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Dark as Light Ch9

“What part do I play at this meeting?” I asked as a way of distracting myself from what she just said.

“You have two basic options. One, be a proactive leader. Two, let partners who know their parts better than you do lead the way and try to look wise enough to follow their leads.”

“I choose option B.” I said with a laugh.

“Good boy.” Cindy laughs.

* * *

“Do I really have to umm?” I asked pointing at Angelique.

“Yes.” Jan answered flatly ending all hope of maneuvering room, “Normally we use the control state for stabilizing, but in her case she needs to know that she is valued by her control. She has to be had by you with you as yourself. This is a case somewhat like Ella’s, only worse. Angelique has to remain attractive in your eyes so she retains value in hers. Once the shell she is in breaks your opinion of her is going to be the new center of her world for a while.”


“Just remember, she has to be herself. If you use hypnosis or the controls she might not remember she is worth having. This isn’t necessary with Erin because there is no personality to remember.”

“Your reality sucks.”

“Sometimes it does.” Jan agreed, “Sometimes it really does. You have an appointment, I suggest you go.” Jan said.

“Can you do me a favor Jan?”


“Can you use something in the state used for Erin to make me not remember everything with Angelique afterward. I accept that I have to be me, but can you make me not have to remember it later?”



“But I might be able to combine putting you in trance after each time with servicing Erin and suggest that since you won’t remember one you can forget the other the other as well. That might work.”

“Can you try please?”

“Yes. Do you want today taken as well?”

“Yes. I wish there was a way to take last night as well.”

“Possible, but inadvisable for a number of reasons.”

“I know one thing, but she feels.” I stammered to a stop.

“Otherwise. Your mind knows her age one way, your body another. I can also try encouraging you to not think about it while taking care of Erin.”

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome. Now go, you have an appointment.”

“I’m on it.” I replied. Amina, Cindy and I left for next door.

“Good morning.” Mrs. Jones said opening her door, “Please come in. I’m afraid Kevin is out with his dad right now.”

“Actually Mrs. Jones.” Cindy starting in, “Were not here to talk to Kevin or his dad.”


“We are the company you’re expecting,” Cindy said continuing.

“You are?”

“Yes. About Kevin. We, the rest of us, know what he, “She indicated me, “did with the three, he umm, we, call them dolls and they were supposed to be for his entertainment.” Cindy started in and I felt like dying. I anticipated this being a business meeting, not a critique of how I treat presents “We were not and are not disappointed with what he did with them though and were pleasantly surprised at the unanticipated outcome.”

“You approved?” Mrs. Jones asked confused by something.

“Yes we did and let us clear something else up at the same time. We are not really a brothel at all, we are more of an escort service. And before you ask, yes we do have male employees.”


“We debriefed the dolls carefully after they finished here. We appreciate the way you went about verifying no drugs or other forced persuasion was being used. Rest assured however that they did what they did as a result of a situation they went into knowing the possible outcome because we told them up front. They pushed to hard, to far and over extended themselves. The position they found themselves in was simple. Accept and obey every order he,” She indicated me again, “gave them cheerfully and without any visible hesitation, or lose any hope of making the teams in college.”

“And you sent them to Kevin why?” Mrs. Jones asked looking at me.

“I had and have no real interest in them.” I answered honestly, “While yes they are a great deal of fun, that’s all they are really. I used to be obsessed with getting to bodies like that like every other teen out there, however I have learned there is more to it than just sex. I wasn’t sure they would do it, but I thought Kevin would enjoy them more than I would.”

“Have you had them?” She asked.

“Yes. And they were fun, but that’s it. They have no real conversational skills, no real interests of any depth and no real skill set beyond the bedroom and the field.”

“And they need work on the latter.” Cindy added.

“And are they still your toys?” Mrs. Jones asked with an odd tone.

“Yes. They have to either get it and improve as the teams have told them, or leave. Right now the teams think it is funny to use me as a teaching aid. They have two ways to stay in the running for the teams, improve, unlikely given there attitudes but possible, or obey any and every order I give without hesitation. They irritated me that morning so I brought them over here to humiliate them and make them go away, it surprised everyone when they carried through.”

“It helped Kevin to.” Mrs. Jones admitted, “He has been looking at the girls differently since those three did their thing. He still has trouble but not to the same degree and he is starting to understand them a little at a time. Can you or will you arrange for more. I guess it would be called tutoring.”

“Yes.” I answered.

“And can you also make sure they are more circumspect as well. I love my husband and trust him to a certain extent, but he does have a libido and those three were enough to get him going. He has been known to stray around the edges and to tell the truth so have I, however those three were a little over the top. I don’t mind if he plays, he doesn’t mind if I play, however we have rules, nothing serious, entertainment only and never around Kevin.”

“You would rather your husband not be given a chance to sample them then?” Cindy asked.

“Really, yes. They look good enough to eat anyway and having them here in uniform was unnecessary torture to him.”

“Instructions will be specific to your son then. The way things were that weekend your son could have shared his prizes if he wished.”

“Uggh.” Mrs. Jones said making a face.

“So yes Mrs. Jones,” I said breaking back in, “Arrangements can be made for a repeat if you wish.”

“Thank you. Can we work out money later if you don’t mind, I am expecting an important call.”

“About the old strip mall property?” Cindy asked smiling.


“We do our homework.” Amina said smiling as she spoke for the first time.

“Look in the envelope and say yes or no to the amount as a starting point.” Cindy said tossing it to her.

“Umm.” Mrs. Jones stammered looking at the first piece of paper she pulled out.

“We can talk over details while he retrieves money if we can agree on that as a starting point.”

“In principle, agreed.” Mrs. Jones replied startled.

“Here,” Cindy said handing me another envelope, “take your time. This is not happening fast.”

“Ok.” I said taking it, “Amina do you want to wait here or tag along?”

“I’ll tag. Cindy has this in hand.”

“I thought he was?” Mrs. Jones said puzzled.

“We are not slaves or toys, we all work together.” Cindy was explaining when Amina and I left.

“Change clothes.” Jan hollered at me as we entered the house, “Muss your hair. I’m about ready for you.”

“Here.” I said handing the envelope to Amina, “I’ll be along shortly.”

“Ok.” Amina said and didn’t look happy as she headed for the fort.

“Close enough.” Jan pronounced gravely as I presented myself after changing.

“Now what?” I asked staring at Angelique just laying there.

“Now you prove to her that you don’t need her permission. You should also demonstrate that you can put her out and leave orders with just a phrase. I know this is distasteful to you but she absolutely has to know where she stands. As long as she knows her body is really yours she doesn’t need to be concerned with someone else high jacking it or her.”

“A guess here, but since I merged our voices in her subconscious she can be mine and still be her own self. No trauma because I don’t feel like not her, my commands sound just she does to herself so obedience is implicit.”

“Pretty much. Since no one can have two masters, once you prove you are hers, she won’t have a care in the world about anyone else doing anything to her. The merging of your voices means that trusting herself is trusting you and vice versa.”

“Are there any clothes she can change into?” I asked as an idea niggled at me.

“I’ll grab something while you assert ownership.” Jan replied on her way out the door, “Wake up Angelique.”

“Morning sleepy head.” I said as her eyes opened.

“Morning.” She replied blinking.

“You need to change clothes.” I told her, “Stand up, move to the middle of the room and undress.”

“Ok.” Angelique replied complying.

“Good girl.” I said then kissed her as one hand found a bare breast and the other her little spot. I massaged her breasts one at a time then twigged her nipples as I stroked her down below. Her body responded immediately. In about a minute she was warm below, her nipples were distended and the kiss was getting better.

“Suck me.” I whispered in her ear and she dropped to her knees. Inexpert hands open my pants, my shorts and massaged me erect before taking me in her mouth. I didn’t like doing it but I grabbed her hair and set the pace, I closed my mind to what I was doing and made myself let go. She kept my pace and swallowed unable to do otherwise. Holding her face close I mini stepped backwards until I was at the couch dragging her along as though by a leash.

“Bend over the end of the couch.” I ordered as I pulled out. I watched hating myself as she did. Then I moved behind her and took her doggie style. I grabbed those wonderful oversize breasts of hers and played as I thrust enough times to prove I didn’t need to stop if I didn’t want to. When I pulled out I felt relief from her then I pushed in from behind this time. A few thrusts proved control as I played with her breasts again then pulled out.

