The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Crypt

by Queen Calafia

Jane Moore sat in Professor Greene’s ten-thirty lecture with twenty other women. Near the front, a couple of women sat with drums and shakers, while a couple of others, from the jazz dance class probably, lounged up against the wall waiting for Chelsea Greene to start her lecture. Dr. Greene’s ‘Women in mythology’ class was one of the most popular of the classes offered as a cross-departmental effort of the small classics and humanities faculty and the even smaller women’s studies faculty. Straddling both, Professor Greene wove in stories of witches, amazons, Christian saints and modern-day female action heroes into a tapestry of curricula designed to communicate the various ways women had been portrayed in the world. Today, she had promised to begin presenting findings from a dig she had done with some archeology students at the site of the old convent. Professor Greene picked up her laser pointer, motioned for the lights to be dimmed and began her lecture to an audience hushed to hear the dynamic teacher speak.

The first slide showed the above-ground ruins of the convent site. Only the stone foundations and steps into the basement areas remained, these last boarded up.

“As many of you, certainly you locals, know this site was home to a cloister of Catholic nuns of the Franciscan order for about twenty-five years in the later part of the nineteenth century. For reasons that were unclear and have been hidden behind the fog of local lore, the site was burned to the ground. All the more shocking was that the nuns, themselves, were killed to the last, closed up in the chapel and barred from leaving by gunfire. Local lore has it that the nuns were really a Satanic order and were practicing witchcraft and human sacrifice. More on this in a little bit.”

Professor Greene paused for effect and then continued. “While we found very few relics at the site, we did find, much to our surprise, a copy of a set of diaries from a Sister Agnes who was cloistered there until the very end. One of my graduate students is currently transcribing these writings which have, already, yielded up some valuable insights into both the daily life of the convent and their ultimate end.”

She clicked to the next slide which showed a large oaken door with various sigils caved into it. “In the basement areas and, in no small part because of the writings of Sister Agnes, we discovered a crypt secured behind this door. What is remarkable is that the contents of this crypt, which we’ll spend most of the rest of the lecture period on, were well preserved and were not damaged by the fire. What is also interesting is that these artifacts may, in fact, hold the key to one mystery which is why the Catholic church tolerated the destruction of a convent and the killing of nuns; something, it hardly need be said, the Church has looked upon very dimly.” A number of women, younger and less religious than the middle-aged Jane, chuckled at the gallows humor.

Professor Greene stood in front of her class and continued her story.

“Sometime in late 1875, a group of Dominicans showed up at the convent and requested ted that a sepulcher be built at the back of the crypt. There were relics from the Holy Land that were to be stored there for safe keeping by the Church. Father Joseph Paul, of course, agreed. Workmen from the town of Haven came up and added on to the crypt which was finished in the summer of 1876. In early 1877, the relics arrived at the convent. This we learned from the writings of Sister Agnes.”

Professor Greene paused and loosened her collar and took a sip of water, licking her lips as she set the glass down. " Neither the nuns nor the priest were told what the relics were, the sepulcher was sealed with explicit instructions that it should never be opened. This situation prevailed until the summer of 1877 when, for reasons unknown, the crypt was unsealed and the contents looked at.

What the crypt contained were the last relics of an all-female cult, dedicated to the worship of Lilith, that had been destroyed in Gaza by Christian missionaries. No one is certain where the cult came from but we have some understanding of their rites and rituals. " She motioned toward the drummers and dancers who moved from the periphery to the center of the room. The drummers began a low, steady beat, deep and cthonic and resonant. The dancers moved sinuously in their leotards. Professor Greene continued.

“Lilith was an ancient Goddess worshiped by certain non-Semitic groups living in and contemporaneous with various Hebrew tribes. When the Hebrews encountered the Lilith legends they diminished her to the lesser position of Adam’s first wife but that is not the original story. Lilith was something much, much, more powerful than a mere human woman.” Professor Greene paused again and scanned the room. The class was held in rapt attention of her. Jane glanced around the room as well, admiring the professors’ sense of the dramatic. “Women worshiped her and craftswomen carved a statue of obsidian in what was most likely the major temple dedicated to her. They also created many friezes and mosaics for her. Some of these ended up at the convent.” She advanced to the next slide. The drummers raised the tempo a bit, their drumming becoming louder and more insistent.

