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Dawg Days Again


Dawg changes people from vibrant successful geniuses into dumb ognroant sex beasts and they love it.

In fact they change throgiuh logic and devolve, once devolved they love their new life.

All proof of dawg’s expriments in humanity.

Dawg Forbes was not a regular guy, in fact he wasn’t a guy, or a gal, or human. Dawg was an advanced intelligence from an ancient civilization that is billion’s of years older than humanity, and originated in a very distant galaxy. Dawg was a version of a human scientist and liked to experiment. Dawg and it’s (since he has no gender) came to Earth about 12,000 years ago and has been experimenting on all life forms, starting with the simpler ones and slowly moving on to the more complex ones. You see, Dawg’s race lives for millions of years, literally, they have become so far advanced that their “awareness” no longer passes through phases of life and death, which are merely different stages of “life” or “evolution”. Dawg’s people broke through that barrier around 600 million years ago and have been having a lot of fun ever since. However, since they stopped reproducing, a process that occurred when they evolved to the “immortal” level, they ended up becoming rather rare. As of the 21st Century Earth there might be around half a billion Dawg’s running around the universe over countless galaxies, all exploring and cataloguing and sharing their information. Over time, Dawg grew fond of human’s, but most of all grew fond of their inane sexuality that drives their life decision making. In fact, all human decision are based on their perception of life and survival, and since sex is a major component of life, obviously experimenting with it will change how a human develops.

It’s early 21st century on Earth, and Dawg is in his “devolution” experimental stage, where he devolves his subjects to baser animals, or should I say, he changes them to become as dumb and sexually dependant as possible, sort of like human bunnies but not as cuddly. Dawg likes to take his time, and recently took a rather intelligent human, a physician with a 160IQ and turned her into a dumb whore slut, but he didn’t do it in one go, nope, he decided to check how circles of intimacy might affect change.

After Dawg had changed Jill’s perceptions, transforming her from a vibrant, successful Physician into a dumb, slut whore, he then forced into her mind the need to turn all her family, the women into ignorant big titted whores and the men into ignorant muscular sex workers. He also extended this to her colleagues at work, and Dawg intended to watch transformation over transformation take place. At first Dawg changed her body chemistry so that he held a retrovirus gene adapter that would change anyone who tasted her pussy juices, and the changes would be gradual, while the same virus went to work on the brain. The first steps would be a sever reduction in intelligence, where a 68 IQ was the target, and all their education from age four would be erased, whilst keeping limited language capabilities that focused on swear words. He also made sure that all infected had a libido that went through the roof, making them into self-gratifying animals of lust. He made sure the men grew thick foot long cocks with the ability to cum 10 times a day, and that they all craved cock, while the women all grew two inch clits, and needed to have breast augmentation to a minimum 80ZZ, while their lips all puffed up into caricature lips of a cock sucker pillow. With all these changes and the fact that the victims would lose their capability to exist without someone controlling them, he made sure that a local Pimp, one of the nastiest ones, who loved to whore out his brothel 24/7 even for little income, (after all a dollar earned is better than none) would take control over each changeling. They would actually sign over through a lawyer all their lives to the pimp while they were still coherent, and this would actually trigger a series of enormous orgasms that would speed up the transformations.

This was one specific experiment of thousands he was performing all over the world, and each one was different. Let’s take a closer look at Jill and her circles of intimacy and review the amazing changes that will transform her life.

5th June 2019, in a NYC Hospital

Dr Jill Jane, head of medical research was busy going through some clinical trial documents. She is 52 years old, a senior physician with international acclaim and a highly respect professional. She teaches too, so she is actually a Professor as well as a Doctor. She has a 54 year old husband called Francis, and he is a top level cyber security executive earning seven figure income that competes with his wife’s, and they both have two highly successful children. Stanley, a physician like his mother and Clara, a successful up and coming lawyer working for the district attorneys office. Stanley is slightly overweight, while Clara is a classic raven-haired beauty with lithe physique.

Jill was just about to settle into a conference call when the door opened, without a knock. In stepped a rather odd looking man, he looked in his mid-thirties but something about his movements were odd.

“Yes” said Jill, as she was never insulting or unkind, she smiled and added “May I help you sir?” Dawg smiled too, but his was a predatory one, known to hungry scientist around the universe as well as on Earth. The hungry look of an experiment to come into fruition. “Sorry” replied Dawg, “I was looking for Dr. Jill Jane. I have to give her something that has to be handed in person.”