“I own your body.” I told her with my tip ready to push in again.

“You own my body.” Angelique agreed.

“Now you have a choice to make. You have permission to move now by the way.” I said and she did to get off the end of the couch, “One you leave here now and go home. That lets things go back to the way they were. Two, you lay there and let me have you again. That lets me make you orgasm with me in you by choice and that will mean I own not just your body, but you.”

“Own me?”

“Yes. Right now I don’t need your permission to do something with your body. If you choose to leave I promise to give it back. After that, you will be back exactly where you were before. If you stay though, you will let me have you again and orgasm you. If you do that then I will own you, that is to say your will, your sense of self, not only will your body obey me, but your will, will as well. Right now your dad owns you and that is what you live with, if you choose to stay then I will instead.”

“What will you do with me if I remain?”

“I will use you for sex, I will use you for other tasks as well. You have my word that I will always be honest with you. I will not lie to you. If I need you to have sex with or do something with someone else, I will tell you and as much as I can of why.”

“Why not just take my will as well?”

“We take bodies, not will or volition. You may be our tool like so many of the others, but you are still yourself, we never take that away, ever.”

“So if I do this what changes?”

“Until whatever was done to you accidentally can be undone, I will be in charge of you. I do not promise to be nice, but I do promise to be fair. I will express my wishes and you will do them. I will issue orders and you will decide to follow them. I will never lie to you about any of this.”

“So either live with my dad accidentally sending me into more ‘dates’ or know that if you do you will tell me about it first and that it will be on purpose.”

“Yes. I promise no ‘dates’ like what happened to you in the car. I will also do everything in my power to get you emancipated. In return you will keep up your grades and graduate.”

“One condition.”


“You give me your word.”

“About what?”

“I know you will send me off be with others. I know you will assign me jobs. I want something for myself. I want one day a month where I am yours and only yours, where I only have to be yours.”


“So I know where I stand. As long as you can find time for me once a month I’ll know I’m still valuable to you.”

“Are you sure?”


“You have my word.” I replied and she repositioned herself on the couch end then spread her buttocks cheeks for me. I entered her knowing what I had to do but not liking it. Once in I began stroking her, her body responded at once. As her breath began to change I began talking to her helping her focus. As she began to orgasm I debated with myself, then she orgasmed and I triggered her back to trance. I kept repeating and reinforcing that she was mine and that I controlled her as an enhancement to the existing controls, I guided her into thinking that her new reality was normal. Once I finished that part I laid her on the floor and woke her.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“Fine.” She answered as I knelt between her legs.

“I’m glad.” I said as I lined up to enter her, “Are you rested?”

“Yes.” She answered as her hands guided me to her, she seemed unaware of it.

“Good.” I said as I settled my hands on her bare breasts. I pushed into her then and she moved with me as though on a remote.

“That feels good.” Angelique said as though surprised, “But you don’t want to now do you?”

“Not really.” I admitted pausing.

“I can tell now. I’m not sure why but I can tell.” Angelique said sadly, “You care about me, about helping me, but you don’t want this from me.”

“No.” I admitted pulling out and back.

“Then why do it?”

“It’s complicated.”

“So I know you own me now. So I know you can and my father can’t? So I know if I am given an assignment with someone it’s on purpose?”

“Yes.” I admitted surprised.

“I was a nerd before.” She admitted turning red, “I mean a real nerd. I’m smart, real smart. I have a genius range IQ, but since the treatments, it’s been hard to think. I had to work at it to keep my grades up after that. Now I can think again. I know you changed me, I know I’m not like I was when the summer started. I don’t know what all you did but thank you.”

“Your welcome, I’m glad it worked. I’m glad you decided you could trust someone. Thank you for trusting me to help you.”

“No, thank you for helping me. I can’t tell you what it is like to feel your desires flow like water and decisions melt away at another’s words. I kept thinking one thing and doing another and never understood why. Now I know some of why, thank you.”

“I’m glad I, we, could help. Right now I need you to collect our clothes, put them in the laundry then meet me in my room. If I’m not there, wait for me.”

“Yes sir.” Angelique said and at that moment she sounded so much like Amina I felt myself tear up wanting to cry for reasons I didn’t understand. I ran to my room, put on fresh clothes yet again then ran to the fort.

“Having fun?” Amina asked sharply as I entered the inner fort. I was staring at the changes, they had been working on it the whole time. Even then, the place was filled with people doing whatever they were, it was like a hive, Mindy never did things by halves.

“Amina,” I asked as calmly as I could, “Can we please not have this argument? Not right now?”

“Later then, in your room?” She asked and I heard something under the bitter tone.

“Come here.” I said and ignoring the others doing whatever all they were doing I gathered her into a hug and held her close.

“I, I, I’m.” Amina mumbled and I could hear the tears as she buried her head in my shoulder. I could also hear here father, ‘She used to have this thing where she cried at the drop of a hat. She quit doing that when Johnny died, so no matter what these people think, I think it means she is doing better.’ And another voice ‘Beware, she could get territorial.’ Yet all I saw and felt was a little girl doing a big girls job and finally starting to feel the strain.

“We’ll talk later Amina.” I told her, “You pick the time, you pick the place.”

“Thank you.” She whispered, “You’re already changing but it’s nice to know you’re still you.”

“I know myself my Amina, I know myself.” I told her and over looked my first clue. I’m slow sometimes, but not so much anymore, “Now about this money I keep hearing about.”

“By the remains of the desk.” Amina said pointing to the desk Mindy had destroyed and I looked around for it, carefully not looking her way as she dried her eyes.

“Thanks.” I said as I spotted it and headed straight over to give her more time. The sight that greeted me was in many ways amusing. It illustrates the difference between those used to money and those not. I found three pallets, the first and second stacked corner to corner with bundles in stacks, the last in the form of a big waist high bin.

“Holy shit.” I murmured as I realized the bin was mostly full of loose twenties with other denominations mixed in, two or three feet of them. The second pallet was stacked with bundles of fifties mid way between knee and hip height.

“Fuck.” I mumbled as the last one finally registered. It is stacked just like the second, only with hundreds. The lower portion, waist high, is plastic wrapped like any shipping pallet, the unwrapped upper portion comes to roughly the same height I am, all hundreds.

“I would have just grabbed everything and headed up but someone has to sign for everything taken from the big stack.” Amina said joining me, no trace of any possible tears anywhere to be seen.

“Sign?” I asked still lost in what I was looking at.

“The bin is just so everyone has pocket money, call it a rounding error. It’s easier to just do that than try to account for all of it. The middle one is for fort expenses, anyone can sign for it as long as they provide receipts and put the change in the bin.”

“And this?” I asked pointing to the pallet sized nearly head high stack of hundreds.”

“That requires an authorized signature and a reason for disbursement. Right now you and Mindy are the only two authorized to sign for money from it. You’ll need to appoint deputies later.”

“You, Kara, Jan and Cindy.” I said as the names just popped up.

“I’m umm,” Amina mumbled, “not.”


“I can’t be.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not umm, management.”

“I’m authorizing you, get over it.”

“That has ramifications.”

“Like what?”

“If I can sign like a manager, I am a manager.”


“I’m not qualified and I know it. I’m also, umm.”

“Umm what?”

“Not umm, enough of myself.”

“Your dad’s ridiculous, umm.”

“Get out of the fight free card?” Amina joked.

“Yeah.” I agreed not wanting to say what I thought out loud.

“Since I’m not on the teams or in the Burger joint, directly appointing me to management would in effect make me your lieutenant.”


“That would give me assignment authority and I can’t have that because I’m still your property.”

“You are not my property.” I told her firmly.

“Get it through your thick skull, by the terms of the deal with the club I am.”

“Just because your dad assigned you to me.”

“I’ve been researching the exact terms of the deal. You wouldn’t believe what all is kept. The terms of the deal are that I am yours. You are going to be as far away from the front lines of this conflict as it gets and that is why I’m yours.”

“Think on this for a moment.” I said as yet another nefarious plan formed, “Since the terms are that you stay with me, does that mean you have to be bound by the controls or could you give your word?”

“Umm, I don’t have a clue?” Amina admitted.

“Later then. For now where do I sign.” I asked. She handed me a clipboard. I read the amount, had a mini stroke, then signed. Under PO# I put UCBJ and figured if anyone had a question they could ask since no one had seen fit to explain any of this to me.

