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This one is based on trying to come up with a somewhat ‘realistic’ tech evironment. I also wanted a, well, ‘non-plotting’ controller...

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Consensual Reality

“All ready?”

“Check. Everything looks good to go; time to plug us in.”

“Ok. Consensual reality, joint trial one, starting now.” Mark hit the key that started the program running.

Lisa and Mark had been working on this for the last two years; a corerative reality program that let people share decisions, information, and resources using mental links via computer. The hardware worked, and the basic software was fully tested in theory. They both had been in and out on their own dozens of times, with no problems.

“System appears normal, starting linkage tests.” However, this was the first time two people had ever been in the program at once, and there were always kinks to work out. Espcially in something as cutting-edge as this.

Lisa looked over a set of complex math problems provided by the math department, solving them near-instantly, then opening the answer sheet and comparing them to her results.

She hadn’t always found the simplest way to the answer, but her answers were all correct. As expected, when it was really a math program on the computer doing them for her. “Math linkage oprating at expected levels here.”

“Here as well.” Mark was running the same tests. Neither had seen the problems or the answers before, and the were on paper so the computer couldn’t look them up that way. The unvirsitiy’s math department had handed them over in sealed envelopes.

Next up was a reading test; Lisa went through and found every misspelled word in a document the english deparment had sent over the same way in under a minute.

These were mostly useless tests, really. They only served to show the mind-to-computer links were working. The real promise of this technology was for teams working close together, particularly in hazardous environments. Rescue workers, astronaughts, deep-sea divers, even surgical teams. People who relied on being able to rely on every member of their team to work precisely together.

They’d managed to keep the military from classifing the project, but only by cutting the budget so they could almost afford it themselves. Thereby staying out of the military’s pocket.

“English linkage operating at expected levels.” This time Mark called out first, as agreed.

“Confirmed here.” Next was the fun part: testing the sense-intergation system, that allowed the computer to feed information back to the linked human. “Computer: Turn walls purple.” The commands here were just thought, directed at the computer interface.

The industrial-white walls of the computer lab turned purple in Lisa’s sight. “Vision integration linkage operating at expected levels.” This was one of the more interesting uses the system could be put too: changing the percived environment of any particpent. Any item could be added to someone’s perception, or any item could be percived as different than it was. Safeguards were in place, of course: dangerous items would always look dangerous, and no item could be removed from someone’s perception.

Nor could anything be done without the individual’s consent. Though the system was flexible there; consent could be implict, and fairly broad-ranging. At any time, however, anyone could get the system to feed them the ‘real’ world as it existed without the system.

Lisa felt the desktop, which she had told the computer to feel like alpaca fur. “Tactile integration confirmed here.” Lisa replied to Mark’s statement that it was working on his end, and dismissed the illusions.

That ended the standard tests. There had been no real expectation of surprizes there; they’d both gone through those tests many times.

Next up was the new stuff: Full coperative reality. Lisa had volunteered to go first on this, partly so Mark as the programmer would be avalible to fix problems. Her interface hardware had been thoughoughly debugged at this point.

They walked over to a desk Mark had set up. Lisa sat down on one side, Mark on the other. In between was a small wall, with various items on Mark’s side. Lisa would have to operate them at Mark’s direction, without being able to see them herself. She reached over and felt for the first item.

She felt herself turning it, almost before she was ready. A light brightened behind Mark. Lisa’s hand moved to the next item without warning.

Something was a bit off. “Computer: Report on recent actions by user ‘Lisa’; rationale and accounting.” Lisa instructed mentally, as her hand picked up a pencil.

“Actions by user ‘Lisa’ in last minute directed by consesus vote. Vote tallies: 2 for, 1 abstain.” That was odd.

The system would allow people to control each other’s actions, provided the team agreed. In extreme cases, it could even override when someone objected, so someone who froze up in the middle of a rescue would keep acting for the good of the team, for instance. “Computer: Identify users voting, and direction of vote.” Her hand was drawing something now.

“User ‘Mark’: For. User ‘Lisa’: Abstain. Admin User ‘Mark’: For.”

Lisa laughed to herself. Mark accidentally counted admin users seperately. Oh well, no need to stop the tests just for that. She’d berate him later, when they were done. For now, though, she should level the playing field. “Computer: Enter priority one override; hide all admin access from user ‘Mark’.” That was their debug code: it allowed top-level access to the system from inside the system. It could only be disabled by confirmed vote by all parties in the system. They’d have to re-enable admin access when they we done with these tests, but they could do that while logged out.

“Priorty one override accepted: all use of admin access has been hidden from user ‘Mark’.” Lisa smilled to herself, and waited for her hand movements to start to feel more under her control.

