The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Defeating Matthew

Peter Elser thumbed through the magic book, glancing at the spells that were written in German. The magic book was handed down from his parents, who were its first authors. The young man, aged 23, was amused at some of the spells. The spells, of course, were benevolent and were mainly used to heal people. Being a house doctor, Peter put these spells to work-making medicinal drinks from herbs, or healing patients with his hands. However, Peter could only heal sick people. He could do nothing for the dead.

He was paid handsomely for his healing abilities, and in addition his patients and their families were very grateful for his services. It made the German proud that he could help others other than himself. In addition to helping sick people, the widower (whose wife had died in childbirth) had even used the spells to heal his son Rolf when he was ill.

Peter was still thumbing through the book when he came across a page where there was a drawing of a human. Intrigued, he read the text that accompanied the picture:

“Matthew: a demon that can take aby shape or form. He has the power to bend people to his will and his powers of manipulation are very strong. He kills those who try to destroy him.”

The doctor was surprised. Had his parents encountered this demon? How did they survive to write about it?

Peter was still reading when there was a konock at the door of his hut. He opened it and a beautiful woman stood before him, with shoulder-length blonde curls, blue eyes and a trim figure. She wore a loose red dress and sandals on her feet. She also had red, sensuous lips.

“Hallo, ich hiesse Inga,” she said in a seductive voice.

“Ich heisse Peter. Was kann ich fuer Sie tun?”

“Kann ich herein?", she asked.

“Naturlich,” he said.

He let Inga in, but unfortunately he had forgotten to close the magic book prior to answering the door. It was still open and on the table. Inga saw it and cringed. On the page was her in her true form-as Matthew!

“Inga, what’s wrong?", Peter asked-concerned.

“Silence!", she roared, her voice taking on a rough, deep male tone.

“Who are you?", Peter asked-angry and frightened.

“I am your worst nightmare, mortal! I am Matthew!”

“Matthew? Woher kennen Sie mir?”

“From your parents. They tried to destroy me, but escaped before I could kill them. That won’t stop me from killing you, though.”

“I won’t let that happen!", Peter exclaimed. With that, without touching Inga, he knocked her against the wall with his hands.

“Weg!", he exclaimed.

Inga got up and said, “I will come back. Your family hasn’t seen the last of me. I’ll destroy all of your descendants and then noone will be left to stop me!” With that, she disappeared into a puff of smoke. After she was gone, Peter went to get six-year-old Rolf.

“Rolf, bist du in ordnung?”

“Ja, vater.”

“Good. If anything happened to you, I’d want Matthew to kill me.”

“Was vater?", Rolf asked-confused.

“Nichts, sohn. Du bist in ordnung. That’s all that matters. Now stay very close to me.”

“Okay,” the boy said.

Peter flipped through the magic book to find a blank page. The he wrote a spell (translated from German)—

To banish Matthew:
Evil demon in our midst.
Permit me not to look upon your face.
I banish thee, I banish thee,
back to hell where you belong.
Here now these words I speak.
Let me see no more of you.

After he wrote the spell, he closed the book and locked it in a chest. He didn’t want Rolf using it just yet. No, not until he was older.

* * *

After Peter died in 1055, Rolf found the magic book that had been locked in the chest. By this time, he was already married to Emma Straussberg and had a son of his own named John. Rolf looked through the book and found the spell banishing Matthew. Unfortunately, he had no idea that he was going to be his next victim, but this time the demon would succeed in killing him-unlike the failed attempt on his father Peter.

Rolf, who was a farmer, was outside when Matthew struck. He wasn’t Inga, but this time he was disguised as a peasant. Approaching Rolf, he said “Hallo”.

The German looked up from his vegetable digging and said, “Hallo, was kann ich fuer Sie tun?”

The fateful words that Peter had said to Inga.

“Nichts,” the peasant said. Then he struck, in that deep, male demonic voice:

“This time I won’t fail.”

“Was?", the German asked, with the same fear his father had.

“Ich heisse Matthew. You will die.”

Rolf tried to chant the spell but could not remember it. This pleased the demon and he slapped the farmer, breaking his neck and causing him to fall to the ground. The blow killed him instantly.

Emma watched her husband’s death in horror (from a close distance) from inside the house and ran to get the magic book. She found it and quickly flipped to the banishment spell. His wife had read through part of it, when the demon saw what she was doing, turned himself into a lion, ran into the open house and pounced on her. Emma dropped the book and screamed as the lion bit her neck, causing blood to run from it. The woman died from loss of blood, and their young son frightfully witnessed the event. Matthew saw the young boy scream “Mutter!” and fling himself onto her, crying. He was pleased, but didn’t attack him. Not yet, but John would soon be his next victim.