Jill looked surprised, but knew that some deliveries had to be received by the individual due to medical security. So she shrugged off her fears and beckoned the delivery man to bring the document.

Dawg looked at Jill as she waved him in, and he walked up to her desk and sat down. Jill frowned, “I thought you had a delivery to make?”

“Yes” Replied Dawg, but I need to ask you a few questions first, for security reasons. This is when Dawg entered Jill’s mind and caused it to be more curious and reduced the fear and suspicion levels, sort of like a sedative before surgery.

Jill was about to ask the man a question when her curiosity got a hold of her imagination and she nodded, “OK then, ask away.”

Dawg started his litany of logic questions with one aim, to reduce Jill’s intelligence through her own reasoning. The more she accepted the logic the lower her IQ would drop, until it reached the desired experiment level that would be compensated with physical and emotional changes. All the time, Jill would be aware of her transition but be unable to stop it, and the further along she changed, the more she would lust after the change until it consumed her and she became the very thing she abhorred and feared.

Dawg started “These are all yes and no questions, if you have a problem answering yes or no, you can state you are unsure and we can then focus on the question that causes you an issue, by asking focused yes or no questions for that issue. Is that understood?” Jill nodded and answered “Yes”

“Is your name Jill Jane?”


“Are you a Doctor of Medicine?”


“Are you 52 years old?”


“Are you married?”


“Do you have two children?”


“Did you ever make a mistake in your decisions in life?”

Jane pondered but then truthfully answered “Yes”

“Did you ever make a mistake with someone less intelligent with you?”


“Did the less intelligent person fool you to make the mistake?”


“If that less intelligent person fooled you, does this mean that you are actually less intelligent then that person?”

Jill frowned, and answered “No”

Dawg stopped and looked at Jane and then asked “If that person was less intelligent than you, how did he or she fool you?”

Jill pondered, this was not a yes or no question, so this was a focused question. She stated “He was a plumber that fooled me into buying materials I did not really need.”

“So” said Dawg “A plumber who is less intelligent than you in your opinion, could fool you into paying for materials you don’t need? Do you agree?”

Jill thought about it and answered “Yes”.

“So, therefore maybe you mistook the plumber’s intelligence level, maybe he was more intelligent then you? Could this be a possibility?”

Jill frowned again, remembered back to the plumber’s visit, and then considered the logic. She did not really know the plumber’s IQ so maybe he was a genius. She answered “Yes”. Dawg smiled and said “I happen to know that the plumber in question has an IQ of 102, which is far lower than your genius level 160, so I guess you really did not have an IQ of 160, perhaps that was a mistake on the testers, and your IQ is really only 101?”

Jill felt a slight shift in her mind, she couldn’t quite grasp what was wrong, but the logic that was stated sounded right, and no matter how hard she tried to think, she couldn’t wrong the logic.

Dawg continued “So, now we have established your IQ is actually only 101 and you are dumber than a plumber, so this leads me to ask you, are you a doctor of medicine?”

Jill said emphatically “Yes.”

“hmmm” Dawg hmmmed…and said, “OK, so if you are a doctor of medicine, and your IQ is only 101, it must have been very hard to get accepted to such a prestigious university, and to even finish at the top of your year. So, question, was it very hard to learn medicine?”

Jill remembered it wasn’t easy, she had to learn very hard for everything to get it perfect, and she answered “Yes”

“So, it was very hard because your IQ is average, or maybe its not, so question, with such an average IQ, was studying easy for you?”

Jill remembered she would always be top of her class, but she had to study hard for everything, so she answered “No.”

Dawg diverged, “So, it was hard to study, and you managed to enter Medical School, but let’s go back to your youth and see if this is real or is just your imagination, after all, you might be dreaming right now and everything here is a figment of your imagination. Could this be a dream?”

Jill tried to follow Dawg’s reasoning, but she did know that some philosophers theorized that life was a dream, so she answered “Yes”.

Dawg laughed a short bark laugh and stated “So you agree you might be imagining being a doctor and being successful and being a genius when in fact you might be something else entirely, after all, life could be a dream as you stated?”

