The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Demon About

It was just a bunch of twenty-somethings out on a drunken binge when they walked into the trap I had so carefully set. They decided, between bars, to visit a storefront fortune teller, Madame something or other. She was a charlatan, of course, as they all are, but she had pretensions to real skills. As it happens, she dabbled, ineptly, in the occult and had inadvertently unlocked a small portal. I stumbled onto that slightly ajar portal, and here I was. It had been years, thousands, and I was almost powerless in this realm without a host who would would both give me corporeal form and help me navigate this new world. The fortuneteller was an old, broken-down crone, and I did not want to be lodged in her body, which I determined was suffused with tumorous masses and was soon to expire. Besides, I did not come all this way just to substantiate as a decrepit old woman. My ideal host body would be an exciting one. A body that could entice all on its own. I waited patiently for just the right situation and passed up several opportunities. What was a few days compared to thousands of years? But, I was growing more desperate. The longer I stayed in this realm in etherial form, the stronger the pull of my own nightmarish realm. I did not want to return, ever.

The drunken group was six in all, two male and four female, all vibrant and attractive, and just in time. They were clearly inebriated as they sat at Madame Fakery’s large round table for a “seance.” She had convinced them, in their drunkenness, to spring for the more expensive backroom seance versus the standard palm reading, all of it being bullshit, of course. The group giggled rudely at the tacky spectacle, the dimmed lights, the snatches of patterned cloth randomly strung round the room, the array of candles, and the tumble of knick knacks and crystals she had acquired from antique shops over the years to enhance the ambience. Madame Bamboozala cared not for their mockery. She had their money. When they had calmed, she dramatically instructed them to hold hands around the table and close their eyes, which they did.

The one directly across from the delusive medium caught my attention. She seemed a superb vessel for my needs, for that is all they all were, vessels. Even inebriated, my selection had a confident vigor that one did not often see in a female human from the period I was most familiar with, but she was also soft and sensual. It was an enticing combination. Her clothing, all their clothing, was odd to me, which is to be expected, but I could tell her form was as beautiful as her face despite her coverings. I could use both her innate strength and her evident beauty to my benefit. She would make a perfect host. I chose her.

But first, I needed a distraction to take her without drawing attention. Besides, I was up for a bit of fun after millennia of misery. I love a good prank. Despite my limited powers as a non-corporeal in this realm, I managed to shake the table and produce some frightening noises as Madame Ersatz chanted her gibberish. She was surprised by my activity but kept going. Her hubris was so robust that she had deceived even herself with fantasies of her magical prowess and began to imagine her balderdash might have some authenticity. As for the drunken friends, they screamed with shock and laughed with delight, figuring it all as part of the act. They were but children. With them focused on my mischief, I slithered under the table. My target wore some sort of trousers, jeans as I later learned, which put me off, but no matter. I entered her in my long-favorite way, from below. Her body jumped violently with a sexual jolt, and she fell back in her chair, which the others thought was due to a scare from the vibrating table. Before she even hit the floor, her consciousness rapidly receding, she was I. The others helped me up, and I assessed my status.

My new body was extraordinary. It was fit and lovely. I certainly chose well and was glad I bided my time in making a selection. My host’s mind was complicated, and it took me a short while to unlock what I needed. To her friends, she was merely discomposed by the scare, the fall, and the alcohol—a temporary confusion—so we left the fortuneteller’s store and walked a few doors down to a loud pub. All this was unfamiliar to me, of course, but as I accessed more aspects of my host’s mind, I started recalling and recognizing. These people were my host’s friends from college, a new concept, and they shared a domicile nearby. All of them held positions of various sorts in the surrounding city, what they called their “first jobs out of college.” At the bar, we drank some more, which was unwise, and then I accompanied them as they stumbled to our shared home. The alcohol, of course, had no effect on me.

