The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Demonic Desires

by Farleven

The dark blue rings were lit up with a shimmering red glow as the last circle was completed on the dorm room floor. Sylvia smiled as she passed her palm over her handiwork and smiled as the light cast her hand in silhouette. There was still more arcane scribing to be done, but this showed that she was on the right path. It had taken her months of study and preparation, but tonight she would be summoning a demon.

Sylvia hardly believed this was possible, even now, with her dorm room floor lit up from the magical effect. Her smiled, turned wolfish as she thought of the power she’d just stumbled upon. It had been there for nearly a century, a bequest from a patron of her University that had simply gone into the depths of the stacks with little more than a basic cataloging of the ancient tomes. When her research into the occult had brought her to that dusty part of the archives she hadn’t believed what she’d found.

Now she was flipping through the aged pages with ease. Sylvia knew just how old these books were, the writing was a mix of languages from the dark ages, a preservation of knowledge from the fall of pagan ways to the powers of the church. Despite that age, the pages were held together by their own magical energy, a spell of preservation that she’d discovered etched into the cover of each work. As long as the magic held sway, the pages would not turn to dust.

“Mistress...” Sylvia heard the whine of her little imp as it hung over the edge of her desk. The small creature was shaped roughly like a man, but stood less than a foot tall. His skin was a rough, reddish brown with dark brown cracks running across his tough flesh. He was an experiment of sorts for her. She’d summoned him to prove that the magic she had discovered really worked, and was almost surprised when he’d popped up in a puff of smoke and flash of light in the middle of her summoning inscription last week.

“What?” She growled at the small creature. Sylvia had learned a bit more about the realm the imp had come from, and that he wasn’t really a very useful thing. He was more of a pet than an assistant, but occasionally he did convey some arcane knowledge that she lacked. That had been the one thing that had kept her from returning him to his realm soon after proving the spell worked. He seemed happy enough with that deal and she’d done her best to ignore his complete lack of civilized manners and behavior.

“The sivit, mistress...” He pointed towards the characters she was writing. The language was forgotten, and it had taken her months of study to decipher enough of it, even with the books as a guide. It was a strange script, almost like a collection of straight chipped lines. Sivits were just one of the types of lines that generally connected other characters together to make a word of power.

Sylvia looked down and noticed that she’d missed one. She gave the imp a thankful nod and completed the symbol. The trouble with creating a spell was that even the smallest thing going wrong could create an unpredictable outcome. Missing that one sivit could have completely ruined her work, or worse yet, allowed the summoned creature to escape.

She laughed to herself as she worked. Bringing a demon out of his realm was a huge deal, not least of which for the fact that they were very powerful. The best part was that she’d have command of that power so long as the creature stayed in her world. Sylvia had worked up a long list of grudges over the years, and with the power of a demon behind her, she figured she’d be able to settle some of those issues soon enough.

The hardest thing for her now was to concentrate on her work. It was so easy to get lost in daydreams of revenge. Sylvia had never quite fit in with the other girls at the university. The girls in her dorm hadn’t been the most open minded about her embrace of wiccan ways. She’d hoped that she’d be accepted when she got away from her small hometown and went to the big university, but what she found were just more girls transplanted from other small towns, all bringing the same prejudices with them that she’d been trying to escape.

With this power, she’d be able to show them how wrong they were to doubt that other powers held sway in the world than the ones they worshiped. She’d be able to cast them all down. Sylvia smiled at the thought of them submitting to the demon, unable to resist the powers of lust and debauchery he was supposed to possess. He’d be able to ravish them all as he turned them into his willing harem of pets while Sylvia watched.

She’d never expected to find a spell for a sex demon. It was the kind of thing that she figured only existed in the perverse imagination of porn writers, but the spell had been rather explicit and Sylvia hadn’t been able to resist the notion. With those powers under her command she’d not only be able to get her revenge, but truly be able to get those stuck up conservative girls right where it would hurt them the most. It would be sweet.

The work went slower than she’d like, but the summoning circle she required was far more expansive than the simple set of rings that she’d used to call up the imp. It wasn’t just creating a portal big enough to allow the demon out, she also had to create a cage strong enough to hold it and a binding ward powerful enough that the creature would obey her commands.