Jill nodded and said “Yes” basing her answer on the logic of possibilities. Dawg decided to go down a different line of reasoning now, to establish a new historical base line. “Did your mother ever kiss strangers?”

Jill thought back, and her mother often met people with a politically correct side kiss to the cheek, so she answered “Yes”

“So, your mother kissed strangers, did she take the strangers into your home?” Jill again thought back to the few parties her mother had over the years and said “Yes” “OK, so your mother kissed strangers and invited them into her home, so would it be logical to say that your mother was a loose woman? Someone that didn’t mind kissing strangers and inviting them into her home?”

Jill considered the term loose, her mother was not conservative nor religious, but not loose…as her confusion mounted, Dawg stepped in and said “When I say loose, I meant that your mother didn’t mind who she kissed or invited into her home” To which Jill responded “Yes”

“OK Jill, so we have established that your mother is a loose woman, and modern society terms loose women as sluts, a slut is someone that feels sexual freedom with everyone and shows it, does this sound correct to you?”

Jill didn’t notice the catch in the question and answered only the second half, “Yes” At that moment, her past shifted as her mother was transformed in her mind from a vibrant active paralegal into a sexually loose slut that loved inviting strangers’ in to her home. Dawg continued and said “So, your mother was a slut that invited strangers into her home and kissed them, so its safe to say that your mother was sexually promiscuous and that she had sex every day with strangers in your home?”

Jill reviewed her memories, there was something rippling in them, but she couldn’t make out the patterns, she was conflicted and remembered a life where her mother was constantly bringing strangers into their home, so she answered “Yes”.

Dawg smiled inwards and then stated “So, your mother was a slut who fucked many strangers, so its safe to say your mother was a whore.”

Jill answered immediately “Yes” to which again her mind shifted and now she remembered a past where she grew up with a whore mother, this confused her mind even more and as the new patterns laid into her mind, Dawg continued.

“So, if your mother was a whore with many strangers, is it safe to say that she wasn’t married?”

Jill remembered her father, a brilliant scientist, so she said “No” “You agree that your mother was a whore, and most whores don’t have husbands, is this correct?”


“So its safe to say then that your mother was not married and that she was a whore that had many strangers and maybe even a pimp?”

Jill tried to conflict the logic but couldn’t and replied “Yes”

At that moment her mind reeled, she no longer remembered a father, her memories was becoming like jelly.

Dawg continued the attack and asked “We have now established that your mother was an unmarried whore with a pimp owner that traded her cunt for sex daily, in this instance, would you agree that the man you might have thought was your father was in fact the pimp?”

Jill blurted out “Yes” and regretted that but it was too late as her jellied memories congealed into a solid past where she had no father, only a pimp that sold her mother for sex daily.

“So” added Dawg, “would you agree that if the pimp lived in your home, it was not your mother’s home but the pimps, after all a dumb street whore with no education and low income giving it all to the pimp that owns her would most probably live in a whore house where they sold drugs too?”

Jill tried to recall her past but couldn’t get a lock on it any more, and the logic sounded right so she answered “Yes” at that moment her past became solid, she grew up in a cheap whore house that sold crack and was filled with strangers.

“Would it therefore be logical to state that if your mother was a dumb ignorant cheap whore that took drugs daily, her mental capacity and her biological capacity would have affected any of her children? Perhaps giving birth to a very dumb child that would most probably grow up to be a very dumb ignorant whore like her mother. After all, if she grew up in a whore house and was exposed to sex and drugs throughout her life she would eventually become what she grew up in?”

Jill tried to focus on the long question, the logic sounded right so she answered “Yes” At that moment her entire past and her body and mind changed completely. She was no longer a vibrant fit physician, but a withered looking crack whore who lived all of her life in a whore house taking drugs since she was a teenager and being used by her mothers pimp to do house work, cleaning up until she was old enough legally to become a whore in the house too.

Jill’s eyes became dull and her mouth had a slight droop, she also had nicotine stains on her fingers from smoking and drug tracks on her arms. Her IQ lowered to 68 and she couldn’t read, write or even speak coherently, since she had been used all her life. Dawg laughed out loud, then looked into Jill’s dull eyes and asked “So, Jill, is that your real name? and why do you think you are a doctor?”

