The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Demonstration

AN: This story is intended to be enjoyed as a fantasy by persons over the age of 18—similar actions if undertaken in real life would be deeply unethical and probably illegal. © MoldedMind, 2021.

* * *

Tanis was walking down the street. She’d been walking along the sidewalk of an arterial road, and had just cut off it for a shortcut down a deserted residential street. Or, mostly residential street. A few houses in, there was a 24-hour convenience store. And when she passed the one side of it, she was able to see the tiny three space parking lot on the other side, which tanis’s to a fence.

There were two women standing in one of the empty parking spaces, staring at each other very intently.

Tanis considered walking past without stopping. But it struck her as very strange that the two were just standing there, staring at each other, right in the middle of a parking space. She wondered if they were having some kind of problem— if there was something she might be able to help with.

So she abandoned her residential route to cut over through the parking lot to join them where they were standing.

“Are the two of you alright?” Tanis asked.

The one woman did not respond to Tanis’ question at all. But the other spoke in reply, though she did not break her eye contact with the first.

“We’re just fine. Keira here made a bet with me that I wouldn’t be able to induce her with my eyes alone. She’s lost it very badly, but I’ve got the situation under control. No need to trouble yourself over it.”

Tanis balked. It was as if the woman had spoken gibberish to her. “I’m sorry, what?”

Before the second woman could speak again, the automatic doors of the convenience store opened, and Tanis looked to them on instinct.

Another woman had just passed through them, and when she saw Tanis looking, she looked back at her; and then to the two women standing next to her, staring at each other with great concentration. Tanis read a moment’s hesitation in the woman’s facial expression— then she resumed walking, coming straight towards the three of them.

“Is there something going on here?” The woman asked, when she reached the group of three. She shifted the strap of her purse up higher on her shoulder.

“No, nothing is going on,” the second woman said in a calm tone. “I was just explaining that to our other concerned citizen,” she added, indicating Tanis with a small tip of her head. She still did not break eye contact with the first woman, who she’d called Keira.

“It was your explanation that I didn’t quite understand,” Tanis said. Then she looked back to the fourth woman who had joined them, thinking on some level that perhaps this woman could be some kind of ally for her. “She said she and this other woman Keira had… a bet… of some kind? That Keira bet her she couldn’t be induced by eyes alone— whatever that means.”

The fourth woman looked equally puzzled as Tanis felt. “Induced? What do you mean by induced?”

“The two of you are lucky I am so good at what I do,” the second woman said. She had managed to maintain total concentration on her bizarre staring contest as the conversation had gone on. “I can hold a conversation with you while I keep this up, but people of lesser skill would struggle to. Induce, as in, induce into trance. Hypnotize. With only my eyes.”

Tanis and the fourth woman looked at each other in shock.

“But—“ The fourth woman interjected. “Hypnosis isn’t… it doesn’t really work. It’s just made up,” she finished.

Tanis was inclined to agree with her.

“Keira, dear,” The second woman spoke, maintaining her deep stare into Keira’s eyes. “Would you like to tell these nice women what’s happened to you?”

Keira did not nod, or give any outward acknowledgement that she’d been spoken to. But she did begin to speak— this startled Tanis, since she had so far kept silent the whole time. “I have been hypnotized by Mireya,” she said, in a flat voice. “I stared deep into her hypnotic eyes, and she caught me off guard. Now I am helplessly caught in her trance, until she commands me to wake up from it. I am hypnotized.”

Tanis felt as if she’d taken a wrong turn somewhere, and ended up in an alternate dimension— this entire interaction had been completely bizarre. Things like this didn’t happen— not in Tanis’ life. She didn’t stumble across these kind of experiences, or this kind of information. It simply didn’t happen.

Now she was thinking about saying goodbye, and leaving Mireya and Keira to their strangeness. Saying goodbye, walking out of this alternate dimension, and back to the real world; and her residential shortcut route home.

But she felt a lingering kind of concern for Keira, now that she had more information about what was happening here. Keira seemed very vulnerable, standing wide-eyed and staring back into Mireya. And she’d done exactly as Mireya had said without hesitating. Maybe she did need help— could Tanis really walk away and ignore that?

“This is insane,” the fourth woman was saying. “You’re both pretending— just putting on an act. It’s street theater.”