“This frieze, the largest was the first we discovered. It is obviously a tableau meant to depict a Lilithian ceremony. One is immediately struck by the intricacy of the work and the artistic perversion of the acts depicted.” She advanced through a number of slides while the drummers kicked the tempo up another notch. The dancers were moving with more energy now in time with the rhythm. One picked up a flogger and began to whirl like a dervish, striking two of her partners on the back, buttocks and thighs. Jane looked around, a number of the other women were swaying in their seats. Jane’s own feet were tapping to the rhythm. Professor Greene had taken off her hounds tooth blazer and had undone half the buttons on her blouse, the hint of a black corset showed itself in the dimmed lights.

“One is struck by the clear hierarchy portrayed in all of the friezes.” She continued. “Some women in the scenes are clearly dominant over the other women. And throughout all of it there is Lilith, sitting on Her throne.”

A couple of dancers came and began pulling some of the girls out of the front row. None of them resisted very much. As it should be. Jane thought and then immediately caught herself. Where had that come from? Professor Greene continued.

“The most remarkable object, however, is clearly the statue of Lilith...” She advanced the slide to reveal a woman of obsidian with ruby eyes.

Jane stared hard at the statue, the eyes were what caught her. They glowed as if there was a flame burning inside of each stone. The statues’ hips were full and rounded, the breasts large and luscious.

“lovely, lovely, Lilith. In looking at this statue, one is struck by one word. Love. Whoever carved this loved Lilith. Looking at it, you can hardly help but love Lilith.”

Jane nodded along with others in the classroom. A great deal of artistry had gone into it. The rhythm was loud now, driving and irresistible. It reminded Jane of concerts she had gone to where you couldn’t help but dance. The girls from the front row, all of them now, were gyrating around the drummers. Jane looked around the room again, a couple of graduate students were standing by the doors, some part of her not caught up in the rhythm and the dancing and Professor Greene’s’ compelling voice noted that the women were dressed in corsets and thigh high boots with canes. She noted it but the thought fell away as the slide changed.

Greene continued. “The cult of Lilith freed women in a patriarchal culture from the strictures against women’s sensuality, women’s sexuality, women having and enjoying sex.” Jane noticed that the dancers were stripping one another. The drummers were now bare-chested, hair flying as they were caught up in the frenzy. “Women have, in all cultures, been told that their sexuality was dirty, to be reviled and also to be possessed but only by men. Lilith promises to change all that. To set women free. To set you free. This is what happened to the women of the convent. Lilith came amongst them, whispered to them in their dreams and set them free. Free to love Her. Free to love each other. The nuns began to go amongst the townspeople and set the women free. This is why the men of the town burned the convent and slaughtered the nuns.”

There was a fire in Greene’s eyes now. The dancers, nude and writhing howled with anguish as Greene related the story. Jane felt tears welling in her eyes, although she couldn’t understand why. But it was wonderful that Professor Greene; brilliant, perfect, Chelsea, had discovered the truth and brought it back to the school. Wasn’t it? Yes, the truth was wonderful.

“I was the first to come to understand the Truth. That Lilith is the True Goddess and worthy of Love and worship. Only She is worthy of worship. Only she is truly worthy of women’s Love. Lilith is Love. Loving Lilith is Life.”

A part of Jane grew cold, she fingered the cross that was always around her neck. Something about this didn’t feel right. Jesus was her Lord, wasn’t he? Yes. Yes, she had to go. This was wrong! The drumming increased in tempo and intensity again.

“The others came to see things quickly, though. Showing the awesome power of our Goddess. Not just mine. Lilith is your Goddess. You will love Lilith as all women will.”

Jane looked around the room. Next to her, the dark-haired Eastern European immigrant, Irina, had spread her legs open as she fondled her breasts, one hand thrust inside her pants. On her other side, Kate, a red-haired, tattooed firebrand, was rubbing her legs together. She stood and began to sway to the rhythm of the drum. Letting out a guttural howl, Kate began dancing down toward the center of the room to join in the ecstatic group of dancers with Chelsea at its heart. The drumming was becoming frenetic but Chelsea’s voice seemed to be able to carry over all of it.

“The heat you feel between your thighs simply shows Lilith’s love for you. Let go of your hesitation. Let go of your fear. Give yourself to what your body and soul knows it needs. The touch of women. The Love of Lilith, our Dark Mother, our Perfect Goddess.”

