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Debbie, Dan and the Demon

(mc, mmf, ffm, ff, bi, etc)

Chapter VII

Debbie was reading quietly at home when she heard Dan answer the phone, sounding happy. He soon came into the room to let her know that Li was coming over that evening, with her husband, Thad.

“Li said Thad was eager to meet us,” Dan smiled.

“If Li thought enough of him to marry him, I’m eager to meet him!” Debbie responded.

“Oh, you will be happy to meet him” Debbie heard Zach’s voice in her head. She realized though that Dan wasn’t hearing this. “Dan will meet him too, and we’ll have to see if he’s as happy.”

“You won’t hurt Dan, will you Zach?” Debbie thought anxiously.

“Debra, I’m hurt you would even consider that a possibility. Haven’t I been good to you both. I’m simply going to stretch Dan’s limits a bit. Don’t worry, I won’t have him doing anything he honestly objects to deep down.”

“Thank you, Zach, I’m sorry I doubted you.”

“By the way Debra, I like your new secretary, Melissa isn’t it? She’s a nice morsel. And so deferential. That’s a trait I think I’ll accentuate. You’d both like a slave, wouldn’t you.”

“That sounds like a lot of fun, Zach. I thought of you when I interviewed Melissa.” Debbie thought.

“I know, Debra, I was there, but it was good of you anyway.”

The day passed uneventfully. Both Dan and Debbie were excited about that night, but kept there excitement under control, wanting to save their energy for the get together. Li and her husband arrived about 8:30 that evening, after the two had had a light supper at home. “Oysters,” Li grinned, “to give us strength for tonight”.

Li had brought a small bag with her, with “toys” she said. The gorgeous oriental flight attendant was sultry as hell that night. Her black hair glistened and her luscious body was shown off beautifully by her revealing outfit. Both Debbie and Dan had had sex with Li about every way they could think of, and enjoyed every bit of it since they had “met” during a three-way in the airplane restroom, Dan pumping his cock up Debbie’s ass for the first time while Li ate Debbie’s pussy frantically.

But tonight it was Thad that caught Debbie’s attention. Thad was slightly over 6′ tall. His body was muscular and sinuous. He moved with a fluid grace that reminded Debbie of a cougar, especially since his skin was a sort of light mocha color. Thad clearly liked what he saw of Debbie too. His eyes locked with hers and the pupils widened, his nostrils flared like he was scenting prey. Debbie thought she might like being’s Thad’s prey.

Thad’s voice had a musical, Caribbean accent. “Wonderful to meet you two, at last,” Thad said. “Li has told me so much about you, I just had to find out if you were as wonderful as she said. But you know, Dan, I have a bone to pick with you. You had my wife without my permission. Where I come from we frown on that. Not sharing our wives, mind you, but not being asked first. And I don’t know that Debbie was asked by little Li here, either, were you Debbie,” Thad smiled at her, winking.

“Well, Thad, actually I did ask Li to come by that day, but I expected to be here. I was, uh, detained. But the two of them certainly wasted no time.,” Debbie said, getting into the spirit of Thad’s line.

“That’s my horny wife, to eager to spread her legs for any handsome man. But, Dan, you should have asked. Li and I agreed that maybe Debbie and I should get a little revenge. What do you say, Dan?”

Dan hesitated, but agreed in a friendly way, certain that Li and Debbie wouldn’t do anything he didn’t want. Besides, he sort of assumed that Zach was behind all of this, and was sure he couldn’t really cross Zach anyway without consequences worse than anything here.

“Good, good,” Thad said, and gave Li a kiss and a squeeze on her lovely ass. Li went over to kiss Dan, while Thad moved to kiss Debbie, who eagerly took Thad in her arms and took his tongue in her mouth. The next few minutes were spent simply necking. There’s little like long, deep kisses with wonderful bodies pressed together. Debbie did notice a substantial bulge growing in Thad’s tight slacks, and noted also that Dan had already removed Li’s top and was enjoying her breasts fully. Thad was more leisurely, hardly undoing a button, just enjoying the oral play between them and exploring Debbie’s body through here clothes.