The glow from the inscriptions grew brighter as she continued. The magic was getting stronger the closer she got it to completion. By the time the restraining and commanding rings were ready, the room was awash in blue and red light that pulsed as if it was alive. Sylvia steadied herself and continued. She didn’t want to wait any longer, but she couldn’t afford to make a mistake now. She reviewed both spells before she started on the final one, the inscription that would allow her to open a portal and call forth a demon of lust.

The scribing required for the final spell was no where near as complex as the others. It didn’t need to access the depths of arcane power that were required to hold and bind a demon, all it needed to do was open a portal to that realm. That was almost comically easy after all the other work. Sylvia quickly worked her way to nearly the end and then put down the tool she’d been using to etch into the floor. She needed to finish preparing before she could open the portal.

The inscriptions were only one part of the spell. The other part was baiting the demon. Just because a portal was open didn’t mean that such a monster would just wander through. She needed to present a prize worth attracting its attention. For good and ill, Sylvia was still a maiden, and in this case it worked towards her advantage. She quickly stripped out of her clothes and set them aside. There was nothing like the sight of a naked unused woman to attract a demon.

She felt a thrill go up her spine as she slipped out of her panties. She wasn’t one to go around naked in her room, and the thought that she’d be using her bare flesh to draw in a sex demon was particularly exciting. Sylvia had never quite expected to find herself in such a position, but was glad that she hadn’t given in to her carnal desires before now. It certainly was easier to do things this way than to have to trick some other girl into becoming the bait.

Sylvia didn’t doubt that she could draw in the creature. Aside from her virgin state, she considered herself rather attractive. Sure, her breasts could be bigger, and her waist thinner, but she hadn’t had trouble attracting male attention when she wanted some. Her only trouble was that she’d never managed to gain the interest of someone who was truly worthy. Now at least that failing had become an advantage.

The spell book she’d been using was still on the desk and she made sure it was turned to the page that she’d have to recite in a moment. It was supposed to be a call that would ring in the ears of the demons and bring one to her. She took a deep breath and then knelt down to finish the portal inscription. As she carved the last symbol the whole ring flashed a bright orange and the center of the circle began to tear away.

A hole slowly formed, as if the walls between realities was being ripped away by some being with huge claws. Cut after cut fell until there was little more than a latticework of the floor left and then it shattered, and the pieces flew into the portal. Sylvia gulped as she looked into the opening. She couldn’t really see anything beyond a flicker of bright red light, but she knew she was looking into the realm of demons and that she couldn’t keep this gateway open for long.

She stepped back and picked up the book. Her tongue struggled with the strange syllables, but she’d been practicing for days and felt that she’d managed to recite the words without any significant mistakes. Sylvia waited, feeling warm despite her nudity and the chill in the air. She was just too excited to let anything get to her. She had the power of the ancients at her command and was about to have one of the most powerful creatures of the other realm under her sway.

The air started to move inside the room and tugged at her hair. It was another impossibility, but she knew it was coming through the portal. She could feel the energy building up and she almost danced with glee. She’d really done it! Now all that remained was to see what she had summoned, and then she could enact her revenge.

As the wind grew, flames started to lick up from around the edges of the portal. Soon, the entire center of the ring was filled with fire. Sylvia stood barely five feet away, but other than the glare, she felt no heat. She couldn’t tell whether it was because of the containment spell of if this was just an illusion, but before she worried too much about it, the flames began to part and a tall form started to appear.

Sylvia gasped as she took in the sight of the demon. He was tall, easily a foot taller than her average height, and his entire body was rippling with muscles. They bulged under his deep red skin. It was also perfectly clear that he was male, if the sculpted pecks and bulging upper arms weren’t enough, the massive red cock between his legs was all the confirmation anyone would need. The thrill she’d felt earlier was starting to tingle between her legs as well. She’d rarely seen any guys in the buff, and this was a perfect example, aside from the demonic touches. Despite his generally human form, he had two curling horns growing from his smooth red head. A thick, fleshy tail swayed behind him, complete with an arrow shaped tip. Finally, he had the classical hooves instead of feet. All of those details were easy for her to ignore, however, given his very generous masculinity.

“Interesting, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of a maiden summoning one of my kind before.” He smiled as he looked over Sylvia’s bare flesh. It was easy to tell that he was appreciating the view of her perky curves. Sylvia stood firm. The last thing she wanted to do was to appear as just an innocent maiden to this creature. Even with the spells in place, she knew she needed to assert her dominance.

