The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Convincing Pills

Blurb: Daniel discovers a drug that makes him very persuasive, and he decides to try out his newfound abilities on his women’s studies class

It had finally arrived! Daniel had been checking his dorm room’s mailbox for the past week, ever since he had placed an order on the deep web for the pills he had read so much about.

He had first heard about them on an online erotic hypnosis forum that he frequented—some random user was raving about what they called Convincing Pills. Said that anyone who took them could talk their way out of anything…or into something. Some scientific jargon about creating pheromones that decreased others’ ability to properly reason, making them more susceptible to suggestion. Daniel had first thought it just a fantasy, or some scam someone was running. Still, the idea was intriguing.

He did more research after that. Read testimonials, even found some convincing videos of people supposedly trying it on unsuspecting friends and strangers. Daniel eventually stumbled upon a website that sold them…and they seemed relatively cheap. $30 for 10 pills. And first time orders got 2 extra pills for free. Why not, he figured. He ordered a package. At worst he’d be out $30, that wasn’t so bad.

And they had finally come in. Daniel had opened his dorm room mailbox to see a manilla envelope sitting there, with his name and address stamped on it. Daniel never got mail, it had to be the pills.

He took the envelope up to his dorm room, shut the door, and tore open the envelope. Daniel had managed to get a single-occupancy room for the college school year, so he had no worry about someone barging in and seeing him handling drugs.

Inside the envelope was a small booklet, and what looked to be 12 individually packaged pills in clear plastic wrappers. Each pill was split into red and yellow along the border of its capsule. Daniel poured the contents out onto his desk.

Daniel immediately picked up the booklet, which he could now see was titled Convincing Pills: Information. Liking to be as informed as possible about his purchase, Daniel flipped through the booklet and started reading. It said:

“Thank you for your purchase of Convincing Pills! Here is some basic information you should know about our product:

Convincing Pills act upon your pituitary gland to temporarily change your body’s pheromone production. Once it has reached your pituitary gland, your body will start emitting chemical pheromones that do nothing to you but will have a notable effect on those around you.

These altered pheromones will temporarily shut down portions of another’s prefrontal cortex—the area of the brain responsible for reasoning and decision-making. Strength may vary. For most people, it will alter their brain activity enough that you can convince them of just about anything…for a brief period of time.

The pill’s effect on both you and others will only last about an hour. It is recommended that while the pill is still active, you convince someone that they will forget about whatever happens under its influence. It is also recommended to not take more than one pill within a single seven-day period. Each pill takes roughly 10 minutes to kick in. Good luck and have fun!

For further questions/information: go to”

Daniel closed the booklets and examined a pill in its packaging. Based on the videos he had seen, these were quite powerful. Daniel had seen that someone who took the pill was able to convince the manager of an electronics store to let him walk out with a TV, high-end stereo system, and a gaming PC. In another clip, Daniel saw someone get an entire room of his coworkers to transfer all of their yearly bonuses to him.

What Daniel had in mind was a bit more erotic in nature. He had discovered these things on an erotic hypnosis forum, after all!

One of the classes that Daniel found himself in that semester was a women’s studies class. It was a required class for his university degree. Daniel had no problems with the class and its feminist material—if anyone asked him, he would say that he agreed in the equality of man and woman, which was true to some extent. Somewhere in Daniel’s sexuality was a different story however. Daniel found himself turned on by the thought of controlling women, not just physically but mentally as well. Usually these sorts of thoughts only came to his mind when he was especially horny or jerking off. However, in this particular class he struggled to keep these thoughts buried in his subconscious. Sometimes he couldn’t help but think of them as his professor and classmates discussed the oppression of the patriarchy and society’s attitudes towards the role of women.

When Daniel had ordered the pills, he had brainstormed possible things he could do with them. And he found that the most enticing, most exciting thing he could do with them was to take control of his women’s studies class and teach his own lesson plan. So he decided he would do just that.

The next day, Daniel arrived to class early. About 10 minutes before it was supposed to start, he took his usual seat in the back of the classroom. There were a few people already there, sitting towards the front, but they were talking amongst themselves, paying no attention to Daniel. He quickly, but nonchalantly pulled out a pill from his backpack, ripped open its packaging, and swallowed.

