The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Control Software

By Special Programmer

Chapter 15

The next morning I sent Marcy and Janet out for a few hours. Colleen was in the shower. Carla was dressed in a short skirt and tight top.

“Carla go back to bed and pretend to be asleep. You can react, but don’t wake up.”

“OK” she answered with a laugh. She pretty much figured out what I was going to do.

Colleen exited the shower and went to her room. I followed her.

“Janet and Marcy went shopping.” She looked at me and dropped the towel.

“Is that what you want?”

“Your learning. Do you still want me to fuck you?” I asked her.

“Yes, please” she said as she sat on the bed. The please was genuine.

“Tell me what you fantasized about last night when I left.”

She lowered her head “I imagined that I was with Carla. I know it’s wrong, but I could not help myself.”

“Follow me.” I said to her. She didn’t bother reaching for the towel.

We came to the girls’ room and we could see Carla sleeping on the bed. She was lying on her back, still dressed. It looked as if she passed out.

“Do you want me to masturbate again?” she whispered as she moved her hands to her crotch.

“No, I had something more interactive in mind. And don’t bother whispering. She won’t wake up.” We walked into the room. Carla was a true vision. I took Colleen by the hand and guided down. She was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Why not?” she asked

“Because I put sleeping pills in her coffee.” Colleen looked shocked.

“Oh my god!”

“Take her clothes off.” I ordered.

“We can’t do this. It’s rape.”

“Can’t is pretty much a no. If you refuse me, kiss your family good bye.”

She struggled for a while then she reached down and pulled Carla’s top over her head. Carla was not wearing a bra. I caught Colleen looking at her tits. Then she unzipped her skirt and slipped it off. Again no underwear. I took off my clothes and laid naked on the bed beside Carla. My cock was now hard.

“I want you to play with her tits.” She slowly brought her hands up and massaged Carla’s large breasts. Carla made a few sounds of pleasure. Colleen stop a few times thinking she had woken her up.

“Now suck on her nipples.” Colleen did as I asked. She was switching from one to the other. I could easily see she was getting excited.

“I take it you never ate pussy before.”

She shook her head.

“Well now is as good a time as any.” I pulled one of Carla’s legs to the side exposing her pussy. It was obviously wet. Colleen lowered her head to the young girl’s pussy and stuck out her tongue. She licked it a couple of times, then she brought her mouth right over it. Her tongue was now all the way in. She was on her knees eating out Carla. One of her hands was now working her own pussy. She was really into this.

“I’ll give you a choice. You can masturbate until you make Carla cum, or I can fuck you while you do it.”

“Fuck me” she said quietly.

“What was that?”

“Fuck me please.” She said a little louder.

“What do you want?” I said loudly.

“I want you to fuck me with your cock while I eat her pussy.” She shouted this time.

I got behind her and rammed my cock in hard. She was so turned on that she started coming right away. Her orgasm drove Carla to one as well. She moaned and clenched as she came. I kept on fucking her hard.

“Rub your tits on hers.” I said to her. She repositioned herself so that her large tits were overt op of Carla’s. Then she pushed down on them and made their nipples touch.

“You like fucking girls don’t you?” I said to her

“Yes I do”

“You’re a pussy eater aren’t you?”

“Yes” she said.

I got up and walked around the bed. I jerked my cock until I released my load all over both of their tits. Colleen did not need any coaxing to lick up the mess. She spent another 5 minutes on Carla’s tits.

“You wish she was awake for that don’t you?”

“Yes I do.” She answered with a little less shame.

“You never know. Now dress her before the others return.”

She did as she was told. I saw her give Carla’s pussy a few more licks before she covered it.

“Now go put on a bikini and relax by the pool.” This time she kissed me without being asked.

When she was out of range Carla looked at me.

“She getting close.”

“Yes she is.”

“I need to teach her a couple of things about eating pussy, but she’s pretty good. How long should I be sleeping?”

“Give us 10 minutes.”


I left to join Colleen outside.

Chapter 16

She was wearing one of Janet’s green suits. She looked really hot. She was sitting in a lawn chair tanning herself. I had a couple of cold beers. She was lying with her eyes closed. I approached her quietly and pressed the cold beer on her left nipple.

“Hey” she shouted.

I smiled and she stopped her protest. I gave her another hard stare and she pulled the bikini fabric to the side. Now there was nothing between her nipple and the cold bottle. Once her nipple was completely hard I went to the other. With both nipples hard I handed her the beer and sat next to her. She wisely left her boobs exposed

“Carla will be out for another hour or so.”

