The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Console Room

The sound of the shiny latex clothing was barely audible over the soft hum pouring from the surrounding electronic devices. It was punctuated by a rhythmic clicking of heels; reflecting the slow, deliberate, pacing of her stride. She pressed a perfectly manicured hand on a biometrics scanner. A soft chirp indicated the door was now unlocked. It slid open, allowing the darkly dressed woman inside. Access to these rooms, and the advanced projects they held was restricted to a select few. Even less could grasp the outcomes that were possible if further research were allowed but similar experiments had been banned in 2043 by the Japanese government; Not before the findings had leaked into the deep web.

The laboratory itself was nothing like the cutting edge research facility of her previous employer’s. This site was designed for covert activities, always kept dark, it would have been impossible to work in secrecy with a fully staffed department.

Maven held the cigarette to his lips while inhaling deeply. Exhaling as he heard the lock spin smoothly in its socket. He knew it could only be on person. To say he didn’t like her company was an understatement. She got under his skin. But he needed the credits bad. He’s augmentations were failing, soon he wouldn’t be able to perform his trade. Cracking government AIs searching for data to sell in Freeside was only lucrative if you could find a trusty financier. That’s where she came in. She seemed to have an endless stream of untraceable credits. Credits he could use to finally refresh he’s kit. Unlike his, her augmentation load out was triple A class. He took another drag. Even behind the hyperelliptic-curve locks, Maven preferred to keep his communication channels private, the net was a dangerous place. A new encrypted session was forced open demanding his full attention. She never spoke to him out loud aways, preferring a direct connection.

She wanted a status report on the data restructuring. In theory, his task was simple, the data had already been decrypted. He just had to figure out how all the segments fit together. She was pleased with the progress. He spun around in his chair to take in her physical form. The latex clung to her lithe form. Chest smoothly rising and falling with her breath. Maven openly gazed at her shiny round curves. His leering never seemed to bother her, and as such, made fewer and fewer attempts to hide it. Or maybe it was that she never seemed interested in anything other than discussing business. He received new orders to finish the analysis on the data then begin what she called ‘Project Agnes’.

Maven’s eyes drifted towards her hips as she walked over to the aging server rack. It’s various components sourced from shady locations. Shattered GPS modules and disabled eID tags clearly identified them as stolen. She ran her gloved finger through the cables running out of the backs of the systems as they warmly hummed. The latex hood that covered her head should have rendered her blind, but Maven assumed that she had augmented her eyes like many in their line of work. She told Maven more about the data. She said something about the difference between a labyrinth and a maze that sounded out of place, but he continued pretending to understand. He watched her continue to caress the devices as she transmitted more information to him directly. As the data fragments were correctly placed, the resulting metadata would revel how to navigate the labyrinth. His could feel his cyberbrain warming up. It was always like that around her. Her tech was more advanced that his. They could only be directly connected for a short duration before the effects began to manifest. She could sense the high load on his processor but initieated the data transfer anyway.

The files were transferred. Maven felt some unease. He confirmed their integrity. Everything checked out. But something was still off. He didn’t notice she had left.

He didn’t notice the lapse in time either.

* * *

Fatigue from the days grinding away at his task had begun to set in. Fragments of code rained down on the virtual terminal displayed internally. He was absorbed in his analysis. The shape of the mysterious woman seeped back into his memory. The shiny latex, her smooth curves… he needed all available resources fingerprinting the petabytes of code snippets in he’s queue. A low pitched tone followed by the appearance of a window indicated that the task was done. All the fragments had been cataloged. Maven leaded back in his seat briefly, all that was left was to take the map that she had left and traverse the labyrinth in search for the data. Eyebrows scrunched as his thoughts focused on the map. He couldn’t remember when she had left the map, or how he knew she had left it, but none of that mattered now.

He had lost track of time days ago. The once silent console buzzed to life as the bright neon lights poured into the darkness of the room. The light illuminated her shiny body. She had hacked his cyberbrain’s defensive barrier within minutes of meeting Maven months ago. He was as oblivious to her presence as he was the security breach she was orchestrating. The homoglyphs planted in the data she had been sending him should be reaching critical mass inside his data store. They had been collecting with each pass over the data he made. Slowly combining to form a multitude of malware that entrended itself in every corner of his circuritry.

While he continued to work on preparing for his dive into the maze, she waited..and observed.

Thoughts of her shiny curves continued to surface in Maven’s mind. Demanding more and more CPU time. Leaning back in his chair he wondered what she might be doing. He unconsciously spread his legs wider. Hours passed, while he sat motionless, his mind recreating every reflection of light of the midnight black suit she wore.

