The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

AN: This story is pure fantasy—similar actions if undertaken in real life would be deeply unethical and probably illegal. But it’s fun to imagine—I hope you find it all enjoyable as a fantasy.

© MoldedMind, 2018.
* * *


Alice’s drink ran through her faster than she was expecting, so to her disappointment, she set the empty glass down on the bar and gave up her coveted bar stool for the bathroom.

Trying to swallow the disappointment of knowing she wouldn’t be able to find another seat in the whole bar for the next hour, she pushed her way into the ladies’ room.

Not unlike most bar bathrooms Alice had been in, there was a woman standing in front of the mirror over the sink, examining her reflection. But, unlike any bar bathroom Alice had ever been in, this woman was not wearing a shirt.

As soon as Alice noticed, she averted her eyes from the woman’s nether regions. The female form really did nothing for her and seeing a stranger’s business had never been her thing. Call her old fashioned, but hooking up with a nice-looking man and keeping it simple had always been more than enough for her.

“You’re missing a shirt, honey,” Alice remarked, as she passed the woman on her way into the stall.

Just as Alice passed her, the woman turned from the mirror to face her.

“I’m not missing it,” She said, with a small smile. “It’s right here on the counter behind me. I took it off just to admire my piercings again.”

“Piercings?” Alice repeated, but her eyes were drawn to the girl’s hands, each of which moved to cup a breast. They were very firm, Alice couldn’t help but note. She hardly needed her hands to support them—those two would support themselves. But in lifting them, the woman did highlight one detail—the fact that both of her nipples were pierced with a diamond stud.

“I’ve got one through my clit too,” she remarked, as if that were a normal thing to say.

“That’s nice,” Alice said, keeping her tone polite. There had to be something wrong with this girl—people didn’t just hang around in dirty public bathrooms staring at their own tits—and Alice wasn’t about to be rude to the mentally unfit. “I’m just here to go to the bathroom, though. Happy navel gazing,” she dismissed, turning from the girl again and heading into the stall.

When she actually did make it into the stall, she felt a sense of relief—not only because she had really needed to pee. The woman was clearly deranged, without any sense of proper social behavior, and there was no telling what other strange things she might do. At least for the moment, Alice was safely behind a locked stall door.

The sense of relief dissipated when Alice opened the stall door again, and the girl was standing on the other side, hands on her hips this time. The way she was thrusting out her shoulders really only served to thrust out her tits, and highlight those glittering diamond studs of hers, which seemed to somehow be embedded in the very center of her nipples—like buds in the center of a flower.

“Excuse me,” Alice said, trying to step out through the stall.

The girl stood her ground.

“They’re very nice,” she added, in her most pleasant, psycho-appeasing voice. “But I’m all done in here, and I’d like to go back out and get another drink, if that’s alright with you.”

The girl smiled and shook her head. “You haven’t really noticed them yet, have you? The way they sparkle under the lights in here.”

Alice was just about at her breaking point, the point where she no longer cared about being polite, or even about shoving a bitch out of her way, and she was about to open her mouth and tell the girl that, when in one swift motion, the girl’s hands were off her hips, and on Alice’s shoulders, shoving her back down to sitting on the toilet.

“Listen, lady, I was trying to be nice up to this point, but this is really unacceptable. I don’t care what’s wrong with you, you can’t—”

The girl’s hand was over Alice’s mouth now, and the girl was stepping into the stall, shutting and locking the stall door behind her.

It wasn’t a large stall, and as it was, Alice basically had her back against the cement wall, being stabbed by the metal flusher to keep from having her face in the girl’s tits. There wasn’t any room to even think about standing up, let alone getting around the girl and back out. Alice was very effectively trapped.

She whimpered weakly in fear. This is how I could die, she couldn’t help but think. She could kill me in this stall right now, and no one would ever know.

“I think you can properly appreciate my diamonds from this angle,” the girl said. Alice was trying very hard to ignore the fact that she was effectively straddling her in such close quarters.