“I can’t believe what you’re turning me into.”

“Why? You seem to be enjoying it.”

“I have to admit, I’ve had the most intense orgasms of my life so far.”

The door to the house soon opened. Carla came out in her pink bikini. Colleen looked at me pleading.

“You can cover up.” I said. She quickly covered her breasts.

“Nice nap” I asked Carla

“I was just so tired. But now I feel so invigorated.” She walked past us, swaying her hip just slightly. She stopped at the pool and stretched up and then down. She did not bend her knees, causing her ass to stick right out. I saw Colleen looking at her and then licking her lips. Carla dove in the pool.

“What are you thinking about?”

“I can still taste her on my lips.” I laughed to myself.

The other ladies came home and we all had lunch. I pulled Colleen aside and spoke to her.

“I’m going to pretend to leave. I’m going to sneak back in. I will be in our room looking into the yard. You have a task to complete. If you fail I will not only show the video to your husband, but I will post it on the internet for all to see. Understand.”


“The four of you will be outside there. You are to convince all the ladies to join you in the hot tub naked and then sunbath naked. Then I want you to volunteer to put lotion on everyone. I even want you to suggest a breast massage for each one. Make something up. I will take a video of it for my own pleasure.”

“But my daughter.”

“Hey be thankful I only want to see her naked. I considered drugging her too this morning.”

“OK” she said.

I made my excuse and left the house. I parked around the corner and walked back home. I snuck in and made my way upstairs. I opened the window and watched. Colleen looked up and saw me. Her head sunk.

“I’m going to take a soak. Who wants to join me?” She said to them

They all agreed. Once the cover was removed and the jets turned on Colleen spoke up.

“You know I hear that these things are much better if you’re nude. Since Paul is not here and it’s just us girls.” She looked at them. They did not speak.

“Well I’m going to enjoy it.” She said as she slipped off her bikini and stood naked in front of her sister and daughter.

“Well Paul and I always tub naked. It is better.” With that Janet removed her suit. Colleen noticed for the first time that her sister was clean shaven.

“Come on girls don’t be such prudes.” Colleen said to the girls.

“Mother you’re changing.” Marcy said as she removed her suit. Carla was the last one naked. They soaked for 20 minutes. Then Colleen looked up at me and I nodded. She took the queue.

“You know Janet you have a very high fence. We could lay out here naked and no one would see us. I personally would love to lose my tan lines.” She got up and grabbed a towel and laid face down on the grass.

The three women look at each other and shrugged their shoulders. As they got out Janet noticed me in the window. Then she clued in. She pointed up at me and the other two noticed. They all smiled. All four were lying face down on the grass.

Colleen got up and grabbed some lotion.

“Let me cover you guys. She went to Janet first. She pour so on her back and rubbed the lotion in. Then she did Carla and her daughter. Carla sat up and did Colleen.

“You know I should do your legs too.” Colleen said to the group. The three laid back down in acceptance of the idea. She did her sister first. She did both legs and was about to go on to Marcy.

“You really should cover my butt. I don’t want it to burn.” Colleen turned back and gently did her sister’s ass. Then she did Marcy. This time she did her legs and butt. When she got to Carla she was a little more methodical. She took her time. When she got to her ass, Carla spread her legs ever so slightly. Colleen took the invitation and ventured between Carla’s legs just a bit. She did not get to her pussy, but it was close.

“Isn’t this relaxing?” Colleen said to the girls.

“Oh yes” Janet said.

“I took a massage course a few months ago and they taught me that the most relaxing massage is a breast massage. My instructor did it to me and I was in heaven. She taught me the technique, if any of you would like to try.”

Janet took the hint and rolled over.

“I would love to try it.” Colleen knelt at Janet’s head and poured a generous amount of lotion on her chest. Then she began a slow, thorough massage of her sister’s breasts. Janet moaned a few times, but did not push it too far. Colleen’s own boobs were only a few inches from her sister’s mouth. This went on for 10 minutes.

Marcy and Carla had turned over and looked at me. I shook my head at Marcy and nodded to Carla. They understood.

“I would like one too.” Carla said to Colleen.

“No problem” Colleen said. She finished with Janet and shifted over to Carla.

