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Anyone under the age of 18, along with anyone offended by stories of a sexual nature or containing sexual situations or offended by the idea of mind control in any fashion, please do not read this story.

The people and events in this story are fictional and do not represent anyone or anything from real life.

* * *

Synopsis: Two mind-controllers face off in a contest where the loser gets collared.

* * *

The Contest

By: Chrystal Wynd

I arrived at the Chrystal Cave exactly on time.

All right, so calling it “The Chrystal Cave” was probably a bit dramatic, since it wasn’t a cave and there certainly weren’t any crystals inside. It was simply a meeting room painted black. Two chairs stood three feet apart in the center of the room. The chairs were facing each other.

I strolled in as if I owned the place. Ginger was already there, her red hair making her easy to spot. She was sitting in one of the chairs. She turned her head to face me as I approached.

“Hello, Aspen,” she said. “Right on time, I see.”

“I didn’t want to keep you waiting,” I said. I tipped my head toward the crowd on far side of the room. “I see we have an audience.”

“Yes, we do,” said Ginger. “Apparently several people are interested in our little contest.”

I nodded. “Fine,” I said. “I don’t mind. I’m going to enjoy having lots of witnesses present when I take you down. You’ve been queen bee around here long enough.”

Ginger laughed. “Perhaps you’re strong enough to take me down, Aspen,” she said. “Or perhaps not. We won’t know until the end, will we?”

I smiled. “Oh, I’m pretty sure I know how this ends,” I said. “Your stuck-up, know-it-all ass is going to be wearing my collar for the next month.”

Ginger laughed again. “Maybe,” she said. “Or maybe you spend the next month servicing me.”

“Not gonna happen,” I said. “The next generation is taking over tonight.”

“Next generation?” said Ginger. “Geez, Aspen. You make me sound ancient. I’m only twenty-seven. I’m...what...two years older than you?”


“Three years older,” said Ginger. “Wow. That definitely qualifies as a generation gap there.”

I grinned. “Whatever,” I said. “Let’s do this. I’m looking forward to seeing you on your knees.”

“Fine,” she said. “We’re agreed on the terms, then? Winner gets the loser for thirty days?”

“Thirty?” I said. “Let’s make it ninety.”

Ginger raised her eyebrows. “Ninety?” she said. “That’s a long time.”


“Not particularly,” she said, “but remember, the loser retains their losing form.”

“That’s fine,” I said. “I have some pretty interesting plans for you.”

“Very well,” said Ginger, indicating the empty chair opposite her. “Let’s get started then.”

I smiled and sat down. I leaned back in my chair, projecting calm and relaxation. In actuality, though, my mind was moving a million miles an hour. Ginger was no one to underestimate.

A girl stepped forward and stood just to the side of us. She was holding a rose.

“Your contest will begin the moment I release this rose,” she said. “Do you understand?”

We both nodded.

“Very well, then,” she said. “Good luck to both of you.”

She dropped the rose and the mental arm-wrestling match began.

I pushed against her mind, searching for a toehold of any kind. I could feel her mind probing mine, looking for an opening as well. Her touch was light and fast and she missed nothing. Fortunately, my defenses were strong. Unfortunately, hers were as well. I couldn’t find a weakness.

“Nothing there for you,” said Ginger.

“Or for you,” I said.

“True enough,” she said.

“All right,” I said, “enough of this. Let’s dance.”

So we locked minds. Now the true battle was on.

A swirl of mystic energy whirled around the two of us, indicating that the next level of the contest had begun. A slight sparkle was the only visible evidence of the phenomenon, but it was an indication that everything was in place for the true battle.

I struck first.

As I narrowed my eyes and pushed with my mind, Ginger started changing. Circuits extended from around her eyes, expanding over her cheeks and into her hairline. She staggered to her feet, but her elbows, knees, shoulders and wrists were changing into gyros and geared joints, making her movements jerky and mechanical. Her skin took on a metallic sheen. Her smooth curves became an erotic chassis.

A gasp sounded from the watching crowd as Ginger slowly changed into a sex bot.

I smiled.

Ginger, however, turned her head slightly and said, “Nice...try.”

And then she pushed back.

As her will surged forth, her geared joints turned back into elbows and shoulders and knees again. The circuits contracted back into her skin and disappeared altogether. Her metallic sheen slowly shifted back to glowing flesh once more. All traces of the sex bot faded.

And then her surge engulfed me.