“Silence!” She growled and held up her hand to grab and manipulate the strands of power that were encircling the demon. In effect she was grabbing hold of his leash, and she felt the magical bonds in her hand before she tugged on them. The demon howled for a moment as the bindings tightened around him. It was a satisfying display of her power and she smiled for a moment as he grew quiet.

He returned her smile. The bindings had certainly cut into him, but his amusement over rode that. In all the millennia that his realm had been called upon by this one, no sex demon had been brought forth by a virgin. That was an interesting twist on the normal spells. Every component usually had its place, but this change opened up some interesting possibilities.

“Your name.” Sylvia demanded firmly. She needed to establish that as soon as possible, before he began to get any ideas of resisting her control. Names had power over the creatures of his realm, and even without the other spells they could be enough to keep him from running free. It wasn’t enough to truly bind him, but it could protect her from his wrath.

He howled as the bindings seared into his flesh again. The magic wasn’t visible, but the sensation was inescapable. What she couldn’t know was that he enjoyed the pain, mortals of this realm never truly appreciated just what it meant to be one of his kind. Seeking out the savage depths of sensation was what drove him, both pleasure and pain. If he didn’t understand her intent, he would have probably thanked her, but that would tip his hand to her. It was far better to let her believe what she wanted to, until he was ready.

“Sorkrelk, may it burn on your tongue, mortal.” He answered truthfully. As in all things, truth and lies were useful in different measure. He knew the power his name held over him, but he also knew the power it gave him as well. Should she speak it...

Sylvia smiled, careful to memorize the strange collection of syllables. It wouldn’t do her any good to forget even a sound, should she need it. Now, it was time for her to take her first true risk. The demon was bound and she knew his name, now she needed to drop the spell that contained him within the circle. So long as he was trapped within those rings, they could do nothing more than trade glares and sharp words.

“Recognize me as your mistress and I will release you into this world.” Sylvia waved her hand so that the magical cage trapping him was visible for a moment. Given the proper words, a demon’s oath was more binding than any spell, it was the one case in which such a creature could not lie.

Sorkrelk smiled again and then took to one knee. The show of submission always pleased mortals, especially those like this woman that wanted to control a demon. He bent his horned head towards the floor. “I pledge to serve your will for as long as you desire it, Mistress.”

Sylvia wanted to dance for joy when she heard his gravely voice speak those words. She stifled that feeling; not wanting to show the demon that side of herself. Even with him bound to her will, she knew he could be treacherous. All of her research told her not to trust him further than the limits of her control. If given the chance he would happily turn on her. For the moment, however, she was satisfied that she held him in her power.

“Very well, rise and I will open the barrier.” Sylvia commanded. The magical cage dissolved as he stood up. Now, a demon walked the world again. She couldn’t know how long it had been since one had been summoned before, but that hardly mattered now. All she cared about was executing her plan. The other girls were in their rooms, so close, and completely unaware of the fate that awaited them.

“How may I serve you, Mistress?” He asked as he felt the air of the room swirl around him. He filled his lungs, it lacked the taste of fire and terror of his realm, but it tasted sweet even so. It had been so long since his last visit here, and he remembered his past visits fondly. Mortals were so easily taken to the depths of depravity and he savored the energy of their corrupted souls.

“I wish to have you enjoy the pleasures of the women housed within these walls. I want to see them fall before you, and serve you in all the ways you desire.” Sylvia explained. She knew that the demon would not even want to resist such a command. That was what made it so perfect, when you could get the tool perfectly matched to the job, no extra effort was needed.

“It would be my pleasure, Mistress.” He smiled. Clearly, this mortal had never dealt with his kind before. Her words were sloppy, even if confidently conveyed. Her intent was clear enough, and despite her actual words he was still bound to her will. His oath did have its limits, however. “May I ask you a question, Mistress?”

Sylvia was a bit surprised at the impertinence. Still, she knew that demons were a match for humans in many ways, not least of which was curiosity. There was little harm in indulging him. “If you must.”

“I wonder if I may serve my Mistress in another capacity as well?” He let his eyes roll over her flesh again. He’d certainly seen more attractive maidens, but also many far more hideous. The truth was, it was the power of their carnal innocence that drew him, the shape of their flesh was merely a bonus. This was a novel situation though, since usually he’d be in the middle of ravishing the maiden used to summon him, but in this case that woman was also the one who had bound him.