She seemed quite anxious to get her hands back on Carla’s tits. She began the same procedure with Carla. This time her own tits touch Carla’s face several times. I could see Carla was tempted to suck on them. Janet and Marcy were watching intently. Janet looked at me. I pointed to her and Marcy and put my hands together on one of my cheeks and pretended to sleep. They understood. Pretend to fall asleep. Both ladies laid back down and closed their eyes. After 10 minutes of working on Carla, Colleen turned to Marcy and said “Sweety, would you like one.”

There was no answer. That’s when she noticed that Janet and Marcy were sleeping. Carla looked up and noticed. She looked at me and I nodded (go for it).

“Oh well more for me.” Carla said.

“I guess so” Colleen agreed.

She continued her massage. This time she was much less careful about the placement of her own boobs. She past them over Carla’s mouth several times. Carla finally opened her mouth and captured a nipple. She gently sucked on them. Colleen did not protest. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it. She eventually pulled back a little.

“Sorry Colleen. It was a reflex.”

“No problem sweety. It was just as much my fault. Don’t think anything of it.”

“Did you learn any other massage techniques in this class?” She asked with a coy smile.

Seeing an opportunity Colleen pounced “I did learn how to massage thighs. It feels wonderful.”

“Would you mind?” Carla asked

“Not at all. Lie back and spread your legs just a little.” Carla did as she was told.

Colleen applied some lotion to Carla thighs. “Now you need to guide me. I’ll stop when you say.”

“No problem” Carla said. I knew she would never ask her to stop.

Colleen began to rub the youngster’s thighs she was a good 6 inches from the prize. She worked the muscles vigorously. Marcy and Janet were doing a great job pretending to sleep. Colleen’s hands move slowly closer and instead of protesting Carla kept spreading her legs wider and wider. Colleen was now lost in her own lust. She was creeping her head down a little bit at a time. Soon she breasts were resting on Carla’s legs. She looked at Carla’s face for a sigh of protest but was only greeted with a smile. Carla’s hands were now idly rubbing her stomach. Colleen moved her hands even closer. Her fingers were brushing Carla’s swollen lips. Carla moaned softly and moved her hands to her own breasts. This was the last straw. Colleen slipped two fingers into Carla’s now soaking pussy. Carla arched her back and thrust her crotch up into Colleen.

“Oh yes” she quietly moaned.

Colleen then completely lost control. She leaned down and sucked on Carla’s clit. This was it for Carla. She brought her left tit to her mouth to muffle her screams. She came hard on Colleen’s hand.

When she came down Colleen was sitting breathing heavily. “I’m sorry I just lost control.”

“Me too. Now it’s time to return the favor.” Before Colleen could protest Colleen stood her up and walked her over to the hot tub. She had Colleen get it. When they were both in she took her into her arms and kissed her long and hard, their breasts mashing together. Then she had Colleen sit on the edge of the tub with her feet in the water. Carla started on Colleen’s tits. She sucked and massaged them. The she knelt down and started eating Colleen’s pussy. Colleen leaned back and enjoyed the attention she was getting. Marcy and Janet both sat up watched as Colleen was being attended to. Colleen’s back was to them.

Colleen looked up at me and smiled as she came on the young girls face. Carla stood up and kissed Colleen hard. They shared her juices.

“I’ve fantasized about you for a long time.” Carla said. “Can I come to your room tonight?”

Colleen looked a little puzzle. I know she wanted to say yes, but she had to check with me first.

“Maybe” she said as she kissed Carla again.

“We better get back to sunbathing before those two wake up.” Colleen said.

“Sure thing.” As they got out of the tub Colleen looked at me. I waved her up.

“I just have to go to the washroom. I’ll be right back.” She left Carla, who rejoined the others. Colleen found me upstairs.

“Not bad. You’re coming along nicely.”

“I can’t believe it. That is that craziest thing I ever could have imagined.”

“Were not done yet.” I said with an evil smile.

“Tell Carla that she can meet you tomorrow night. I have other plans for you tonight.”

She went back outside. I saw her lie down next to Carla and stroke her pussy one more time.

Chapter 17

I left and came back an hour later. The ladies were still lying naked in the yard. I walked out and surprised them.

“This is a treat.”

They all looked at me. Then they realized that they should be shocked. Marcy was the first to react.

“Uncle Paul. We thought it was just us girls. Please turn away.” I did. They all scrambled for their suits.

We had a nice diner and no funny business. Carla kept flirting with Colleen, who tried to act cool.

Around 11 we all decided to turn in. I went to Colleen’s room.

She was lying naked in her bed. She looked at me and smiled.