The friends each had a private room for sleeping in their house with the exception of one of the males and one of the females who were lovers and shared a room. Otherwise we slept alone at night. I had only seen this luxury of privacy among the wealthiest and most powerful of society, which these were not, and I realized I had much to absorb regarding this new time before I could proceed with my plan. Once in my room and disrobed, under the miraculous glare of electric lights, I admired the luminous reflection of my delectable nakedness in a mirror. Lights and glass mirrors, such modern wonders abounded. I had never before seen one of my hosts’ images with such exacting semblance. I was lithe and tan, with softly rounded hips and diminutive breasts. My brown hair was long and smooth and looked fetching splayed on my bare shoulders. My legs were shapely. Bizarrely, my nether region was shaved bald. Otherwise, I was most desirable. I stretched my body onto the over-soft mattress and bided my time by exploring my new host’s memories and knowledge, which was vast. She had experienced much in her short lifetime. Soon I had seized complete command and compelled her consciousness to recede once and for all into oblivion. I rose to stride boldly naked to the room next door.

As I entered, I could see one of the males fast asleep. My host had caught him many times ogling her body. He flirted some with her, but she never encouraged him despite his objective handsomeness. She preferred taller men with more muscles and could afford to be selective given her considerable attributes. Besides, she did not want to be entangled with one of her housemates, which was wise. I needed to exert control over his mind to execute my plan, but I was still not strong enough to do so without resorting to trickery. I would need to weaken his resolve and lower any resistance he might muster. This would be fun. I slid into his bed and pressed my naked body against his. As I reached into his underpants and gripped his cock, he awoke with a confused start, his mind clouded by alcohol and sleep. “What the fu?” His befuddlement turned to suddenly awareness and budding arousal. My host was an experienced lover as was I, and soon my ministrations had this boy fully erect and very excited. We kissed, his breath awful, and his tongue pushed into my mouth. His hands grabbed awkwardly at my flesh and settled on my breasts. I rolled him on his back and pulled out his cock. My mouth brought it to its full length as he moaned my host’s name louder and louder. My ancient familiarity with the sexual practices of this realm had combined with my host’s considerable sexual alacrity, so my mouth served as a highly effective stimulant. In very little time I knew he was ready, and I climbed on top, inserting him into me with a quick move. He gasped, and I drove my hips toward his.

I had to concentrate. I probed his mind as he focused more and more on the pure pleasure he was experiencing. He kept kneading my breasts clumsily, which was most annoying, but doing so seemed to enhance his euphoria, which was to my advantage. I pumped my hips with more eagerness. I was a formidable lover who knew how to prolong a male’s enjoyment and maximize his gratification. This one was close to losing himself in a few moments of climax as I readied myself to penetrate even deeper into his consciousness. He finally orgasmed with a loud grunt followed by a deep moan, and I was in. Within seconds, utterly diverted by ecstasy, he opened his self and relinquished his will. With a thrill, I perceived what only a being of my horrific realm could perceive and delighted as the light of consciousness that flickered in his eyes suddenly flared and then extinguished. It was exquisite to enjoy, once again and after so long, the defeat and surrender of a mind, and I wanted to savor the instant of his enslavement. The experience so stimulated me that I enjoyed my own orgasm, accompanied by my host’s voice calling out a spontaneous and ironic “oh god!” It had been her habit at such moments I supposed. When I was done, my new slave lay there awaiting instruction, and I told him to sleep. I would need him later.

With my victory over his mind’s freedom, I gained some power but still not enough to exert my control at will. I would need more conquests. I knew from my host’s mind that one of the females sometimes enjoyed women and sometimes enjoyed men. Surprisingly, given her extensive sexual history, my host had never experienced a woman, so it was time. I entered this comely girl’s room. She was short of stature with curly yellow hair framing a pretty face. She had recently, in a frank moment of intimate sharing, told my host that she would want to kiss her if only my host liked girls. My host was flattered but a bit alarmed and broke off the conversation. This next seduction should, like the first, prove easy. I was pleased that the advantages of an alluring host body were still sizable in this realm.

