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Title – Cowstume Party

Summary – Lisa needs a costume for a party, and she decides to steal one her sister made. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea...

Author’s Note – Thanks again for all the kind comments and emails; it really means a lot. Sorry I’m so bad at updating stuff...really hope that you enjoy this story, since Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year :) Again, if you have any suggestions or complaints, please, I’d love to hear them; I want to get better!

“But Lexie...”

“No buts, Lisa!” My twin sister glared at me, and then gave me an insufferable sigh. “The last three times I’ve loaned you outfits, you’ve ruined them! I don’t care about this dumb Halloween party, or this guy you’re trying to score with, you are NOT going to take my costume there! I worked really hard on it” I tried to resist the urge to grind my teeth in frustration; I really needed that costume. “You’re not even using it tonight! You’re going to be going to the stupid library, studying for a dumb magic test! Lexie gave an irritated sigh, tossing her long blonde hair over shoulder like she always did when something was bothering her. “I have a big exam on charms and potions coming up this weekend; you do too, Lisa. And don’t make me write home to mom and dad about how you’re slacking off on studying to go out chasing boys.”

I threw a pillow at her head, but the stupid dork ducked under it, and it knocked a lamp off my desk with a crash. Lexie gave me a condescending tut before she whipped out her wand. In an instant, the lamp was fixed. “Besides,” the know-it-all added, “If you were focusing on studying, you would know how to make a costume. I made mine and it only took a few days.”

“For what?!” I shot back at her, looking for more pillow weaponry. “Like a geek like you has any Halloween plans!”

Lexie turned beet red, and I knew I had scored a direct hit. “I’ll have you know, that costume is going to be for a very special night with Roy.”

I gagged at her, rolling around on the bed in mock agony “Roy?! He’s a bigger nerd than you! Have some standards, Lexie!”

She stuck her tongue out at me, the model of maturity. “I not only have standards, I have a costume. And you aren’t getting it, so there.” And with a huff, she grabbed her backpack and stormed out of the dorm.

Bleh...why did I think sharing a dorm with my sister would be a good idea?

* * *

Hours later, and my mood had gone from bad to worse. Every costume store in the area was closed on Sunday, and my attempt at making a cute nurse outfit had ruined two of my tops.

I threw the ruined clothes in the trash, grumbling to myself. This was going to be the biggest party of the year, and Chen was going to be there, handsome, funny, perfect Chen...and he didn’t have a date! This would be the perfect time to flirt with him, but I would look like a total loser if I was the only one there without a costume!

Royally ticked off, I kicked the door of Lexie’s closet, and it rattled open a bit, revealing a few shirts on hangers. I stared at them for a second, then threw a suspicious glance at the dorm door. A moment later I was buried under clothes, tossing them on the floor as I dug through the shelves. Finally, I found the dumb thing, hidden under some tissues in the bottom drawer.

I hadn’t actually seen Lexie’s finished costume, and she had seemed a little secretive about it. Now I knew was some kind of dorky looking cow costume, made out of what looked like black and white felt. There were even mittens and boots shaped like hooves, a pair of plastic horns, and an honest-to-goodness cowbell on a big leather collar. I stared at the thing in shock as I held it up; it looked like a first grader had pieced it together!

“This was that loser’s big secret?” I muttered to myself in disbelief. “And a special night with this costume....ewwww, Lexie, I take back what I said, you’re waaaay weirder than Roy!” But beggars could definitely not be choosers, and heck, I might be able to accessorize this outfit in a way that Lexie never could; I was the cute one, after all. As I unfolded the costume over the back of my chair, though, a little yellow post-it note on one of the legs caught my eye. I tore it off, reading Lexie’s ooh-so-perfect handwriting

“ ‘I mean it, Lisa, don’t you dare wear this outfit, or you’ll regret it’!” I read out in a dramatic voice, crumpling up the note and tossing it back in Lexie’s closet. “Yeah, maybe if the fashion police are there.” Looking at the clock, I quick began to change, wiggling into the costume. I had to admit, it was a lot more comfortable than it looked; the fabric felt surprisingly nice wherever it touched my bare skin; it had to be a softer material than felt, even if it looked a bit rough. I thought for a moment, shrugged, and decided to go the whole mile with the cowbell too, putting the collar around my neck. The bell clanked and jangled as I cinched it on, and I admired myself in the mirror as I pulled my hoof mittens and boots on.