I gasped as a wave of maternal need welled up inside me. My belly swelled then, slowly at first, then quicker and quicker as I moved through eight months of pregnancy. My jeans and tee-shirt disappeared, replaced by denim shorts and a small top that didn’t even cover my baby belly. My shoes disappeared altogether. I instinctively knew my brown hair was now a bleach job with an inch of dark roots showing. And then my eyes widened as I actually felt my boobs fill with milk. My B-cup boobs swelled into milk-filled C-cups, which then expanded into heavy D-cups completely filling my small tee-shirt.

The murmuring from the crowd grew louder as they watched me turn into a barefoot-and-pregnant trailer park girl right in front of them.

I staggered to my bare feet, a hand on my swelled belly. I felt the early stirrings of panic, but I fought it down. I smiled at Ginger.

“Not bad, red,” I said, “but not enough.”

The transformation was nearly complete, though, and I was dangerously close to spending the next three months as an eight-month-pregnant trailer park girl, so I had to push hard and fast to throw her off-balance and get back on the offensive.

The surge moved away from me and back over Ginger. She staggered back a step from the sudden mental impact.

“My turn,” I said.

The surge engulfed Ginger and the form it took reflected my mindset from moments earlier. As Ginger struggled to recover from my counter-attack, her jeans shrank and changed color. The material gathered around her thighs, then smoothed itself snugly around her hips and bottom, becoming a pink diaper covered with images of “Hello Kitty.” Her top shifted and expanded slightly, cinching just below her breasts but not quite reaching the bottom of her diaper as it became a little girl’s empire-waisted baby doll dress. Her hair shifted up into double pigtails dangling high off her head and her shoes disappeared. The shocked expression on her face was priceless as she suddenly found her lips wrapped around a pacifier.

“That’ll teach you to give me mother instincts,” I said, mentally pushing for the kill.

Unfortunately, Ginger recovered just enough to keep me from completing her change. The strain was visible on her face, but she slowly expanded her will. Her hair dropped out of the pigtails and the diaper slowly became a pair of jeans again. The adorable little baby doll dress became a tee-shirt again. Her shoes reappeared. And then, finally, the pacifier disappeared.

Ginger was working hard now. “All right,” she said grudgingly. “Maybe you’re better than I thought.”

I smiled. “Yup,” I said. “And I’m just getting started.”

“Perhaps,” said Ginger, “but you’re still spending too much time talking.” And just like that, her will surged over me again.

I staggered back slightly, thinking fast, trying to figure out what she was attempting. Then my heart pounded as I realized my head was feeling strange. A moment later, I realized the sensations were outside my head, not inside. Specifically, my scalp was tingling. It took me a few seconds to identify what was happening. By the time it registered, though, it was nearly too late.

My hair was growing.

It didn’t seem a big deal at first. My brown hair thickened and extended down my back. Then I realized it was getting much thicker and had extended all the way down past my waist to the top of my ass. I had some seriously long, sensuous hair. I looked at Ginger incredulously.

“Hair?” I said. “Seriously?”

Ginger shrugged. “What can I say?” she said. “I love shampoo commercials. All that beautiful hair...and the girls are always in the shower, you know?”

Then my eyes widened at the significance of her statement. I squealed in sudden indignity as I realized I was completely naked, wearing nothing but glistening drops of water.

It threw me just enough that I almost missed it. Had I not noticed the faint initial erotic tingle, I wouldn’t have started my counter in time. As it was, it was still nearly too late.

Ginger had turned my hair into an erogenous zone more sensitive than anything I had ever experienced before. And I was so busy focusing on the fact that I was naked that it had nearly cost me the contest, because the sudden explosion of heated sensations from my huge mass of hair nearly numbed my brain to my predicament.

I gasped, already on the verge of orgasm. If I came, I lost. There was no way I could maintain any kind of defense against Ginger’s powerful mind while in the throes of a crazy hot orgasm. In desperation, I clenched my teeth, closed my eyes and pushed out at Ginger with everything I had.

It worked, though just barely. My clothing suddenly reappeared and my hair withdrew into its former state. More importantly, my desperate mental explosion had apparently stunned Ginger, giving me a momentary advantage.

I stepped up with a quick offensive strike, pushing against her slightly hazy defense. I grinned as the results became visible.

A layer of soft red fur sprouted along Ginger’s arms, moving up towards her shoulders. Her eyes widened as three distinct cat whiskers extended from her cheeks. Triangular cat ears slowly protruded through her hair. Moments later a red-furred cat tail grew out from just above her rounded ass. The tail jerked and twitched in angry expression.

“Meow!” she said. “Meowwwww...!” She stopped, eyes widening again as she realized just how dangerously close her change was to completion.

I thought I had her this time. I was sure, in fact. But somehow her desperate counter gained traction and she was able to leverage my push just enough for me to lose purchase.