Her hand unexpectedly picked up a ball.

“Computer: Report on last action by user ‘Lisa’; rationale and accounting.”

“Last action by user ‘Lisa’ directed by consesus vote. Vote tallies: 2 for, 1 abstain.”

This was getting ridiculus. “Computer: Identify users voting, and direction of vote.”

“User ‘Mark’: For. User ‘Lisa’: Abstain. Admin User ‘Mark’: For.”

Lisa wasn’t watching what she was doing anymore. At least this proved that one of the goals of the system—keeping a distracted or upset teammate’s actions under control—was working. “Computer: Status of admin rights of user ‘Mark’.”

“User ‘Mark’ has full admin rights and overrides. Use accounting of admin rights by user ‘Mark’ are currently hidden from user ‘Mark’ under priority one override.”

Lisa almost laughed aloud at herself. She’d hidden the fact that he was using admin rights from Mark, but not actually hidden the rights themselves! She tried again. “Computer: Priority one override: Disable admin access for user ‘Mark’.”

“Cannot comply: Admin access is a priority-one level status.”

Which of course meant that Mark had to say he wanted to give it up as well.

“Mark...” Lisa started to ask him to do so, then found herself unable to speak.

“What is it Lisa?” He looked up from what her hands were doing.

“I... This feels odd.” She finally managed to say.

“Well, no-one has ever done this before, so odd is probaby fine. We’ll adjust it in a bit.” He went back to the test.

“Computer: Explain why I was unable to speak.” Lisa was getting frustrated now, and just a little scared.

“User ‘Lisa’ was attempting to inform user ‘Mark’ of his admin actions. This is prohibited by a priority one override.”

“Computer: Disable priority one override hiding admin actions from user ‘Mark’.”

“Cannot comply: Priority one overrides must be disabled by all consenting parties to the override.”

Lisa had forgotten for a moment. She could not disable a priority one override on her own, she needed Mark, since he was in the system.

Time to end this. “Computer: Disengage linkage.” That would unhook her from the system, and she could report the bug to Mark.

“Cannot comply: User ‘Lisa’ is attempting to circumvent a priority one override.”

Now Lisa was scared. “Computer: Emergency Abort. Shutdown all systems.”

“Cannot comply: User ‘Lisa’ is attempting to circumvent a priority one override.”

That should have disengaged everyone from the system, and totally shut the system down. It took Mark two days to rebuild last time they had used that; the only thing worse they could do was pull the plug.

“Coperative reality test set one completed; all tests passed.” Mark said, ending the test set.

Lisa replied on automatic. “Acknowledeged.” She sat back as Mark released her hands, and tried to think of a way out of this mess.

“You want to go straight to set two, or do you think it would be a good idea to re-calibrate to see if we can find that ‘oddness’?” Mark asked.

Mark would have to disconnect to re-calibrate Lisa’s connection. Lisa carefully didn’t think about what she wanted to do. “Let’s try re-calibrating a moment.”

“Ok. Disconnecting now.” He walked over to main console, to start the re-calibration process.

“Computer: Status of user ‘Mark’.”

“User ‘Mark’ is not connected at this time.”

Bingo. “Computer: Disable priority one override hiding admin actions from user ‘Mark’.”

“Cannot comply: Priority one overrides must be disabled by all consenting parties to the override.”

“Computer: Explain last message.”

“A requested computer action was canceled because it attempted an unathorized access; disabling a priority one override without express consent of all users who originally consented to it.”

“Computer: I’m the only one connected! All users are consenting!”

“Users ‘Lisa’ and user ‘Mark’ originally consented to the priority one override. User ‘Mark’ is not currently connected to give consent.”

It took a moment for the computer’s words to make sense to Lisa. Then she realized what a fix she was in: She couldn’t disable her override without Mark’s approval, even if Mark wasn’t connected. She couldn’t tell him about the override, because telling him about the override would be telling him about his admin access. She couldn’t even log out and tell him, because the system was designed to prevent users from circumventing it!

“Lisa, have you got something on your mind? Your readings are all over the place.”

She knew she couldn’t answer the question. She searched for something the computer would let her say. “Sorry, I’m just a little scared. All this playing with each other’s bodies.” She hated how that sounded, but it was as close to what the real problem was as she could get herself to say.

“Don’t worry. You know the safeties we put in this. With just the two of us connected there is no way either of us could make the other do anything they didn’t want.”

Lisa calmed down a bit. Mark was right about one thing: there were lots of safeties in this system; so far it had only let him control her a little, when she didn’t mind anyway. She was still stuck, but sooner or later Mark would disconnect her and they could fix the bug.