“Aw jeez...” I actually blushed a little looking at the outfit, shivering a bit as I felt a warm rush of heat travel through me; the stupid thing looked so bulky, almost too big, totally hiding my trim figure. Plus, it was just so unbelievably dorky; I didn’t want Chen thinking I was a total loser weirdo like Lexie. Still, a lame costume was better than none at all, and I could play it off like a joke or something.

Another glance at the clock shook me out of my stupor; I didn’t want to miss my chance with Chen! I took a few awkward steps towards the door, fumbling in the strange, heavy black boots I had on, and pawed a little at the door knob. With the stupid mittens, it was a chore to try and grip anything, and they were so thick that I couldn’t even feel through them.

“Stupid Lexie and her stupid gloves,” I muttered, trying to grip the knob clumsily with my wrists, but the dumb thing was too slippery.

“The heck with this; what kind of idiot would want to wear hooves all night anyways?” I grumbled, tugging the big mittens off my hands. Or at least, I tried to; the damn things were on a lot tighter than I thought.

I groaned, tugging harder. “You’ve got to be kidding me...Lexie is the heavier one, how are my hands stuck?” I tried to flex my fingers, to wiggle do something, but the mittens felt so thick and heavy it was nearly impossible to tell if I was actually doing anything but wiggle my useless hoof gloves around.

I started back towards my desk; there had to be something in there that would me get my hands loose. But after the first step, I suddenly felt a wave of dizziness wash over, and I nearly fell to my knees, panting in surprise.

“W...what the hell...?” I gasped out, blinking in confusion as I stood, bent over at the hips. The weird lightheaded sensation was still present, but less then when I tried walking. I straightened up, taking a hesitant step forward...and this time I did fall to my hands and knees, crying out in shock.

“Oh, come on!” I shouted at myself, too nervous to move now. “What the heck, I’m suddenly motion sick now, or something?!” I shook my head, mentally steadying myself, trying to get myself psyched up. “No way, Lisa; you’re going to get to this party and see Chen! Now stop talking to yourself and get mmmmmooooooooooooooooooving!”

I blinked, my mouth hanging open dumbly as I tried to figure out what just came out of my mouth. I definitely didn’t mean to make that big of a noise. I shook my head, frustrated that the warm, lightheaded feeling was coming back. “OK, forget it, this is too stupid!” I spat out, grinding my teeth. “Forget this costume, I’ll just put on a paper dunce cap and say I’m going as Lexie!” I looked down, ready to take the stupid, too-warm costume off...

Except there wasn’t a costume anymore. I was just on the floor in my bra and panties. I still had the mittens, boots, and collar on, and I felt the horns, but the actual costume had totally vanished.

“Mmmoooo?!” I gasped out in surprise, then shook my head, growling in frustration as I tried to will myself to calm down. Something was definitely wrong here; Lexie had probably...hexed it, or something, as a joke or something, so it would vanish when I put it on. There was no need to freak out; I just had to get the hooves off, get up on all fours, find some nice strong man to milk me, and...

“Wait, what?!” I cried out, my eyes fluttering open from my too-weird train of thought. “What the hell is wrong with mmmmmmmooooooooooo?!” The sound escaped my lips so easily, so naturally...and with a flash of terror and insight, I lifted one of my hands to my face to look at it.

“Ooooh, mmmmmmmooooooooo!!!” I looked at the heavy hoof in terror, clopping it down on the floor...and now it sounded much heavier than before, much more like a hoof!

That bitch’s costume was turning me into a damn cow freak!

I stared at my once-perfect hand, trying to wrap my head around what I was looking at. It was so...oversized, almost comedic; just a big, oversized cow hoof. To my horror, I saw that my wrists were actually covered in short, white fur, with little black spots mixed in. Throwing a panicked glance over my shoulder, I saw that the same was true of my feet and ankles; I had totally lost my hands and feet, and gotten some useless, cartoony hooves instead!

