The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Pan

“Mom! Dad! You’re home!”

Jim and Lauren glanced at each other, shocked by the sight of the stranger they’d opened the door to. On their return from a two week vacation across the border, they hadn’t been expecting to be find anyone in their house, let alone a redhead who seemed to think she was their daughter.

Lauren looked at the young lady standing inside. She looked to be about eighteen, but there was something…off about her. Her stance wasn’t quite right, and her eyes seemed to…—

The middle-aged woman shook off the feeling. What had she been thinking? There was nothing wrong with her child’s eyes.

“Hi, honey,” she said, stepping forward and giving her daughter a hug.

Jim gaped at his wife’s strange behavior. They’d gotten married straight out of high-school, almost thirteen years ago, and both of them had agreed that they never wanted kids. So why was she treating this stranger as though she was related to them. Was this some kind of practical joke?

“Lauren?” he asked nervously. His wife wasn’t much of a joker; she’d been a corporate lawyer for almost five years now; she took most things very seriously. “What the fuck is…—”

Jim trailed off as the strange woman’s attention shifted to him. There was something about her eyes, they were just so…—

“…going to make for dinner?” he finished, a large smile on his face. He hoped it wasn’t going to be long before they ate; travel had been exhausting, and he was excited to hear about what their daughter had been up to during their absence.

“I was thinking we could order in,” Lauren said, stepping into the house. Their daughter dutifully took the suitcase from her father’s grasp, and wheeled it inside, shutting—and locking—the door behind her.

“Oh,” Jim said, disappointed. His wife’s cooking was one of his favorite things about her…although, now that he thought about it, he couldn’t remember a single time she’d actually cooked for the family.

That was odd.

“Are you sure, Mom?” their daughter asked, her eyes gleaming slightly as she stared at her mother.

Lauren threw up her hands in mock frustration.

“Fine!” she laughed. “Twist my arm! I’ll make roasted salmon and artichokes—will that make everyone happy?”

Jim and his daughter enthusiastically shared their approval of Lauren’s choice, and she made her way into the kitchen, delighted to find fresh salmon waiting for her on the counter.

Alone with his daughter, Jim smiled down at her.

“How was the trip, Dad?”

“Good,” Jim said, a note of confusion in his voice. Why hadn’t they taken their daughter with them? It hadn’t been a business trip, so…

He realized she was waiting for an answer, and turned to face her. As soon as he saw her black, unblinking eyes, he remembered why they’d wanted so much time alone.

“No news yet,” he said, reaching out and giving his daughter’s hand a squeeze. “But don’t worry—we’re trying. Mom and I want you have a sibling just as much as you do.”

“Oh goody,” she grinned in response. “I can’t wait. Do you think it’ll be a boy or a girl?”

“Only time will tell,” Jim replied, pulling her in for a hug. “No way to force these things.”

Jim had always wanted a large family. After his first daughter, they’d kept trying, but raising a daughter—even one as perfect as his—takes time, and effort, and they’d never managed to find the time to try properly.

Finally, their daughter had insisted that they go away for a dedicated trip, do nothing but try to expand their small family.

The thought of having an entire brood—a dozen children, maybe more—was enough to fill Jim’s heart with joy. He smiled at the idea.

“Why don’t you go help your mother in the kitchen,” he said, giving his daughter a pat on the rump as she got up. “She hasn’t seen you in weeks; I’m sure she’s been missing you like crazy.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she gurgled back at him, and skipped out of the room.

* * *

Lauren had just finished putting the salmon into the oven when it overcame her.

Despair. Hopelessness.


She blinked through her tears to see her daughter standing there, staring at her with those eyes.

Those eyes. Surely eyes weren’t supposed to…—

“What’s wrong, mama?”

“Oh, darling, I’m sorry. You were never meant to see me this way,” Lauren said, using a napkin to wipe away her tears.

She sat down on the large chair they kept in the kitchen, and couldn’t help but smile when her daughter sat on her lap, tucking all six of her legs under her, just as she used to when she was…

Actually, Lauren couldn’t picture her daughter any younger than she was now. It was as though she’d come into the world fully-formed, her current age. How odd.

“Tell me about it, mama,” her daughter said cutely, and Lauren found herself unable to resist sharing her thoughts.

“I just want a baby so bad,” she said with a sigh, feeling her tears beginning to well up once more. “I miss being pregnant—feeling like I’m serving my purpose, bringing life into the world.”

“I know how you feel.”

Lauren’s eyebrows raised. For a moment, her daughter’s voice had sounded deep, raspy, like a…

She blinked twice. No. Everything was fine. Her daughter had a normal, human voice. Why wouldn’t she?

“Thanks, darling,” she said, wrapping her arms around her daughter’s pencil-thin waist. “I appreciate that.”

“I was thinking about it, and I think I know how I could help.”


“Yes,” her daughter smiled. “Next time I’m having special time with Daddy, I don’t want him to wear a condom.”

Lauren’s eyes widened as she realized what her daughter was suggesting.

“Oh honey, but…”

She looked down, and found herself trapped in her daughter’s dark black eyes. They had no irises, no whites. Just two enormous black pools, sitting on the front of her daughter’s face, above her tendrilly snout.

Before she could process what was happening, her daughter’s mouth—“mouth”—had met her own, as they had so many times before. Soon, all thoughts of sadness were gone as she melted into the passionate, incestuous embrace.