Jill’s mind was slow and she didn’t really understand most of what the man asked, but she did say “Naw, ma name’s JayJay, and I thought you wanted me to be a doctah” Dawg answered “No JayJay, and is it safe to presume that your name JayJay is because you have two JJ sized tits that droop down to your knees when you sit and they rest on your lap with two inch long and thick nipples?”

JayJay frowned, “Yup, course they are” and that moment her body morphed again, this time growing massive melons that were both sensitive and huge, with pumping blue veins and large nipples that dripped milk constantly.”

Dawg was nearly finished but he wanted to take this to the next level, so he decided it was time to not only change Jill, but also her family and friends too.

“JayJay, do you remember having a husband and children? And lots of medical professional friends in another life?”

JayJay didn’t understand the man, but she answered “Yeah” only because she did have pictures in her mind of a vibrant clever doctor with a smiling husband and two children, although she couldn’t really understand why she did. Actually, the only reason she did is because Dawg wanted his subjects to remember who they were so they could constantly compare their new life to their old one. This took a while to set in after the initial changed, but once it did, the subjects all became extremely horny and flustered when remembering their old life and superimposing the new one into it.

“That’s good, because the changes you went through were only superficial, which means they only worked on you, but did not change anyone else. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could change to be like you now? Do you agree?”

JayJay loved her life, she was actually too dumb not to, and loved being fucked, loved the drugs and loved being guided by a clever pimp owner. Life was simple for JayJay and she actually had no worries other than having her pussy filled our mouth filled by cock. So she answered “yeah” then she sang “me dumdum me no clevers, me no Jill me luv fuck...” As she sang, her mind reeled at her new life, over and over again she came, orgasming over and over again. Her fingers pumping her massive tits, and her fat body rolled with each intense orgasm.

Dawg was elated, and he picked up Jill’s old Doctor phone, and dialled her husband and children, when they answered, he used Jill’s voice and invited them one by one to come to the hospital to discuss something important. Jill’s husband would be first, followed by her son and then her daughter. After this, Dawg would then work on two of Jill’s colleagues and call it a day.

JayJay sat in her chair, fingering her pussy with one hand and pumping her enormous tit and nipple with the other, her mind gone into the feeling of lust and sexual gratification. Dawg interrupted her by saying “You’re pimp and co-workers are on their way to take you back to the whore house, it’s a shame you got lost but I am happy to help you find your way back home” To which JayJay nodded, after all this man was so clever and she was lost in some weird room, she grunted a thank you and went back into her orgasms.

An hour later, after JayJay has cum umpteen times, and was now thinking about getting a new fix of ice, the door opened and Jill’s husband appeared. He stepped into the room and gasped. He saw a strange looking man with what appeared to be a naked huge titted woman fingering herself and moaning. He was about to leave the room when Dawg intervened and said “Francis, please come in and say hello to your beloved wife Dr Jill Jane”. Francis’s mind reeled, he was in total shock, instead of a vibrant physically fit physician, his wife looked like a dirty dumb whore and he couldn’t understand how this was, since her face, although now pocked and sallow, was that of his wife. Dawg took control of the situation and said “Francis, a quick question, have you ever fucked a whore?” to which Francis replied “yes” since he had many years ago, when he was younger.

“So we have established that you fuck whores, is that correct?” To which Francis replied “Yes” as he watched the woman continue to fuck herself as she dribbled milk from her massive jugs, thick blue veins pulsed under the skin over her tits and under her nipples, and her mouth drooled as her eyes rolled back when she orgasmed, which one on average once every five minutes. The only reason she was orgasming so hard and so many times was because she realized who she once was, and what her old life was like, and now had a new life, which for some reason made her feel so happy. Jayjay was a dumb slut crack whore and everything was about self gratification, feeling good, and her mind never felt this good before so she was pumping every moment of her new life reality to get the best orgasms she could have. He also loved the way her nipples felt and the weight of her tits on her lap drove her over the edge. She drooled more, and just could not imagine wanting to go back to being a successful physician any more, being so dumb and sensitive was heaven.

Francis was about to react, but Dawg made his curiosity level peak, and this kept him in place. He then asked Francis “So, you fucked whores, and your wife is now a whore, is it safe to say you fucked your wife many many times?”

“Yes” came the reply, since he had made love with Jill many times.

“Good, so you admit your wife is a whore and you fucked her a lot?”