“Come on Amina,” I said after grabbing a double pocket full of cash from the bin and a bundle of fifties from the second pallet then picking up two of the three brief cases she had prepared.

“Yes sir.” She replied and trailed me after looking wistful as she carried the last one.

“With me.” I ordered Angelique when we reached my room. To my delight and somewhat surprise she was dressed in some clothes Jan had managed to scrounge somewhere.

“Yes sir.” She replied and followed us. We stopped on the Jones’s porch and I outlined the part Angelique was to play, then we went in.

“Here.” I said to Cindy setting the cases down beside her. Mr. Jones was home as was Kevin, the elder in the living room looking oddly at Cindy, the younger in his room. He turned from Cindy to stare at Angelique then at his wife, he seemed confused, flustered and trying to be manly in spite of everything.

“Thanks.” Cindy said sliding them across the floor to Mrs. Jones.

“Thank you.” Mrs. Jones said with a smile then turned to her husband, “Go put these in the safe would you dear?”

“Certainly.” He said and grabbed all three, he seemed glad to go.

“He means no insult Cindy.” Mrs. Jones said after her husband had left the room, “It’s just that you remind him of a former student of his. They had a brief fling while she was his teaching assistant and he doesn’t want to cause problems at home. We have a sort of agreement on things like that, nothing that might upset the apple cart at the house. He has his dalliances, I have mine.”

“Not a problem for us.” Cindy replied with a smile.

“Good. The work will begin on the place Monday.” Mrs. Jones said continuing what was obviously part of an ongoing conversation, “It should be done by first maybe second week in August at worst unless we add bonuses for extra hours or weekend work. We can do the actual paperwork later. I can use shell company shares to handle the buyout so the property never actually changes hands on paper.”

“That would be optimal.” Cindy smiled.

“Good.” Mrs. Jones replied then continued almost nervously, “Now about the other thing.”

“If may interrupt to interject something?” I said startling her and Cindy both.


“As I understand it you are looking to further Kevin’s education in the ways of the world, is that correct?”


“Good. Then I think I may have a mutually helpful idea. I’m guessing but you would also like to have his education take place outside of the bedroom?”

“Yes, that would be better. I assumed once he got to the point he could talk to girls he would eventually find one he got along with for that.”

“And you know the UCA can’t supply a real girl friend or do anything to visible?”


“How about if I could supply you the education you want him to have the way you want him to have it?”


“I happen to know someone who is looking to find someone more respectful of her than her previous boyfriends have been. I can guarantee you she is clean and very desirable. I can further guarantee that she will be able to give him every social lesson he could need outside the bedroom and house.”

“How? Who?”

“What he is trying to say Mrs. Jones,” Angelique said speaking very calmly, “is that I am in the market for a boy friend who doesn’t think of or treat me as a piece of meat to be pawed at, shown off or as a collection of holes to be plugged when it suits him.”

“Ughh,” Mrs. Jones grimaces.

“I’ve only dated jocks and I am tired of them. Though I am still going to be cheerleading this year, I am not running for home coming queen so I don’t have to go out with or even on a date with the first string quarterback. I am not letting him get his hands on me. I like sex, make no mistake, I really like it and have been on the pill for a while now, but what they want isn’t even sex, just wham bam lets talk football and sports again now ma’am.”

“I apologize for the way they treated you. Jocks can be some real ass, um jerks.” Mrs. Jones says with a gulp.

“I understand and not all Jocks are that way. In fact it is the few rotten apples that give the whole genre a bad aroma. What I want is someone who will hold me, who will value me and who can hold a conversation. A real conversation, one that covers real topics. I want to be able to talk about philosophy or religion or physics or whatever and not be looked at like a freak.”

“I take it he, “She pointed at me, “Has something to do with all of this?”

“Probably not in the way you think ma’am.” Angelique said with a smile, “I had a problem, I couldn’t really tell anyone, he found about it by accident and helped me.”

“Like he helped that girl Rhea I think her name was last week?” Mrs. Jones asked.

“No ma’am, nothing like that.” She answered and I was relieved that Jan had filled in little details to help her feel more up to date. “He helped me with something personal, big, but very personal. I won’t discuss it with you or anyone else, but I needed the help he gave me. I rewarded him the way males really like and offered more, I offered the whole summer. I didn’t realize at the time he didn’t need my help to get all of that he could want.” She said looking right at Amina, “He said if I really meant it then I could do him a slightly different favor and I told him unconditionally yes before asking what it was.”

“And that favor was?”

“That favor ma’am turned out be swearing that I would only go out with a guy I knew would respect me for me. I only know jocks ma’am, who would that leave?”

“Slim pickings indeed.”

“Exactly. I asked him for his help locating someone of high enough social standing to not drag me down yet still treat me right. I was invited along to this discussion and now I think I know why.”

“Kevin won’t drag you down socially?”

“No ma’am he won’t. I gave my word to treat who ever I did go out with as good as they treated me and I will. From the gist of the conversation I take it his social skills lack even more than his reputation indicates they do?”

“Yes.” Mrs. Jones admitted flatly.

“Then I think I can help. He needs a girl friend and social skill lessons, I need a boyfriend who likes and respects me. I think it can work out just fine.”

“Here.” I said digging most of the money out of one pocket of my jacket pocket carefully concealing the bundle of fifties in it, “Think of this as a signing bonus for work at the burger place. Have a nice weekend. We’ll expect you bright and early Monday morning at cheer camp, in the mean time have fun, that’s an order and I expect you to follow it.”

“Yes sir.” Angelique replied and I saw a tear form that she wiped away, “How about Kevin and I go catch a movie?”

“I’ll drive you to the mall.” Mrs. Jones said standing.

“Take your time,” I said rising to leave as well, “I think she might like a while first.”

“I have money to take care of, will an hour be enough dear?” Mrs. Jones asked with as straight of a face as you could ask for.

“Yes ma’am, an hour would be great.”

“Mr. Jones and I have to talk anyway, take your time, enjoy.”

“I believe I shall ma’am, I believe I shall.” Angelique said as we were leaving.

“That was unexpected.” Cindy said as we approached my house.

“She’s gorgeous, make no mistake, I am still in heavy lust for that body, but she’s young and not really my kind of, I don’t know the word. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed even, but I don’t know what else I would do with her until she is really old enough to enjoy.” I admitted, “I intend to later, believe me I intend to, but as a way of living out a fantasy that has been with me for years, I have Amina and Kara as well. Neither of them like sharing me, though they haven’t killed each other or me yet, but if I even jokingly try to add a third to that I’m toast.”

“Likely.” Amina admitted, “Kara came first. I admit that. She is actually sharing with me as little as I like to admit it.”

“But you don’t like sharing.” Cindy stated as we stepped through the front door.


“Do you want an assignment Cindy?” I asked bluntly as the door closed.

“I hate you right now.” Cindy replied glaring at me.

“Is that a yes?”


“Give Amina permission to tell me how to hard assign you and I will give you one.”

“Amina may I?” Cindy asked.

“Yes.” She replied. Cindy said something and I was sitting on the couch.

“What the?” I asked, it felt different than when they took care of Erin.

“Sorry about that.” Cindy apologized, “We used another of Mindy’s backup plans.”

“She seems to have a lot of those.”

“Yes she does. In this case though Mindy fudged the truth.” Amina said, “I know, big news, Mindy almost lied. She said you didn’t have that information to hand, what she really meant is that you didn’t have it all in one place. Now you do.”

“I do?”

“Yes. Think of Cindy staring vacantly ahead in a trance and say the phrase that comes to mind.”

“Ok.” I replied and did as Amina asked. Cindy’s face went slack immediately.

“Now you can assign her.” Amina said and I felt myself grimace.

“Why now?” I asked.

“Because she needs this. It’s starting to effect her and that is at least part of what triggered your question.”

“Oh.” I stammered. I know I’m slow sometimes, but I’m improving.

“Now what?”

“Has Mrs. Jones left yet?” I asked.


“Good. Now, do you know if Cindy can do relaxation inductions on an assignment?”

“I believe she can. Why?”

“Because I just thought of a problem that needs to be headed off.”

“What problem?” Amina asked.

“Mr. Jones. Do you think he will be able to keep his mouth shut about things after his son acquires a prize like Angelique, especially after the treat I gave him of those three dolls.”


“You go get Mrs. Jones, I’ll prep Cindy.”