As he waited for class to start, he watched as other students entered the classroom. The class looked like it was going to be fully attended that day, which made Daniel a little excited and nervous. Perhaps he should have done a private trial run on one person before committing to this? If these pills were a hoax, he was about to make an embarrassment of himself.

Daniel’s professor walked in just as class was supposed to start. Professor Kim was a pretty woman of Korean descent, in her mid-thirties and slender. She usually wore a modest dress, glasses and her hair up in a bun or ponytail, and today was no different. “Good morning class” she said as she walked in, shutting the classroom door behind her.

“Good morning.” A few classmates responded. Daniel looked at the clock on the wall. Yep, class was starting, which meant it had been 10 minutes since he took the pill. He didn’t feel any different, besides still being nervous. And nobody around him seemed to be acting strangely. Professor Kim began her lecture.

“Ok, so the reading we will be discussing today is the one titled “Women, Sex, and Society”, about the patriarchy’s expected sexual roles for women and their inherent oppressive nature. As usual, I want you to get into small groups of 2 to 3 people to discuss the key points from the reading. Then we’ll all come together and each group can share their thoughts.”

Daniel, heart pumping in his chest, decided to try out a test of his powers, one that wouldn’t be so embarrassing if it failed. He raised his hand.

“Professor, you said I would be giving a presentation on the article today. I can do that now if you like.”

This of course was not true. But it was the perfect lie to see if the pills were actually working.

Professor Kim initially gave a confused look that gave Daniel a jolt, but then her face returned to a more neutral expression. “Oh yes, a presentation...I must have forgotten about that. Yes, come up here and give it before we continue class.”

Daniel couldn’t believe it. And yet he had easily convinced his professor of a lie that she should have known was untrue. Daniel walked up to the front of the class as Professor Kim sat down at her desk.

“For this presentation I’m gonna need a volunteer up here. How about you, Professor?”

Daniel motioned to Professor Kim, who gave another quick confused look but then calmly complied with Daniel’s suggestion. She got up out of her chair and stood next to Daniel. He continued.

“Now, as I’m sure we are all aware, I am a man, and Professor Kim here is a woman. The reading for today had a lot to say about the dynamics between our genders in society. Can someone tell me one thing that the reading said?”

A girl at the front raised her hand, Daniel pointed to her. “One thing the author said was that society encourages men to view women as sexual objects to use and control. Which is just so wrong. It gave some stories about how women were treated in the workplace and in school as lesser citizens before feminism and it was just so…disgusting.”

Daniel could see most of the class nodding along in agreement.

“Yes, the reading did talk about the sexual objectification of women…” Daniel paused, as he was still hesitant to try out the pill effects. “But it had more of a positive spin on it.”

Daniel could see some of his classmates whispering and exchanging worried glances with each other after this statement, but he pressed on, albeit with his heart pounding in his chest..

“It talked about how women could be happiest by being controlled and used by a man. Those examples you mentioned were held up as how things should be….That’s how I interpreted it.”

A hush fell over the classroom midway through Daniel’s lecture. The questioning whispers seemed to give way to respectful silence. By the time he was finishing what he was saying, most of the students were either cautiously nodding their heads or taking notes. He continued.

“Can someone tell me about another gender dynamic discussed in the reading?”

Several classmates raised their hands, but Daniel decided to choose the same girl in the front, just to be sure his powers were working properly.

“Well, it also talked about how women are always expected to submit themselves to men in romantic relationships. They are usually unequal because men are conditioned by society to be more assertive and women to be more submissive.” The girl paused, as if considering new information that had not entered her mind before. “…Though I guess it makes sense since the reading also talked about women are happy being controlled by men. So I guess having an unequal relationship is a natural result of that.”

Daniel smiled. It was working!

“That’s right. There’s a reason women are expected to submit themselves to men. After all, we know they like to so much. Those that don’t want to clearly have never experienced it before, how great it is for a woman to submit.”

