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Dear Bethany

by Pan

Dear Bethany,

I miss you. Thank you so much for the letter (and the photo you sent, too). It was lovely to see your smiling face. I can’t believe it’s only been a week!

Is that your new house behind you? Super nice. Honestly, it’s way nicer than I was expecting. When a huge company offers to move you and put you up, I was not expecting it to be such a nice place. I was expecting one of those cramped little apartments like our first place in Philly.

Seeing it makes me wish I could have come with you. That’s another weird thing, isn’t it? I get why they want you—you’re one of the most brilliant biologists in the nation. And before you start telling yourself that you’re not: you are. Seriously. Don’t believe your lying self, ha ha ha.

But…why did they want me? You’re good, but you’re not good enough to justify them making up a whole position just to hire me, especially at the rate they were offering. I seriously wish I could have taken it, but you know how long I’ve wanted to open this place. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s mine.

Still, we’ll see how things go. Maybe in six months time, it’ll have crumbled and I’ll come join you. Or maybe in six months, you’ll be back here with me.

Sorry, that wasn’t meant to sound as negative as it might have. I just mean…if things don’t work out.

Try to get some sleep! I know how you are.

* * *
Dear Bethany,

I didn’t expect to hear from you again so soon. I’m still not sure if this ‘no phone’ thing is a good idea. Like, it’s very cute—I haven’t written a letter since I was a kid—but I just want to pick up the phone and call you. I know, I know, we’re both busy, it’ll just make things harder. I get it, I really do.

I really miss your voice, but the letter helped.

That’s so cool about the chef! How on earth can they afford to provide all those ridiculous benefits? I was doing some reading on the town, and if you have kids there, you get free enrollment into the Oneiroi private school AND they pay a bunch of money into the kid’s college fund. Is it just me, or is that totally insane?

What exactly does the company do, anyway? I did some research, and couldn’t find anything except a bunch of buzzwords. I see that they’re involved in pharmaceuticals, technology, education…why exactly did they need the country’s leading biologist?

Maybe I’m just bitter because they stole the country’s greatest wife away from me.

Sorry I’m such a downer. I miss you heaps and I hope you’re doing really well. Your boss sounds so great.

All my love,
* * *
Dear Bethany,

I haven’t heard anything from you for almost two weeks now. I guess that explains all the employee benefits—they must really be working you hard. Still, if you get a chance it’d be great to hear from you. Or see your words. You know what I mean.

I did some more reading about Oneiroi, and I couldn’t find anything suspicious.

Like, anything at all.

Truth be told, I find that pretty suspicious in itself. The founders seem to have appeared out of nowhere, started a huge multinational corporation, and then run it for however many years without a single scandal. Doesn’t that strike you as odd?

I really hope I’m wrong, but something weird is going on here. If you see anything that doesn’t seem quite right, let me know, okay?

In the meantime, don’t work too hard! Make sure you give yourself some time to relax. And maybe send me some new photos? Just to help me through the long, lonely nights…if you know what I mean.

Love and kisses,
* * *
Dear Bethany,

It was so great to hear from you. Seriously—it was so, so great to hear from you. I was worried they had ‘got you’, ha ha ha. I don’t really know who ‘they’ is, though: from what you’ve said, it sounds like everything is going really well.

Sorry my last letter sounded so paranoid; after I sent it, I spent the next few days beating myself up about how stupid I probably sounded.

I’m hoping to have time to come down and visit you soon; the store is going really well, and so I’m going to give myself a weekend off. I know that we’re not supposed to talk on the phone, but is it okay if I call you to organize the details? Trying to sort out travel plans sounds like a logistical nightmare. I guess this is how they used to do it, but yeah—let me know what’s a good time to ring. Whatever time you pick, I can make sure I’m available; I’m my own boss now, remember? Ha ha ha

That’s great to hear about your boss. His wife must be a machine—six kids in five years? I’m surprised they have energy to have you over so often, but I’m glad you’re not lonely.

I promised myself I wouldn’t be so negative in this letter, so I won’t tell you how lonely I am without you, or that I miss you every day. We knew this would be hard when you left, and I’m confident our love will get us through.

Eternally yours,

P.S. That picture of you in the bikini is amazing. I would have thought it would be too cold to swim; shows what I know! Ha ha ha. I suppose it follows that if they’re giving the lowly plebs like you (joke!) a house, they have to give your boss a pool. I wonder what HIS boss has—a helipad?

* * *
Dear Bethany,

Not trying to sound needy, writing to you the day after sending my last letter, but I noticed something…strange? When I saw that bikini photo of you, I thought something looked off, but I figured I was just missing you.

But…oh god, I’m going to sound crazy. Here goes:

I compared it to one of the photos we took last spring at the lake house, and I couldn’t help but notice that you seem to have…grown a little. Around the chest area.

Well, not a little. A lot.