“Damn,” I said, grinning. “I thought I was going to have my own adorable little cat-girl there.”

“It was close,” admitted Ginger. “Maybe next time.”

Then, rather than the surge of strength I was expecting, she surprised me with a mental end-around move.

I don’t know how she did it, but suddenly she was around my defense and inside my mental shields. I scrambled inside my head to counter her, but she was wreaking havoc. And worse, that havoc started manifesting itself physically.

My limbs were stiffening. At first, I simply couldn’t bend my fingers. Then my elbows and shoulders stiffened and locked. Then my knees became rigid. I blinked, trying to work out what was happening. Then my lips parted and my mouth locked into an “O” shape.

I was turning into a human blowup fuck doll.

My heart was beating in my throat. I was completely rigid at this point, unable to move. My clothes disappeared. The only thing I had left were my eyes. I could feel my eyes widening. Once they were fully opened, they would lock and I would be stuck as Ginger’s fuck doll for three months.

I put the entirety of my will into closing my eyes.

It seemed a strange thing to put the full force of one’s will behind, but that’s exactly what I did. Ginger and I battled over my eyes. And then, slowly, my eyes closed. And from there, I used that foundation to crowbar her out of my head.

It wasn’t easy, but as the seconds ticked by, my clothes slowly reappeared. Then I was able to move my fingers, then my arms, then my legs. And soon after that, I had full range of motion once again.

Ginger was good. There was no doubt about it. And we were both tired now. Seriously tired. But my confidence was growing. I knew I had enough to take her.

Ginger’s teeth were clenched. Her frustration was obvious. And she knew I was getting stronger.

I offered my sweetest smile. “My turn,” I said. And I pushed.

Ginger immediately defended, but I did a feint. Then I plunged into her mind.

She had to follow me in; she had no choice. I immediately began wreaking havoc much the same way she had when she had been inside my head.

The physical manifestations of my attack started with her clothes. Her clothes melted into liquid latex which spread over her body. The latex started at her toes and slowly moved up her calves, then past her knees. The liquid covered her thighs until it reached her hips. The liquid latex gathered itself inside her then and formed two separate thick one inside her pussy and the other stretching her tight rear entrance.

Ginger moaned as the latex continued its way up. The liquid covered her hips and belly and then worked itself over her breasts. The latex reached her neck and then began covering her head.

I was sealing Ginger inside a latex suit. She was going to be my latex slut for the next three months.

“Yessssss....that’s right,” I said, my mind working itself deeper into Ginger’s mind. “Feel the incessant flow of that liquid latex...feel it slowly drying...turning you into a latex slut...mmmmmmm...”

I felt Ginger working herself up for one more effort. One more try at staving off the inevitable. But I knew I was too deep inside her mind.

“I’m too deep,” I said, “and you know it.”

“Actually, Aspen,” she said, “you’re right where I want you.”

And suddenly she sealed me inside her mind.

My eyes widened at the unexpected entrapment. In sudden panic, I jerked my mind back, but Ginger released her hold just as I pulled back. For the one moment, my mind was fully shielded, but my body was completely vulnerable.

Ginger directed everything she had at my clit.

I squealed at the sudden explosion of heat and need in my pussy, and my hand instinctively slapped down on my explosively wet sex. My fingers immediately slid inside my jeans and moved to put out the fire that had erupted around my clit. Then I gasped as I realized Ginger was using the heat in my pussy to distract me, so I snapped my attention back to my opponent.

Unfortunately, Ginger had gotten back inside my head by going through my pussy. She was working deep inside my mind now, and I didn’t know how to seal her off the way she had done with me just moments earlier. My clit was screaming for attention and I was helplessly trying to address my incredible need. I was also trying to get Ginger out of my head while not focusing on the fact that I was masturbating in front of a crowd.

Oh, gawd. I sat on the chair, my thighs parting as I worked my pussy. I vaguely realized the mystic swirl was at work again. My shoes reformed themselves around my feet, becoming strappy high heels. My toenails were now painted a bright red. My jeans receded up my legs, the material wrapping around my hips, forming a mini-skirt that didn’t even reach mid-thigh.

And still I worked my clit desperately. My fingernails were growing long, well past my fingertips, and painted the same bright red that covered my toenails. My hips began widening then, even as my waist cinched in. My ass was swelling as well, rounding out even more. I was becoming a sex toy.

My tee-shirt receded, baring my belly. And then I realized my breasts were swelling. Another cup size...then another...and then my nipples- my now incredibly sensitive nipples- became hard, pressing out against my now tight top.