“On it.” Amina said heading out as I was outlining the assignment to Cindy.

“Is there a problem?” Mrs. Jones asked a few minutes later as she came in.

“Not really.” I answered, “However there is potential for one. It occurred to me I might have been to clever by suggesting Angelique seek out Kevin. I believe Mr. Jones might choose to brag about his son’s new conquest in light of his three previous ones teaching him.”

“Oh. That would not be good.”

“So what I propose is Cindy go persuade him to keep his mouth shut about it.”


“She entertains him for a while, then tells him you have video of him breaking the rules by having a dalliance at the house. There are other subtler ways of handling it but those take over four hours.”

“What are the differences.” Mrs. Jones asks seriously.

“He would be groggy for several hours afterward. The easiest and most direct would be to physically exhaust him then suggest he keep certain things to himself while in that state. There is somewhat more to it than that, but that is the essentials.” Cindy said bluntly.

“I’ve used that sort of thing to make suggestions before, I think every woman has, but he tends to drop off really quickly once he reaches a certain point.”

“I’m a physiotherapist Mrs. Jones, I know exactly how to keep a male awake and responsive if I want him that way.” Cindy said with a straight face.

“I’m sure you do dear, I’m sure you do.” She agrees with a genuine smile that easily reached her eyes and laugh, “Kevin wasn’t exactly planned, we had an open relationship at that point and he likes to think it is still as open as it was.”

“Are you asking if I can leave him responsive for you when I am done?” Cindy asks.

“Can you?”


“Can you convince him that if he played at home more I would as well?”

“Yes ma’am.” Cindy answered, “Ironically that is one of the services we offer. I simply remind him that we have male staff that can do for you what I am doing for him while I take care of other things.”

“I’ve tried to get to him like that consistently for years without a lot of success, are you sure you can?”

“Yes ma’am.” Cindy answered.

“Can you leave him that way for me?”

“Yes, but why?”

“So he wakes completely sated, finds me in bed with him and is a little convinced I did it.”

“Would you like him to not clearly remember I was there?” Cindy asked.

“Truthfully, yes I would.”

“I think I can manage that. Unfortunately that would mean a slightly different approach.”

“Will it work?”


“Do it.”

“Do you want details?”

“No. Just results.”

“Then why don’t you take me over and introduce me to your husband so he knows who you are doing business with then take Kevin to the movies and go shopping for a while?”

“Sounds good.” Mrs. Jones replied. She and Cindy left after that talking about little things.

“What’s really going to happen?” Amina asked after they left.

“Cindy is going to make sure neither of them talk about how lucky their son has gotten.” I told her, “I made a mess when I took Angelique over there like that. Now I have to have Cindy clean up my mess.”

“We all make mistakes, It’s called learning.”

“At least they will more faithful to each other after this.”

“That’s good.”

“Would you like a massage Amina?”

“Yes, but that’s my job.”

“Not this time.” I told her guiding us toward my room. Watching her undress was different, this time she wasn’t under any compulsions, no orders, she was doing this because she chose to and that made it better. I worked on her, I went over all the muscles, I hit every pressure point until I knew she was as relaxed and comfortable as I could make her, then I slept along side her.

“They look so sweet.” Woke me.

“Huhh.” I mumbled.

“Where’s Cindy?” Kara asked as my eyes focussed finally.

“Next door dealing with a glitch.”

“Conclaves been put off a week.” Jan said and I realized Kara wasn’t alone. Kara, Jan, Angi and Ella stood around the bed watching us and I felt Amina stirring beside me.

“It’s ok, go back to sleep Amina.” I told her very quietly.

“Wha?” She mumbled waking.

“Go back to Sleep!” I ordered quietly but firmly. She went limp immediately.

“I wondered.” Angi mumbled staring intently at Amina, an obviously deeper question unspoken.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“The initial reports with Rhea and Erin are in and you were right, the upgrades were not the problem.”

“I’m glad.”

“And Erin is finally sticking around long enough at one time for us to work with properly. We are making great progress with her, thank you.”

“Even thinking about it makes me sick, but you’re welcome.”

“You have good instincts, that’s rare. “ Jan said smiling as she allowed the subject to change.

“Not so good really.” I admitted, “I used Angelique as girlfriend for Kevin without thinking through his dad’s athlete’s attitude to conquests in the shadow of the three dolls. I had to have Amina give me what I needed to give Cindy an assignment so she could guide Kevin’s mom and dad into saying nothing about how lucky there son has been lately.”

“Yet you also managed to relieve the stress and strain on Cindy at the same time, that counts.” Jan said back smiling.

“But I made the mess.”

“That you managed to deal with while cleaning multiple messes at once, that’s the kind of thinking we need. We also have a proposal for you.”

“We who? I’m starting to learn to take nothing at face value with you all.”

“You haven’t been as available to Kara in light of recent events and it is effecting her performance so the rest of us decided on a kind of finders fee.”

“Why do I get scared when you talk like that?”

“You have a brain, but this isn’t dangerous. Mindy grabbed one of the guys and took off so she wasn’t here to object to an idea.”

“Now do I get scared?”

“Boo.” Jan laughed.

“Great, hit me with your best shot.”

“Just what we need, a male Billy Jean fan. Anyway, Kara has volunteered for basically the same conditioning package Amina has, she needs the boost if she is going to keep up with us.”

“Why?” I asked looking at Kara.

“Arak is, was, great, it, she, has helped me a lot. However you haven’t been around a lot lately and I have needed her. I need another source of the stress relief and the metabolic boost would help in other ways.”

“I thought you didn’t want to do the whole UCA thing.”

“I don’t, not really. Yet I won’t make it to Christmas break without something more.” Kara admitted.

“We have a proposal for you. We accept her in, with some caveats.”

“What kind?”

“That she receive a minimum one outside assignment per week as a token. This would entitle her to having the club pick up all her school related expenses. This would put her on a more or less even playing field and relieve financial stress at the same time. However there would be one caveat.”

“I’m afraid to ask.”

“You don’t need her permission.”

“I don’t need her permission for what?”

“Anything.” Kara said looking down embarrassed.

“You would be able to do anything you wanted with her anytime a lot like you can with Amina.”


“We live with the idea that our bodies can be borrowed anytime, so she has to as well. As part of the deal you will promise to use her once a week and we do mean use. You don’t ask, you assign her to yourself, you don’t always tell her before hand and you use that time for you, not her. She gets to live with knowing you use her once a week, yet by the time the next week rolls around she won’t remember the previous one.”


“So they know I know where they are coming from. The usage, yes I use that word on purpose, will work just like Arak does to help relieve everything stress wise.”

“That is cruel enough for you all alright, yet not balanced enough, where’s the other shoe.”

“That’s my idea.” Ella admitted, “You tricked me into thinking about something and I wanted to say thank you. I wanted you given the keys to me, I enjoy you, but they won’t give me the conditioning to make me UCA.”

“Yet we liked the idea.” Jan said with a smile, “So we adopted it in our own way.”

“Oh shit.” I mumbled.

“We took a vote and Mindy didn’t veto it.” Jan Laughed.

“I thought you said she took off.”

“We took a vote and Mindy didn’t veto it.”

“Oh Shit.”

“Does anyone hear an echo?” Ella asked with a laugh.

“We don’t think Mindy is coming back and we need a center. It is obvious to us that Mindy intended you to be the new center eventually. The revelation of what she really is and now her loss is going to effect moral.”

“What do I need to do?”

“Trust us. Or in this case, trust Kara.”

“Do I want to know in advance?”

“Not really.” Kara admitted, “They said if you will let go for me, let me put you under, I can set my own parameters on some things.”

“Do I want to know at all?”

“No.” Kara said looking at me oddly.


“Thank you.” She said and I felt tension leave her.

“Your welcome. Now what do I do about Amina?”

“Would you wake her and let us talk to her?”

“Sure, Amina wake up now.”

“Whaa?” Amina said sleepily as she woke much slower than normal.

“I think you and they need to talk, I’ll be in the kitchen.” I said.

“No need.” Jan said. Then I was in my bed with just Kara, Amina and I in the room.

“That is going to take some getting used to.” I said blinking, “I know Cindy does that everyday but she keeps it smooth enough I don’t normally notice.”

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Amina asked.

“Yes.” I answered a lot more firmly than I felt, “They trust me, I have to be able to trust them.”