“I want you to wait 5 minutes then come to my room. Do not speak.”

Before she could react I left.

Five minutes later she opened the door to my room. She poked her head in. I waved for her to enter. Lucky for her she was naked. Then she noticed her sister lying naked on the bed. Janet had her hands and feet tied up to the bed posts and she was also blind folded. Her legs were forced apart and her bald pussy was already looking wet. Colleen suddenly looked a little panicked.

I handed her a hair tie. She took it. I motioned for her to tie her hair up. I had short hair.

“What do you want me to do first?” I said to Janet.

“Uhmm, Colleen got me all hot today, when she massaged my tits. Put some oil on them and play with them please.” I looked at Colleen and smiled. I handed her the bottle. Since she had already done this earlier it was no big deal. She sat on the bed next to her sister. She poured on a generous amount of oil and worked Janet’s tits thoroughly. Janet moaned with pleasure.

“Oh that feels so good. Just like Colleen did. Her tits were in my face and I so wanted to suck on her big fat nipples. I know she’s my sister, but her tits are amazing. Would you like to see me suck on her tits?”

“Would I ever? I would pay money to see that.”

“Suck on my tits baby.” She said. Colleen looked at me. I pointed to Janet’s tits. Colleen leaned in and took her nipple in her mouth. Janet arched her back up in approval.

“Oh yeah baby. I love it like that. Just picture me doing it to her. Picture her big tits in my mouth. Colleen’s moved from nipple to nipple. Her own tits touching Janet a few times. She just figured that Janet was too engrossed to notice.

“I wish my sister wasn’t such a prude. We could show you such a good time.”

“Really. You would let me fuck her?”

“If it meant I could suck on those tits and that pussy. Sure”

“Good to know.” I said with a smile.

“Oh baby, touch my pussy with one hand.” Janet said.

Colleen looked at me. I nodded. She dropped her left hand to her sister’s mound.

“Oh that’s it. Rub my lips with your fingers.” Colleen had moved onto her knees now. Her right hand working Janet’s tits and her left rubbing her pussy.

“Oh baby your making me so wet. Stick your fingers inside me. Finger fuck me you stud.” Colleen looked and me and sighed. She stuck two fingers into her sister and fucked her with them. Her mouth went back to Janet’s nipples.

“Oh baby stop teasing me. Eat my cunt. I want your tongue inside me.” Colleen stopped and stood up. She wanted to protest, but she knew that this was my end game, plus she was too excited to stop. She laid on the end of the bed. Her knees were on the ground and her head was only inches from her sister pussy. She looked up at me and with a slight smile took her first lick.

“Oh yeah baby.” Janet said.

Colleen went in for more. She stuck her tongue deep into Janet’s pussy. I got behind Colleen and started fucking her now soaking wet pussy. Her orgasm grew as did Janet’s. She screamed into Janet’s pussy as they both came together.

“Honey that was great. Now fuck me you horny bastard.” Colleen stood up. I moved her over. I whispered into her ear “There are something I have to do myself. Sit over there and watch and masturbate.”

I climbed onto my wife and started fucking her hard. I pumped her for 20 minutes and she screamed the whole time. I shot my load deep into her. And then brought my cock to her mouth. She took it and sucked it clean.

“Baby would you like me to lick your pussy clean.” I asked her.

“You know I always wanted you to do that.” I motioned for Colleen to assume the position. She did not wait to be told again. She jumped between her sister’s legs. She was cleaning her thoroughly.

Colleen was so busy she did not notice me standing next to Janet.

“It’s time to let the cat out of the bag.” I whispered in her ear. “Play along”

I pulled down her blindfold.

“Colleen what are you doing.” She shouted and surprised her sister. Colleen lifted her head from Janet crotch.

“That was you the whole time.” Janet asked.

Colleen could only nod. I untied Janet and she sat next to her sister.

“Did you guys plan this?” she asked me

“I knew you always wanted to have sex with your sister. Well yesterday Colleen admitted the same desire to me. So we came up with this plan. Right Colleen.”

She looked at me. The shock was gone. “Right. I’ve always wanted this.”

“That makes me so happy.” With that Janet leaned in and kissed her sister. They kissed for a long time. Janet’s hands found Colleen’s tits. Soon Colleen was on her back and Janet was licking her pussy. I gave Colleen my cock to suck. The rest of the night was a threeway bliss.

Around 3 am I walked Colleen back to her room while Janet slept.