Sylvia noticed where his eyes were wandering. He was a sex demon after all. Still, she was curious about exactly what he intended to suggest. “Go on.”

“I know my mistress has not enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh. I can assist in ways that mere mortals could never dream of.” Sorkrelk continued. He wasn’t trying to deceive her here. Demons may have a bad reputation in the mortal realms, but that was simply because they rarely wavered in their desires. His whole existence had been devoted to using the power of pleasure to corrupt the souls of mortals. It was an art he’d crafted over millennia. He could show her pleasures that no human could hope to achieve.

Sylvia shuddered as she felt a flush of arousal hit her. She knew that sex demons could influence humans that were nearby, and especially the innocent. The fact was, she didn’t consider herself particularly innocent. Sure, she’d never gone all the way before, but she’d done just about everything else, and with the internet there were few mysteries left to her. About the only thing that she didn’t know was just how it would feel to have a man inside her. That alone couldn’t make her more susceptible to influence, or at least she hoped not.

“I can see you are conflicted, Mistress.” He stepped next to her and ran his hand along her bare arm. It was far from an intimate touch, but with that one stroke, she felt sparks shooting up her spine. It was like he knew just where to move his fingers to elicit the perfect sensation. She managed to stifle any sounds her body wanted to make and then stepped back.

“I brought you here to aid in my revenge, not to indulge myself.” She shook her head. The fact was, she was afraid he would succeed. His offer was tempting, and with one small contact, she didn’t doubt that he could do just what he promised. Sylvia felt her body starting to react to that knowledge, and any glance in his direction filled her mind with the sight of his perfectly sculpted male form. Under other circumstances she would have found him hard to resist.

“Ah, but there is no need to deny yourself, we can do both, Mistress.” He stepped closer to her. This time his hands were even more aggressive, his fingers slid along the edge of her breasts, stoking the fires within her. Normally, he would simply have grabbed and squeezed, knowing that he could force even the most chaste maiden to the heights of ecstasy with his expert handling. Here he was still bound by the will of the innocent human who had summoned him, but again, it was her inner desires and not her words that bound him.

“Perhaps... perhaps later... you can show me.” Sylvia couldn’t summon the will to pull away this time. His fingers felt so good, almost as if they were teasing her. She wanted more, and yet she knew she shouldn’t. Letting a demon gain influence over her was just too dangerous, but her pussy was hot, aching and wet. It was growing hard to think of anything else.

“Why wait, Mistress? Surely you would not wish for me to give such pleasure to your enemies before you could enjoy it for yourself.” He prompted. He could feel his influence growing within the naked maiden before him. Every moment her lust grew more intense allowed him to press deeper into her mind. So long as she wished for the pleasures he could give her, he didn’t need to stop.

“Oh, oh god...” Sylvia moaned as she felt the demon’s strong hands cup her breasts and squeezed her tight. His touch was perfect, squeezing her just enough to feed the tension inside her, but not hard enough to cause any pain. It was getting hard to think of anything beyond his presence and she pressed towards him, her desire starting to burn away any other concerns.

He felt her control slip that much more and took the opportunity to bend down and press his lips into hers. She shuddered for a moment, surprised by his boldness. Then she melted against him. Despite her powers, she was just as weak as any innocent maiden to the desires he could unleash. He may still be bound to her will, but now that she was succumbing to her carnal passions, he could simply enjoy her bounty.

Sylvia writhed as his hands slid from her chest and then wrapped around her waist. As he pulled her close, she gasped as she felt her body press into his. It felt so right, not something to fight. It was hard to even think of objecting while she was eagerly kissing against him. He was so powerful, so masculine it was hard to think of anything else. The very way her soft flesh yielded to his hard body inflamed her like nothing else.

“Now, my Mistress, shall I show you the pleasures of the flesh?” Sorkrelk broke their kiss, enjoying the soft warmth of her body as it squirmed against him. It was so easy, and yet nothing was more satisfying that to enjoy that transition of an innocent maiden to that of corrupted depravity. His mistress was quickly moving along that path, and he could feel her passions swelling.

Sylvia gulped. She’d never felt like this before. Her breaths were coming fast and ragged as her entire body cried out for more. It was just so hard to think of anything other than the dark red demon flesh she was pressed against. His presence alone was driving her wild, but the thought of feeling him inside her, to truly know how it would feel, was making her loins ache with need.