“But they.” Amina started to say then stopped cold with a look a pure frustration.

“I know you aren’t happy with that stricture Amina and I’m sorry but it is needed.” Kara said apologizing.

“I don’t have to like it though.”


“They had you order me to keep this secret unless I felt it could or would cause harm. I don’t like what is going to happen but I know it won’t harm you so the order still binds me.”

“Ouch.” I said gulping, “It is binding even with me umm.”

“Yes. Your words or orders are binding, absolutely and always. They had you order me to keep the secret from you so you could evaluate yourself. Your waking self being the target of the order I am helpless to defy that edict excepting for safety which I have to admit doesn’t apply.”

“Would you mind keeping on keeping an eye on the three dolls for me please?” I asked trying not to think about that little speech too much.

“No, I will do it for you.” Amina replied looking oddly frustrated and relieved at the same time.

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome. Sorry I’ve been such a bitch. You may own me but I don’t own you. I need to remember that and my place.”

“No apology needed, but I don’t own you.”

“We’ll talk and yes I’ll look after your other pet as well when she stops in.”

“I’m not going to win this right now so I’ll just say thank you Amina. I appreciate all you’ve done for me and I mean it, I really do.”

“I know.” She replied looking down obviously hoping I wouldn’t see the red on her cheeks.

“Ok Kara,” I said turning to her with a deep calming breath, “Let’s get this over with.”

“Just stare at the little pirate coin and concentrate on my voice.” Kara said smiling and I did.

“Wakey wakey.” Someone said out of the darkness. I recognized Amina’s voice.

“Huhh.” I mumbled.

“Don’t move yet.” She warned so I didn’t.

“You’re going to be kind of sore right now.” A new voice I soon realized was Kara added.

“Don’t panic but the conclave was pushed back.” Amina said.

“We recorded the fourth of July fireworks for you.”

“What?” I gasped, “The fourth.” And then I discovered why Amina had warned me not to move.

“Relax, go limp.” Kara warned as I nearly spasmed from the pain. Yes, it would have made it worse.

“It’s no good.” Yes another new voice said, I recognized it as Cindy’s, then it was dark out.

“Better?” Amina asked.

“Yes.” I replied and though I ached, I didn’t hurt the way I had.

“Sorry about that.” Kara said with a grimace, “We hoped you would have been doing better.”

“What happened?” I asked gently so as not to lose track of the top of my head.

“We held a miniclave.” Jan said and I realized there were even more people than I thought present.

“We know you won’t remember and that’s fine.” Angi said and I was puzzled.

“That was two weeks ago.” Ella said gently, “There were questions about your suitability so we ran some simulations with you as the center piece.”

“They went rather well.” Kara said smiling, “Although you will play with and use bondage and or hypnosis and or a number of other sexual compliance tools, you won’t harm under any circumstances we were able to conjure out of you.”

“One batch at a time the nay sayers were silenced with proof and convinced.” Jan said next.

“Until the only ones who held back were those wanting to leave.” Angi continued, “We even included Rhea and Ara in the vote. They both accept being yours by the way.”


“Yes. Yours.” Ella said, “Anyway, a vote was taken, a decision was made.”

“I run the burger joint.” Cindy says.

“I will run the club when it opens, until then I’m team captain.” Kara says.

“Once the club opens, I will run the team, be captain.” Angi says.

“And we decided to bring you into the UCA sort of along with Kara’s sort of.” Jan said with a grin.

“Think about sending me off to do someone.” Kara said and I did.

“Wow.” I murmured as the necessary control phrases for this context were just there.

“We think it was by design but once we all got to talking combined with you answering questions during testing we were able to figure out most of Mindy’s coding on the programming stuff.” Jan said.

“We decided to give you part of what we have.” Angi said next, “You have the keys to all of our locks so you can give assignments and or assignations to us all. The leaders of the various sections will only do their own now.”

“We also gave you as much as we could of our metabolic boost without side effects.” Jan said laughing, ”You’ll soon learn why we eat like we do and still look like we do.”

“Why me?”

“We need a center. We’ll run everything in our groups semi independently, but we need a center.” Jan answered.

“I still don’t understand, why me?”

“We tested you. We tested everything we could think of and you have a good heart. You have become the right person in the right place at the right time for us. Neither you nor we can help or hurt Mindy anymore, so we had to look after us.”

“Wow.” I mumbled still overwhelmed, “You tested me? You thought I was worth looking at?”

“Yes. We tested you thoroughly. We ran you through every fantasy we could dig out of your head and you never did harm, even when we pushed you. You could be enticed to play a lot, yet you never even once took the wrong kind of advantage.”

“I’m not sure I understand yet, but what now?”

“Now you take the time it takes to assimilate it all. We also gave you everything we could in the time and circumstances we had to work with, of the updates for Cindy and some others that Mindy had set back for later.”

“I thought I was supposed to learn on my own?”

“You will. It takes the three of us at the same time to unlock it one piece at a time. Partly by our design, partly as a by product of Mindy’s design. Kara spent two weeks on a table next to you, her conditioning is done for now unless or until you or she decide to update her.”

“What all did you do to her?”

“Lets just say she is easy where you’re concerned. We made a bargain with her and she agreed to it all going in.”


“I can’t say no. Even if I want to, I will never say no to you.” Kara admitted, “Amina and I are now more or less on equal terms that way. If you just take me, not invite me, it will work like an assignment and fade in a few days.”

“We also identity keyed Rhea to you personally.” Jan said smiling.

“I just thought of something,” I mumbled as pieces began to sort themselves in my head, “Is the state for working with Erin an assignment state?”


“Mindy intended this from the beginning?”

“We think so. When you volunteered for what we needed with Erin we knew we could truly trust you because you truly trusted us. You are the opposite of Mindy in many ways and right now that is what we need.”

“Now what?”

“It is Wednesday evening, the full conclave is Saturday. Until then we recommend that you rest.”

“How is Angelique doing?”

“She is doing well.” Cindy said with a smile, “She has basically been staying with Kevin. She has been there each night then reports here for a ride to cheer camp then gets ride a back here and goes there for the night. Turns out that having me do clean up was a better idea than any of us thought at the time. Mrs. Jones turned out to be the real problem.”

“Mrs. Jones?”

“She had been talking with some other mom’s at the gym about how her son had gotten lucky with a girl or two and how much it helped.” Cindy said grimly, “Here I speak based on my report but I wound up drugging both of their drinks then getting them started together after I had gotten the husband going with me until I mostly ran him dry. I left them in a loop getting each other off repeating how lucky their son was and how they didn’t want to spoil it for him by bragging so they shouldn’t.”

“Has it worked?”

“Perfectly, and Agelique has been Kevin’s girlfriend as well. I mean they have gone to the movies, dinner and other social occasions together. She made it a point to make sure some of her friends know they are sleeping together by her choice. That she chose, not that he insisted, that she volunteered and likes sleeping with him.”

“Wow.” I murmured.

“For better or worse she also told those same friends that she now knows why you rate college cheerleaders, and doesn’t blame them a bit. Envies them in fact but has Kevin now so it’s not quite as important to her.”

“Oh crap.”

“Privately she told us to tell you anytime, anywhere, anything.” Cindy laughed, “Amina growled at that but there isn’t much she can do about your choices.”

“I don’t have to be happy about all this though.” Amina said grumpily.

“You are not forgotten Amina, you have my word on that.” I told her.

“Thank you.” Amina said with a grin smile, “Now I think we need some privacy so he, I and Kara can talk.”

“I think I can honestly say we understand. We’ll talk tomorrow.” Jan said and the rest filed out leaving us alone.

“I have a confession to make Kara,” Amina said once they were gone, “On the night that he took the world away from you so you could sleep without dreams I cheated. He isn’t the one who played with you all night, I am. I took advantage and I apologize. He was tired and I took advantage of that, I’m sorry. I was feeling, I don’t how to say it.”

“You are forgiven.” Kara said softly, “The last few days have been something I also can’t find words for. They gave me an assignment and I did it. I filed a report just like I am supposed to and I have read it, yet I do not recall the assignment at all. I do not remember writing the report anymore, I simply remember telling myself in the mirror that I wrote it the day after I turned it in.”

“I know the feeling Kara, I know it well. That is why I am offering here and now to balance the scales between us by giving you the same opportunity I took.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“If we are going to work as equals then yes I do.”