Daniel paused, and looked at Professor Kim standing beside him as he heard his classmates furiously scribbling down what he said, and crossing out entire sections of their previous class notes. Professor Kim had her eyebrows furrowed slightly, and her mouth was open a little bit, as if she was trying to formulate an argument against Daniel but couldn’t quite find the words. As Daniel got away with more of his lecture, he felt more and more emboldened to say whatever he wanted, regardless of how true it was. For this class, his word was now the truth. And he knew it.

“Now, Professor Kim, you consider yourself a feminist, right?”

“Yes. Of course. I—“

“So you like submitting yourself to men?”

“Um…I don’t thin—“

“But isn’t that what feminism is all about? Celebrating the feminine side of life? Of serving, being controlled?”

Daniel could see in Professor Kim’s mind that all of his words were temporarily competing with reality, only to replace her reality with what he said.

“N-no….yes. you’re right. It is. But I would never—“

“So if you’re a feminist, and that is what feminism is about, then that’s what you like to do?”

Professor Kim paused and then mumbled. “…it makes sense…”

Daniel clapped his hands to get his classmates attention.

“Good! With that said, it’s time for a demonstration. Professor Kim, you will be my assistant for this. Now, let me show everyone here what it means for a man to control and a woman to submit. Lesson number one is accepting whatever action a man does. It is not a woman’s place to question and deny what a man wants to do.”

With that, Daniel reached out and grabbed Professor Kim’s left breast, over her drab dress. He felt her B cup bra that was underneath the dress material and gave it a squeeze. He could sense Professor Kim’s body stiffen slightly at his touch, as if she was repulsed by what he was doing.

“Relax, as a feminist, you love me doing this to you.” Daniel whispered to Professor Kim, who almost immediately eased her tense body and even began giving a content smile as Daniel continued squeezing. Daniel turned back to the class.

“See, the professor here is demonstrating this lesson. See how she accepts my touch and even enjoys it. She’s happy because she is providing use to a man.”

The class was still taking notes, hanging on to Daniel’s every word. A guy in the back raised his hand. Daniel pointed to him.

“But what if a woman isn’t providing use to a man? Should they just wait until they are needed or should they try to make themselves useful?”

Daniel pondered this question for a second, then answered.

“It’s important for a woman who isn’t being used to find a way to be used. That’s why society likes women who wear provocative clothing, because it advertises their bodies and suggests that they like to be looked at and touched. So I would say, a woman who is not being used by a man should find a way to do so as soon as possible. That is what makes them most happy, after all.”

The mood in the classroom shifted. All the girls in the classroom, who had been merely sitting and listening to Daniel before, began looking around at the men in the classroom. Some began biting their lips and squirming in their seats, starting to take Daniel’s lesson to heart. One girl in the front leaned to the guy sitting beside her and said “You know, if you want to touch me, feel free to.”

Daniel could see that the guy was hesitant, so he said: “guys, there’s also a lesson you can take away from this. As society has taught, we are supposed to be assertive. We are to take advantage of women’s natural submissiveness. And we know that submitting makes them happy, so do not worry about prudish notions of respect or decency. Do to them what you so deeply want to, and they will thank you for it.”

After another moment’s hesitation, giving time for him to process and accept Daniel’s words, the guy in the front started grinning and reached out to the girl next to him and began groping her tits, causing her to tilt her head back and sigh in satisfaction. Other pairs in the classroom began to follow suit.

Daniel stopped and looked out at the effect he had had upon the classroom. Many of the girls in the class, ardent women’s studies majors who regularly spoke up against the patriarchy, were now lovingly giving themselves over to the men of the class, who themselves were no longer held back by their ingrained ideas of respect and decency toward women. Several guys had begun feeling up the female classmates around them, with a few already forcibly kissing their partners. Yet, not one word of protest was spoken from the girls, only sighs and coos as they discovered true happiness from submission.

With Daniel so distracted by his handiwork, he had stopped squeezing Professor Kim’s breast. She turned to him and said “Is…is there anything else you want to do to me, Daniel?”

He looked at her, and then clapped his hands. “You’re right, Professor, there is more that we can teach the class. Everybody listen up!”

The entire class stopped what they were doing and turned their heads back to Daniel.

“Lesson number two for today is similar to the first one, except it has to do with words instead of actions. Because of man’s natural dominance over women, not only should his actions be accepted, but his word should be followed as well! Women can get just as much satisfaction from following a man’s commands as letting him do what he wants to them!”