“Yes, dear,” Mireya said. “It’s street theater on a residential street with next to no foot-traffic.”

The fourth woman flushed at Mireya’s jibe. “Well, then it’s just a game the two of you are playing for your enjoyment. You’re both pretending, just for a laugh.”

“Believe whatever you like,” Mireya said, a hint of finality in her tone. “But rest assured, your help is not needed here. You may both move along, and get on with your day. That is, unless you are curious.”

Tanis stared at Mireya, who was still only looking at Keira.

“If you are curious, I could give you my personal card; you could come by my house some time. Keira will be there too— she lives with me. We could answer your questions; and I’m sure when Keira has woken up again, she would be more than willing to give you another demonstration of trance. You could watch the moment of induction, and not only its after-effect.”

Neither Tanis nor the fourth woman said anything.

“Well? Shall I give you my card or not? If not, I will have to ask that you both continue on your way.”

“You can give it to me,” Tanis said. The faint concern she’d felt for Keira before had grown when Mireya mentioned that she and Keira lived together. Maybe if she took the card, and went over there, she could get Keira alone and check in with her— see if she really did need help.

When Tanis said it, the fourth woman raised her eyebrows, and her forehead crinkled in concern. “And me,” she added.

“How lovely,” Mireya said. She reached into the pocket of her jacket, and retrieved two cards, which she held out. All this she did while still keeping her eyes on Keira’s.

Tanis took a card; the fourth woman took the other.

“Now, move along. Keira and I will look forward to your visit.”

After this, Mireya once again fell silent, and kept up her staring. It was clear she would not acknowledge them again— so Tanis decided to resume her walk home.

When she turned away and started walking, the fourth woman ran to catch up with her. “You took her card?”

“So did you,” Tanis pointed out.

“I only took it because you did! She’s a complete stranger, and she seems a little… off. I couldn’t just let you take the card by yourself. How would I feel in two weeks if your face showed up in the paper under the missing persons section?”

“Well, I only took it because I want to get Keira on her own,” Tanis returned. “I want to make sure she’s okay. If Mireya really can hypnotize her… I don’t know, she just seemed vulnerable to me.”

“Well, don’t go over there by yourself,” the fourth woman said, keeping pace with her. “Call me and I’ll go over with you. Strength in numbers, and all that.”

“And your number is?” Tanis asked. “And your name, for that matter?”

The woman rolled her eyes. “Give me the card she gave you.”

Tanis stopped walking, and passed the card to her.

The woman also stopped, and dug into her purse for a pen. When the digging stopped, she retrieved not only a pen from her purse, but her wallet. She braced the card against it, and scribbled on the card with her pen.

Then she passed the card back to Tanis. “There. Now I’ve got to go back— I drove to that convenience store, and I have to go back for my car. Don’t go over there alone.”

“I’ll call you first,” Tanis said, looking down at the card. “Megan.”

Megan rolled her eyes again. “Well, if you know my name, are you going to tell me yours?”

“Tanis,” Tanis provided.

“Nice to meet you, Tanis,” Megan said, with a nod. “Sorry it was under such strange circumstances.”

“Same to you,” Tanis said. Megan nodded once more, and then turned to walk back towards the convenience store.

They’d only gotten about seven houses further into the street, so Megan didn’t have far to walk. Still, Tanis watched her as she went. When at last she had disappeared back into the parking lot, Tanis looked down at the card in her hand.

It only had print on one side, and the back side of the card was blank. This is where Megan had scribbled her name, and cellphone number.

But there was only sparse text on the printed side of the card, when Tanis turned it back over. It read only, “Mireya,” the second woman’s name— and then centered beneath that, a residential address. Tanis only knew it was residential because she recognized the name of the street. She knew it.

She looked at the card a second longer. Then she slipped it into her pocket, and started walking again.

* * *

Tanis’ concern meant she wasn’t interested in delaying her visit to Mireya’s house, so it was only the next afternoon that she called Megan and asked her if it was a good time for them to go.

As it turned out, it was a good time for Megan, who offered to come pick Tanis up and drive her to Mireya’s. Tanis accepted, grateful that she wouldn’t have to walk there. Mireya didn’t exactly live in her neighborhood. Her street was easily a good thirty minute walk away.