It was true, though. There was nowhere else to look. To look up at the girl’s face required Alice wrenching her neck into an uncomfortable position. But if she just sat as she was, the girl’s nipples were right at eye level. It was more natural to look straight ahead than up. They really did look like real diamonds, from this close. They had to be the classiest nipple piercings ever.

“They are real,” The girl said. “Many, many karats. It wasn’t cheap to have them put in,” She said.

The longer Alice looked at them, the more they seemed to glitter under the fluorescent bathroom lights. They glinted and shimmered almost as if they were moving. If Alice squinted, she could almost count the faces on each of the diamonds. More than ten—for such a tiny stone to be so finely carved…

“They are very pleasant to look at, aren’t they?”

Alice nodded absently, without even really thinking about it.

“I’ve got a really neat trick I can do with them—do you want to see it?”

Again, Alice nodded absently.

“Just keep watching the diamonds,” the girl said, and Alice listened. She could tell the girl was moving her hands again, but she kept her eyes on the diamond in the girl’s left nipple, as she had been told.

Slowly, the girl began plucking at her left breast. With her thumb and forefinger, she gave her areola a quick tweak, just enough to make her breast jiggle so slightly. The rippling in her breast flesh radiated throughout her tit, finally reaching her nipple, and causing the stud to quiver.

“I bet you’ve never seen a diamond shiver and melt like that before,” The girl said. Worldlessly, her eyes still fixed on the shaking diamond stud, Alice shook her head.

She tweaked her breast again. “Just focus on the way it moves. Nothing mineral should be able to flow that way, should it? But it does.”

The girl tweaked her breast more roughly, making the illusion more pronounced. Under the light, with the faces catching it just so, it looked as if the very center of the diamond was moving in waves, with one side of the stud higher than the other at all times.

“Even the most hard, stubborn forces can be easily melted with a little focus. It’s all about the perspective.”

Alice’s brow furrowed as she watched. At first, she had only been seeing the stud rippling in the middle of the girl’s breast, but as she tweaked it again, this time she saw all her breast moving around the piercing, with her tit swaying and rippling sensuously, as water rippling out from a submerged pebble. It seemed to sway in a circular motion around the piercing, like water swirling down a funnel, drawing her eye back to the piercing with renewed focus. It looked even brighter under the lights, if that was possible.

“Diamonds are made under incredible pressure, you know,” the girl said. “They apply hundreds of degrees of heat, to crush and form them into something beautiful.”

Alice only stared vacantly at the diamond. She felt as if she was seeing inside of it now, stepping into a hazy, glittering white world of mists she’d never seen the like of before. As the light danced on each of the faces, it looked as if dozens of little waves were rippling through the thing. Each wave renewed her focus—each wave drew her deeper inside the diamond.

“Of course, that’s all wrong,” the girl said. “It isn’t necessary to apply incredible pressure to make a beautiful thing. It only takes a subtle touch, if you know what you are doing.”

Alice felt something between her legs then, a coaxing caress right over her center. It was almost enough to startle her eyes away, but—

“Just keep watching the diamond sparkle. That’s all you need to do. It feels so beautiful and lovely to watch it. It feels like the hottest, and best pleasure you’ve ever felt.”

Alice felt a thread of drool trail out the corner of her mouth. It did feel like that, and more. It felt like delicious wetness kissing her clit, and a soft touch rubbing her own lubrication into her button.

“You realize why you were so drawn to my piercings, don’t you?”

Alice only kept watching, kept feeling the pleasure as she’d been told.

She could feel warm breath on her ear, and the soft touches were becoming decisive strokes that made her knees quiver just like the rippling diamond did. “You were irresistibly drawn to my tits, weren’t you?”

Something seemed wrong with that, but Alice couldn’t remember what. “You’re just my little tit-slave, aren’t you?” The girl was speaking right into her ear, and when her tongue flicked out on the ‘s’ in slave, it just barely grazed her ear, and that tease of wetness prompted a tiny moan from Alice.