Daniel motioned to Professor Kim. “The professor here will demonstrate again. First off, take off your glasses and let down your hair. I think you’d look much better that way.”

“Ok” Professor Kim said without much hesitation. She placed her glasses on her desk and undid the hair bun on the top of her head, shaking her head as her silky black hair spilled onto her shoulders.

“Now didn’t that feel good, professor? To obey my command?”

“…Yes, it did,” the professor said, blushing.

“I’m glad to hear. Now let me give you a few more before we let this class continue with their partner activity. Take off your shirt.”

Professor Kim hesitantly reached to the zipper on the back of her dress, but stopped. She shook her head slightly. “But…I shouldn’t be doing…this…”

Daniel had been ready for some minor resistance. He had seen that the pill’s effects were variable, but as long as the user kept arguing for what they wanted, they would get it.

“I think you should. We’re trying to provide a lesson to your students here, don’t you want them to learn?”

“Y-yes, but what would this teach—“

“And we already know that you like following my commands.”

“…yes, but—“

“So follow what I say again. It’s no different than last time. We’re trying to teach the students about women following men’s commands, so do what I say.”

Daniel could once again see some struggle in Professor Kim’s eyes, as if she could sense something was amiss but couldn’t put her finger on why. As she processed what Daniel had told her though, a look of calm contentment spread across her face. “Of course, Daniel. I should do what you say. I love following your commands. And we have to teach this class a lesson.”

With that, Professor Kim unzipped her dress and stepped out of it, revealing a matching black bra and panties. She smiled and rubbed her hand along Daniel’s shoulder. “Anything else you’d like me to do?”

Daniel could feel his cock stiffening as he saw his women studies professor offering herself to him. But he figured he would have some more fun with this power. There was still plenty of class time left. Daniel turned to the class.

“I think there’s something else we can do. Remember, professor, the lesson is not that women should follow my command, it’s that women should follow all men’s commands. Let’s practice, class. Any guy who wants to, shout out something they want Professor Kim here to do.”

There was a brief silence, as tends to happen when a question is posed to a classroom full of people, but soon Daniel could see his male classmates’ heads churning with ideas.

“Like I said for lesson one, women love to be commanded! It is our right and privilege to tell them what to do! Shout out some ideas!” Daniel said.

Towards the back of the class, a voice cried out “have her say she’s a slut!”

Heads turned back at the guy who said it. Daniel pointed at him. “Yes! You’re on the right track! But remember, this is not the time for me to command her, this is the time for you to command her. Tell her what you want her to do.”

After thinking for a second, the guy said “Oh, I get it. Ok. Professor Kim, tell us that you’re a slut!”

Daniel and the class’s attention turned to Professor Kim, who exchanged looks with Daniel and seemed a little hesitant. Daniel reassured her: “Following his command is gonna feel just as good as following mine. You love doing whatever any man says.”

With that, Professor Kim’s worries disappeared. She turned to the guy in the back and confidently proclaimed “I am a slut! I am such a slut!”

Daniel could see that the proclamation had given Professor Kim a burst of pleasure. A sly smile had crept up on her face as she was speaking, and he thought he noticed a little bit of wetness in her panties.

The action also had a noticeable effect on the classroom. Now all the men in the room were bursting with ideas about what the professor should do next.

“Take off your bra!” One classmate shouted.

Before she could even undo her bra, another classmate shouted: “Play with your tits, slut!”

Her black bra fell to the floor, revealing Professor Kim’s tits and hardened nipples. She began kneading her breasts in a circular motion, biting her lip and squeezing her legs together as she did so.

“Play with your pussy for us!” Someone else shouted.

Professor Kim’s right hand sneaked down into her panties and began rubbing her clit in a circular motion. She began moaning softly, not just from the physical sensations but also from the mental satisfaction of submitting herself to others’ commands.

After a few seconds of watching, Daniel stepped in front of Professor Kim, as this was the only way to get the class’s attention at this point. “Alright, class, I think we’ve understood the second lesson. This will be all for today.”

Daniel looked at the clock. Twenty minutes remained in class, which also meant only thirty minutes remained on his first dose of the pill.

