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Quick Summary: Paula is a good little girl who always gives her Daddy what he wants.

Quick Notes: This is one of those stories that was waiting for just the right moment to pounce. The Garden Gauntlet prompt “school-girl knee socks” provided that moment. Comments, as always, are welcome at .

Daddy Wants

by Bad Penny

“Daddy wants a good little girl.” Paula giggles and slowly pulls the white knee sock up her right leg. She gasps at the tingle it produces when it’s finally in position, at the heat just beginning to swirl around inside her pussy.

She raises her leg and wiggles her toes. She really does feel like a girl in the socks. She toys with the one for her left leg, rubbing the wool between her fingers as if she could tease out its secret. And the wool does have a secret. Maybe when she figures it out, Daddy will have a naughty little girl.

The socks are silent as always. Only her stuffed animals talk to her, and Paula is a big enough girl to understand that’s just make-believe. Though Mr. Rabbit and Miss Cotton seem very real when they hop through her mind. Sometimes, she thinks if she could just follow them into their burrow, she’d find herself in a magic world.

“Like Alice!” Paula giggles again. Daddy had her pretend to be Alice one time, and he had been Cat. That had been a very fun game. Maybe they’re going to play it again today!

Oh, wouldn’t that be fun! Paula pulls the second knee sock on and smoothes it into place with a little moan. Now that she wearing both socks, she really is a little girl. She cocks her head to one side and stares up at Mr. Rabbit and Miss Cotton. This is usually the time when Miss Cotton comes out to talk to her. Sometimes she even pops out of herself and hops along the wall, settling in the crook of the Cheshire Cat’s tail that’s painted on the wall over the window.

But Miss Cotton is silent today. Paula straightens up. It’s just as well. Lately, Miss Cotton’s been annoying. “Aren’t you getting tired of these games yet?” she keeps asking, and she’s also been saying mean things to Mr. Rabbit when he says it’s a shame Paula isn’t allowed to get tired of the games.

Daddy likes the games. So Paula likes the games. She can’t understand why that isn’t enough for Miss Cotton.

It’s fun playing dress-up for Daddy! She skips over to the closet and flings the door open. Her school uniform hangs on the hook inside the door, and it’s almost as if the pleated wool skirt and matching jacket are mocking her. Paula pouts, disappointed. No Alice today. Or Cat.

She can’t stay disappointed for long, though. The knee socks make her happy. “Daddy’s coming!” they seem to say. Her legs tingle like they want to dance.

Paula’s hand dips down between her legs. “Daddy wants a good little girl,” she says, cupping her smooth mound in her palm. She slides her fingers between the folds of her pussy. She’s already wet.

Good little girls wait for Daddy. Reluctantly, she withdraws her fingers and sucks them clean. Good little girls also wear what Daddy selects for them. Paula pulls her uniform from the hook and puts it on.

The jacket is tight over her chest, the wool thick and itchy. It’s not fair that the uniform is so uncomfortable. She hasn’t even had it on for two minutes, and it’s already making her itch in that spot between her shoulders that she can’t reach.

It’s going to distract her while she’s doing her homework. Daddy will be upset if she doesn’t finish it before he comes. She hurries over to her desk.

She doesn’t understand the math. Algebra has too many x’s. Why can’t it be simple, like...well, not even geometry is simple. Paula just likes working with the parallel lines and angles.

And Daddy likes that she gets such good grades. Paula bites on her lower lip and works through the last math problem. If two thirds of x minus four equals twenty, what is x?

“Thirty-six!” she exclaims, circling her answer with a flourish. Daddy will be so proud!

She sets her pencil down and puts her assignment neatly on top of her math folder. She can hear Daddy out in the hall, coming towards her room. She jumps out of her chair and scurries over to sit on the edge of her bed with her hands clasped in her lap. She fights the urge to slip one under her skirt. Her pussy’s so tingly and wet and warm, it’s hard to resist, but she has to wait for Daddy.