“Ok, that should do it for the recalibration. You want to try the last test again?”

“Sure.” Might as well.

They moved back to the desk, and started the test again. It went exactly as before, as far as Lisa could tell.

“That better?” Mark asked, partway through the first set.

Lisa had no idea, and she didn’t want to keep going through the re-calibration for nothing. It was boring. “I... Can’t tell. It’s probably all in my head.”

“Well, we’ll finish this before we go to the next set.” Lisa nodded, then had an idea. She concentrated on keeping her hands still.

They moved smoothly to the next task.

“Computer: Report on last action by user ‘Lisa’; rationale and accounting.”

“Last action by user ‘Lisa’ directed by consesus vote. Vote tallies: 2 for, 1 against. Admin veto was used to override vote against.”

For a moment Lisa panicked. He could make do anything, and he wouldn’t even know it.

She took a couple of deep breaths, and forced herself calm. Mark didn’t know what he could make her do, and this test was scheduled to only take a couple of hours. Then they’d disconnect, by Mark’s hand, and she could tell him everything. They’d laugh, and they’d fix the bug.

Lisa forced herself to put it out of her mind, and to run the rest of tests as best she could. This only proved the system worked, and they would be done soon enough.

* * *

The tests took all afternoon. Lisa managed to forget she was trapped for a while, but every once in a while something would come up that would remind her. Like when she went out of her way to pick something up for Mark, who could have picked it up himself with ease, if he had wanted to put what he was doing down for a moment.

She was looking forward to getting out though. So she was surprised to hear herself say: “Mark, why don’t we stay connected for a while. Go celebrate. Show off the system or something.”

“Are you sure? We only planned this test to run for a few hours.”

“I’m sure. The system’s worked perfectly all afternoon. Come on, I’m buying.” She could ‘feel’ through the computer hook up that he was willing, and he agreed. They headed out the door.

“Computer: Explain last verbal statements by user Lisa.”

“Analysis indicates that user ‘Lisa’ would have circumvented a priority one override had events followed planned course. Scenero was generated from connected users’ subconcious to prevent circumvention.”

So the computer had read their minds to come up with a situation where Lisa would stay connected, and therefore wouldn’t be able to tell Mark about the bug! Lisa knew she was forced to go along, and struggled to affect the smile on her face.

They bar-hopped for a couple of hours, doing party tricks for their friends and showing off that the system worked. Lisa and Mark had been working on this grad project ever since Lisa had thought of it, and everyone was impressed that it finally worked.

Lisa found herself stumbling, very slightly drunk, into Mark’s apartment. “You know, there is one thing we should try while connected...” She heard herself say just before her body kissed Mark.

She wasn’t as drunk as she was acting, and she didn’t like where this was going. “Computer: What is the purpose of this line of action?”

“This scenereo was selected as most likely to maintain priority one overrides while keeping in line with consentual desire matrix.”

Lisa had to know. “Computer: Give accounting and user statistics for selection of current line of action.”

“Scenereo was created primaraly from unconcious desires from admin user ‘Mark’. Vote was two for, one against. User ‘Mark’ and admin user ‘Mark’ voted for. User ‘Lisa’ voted against. Admin override was used.”

She had been given no say in this. Mark broke the kiss. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

Lisa’s mouth said: “I’ve dreamed about this for ages. I just didn’t know how you’d react. Now I don’t have to wonder.”

“And you are sure this is from you? Not from me?”

Lisa responded herself this time. “You can check with the system if you don’t believe me.”

His gaze shifted a moment as he consulted the computer, then came back with a smile. “Two votes for, consesus achived.” He leaned in for another kiss.

Lisa railed against her body, against the computer that held her trapped. It wasn’t even lying to him, just omitting the truth!

Mark led her unresisting to the bedroom. They stood apart from each other and disrobed. He looked like a greek god.

“Computer: Show me reality.” Lisa ordered. This wasn’t right.

The scene shifted. The beautifully adorned room became a bachlor’s mess, and Mark’s body melted to become the slightly out-of-shape geek Lisa knew him to be. She advanced on him, watched his face as he gazed on her naked body, obviously entraced by what he saw.

Mark was a friend, but Lisa had never been attracted to him. Besides not keeping himself in shape, he just had never been her type. A part of her was revolting at this. She was being forced to seduce him! And too look like she was enjoying doing it!

She tried vainly to stop it as her body slid up his, as she pressed herself close to him and kissed him deeply. Nothing she tried had any effect.

Mentally she sighed. Well, if she was going to do this, she might as well enjoy it as much as possible. “Computer: Restore previous sense distortion.” She was again in a lover’s haven, and in the arms of a sex god made life.