“For the next twenty minutes, I want everyone to try out these lessons you’ve been taught today. Guys, do what you want to your partners. Also try telling them what to do. Women, you will love being used and commanded by men. Everything that’s been taught in this class up until today has been an example of how things shouldn’t be. There is no equality between men and women. There is no need for feminism, and after today’s partner demonstration, I think everyone will find that they actually enjoy what feminism is fighting against. So, go! And after thirty minutes, class is over, and everyone will forget it ever happened.”

Daniel clapped his hands, and with that the rest of the class turned to their partners and began doing as he had said. The girls of the class were being felt up and tossed around, and commanded to do whatever the men of the class desired. Several of the girls were soon stripping down for their partners; one began giving their partner a sensual lap dance, as requested, while another had taken out their partner’s cock as they had been told to do, and was now being facefucked and enjoying every minute of it.

After taking a minute to observe the class, Daniel turned to Professor Kim, who was still playing with her tits with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. He smiled. “Well, professor—or should I say slut—looks like I don’t have a partner for this activity, so you’ll have to work with me. What do you say to that?”

“Oh yes, Daniel, I’ll work with you. I’ll work for you. Use me however you want!”

“Say that you’re my slut.”

“I’m such a dirty slut for you. Your dirty slut!”

“Good, now take off your panties.”

Smiling, and cock throbbing, Daniel watched Professor Kim enthusiastically take off her wet panties for him. She stood before him, waiting his next instructions.

Daniel freed his hard cock from his pants and then grabbed Professor Kim, turning her around and bending her over her desk. As he forcefully pushed her against her desk, he heard her moan, her voice muffled as her face was pressed up against some textbooks. She turned her head to the side and said “Please, Daniel, use me however you want. I’ve learned my lesson from your presentation. All I live for is to be used by men! Do it! Use me!”

Daniel smiled again, thanking his lucky stars that he had bought that sample of convincing pills. Daniel slowly slid his cock into Professor Kim’s wet, warm, inviting cunt. He felt it give way to his manhood as he pushed it deeper and deeper inside of her, until eventually her pussy was up against the base. Both Daniel and Professor Kim moaned, though no one in the class had noticed as they were already busy fucking each other.

Daniel started to thrust and quickly picked up his tempo until he was pounding Professor Kim from behind, repeatedly pushing her body up against the desk as he did so. She was barely able to speak anymore, alternately between moaning and screaming “yes!” as Daniel fucked her like he owned her. And in that moment, she thought he did. Because he was a man, and she was a woman, and she had finally learned her place. All thanks to Daniel’s presentation. She wondered why she had never thought that way before, and why she had advocated so long for equal rights. This was obviously so much better.

Daniel felt the orgasm overtake him, as he clenched Professor Kim’s waist and thrust his spurting cock into her pussy with each shot of his cum. Professor Kim cooed and she looked back and saw Daniel’s satisfied face. She had never experienced such happiness in her life as in that moment.

Still in Professor Kim, Daniel looked around and saw that the class was still fucking one another. A few girls had found out that serving multiple guys at once was even more fun that serving one, as they were both sucking and fucking cocks in a few three-ways spattered across the classroom. In the corner, he spied one girl who was surrounded by a circle of men, all with their dicks out. She was sucking and stroking as many men as she could, each as if it was her favorite thing in the world to do.

Daniel looked up at the clock, and, noting that there was only five minutes left in class, quickly took himself out of Professor Kim and clapped his hands.

“Alright, class! Time’s up for this demonstration! Everyone clean up, put their clothes back on, and then you are dismissed! And remember, all of you will forget my presentation, instead thinking that this was an ordinary class without any noteworthy things happening. However, you will find that the lessons you learned today will stick around when it comes to fucking. That means men, you will find yourselves a little more sexually assertive towards women, while ladies, you will find yourselves a little more submissive. Class dismissed!”

Everyone did as instructed. Daniel zipped up his pants and then went to fetch his backpack. Inside it was 11 more pills, Daniel thought excitedly. As he exited the classroom, he began wondering what else they could be used for. Who else should he try his newfound powers on? What other classes could he try to teach? Daniel’s mind was awash with possibilities.