Irina, sitting in her chair was murmuring Lilith’s name over and over again. Jane stared toward the back of the room, lost her balance and wound up catching herself on the chair of Paula, the other middle-aged woman in the class who was a returning student like her. The two women’s eyes met one another and Jane could see the mixture of terror, awe and lust in her counterpart’s eyes. Paula’s eyes went to the notebook in front of her and Jane’s eyes followed. Paula wanted her to see this for some reason. On the page was one word, written in Paula’s neat script over and over again. Lilith. Lilith. Lilith. The page was filled with it and Paula’s hand kept moving. Jane looked down at the other woman and following the compulsion that was pounding in her head, kissed Paula deeply. The other woman reached up and grabbed Jane’s head and held it so that the kiss lingered. Jane could feel Her body respond, could feel paula’s body responding to Her. Something in the back of Jane screamed at her to break the kiss. She was a married woman! She had a husband she loved, didn’t she? Daughters? Daughters who had such luscious bodies. Daughters who should be here in this class. Learning about the Truth of Lilith.

The deep primate female instinct to protect her young kicked in full force, and she broke away from paula. “Paula! Snap out of it. We’ve got to get out of here. We need to go now !”

Paula was staring at the center of the room, her lips moving in a whispered mantra. Jane leaned in close to hear what the entranced woman was saying.

“Lilith is Love. Lilith is Life. All women will Love Lilith as I do.” Jane began to panic. Paula was slipping. If she went, how much longer would she herself have? She reached out and slapped Paula across the face.

“We’re leaving, Paula. Now.” She grabbed the other woman’s hand and started toward the door.

“Yes. Leaving. Now.” Paula murmured. Jane was right. They had to get out of here! Go someplace. Back home. Back to the girls.

All of the younger women were kissing and fondling one another and were in various stages of undress. Jane stared down into the center of the classroom and saw Professor Greene smile up at her. The professor’s eyes flashed a red glow and Jane found herself bemused by her actions. Class had been going on and now she was standing. Why was she standing? Yes! She remembered. She had to...what? to Professor Greene. Get her to do something. Something important. Stop. Yes, stop something. She had to stop something. She paused on the stairs as two younger women, Cris and Yolanda, danced up to her and began grinding themselves against her. She reached out and pulled both girls to her. Paula dropped Jane’s hand and joined in the pile. One was whispering something in her ear, something about Professor Greene. Yes, that she should be looking at her. A cloud of women danced and gyrated around her. The drumbeat droned in her brain and she found herself dancing on the stairs. Yolanda had reached up and was kissing her neck and she felt a tug as the younger woman pulled the cross from around her neck. The feeling of fear welled up in her again but subsided again as she looked at Professor Greene. She was so beautiful and radiant and... perfect . Yes, that was it. She was feminine perfection itself standing in a group of women who were worshiping her. A warm breeze blew across her breasts and she looked down. Cris had buried her face in Jane’s bosom and was suckling, biting and nuzzling the older woman’s breasts. Cris was about the age of Tina, her youngest daughter.

“It feels so good!” Yolanda whispered huskily in her ear. “I love Lilith. I’ve never loved anyone or anything like Lilith.” The younger woman licked Jane’s ear while Cris moaned as she kissed down Jane’s belly. “Sit down, Miss Jane. Let us pleasure you. You are Worthy. So Worthy.” Yolanda kissed Jane’s neck. She looked down at Cris who was looking up at her with a fanatic lust in her eyes. Paula pressed her ample and now bare breasts into Jane’s back. “Yes, Mistress Jane. You are so Worthy. Worthy like Professor Greene. Lilith has told us. Told us that You are Worthy of worship. Of Love. Let us Love you. Please, Miss Jane. Lilith commands it. We love Lilith. You love Lilith. All women should love and obey Lilith.”

The words penetrated Jane’s brain and she felt herself falling. She was stronger than them, wasn’t she? She’d held out longer than them. They had turned into eager little sluts before her eyes. She looked around, there were other women being surrounded by other eager little sluts. All of them like her, holdouts. She could see them struggling. She wanted to push the women away but they felt soooo good. Their words felt so incredibly right ! She’d always been Strong. Always been Worthy. She grabbed paula-slut and pulled her close and kissed her. “Trying to get me to join your little slut-cult, aren’t you slut?”

“No, Mistress Jane. You are a Worthy. The three of us sluts belong to You because You are Worthy.”

The red-haired slut-cris whispered in Jane’s ear. “Mistress, High Priestess Chelsea wants you. You must obey. All must obey those Above them.”