Before I left my new male thrall’s room, I decided to indulge myself by taking it slower this time. I donned a shirt that lay on the floor, and, although it barely covered my pubic area and had an unpleasant odor, it was sufficient. I knocked on the female’s door softly while cracking it open until she roused herself. “What the fuck is up?” She was clearly still inebriated, which would work in my favor. I invited myself in, saying I couldn’t sleep after a nightmare, and asked to lie down next to her. She was mystified by the request, so I made my voice a bit more pleading and vulnerable. She acceded to my wishes. While she at first had seemed vexed at being disturbed, I could tell that she was delighted by the prospect of us lying in bed together. She rolled on her side facing away from me, and I curled up against her in an amatory position I now knew was called “spooning.” My hand slipped over her waist and lightly touched her belly. I pressed my face to the back of her head, and softly kissed. I then kissed again, a little lower, and then again on the back of her neck. She twitched and asked what I was doing. She tried to sound annoyed, but I knew she was only feigning. I told her that I had been thinking of our recent conversation, and I kissed her nape as sensuously as possible. She rolled to face me. After a brief pause to look into my eyes, she asked what I thought about the conversation. She apparently wanted to discuss our feelings.

I started to grow concerned that this seduction would be more tedious than I had anticipated.

I was not sure how a female of this era would respond to a direct approach, so I consulted the insights of my host’s mind, which was limited on the subject of females seducing females. I opted to respond vaguely: “I was just thinking about it, about what you said, that’s all.” She sighed and asked what I thought about that. This was indeed growing tedious, so I decided to expedite the interaction and kissed her on the lips gently. Amazed, she pulled away, but only slightly, and I kissed her again. This time, she kissed back, and soon we were embracing and kissing with unrestrained passion. To take her mind, I would have to distract her with intense pleasure, as with the male. But, I knew that with a female, achieving climactic fulfillment could be much more complex—albeit wonderfully so. I could afford to indulge myself, though. I took my time and let her guide me since my host was supposed to be such a novice in the art of pleasing other women. I, of course, had vast experience in satisfying others in every combination. The female began kissing me all over and then reached down to pile my shirt above my breasts. She pressed her lips on and around my breasts and then started sucking on a nipple. It had been too long since I felt that delight. The boy had merely gripped my breasts and squeezed them in a way that brought him seemingly much delight and me almost none, but this female was adept. Her hands slid sensually all over my thighs and buttocks and then tentatively settled on my most intimate area, what my host called her pussy. I pushed my hips into her fingers, and her efforts grew less tenuous.

Soon, I took more control and began to fondle her. She too wore a shirt, which I had her remove as I also removed mine. She wore panties, which I peeled down her thighs, and then I leaned in to lick there. She pushed me away, whispering, “not yet.” I was growing impatient to intensify her pleasure in order to feast on her mind, but, then again, what was a few more moments of play? I was determined to enjoy this as much as I could. Her breasts were large, much larger than mine, and looked out of place on her slight frame. I suckled them, to her delight, and slipped my fingers into her slick vagina. She moaned heavily. We were close. Still, it had been so very long since I had felt the pleasure of a female tongue between my legs. I sat up and spun around to face toward her legs before straddling her face. She was startled at my aggressiveness, but started licking. I enjoyed extracting even this small degree of obedience from her even before I had probed her mind. I knew she could taste the semen of the male which still dripped from inside me, but she was getting lost in the ardor of the moment and did not react. I bent forward to lick her, and she lifted her hips in response. We were both on the verge, and I was now able to plunge into her mind, but not deep enough. I still needed her to drop all resistance before I could enthrall her.

To maximize my own pleasure, I needed to witness the moment that the last barriers of her mind fell, so I stopped licking and climbed off of her. Her frustration and displeasure were evident, but I quickly replaced my tongue with my fingers and whispered lustily, close to her ear, “I want to see your face when I make you come.” That did it for her and soon she started rising to a climax. The sound she made was sharp but soft, and I could feel her throb around my fingertips. Her mind, unguarded, then opened. As I invaded and asserted my absolute control, the spark of consciousness in her eyes flared and rapidly faded. I almost came just at that delightful sight alone. Now I was fully in possession. I commanded her to lay back as I positioned my pussy over her mouth again. She licked, utterly obsequious and without any thought but that of submission. She was expert at her craft, and I came several times before I lifted myself from her saturated face. As with the male, I told her to sleep until she was needed.