* * *

“Sarah, look at me.”

“No, I must destroy you,” John Elser’s descendant said.

By now, Matthew had wiped out all of her ancestors, including John, as well as her parents and grandparents. He had even killed her husband, Ethan Rademacher.

This time he was disguised as a handsome SS officer, with light brown hair and brown eyes.

“Sarah, I won’t hurt you,” the demon said in a soothingly deceptive voice. “Look into my eyes, Sarah. Look into them and soon you’ll understand that I won’t hurt you. I can love you. I can love you like no mortal man has.”

“Why did you kill my husband, Matthew?”

“Sh..shh..that’s not important. Just look into my eyes. Relax and look into them,” he said and softly stroked her face.

Sarah looked into his eyes and he said, “Relax..look deep..Relax..look deep.”

The young woman looked deeply into his eyes and listened to his voice. “Your eyes are getting heavy, Sarah. As you look into my eyes, your own eyes are getting heavy.”

She blinked her eyes rapidly to stay awake, but Matthew said, “Your eyes are getting heavier and heavier, and you’re feeling so sleepy now. Listening to my voice makes you feel sleepy, sleepy.”

Her eyes were now half-open and he said, “You don’t want to destroy me, do you?”

“No,” she said sleepily.

“No, you don’t. Now when I count to three, you will close your eyes and go deep asleep. Okay, one..two..three.”

Sarah’s eyes slammed shut and her head slumped down.

“Open your eyes but remain asleep.”

“She opened her eyes and he said, “You want to make love to me.”

“I want to make love to you,” she droned.

“Good. Now take off all your clothes.”

Sarah took off her dress, revealing beautiful, full breasts, a toned body and shapely legs that even the demon couldn’t resist. Matthew took off his SS uniform and cap. They got on the bed and he mounted her, kissing her deeply-with her lips responding in kind. Then he licked her stomach and she kissed his neck, causing him to moan in pleasure. Matthew thrust in and out of Sarah, causing the young woman to writhe her body-twisting like a snake and moaning.

He toes starting curling, and she spread her legs. The demon continued thrusting in and out, eventually bringing her to orgams. The sex was so intense between them that it shook the bed and she started screaming in pleasure.

When they were done, he dressed and ordered her to do the same. She followed his orders and he said, “When I count to three, you will awaken. One. Two. Three.”

Her eyes cleared and she blinked a bit, as if she were in a daze. A few minutes later Sarah remembered what to do.

“I will destroy you, Matthew-just as Ethan tried to.”

The demon was horrified. He thought she’d forgotten about trying to destroy him.

Sarah began chanting:

Evil demon in our midst.
Permit me not to look upon your face.

Matthew’s fear turned to rage and he roared. Then with his hand, he did to Sarah as he had done to Rolf and all of his descendants, and to Ethan. He struck her across the face. The blow was so strong that it knocked the young woman to the floor, and she broke her neck.

She died instantly.

“You’ve lost again, Peter!", he exclaimed-laughing evilly.

* * *

“Mmmm...Grams, what smells so good?", 25-year-old Juni asked as she walked into the kitchen. Her grams was her great-grandmother Carye Colt, who was one of Sarah and Ethan’s daughters.

“Well dear, it’s just some leftover chicken from last night. You’re lucky there’s some left, as you know what big eaters your cousins, aunts and uncles are.”

“I know Grams. The last time we all ate together, it was like WWII all over again. We were all fighting over leftovers.”

Carye just grinned lovingly. Juni was such a sweet girl, and one of her favorite great-grandchildren. Juni adored her great-grandmother just as well.

The two ate the leftover chicken together at the kitchen table, and she said, “Grams, I was looking through the magic book and...”

“Oh isn’t that a wonderful book?", Carye asked.

“Well, yes. However, I was looking through it and I saw a picture of a demon named Matthew. Why would a demon be in our magic book?”

Carye’s face turned solemn and although she wasn’t angry, she was visibly upset.

“Grams, sind Sie in ordnung?”

“Nicht genau, but I’m not upset at you. It’s time I told you about him.”

“Naturlich, Grams.”

“I don’t need to tell you what’s already in the book about Matthew, but you should know that noone in our family has ever succeeded in destroying this horrible being. Except for my late husband and our immediate family including yourself, everyone else in our family who’s tried to destroy this evil has been killed by him.”

“But Grams, all we have to do is say the spell.”

“Honey, that’s what my parents tried to do, as well as my ancestors-including Rolf and Emma. They didn’t live through the chanting. Even today, noone in the family is willing to go up against him, and I hope you don’t either.”

“But Grams...”