Jane nodded. This was true. It was important for Order to be maintained and the only way this could happen was if everyone was obedient to those who were more powerful. Jane began to walk down the stairs. Again thoughts of her daughters flashed through her head. The two younger sluts, cris and tina would be perfect to convert them. For a second time, some primal instinct took hold of her brain.

Jane pulled away from the three lust-crazed women and started toward the door. One of the grad students crossed her arms and challenged her, the guard’s voice cold and nearly inhuman. “Where do you think you’re going. There’s no escape.” She crossed her arms in front of her to emphasize the point, holding her cane in front of her body. “Accept it. You are a Worthy. Lilith sees it. They see it. You will see it.” Jane turned to see the two younger women crawling to her on their hands and knees. They were so lovely and eager to please. Please her! All her life, she had been the good girl. Plump and pretty, she had contented herself with the knowledge that while she didn’t have the glorious life she had once dreamed of, she had a good husband and three wonderful daughters. She had married at 18 and now, barely 45, she had three grown children all of whom still lived in town. She thought of her daughters as the two younger women reached her and began kissing her feet and ankles, proclaiming their love for Lilith and their loyalty to Her, Mistress Jane. The guard looked at her and handed her a flogger that was hanging behind her on the door. “Take it, it’s yours.”

Paula was suddenly there, pulling at Jane’s blouse, whispering in her ear. “You can use it to discipline us, Mistress. So that we will be more attendant to You.” Jane felt the hot breath of cris and tina on her legs, they were lifting up her skirt, pulling it off of her. A flash of electric pleasure shot through her as cris started to suck at her clitoris from outside of her panties. Paula leaned over and cupped one of Jane’s breasts in her hand and began to suckle. Jane felt a strange weight in Her hand. It was the flogger. Her flogger.

Jane’s mouth attempted to form words of rejection but couldn’t quite manage it. She held the thing in her hand, feeling the weight as the two sluts began to work their way up her legs. And they were sluts weren’t they? Her sluts. Yes, they had given themselves to her with abandon and she could do with them whatever she pleased. That’s why they were calling her Mistress wasn’t it. She looked into the center of the room where naked women writhed and undulated in a mass of flesh in front of Professor Greene.

Words of Truth began to form on her lips as the pleasure became too intense, too omnipresent to ignore. She felt pleasure in places she never knew existed to be pleased in. She began to chant the name of her Goddess, “Lilith, Lilith, Lilith.” With paula sucking at her breasts, cris worshiping her clitoris and tina kissing her legs, the woman who had started the day as Jane dissolved and was replaced by a Mistress, a Worthy in Lilith’s cult. As she came over and over again, she thought of her daughters but now, any feelings of maternal protection were gone. Some part of her intellectually still loved them but that was insignificant compared to the all encompassing, and pleasure-giving love for Lilith. She pushed slut-paula away from her breasts and lifted the flogger as the tremors from her last orgasm caused her to lean up against the wall. “All three of you will now taste my whip.”

“Yes Mistress.” Replied the three women. Lilith smiled through Chelsea’s face. Her cult had been reborn.

* * *

Jane stepped out of her car and waited for her sluts to park their own cars. She looked at her daughter, Ashley’s car and smiled. Soon Ashley would understand the Truth. She would love Lilith as her Mother did. Her older slut, paula was first out of her car and walked up to her Mistress and bowed to her. Jane scowled at her.

“Not yet, slut. We have to wait until Ashley and her sisters have come to understand the Truth of Lilith.” Her voice was cold and harsh. She would have never spoken in such a manner hours before but that was a lifetime ago. Already her old life was receding into insignificance. Her old life was a lie, a dream, an illusion that had no relation to her real life. She was Mistress Jane now. The seductive evil of Lilith was warping her perceptions and memories so that she only remembered being the cold and detached woman that now walked up to her home. Something would have to be done with her husband, Ed but that was a problem for later. There would be time enough for that when he came home from the road. For now, it was time for her daughters to come to an understanding of Truth and Love.

* * *

In her former life, Rose would’ve avoided Serena’s Spa like the plague and going to the more downscale beauty shop owned by Betty Wynn. That was her old life though. This new life was better and she was more Powerful. The rich and ‘right’ women who went here were her inferiors and She woul have them understand this simple truth soon. They would Love Lilith and Her. A blood-red light glinted in her eyes momentarily and a cold smile spread across her lips. The spa was slow this afternoon. That would be perfect for her purposes.