“I appreciate the offer Amina.” Kara said with a sad smile.

“Turn me.” Amina said turning to me, “Same rules I had. I like my fears out in the open where I can pounce on and devour them.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes. What she does with it, me, is up to her.”

“Ok.” I said sitting up to pull her into me. She kissed and I felt her respond to my hand cupping a breast even through her shirt and bra. When I whispered in her ear she went limp then responded exactly as I told her to.

“You didn’t have to do that.” Kara said looking embarrassed.

“Yes I did.” I answered smiling, “She requested it. She sees it as her way of balancing the scales so I really have allow her to make the offer. Until I wake her she will respond to and obey you as long your orders do not contradict mine.”

“Wow.” Kara said staring at Amina sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I’m grabbing a shower then eating. Enjoy.” I said and headed for the shower.

“I’ll join you.” Kara said getting up and I had an evil thought.”

“Go kiss Amina.” I ordered Kara and watched smiling as her body move to obey me while she looked surprised, “And do it right. Let her get you off and see what it feels like.”

“What the?” Kara whispered in shock as she found herself embracing Amina.

“You forget how they think.” I said laughing.

“Oh.” Kara mumbled until her body responded to Amina responding to her. I took a shower and was famished by the time I got out. I knew it was Amina I heard in the kitchen because a very red and flustered looking Kara sat on my bed looking lost.

“Did I umm, that, um, well.” Kara asked finally thinking to button her shirt and pants back up.

“Yes. You responded just about like that.”


“I take it she is as good at getting girls off as guys?” I asked as a joke.

“Yes.” Kara dead panned turning even redder, “She’s making food. A burger because they’re fast and easy. You will need to eat soon.”

“I am hungry.” I admitted.

“Get used to it. Besides the souped up sex drive it’s the other new constant I have in my life now. I finally understand why some of the girls look so out of it sometimes. You get used to this and you just want someone to make sure you keep it up, you need it. The study, the practice, the competition, it takes something out of you and this puts it back.”

“So you like?”

“Oh my god. Now that you mention it, I know what they did. I don’t just allow you to do whatever you want, I think I have to obey any sex based order you give me.”

“That would fit their style.”

“Is that what it is like for Amina?” Kara asked.

“I think so. Her position is unique and weird even by their standards but I can pretty much customize her any way I like.”


“Kara,” I said building an image in my head then I spoke the phrase.

“Of course.” She replied and came over to kneel in front of me. She opened my robe, massaged me erect and went down on me. She did a very nice blow job, swallowed automatically, then kept sucking on me keeping me erect in her mouth. Watching her kneel there knowing she literally couldn’t stop was turn on and I felt myself getting fully hard again in just minutes of continued play. I felt the warmth build again then flush through me and to my surprise I orgasmed again. She swallowed and kept working me in and out of her mouth so I stayed erect. I enjoyed this for a few more minutes and realized I was now famished so I told her I was done and to join me in the kitchen when she recovered.

“Holy shit.” Was her first voiced thought joining me, I was on my second burger watching fascinated as Amina silently made food with the same blank face I had seen earlier.

“Intense?” I asked.

“Hell yes.”

“That’s what you’ve facing the whole time. They get that to relieve stress and combat mental fatigue that way on every assignment.” I told her.

“Son of a bitch, I never stood a chance. I understand why Cindy bitched so much now. They finally took pity and put her back on rotation since Mindy wasn’t there to object. May I?” Kara asked pointing to the third burger waiting on the counter.

“Help yourself.”

“Jesus,” Kara mumbled around the burger, “Now I really see why they, and me to now I guess, eat like this all the time. They, umm, we’d, starve, in no time.”

“Yeah.” I said as I suddenly knew why they were all so happy, giddy and suggestible after competition or a heavy meal.

“Oh crap.” Kara muttered a few minutes later as I saw the first effects of the meal hitting.

“Wouldn’t take much to get you going again would it?” I asked.

“Umm, no.” Kara said with a gulp.

“I’m going to bed while I can still think for myself.” I said and left the kitchen quickly.

“Night.” Kara said looking at me either tiredly and longingly or hungrily, I tried not to ask myself which as I retreated. I laid in bed for quite a while unable to sleep and surprisingly aroused. Not horny per se, just ready for it if it happened by. I finally wondered what all I could have them do and began reviewing controls and phrases in my head by envisioning them. I was listing everyone on at a time seeing the pattern to the command to sleep when I found myself on the list so for the heck of it I said it out loud.

“Wow.” I muttered surprised, it was morning. Kara and Amina were kissing and stroking each other where they lay on my bed. Their heads were on my stomach with one on each side of me.

“Cool he’s awake.” Kara muttered breaking the kiss as I muttered, “Keep him busy Amina.” She ordered and Amina was kissing me. She may have A cups and still be filling in, but she knows how to kiss just fine. I was distracted for a moment so I didn’t notice the hand bringing me erect before I felt warmth envelope me then pinch.

“What?” I mumbled around Amina’s kiss and looked up. Kara had mounted me and was working furiously at me gyrating her hips and I thought I was dying happy.

“Good boy.” Kara laughed as I felt warmth all through me focus then I orgasmed and ejaculated as I bucked against Kara and she smiled as she kept going. To my surprise I didn’t go limp instantly, instead I remained in her as she worked while getting red and to my shock I felt the warmth building all through me again in just a couple of minutes.

“Good boy.” Kara growled as I felt an almost unbearable warmth through out my whole body focus again and I orgasmed. Bright red faced Kara joined me and my whole world turned white.

“Your turn Amina, go for it.” I head Kara say and the constriction around me eased as she rose, then returned as Amina replaced her. Kara was kissing me then as her hands placed my hands on her more developed bossom. Where Amina’s A cups were small even for her, Kara’s C cups were large for her and right then very happy. Kara tasted almost the same as Amina as we kissed and I could feel Amina doing her slow long stroke thing on me.

“One more.” Kara whispered huskily and I felt myself responding. I was shocked, I had never had this kind of endurance or recovery before. Most encounters with them half killed me, not that I minded in the least mind you, but half dead takes time to recover from.

“Now.” Kara said firmly as she moved over me. Her longer arms pinned mine straight out by my wrists as she put her knees under my shoulders. Then I noticed that Amina had moved, now she was going down on me and it felt good. She had my legs pinned with her arms around my thighs somehow and could feel her massaging my bare butt. Then I felt all that warmth concentrate again, I orgasmed and they were ready for it. I tried to say something but Kara smothered my cries with kisses and Amina began to play her favorite game. She swallowed, I felt her finger enter from behind and flick, I ejaculated and she swallowed. Then she flicked and swallowed again.

I was trapped. Kara weighs more than I do, is in better shape and was on top of me, Amina had me firmly by leverage on my legs pinning them. I was helpless as Amina began to play. Instead of becoming limp after a couple of flicks, I stayed more firm than not. When I tried to yell Kara caught the tip of my tongue with her front teeth and I didn’t need to see the smile to get the hint. Meanwhile the very sensation of being so trapped was driving my body to respond, and it did. I felt the warmth building yet again and could feel Amina speeding up with it.

“Good boy.” Kara said in my ear and I felt Amina flick then swallow. I could have stopped it then, if I could have spoken that is, “Good boy.” She said again and Amina responded with a flick and another swallow. Kara kept saying it over and over again. I lost track and gave up trying to keep myself together, I surrendered to her game and let go. I either passed out or was talked under, I don’t know or really care, Kara got what she wanted.

“What the?” I muttered waking later, It was noon by the sun in my window.

“Lunch.” Kara offered holding a plate of eggs with toast and milk near me. I might have said thank you before I inhaled them, but I doubt it.

“Damn.” I muttered opening my eyes after sitting back a moment to let the eggs settle and the sun had moved, no moments nap this time.

“Welcome to the arcade.” Jan said. I hadn’t noticed her the long moment ago inhaling the eggs, “How are you feeling?”

“Hungry.” I said hoping there was toast left.

“Here.” Amina said holding up a bowl of cream of wheat.

“Thank you.” I said taking it carefully, then making the contents vanish as quickly as I could while ignoring my company for the moment.

“Better?” Jan asked when I was done.

“Much. What the hell?”

“Didn’t think you had it in you?” Cindy asked obviously referring to last night and just before then.

“What the hell?” I asked again.

“Be glad you’ve only got about half or so of the rogue package.” Angi said with a laugh.