“Lexie, I swear, I’mmmmooooooo going to freaking kill mmmooooooooo!!!!” I groaned out; my tongue felt so clumsy in my mouth, and it just felt so....right, to make those dumb bovine moos...but I could fix this! I clopped loudly across the floor, my knees dragging behind me, blushing furiously as my hips wiggled back and forth with every clumsy step. And why the hell was I still so warm without a costume on?! Whatever, it didn’t matter, as long as I had my...

“Mmmmooo wand!” I groaned out, fighting the urge to bang my head against my hard, wooden bedpost. How the heck would I be able to use magic if I couldn’t even hold the stupid wand!? I would have to call Lexie; if I could get my cell phone out, I could use my...nose, or something to dial. God, and I still felt so warm...I turned to rummage through my purse, and as I did, I caught sight of myself in the full length mirror across the room from my bed.

“Mmmmmmooooooooooo!!!” I cried out in misery, gaping dumbly at what could only be my reflection.

The warmth I had been feeling...the lightheaded made sense now, since it seemed Lexie’s stupid costume wasn’t done ruining me. I had forgotten about the horns on my head from the shock of having hooves, but now I was staring right at the big curling things...they curled inward, dulled to the point of uselessness, looking more like handles than actual horns. But below those...I let out another frustrated moo just looking at what used to be my beautiful little ears; they were big, floppy cow ears now, and just like my ankles they were white furred with black spots. They twitched back and forth on their own, but they were so ludicrously huge that every few moments they would flop down and rest against my cheeks. I would have thought the worst was over there, but a swishing movement from my backside caught my attention.

“Mmmmmooooo, commmmooooooo on!” I groaned out, panicking a little at my speech difficulties...but that didn’t seem as important as the wagging cow tail that was clearly flicking back and forth above my butt. I could see the tip peeking right out the backside of my panties, and the black-furred tip brushed against my thighs as it swished, seemingly with a mind of its own.

This had gone way too far; I had to call Lexie and get her to fix this; if anyone else saw me right now, I would die from embarrassment. With a forlorn little moo, I tried to awkwardly turn away from the mirror, growling a bit as my boobs jiggled uncomfortably against each other.

Wait....wait a minute...but I didn’t have enough to...

“Ooh, mmooo...mmmooo, mmmmmmooooooOOOO!!” I screamed, looking down at my swollen chest...and still swelling. I stared down at my jiggling tits, mooing at them in misery as they slowly wobbled outwards...but not showing any sign of stopping. I leaned in, biting at my bra strap as my melons jiggled and grew, straining tighter and tighter...but the stupid thing wasn’t coming loose! I crawled around the floor in a panic, staring at my growing canyon of cleavage, whimpering from the tight sensations, my nipples straining against the fabric...I bit harder, growling and grunting ferociously as I did battle with the bra strap, all the while blushing with humiliation. Dimly, I was aware that if someone walked in right now, they would see a grunting cowgirl circling the floor as her cowbell jangled and clanged, face seemingly buried in her tits...but that was a faraway, unimportant thought; I had to get my jugs free! Just a little more...I almost had it...


With a crack of tearing fabric, the bra fell to the floor, and my heaving udders wobbled free, actually taking me forward a few steps. I stared down at the huge, jiggling things...and noted, thankfully, that the swelling had seemingly stopped. Thank God; I didn’t want my nipples rubbing against the floor. As it stood, though, my bare jugs hung down just a little past my elbows.

“Mmooo, mmoooo...” I growled to myself, not even trying to fight a for words now; Lexie was so going to pay for this, and when she was back here, I was going to give her a stern talking to about leaving me unmilked...

“Grrrr, mmmmmooooo!!!” I shook the bizarre bovine thought from my head; I wasn’t a cow, dammit, and Lexie wasn’t going to make me one! I knocked my purse over with a clumsy swipe of my hoof, spilling my phone out on the floor. It took a minute of awkward nuzzling, licking, and grunted obscenities, but I worked my way through the contact list to my sister. I punched SEND with my nose, and then switched it to speaker phone, settling back and waiting. It took a few agonizing rings, but the bitch finally answered. “Lisa, for the last time, you can’t wear my costu—”

“MMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” I bellowed at the phone, clopping my hooves down for emphasis.