Eventually, all four were nude. Thad was fully appreciative of Debbie’s charms. He reveled in her larger but firm tits, taking time to become thoroughly familiar with Debbie’s sensitive nipples, and how they reacted to sucking, licking, pulling and biting. He loved the feel of her more rounded ass. Li was exotic and sexy but slim. Debbie was a more traditionally curved, like a pin up. Her rock hard, but rounded ass was a glory for him to hold and explore. Debbie thought Thad was mouthwatering. His limbs were like corded steel. Dan was muscled but not bulky. But next to Thad, with his greater height and slimmer waist, Dan looked almost like a football player compared to a lean basketball player. Thad had long arms and legs with no fat. His hands and fingers were long and delicate, but on her ass they felt plenty strong. His muscles corded and then relaxed as he moved around, it was like she was looking at the inside of a machine, fascinated by the workings. His cock was long too, an inch or so greater than Dan’s, and both were now hard so she could tell, though also a little thinner.

“Now Dan,” Thad said, interupting Dan’s mouthing of Li’s nipples, “what shall we do about you and my little tramp of a wife, eh? I see you like the taste of her, and who could blame you mon? And she’s certainly described to me in detail how much she likes the taste of you. So what do you say you two taste each other now, back to front, in a “69” thing?

“Sure Thad, always happy to do that.” And they did. Debbie watched as Thad directed Dan to moved on top of Li, who looked blissfully happy as Dan’s thicker cock entered her mouth deeply while his tongue began to explore the cunt evident as she spread her shaved crotch wide for him. Debbie’s mouth watered, wishing she was doing the same with Thad. But Thad was busy retrieving some items from the bag Li had brought. He came up with several cushioned straps, one long and several shorter ones. Thad quickly strapped the now surprised but not worried Dan together with Li, holding their bodies close togther. Then he and Debbie, giggling, attached the two oral lovers at the wrists and ankles, limiting their movements and keeping their faces pressed to each others sexes. Li eagerly bobbed her head up to pump Dan’s big cock into her mouth, and showed frustration when she couldn’t use her hands to fondle his big balls or pump his cock. Dan just kept eating Li’s pussy, alternately licking her clit and tongue fucking her as best he could.

“Now Debbie, before we do anything else,” Thad said, “may I fuck you? Climb up on my lap so I can taste your lovely tits while we fuck. Oh yes, that’s it.”

Debbie straddled Thad’s lap, lowering her wet pussy onto Thad’s pole, feeling it enter her deeply as she let her weight bring her all the way down until she felt Thad’s balls under her ass. Thad’s hands cupped Debbie’s ass cheeks, spreading them wider, and Debbie was surprised how easily Thad seemed to lift her up and down his cock, letting himself penetrate her all the way with each stroke. Debbie originally helped lift herself, but seeing that Thad needed no help, she surrendered to the feeling of the big cock in her cunt and the mouth at her neck, tits and face. She could hear the other two slurping each other, and sensed a growing desperation to get each other off, but their positions made it difficult to actually get over the edge of orgasm. She started to understand the “revenge” Thad had mentioned.

After a few more minutes of glorious fucking, Thad lifted her, still impaled on his cock, and layed her down so that Dan’s face looked right at their joined crotches. Dan got his first close up look at another man’s cock in Debbie, and of her evident delight at fucking another man. Up until now, Dan had shared Debbie with another woman. And he knew she fucked other men, sometimes more than one at a time, she described it to him and he found it exciting despite his jealousy. But the close up reality, while tremendously exciting (especially while Li sucked his cock and her body was clamped next to his), was also more disturbing than he thought it would be. Dan watched as Thad’s longer cock (which also bothered him) pounded into Debbie’s waiting cunt. He could see her hump upward toward Thad at every stroke and hear her moan as she approached her first orgasm. As Debbie climaxed, her long legs wrapped around Thad, pulling him all the way into her. Dan couldn’t tear his eyes away, until a moan from Li reminded him of her lovely twat waiting for more oral attention.

Debbie was thrilled by the good fuck, and wanted Dan to see more. She pushed Thad from her and shifted around so that her head lay on the floor near Dan, under Thad’s crotch. Her hand guided Thad’s cunt-slicked cock to her mouth and she began to fuck Thad with her mouth, straining to take more of the big, cocoa colored dick with each stroke. Soon Thad took over the rhythm, beginning to fuck down into Debbie’s waiting mouth. She groaned and nodded her encouragement, holding his cock with her hand at the same time to both increase Thad’s stimulation and to keep him from fucking too far down her throat.