I left her room without my borrowed shirt. This second enslavement had increased my power enough that I would have no problem seducing the next victim. I could now penetrate a mind with little resistance to plant new thoughts there although total control would still require the distraction of intense pleasure. I entered the other single female’s room without waking her. This one was, as with my host, not very interested in sexual pleasure with other women, but I entered her dreams and inserted intense images and irresistible sensations of female seduction that would temporarily rewrite her preferences and arouse her desires. This trick only took a few moments. Then I climbed into her bed and kissed her awake, slipping my tongue between her astonished lips. She tried to repel me at first out of impulse, but my simultaneous assault on her mouth and on her mind broke her resolve quickly. Her sexual excitement was increasing, and I ran my one hand over the camisole she slept in. Her breasts were well-formed and firm, and she apparently enjoyed having them fondled, almost to excess. My other hand rubbed at her cotton panties until I could feel wetness soak through. Then I slipped my fingers beneath the elastic and into her pussy while using my powers to ramp up her arousal. With the dual assault of my physical and mental stimulus, she came right away, and I stole her consciousness even as she yelled out in ecstasy. The light in her eyes flickered and then died forever. I commanded her to finger me to orgasm, which she obeyed without thought. In the state I was in, her efforts did not take long. I left her sleeping until needed and headed to the final bedroom.

There the young couple slept. With the taking of three minds in such short order, my power had grown so much that I was able probe the female’s and male’s consciousnesses with easy. They were both attractive and powerfully built, having been athletes recently in college. My host had long fantasized about the male’s muscles and had once even caught a glimpse of him when he was entering the shower with the bathroom door slightly ajar. She envied the female but had never entwined herself in their relationship. Now, I admired them both, naked and uncovered as they lay twisted on the bed in drunken post-coital somnolence, her dark brown skin standing out against his pale white. I penetrated his mind first to stimulate him so that his large penis would stand erect. As strong and finely muscled as he was, his mind was a weak and simple thing and easily influenced by a being as powerful as I had become. His girlfriend was more formidable of mind. I was reduced to accessing her memories and infiltrating her dreams and soon had her fantasizing about making love to my host’s body. It helped that she had some brief sexual encounters with other females and had once even shared her bed with her boyfriend and another woman. Inspired by that memory, one of her favorites, I added her boyfriend into her dream of making love to my host.

Her arousal was such that she began rubbing herself in her sleep. I decided the direct approach was best, and leaned down to stick my tongue in her ear. She awoke with a wince, so I kissed her lips and climbed on top. Her mind was in such a muddle of sleep, alcohol, and sex that she thought she was still in her fantasy and responded by pulling me close. The male lay there entranced by my mind, his eyes wide, and I rolled off her onto him and inserted his cock into me with one quick move. As I pumped my pelvis over his cock, I started fingering her. She rolled her head back to fully enjoy my efforts. He and I came at the same moment, and I at once snatched away that brightness that sparked in his eyes. His face went instantly blank. The female now understood that she was fully awake and not dreaming, but she was too excited to stop. She fondled my breasts as I tweaked her large nipples and continued to finger her. Her moment of orgasm was superb, and she gave up her mind most willingly. I watched closely as her light of consciousness dimmed into eternal darkness, and I came again even though no one was touching me. Taking a young mind in such a fashion was that good.

I instructed these two on how to proceed with my plan and left them sleeping until it was time to wake the others and execute my scheme. Meanwhile, I had some other fun to attend to. Although I was a powerful being and would gain even more power as my plan proceeded, I still had left behind some dangerous enemies back in my heinous natural realm. Several in particular would have to be thwarted if not eliminated for my plan to succeed.