There was a second of stunned silence, and then I heard my sister gasp.

“Oh my God, Lisa, you so didn’t!”


“Just a second,” Lisa mumbled out breathlessly, and I heard the sound of her shuffling and running, followed by a door closing behind her. “There, ok, now we have some privacy. Lisa, you stupid bimbo, what were you thinking?!”


Lexie sighed. “Ok, that’s going to have to wait until later. God, you know it’s going to take me all day tomorrow to find the ingredients to fix this for you, right?! Well...of course you don’t, because you’re a moron who doesn’t listen!”

I let out a surprised moo, reeling back a little; being that forceful wasn’t like Lexie at all. I clopped clumsily on the ground, trying to show her that I was willing to listen.

My sister sighed again, her voice seemingly lost in thought. “Ok, if you’re mooing and...tapping like that, I’m guessing the physical changes are done at this point, right? Moo once for yes, and twice for no, Lisa.”

I blushed at the command, but murmured out one soft, “mmmmmooooo...”

Lexie made a weird coughing noise, and I had to fight back an angry growl; it sounded like she was stifling a laugh. “Well...ok, the good news is that you don’t have all your words taken you...well...” Lexi “Can you try to say a word, any word at all, Lisa?”

This was so stupid; of course I could, and it would just come out as a moo. “Mmmmmooooo, fat udders,” I stated matter-of-factly, and I was rewarded with a burst of giggles coming out of the phone.

Oh, you had to be kidding me.

“I’m sorry, Lisa, haha, ooh jeez...” Lexie said, after she had taken a moment to calm herself down. “The spells woven into the suit were made to signal out certain words, and make them...more dominant, in your head, along with other...errr...tendencies...I wasn’t really sure it would work, to be honest, it was just a theory, but Roy and I thought that...umm...” Lexie coughed again, and mumbled out something about magical theory.

Well, at least I could rest easy knowing that my sister was just super weird, and not out to sabotage me...I guessed there was some comfort in that.

“ anyways,” Lexie stammered on, “Ummm...have you noticed anything weird, about your thoughts...? Any ideas, or words that seem more...uhh...c-cowlike...?”

“MMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” I bellowed out, fighting the urge to clomp on something with my hooves. Reflecting back, I had used..rougher terminology then usual when talking about my milk jugs...I big cowmelons? Oh shit, why couldn’t I even think of the right word for my dairy jugs?!

“Mmmoooo, milkmelons, mmmmmoooooooo!!!” I cried out miserably, my cowbell clanging as I shook in anger.

“Ok, ok, just calm down!” Lexie shouted back at me. “I can be back in a few hours, just...stay there, ok? And...umm...ok, one more thing...errr...if, dumber...uhh...d-don’t be alarmed, ok...?”

“Mmm...mmmoooo?!” If a cow’s moos could be venomous; mine would be dripping with the stuff.

“W-well, it’s not my fault that you didn’t listen, is it?” Lexie shot back at me. “You brought this all on yourself, cow!”

“Mmmmooooo, cowjugs!!!” I shouted back at her, the words tumbling out of my mouth.

This time Lexie didn’t even try to cover her laughter. “If only Chen could see you now; your boobs are so big, they’re probably pushing your elbows apart, huh? I’ll be back to take care of you later tonight; until then, I guess you should just have fun, you dumb barn animal.” And with a click, she was gone.

“Udders...mmmoooo...” I mumbled to myself, shivering. The conversation had left me filled with frustration and heated anger, and I was having trouble trying to calm down. Spending the night as a cow...great, just great. I should be out there at a party with Chen, being milked by his big, strong hands...

“Mmoooo...?” Wait a minute...that was a cow thought, right? I had to be careful, because Lexie said I might get dumber...but I would be ok. All I had to do was focus only on smart thoughts, not on dumb thoughts! If I dwelt too long on thoughts like having my teats tugged on until they spurted spurted, my moos of pleasure mixing with the patter of milk spraying into a metal would be easier for me to get stupider, right?