The last few seconds when he’s out in the hall, just outside her door, are always the worst. Paula squirms. The stuffed animals on the shelf over her bed seem to disapprove of her impatience. She glares at them, even Mr. Rabbit and Miss Cotton. Stupid make-believe animals. They should understand how badly she needs Daddy.

Daddy finally—finally!—opens the door. He’s still dressed in his work clothes, a charcoal grey suit and blue silk tie. Paula licks her lips. Her skin prickles against her wool uniform, though this prickle isn’t from the wool. It’s a different kind of itchy. A Daddy kind of itchy.

“I see you’ve finished your homework,” Daddy says, shutting the door behind him.

Paula nods. “Do you want to see?”

He smiles and crosses the room to her desk. “Yes.”

Paula twists to watch Daddy look over her algebra homework. He’s still smiling, which is good. It means she answered everything right. And answering everything right means she gets a reward. She whimpers and starts squirming again. Daddy gives the best rewards!

He turns to her. “Very good. You’ve gotten them all right.”

“Really?” Paula straightens up. “Even the last one?”

Daddy’s smile turns indulgent. “Even the last one.”

She claps her hands. “Goodie!”

“I suppose you want your reward.”

Paula nods.

Daddy shrugs off his jacket and drapes it over the back of her chair. “Very well,” he says, loosening his tie. “Stay on the bed.”

Paula squeals and bounces in place. So they’re going to play the Squirmy Game tonight. That’s a fun reward!

“I see you’re wet for me,” Daddy says, pushing her down on her back.

Paula giggles. “Of course, Daddy.” She raises her hands above her head so he can tie them to the headboard with the rope he keeps in her nightstand. The Squirmy Game’s no fun if she’s not secured.

Or blindfolded. She loves that Daddy uses his tie for that. It’s probably not good for the tie, but that’s his concern. Not hers. She’s just his little girl.

“All right now?”

Paula tests her bonds and tries to shake off the blindfold. Both hold. “Uh huh.” She wiggles on the bed, finally hitting that itchy spot between her shoulders.


There’s an agonizing bit of time where Daddy doesn’t speak, doesn’t touch her, doesn’t do anything but let her whimper and pant and wonder why he’s not doing anything. Can’t he see how ready she is? Hasn’t she been a good girl?

Daddy chuckles and plucks open the first button of her jacket. “You’re an impatient little girl tonight.”

“Uh huh,” Paula pants as he moves down to the next button. “Ooooh, please hurry, Daddy!”

He toys with the third button. “Haven’t I taught you the virtue of patience?”

“But I’ve been waiting all day!”

“So have I,” Daddy says, spreading open her jacket.

The cool air feels wonderful against her hot skin. So do Daddy’s fingers ghosting along the curve of her breast. Paula’s nipples harden in response. She giggles and squirms under his touch.

Daddy chuckles. The bed shifts as he straddles her, and then Paula feels his breath on her stomach just before he leans down to lick a circle around her belly button.

“Oh!” Paula jerks. She always forgets how melty that makes her feel.

Daddy licks and nips his way down to the waistband of her skirt. He’s got a little bit of stubble from the day. Not enough to really scratch her, but enough to tickle. She loves the feel of it against her skin. Paula giggles and squirms some more as Daddy runs his hands up her thighs, teasing her pussy before sliding his hands around her hips to cup her ass. She arches up against him.

He unfastens her skirt. The bed shifts again as Daddy moves to slide her skirt off. Then he’s between her legs, licking her and making her writhe and moan. She can’t think beyond the growing heat in her pussy. And then Daddy’s mouth closes over her clit, and her world sparkles.

“Please, Daddy, more!” Paula begs once the sparkles fade. She’s still melty and warm, but it’s not enough. She wants to feel Daddy go all melty inside her.

“Patience,” Daddy says, kissing his way up to her breasts. She gasps at the teasing bites.

Despite his plea for patience, he doesn’t linger. Paula bites back a giggle as he nips at the hollow of her throat. He’s as eager for this as she is, and that makes Paula happy. A good little girl pleases her Daddy.