“Now you have a lesbian relationship and an incestuous one. I wonder what will come next.” I left her to ponder that.

Chapter 18

The next day was our visitors last. There were only two things left that I wanted. I wanted Colleen to give me her ass and a threesome with her daughter. And I knew exactly how to get both.

Janet and I woke up naked in each other’s arms.

“I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this game you’re playing with Colleen. She really needs to loosen up. So what’s on the agenda for today?”

“I need you to take the girls shopping, but I want Marcy to come back unexpectedly.” I winked.

“Sound like fun. Before that though can I get her to eat me out this morning?”

“No problem. Go find her in her room.” Janet and I got up. We went to Colleen’s room and found her lying in bed masturbating.

“Didn’t you get enough last night” Janet asked her.

“I guess not.” She said with a smile. Janet joined her in bed and the two quickly ended up in a 69. I left them and went to share my plans with Carla and Marcy. I found them in bed, also in a 69. I watched until they were done. When I had their attention I filled them in.

Everyone was smiling at breakfast. Janet then suggested that they go shopping. Colleen looked at me and I shook my head slightly.

“I think I will just stay here and catch some rays.” She said as she went upstairs to change into her suit.

The three ladies were gone by the time Colleen cam down. She looked at me. “So should I bother keeping this on.” She asked.

“You learning.” She peeled off the suit and came to me and kissed me.

“So what do you have in mind?” She asked.

I pulled out a jar of KY Jelly from my pocket.

“Honey, I’m plenty wet.” She said naively.

“You have so much to learn.” I turned her around and bend her at the waist. Then I applied some KY to her anus.

“Oh God. I’ve never done this. Please go slow.” I stripped off my clothes and guided her to the couch. She knelt on it and I slowly pushed my way into her lovely ass. She was the tightest I had ever had. I fucked her ass for a good 20 minutes. She was in pain, but the pleasure took over. She was fingering her pussy while I fucked her ass. She came just as I felt I was about to. Finally I pulled out and shot my load all over her back.

By my calculations we had about 10 minutes before Marcy made her move. We went upstairs and showered. We came back down naked and sat in the hot tub. I knew that Marcy would be here soon. I initiated another round with Colleen and she responded to me. Soon she was bent over the edge of the tub and I was fucking her from behind. She was facing away from the door. Marcy walked out just then. She approached us. She looked at her mother and said “You’re just full of surprises this weekend.”

“Oh my god Marcy.” Colleen screamed. She tried to get up, but I would not let her.

“This is not what it looks like.” She pleaded, even though my cock was clearly still inside her.

“First you fuck my girlfriend, yes she told me and yes she’s my girlfriend. And now your sister’s husband. I’m telling dad.”

“No please, honey wait.” I finally pulled out and let her go.

She grabbed Marcy and pleaded with her.

“It’s not what you think. You can’t tell anyone.”

“Really, what’s in it for me?” Marcy said.

“Honey, I will give you anything.”

“Well then I want to share your stud here.”

“What do you mean?” Colleen asked.

“I mean I want to fuck Uncle Paul too.”

“I’m game.”

Colleen looked confused. Finally she agreed.

“Fine you can finish him.”

“No mother, you don’t understand. I want to share him.” She said this as I stepped out of her dress. Colleen looked completely shocked.

“Carla told me how good you were at licking pussy. Show me.” She sat in a chair and spread her legs. She then used her fingers to spread her lips.

“Marcy, I’m your mother.”

“No you’re a horny slut who likes to suck and fuck. So get sucking.”

“I agree. Get sucking.” I added. I walked over to Marcy and looked at Colleen. She had no fight left in her. This was the last straw. She was broken. She dropped to her knees and moved her face to her daughter’s pussy. As soon as she took the first lick she knew there was no turning back. Marcy took my cock in her mouth. This went on until Marcy came. Colleen moved up her daughter’s body, kissing it along the way. When she got to her mouth she took my cock out of Marcy mouth and kissed her daughter the way lovers kiss. I shot my load on their faces right then. They kept kissing until all my sperm was cleaned up.

“Now let’s go inside.” The two naked ladies followed me. I sat on the couch and mother and daughter blew me until I was hard. Colleen laid on the couch and her daughter ate her out while I fucked Marcy from behind. After another orgasm by both women I walked over to Colleen and staddled her chest. She took the hint and pushed her tits together. As I was about to cum I looked her in the eyes and said

“Now you are mine.” She smiled and took my load in the face.