In the recent decades, the digital-bioaugment industry had been booming. While most men chose enhancements to add raw power in the form of bulky attachments, the majority of women wanted selected more feminine forms. Maven was still mostly human, a few nanofactories to regulate his base functions and squeeze some more performance from his cyberbrain. They allowed for him to hack his own responses to the chemicals that his body created, increasing or dampening their impact at will. He checked the screen on his arm band, then made a few adjustments. He needed to suppress the arousal he felt. He would have time for pleasure later. Right now he needed focus. In the corner of his vision, a bright red glyph flashed. Maven paused for a moment, unsure of what might have occurred. His nanofactory interface was buggy from all the cracked firmwares he’d installed over the years. Buggy, but dependable.

* * *

Wisp of smoke curled a filled ashtray as Maven prepared for his dive into the maze. He loaded up as many connection spoofers as could fit in his terminal’s memory. Integrity checks on his cyberbrain checked out clean. Precautions needed to be taken, if the dive into the labyrinth went sideways, he could be trapped inside forever. His consciousness would cut off from his physical body without a way to reconnect the two. It was for this reason that human maze-crackers worked in teams. Governments and large corporations could afford to create their own AIs to crack mazes, but those resources were far from his reach. And finding a trustworthy partner was seemingly just as distance. Although he wouldn’t mind if she was around for the dive. He wasn’t sure of what exactly her technical expertise were in but he was sure she knew enough to monitor his barrier and execute the necessary protocols on his cyberbrain if things got tight.

He pulled the dive viewer down from the ceiling mount about his head. With a few quick keystrokes the viewer awoke. Green lights on the side indicate its warm-up sequence. Maven’s heart rate increased as well. Both were linked, man and machine were one. His body was warming up as well. Bracing for the adrenaline rush that he always felt from a direct dive link. The faded black dive viewer emitted a short melody indicating it was online. Maven loaded the map program. Text poured over his eyes. The previously grey text froze momentarily before falling over backwards and fading to black. The blackness was replaced with the cyberfield, a virtual representation of the maze loaded. Maven was stunned at the quality of the cyberfield. He wasn’t prepared for intense pixel depth of the labyrinth. Hell, he wasn’t even aware his viewer could produce such vibrant colour. Before him stood the woman in black latex. He felt the lustful surge of chemicals rush through him. Some how she looked even more stunning as a 32K UltraHD cyberfield rendering. He drew in a sharp breath, realizing that the latex hood that she was wearing was perfectly smooth and seamless. There were no opening for her eyes, mouth or even nose. Just that sinister black gloss that seemed to never end. He knew it was just an avatar, but he couldn’t help but be drawn to her allure. He moved closer and she remained statuesque; then the transmission began. Maven opened his barriers’ firewall to receive her information. Levels of arousal rose in time with her upload. Breathing heavily in his terminal chair, he widened his legs again to accommodate his growing manhood. They stood face to face for what felt like an eternity. Maven’s eyes took in her smooth latex flesh. Her plump lips slightly visibly underneath the mask. He wanted more. He wanted to know what she looked like underneath.

Before he could continue the thought, she raised her gloved hand to caress his cheek. Overwhelmed by the slickness of the latex, he closed his eyes, giving in to the sensations. Maven had never seen any sign of emotion from her before let alone this. It was as if she had an interest in him sexually. She traced her finger down his neck and rested her hand on his chest. Maven opened his eyes just in time to see her turn and walk into the maze. He instinctively followed her.

Back in the console room, a black hand worked its way between Maven’s legs while another expertly tapped commands into his arm band.

* * *

Maven slumped in his seat unaware of the manipulations his physical body was subject to. The worn tan leather jacket he wore was spread wide and his nipples were clearly visible under the t-shirt he wore underneath from the gentle rubbing they had been receiving. His pants were unbuttoned, giving his latex puppeteer full access to has stiffening manhood. She left it unattended and throbbing while she made her way to the server rack behind them.

* * *

Maven followed her deeper in to the data maze, compelled to stay close to her shiny figure. Soaking up every detail of her feminine shape. Her plump ass swaying smoothly as she walked onward. The thin crease that formed under each ass cheek with every step only to disappear and appear under the other cheek. The small gap between her thighs widening slightly with her stride. He needed to follow her. That’s what the instructions he has received from her said. Following her after each twist and turn would lead him to the solution. It would lead to understanding the puzzle. Maven wanted desperately to understand. Maybe then he would learn more about this mysterious woman. If he knew more about her, he might be able to discover her interest. Maybe that could lead to courtship. Perhaps he could pleasure her. His fully erect cock pulsed at the thought of pleasuring her.

She stopped abruptly causing Maven to collide with her body. The contact caused a spike of arousal followed by an immense tingling sensation that spread over his body in waves. He let out a soft moan as he realized that he was in direct contact with the firm latex ass he had been following. She spun around so quickly on her black heels that he was certain that she was appalled by their brief interaction. Their private communication channel was still open, he could see the tiny blue light pulsing in the corner of his vision. The channel was open, but she wasn’t transmitting any thoughts. Instead what she did next surprised him. She took a half step toward him removing what little space there was between the two. Maven’s pupils dilated as he shared his most intimate moment yet with his sensual guide. He could feel the warmth of her breasts through the latex that held them tightly as she pressed herself against his body. All thoughts of locating the center of the maze were gone. Head down, gazing at her shiny chest, frozen with arousal. Her gaze remained looked on Maven, head tilted slightly to the side, she grabbed his hand and escorted him deeper.