“Good Debra,” she could hear Zach say to her, “suck that cock, take Thad’s cum, but let it overflow your lips and coat your face, I want Dan to see it.”

The thought of Dan watching this so closely was almost enough to make Debbie cum again. Thad kept fucking her mouth harder and faster, then cried out and she felt his hot cum begin to blast into her mouth. Swallowing the first blast, she pushed most of the rest back out of her mouth but kept sucking, letting Thad’s river of cum flow down her cheeks to the floor. As Thad finished cumming, he lifted off of Debbie and moved around to Li’s head. He removed Dan’s cock from her sucking mouth, which startled Dan since no man had touched his cock up until then. Then Thad pushed his still mostly hard cock into Li’s mouth.

“Suck me clean woman. Debbie is indeed a wonderful lover as you said, lick her juices from me.” Li happily complied, savoring the already familiar taste of Debbie’s cunt juices on her man’s long cock.

“You know what’s next, Debra,” Zach said silently to her.

“I love you Dan,” Debbie said. Then she brought her cum filled mouth and cum slicked face to Dan’s for a long kiss. Dan tasted Thad’s salty, slimy semen in Debbie’s mouth. He tried to back away, but his bonds wouldn’t release him and neither would Debbie, who pushed the cum into his mouth with her tongue as they kissed. He could feel the slippery cum slide across his face on Debbie’s.

“That’s right Dan,” Zach said in his mind, “this is just the beginning. Debra’s limits have been pushed many times, tonight we move yours outward. This isn’t just a free ride for a pussy loving man like you.”

“How far will I need to go, Zach?” Dan thought, panicking.

“As far as I want you to, Dan. Just let go and try to enjoy.”

Debbie broke the kiss and moved around to kiss Li as well. Li was busily sucking Thad, who had already recovered his hard on. He stood up, and brought more toys from the bad. There were an assortment of butt plugs, dildos and strap on harnesses. Thad handed Debbie a strap on with a nifty double sided cock that sort of bent in the middle. The result was that Debbie could take a sizable dildo into her own cunt, then put the harness on to allow her to fuck someone else with the other end. She tested the dildo in her hand and found that the dildo slid in the harness enough so that she too was fucked by the dildo whenever she used it.

Thad picked up a butt plug and moved around to Li’s lower end. He bent her legs back further, forcing Dan’s hands back at the same time. Then he dipped the plug in Li’s cunt for lubrication.

“Do me a favor, mon,” Thad said to Dan, “wet this for me.” And with that Thad put the plug to Dan’s mouth. Dan complied, licking the plug thoroughly and even sucking the end as Thad pushed it into his mouth a bit. After this, Thad forced Li’s legs back even further, bringing her asshole up to view. He took the plug and pushed it firmly and in one move all the way in past the tight sphincter. Li grunted. She loved being butt fucked, but the initial feeling of a something this large going in hurt anyway. The plug lodged firmly. Dan’s close up view of her stretched asshole, and the consequent stretching open of her cunt was mesmerizing. Without thinking, Dan leaned his head down and began to once again give Li head. The sensations made Li thrash and moan.

“Now Dan, you don’t mind if I fuck MY wife now, do you?” Without waiting for an answer, Thad slid his cock halfway into Li’s plug-tightened twat. Dan felt Thad’s body push against his head and saw the big milk chocolate colored cock move up right next to his mouth. But he kept licking Li’s clit, building a faster rhythm as Thad began to pump his rod into his wife.

Debbie was not to be left out. She leaned down and started licking Dan’s ass, giving him the rim job of his life. Now Dan had Debbie licking his ass and Li sucking his cock again while Thad fucked the cunt he was eating out. It was too much, he groaned the distinctive groan that Debbie knew meant he would cum. She took Dan’s sack in her hand and twisted gently. Not really hurting her husband, but enough to put off his impending orgasm.