Her hands stroked him, her fingers running along the hills and valleys of his flesh carved by his thick muscles. Surely it couldn’t hurt to indulge just once? He was still bound to her, he couldn’t truly be a danger, and she’d get to experience the raw passion that only a demon could induce within her. Now all she needed to do was to consent.

“Yes... please show me...” She looked up at him. Her earlier stern glare had given way to wanton lustfulness. Her raw desire had opened up her mind, and the demon responded to the freedom that her needs had allowed within her wishes. She gasped as his manhood suddenly started to surge, pressing against her stomach as it grew hard and thick.

Sorkrelk managed to suppress the howl of desire that had surged up within him as Sylvia’s will gave him the opening to claim what he ached to have. It had been so hard to restrain himself, despite the control she’d had over him. His instincts had served him well, knowing that she only needed time and she’d submit to him just as any other maiden would. Now, he assaulted her mouth again, his own desire throbbing between them, and he was ready to take show her the depths of depravity that only a demon could provide.

Sylvia melted under his latest attack. She kissed him back, enjoying the feeling of his forked tongue dancing against her own. It was so wicked, and their hands traded wonderful strokes. She whimpered with pleasure as his hands explored her naked flesh, squeezing, massaging and probing her in ways that sent her reeling. Her hands were doing the same, but it wasn’t long before she brought them both to the focus of her desire and his pleasure.

“It’s so big...” She cooed as her hands slid along his dark red phallus. She imagined feeling it inside her, unsure how it could fit and yet knowing that it would. It was huge, and the way it throbbed in her hands made her pussy quiver with a hunger she’d barely known before. “I need to feel it inside me.”

He let out a growl as her touch teased him. It was rare for a maiden to actually touch him this way, usually they were too enthralled or quickly ravished to have much interest in anything beyond being taken. This one was just as ready, he could smell her sweet arousal, and yet she had enough willpower left to stroke him instead of just submitting to her desires and presenting her needful pussy for him.

Her words were enough to push him on. He had to have this maiden, the very fact that she had managed to subdue him if even for a moment was enough to fuel his desire. Now all that remained was to show her the full depth of her carnality and allow the ravages of pleasure to corrupt her soul.

Sylvia moaned as pressed her back onto the floor. She spread her legs for him when her ass pressed into the wood. Her whole body quaked with need as she looked between her legs and saw his massive shaft pointing towards her. He was ready to claim her, to finally make a full woman out of her and she ached for it. Somehow, this was the perfect end for her virginity.

He didn’t wait to say another word, the maiden was ready, her untravelled passage was exposed and he need only climb between her legs and claim her. He savored the shifting aura of her soul, as her carnal needs yearned to be satisfied and the well of her innocence ached for his corruption. It had been ages since his last summoning, and he relished the feelings of claiming another pure soul. The uniqueness of the circumstances presented him with another option that he’d not been able to partake of for an even longer time. If he could rule her, then he would be free in the mortal realm without restraint.

“Oh... yes... take me...” Sylvia moaned as his hands began to maul her breasts while his girth slid along her bare wet slit. Her pussy was ready, hotter and wetter than she’d ever felt before. The very touch of his cock between her legs was enough to make her crazy. She simply couldn’t be denied for much longer. Her hips pressed back, allowing her nether lips to slide against him.

His cock rubbed against her until he was nearly dripping with her juices. It was so easy to drive a maiden to the edge of her sanity with his power, and now he was ready to claim the prize he’d waited so long for.

Sylvia moaned as she felt the cock pull back, slide into place, and then the bulging head began to press into her. He was barely inside her widely spread pussy lips and she knew it was her virginity that he was about to claim. For a moment, she felt like she should have some reservation, some desire to stop, but all she wanted was for him to fill her, to claim her flesh.

Sorkrelk and Sylvia’s cries echoed around the room as he thrust hard and tore open her maiden hood. For a moment, her cry was of pain, from a sharp edge at the mouth of her pussy to the strange harsh feeling of being stuffed to the breaking point. His cry was of pure pleasure as he enjoyed the tightness of her untraveled depths. The pressure within her was quickly turning from pain to a raw pleasure. She knew he was inside her, stretching her inner walls as he thrust deeper, and that moment of pain dissolved into a wicked rapture.