She loved her daughter so much.

“Don’t you think it’s a good idea, mama?” her daughter whispered, a comfortingly metallic quality to her voice. “Daddy could fuck a baby into me. Don’t you want to see me full with papa’s seed?”

“Yes,” Lauren moaned. She didn’t know when her daughter’s claw had made its way between her legs, but it was rubbing up against the fly of her jeans, causing the thirty-two year old woman to squirm with pleasure. “Please…”

“I’m so glad you raised me like this,” her daughter continued. “It’s like you and Daddy always say—love is love.”

“Love is love,” Lauren murmured in response. “Oh baby, yes. Just like that…”

Her daughter’s claw was now pressed against her panties, having made a hole in the front of her mother’s flowery gingham dress. Lauren always wore dresses, especially when she was cooking for her family.

Just like Jim, she’d always wanted a large family. From the sound of it, the family was about to get larger.

She moaned with pleasure at the thought.

* * *

“Lauren! What on earth are you doing??”

Lauren’s head whipped around; her husband was standing at the kitchen door, shocked at the sight of his wife breastfeeding their daughter, the teenager suckling hungrily at the large bosom in her mouth.

Had his wife always had such large breasts? He could have sworn that…no. No, that couldn’t be right.

“This is wrong. This is…this is…”

Jim’s words died in his throat as his daughter turned around, her proboscis still wet from Lauren’s tit.

Her huge black eyes focused on him, and his look of outrage quickly turned into the large, warm smile he was known for.

“You know I hate it when you start without me,” he joked, and Lauren relaxed.

He moved towards them, pulling down his pants. He was already hard, his erection standing a proud five inches.

“Who’s first?” he said, smiling proudly as his daughter began excitedly sucking on his cock.

“Actually,” Lauren said, moving her exposed tit back into her dress. “We had an idea…”

“Oh yes?”

“Yes,” Lauren said proudly, watching her daughter expertly fellate Jim. “Your daughter is a very clever young human woman, and she’s come up with a great way that we can grow our family.”

“And what’s that, then?”

Lauren paused. Jim seemed distracted—not surprising, with the enthusiasm their completely-human daughter was showing as her proboscis drooled around his eight-inch cock.

“If you’re trying to conquer a planet of sub-quality life forms, you don’t just send one ship,” Lauren said, and Jim nodded understandingly at the common expression. “As well as trying to knock me up, our daughter thinks you should try to impregnate her too.”

“What a great idea,” Jim gasped, pulling his daughter away from his ten-inch hardness. “God, that’s so freaking hot.”

“I know, right?” Lauren said with a moan. “Okay, sweetie—let’s do this.”

Their daughter nodded, and leaned against the kitchen table, showing off her pert young ass and larger-than-average skeletal tail.

“Do it, Daddy,” she moaned, her raspy voice echoing throughout the small kitchen. “Please. I want it so bad.”

“I’m going to put a baby into you,” Jim groaned, sliding his twelve-inch erection into his daughter’s wet and waiting cloaca. “Oh, god—I’m going to knock you up. I’m going to knock up my own daughter.”

Lauren sat on the kitchen chair, excitedly rubbing herself as she watched.

“Do it honey,” she hissed. “Fuck yes.”


“Sorry, honey,” Lauren said with a blush. Jim was such a conservative family man; he wouldn’t even let her get a job, insisting that she stay at home with the kids.

Well, just a singular kid.

For now.

Not that she was complaining, of course. While he was at work, she and their daughter would play, and by the time he got home of an evening they were both so wet and worked up, they sometimes wouldn’t get to sleep until as late as ten.

“Oh, Daddy!” their daughter moaned, a fresh wave of her lubrication spilling out of her gills and coating the kitchen floor. Lauren knew that she’d have to clean that up later, but she didn’t mind.

It turned her on to clean up after her family. It was just part of being a Mom.

Her tits were out again—she groped and squeezed them as she watched her loving husband fuck their perfect, redheaded daughter. Neither she nor Jim had any red hair in their family history, but she’d figured it was just one of those recessive genes.

“God,” she moaned. “Does it feel good, honey? Does it feel good to feel your father inside you without protection?”

“It feels so good, mama,” the teenage creature replied. “I love you and Daddy so much.”

“Do you like fucking your daughter?” Lauren asked. Jim was so distracted, he didn’t even criticize her use of dirty language. “Do you like filling her up bareback, knowing that you’re going to fuck a baby inside her?”

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes…”

Jim’s thrusts got faster, and their daughter’s skin began to glow a hot green. Soon, he was panting loudly, pounding into her so hard that Lauren was afraid he was going to bruise her thorax.

“Gonna cum,” he grunted. “Gonna…cum!”

Jim and his daughter came at the same time—Jim shooting load after load inside her fertile egg chamber, as she loudly made a sound that had never before been heard on the planet Earth.

As they came down from their joint climax, Lauren knelt beside the two creatures that she loved the most.

“How was that?” she asked tenderly, and their daughter surprised them by using her raptorial forearm to wipe away a tear.

“It was perfect, mama,” she said, and Jim nodded his agreement. “And when I give birth in two weeks, I can’t wait to do it again and again and again and again.”

Lauren smiled, and swept the two up in a firm embrace, being careful to avoid her daughter’s spikes.

“We’re going to have such a large brood,” she said proudly, and Jim nodded, proud of his young daughter and wife.