Megan was punctual when she picked Tanis up. Her car was a nice shade of blue, though it was an economy model. It was clean inside, and had a fresh scent to its interior.

The thirty minute walk to Mireya’s was only about a ten minute drive. Megan and Tanis made some idle chatter, and then spent the rest of the ride in silence.

When Megan turned on to Mireya’s street, she slowed her car to a slow cruise, and looked out her window to watch the house numbers tick past. Finally, they came to a house with grey siding and a sunroom built out on the front of it.

“I think this is it,” Megan said. She stopped the car in front, and then reached into the compartment between the two front seats. Tanis watched as she pulled out Mireya’s card to check the address.

Megan looked down at it for a second. “Yeah, this is it. Let’s go up and knock on the door, I guess.”

Tanis took this as her cue to get out of the car. Megan followed, and then hit the button on her keys to look the car behind them.

They knocked on the front door, which was really the door to the sunroom. Even from the front steps, it was possible to see inside; the sunroom had large windows.

They only had to knock once. Just a minute later, they saw Mireya come through the interior door to the house, through the sunroom, and then to the other side of the exterior door to open it for them.

“I didn’t know we’d be seeing you both so soon,” she said, as she held the door open. “Come inside. Keira’s just in the house.”

Megan looked at Tanis, and gave her a shrug. Mireya had already turned to go back into her home.

Megan trailed after her first, and Tanis after her; down an entry hall, to an open door, and then through it.

The room on the other side could only be described as a ‘parlor.’ It was the first word that came into Tanis’ head as she stood just inside the door. It was a room that looked too fancy for everyday use, and everything in it looked like it was meant to be decorative. There were some pieces that even looked like they were antiques.

The parlor was in a central position in the house, not connected to any exterior wall, so it had no windows. But it was brightly lit— it had a small chandelier hanging from the center of the ceiling which cast white light all around the room.

The carpet was a plush indigo— the two love-seats were the same color. They sat facing each other with an intricately carved low wooden table between them. All three sat in the shadow of the large fireplace on the wall across from the room’s entrance.

Keira was sitting on one of the love-seats. When Mireya led them into the room, she gave them a kind smile.

She looked nothing like the girl Tanis remembered seeing the day before. She was animated, aware of her surroundings. She seemed normal.

“Here are our two guests,” Mireya said to her. Then she looked back to Megan and Tanis.

“You can have a seat.”

Megan and Tanis looked at each other again, before mutually deciding to seat themselves on the love-seat across from Keira.

Mireya took the space next to Keira on her love-seat.

“So, let’s all be properly introduced,” Mireya said, crossing her legs over each other. “I introduced myself and Keira to you both yesterday, but neither one of you offered your names in return.”

“I’m Tanis,” Tanis said, and then looked to Megan.

“I’m Megan,” Megan added.

“Lovely to meet you both,” Keira said. “I’m sorry I couldn’t properly meet you yesterday— as you could both probably tell, I was indisposed at the time.”

“That’s why we came,” Megan spoke up. “You weren’t really hypnotized, were you?”

Keira laughed. “Mireya mentioned that one of you was a skeptic. I’m guessing it’s you. Yes, I was really hypnotized.”

Megan frowned. “But it’s a lot of bunk— a person can’t really…”

“Sure they can,” Keira countered. “Mireya hypnotizes me all the time— quite well, actually. I like it.”

This statement from Keira made Tanis feel more concerned about her, and not less.

“But even if it is possible,” Megan said, in a tone that conveyed very clearly that she did not think it was, “what would there be to enjoy about it?”

Keira looked thoughtful, but before she could speak again, Mireya interjected. “We could sit here all day throwing questions and answers back and forth. You girls certainly are curious. But I’ve never been an academic, interested in long, detailed explanations. The easiest answer to all your questions would be a demonstration.”

Keira’s expression lit up when Mireya made the suggestion. “Oh yes, I’d love to give you a demonstration, if you’ll let us. Will you?”

“Yes,” Tanis pressed. She spoke quickly enough that she beat Megan to it.

“It’s fine with me too,” Megan added, a few seconds after.

“Alright, then I’ll induce Keira into trance again with you two watching,” Mireya confirmed. “Let me just dim the lights in here. It’s a little too harshly bright for a trance space.”