That sounds weird, I know, and I’m definitely not complaining, but…is it normal at your age to go through such a sudden growth spurt? You’ve been gone for less than two months—six weeks today, in fact.

I’m probably just being paranoid, but I’ve spent a whole bunch of time looking at that photo (for reasons I’ll let you nut out on your own, no pun intended) and I thought it was worth mentioning.

Missing you,
* * *
Dear Bethany,

It was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so good to hear from you last night. And yes, my hand hurts from writing that, ha ha ha.

Seriously, it was amazing. I know the time difference makes it difficult, but god. It was so so SO (don’t worry, I won’t start that again, ha ha ha) lovely to talk to you.

I probably sounded a little weird about it on the phone, but I really am happy that your boss has taken such an interest in you. You’ve been looking for a mentor for so long, and he sounds perfect. That’s probably why I sounded weird—he gets to be there, with you, while I’m out here all alone. And you really make him sound like a god among men. It’s okay, I just tell myself that he probably cracks his knuckles, or talks through movies. I know how much you hate that!

God it was lovely talking to you. I wish you weren’t so busy—I could talk to you on the phone for hours every day. I mean, my business would probably collapse, so probably for the best that you’re not!

It’s a bummer that you’re booked up for the next few weekends. How about we do another call in a month, see if we can organize something then? I promise, this isn’t just an excuse to call you again.

Well, it’s not JUST that.

If I could take off during the week I would, but I don’t have anyone who I trust to run the store on a weekday. And yeah, I know that you’d be at work all day. It’s a dumb idea. I just want to be with you!

Looking forward to talking again soon,
* * *
Dear Bethany,

Thanks so much for the photos! They were…wow.

Before I say anything else, I REALLY appreciated them. I never expected more than a bikini picture, so that was—yeah! Such a pleasant surprise.

So don’t take this the wrong way, but…

Who took them?

Like, I loved all the different angles and believe me, I loved the closeups, but how did you get all of those in focus? Especially the ones where you had your eyes closed?

And the one where you were…you know.

God, I sound like I’m being crazy, don’t I? If you could just write back and let me know that you used an advanced tripod from the company or something like that, it would make me feel SO much better.

And I know you said on the phone that it’s just country eating, but I did some reading, and…look obviously I’m not the biologist here, but I couldn’t find anyone who’s had country eating affect them so…specifically. Seriously, honey, your chest must have doubled in size since even the bikini pictures. Is there something going on that I’m missing? I know you lost weight elsewhere, but it really looks like it’s more than just a proportional thing.

I really do appreciate the pictures—you have no idea how many times I’ve ‘enjoyed’ them even since they arrived yesterday. I’m just…worried about you, I guess.

Please don’t take this letter the wrong way. I’m just confused.

Yours forever,
* * *
Dear Bethany

I’ve never felt a combination of emotions like I do right now.

First of all, I’m excited. I’m going to be a father! We’re going to be parents!!! This is seriously the happiest news I’ve ever, ever received. Please understand, I’m so very very excited for us—where this is going to take us, what this is going to do. I can’t wait to build a family with you!

But as well as that, I’m hurt. I don’t want to sound like I’m being needy—you’re the pregnant one, your feelings are the focus, and my hurt is such a tiny portion of my heart right now. Seriously—it’s overwhelmingly joyful.

But I really don’t understand why you chose to tell me in a letter. I know you don’t want to do phone calls, but…Bethany, we’re pregnant! We’re having a baby! If ever there was a time to call and talk to me, this is it!

And telling me as an aside, as an explanation of why your boobs are growing. I really don’t understand why you’d let me know like that, but look, I’m happy to chalk it up to baby brain. Because we’re having a BABY!

I’ve called you a hundred times, and I’m sure I’ll call a hundred more before you get this letter. Please, honey, answer! I want to talk to you about when you can come back!

I love you so much,

P.S. I should have guessed that you had another woman take the pictures! It never even occurred to me—I was having such a jealous fit. It’s great that you’re so close with your boss’s wife, too—I know how much trouble you’ve had making girlfriends in the past. We should invite them to the baby shower! Not long now!

P.P.S. I’ve scoured your pictures a thousand more times (no not for that, ha ha) (well, not JUST for that)—even though you left three months ago, I seriously couldn’t see any sign of a baby bump. From what the woman at the coffee stand was telling me, that means when you start showing—in a week or so—you’re going to REALLY show. Get ready for that!

* * *
Dear Bethany,

Please find enclosed the certificate of divorce, signed by our client, Michael P. Jones, along with your last missive—Exhibit B. As discussed on our last conference call, any infidelity immediately voids the prenuptial agreement. Exhibit B clearly states that our client is not the father of your child, providing both evidence of infidelity and relieving our client of any obligation to pay child support.

If you have any issues, or wish to discuss the matter further, Michael has directed you to contact us directly.

Bradley Tullman
Tullman & Tullman