“Deeper! Oh yes... claim me...” Sylvia moaned as his cock drove deep inside. He was massive, and her tender, unused pussy was quivering as it accepted inch after wonderful inch. She wanted nothing more in that moment than to be his, to lose herself to this pleasure and the passions he was unleashing within her.

He felt her desires shift. That moment when she lost all control and her will turned to that of submission. Sorkrelk howled again and drove deep into the writhing young woman. He concentrated for a moment, savoring the feeling of her formerly virgin passage seething tightly around his cock and then let loose a blast of his thick hot demonic seed.

“Oh, oh... fuck!” Sylvia cried out again as she felt the heat of his cum flow into her. It filled her with a warmth to the depths of her being and she writhed under him as her first orgasm ripped through her. The pleasure was intense and raw as it forced its way through her. Her chest heaved and she wrapped her legs around him, trying to hold him deep inside as she threw her head back and screamed.

Her whole body felt like it was on fire. The pleasure was intense, but it was more than just raw pleasure. She tried to summon up the strength to focus, but that was when he began to move inside her. Despite his release, the demon was still just as hard, and her body ached for him just as completely. She was beyond holding back now, and she threw herself at him, rubbing and thrusting and clawing as he started to fuck her in earnest.

“Do I please you, Mistress?” He asked, almost mockingly with his voice as he thrust into her. His thick cock was wet with her juices and the friction between them was at the edge of tolerance. It was all he could do to keep from filling her with his seed again, but he knew he had to wait, to draw her to the next perfect cliff. She was already well along the path.

“Oh yes... so good...” Sylvia moaned as he pounded into her. It was so hard to think straight now as he savaged her eager flesh. The pleasure of her orgasm was still reverberating inside her, but she was beginning to feel strange all over as well.

“Do you wish me to stop, Mistress?” He asked as she writhed under him. There was no doubt in her answer, but in this case, her words were rather important. He’d brought her this far, now he just had to wait for her, but he knew it wouldn’t be long.

“No... never... don’t stop...” She gasped as she humped back against his hardness. She knew there was still more of him outside, eager to enter her, and yet denied. Her pussy was full to the brim and could take no more. A part of her seethed at that fact, wishing at that moment that she could take him all.

That was what he was waiting for, that next shift in her desires, and he thrust deep again. He howled and she cried out as he filled her with another blast of her demonic seed, this time a special load. Sylvia quaked as another orgasm slammed into her. Her whole body was lost to the pleasure again, and yet it was quaking with a new powerful energy that she’d never felt before, even in the arms of this wickedly powerful demon.

“Then, you want me as your lord, Mistress? To always give you such pleasure?” He leaned in close to whisper in her ear. She was now enveloped by his powerful red flesh. Her desires focused only on the pleasure reverberating from between her legs as he resumed thrusting into her. It was more than she could hope to take.

“Yes, please... I always want to feel this good...” Sylvia moaned before her mind could catch up to her words. For the first time in several minutes she had a spark of clarity, but she knew it was too late, and a new wicked need flooded her being. Despite knowing what it meant, she couldn’t stop herself from saying the one last perfect word. “Master.”

Sorkrelk howled again and resumed a hard, demanding fuck from his new prize. It was rare to find such power and resistance in a maiden and he could feel the energy of her soul shifted deeper into depravity with every deep thrust. His seed had begun the next change for her, and he knew it wouldn’t be long for her to notice.

Sylvia pulled at him harder, the depth of her need was only making her hotter and wetter. Her words a moment ago were burning inside her, he was her lord, her master, in a way that she had never been able to be his mistress. She needed him, desired him. The hardest thing for her was to know if it was truly her own desire or simply his influence upon her, but it was a distinction without a difference. The feeling, the powerful need to submit was all encompassing.

“You’ll make an excellent pet.” He growled as he rolled his hands over her flesh. She wailed when he reached her breasts. They felt so much more sensitive, and even so much more. Despite the rapture of his touch, she couldn’t resist looking down, and moaned as she looked down to see him squeezing her breasts harshly.

But they weren’t her breasts, not the ones she’d had just minutes before, these were huge, round, soft mounds of flesh and his hands sank deeply into the tender orbs. Her breasts had been small, perky, enough to gain attention, but not enough to make men drool, unlike the massive tits now weighing on her chest.