Mireya uncrossed her legs and stood from the love-seat to walk to the wall. She moved the light fixture’s slider down, dimming the light of the chandelier above. As the room dimmed, the light seemed to shift from a cold white to a warm gold, or orange.

It changed the entire feel of the parlor; made it cozier somehow. This was a lighting that was conducive to curling up and taking a nap, maybe even right there on one of the love-seats.

Mireya stepped back to love-seat and took her seat again. She shifted slightly in her position, so she was turned and facing Keira. Keira was still facing forward— facing Tanis and Megan.

“I think I’ll do a spoken induction today,” Mireya said. “Nothing fancy— something familiar and well-used, to give the best example we can.”

Keira nodded, but she was still looking at Tanis and Megan. She gave them another smile. “That sounds good. I’d like it to be the best demonstration possible.”

“So just let yourself get comfortable where you’re sitting.” Mireya jumped into it without giving any warning. “Just start to feel the couch against your back, how comfortable your body feels sitting on. And just take in the lighting in the room. How does it make you feel?”

“Tired,” Keira responded. Tanis leaned forward on the couch to watch more closely. Keira was clearly answering honestly. It was like a wave of something had washed over her. A moment ago she had been sitting on the couch, perfectly alert. But as soon as Mireya had started her spiel, that had melted away. Keira had sunk further back into the couch, and her eyes had become heavily-lidded.

“Let yourself feel it,” Mireya encouraged. “It’s alright to feel tired. When you accept that, it makes you more tired, doesn’t it? But that’s alright, too. You can accept that in just the same way. Keep following your own acceptance of your state of being down…”

It was like Mireya had set up a recursive loop for Keira. If she was internally doing just as Mireya had recommended, then it was only going to lead her into further exhaustion. If tiredness led to acceptance, and then acceptance led to further tiredness, it was an endless spiral downwards with no end.

It hurt Tanis’ head to think about.

Keira’s eyes fell shut at last, and she flopped back into the couch once and for all. “Now how do you feel?” Mireya asked.

“Ready,” Keira said. Tanis recognized her tone of voice from the day before. That flat, monotonous pattern of speech. That had to mean she was close to trance again— maybe that was what she meant by ‘ready.’

“Drop,” Mireya said, and Keira’s body language shifted again. Before, even when she had flopped backwards, there had been a suggestion in the lines of her body that she was still further collapsing inwards. But following this directive from Mireya, that collapsing stopped. She was stabilized. As easily as Mireya had drawn a recursive loop for Keira’s mind, she had stopped it again.

Now Keira was perfectly still. Not descending any further, but staying exactly where she was.

“Your mind is open to me now, isn’t it? You’re in a nice, deep trance for me, aren’t you?” Mireya was looking at Keira with something like affection.

“Yes,” Keira said, in her flat tone of voice.

Mireya turned to look at Tanis and Megan again. “That’s the show,” she said. “That’s induction. Of course, Keira goes under very quickly for me. We’ve had a lot of practice together. And at this point, Keira’s inductions have more to do with her than me. At first, I had to teach her how to go into trance. But now she knows how to lead herself to it on her own. She only needs a few nudges from me.”

Tanis’ sense of alarm had only grown throughout the whole interaction, but she didn’t think it showed on her face. She hoped it didn’t.

“It’s better this way,” Mireya went on. “Because she has the basics of trance down, there are lots of games we can play, like the one you saw us in the middle of yesterday.”

Tanis was watching Keira’s face closely. It disturbed her to see her looking like this. There was something eerie in the complete placidness of her facial expression. And her compliance was equally unsettling. With that open look on her face, it was hard to imagine her refuting anything Mireya said while she was in this state.

Tanis looked from Keira, over to Megan. She looked a bit shaken up, too— like she couldn’t believe what she was seeing; or that she very badly didn’t want to.

“I still say it’s just a trick,” Megan said, but she didn’t sound sure.

Mireya did not take this as an affront. “You’re a true skeptic. I respect that. But I’m afraid there’s not much more either Keira or I could do to convince you. If you won’t trust a second-hand report, or even a visual demonstration, the only other thing I can offer you is to induce you myself. And judging by our brief interactions today and yesterday, I don’t think you’d agree.”

