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Disclaimer: This story contains adult sexual activity. If you are under 18 or do not enjoy this type of reading, go no further. If you care to read further, please enyoy yourself. I am still developing my writing style so, I welcome constructive criticism.

The Daily Grind

by blackstone

I had been following Traci for about a week. I like to personally confirm the reports of my investigators. So far, everything had checked out. Her routine was very... well... routine. She got up, showered and left for the gym by 9:30 every morning. She worked out for an hour, showered and then ran errands until about noon. At 12:30, she was at “The Gentleman’s Club” getting ready for her lunchtime dance sets. Traci’s stage name was Teaser and boy oh boy was it appropriate.

When Teaser walked out onto the runway, all the well dressed businessmen stopped sipping their liquid lunches and stared with slack jawed disbelief. Teaser’s short blonde hair had been styled into wild corona that framed her stunning face. Her light blue eyes sparkled as if they’d been sprinkled with diamond dust. Her lips looked tike they’d been specifically designed to suck cock. The music she danced to had an urgent, demanding beat. As she strutted along the runway, I heard more than one man comment wonderingly about what her figure measurements might be. According to her dossier, her measurements were 36D-19-32. Her ass was one of those rare sights that cause mens circulatory systems to divert a large portion of their blood flow to below the waist. Her dancing made me realize why my client was willing to pay my hefty fee. Hell, even I was impressed.

At this point, I suppose that I should introduce myself. I’m known as Trent to my friends and Mr Raines (the invisible man) to my business associates. In my line of work, they call me a Facilitative Compliance Coordinator. I help people arrange things to their liking. Normally, I help straighten out sticky business negotiations. The negotiators on the other side of the table always seem to be more reasonable whenever I’m involved. My clients don’t care how things get done, they’re just happy with the results.

Right after I started puberty, I discovered that I could enter peoples minds and control their actions while we were both dreaming. As you can well imagine, a 12 year old boy found this to be extremely enyoyable. The drawback seemed to be the sleeping part. I did some reading and found out about concious dreaming. With practice, I found that I could focus my concious mind on the subconcious mind of anyone within about 15 feet of me. By an act of will, I could insert commands or triggers into their mind and have them do whatever I wanted. I had read enough books and seen enough movies to know what would happen if anyone in an official capacity found out about my gift. I discretely used and studied my power and found that as I grew older, my Gift grew stronger. By the time I was 18, I could control an almost unlimited number of people within about 100 feet of me. Everyone at my Senior Prom got laid that night. After High School, I opened Raines Consulting. I have a number of high powered clients who, from time to time, ask for more personal negotiating help. I’ve done well enough in the past that I only take on cases that interest me. Traci was one such case.

The president of a large banking corporation approached me, through a mutual acquaintance, about a personal problem he was having. He had seen Traci at The Club and developed a serious case of lust for her. They began dating and he told me that the sex had been a nearly religous experience. The problem was that now Traci was trying to blackmail him. It seemed that she’d video taped them during some kinky sex games. She said that she’d go public if he didn’t pay up. He’d tried to get the tapes with more conventional means but, he hadn’t had any luck. I told him that I’d try to help him and what my fee would be. He readily agreed to my price. He offered to double my fee if I could get Traci to go back to him. I thought that after all he’d been thru, that must be great sex.

I had a file drawn up on Traci and found that she had no real friends or family. That would allow me a certain leeway in how she would be handled.

I was in an alcove near Traci’s apartment door when she came home from work. I inserted the suggestion into her mind that she leave the door unlocked and that to her, I was essentially invisible. Just in case, I didn’t enter the apartment until I heard the shower start. While Traci was in the shower, I readied her bedroom for my entertainment and her training. While I’d been talking to the bank president, I’d searched his mind for his sexual fantasies. I decided that I’d give him a bonus in return for his generous bonus. When she showed up, I inserted a command that she not be able to speak above a whisper.