It now was morning, so I pulled on jeans and the first male thrall’s stinky shirt and slipped my feet into a pair of sneakers. I then returned to the fortuneteller, who was just putting a sandwich board in front of her storefront. It said, “Palms Read $10.” I followed Madame Mountebank in. With a mocking chuckle, she recognized me as “the girl who fell off her chair” from the night before. “No refunds,” she said out of impulse. I asked if we could go to the seance room, which was in the back, and she was happy to oblige, thinking I was a going to be an easy mark once again. For my part, I knew that the crystals in the room would prove helpful to me. A few actually had refractive qualities that I could use to focus my efforts. Since my mind was now quite powerful after my recent conquests, I could easily influence the old crone to help achieve my goals. I had her sit where she did the night before and arranged the most efficacious crystals on the table in front of her as she stared blankly. My main objective was to close and seal the portal through which I had entered this realm so that no others could come this way unless summoned by me. Once so summoned, my minions and allies would then serve me here while my enemies would remain trapped in our torturous realm. Furthermore, I had devised a way to destroy my most potent enemies from this side of the portal at the instant it closed. I uttered an incantation I had carefully formulated, and, with the aid of the crystals and the tiny sliver of occult ability the crone possessed, I soon was able to seal the portal. At the same moment, I sensed the anguish as my most fearful enemies fell crushed forever. No enemy from my appalling realm would ever bother me, and, at the same time, even more power accrued inside me. I reached into Madame Hoaxalot’s mind one last time and convinced her that she was young and beautiful and sexually beguiling. She winked fetchingly and pushed up her sagging breasts with her hands as I left the store. I love a good prank.

I spent the day wandering the neighborhood. It had been some time since I had been able to walk so freely in corporeal form, and I marveled at the advances of this species. I also noted the similarities with the past. These people, as far as they had come, were still as lustful, violent, vainglorious, and ignorant as their ancient ancestors whom I knew well. It was wondrous to observe their failings, which I would so easily exploit. I enjoyed seizing a few minds as I strolled about, rendering a calm demeanor suddenly manic, a chaste woman shamelessly wanton, a weak man belligerent and violently challenging. It was hilarious to watch them encounter others in their new guises. The weak man started four fights before he was finally laid out on the street. The previously chaste woman enjoyed exposing her massive breasts to strangers who reacted with either delight or disgust. The manic man made a fool of himself in public, singing and capering as if a performer while others mocked him. These stunts were how I entertained myself as I bided my time. I love a good prank.

Just after dark was when I was set to rendezvous with my slaves. There was no reason why that should be the time other than my own whimsy. At the designated hour, my five slaves were exactly where I had commanded, of course, near a small stand of trees in a park. Dusk was already settling, and a street light over a parking lot next to the trees illuminated my new servants and their lightless eyes. I preferred the aesthetics and ambience of darkness and a full moon but had to settle for clouds and artificial light. No matter. Our work would be quick and irreversible. I had them strip. The evening was cool, but they did not notice. I stripped myself. A few houses stood above us on a hill, and I sensed a man watching us closely from a window. I was delighted by this voyeur. I had my slaves arrange themselves so that, lying on their backs with their legs spread and feet touching, they formed a pentagram of human flesh. I could have achieved the same effect with stones or chalk or something, but I had always had a flair for the dramatic and I love the naked human form. I stepped into the center of this star of flesh. They were wide open for what would come next.

Another quick incantation induced dark forms to rise from the ground around me. They looked like shadows that floated low in the air. Each was about the length of an adult’s leg, and their blackness seemed infinite. They were beautiful, and I welcomed them, my most loyal allies. I commanded my newly-summoned ethereal minions to each choose one of my new slaves as a host and enter them from below, as I had my host. As the black shadows disappeared into them, the five bodies writhed on the ground in shock and ecstasy for a few moments just as my host had the night before. Soon, the bodies rose to their feet, and my loyal minions, now in physical form, stood in a circle about me. Since I had freed my dark comrades from our harrowing realm and provided them corporeality, they would forever be indebted to me, mine to command. As a wonderful bonus, having destroyed my enemies and now summoned my allies, I also grew vastly more powerful in this realm. My mind could reach out at great distances. At that very moment I could sense the many humans lingering and passing nearby just out of sight. The man in the window of the house above us was still there, and he was calling the police, unsure of what he was witnessing. In an instant, I warped his mind so that all he could do was yell obscenities and violent threats into the telephone.