“Not yet, lover, we’re not done with you yet,” Debbie said. Then she placed a band around Dan’s balls, effectively blocking him from coming, and building a whopping case of blue balls since Li kept trying to make him cum in her mouth.

Debbie started rimming Dan again, pushing her tongue deeper now into his asshole. Thad was slowly pumping his whole dick in and out of Li’s pussy, while Dan unavoidably touched Thad’s big cock with his tongue in the process of licking Li’s clit. Then Thad slid his dick out of Li’s cunt, and let it ride up towards Dan’s face a few times, smearing Dan’s cheek’s with Li’s juices even more. Dan knew what they wanted, but kept moving his mouth out of the way.

“Do it Dan, take Thad in your mouth, suck him off,” Debbie said, “I’ll let you cum if you do, otherwise Li’s mouth and mine will just make you harder and harder, with no release all night.”

Dan groaned, he knew Zach could make him do it, and would make him do it if he didn’t himself. And wanted to cum so bad!

“Your choice, Dan,” Zach said in both Dan and Debbie’s mind. “If you do it yourself, I’ll help you keep going for as long as you want tonight, and everyone here will accommodate you however you want. If I have to make you do it, and you know I can, I’ll keep you hard and frustrated all night long, and it will be a very long night. These are very horny, demanding people you’re with. What will it be?”

Dan opened his mouth and felt the silky head of Thad’s cock slip inside. He started to bob his head slowly and shallowly, not knowing exactly how to do this. Then he felt the band removed from his balls and Debbie probing more deeply, tongue fucking his asshole while Li took his whole cock down her willing throat. Zach was helping all of them tonight do things that would be difficult at best normally. Dan began to pump more deeply onto Thad’s dick. He couldn’t take it in his throat, but he took most of it into his mouth, licking and sucking, giving in to the whole thing, trying to be a good cocksucker like the women in his life were. He felt Thad’s cock begin to swell and pulse harder and just as the salty cum filled his mouth, he came too. River’s of hot cum gushed from his cock into Li’s waiting mouth. She kept sucking him, letting the cum overflow her mouth while he poured it into her. Debbie replaced her tongue with two fingers, pushing them into Dan’s loosened ass and fucking him with them, making him cum even harder and dumping a fresh load of cum (with Zach’s help) into Li. He was afraid he might drown her in sperm, but Li just kept taking his dick into her mouth.

Dan let Thad’s cum drip back out of his mouth (not ready to swallow it) and onto Li’s cunt, and Thad soon removed his cock and pushed it back into Li’s twat, still stretched tight by the butt plug. That pushed Li over the top too and her orgasm hit her hard., her body thrashed on the floor, jerking Dan around since the were still strapped together. Debbie meanwhile slicked the dildo up with spit and began to push it into Dan’s ass. He clenched, then consciously tried to relax and take the fake cock into him. Debbie began to pump him, the dildo sliding in and out of her on one side of the harness while it fucked him with the other. Soon she built a short, hard, fast rhythm that brought her to climax again, she had already been half there just by watching the whole everyone else and by the thought of fucking her man up the ass they way he’d taken her there so many times by now.

Now Zach gave a little extra bonus to Dan, as Debbie kept fucking his ass to bring herself off, Zach brought Dan’s dick to attention once more, far earlier than it would respond ordinarily after the monster orgasm he’d had. Li, finding the big cock once more probing her mouth, opened wide and swallowed it, sucking Dan for all she was worth. Zach made the bonds holding Li’s wrists come loose and she immediately began pumping Dan’s dick with her hand as well as mouth. That was too much for Dan, as Debbie screamed and came a final time, Dan let loose again, feeling like his brain was being sucked out of his dick, feeling the jism pump into Li’s hot mouth while the dildo pumped in and out of his ass.

It was a long night. The bonds were loosed while everyone kissed and relaxed. Later, in a more relaxed fashion, they all went at it again. Dan experienced his first blowjob from a male, and found he also enjoyed fucking Thad’s ass, but not nearly as much as he liked buttfucking women. Debbie found herself straddling Li, who wore the strap-on this time, while Dan pumped her ass and Thad fucked her mouth. All in all, a sweaty, blissful night of sexual firsts, and one of the best Zach had experienced in centuries.