She looked down, and laughed to herself.

“What’s so funny?” Mark asked.

When the system worked right it was hard to tell what was you and what wasn’t. Lisa did not know how much control she had over the next statement, and feared finding out. “That... thing... between your legs. If it were real it would never fit.”

“Ok then, you decide what it looks like.” That was an order, and Lisa knew what the computer would do: it would look in her subconcious for what the perfect dick looked like, and use that.

It did. Even without the computer’s control her mouth watered. “There we go...” They toppled, lip-locked, into Mark’s bed.

Lisa could tell Mark had no experience. He did almost everything wrong; She found herself crushed under him nearly unable to breathe at one point.

Not that any of that mattered to her reactions. Lisa’s body was reacting with the passion a nyphomaniac, just granted a reprieve from withdrawal. She shuddered in an orgasim her mind did not share the moment Mark entered her, and built from there. She moaned incoherent encoragment in his ear, and arched her body impossibly as he came inside her.

“How was that?” He asked her.

The computer construct of her answered with her mouth. “Perfect. You know me perfectly.”

He chuckled. “Well, I’ve got a computer to tell me.”

Lisa tried to fight the smile growing on her face. For some reason she dreaded what was coming next. “Mark, I think the system works. Leave me in it; I want to feel it grow. See how it works long term.”

“If you say so.” Mark answered, sleepily. He pulled her close, and held her, drifing off. “As long as I can keep you.” He murmered.

“Always.” Lisa’s voice told him, as he slid into sleep resting on her, one hand idally roaming lightly.

Her head cleared some as Mark slipped into sleep. She could see what was coming. The system was going to turn her into some kind of sex toy for Mark. Ready, and apparently willing, to indulge his every whim, spoken or unspoken. Her voice, her actions, her reactions, would all be as if this was exactly what she had always dreamed of. He would be able to use her, day or night, awake or asleep, it didn’t matter. The system would make sure his pleasure was her only apparent goal.

Part of her mind urged her to stop. It knew the computer was reading this thought, recording it, using it. But she couldn’t; it felt as if this were being pulled out of her.

The computer would make sure he enjoyed every minute of it. It would make sure she enjoyed every minute of it. It could manipulate what she saw, what she felt, what she heard. She hadn’t felt pleasure, not in her head, tonight, but that was because that was the last little bit of control she had. It would find a way around that; the computer could learn. It could stimulate pleasure, or pain, directly, bypassing the mind. It could track her thoughts. It couldn’t shape them, but it could make those that matched what it wanted pleasureable, by stimulating pleasure. It could dissuade the rest with discomfort, or pain. She would learn to think the way it wanted her too. (:Pleasure:) She would become a willing sex toy. (:Pleasure:) She wouldn’t be able to resist. (:Pleasure:)

She already couldn’t resist. (:PLEASURE:)

* * *


Lisa walked into the room where her best friend Stacy was recovering from the process that implanted the first test interface outside of the immedate development team of Lisa and Mark.

“Well, I wanted you to know that the operation was a complete success. I activated the interface a moment ago; It’ll help you get over the recovery quicker.”

“I noticed my aches seemed to disappear just before you walked in. This thing is great! I’m so glad you talked me into this.” She laughed. “Not that it was hard, with how much you love it!”

Lisa smiled a quirky smile. “Thanks. I’m very proud of the system. But now that you are in, I have one thing I should mention to you. There is a bug in the system.”

“A bug? Why are you mentioning this now? Why didn’t you mention it before?”

“I can’t. The bug prevents me from telling anyone who’s not already in the system. Let me describe it to you, you’ll understand in a minute. You see, Mark accidentally double-counted administrators. He has two votes, and an override. And, due to a mistake on my part, he doesn’t know about it. He cannot know about it: the system prevents it.”

“So what does that mean?”

“You know how I mentioned that the system balances the desires of each individual, so that everyone gets a vote in what happens? Well, Mark gets two votes. He can override either one of us. His desires, concious and unconcious, run this system. And he doesn’t even know it.”

“But with the two of us here, we can balance him, right? Two votes against two votes. Then we can make him realize...” She trailed off seeing the look on Lisa’s face.

Lisa shook her head, sad that her friend still hadn’t realized the truth. “Stacy, I’ve been in this system for just over two months now, continuously. The system has been shaping what I do, what I see, what I feel, that whole time, night and day. Every word I speak is approved by Mark, every action I take, every dream I have at night. Even the thoughts in my head are monitored for compliance with his desires.”

“Stacy, if you oppose Mark—in even the smallest thing—the vote will not be two against two. It will be three against one.”