“Or that could have gone on a lot longer.” Cindy finished with a smile.


“As you surmised, Mindy gave you the most basic assignment state for Erin, we upgraded you.”

“No one has that kind of endurance.”

“You do, all of our rogues have even more. You don’t want to think about the eye candy.”

“How can you think at a time like that?” I asked stunned at what they go through.

“Why do you think we keep mascots?” Angi asked flatly.

“Damn. No wonder you all look like you’re on a super model’s diet.”

“Compared to the calories we go through, we are.” Cindy laughed.

“That’s why we test the mascots so carefully.” Jan said.

“Because once you let go, you let go.”

“Completely. We get that for assignments, post competition and somewhat during class time.”

“No wonder your grades are awesome,” I stammered as what they do came clear, “You think even semi arousing thoughts associated with your study time and it is all just there.”

“If need be we can reread entire text books during a test. We can rerun any example problems from the book we already did.” Jan said smiling.

“And now to a certain extent so can you.” Angi laughed.

“So when you joked about giving up choice?”

“We weren’t joking even a little. As long as we are like what you felt after waking last night or in particular this morning.”

“You just go along.” I said finally understanding.

“Yes. We do exactly what we are told, if we trust that person we do whatever they say. It’s not that we have no choice, it’s that we don’t think about having one. If it’s arousing we don’t tend to think at all at a time like that. It’s like when you were giving directions on what to do with your friends. That was fun for us, it made the game go on longer and that made it better.”

“Once I got started I didn’t really think, I just sort of reacted.” I mumbled.

“Exactly. Now think post competition, you remember the night you helped get the teams brought in, you saw what frames of mind they were in. If you had told any of them to go do Mark or Tim do you think they would have hesitated?”

“No, not at all.” I said thinking about it, “They would have done exactly what I said to do.”

“When you grabbed the three of them at once, you could have done with them what you did with the dolls and gotten no complaints. Depending on the boys endurance you might have gotten a thank you out of it.” Cindy laughed, “I would have gone with you that night, no questions asked and been happy to serve, or simply service.”

“Some of the girls wondered if you were maybe gay or something. No one is used to the mascot holding back, we have never needed to encourage him before. It was actually kind of nice being able to dial you right where we want you.” Angi said laughing.

“You confused us with the three dolls at first.” Jan said picking up the thread, “It was obvious that you liked them as toys, yet you had little interest in them when they were themselves. All we saw were organic bed warmers with a pulse as a treat, you saw the possibility of people if you could shock them enough the right way.”

“It was your reaction to Angelique that did it though.” Ella broke in, “You could have easily suppressed any traces of her real self before your controls were put in her. Yet, you took the time to merge your controls to her normal thinking so she is still the person she was before. Even I was convinced at that point.”

“Beware though,” Jan laughed, “Amina will expect more out of you now.”

“Oh yeah.” Amina interjected with an exited giggle and I turned very red.

“The dolls were finished over two weeks ago.” Jan said next, “We queried you on them and had you setup the next stage for them. They finished stage three two days ago. We’ve had them doing exercises to get limbered up and now they are in the living room waiting on you to officially decant and wake them.”

“Full stage three?”


“Did you use the standard package or the custom one?”

“We actually had you do it so we don’t know.”

“Then it will be the custom one.” I said, “Should be fun. Let’s go wake them.”

“Sounds good.” Jan agreed and we filed out. I found the three dolls on the couch.

“Wake up now.” I said to them and there eyes opened.

“Hi sir.” Big chest said nervously as she surveyed the room.

“Are you ready for your first assignment?”

“Of course sir.” Big chest answered with a gulp.

“Though you three will receive individual assignments, you will tend to be assigned as a group since that is the way you seem to think and operate.”

“Yes sir.”

“As of this moment Jan, Kara, Cindy and Amina can give you assignments, priority in that order. You will carry out those assignments as though they came directly from me and some of those will be tests to check your compliance. While you will accept and obey any order I give at any time, here in my house you will obey Amina unless her orders somehow conflict with mine. At the burger place when it opens you will obey Cindy unless her orders somehow conflict with mine. Once the club opens you will obey Kara there unless her orders somehow conflict with mine. Do you understand so far?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good girls.” I told them and watched a faint shudder go through them, “If you receive humiliating orders you hate, you will report them to me, after obeying them of course. You will not accept any order or assignment from anyone except me that will endanger you, if you think an order will endanger you then check with me first, but plan on likely obeying.”

“Yes sir.”

“Some of your reflexes have been altered. This is to help you learn to do things the teams way, go with the new flow on your own or there will be discipline. If necessary, I may lower your personal volition to make you more biddable. You can no longer orgasm outside of an assignment except at my hand or each others. This does not prevent touch or other activity from feeling good, but you will not reach orgasm without permission anymore.”


“Oh what?” I asked.

“Oh, Yes sir.”

“Good girls.” I said and watched the shudder hit again, “You will from time to time be hypnotized and posthypnotic suggestions or orders left. The only people who will be able to do this are myself, Jan, Cindy and Kara. You may or may not remember the session or any orders though you will comply with them whether you know you are or not.”

“Yes sir. Do we have to let them?”


“Yes sir.” They replied looking down.

“Amina also has orders not to take out any of her frustrations with you by using any of these controls as a means of punishment. If you believe she is abusing, tell me, Cindy, Jan or Kara. You will also find over time that the memory what you do on an assignment will tend to fade, do not panic, this is normal for you now.”

“Yes sir.”

“Do you have any questions, comments or requests before we begin?”

“One sir.” Small Chest says looking straight at me.

“Ok Small Chest.”

“Make that two. First, when do you start to refer to us by our names?”

“When you have shown yourselves to be individuals. Two?”

“For myself I would like to make a request for an additional source of orgasms and allowed sex.”

“What would you like?” I asked, pleasantly surprised she could do this already.

“I would like your friends Mark and Tim added to that list for me please.”


“You tend to be busy, and I am not having Amina thinking I am crowding her territory. If you will permit, I would like to work out a cover story with them to explain the blow jobs they have been getting and further contact of a sexual or other nature. I am quite sure they have had at least me already, probably all three of us. They acted familiar with my breasts when they played with them during the first blow job, the first one I remember giving them that is. I know what a guy feels like when he starts to suckle me for the first time, they both already knew my nipples and how I like them played with. Based on ongoing patterns it is my belief we will be continuing the blowjobs with tittie play so I would just like to have the rest of the package included as well.”

“Done. You are authorized for sex with Mark and Tim anytime you want it. I am verbally clearing you for orgasm and will make the other changes to permanently clear it in the next few days.”

“Thank you sir.” Small Chest said smiling with relief.

“But,” The other two whimpered, “What about us? That’s not fair.”

“Did I promise to be fair?”

“No sir.” Mid Chest said with a frustrated grimace.

“Then as of this moment Small Chest can allow the two of you to orgasm with Mark or Tim if she wishes, but only according to the terms she gives. If you want to bypass her, then you will only be able to achieve orgasm with them if they are both in you at the same time.”

“That’s not,” Big Chest starts to rant then stops cold for a moment with a shocked look on her face, “Umm, how long will that setup last sir?”

“Until you achieve enough individuality for me to remember your names. Unless you would rather they simply have free run of you.”

“No thank you sir.” Mid Chest breaks in firmly, “I accept.”

“So do I.” Big Chest says annoyed.

“Once you achieve names in my eyes I will change things. I will place Mark and Tim on the free list so you can fully enjoy them as much as you like.”

“Thank you sir.” Mid Chest says smiling.

“We will achieve that, you have my word.” Big Chest says formally.

“Good girls.” I say and smile as the shudder passes through them yet again.

“I will be fair.” Little Chest promises.

“I’m glad.” I tell her smiling, “Now you three need to get showers. You need to be cleaned up proper and presentable for your first assignment. Once you are clean and presentable, your time is free until after dinner. Be here by seven thirty.”

“Yes sir.” They say formally then filed out.

“So far so good.” Jan says.

“Yeah. Lets see how they do with Kevin as a direct assignment though. Assuming that goes well can you find someone for them do at work at the burger place Cindy?”

“I think I can find a few someones with a fondness for those three. As a set or individually?”

“Individually mostly. I think Kevin will answer the whole group thing and I need to see how they act on their own.”

“No problem. Any preferences on oral vs complete.” Cindy asked.