I shifted slightly, trying to get myself under control, but the movement caused my over-sized boobs to jiggle softly side-to-side, and the sensitivity of my nipples made me moan.

A wave of erotic heat swept over me. I was a power pack of pure sexual need right now.

I could feel my lips swelling now, thick, sensitive pillows. My larynx tightened slightly and I knew instinctively that if I were to speak, my voice would be an octave higher.

I could feel my hair growing again, long and thick and sensitive. And through my haze of helpless heat, I suddenly knew my hair was now blonde.

Ginger was turning me into a bimbo.

I had to stop her. This was my last chance. The physical changes were nearly complete. If I came, I would lose. It was that simple. Coming now in this body would lock in the changes.

I forced my stiff fingers to stop.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” said Ginger. “You’re soooooooooo close, Aspen...”

I closed my eyes, trying desperately to take my hand away from my pussy. I couldn’t. Still, I had a momentary pause here, a chance to get my brains together.

But I was a raging, needy hormone now, a sexually charged battery. Every inch of me was designed for pleasure. Even brushing my erogenous zone hair would give me an orgasm. My body screamed for release.

And still I held out.

And then Ginger stepped even closer.

“C’mon, cutie,” she said, her breath on my cheek. “One last little touch.”

And she gave me a final mental push.

My fingers helplessly pressed against my overheated clit. A moment later, I was coming like a slut.

My whole body wriggled and writhed as I had the most explosive orgasm I had ever experienced. I dimly knew I was having this mind-blowing orgasm in front of a crowd of people, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. It went on forever and it took me with it.

It was several minutes later before I was able to open my eyes again. And with the heat of my immediate need past, I finally realized what had happened.

I slowly stood. I was still in the bimbo outfit, my feet encased in the strappy high heels, the mini-skirt hugging my hips and ass.

“I...I lost...!” I said. My hand suddenly slapped over my thick, bee-stung lips. My voice was higher-pitched now and my thick lips were causing me to lisp.

“Yes, you did,” said Ginger. “You’re mine for the next three months, Aspen. As per our terms.”

“But...but...but...” I said.

This was impossible. I couldn’t have lost! My heart was pounding. I had to do something. Anything! Maybe I could...could...maybe if I...gawd, it was impossible to think with Ginger standing right there!

Ginger smiled and I backed away. Well, tried to back away. Unfortunately, I was built for pleasure now. Every move I made increased my sexual charge. It felt like I had two nubs next to my clit, constantly rubbing against my hot button. Walking backward three steps made me need to come like a slut. Even when I stopped, though, all I could think about was my pussy. This wasn’t right!

I closed my eyes to concentrate. I still had a chance, right? One chance to do something, somehow. Figure something out. I had to figure something out now before I became Ginger’s sex-dazed bimbo toy...

And then she was standing in front of me again. I could smell her. “Chin up, cutie,” she said, smiling.

“Huh?” I said. Oh, gawd, I even sounded like a bubble-headed bimbo.

“I said, ‘chin up, cutie,’” she said.

I blinked, not understanding. It was impossible to think when Ginger was so close. She was making me wet just standing there. This wasn’t fair!


“Oh!” I said, startled. I lifted my chin.

Ginger wrapped a black leather collar around my neck. I heard a ‘clack’ sound as she apparently locked it on my throat somehow.

She smelled so good. My knees were weak. What the hell was going on? Why was I thinking with my pussy so much?

“Because you’re a bimbo, cutie,” said Ginger, apparently knowing what I was thinking. “Your intelligence is untouched- although I did adjust your vocabulary slightly- but you’re going to have a hard time thinking about anything other than your clit when you’re aroused. And your body is now designed to be aroused at all times.” She gave me a smile. “Particularly when I’m around.”

I blinked, taking in the information. This wasn’t good.

“Of course, there’s one other thing you should know,” continued Ginger. “You can’t orgasm without my permission or presence.”

I blinked, letting that sink in. Then my eyes widened.

“Oh!” I said, stamping my foot. “This is so unfair!” Then I gasped. Stamping my foot had inadvertently caused my huge, sensitive boobs to jiggle, distracting me. I blinked, trying to focus.

Ginger smiled. “To the victor goes the spoils, cutie,” she said, “and you’re the spoils.” She attached a leash to my collar. Then she patted my rounded bimbo ass familiarly. “Now I’m going to take you home so you can put that bimbo mouth to work. But first I’m going to show you off.”

She reached out and lifted my chin, displaying my collar to the now applauding crowd. Ginger nodded and released my chin. Then she turned and walked out of the Chrystal Cave.

My overheated bimbo body wriggled in erotic need as I followed my owner out the door.