The bright lights from the various electronic systems in the dimly lit room reflected off the steady stream of pre-ejaculate flowing from Maven. His hard cock quivering rhythmically as his cortex worked to process all the events in the labyrinth. His unseen latex guest taking the liberty to make more adjustments to his physical body, this time disabling his higher motor functions.

The server rack that held Maven’s backup systems and cyberbrain archives sat humming in the dark meters behind him. An obsidian hand methodically unplugging systems from his network. His alert systems had been disabled weeks ago. She turned to back her way back to Maven, who sat hopelessly exposed.

* * *

The pattern kept repeating itself. A lust-ravaged Maven would silently follow the mysterious women deeper inside the maze. He never once questioned their purpose. Or why she stopped so frequently to stimulate him. Or where she was going. He had also stopped paying attention to his cyberbrain’s defense barrier. It had been flashing bright yellow for over 60 hours, critical functions were intact but his internal memory banks integrity was compromised. It would be impossible for him to differentiate between his original memories and ones that were falsified. All to this was for naught as the scene unfolding before him held his attention completely. The maze walls widened to reveal a vault. A conscious Maven would have recognized this place from hacker folklore, it was said to hold the private keys that would grant access to the most privileged areas in the digital realm. The underground channels where such rumors spread foretold that these mazes were heavily protected with barriers to thwart those trying to obtain unauthorized access. If Maven was operating at full capacity he would have realized instantly where he was.

He felt drawn to the center, moving on autopilot to the single light source on the far side of the room. She was already there, waiting beside a giant circular door. The vault door. His thoughts focused only on the many fantasies that were being generated by Her code fragments. The defense barrier’s alert indicator had disappeared from his vision. Nothing left to distract him. He was consumed by his lust for her. The relently teasing on their journey to the vault had him at the boiling point. He needed something more than the light caresses he had already become accustomed to.

Then a message came in from a private channel.

It could only be her. His heart rate spiked before he even read its contents. Somehow he knew what she wanted him to do. He had to open the vault door. As he stepped closer to the door, the red light above turned green and the room was filled with the sounds of heavy machinery turning. The large vault door began to open. She stood much like she always did, one hand on her hip as if modeling for some unseen photographer. Another message told him to go inside and retrieve the private keys. Maven stepped into the vault.

The bright white interior of the vault was a stark contrast to the dark rendering of the data labyrinth he had spent weeks in. Despite the appearance of the vault door, the vault itself was quite small containing only a waist-high pillar. On the pillar was placed a golden box. The private keys. With those, the holder has full access to the structure that defined the data. Maven felt a strange pleasure knowing that he was completing her task. His mind now returning to her, he grabbed the near weightless box and left.

Maven handed her the box and stood, openly gawking at her figure. Only becoming aware of his distress as her avatar slowly turned translucent before vanishing completely.

* * *

Maven’s body was stiff from sitting for weeks, but eventually stood with the assistance of his console desk. She had altered enough of his records and memories that he would never notice. She watched him struggle to gain control over his dull limbs, pants falling around his ankles as he stood. Her heels clicked on the dusty floor, moving to the center of the room. A tremor of pleasure surged through his dazed mind when he realized she was in the room. He didn’t move, just stood gazing at the feminine latex shape in front of him. His erection stirred as she approached. He became rigid as she remotely overrode his biological functions of his cyberbrain, dropping him to his knees with just a thought. Maven’s arms moved upward, tracing the impossibly slick hips of his puppeteer before coming to rest under her rear. His mouth opening slightly to expose his desperate tongue. Her black latex fingers combed his hair as they searched for their target. A small set of electrodes on the back of his head. Usually reserved for cyberbrain maintenance, they were only active for the owner of the cyberbrain. Now they glowed a soft amber in the dark, unaware that the keys they sensed were no longer owned by Maven. The latex around her hand retracted to reveal chrome metal appendages that attached magnetically to Maven’s maintenance ports.

Her robotic hand guided him closer to the temple between her legs. His mouth dripping saliva on his erect cock. He began to worship her, lapping away passionately. Her head tilted downward, indifferent to the adoration which she received, and began the mind wipe program. Maven’s hard cock spasmed, releasing his arousal as his body shook and then froze. Arms dropping to his sides as he stared at the wet latex patch he was so intently focused licking moments ago.

She disconnected her fingers after uploading his new profile. He would use his resources to lure other unsuspecting denizens to her. She owned him completely now, mind and body. He was now just another drone in her botnet.