“I would start them with oral only first if you would please, then a home run assignment after they are shown to be fully stable.”

“On it.” Cindy answered laughing.


“You can’t know it but you just used part of our terminology.”


“Nothing to be sorry about, it just means things are leaking so you need to be careful.” She replied shifting from laughing too serious.

“I will be.” I promised solemnly.

“Good.” Cindy said with a smile.

“On other fronts, how goes the burger joint?”

“Next week the kitchen area will be completed and the expansion of the parking area will be finalized so we can start the roof. We settled on an open lattice roofing plan we can put thick weather tarp on for winter to keep the rain off.” Cindy answered, “And thank you for asking what we think, it’s a nice break from Mindy’s I already gamed this out and here is the most efficient thing to do approach.”

“Your welcome. Even if I could game everything out like she does, it’s not my style. I also know that I am joining you, this is your organization not mine. I may control in one or more ways but I do not own any of you.”

“Except me.” Amina chimed in half grin half grimace.

“I don’t own you Amina, you are your own person.”

“I wish.”

“We’ll talk later. In the mean time Jan I have a question for you.”


“Are you sticking around?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you wish to stay with the, what the hell is this called anyway?”

“Yes I wish to stay.” Jan answered my first question easily, “As for what it is called, there has been much debate about that.”

“We also need to address the biggest question of yours that kept coming up during testing. Do we keep going or do we shut it down?” Kara said just putting the elephant in the room on the table.

“Yeah.” I mumbled, “I’ve been wondering about that for a while now. Even if I ignore my qualms about taking over the lives of so many girls and the guys picked up along the way, can we do this without Mindy’s contacts?”

“As to the latter,” Jan said with a smile, “easily. Myself and five others have been handling contacts and contracts for years now, we simply continue.”

“Five others?” I asked.

“Yes. I can’t keep up with all the arcades on my own, I only handle the half dozen nearest ones directly, the ones in decent driving distance, in addition to coordinating the teams.”

“Half dozen nearest ones?” I asked stunned.

“There are currently fifty two arcades,” Jan supplied, “Mindy has been visiting them each twice a year in order to keep up the controls. That is why a new center was needed so quickly. You are Mindy’s fifth attempt to find what she is or was, looking for. Since all she did was the arcade, and the burger joint and club are being added, you will need to designate proxies to speak for you since there are literally not enough hours or days in the year.”

“Excuse me, I’m still back on the fifty two arcades.” I stammered.

“Fifty two arcades with fifteen employees inside each with typically fifteen more outside it that are working assets, call it fifteen hundred total, clearing three grand a week each on average.” Jan said simply, “It’s no small operation that can be closed down overnight. That doesn’t cover tips, bonuses or gratuities from high paying clientele. We also provide girls for cover undercover law enforcement, arm candy to dignitaries, confidential secretaries or aides for closed meetings among other services.”

“Damn, I had no idea it was that big.”

“It gets better.” Jan laughed, “We have an open ended contract with a guy in Saudi security for two to ten girls when ever he hits the area. He is one of the ones the crown has on the take from the criminal element in his country on orders. He uses his arm candy as distractions and serving girls at some high profile meetings with people his kingdom can’t be seen meeting with where electronics are forbidden. He has them serving drinks and looking good in almost nothing so everyone knows they’re harmless, then after the meeting he has them separately write out detailed reports of the entire thing, everything they saw or witnessed. He even has them do analyzations of everyone who attended as well as their impressions of what was discussed.”

“Holy shit!”

“He tumbled to the memory thing his first year of hiring us when he was trying to remember who said something and one of the girls told him. He had them watching TV in the other room but he was cussing quite loud. One of them happened to do mid east studies for her doctorate on political processes, it was why she was chosen since the knowledge could help her fit in better. He wound being two days late leaving town because he kept talking to them getting their impressions on everything. The next year he specified what he wanted. He used to alternate who he leased his arm candy from before that, now he just lets us know when and where to have the girls delivered.”

“Every year?”

“Every year, two, three times a year, seven years running. After talking to them for two days he noticed their recollections getting weak and grilled us on why they quit remembering. We told him it is a byproduct of the market we serve, that all our people are conditioned so that assignments fade. It was a month after that a guy from the NSA approached us on the clock for five girls to Bimini for week as eye candy. We found out the Saudi guy referred him to us. That started our affiliation with US intelligence.”

“Were affiliated with who?” I asked desperately wanting to have misheard.

“We have independent alliances with NSA, CIA, FBI, ATF and the DEA. We have contacts with some parts of the military as well, but those are more sporadic in nature. Though not with DHS or TSA.”

“We what?” I asked disbelieving.

“We also joined an extra governmental alliance about five years ago. Mostly they used to be with one gov or the other, now they just hunt our kind of bad guys. We have enemies of a sort, we trade our services to various agencies and organizations for shelter. We don’t ask why a diplomat with five secretaries needs another for a weekend, they don’t ask why need a background check, finger prints ran or minor paperwork of one sort or another.”

“Iceberg, I told you I saw an iceberg ahead. I saw that movie, it didn’t end well, I told you that.”

“It’s just a small one, we can take it.” Amina said laughing in her best gruff captain’s voice.

“That’s actually another part of why we tested you so hard.” Jan continued after a short chuckle. “We were contacted by our Saudi contact and several others, they don’t want the normal two or even ten girls for a week, they want about two hundred of us for three up to five weeks.”

“What? Why?”

“We are big enough to be known and trusted, small enough to be squashed. This is an international get together, a big one. Official scuttlebutt is that terrorists are looking at using the human trafficking, domestic servant and sex slave markets for crossing borders. Unofficially there is word that some how the terrorists have gotten their hands on some tech left over from that Inverno Caduta thing a few years back and are trying to do suicide bombers.”

“That’s sick.”

“Yes it is. We need a single point for information control because we believe these people intend to grill us looking for ways to spot others like us.”

“And that point is me?”

“We want it to be. We need a way through this minefield. They are going to study us like we have never been studied and try to scare our secrets out of us. We are low range in size of the eleven groups like ours in the states right now. We are by far the highest quality and the only group without readily visible tell tales to our behaviors. The bombers, according to rumor that is, have been about half way between average for the conditioned, and us, hence they want to study us up close. If they can do a bad job of spotting us, they can do a lot better on the conditioned bombers.”

“Oh damn. Does Mindy know?”

“We think so, we think that is what has been driving her insane, seeing what she sees as her tech misused like that.”

“Wait a moment.” I said as things began to fall into place, “Are you telling me that the intelligence agencies know you, we now I guess, are conditioned, controlled or whatever you want to call it?”


“And they also know of ten other groups like us? There are ten other groups like us?”

“Yes and yes. Though how much like us they are is something of a hollow joke.” Jan said voice leveling out to hide the pain, “The workers in the others are not free like we are, they do nothing except work and have no retirement plan to speak of. They are used until they lose their looks then sold off. They no longer have lives to go back to.”

“And the moment those agencies see an opening like the UCA no longer having a hub. Like say, Mindy being gone all of a sudden?” I asked horror ridden, “You’re afraid they might just grab you, us, all up to put in a laboratory somewhere to study?”

“Exactly. The whole mind control thing has gone on for generations, but never on the scale modern tech has enabled. We have to be strong enough to be useful yet weak enough not to pose a threat.”

“And now I am suddenly the biggest collection of data on the subject around even though it is all locked in my head somewhere I can’t reach.” I asked.

“Yes. Granted, all the pieces are duplicated elsewhere, but you are the only concentration point.”

“At least I don’t need to pee anymore, I think I’ll just sit here continuing wetting myself for a while.”

“You are not the first to have that reaction.” Ella said seriously.

“So where does this mythical meeting where I may or may not be grilled on a spit with the rest of you take place?”

“They told us to make plans to vacation somewhere, they are coming to us so there is no chance of leaks compromising onsite security. Two thirds are bringing their families and two thirds are bringing their mistresses since this is supposed to be under the radar.”


“I know. Some of them manage to keep things well separated. For others the affair is part of the job.”

“Someone please tell me the plan isn’t the most obvious thing in the world.”

“I wish we could.” Kara laughed, “But it is the perfect cover.”

“Mom and dad are going to kill me.” I muttered.

“But you’ll die so happy.” Amina cooed.

“Ok then,” I said desperately trying to tune Amina out, “How do we get two hundred of us to Florida?”