When Traci entered her bedroom, she was surprised to see lengths of rope attached to each corner of her four poster bed. She was even more surprised when something flung her to the bed. As she tried to get up, a weight forced her down and she felt her right wrist being tied to the bed. Her left was then tied. It was quickly followed by her left and right ankles. After she tried to scream and found she couldn’t, she looked wildly around the room. Gradually, a shape took form at the foot of the bed. An athletic looking man with dark brown hair and mustache stood there leering down at her.

I couldn’t help myself, she looked so good lying on the bed that I wanted her to see me. As I looked her over and smiled, I saw a look of cold fear cross her features. As I walked up the side of the bed, I ran my hand up her inner thigh. Just when she thought that I was going to feel her pussy, I grabbed the towel that she’d been wearing and ripped it off. Traci was truly a breathtaking beauty. She seemed perfectly proportioned and formed. Traci asked me what I wanted. I explained that I’d come for the blackmail tape and to get her to go back to my client. She seemed to gain confidence then and said that I could go to hell. I smiled and told her that we’d discuss this again later. I’ve found that true programming of a person requires physical sensation as well as mental commands. I started to set my training aids on her dresser in preperation for the work ahead.

I picked up a pair of nipple clamps and walked towards the bed. I saw the fear return. I reached into her mind and dampened the fear somewhat and at the same time I dramatically increased her arousal. I sucked on one nipple and then the next until they became like little pink diamonds. When I attached the first clamp, Traci’s eyes widened and her back arched. As the initial pain struck, I drove deep into her psyche and planted the desire for more. The desire was just taking hold when the second clamp was attached. I could sense her confusion at her arousal from and desire for the pain. I inserted the idea that perhaps she’d always wanted to be controlled but, had always suppressed the feeling.

I let her chase her thoughts around while I picked up a little invention of mine. It’s a double headed vibrator that has some sofisticated electronics inside. Sensors measure contraction strength and temperature to regulate the vibration speed. The end result is a device that will bring a woman to the brink of orgasm but never take her over the edge. The little remote control, that has the vibrator send her over the edge, hangs from a chain that I quickly put around my neck. It gives a visual reminder of who controls the pleasure. I walked back over to the bed and asked Traci if she’d ever had anything in her ass before. She told me to fuck off but, the question had brought the memory to the surface. An inexperienced boyfriend had once fucked her ass but, the experience had been handled so poorly that she’d been afraid of it ever since. I let the fear circulate while I had her mind begin to relax her anus. I brought the dildo up to her mouth and told her to suck it. She said she’d never do it. The look of disbelief that crossed her face was perfect when her mouth started to open. I truly love the subconcious mind. Watching her slurp on that fake dick nearly caused me to throw my plan out the window. Only rigid self control prevented me from fucking her face for all I was worth. When the larger dildo was all wet, I applied some lube to the smaller one. Traci couldn’t see what was happening but, when the dildo touched her cunt, she bucked her hips and tried to push it out. Her struggles actually helped me. When her hips came down, her weight drove the second dildo deep into her ass. I had her body tighten the grip on the anal intruder. I put a blindfold over her eyes before I turned on the dildo and watched it begin it’s magic.

I sat on a chair and began searching her mind. The pleasure she was experiencing was quickly overwhelming her fear. I started setting command and trigger mechanisms into her mind. Whenever my client would ask for a particular sex act, she would find that the mere thought of doing it brought her to the brink of orgasm. While I was at it, I set up a trigger phrase that would set off a series of personality changes that I knew my client would appreciate. When I was done, I looked at the clock and noticed that 30 minutes had passed. The sheets of Traci’s bed were twisted and soaked. Over and over she simply said please..please..please. I smiled and removed her blindfold. I turned off the vibrator and told Traci that she could get off when I said she could. Traci was nearly in tears as she told me that she’d give me the blackmail tape and anything else I wanted if I’d only allow her to get off. That’s what I’d been waiting for, I could have just pulled the information from her mind but, it was important that she volunteer.