“Juni, don’t be foolish. I don’t want you getting killed,” she said sternly. Juni was disappointed, but secretly vowed to find Matthew and destroy-or at least defeat-him once and for all.

“Grams, may I be excused?”

“Of course, dear.”

Thanks,” she said and kissed her cheek. Carye beamed.

Juni went into the living room and got a pen and paper out of a desk drawer. Grabbing the book, she headed into a guest bedroom, locked the door, opened the book and flipped the pages to the banishment spell. After she copied the spell, Juni folded the paper and stuffed it in her pocket. Then she went back to the living room and returned the magic book to its proper location.

She was ready to kick some demon behind.

* * *

Juni was asleep in her parents’ house late one night when she heard a voice:

“Juni”. It was a male voice.

She woke up, but her father wasn’t in the room. She was puzzled. Who was calling her name?

Then she heard the voice again.


“Ja?", she asked-a bit frightened.

“Juni, ich heisse Peter. I am communicating with you telepathically.”

“Who are you?", she asked.

“I am your ancestor. I lived in 1002 Germany, so the rest is history. Please don’t be frightened, dear,” he said gently.

“Kann ich dich sehen?", Juni asked.

“Ja,” Peter said, “and perhaps we can communicate more clearly.”

“Okay,” she said.

In a few minutes, a flesh-and-blood human being materialized before her. The figure was that of an old man, but before she could say anything the old man took on a different form. He took the form of a handsome, young German in his early 20s-with short blond hair and kind dark brown eyes. The reason for this transformation was because he had been struck by her beauty and wanted to know her-intimately.

“Peter,” she gasped.

“’t talk”, he softly said, and kissed her passionately on the lips. Juni returned the kiss with full force. Afterwards, she breathed “Peter”.

“Ja, Juni?", he asked-kissing her neck and stroking her breasts.

“Warum sind Sie hier?”

“Have you ever heard of a demon named Matthew?”

“Yes, I have,” Juni said, “he’s in our magic book. Everyone in the family knows who he is.”

“I know where he is,” Peter said.

“You do?”

“Yes. He’s at a disco in Berlin called ‘Musikzentrum’. I saw him there, but I was disguised as a teenage boy.”

“Did he see you?", she asked.

“Yes, unfortunately, but I escaped and then disappeared.” Then he added, “Juni, now that you know where he is, it’s up to you to defeat him. Do you know the spell?”

“Ja, naturlich. Ich habe es.”


“Hier,” she said and showed her ancestor the paper with the spell written on it.

“Ah, my exact words. You’ve done me well, honey. Wunderbar. But I must warn you-please stay a safe distance away from him, or he will kill you,” Peter said.

“Peter, I’m scared. Maybe I should listen to my Grams.”

“No Juni. I know it’s frightening and even I was scared, but you have to defeat this evil. His reign of terror has gone on for too long. It needs to end.”

“Ok, I’ll do it,” she said confidently.

“I know you’ll do fine. Now I must go. I’ll send a guide along for you. Goodbye now,” he said and faded away.

“Ok, goodbye.”

After he was gone, she put the spell back in the drawer and sighed, saying, “I don’t know how I’m going to pull this off, but I’ve got to try.

* * *

The next sunset evening, Juni went to Musikzentrum, and of course the music was very loud. In fact, her favorite song “Move Your Body” by Eiffel 64 was playing, and everyone was dancing-including her.

Juni was dancing when she saw a young woman eyeing her from across the room. Though it wasn’t too dark, it was dim so she couldn’t see the girl very well. That changed when the young woman approached her and called out “Bist du Juni?", as it was very loud.

“Ja!", she called back.

“Ich heisse Katrina!", she called out again.

“Was?", she shouted.

Realizing that Juni couldn’t hear her well over the noise, Katrina grabbed her hand and led her outside. Once they were outside, Juni asked, “Wie kennst du mich?”

“Peter Elser sent me to protect you.”

“Peter? That means you’re..”

“Immortal, yes,” Katrina said.

“Well, that wasn’t what I was going to say, but now that you mentioned it,how long have you been living?", Juni asked.

“1000 years.”

“Since Peter sent you, I assume that you know who Matthew is as well.”

“Yes, I do,” Katrina said, “that’s why I need to protect you.”

“But I have a banishment spell. Peter told me to stay a safe distance away from him.”

“Yes, but I was sent to make sure that you do that.”

“So you’re my babysitter?", she asked.

Katrina laughed, “No, but if Peter sent me to protect you then he’s really concerned. He believes in you but he feels that you need some backup.”

“Well ok then,” she said-grinning, “I guess you’re my new bodyguard.” Katrina laughed again and said, “I guess you’re right.”