Megan’s eyes widened when Mireya suggested inducing her herself, but Mireya went on speaking.

“Luckily, I don’t particularly care whether you believe or not. Convincing you is not that important to me. I think Keira and I have done our duty in satisfying your curiosity. If you have no interest in letting me hypnotize you, then we have nothing more to show you. So we’ll finish up our visit today, but then you have no reason to come back and see us again, unless you’ve changed your mind and decided you’d like to give hypnosis a try. We won’t be seeing you again after today, unless that happens.”

Tanis swallowed. She could feel that her window of opportunity to get through to Keira was closing. It wasn’t acceptable— she still hadn’t had her chance to get Keira alone.

“Well, you’re right,” Megan said. “I’d never agree to be hypnotized, because it’s not possible, and I don’t waste my own time. So I guess you won’t be seeing me after today.” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Great, I’m glad we’re on the same page,” Mireya said, with a smile. “Keira, wake.”

She gave the command without even looking to Keira. She kept her eyes fixed on Megan’s the whole time.

The shift in Keira following this command was just as dramatic as when she had dropped in to trance. In one second, she was boneless on the couch with heavily sunken eyelids. In the next, her eyes were wide and alert, and she had sat herself up straight with perfect posture.

She turned towards Mireya. “Did that give them what they were looking for?”

“Megan here is still a skeptic,” Mireya responded. She was concentrated on Megan with that same fixed, intense gaze. “I don’t know what Tanis thinks. But I think our visit together is drawing to a close. I was just going to go into the kitchen and bring us all out some snacks to enjoy before we send the girls on their way.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Keira said. “I’ll sit here with them.”

Mireya rose, then, and disappeared through the door into the hall.

Tanis couldn’t believe her good luck. Finally, she had Keira alone, away from Mireya. “Keira,” she pressed. “Are you okay?”

Keira seemed surprised by this question. Megan looked a little caught off-guard, too. “Am I okay? What do you mean?”

“Megan may be a skeptic,” Tanis acknowledged. “But to me it seems like something is definitely happening to you when Mireya trances you. You looked really vulnerable, while she had you under. Like she could make you do anything, whether you consciously agreed to it or not. Are you okay?” Tanis stressed the last word hard.

Keira let out a light laugh. “Of course I’m okay. It’s not as though Mireya’s putting anything over on me. I agreed to this; we talk about the games we play in my mind first. I definitely do not need a rescuer, if that was the role you envisioned yourself in. Maybe it’s for the best if this is only a one time visit for you both, if that’s how you see me.”

Tanis’ worry was not appeased. If Mireya was taking advantage of Keira when she was vulnerable, how would Keira know? And if she found out… couldn’t Mireya forcibly change her mind about that too?

What kind of tangled web had Tanis stumbled into?

It was at this moment that Mireya re-entered the room, tray of snacks in tow. As a result, the conversation between Keira and Tanis dropped, and all four women fell back into idle chatter as they snacked.

When at last the tray was empty, Mireya and Keira stood, which Tanis and Megan took as their cue to stand also.

“It was nice of you both to stop by,” Mireya said. “We’ll see you again, if Megan changes her mind about hypnosis.”

A thought occurred to Tanis. “What if I decided I wanted to try it?” It would give her an excuse to keep an eye on Keira, anyway.

Mireya’s eyes flitted back to her. “That offer was only for Megan, Tanis. We’ll see you again if Megan changes her mind,” Mireya emphasized. “Now, we’ll walk you out.”

Once they were back outside, Megan and Tanis silently got back into Megan’s car.

“Weird of her to offer to hypnotize me, and me only,” Megan said. “And the way she was staring at me… was kind of strange…” Megan shook her head, as she put her key in the ignition. “But at least Keira seems fine. She told us so herself— and that’s if it wasn’t all just an elaborate production, which I’m still not ruling out.”

Tanis frowned. “You really don’t think it’s possible? The way Keira just melted when Mireya told her to… I don’t know, it just seems like maybe something is really happening inside her mind when Mireya does her thing.”

Megan shrugged. “Whatever is going on isn’t our problem now. We followed up once, Keira basically told us to stay out of it, so we’ve more than done our duty. We can have a clear conscience about this, now.”

Tanis wasn’t so sure.