I quickly removed my clothes and brought my dick to her mouth. I activated the trigger that removed her gag reflex and ability to bite down on any dick that had been placed in her mouth. I turned on the vibrator and was delighted when her warm mouth engulfed my throbbing member. Her frantic pace told me that she desperately needed to get off. I grabbed her hair and commenced to fuck her face. My dick slowly swelled as I felt the tip enter her throat. I couldn’t maintain my control any longer. My balls tightened and I sent a torrent of cum into her belly. I told Traci to continue her sucking and I quickly became hard again. As I pulled out of her mouth, Traci looked up expectantly and I looked her directly in the eye. I asked her what she wanted. She replied “to get off”. I kept looking into her eyes until she added “Please”. When I raised an eyebrow, she quickly added “Master”. I smiled and pressed the button.

Traci began to shudder and shake. As the orgasm reached it’s peak, I locked her into a sexually submissive mindset. I untied her arms and legs as she started showing signs of returning to reality. Her confusion had disappeared as the submissive thoughts worked their way to the surface. I removed the dildo set and walked across the room. When she had completely recovered from her orgasm, I told her that she could get off the bed. Traci walked over to me and gracefully sank to her knees. I told Traci to put her hands behind her neck and interlace her fingers. When she’d followed my order, I closely inspected my temporary slave. Her body position caused her well formed breasts to push out as if they were offering themselves. I told Traci to look at me and I asked her what she wanted me to do. Her reply was perfect, “anything that you wish master”. I smiled and told her to get up on the bed.

She immediately got onto the bed and assumed a sexy pose. As she’d been walking away from me, that world class ass had seemed to beg for attention. I told her to roll over and get on her hands and knees. I quickly scanned her thoughts and saw some of the old fear returning but before I could alter it, the new submissive feelings pushed the fear back. I told Traci that I was going to fuck her hard but that she was not allowed to cum. I got on the bed and moved between her legs. Her skin had a silky sheen of sweat and the room swam in the smell of her arousal. I grabbed her hips and thrust into her waiting cunt. As I thrust deeper into her, I began to rythmically smack her ass. With each stinging swat she chanted “thank you Master”. I reached over to the side of the bed and retrieved the lube. I was having fun but, I had other business which demanded my attention. Before I left, I was going to get that ass.

I lubed up my finger and began to massage her anus. She slowly relaxed and my finger worked it’s way into her ass. When I started working my finger in and out of her ass, I could sense Traci nearing her climax. I quickly pulled out of her cunt. Traci whimpered and looked over her shoulder at me. I told her that she ahd a decision to make. I could leave now but, she’d be unable to climax for 72 hours or I could fuck her ass and allow her to cum when I did. With no hesitation, she said “Master, please fuck this worthless slave’s ass”. Now with a request like that, how could I refuse.

I told Traci to grab both cheeks and spread them apart so that I would have an easier entrance. I placed the head of my dick at her ass and slowly began to push. My intention had been to allow her to become accustomed to my dick but I had underestimated her need. With a growl, Traci pushed back and I was suddenly buried balls deep in her ass. The sensations were nearly overwhelming. I knew that I wouldn’t last long in that velvet vise. I began to thrust into her ass with a wild abandon. Traci pushed against me and grunted with every thrust. Just as I was about to cum, I reached around and released the nipple clamps. That was all that it took. Traci climaxed and that caused her ass to spasm. I came so hard that the room seemed to dim. Traci shook and with a triumphant wail, fainted.

When my system returned to normal, I got up, showered and collected my devices. I activated the command that covered our “session” with the memory of a horny evening spent alone that ended with wild masturbation. That same command had Traci regretting her actions toward my client. Those regrets would build until she sought out my client and gave him the tape. She would then beg him to take her back. When I got to my car, I called my client and told him to expect Traci to look him up in the nex couple of days. I said that I thought that she regretted her actions and that she really wanted to return to him. I told him that calling her a slut and laying down the law would probably bring about favorable changes to her personality. When my client called her a slut and started giving orders, Traci would begin her transformation into a true sexual submissive.

My live in slave was giving me my morning head when I received confirmation of a large deposit to my account. I truly enjoy satisfied clients.

I know what you’re thinking. Why do I work so hard? It’s a hard, dirty job but, somebody has to do it.