They went back into the disco, when the DJ was putting in the next CD. However, when the next CD played, it sent out a hypnotic signal.

“Juni, cover your ears!", Katrina exclaimed-as she covered hers. The hypnotic signal went through the crowd and when it stopped playing, the crowd was in a daze. Matthew scanned the crowd and saw that Juni and Katrina had not been affected. Enraged, he asked, “Why aren’t you both under my control?”

“This isn’t my type of music,” Juni said.

“Nice try, Matthew but no dice,” Katrina said-grinning.

Matthew looked at Katrina and said, “I know you. You’re just as annoying now as you were 1000 years ago. You still can’t stay out of my business.”

“Well, flattery won’t get you anywhere sweetie,” she said, “however, I’d like you to meet my new friend Juni. She’s going to destroy you.”

“Not if she’s dead!", Matthew exclaimed. Addressing the Germans, he said “Attention. You are all under my control now and will do what I say. Do you understand?”

“Ja,” they all said in sleepy unison.

“Good. My first order to you is to kill this girl.”

Pointing to Juni, he exclaimed, “Get her!”

The hypnotized crowd turned to Juni and Katrina, and Katrina said, “Let’s run!”

“Right!", Juni said.

The two ran from the disco, with the army of Germans chasing after them at an increasing speed. While running, Juni tripped but Katrina quickly helped her up. They ran towards an open field and for a while, everything was quiet.

“Maybe we lost them,” Juni said.

“I don’t think so,” Katrina said, “I assume you have the powers to hold them off?”

“Powers?” she asked.

“You know, to revert objects and people, to freeze time, that sort of thing?”

“Oh, yes,” Juni said.

“That’s great because you’re going to need them right about-NOW!", she exclaimed.

She didn’t understand what Katrina meant until she saw an army coming toward them. It was the Germans from the dance club, and they were still hypnotized.

“Freeze,” Juni said and threw out her hands. The crowd was frozen in its tracks. Then using her hands, she threw them back while Katrina punched and kicked them. One by one, the crowd was coming to, not knowing where they were or how they got there. Juni said, “Um, this is quite story, so I hope you’ll all understand. There’s this demon named Matthew that I need to defeat, and this is my guide Katrina. The reason you’re all here is because you were hypnotized.”

“Hypnotized by what?", a teenage boy asked.

“A CD. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what happened.”

“Why weren’t you affected?", a teenage girl asked.

“Katrina and I covered our ears. Listen to me: Matthew is a very powerful and dangerous demon. He has the power to manipulate people and I am destined to defeat him. Tonight, because of him you were all mind-controlled. Anyway, in the meantime please don’t go back to that disco until we deem it safe. If you value your minds, please listen to me. If you go back there, you’ll be mind-controlled again and Katrina and I probably won’t be around to save you.”

The German youths were confused enough as it was, but decided to heed Juni’s advice for their own safety.

“Ok, we won’t go back,” the same teenage boy said, “but what can we do to help you?”

“Warn everyone in the city if you can,” Katrina said.

“Ok,” the boy said.

“Vielen dank,” Juni said, “now please go. Go home if you can.” The youths dispersed, possibly going places other than home. After they left, Juni said, “I’m going home because I’m wiped. We can deal with this tomorrow.”

“Sure thing,” Katrina said, “have a safe trip.” “I will,” she said.

* * *

The next sunset evening, Juni and Katrina were at the disco again, but this time Matthew had a pack of new slaves ready to serve him. Juni froze the scene, including the demon, and searched for the CD. Finally, without having to play it, she found it, just when Matthew unfroze.

“What are you doing?", he asked sadistically.

“This,” Katrina said, and kicked him down the podium stairs. Matthew fell to the floor but wasn’t knocked out.

“Freeze him now!", she said.

Juni froze him, and staying a safe distance she chanted the banishment spell, in it’s entirety. After she chanted the spell, she unfroze the demon and he screamed and turned into a ball of fire. Then the demon disappeared into smoke. After he disappeared, the youths that had been affected the the mind control blinked their eyes and came out of their trance. They were confused as to what had happened.

“We did it!", Juni exclaimed-hugging Katrina.

“Actually, you did-but congratulations! I’m so proud of you.”

“Thanks Kat, I just won’t tell my Grams,” Juni said-grinning, and then destroyed the CD.

Juni went up to the podium, and said, “Achtung! This club is now being closed for cleaning so you must all leave. However, it will re-open tomorrow evening and you can all come back.” Hey, it was a lie but it got the people out of there.

* * *

The night after Matthew was banished, the disco re-opened and everyone, including Juni and Katrina, danced the night away in celebration. Matthew was gone forever. Or so Juni thought...