My minions, delighting in their excellent new hosts, listened carefully to my instructions as we dressed. Once they felt sufficiently acclimated to this world, they were each to find five suitable humans, seize their minds, and form their own pentagrams of flesh to summon five more allies each. We would all do this over and over, and the beings they summoned would also repeat this over and over until we ran out of beings from our hellacious realm or out of human hosts, whichever came first. And, since I was the originator, the one who had summoned the first minions, all that were summoned would be subject to my inviolable authority in this delightful realm for all eternity. Millenia ago, when we would secure human hosts, we could not spread our influence fast enough, and the humans eventually became alerted and were able to defeat us with their own occult powers. Now, the humans had provided all manner of conveyances to rapidly enslave their kind the world over and had all-but forgotten the old occult ways. It was a new world of instant communication, rapid travel, and naive scientific rationality, and we would soon own it all.

Now that their hosts’ selves had now been cast into oblivion never to return, I left my minions to explore their hosts’ memories and experiences. As I departed, the flashing lights of law enforcement vehicles began to surround the house where the nosey spy had called the police. Officers approached the house cautiously with their weapons drawn. I love a good prank.

My next destination was the same pub I visited after entering my host. It was crowded with new potential hosts, young and hale and greatly inebriated as all this species seemed to be all the time. The easy success of my first mass possession inspired me to take my time choosing the next five thralls. My power, by now, was such that I could enslave minds at will, but I wanted to savor the selection of my new slaves. I sat at the bar sipping margaritas, my host’s favorite drink. The alcohol could have no effect on a being such as myself, but I enjoyed the salty-sweet-sour flavor. Several inferior young men approached me salaciously with seduction on their minds. Instead, I sent them each to their homes to masturbate furiously all night until their members were painfully raw and bloody masses. I really love a good prank.

Overall, though, I was growing bored sitting in the midst of such wearisome drunkenness. I amused myself by influencing the bartenders’ minds. One suddenly found every bar patron overwhelmingly attractive and arousing. He fumbled while making drinks with so many sexual distractions everywhere. Another suffered a form of aphasia that caused her to hear “wine” when a patron ordered beer and to hear “beer” when a patron ordered wine and other similarly amusing errors. The third simply doubled the alcohol content in every drink he prepared and soon became the night’s favorite mixologist.

After a few hours of this nonsense, with nearly a dozen strapping young men at home heedlessly rubbing their penises into pulp at my behest, I was finally struck by the allure of a young woman who was ordering at the bar. She was dark-haired and fair, an Asian beauty. Her form was slight and supple, and she was trying to figure out how to carry five beers to her table. I offered to assist her, and she accepted my help with graciousness and relief. Her eyes lingered on mine. They were dark and lively. My host, though not previously inclined toward the love of women, might very well have fallen for this young woman’s beauty and poise. Her eyes alone bespoke an intelligence and a demeanor that would make her a delightful companion, and the exquisiteness of her physical form promised to make her an intoxicating lover for any human who might be moved by loveliness and grace. She was a rare creature, a delicate flower to be plucked gently by a loving human consort.

But, I am not a human.

Without hesitation or compunction, I extinguished the resplendent spark that danced in her eyes, rendering them forever void, as a shudder of elation pulsed through my body. I then commanded my latest lovely thrall to introduce me to her friends. They too were a fetching foursome, all female, with warm and welcoming smiles. Their group was a mixture of type and kind, a picture of loveliness arrayed like a gorgeous garden of varied pleasures. Joining them, I wasted no time but was sure to savor each moment as I took their minds in turn. I exulted in the thrill as I watched their flames of consciousness blaze their last and the smiles that enhanced their great beauty fade into utter blankness. They followed me out into the night. They would make excellent hosts.