Tanya Vimes sat behind the reception desk, reading a magazine as the first customer of the day walked in. She looked up from her People and did a double-take. Instead of Mrs. Cohagen or Mrs. Tracks or one of the other women, it was the owner of the sex-toy shop, Rose. She never came here! The town scandal here! Well, well. The day might not be quite so boring after all!

“Hello Ms Townes,” Tanya began as the woman confidently strode through the door as if she was welcome. “What brings you here today?”

Tanya saw a flash of red and felt something that she couldn’t quite determine what it was or where it came from.

“Hello Tanya. I’m here for a full-day treatment.”

“Do you have an appointment?” Tanya challenged. There was still a chance to get her out of here.

“No. And I don’t need one, do I? You have a space for me.” Rose made her voice strong. Her eyes glowed red and she stared directly into the green-eyes of the receptionist.

“No.” Tanya heard herself saying. “You don’t need an appointment.” She blinked and tried to tear herself away from the womans’ eyes. “There’s a space for you here.” She looked down at the appointment book and erased one of the regular’s names to make space for Ms Townes.

“That’s better. Now, is Serena here?”

“Yes, Ms Townes. She’s here.” Those eyes . They were captivating. Her gaze traveled up and down the Rose’s full figure.

“Call her and tell her I’m here and that I would like her personal attention, Tanya. It’s very important that you do this.”

“Yes. Important.” Tanya picked up the phone and dialed up to her boss’ office. “Serena? Ms Townes is here and wishes your personal attention for her spa-treatment.” Rose heard a loud query and Tanya replied, “Yes, Miss Rose Townes is here and wishes your personal attention.” She paused and then added, “It’s important.” She was rewarded for her compliance with a shot of pleasure that warmed her whole body. Her pale face flushed as she realized she had nearly moaned the last words.

“That’s very good, pet. Very, very good. Now, you will call the other appointments and tell them that the spa needs to be closed for a couple of hours. This will give you great pleasure to do this. When you have done that, you can come and join Serena and I and in the sauna.”

“Yes, the spa needs to be closed for a couple of hours.” Tanya didn’t question Rose. There was no need to question Her. Rose was so powerful and powerful women like Her weren’t used to having their requests second-guessed.

Serena came charging down the stairs her face livid. “Just what do you think is going on here, Rose?” She stopped short as she looked at the rapt expression on Tanya’s face as she spoke into the phone. “I’m sorry, Ms Cowben, but I have to cancel your appointment. The spa has to close for a couple of hours. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll call you when we’re ready for you.”

“Tanya!” Serena started. “Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing?!” She yelled.

“She’s doing what I told her to do, Serena. Which is what you are going to do.” Rose smiled that iceberg smile and her eyes glowed red again. “Isn’t that right, Tanya? Isn’t Serena going to do exactly what I tell her to do?”

“Yes, Ms Townes. Exactly what you tell her to.”

Serena wanted to run, to scream, to do something that would get her away. Terror crept up her spine like a spider-monkey scampering up a tree. She tried to will her legs to move but they stayed put. She willed her head to turn but her neck muscles wouldn’t respond. All she could do was stare at Rose and those deep, blood-red eyes. “Tanya, go and lock the doors. Serena, come with me to the sauna.”

“Yes Ms Townes.” Both women replied in unison. Tanya stood and took the keys from within the reception desk and flipped the sign to close, turned off the front lights and moved locked the doors. The other staff wasn’t here yet but they would be soon enough. A fleeting image of the other women who worked at the spa joining them in the sauna drifted through her mind and caused another jolt of pleasure to travel through her. It almost made her come.

Rose walked with Serena back to the sauna room, talking to her all the time. “Now, I want you to listen very, very carefully to me, Serena. Nothing matters but what I tell you. Nothing is true except what I tell you. your thoughts are false and unholy. My words are True and Righteous. You do realize that, don’t you pet?”

“Yes, Ms Townes, I do. your words are True while my thoughts are false and unholy.”

“That’s good, Serena. You are now my slut, my servant, my slave and all who work for you will also be my sluts, as will your customers. You understand that this is how it has always been.”

“Yes, Ms Townes. I am your slut. I am your slave. All of my workers will be your sluts. All of my customers are your slaves. It has always been this way.”

“Yes, Serena. Lilith is our Goddess. Our Dark Mother. Our True Mother and we love Her. All women will love Lilith.”