His words stung her deeper, not just for their wrongness, but for their rightness. She knew of the servants that demons would keep, transformed humans, corrupted to submission and pleasure. It was a willing fall, a demon could not take what wasn’t given freely. They could influence and coax, but to become a demon’s pet you had to desire it first.

“Not that...” Sylvia whimpered as he thrust deep inside her again. She could see her skin changing to a pale red, almost matching the flavor of his flesh. It should have disturbed her, but it was thrilling at the same time. It was simply a sign of her new place, her proper place. Any objections she felt were starting to be washed away by the wondrous thrusting between her legs.

“But you summoned me to grant you your desires, Mistress, and I would not wish to disappoint you.” He replied as his shaft throbbed inside her. Sylvia cried out as she tried to find some anchor to grab hold of. The feeling of his hands against her chest, and his cock inside her was driving her wild, making it hard to want anything beyond the fate he desired for her. There was no way to deny the pleasures he could give her if she became his pet.

She knew he was right as well. She had summoned him to grant her desires, and now in another moment of clarity she could see how she had bound him to her will and not her words. It was so easy to nudge her in the right direction, until she wanted what he desired. Now she knew she was at the edge, almost ready to give him everything he wanted because now that was what she wanted.

“Oh, oh yes!” Sylvia moaned as he pulled her off the floor and into his lap. He was still impaled on his hardness, and he bent down and started to bite at her nipples. He wasn’t gentle, but the raw pleasure was just the same. It was growing harder for her to resist that urge to simply submit, to become the weak and helpless servant that he wanted so that she could know this pleasure for the rest of her existence.

Before she could even think of what to do, her head began to ache from each side. She cried out as two horns started to poke through her hair as another pressure began to grow at the base of her spine. A new fleshy tail was growing out from her back, tipped with the same small spike as his. She knew she was transforming, becoming his new plaything. Her own desires for pleasure and submission were driving her deeper down this path.

“I’m impressed you’ve lasted so long, Mistress, I can always use a strong pet.” He grunted as he licked at her breasts, his forked tongue sending wicked pleasure shooting through her expanded chest. Sylvia’s hands betrayed her as she stroked his hard flesh and the bulges of his muscles. Everything about him pressed her towards willing submission. It was hard to want anything more than to serve him.

“I am no... pet...” She panted and started to grind her hips against his. His hardness was so hot, so filling that she needed to feel it thrusting inside her again. She arched her back and let her nipples dance against his chest. She knew she was on the edge of loosing herself, of succumbing to the pleasures of his flesh, when she looked up at his red skin and black eyes and swooned with desire.

There was one way out, she had to go through. There was no way to fight these desires, but she could direct them. She needed to serve him, she knew no mortal could give her such pleasure, but she didn’t need to become a weak, submissive thrall only existing to serve his desires when it amused him. There was another choice, she simply needed to grab that last bit of willpower, and use her own will to forge a new bond.

He roared as her desire merged with his. Sylvia knew how to force the issue, to avoid the fate he wished for her. She writhed against him, drawing out his passion, his needs. She could become his servant and partner, all it took was to grab a part of his power while she still held sway. She squeezed her pussy around him, kissed at him, and stroked him, using his needs to draw him to another powerful release.

“Yes, oh yes, my lord!” She shouted as she drew forth his seed again. It filled her completing her. The magic it imbued created something powerful within her, less than a demon, more than a pet. She could feel the final transformation, her new life coming into focus as his servant, a new succubus.

“Ah, an impressive choice.” He looked down at her as she continued to straddle him. Sylvia felt his approval wash over her as if it was a warm bath. She could feel the link between them, the savage bond that shared his feelings. It was hard for her to believe what she’d become, but it felt so right. She would serve him, share unspeakable pleasures with him and always she knew he would be with her.

“I exist to serve you, my lord.” She replied, her voice having acquired a sharper edge, alluring and seductive without any effort. Like everything else about her new self, it dripped with perverse sexuality. She was eager for the debauchery to come. She knew her modesty was gone, that she would forever be as bare as he was.

“Ah, then it is time for you to begin.” He laughed and turned her head towards the door. One of the other students was standing there, one of the women she’d summoned him to take revenge upon. She was staring at them, her flesh still deeply impaled with his, and he was using a spell to hold her. The creature that had been Sylvia knew just what she needed to do.

“Of course, my lord can always use another pet.” She laughed as She slid off of him and towards her, eager to show the spell bound woman the pleasure of existing only to server their Master.

The End