The beautiful, swirling pleasure she could feel growing in her center was filling her mind, just as the glints of diamond-light were filling her vision.

“It feels so good just to watch, and give in to the diamond, doesn’t it? The diamond knows better than you. It knows everything. Just keep letting it fill your empty little mind full of that sparkling emptiness. Let it draw you deeper. The deeper it takes you in, the more you can surrender yourself to the pleasure I am giving you.”

Alice whimpered. The dancing between her thighs was becoming better and better. Fingers, so slick and wet, slicker and wetter even then those times she’d lubed herself up, rolling her clit over and over again, sending out tiny shivers of pleasure with every touch. It was a kind of pleasure she never knew existed—as multifaceted as the diamond filling her every thought.

“You always want to give yourself up to more of my pleasure, because it just feels so delicious. Nothing feels as good as this. You’ve never felt anything so electric before, and you know that nothing else can compare.” The girl murmured.


“Nothing else can compare,” Alice echoed. Her whole body was shivering from the sparkling, shimmering pleasure singing beneath her skin. The diamond seemed to have grown three times in size, and she didn’t even think to question if that was possible. It had to have hundreds of faces now, if not thousands, and it shimmered so brilliantly that she just had to focus in again on the very center of the diamond, the part that still, somehow, was moving in waves.

When she did, she felt the pleasure grow again. Fingers rolling her clit, fingers stroking along the outline of her lips, fingers probing her folds, fingers teasing at her opening, fingers pressing inside, pumping in and out slowly.

“This is the only thing you want from now on,” the girl husked into her ear. “This shimmering diamond pleasure. You’ll feel incomplete until you find this feeling again. You only want to spend your life sinking deeper… and deeper into the diamond. Whoever you were before, whatever your name was, the diamond is erasing it all. All that’s left behind is this feeling.”

Alice let out a grunt as she felt a third finger slipping into her. The unexpected fullness spiked her pleasure even higher, and the only thing left now was the diamond. The bathroom, the stall, even the girl had all fallen away. She knew for a fact she was sitting in the very center of the diamond, in that beautiful, white sparkling mist, and that was just perfect.

“I am inside the diamond,” she said, and the pumping pressed in even deeper. She let out a cry of pleasure, and thoughtlessly thrust her pussy down, pressing it harder against the unknown penetrating force. “I only want to stay inside the diamond forever,” she moaned, as the pumping grew rougher. She was meeting it thrust for thrust now, working her own pussy desperately as she tried to work it still deeper.

“You can,” the girl murmured. “You only need to tell me what I am waiting for.”

And somehow, even though her mind was completely blank, Alice knew exactly what that was. “I surrender everything to the diamond,” she breathed. “Everything I was before… everything I am… I give it all…”

Even as she said it, she felt her mind coming apart, and her memories fading into that same, white shimmering mist. Her mind was splitting into a thousand pieces that shined beautifully in the light…

“Very good, pet,” the girl coaxed. There was a rustling sound—the fingers disappeared, and she felt warm breath on her clit. The breath alone was nearly enough to make her come.

“I’m sure you didn’t notice before,” the girl said. “But I have a diamond on my tongue too.”

At the first touch of that hard stud against her clit, rubbing and tracing through the thick lubrication, Alice came hard, clenching down on fingers that had wonderfully, gloriously filled her again.

Still the studded diamond kept prodding her—she had studied it so intimately that she felt as though she could tell exactly which of the thousands of faces on it was touching her at any given time. Each one felt just a little different from the others—each had its own character, and she felt as if each one could spark her into a very unique orgasm, different from what each other had to offer, leading to orgasm after orgasm, stretching on into an eternity in that endless mist…

She lost track of time after that, as the mist consumed her mind. Feeling it cloud her thoughts was like a never-ending orgasm, spiking ever higher and higher…

The only thing Alice could keep track of in her empty mind was the image of the diamond that would be burned into it forever. As she came yet again, her mind’s eye focused only on the diamond, and she searched for its center anew.


* * *