* * *

Tanis didn’t like it, but as the week went on, she had to admit to herself that she had done all that she could for Keira. If there was something nefarious going on between her and Mireya, there was nothing else Tanis could do about.

She found herself thinking about Keira often, though. At random intervals in the day, the memory of her sitting on the couch would wander into her mind. Each time it did, it was like she was watching it happen all over again.

Seeing Keira fall repeatedly into trance made her feel… something. Off-kilter. Mireya had taught Keira’s mind to do that. It was strange to think about, strange to witness. When she saw Keira melting into trance again in her mind’s eye, it almost felt like a part of Tanis was melting with her— or wanted to melt with her. There was a temptation in the way that Keira’s body had relaxed. Tanis couldn’t help but wonder what that kind of relaxation felt like.

But apart from these odd mental interruptions, Tanis’ life went on as normal. That is, until she got an unexpected phone call, late in the evening of that week.

It was Megan on the other end of the line.

“Sorry to be calling you like this,” Megan said. “I still had your number in my phone from when you called to arrange your ride with me.”

“No problem,” Tanis said. “Why are you calling?”

There was a pause.

“I’ve… been thinking about it, Tanis,” Megan said. The shame was evident in her voice. “I don’t know why. But I have. About going back to Mireya’s house, and letting her hypnotize me… or, letting her try…”

Now Megan’s voice sounded more confused than anything.

“Oh, I don’t know what’s possible and what’s not anymore,” Megan let out, in a huff of frustration. “I only know that… I’ve been thinking about… the way she looked at me… she didn’t look at you that way. Her eyes were latched right onto mine, but it was like she was looking past them, looking inside of me, into my head. I keep remembering how it felt… thinking about it… thinking how easy it would be for her to hypnotize me. She’d only have to look into my eyes again…”

Tanis swallowed, and sank slowly down to sit on her couch. She was clutching her phone tightly in her hand, as if she were trying to hold onto the words coming through it.

“And I keep thinking… if I got in my car, and drove to her house, and knocked on the door again… when she opened the door, she would know why I was there. She’d know what it meant. There wouldn’t even be time to go inside. She’d open the door, look back into my eyes and I’d— fall.”

There was a breathless quality to Megan’s voice. It was reminding Tanis of the way Keira had melted on the couch, under Mireya’s instruction; of the way Tanis was melting right now, in time with the mental Keira who was slipping into trance all over again.

“I’ve been thinking about it too,” Tanis confessed. “I’ve been watching Keira go under, again and again, on constant replay in my head…”

She heard the same breathless quality in her own voice that she’d recognized in Megan’s.

“When I watch it, I know I’m falling under with her…” Tanis added.

There was another beat. Megan’s breathing was heavy on the other end of the line.

“If I drive us back, she’ll take us both,” she said— as if she needed to hear the words out loud. “She’ll look into my eyes, and I’ll fall… and then she’ll tell you, and you’ll fall. If I drive us back… if we go back for a second visit… We’ll be a pair of dominoes… one, two, down…”

Tanis’ breathing was perfectly synchronized with Megan’s, now. Both of them breathed together, wrapped in the same breathless hope.

Tanis’ heart was begging her to ask Megan— to plead with Megan to please drive them back. She needed to keep feeling like this.

She needed Mireya to tell her to feel this way.

“Please,” Tanis said, at last, breaking their shared silence. “Please, drive us back.”

Megan inhaled, bracing herself. “Alright.”

The next day Megan came to pick Tanis up again. They did not speak as she drove them back to Mireya’s.

And when they knocked on her door, there was a certain self-satisfied look in Mireya’s eyes.

“How nice to see you both again,” she said. When she’d opened the door, her eyes had first gone to Tanis. But they flitted over to Megan in the second after. “Megan,” she said, locking eyes with her.

Megan swayed on her feet, and Tanis felt her heart leap in her chest. Megan had just— which meant that she—

Mireya looked back to her again. “Tanis,” she said, “it’s your turn. Drop for me now.”

Mireya had told her. She felt it— it was her turn to melt under the warmth of Mireya’s control.

As she trailed after Megan, following Mireya into the house, there was a faint echo of what Megan had said on the phone the night before. But only a faint one, because the rest of Tanis’ mind was so empty.

They were a pair of dominoes. One… two…


* * *