“Yes, Lilith is my Goddess. I love Her. All women will love Lilith as I do.” Serena’s affect was flat as she spoke the words. Some part of her brain still held out. She told herself she would wait and then she and Tanya would get away from this psycho. It would be the end of Rose. There was no way she would First Amendment her way out of this!

Rose began to strip down, revealing that underneath her coat she wore a red bustierre and thigh high stockings underneath knee-high leather boots. She sat down on the bench in the changing room and commanded Serena to wait. Tanya followed in a minute later.

“That’s very good, Tanya. Come to Me.”

“Yes Ms Townes.” The young woman crossed over to stand in front of Rose.

“I think, Serena, I will give you your mind back for a moment but not your body. You can think but your body does not work. You cannot move but you can see. You cannot speak but you can hear.” Rose licked her lips. “Tanya, I want you to kneel down and take My boots off, then my stockings and if you are careful and appropirately reverent I will allow you to take off the rest of My clothes. You will thank Me for this privilege to touch Me.”

Tanya responded with enthusiastic gratitude as she knelt and began to carefully pull at the zipper holding Rose’s left boot on. Serena continued “Serena, you may now have your mind back.”

Inside Serena screamed. Her mouth wouldn’t open, her eyes wouldn’t shut and she couldn’t turn her head. It was just as Rose had said it would be. She would be forced to watch Tanya degrade herself in front of this woman. But how? The why was obvious. She was the town pariah and Serena could now see that the townswomen had been correct to shun this sicko. How to let them know that not only had they been right all along but that they had underestimated the level of this woman’s perversion? And her power. She listened as Tanya continued to express gratitude for being able to be so close to Rose and she wanted to be sickened by the sight but already whatever spell Rose had cast on her was working its way through her. She wasn’t sickened. She wasn’t revolted. Horrified, yes. But turned on at the same time. It was hot watching Tanya serve Rose. How long before she was called upon to do the same thing? When her time came would she be able to resist? Her frozen muscles told her the answer was no.

Tanya finished undressing Rose and the older woman commanded her to strip. Rose came up and pressed her flesh up against Serena. “Look at my little pet, tanya. That is your future. You now belong to me.” She stepped back and faced her captive with those glowing red eyes. “Say good-bye to your old self, serena. That woman no longer exists. You are now slut-serena. your mind is Lilith’s now and forever. It has always been this way. There has always been Lilith and you have always been her loyal worshiper. You have always served Me.”

Rose’s eyes burned into serena’s mind. That was it she couldn’t resist and some part of her was grateful as the last of her will was burned away in the blood-red glow of Rose’s eyes. “Yes Mistress. I love Lilith. All women will love Lilith as I do.” She intoned. As she said the words, her body exploded in pleasure that rose to rapture. Her last thought before the whole of her world collapsed into the singularity of worship of Lilith was of her employees. Her next thought was that they would make such good pets for Mistress Rose. Following Rose, the two slaves entered the sauna both thinking of the women they knew who would soon come to know the perfect Love and Truth of Lilith and Her Worthy, Rose.

* * *

Donna Woodward, secretary to the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, leaned back and made a guttural sound as the young undergrad licked at her pussy. This felt better than anything she had ever felt! Another pretty young Latina alternated between kissing her breasts and whispering in her ears of worship of Lilith. Then the young woman began to tell her that High Priestess Greene needed to meet with the Dean.

* * *

Ashley Moore tried to cry out and tried to run and found the door blocked by her mother. “Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing Ash. Everything is perfect with us. It’s you that has something wrong with her. But that will change soon.” She smiled and Her eyes glowed blood-red. Ashley’s body froze and she couldn’t tear herself away from her mother’s gaze. She felt cris and yolanda lips and hands on her. A short while later, she understood. She’d been broken and defective. But now she was healed. Lilith had healed her. She would be a gift from her Mother to another Mistress.

* * *

In Serena’s spa, the rest of the employees had come in and now all kneeled before Mistress Rose in worship. All except Kara who Rose had chosen to be a Mistress. Like Rose, Mistress Kara was on the heavy side and had been something of the outcast in the group. No longer. Now She stood over the women who had spoken about her behind her back. As she whipped them she elicited their confessions after which she offered them absolution through Lilith. Grateful for the gift of Power, she kissed Rose passionately and the two made love on the floor in front of their slaves, who they forbid to touch themselves or one another. When they were done, they instructed their slaves in how the customers would become pets and sluts, worshipers of the Dark Mother. Only then were they permitted to orgasm which they did as one loud and animal moan.