But...I thought about Chen normally it wasn’t that much of a stretch to imagine Chen standing over me as I waited in a barn stall for him, right? Chen, wearing overalls and a straw hat...sitting down at a stool next to me as I wiggled and groaned in anticipation, stretching my back, thrusting my full, aching milk jugs out to him...

“Mmmooooooooooooo...” I sighed out dreamily, the noise so much more...cowlike than before. Dimly, a thought appeared in my head...this maybe was what Lexie was talking about, right...? But before I had finished unraveling that thought, I had almost forgotten it...and if I had forgotten it, it was probably a dumb thought! Stupid Lexie; she didn’t know what she was talking abo-

My chain of thoughts was broken as my udders slapped against each other, and I groaned out in ecstasy. I knew I was ok focusing on that feeling; how could my milktitties be dumb if they felt so good? I let out short, pleased moos and groans as I jiggled my dairy jugs back and forth, loving the soft slapping noise they made as they wobbled against my elbows, and against each other. Mmmmmmmm, they would definitely need attention later, when my owners were around; I could hardly remember the last time I had been milked!

“Mmmmmmm....mmmoooooooo, milk....” I practically purred the word...milk....what an amazing word...and I could focus on that too, because everyone knew milk was important; no way that was a dumb thought! Just thinking the word made me excited; my tail brushed against my thighs, and I wiggled them eagerly, raising my butt higher in the air, rubbing my teats against the floor...and I was given a nice sensation of heat from between my legs.

“Oooooh, mmmmooooooooooo....” I sighed out...I did have my barn stall to myself...even if it was short on hay; my owner would really have to get me a lot, the whole stall was devoid of hay! But that was a dumb owner wasn’t here right now, so it was silly to think about...but the heat between my legs was...mooing softly, I tried to bring a hoof up to rub against my eager sex, but all I accomplished was falling over a little, my udders slapping against my chin as my cowbell clanged.

“Mmmmoooo?!?!” I yelped out in confusion...shoot, another dumb thought! No way I could use my hooves to touch myself...I was a cow! Cows didn’t have hands; I needed to be more...umm...smarter if I wanted to get through this...I looked around my stall in frustration, trying to figure out what I could do to help make my pussy feel so nice...

When I saw the wooden bedpost, I nearly bellowed in glee. It took a little awkward positioning, but I managed to back my wiggling rump up against it, the cool wood making my now-aching pussy tingle in ecstasy.

“Mmoooo...mmoooo, milk, milk....” I mumbled as I started to grind up and down, my eyes closed tight as I focused on the perfect, not dumb at all feeling that was coursing through me...moving slowly at first, then mumbles turning into full on moos, groaning and grunting with bovine abandon as I humped at the bedpost.

“Ooooooooh, mmmoooooooOOOOOOO!!! MMMMMmmmmmmmmmOOOOOOOOOO!!!” I grunted out, bellowing with every rub, every...every....

“FUCK!!!” I cried out, and my pussy seemed to clench with pleasure from the word alone. Groaning happily, I humped up and down even faster, mooing and gasping with need. My moos getting higher and higher pitched, my bell clanging in my big, floppy ears...closer, closer, higher....

“Mmmmoooooo, fuck, fuck, mmmoooooo....fuck, mmoooo, fuck mooooo fuck mmmmoooooOOOOO!!!!!”

With one last bellowing cry, I came against the bedpost, rubbing my fat udders against the ground as I moaned in delight. My whole body felt like heaven, every touch making my pussy clench and my hips jump...

I felt a pleased, lazy grin creep across my face. Stupid if; would a stupid cow have thought of a great idea like that? Pulling myself to my hands and knees, I began to rub against the bedpost again; it was such a smart feeling, I really should hold onto it...probably for a long time....

Maybe it was for the best that I missed that party, I thought to myself as I began to slowly rub up and down again. I was having plenty of fun here...and with a pleased little moo, I noticed there was another cow in the room, just a little ways over from me! She had huge milktitties too, and was grinding against another bedpost! I even gave the smart cow a smile, and she smiled when I did!

“Mmmooooooooo!” I let out another pleased moo as I began to rub my trembling hips against the smooth wood a little faster. What did Lexie’s note say? That I would regret wearing something? If she really thought I was regretting this, she was the dumb one!