“So you married a whore, is it safe to say that your wife Jill is more intelligent than you?” Francis was working out the logic but couldn’t focus and said “Yes”. At that moment his life shifted, and instead of being married to a brilliant doctor he had married a whore who was also more intelligent then him, and since Jayjay’s IQ was 68, Francis’ IQ dropped to 67. The light of brilliance left his mind and he looked dumbly at Jayjay as she pumped her pussy and tits.

Dawg smiled and continued “So Frank, is it true you work out at the gym all the time and take loads of steroids to pump up?” To which Frank frowned, he couldn’t understand much, but he knew the word Gym and answered “Ya” and at that moment he morphed into a massive bodybuilder frame, loads of veins popping out. Dawg looked at his new creation and said “Frank, is it true you never went to school, you are illiterate and can only do what you are told, since you are too dumb to do anything else? Basically you are a cleaner and heavy that pimps use to scare clients?” Frank didn’t understand much, and was so focused on his bitch pumping herself that he grunted an approval. At that moment all his past shifted, and Francis the scientist was now illiterate ignorant Frank that grew up on the streets near the whore house where he fell in love with Jayjay the whore. The pimp allowed them to get married so long as Jayjay controlled her man, and Frank followed orders. He was given expensive steroids and a strict diet and workout regime to follow so you he could grow into a massive bodybuilder, but not for competing, for acting as beef in the whore house. Dawg told Frank to sit down and play with his 12 inch cock while sucking on one of his wife’s tits, and then waited for the children to appear.

While waiting, Frank came ten times, he never came ten times in his life before, and now he came ten times in under half an hour. He loved it, his mind reeling at every intense ejaculation. His balls hurt, but it was a good hurt and he continued to pump his cock as he sucked on his wifes nipple. her heavy tit made his arm bulge and strain, and he felt the veins on her tits pulsing strongly as he sucked.

Fifteen minutes later a knock at the door and Stanley’s head appeared in the doorway, “Hi Mum…I came as fast as I could, and Clara is with me.” He then walked in and stopped in shock, there was a big titted slut pumping herself next to a massive bodybuilder that was pumping his huge cock while sucking one of the ginormous tits, milk dribbling down his chin. Clara pushed to see, and nearly screamed, but Dawg silenced her mind as well as Stanley’s. He ushered them in with a mental nudge and they both came into the office, closed the door behind them.

Stanley recognized his mother and father facially, but was too shocked to understand what he was seeing, and Clara was crying when Dawg asked them to quieten down. He then reduced their fear levels and raised their curiosity and started to question them as well. “So, Stanley, I will start with you. Obviously you have a lot of questions, so perhaps ask first.”

“What the fuck is this? Who are these degenerates?”

“Good question, I have one for you, in fact its for both of you, I will answer your question with a question. If these two are married and have children, is it logical to suggest that their children would be as dumb, slutty and physically oversized as these two?”

Clara nodded, and said “OMG, yes…yukkk” and Stanley replied a curt “Yes, its obvious.”

At that moment both of them morphed, Clara became a younger version of her mother, sporting massive ZZ sized melons, covered in the usual pock marks of drugs as well as tattoos and piercings, and her eyes went from an intelligent lawyer to a 68IQ illiterate dumb whore. She started to pump her pussy and pull her nipples just like her mother, making her father get even hornier. Stanley’s morph was similar to his fathers, and instead of a genius level doctor, his IQ dropped to 67, his body expanded out even larger then his fathers, and he became a professional bodybuilding sex star with a 12 inch and thick cock that he would use on his sister in their porn site managed by their pimp owner.

Stanley immediately grunted in satisfaction and pulled Clara to him, he pumped his cock into her cunt and started to fuck her in front of Dawg.

Dag laughed, and then asked, So “Stan, is it true you are so dumb that you need your sister to tell you what to do all the time otherwise you just sit down and play with your cock?” Stan grunted a yes, and at that moment his entire life changed completely with the physical, he was now his sisters cock whore and she used him on their movie set. Dawg sealed this by asking ZZ, Clara’s new name that reflected he massive tit size “So ZZ, you are so dumb you are only good for sex movies, is that correct?” ZZ was so engrossed in her cumming orgasm she grunted out a yes too and that sealed her fate.

The once vibrant and successful family was now a family of beasts, where two male bulls were pumped up with steroids and used as bouncers of sex movie studs. The women were now both slut whores, the older Jayjay was now used as a cheap fuck for migrant workers and the younger ZZ was used in the sex movie industry.