And a good little girl tastes divine on her Daddy. She opens her mouth to him, lets him fill her with his tongue and her taste. She can smell her musk mingling with the faint traces Daddy’s sandalwood aftershave, and it makes her moan.

Daddy twines his fingers in her hair. She whimpers at the slide of his cock at her pussy and opens herself to him completely. Everything sparkles again.

It’s not until afterwards, when Daddy’s untied her and sent her off with a pat on the bottom to go clean up in the bathroom, that Miss Cotton hops into her mind.

“You know,” she says, popping up over Paula’s left shoulder in the mirror, “this isn’t the only kind of fun you can have.”

Paula pats her face dry with the hand towel. “What do you mean?”

Miss Cotton hops down to the counter top. She stands up on her hind legs and suddenly, she’s not a rabbit anymore, not completely. She’s a miniature Paula with rabbit ears and a poof of a tail, unshaved and flaunting her womanly curves. She stalks around the mouthwash and hand lotion.

“You don’t have to be Daddy’s good little girl.” Miss Cotton props a foot on the soap dish and strips off one of her knee socks. “You can be whatever you want.” She works off the other knee sock and lets it dangle from her fingers. “So can Daddy.”

“He can?”

Miss Cotton nods.

Paula’s still wearing her knee socks. She fingers them. They’re still not telling her their secret, but Miss Cotton has told her enough. Oh, Miss Cotton’s make-believe, but Paula’s a big enough girl to understand her mind uses Miss Cotton and Mr. Rabbit to explain things she doesn’t understand. Things like why she’s Daddy’s good little girl.

“What if Daddy won’t wear the socks?”

“You don’t have to ask him.” Miss Cotton lets the sock drop from her fingers. It disappears before it hits the counter. “He didn’t ask you before. Don’t you remember?”

Paula shakes her head.

“A shame.” Miss Cotton twirls, and suddenly she’s in a shimmering red cocktail dress with strappy black heels. Her dark hair is done up in a French twist with wispy curls framing her face and neck.


Miss Cotton smiles up at her. “I think so, too. A pity it’s just dress-up now.” She twirls again, and then she’s dressed like Alice. Well, almost like Alice. The blue dress and white apron are normal, but instead of the regular black headband, she’s wearing a headband with cat ears. The tip of her nose is painted pink, and she has black cat whiskers painted over her cheeks. She’s even wearing a tail and cat-paw gloves.

“You’re Cat!”

Miss Cotton winks, twirls, and poofs away.

Paula stares and the vacant counter for a moment. She knows Miss Cotton just told her something important, but she doesn’t understand what. Not completely, but then, when does she ever fully understand Miss Cotton? Understanding the kind of stuff Miss Cotton talks about is for big girls.

She strips off the socks and pads back to her room. Daddy’s asleep. He says she wears him out, and maybe that’s true. Miss Cotton often tells her men are like that.

She tiptoes to the bed and works one of Daddy’s legs free from the covers. She holds her breath as she slides the first knee sock on. Daddy stirs, but he doesn’t wake up, not until she’s gotten the second knee sock halfway up his other leg.

“Paula?” He tries to jerk away, but she holds tight with both hands. “You’re not being a good little girl,” he says, and Paula is oddly pleased by the faint note of panic in his voice.

“I know.” She smoothes the knee sock into place. They’re really not meant for him. The material is stretched too tight over his calves. The elastic must be pinching him, and Paula is oddly pleased by that, too. “But I want to play a different game, Daddy.”

She steps back and waits. If Miss Cotton is wrong, Daddy will take off the knee socks, and she’ll get a real spanking, not one of the fun ones. But if Miss Cotton is right...

Daddy stares at his legs, and then at her, and the panic is clear on his face. Paula waits a little longer, hoping that Miss Cotton will pop back into her head and explain things, but the bunny doesn’t come. Oh well. Paula has an idea of what she wants Daddy to be.

She smiles. “You’re going to be such a pretty Alice, Daddy.” And she’s going to be such a cruel Cat.