wants to tell me anything about it.”

“Mrs. Bissot if that’s the case then I would imagine you’ll straighten that out over your doctor consultation,” said Faye holding her hand up ready to continue. “But in the meantime please allow me to finish my job please!”

“And this is your job today?” said she stunned looking at the fleshy colored concealer stick. “To put makeup on me and make me look pretty?”

“I’m a beautician too. That’s what we do women?” smiled Faye. “I’m thinking you’ll feel more comfortable looking as beautiful as you did last night.”

“Please stop saying that,” said her touching her stomach feeling ill.

“Why you’re naturally pretty and trust me not a sole thought differently,” said Faye. “Now I have two young children to feed at home so please?”

“Yes of course,” nodded her. “I’m sorry. I’d never want to get you in trouble.”

“Thank you Mrs. Bissot,” said Faye smoothing her face. “Neither would I so let’s get you looking as glamorous as you did last night because right now you’re in need of my assistance so ultimately there’s a benefit for both of us.”

Before she could utter another word she began tapping her face with a powdery crème puff adding more foundation and then powdering her face.