He looked at Jayjay and asked, “What’s it like being a dumb whore? Is it better than being a genius doctor? Either Jayjay or Dr Jill Jane?” Jayjay tried to focus on her memories, but the thought of being so dull as a doctor conflicted with the constant impulsiveness of her new body and the dullness of her mind and said “Jayjay luvs Jayjay, me no like clever, me luv dumdum”.

Frank looked up, and said “Me like me now, big muscle, big cock, always cumm….unnnnghhh” and he came again…to which Dawg realized that humans would prefer to be dumb animals than intelligent beings. The life of a dumb animal is freedom, unshackled from complicated thought and only requiring sex and gratification. Dawg was going to continue with some of JayJay’s colleagues but decided that he had enough for this day’s experiment. He called up a local pimp that was once a judge and told him to come and collect his new acquisitions. He made sure the pimps reality included them in his whore house stable.

Just before he was going to leave, he asked Stan “What’s it like being so dumb and horny all the time?” To which Stan looked up with his dull eyes and said “Me want to be doctor, me luv clever.” Dawg looked at him and was about to answer when ZZ grabbed Stan’s cock and sucked it, as Stan was about to explode Dqwg asked “Are you sure”? To which Stan suddenly realized how amazing he felt and just said “noooo….me dumb bum, me luv my cock…and bicep too” Stan flexed a massive bicep and kissed it as he came. His mind folded into itself and resolved that life could not really get better than being a dumb muscular beast of sex, being cared for and not having to think anymore.

Dawg left the room just as the pimp arrived there were many gasps from people as the four were led out to a waiting van. Two thin dirty looking whores with tits bigger than their bodies being carried by two massive bodybuilders with bulging pants, all four dribbled from their mouths as they were escorted to the van and were driven away, never to be seen again in that hospital or in that area. They were only going to be seen online or by their clients.

As for the circle of relations, the retrovirus in Jayjays body wasn’t dormant, one of her colleagues had recognized her face, and before she entered the van Professor Mary Wit touched Jayjay and was about to ask her a question when the retrovirus that as spread across her body from her constant pussy pumping stabbed into Mary’s bloodstream through a paper cut on her finger. As the virus was fast acting, her mind shut down and she felt giddy. Thinking she had a low blood sugar attack Mary walked to her office, but the office was far and her body was changing. Before she reached her room, her body morphed from fit five seven athletic frame into a soft fat five three frame, with tits that hung over her belly, her nipples were two inches and long and thick and her lips puffed out into a constant pout. As she was changing her mind was burning up and instead of a 150IQ she was reduced to a 68IQ all of her knowledge erased, but her past had stayed the same, she had all her memories intact. So when she finally reached her office, she was about to scream when her hand brushed her nipple and she came with the most intense orgasm of her life, it actually made her faint. Her clothes no longer fit and as she woke up, she started to pump her itching pussy, pulling her massive nipple and tit, she orgasmic over and over again and continued doing this for five hours until her body needed food and water. She lay in a puddle of her own juices, and the door opened. In stepped one of her students, a young brilliant minded Asian exchange student. Tran looked at the creature on the floor, and was about to call for security but noticed her face looked too much like Mary’s. with confusion he closed the door and stepped towards her, as he approached, Mary put her hand up, it was covered in pussy juices and some of it flicked into Tran’s mouth. The changes were instantaneous, Tans body morphed into a massive bodybuilder frame with a 12 inch cock, his mind devolved to an IQ of 67 and looking at Mary, he literally pulled her up and fucked her on the spot, Mary was tired by the size and force of his cock woke up her lust and they fucked for two hours. Mary looked at Tran and said “We dumdum now, we no clevers, ho we live?” Tran looked at Mary and replied “We find pimp” To which the door opened and Dawg, who observed everything from afar said to them “So, you two want to be owned by a pimp? Do you like your new lives?” Mary grunted “me luv dumdum…. pussy and tits…yesss” and Tran was flexing his muscles and said “me cum a lot, me luv me now, me fuck Mary all day”.

Dawg dialled the pimp again, and turned the retrovirus off, his experiment was success. If released, all of humanity would gladly devolve into sex beasts. Now it was time to move on and try a new experiment.