The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Der mühsame Schüler

(The troublesome student)

A teacher becomes inexplicitly fascinated with a seemingly disinterested student at a community college.

‘Writer’s note: This story had some inspiration from the 1971 classic film Vampiros Lesbos. And the various Mannequin Stories on this site, especially Beauty contest.

Obviously fantasy, ethnicities and race of characters unknown, you fill in the blanks with your imagination.

Linda: she was of average height, slender, medium build, medium breasts, with green eyes. She and had just returned from studying abroad. She had just gotten her 2 bedroom apartment fully furnished, and had just started teaching photography. As in any profession she had to start in the ‘troubled’ part of town.

And so, the pleasant, attractive, eye catching, young brunette of 31 knuckled up and reported to teach her ‘beginning night class in Photography”, at the local community college, in Wilmington.

Frankly, she felt fortunate she was able to get a position teaching this skill any more at all! What with hi tech cameras and society’s love for all things amateur and ‘app’ related.

So she showed up in her shiny new, fully loaded Hyundai Elantra. She parked in the teacher’s parking lot and walked all the way to her classroom. Her attire was crisp and stylish, without being ostentatious. The walk seemed further than the brochure, but she finally made it and greeted the class with a warm smile. Everyone in the class returned her smile as she called attendance…. all but 1 student. This young female student simply looked bored, and she looked tough she would have blended in otherwise. Sure, she had a pretty face, but she looked angry. In fact she looked bored and a bit too young to be in this class. Frankly, she looked like trouble. She looked like a rebellious teen.

While the camera’s were being handed out and signed for by the TA, Linda approached the detached, tough looking young girl, and asked her if she was a local high school student taking the college class. Not to be nosy, but something made Linda feel like there was something a little off. She just couldn’t put her finger on it. Something about her made Linda’s intuition kick in but she didn’t know why.

Brittany answered: ‘Fuck no, I’m 19, I been out of that HS shit for over a year now. I’m taking this class to master it.’

Linda laughed nervously, and caught herself saying ‘language’. For saying this she got an icy cold stare from the young looking Brittany. Brittany just continued the icy stare until Linda looked away, feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable. This girl was half her age but there was something intimidating about her.

Several meetings of the class went by and the students were all expected to begin their first ‘real assignment’: something that ‘interested them’.

So far, no real connection was made with Brittany. She always gave Linda an icy stare, and sat rather casually, her fists under her tiny, muscular arms, leaning to one side, more observing Linda than even the subject matter. It made Linda feel self-conscious, and even stammer occasionally. She couldn’t believe this student, could make her nervous and trip over her words sometimes.

At the End of class a, few weeks later: 1st assignment. This was the Friday before Columbus day.

Linda addressed the class: “I’ll be going over your first assignments and giving you notes via email over the weekend. Class Dismissed.”

Everyone got up and left but Brittany. Brittany had a large, heavy looking folio in front of her, and was tapping it with her fingers.

“I need you to look at mine right now.” She demanded. Linda was a little taken aback. Brittany had been moody and distant, and now was being rather demanding.

Linda sheepishly answered “Well, ok…. since you have a whole presentation right there, fine” muttered Linda. I’ll take it home.’

Brittany was insistent: “Just take a look at it now.”

Linda agreed. What could it hurt? She would be home alone all weekend anyway.

They sat in the now quiet classroom as the campus emptied. Before long they were the only people there, before the security made their rounds. (Security at this school was notoriously absent most of the time, and hard to find.)

Linda opened the notebook and she studied the black and white photos. They all seemed to feature Brittany in various power poses, looking angry, or shot from below, giving her the illusion of height. The was a long series of different photos of various Mannequins, (posed in a storage room) followed by more self-portraits, alternating with blown up photos of Brittany’s feet, every other photo. They were very detailed close ups of her feet. Brittany’s face had an intense expression, followed by a crystal clear, well focused blow up of her feet again, the glare, the feet. This went on for numerous pages. That was only ½ the book.

Linda was getting woozy. It was too much. The photos both pulled you in and somehow tranquilized you. Linda felt her heart beating in her temples.

Now, little lightheaded, a little nervous, Linda summoned had the courage to ask: “May I take this with me to finish looking at it for grading?” Asked Linda. Brittany nodded her head.

“Yeah” she said, “I wanted you to see them in the book, get your damned reaction.”

Linda had given up correcting Brittany’s cursing. Linda then said her goodbyes and went home. She had one big glass of wine and went thru everyone’s work, then she returned to Brittany’s work last. Several glasses of wine later, she wondered aloud:

“What was the purpose of so many detailed photos of her feet?”

She noticed as she went through the notebook again that the expressions seemed to be Telling a story as the photos went on. The feet moved ever closer to the lenses and the look on the face went from stern and angry to almost a very subtle, but smug smile.

Linda became increasingly light headed, finally making it through the large folio.

Having had enough, more than satisfied she had done her work, Linda finally dragged herself to her bed, now slightly toasted, and possibly a little impressed at the quality of the amateur photos, redundant and bizarre as they were. Who knew angry poser Brittany had an art talent?

Linda had some weird dreams that night, and each night that entire weekend, which included the Columbus day Holiday.

Linda dreamt she reviewed the entire photo session Brittany had done, yet again, but while keeling on the floor, with Brittany standing watching her review it. In the dream, she observed the various shots from the POV behind the camera, in a room filled with various mannequins. She stayed kneeling while Brittany strolled around the room, carrying a riding crop, occasionally tapping the photo.

She dreamt she saw Brittany moving and posing the mannequins, laughing, then standing over them dominantly, placing her foot onto the head of the mannequins. Then Linda saw the foot come down from the POV of the mannequin. She could feel the pressure of it, as the bare foot in the photo moved onto her own face and she snapped awake. Then she went back to sleep and the dreams repeated. They continued.

Linda then dreamt she saw a view of the scene from far above, revealing that She was in fact a mannequin now, naked, and Brittany was now posing her, while drinking wine and laughing.

Linda saw herself with garish mannequin make up, posed, holding an expression of wonder while Linda placed various wigs on her. She saw Brittany place clothespins on her nipples, but her expression did not change. She saw the mannequin go down on Brittany while Brittany spread her legs wide.

Then Linda awoke again with a start, she was actually sweating. Her nipples ached a little. She noticed she was also quite wet, and she became very embarrassed…she never had thoughts like this about a female student, or felt anything but a little disapproval from Brittany. Linda struggled to get back to sleep for hours, and finally gave in to masturbating, which provided enough guilty release to sleep. She felt ashamed of herself.

Linda awoke Saturday on the floor, next to her sofa. She slammed the folio closed and began her day. She had strong coffee, a shower, and began entering the grades and notes into her new mac.

That night, and Sunday nite, and deep into Monday on the holiday, Linda reviewed Brittany’s folio again and again and had to get that release again to sleep. She didn’t understand why this was affecting her so.

Finally the long weekend ended. Class resumed.

At the next class meeting, Linda began her lecture of the fine points of focus and composition, and did her best to keep her composure. Brittany was wearing slip on, Celia Moanna snake flats and dark green cotton capri shorts with a sleeveless top. Both her arms and calves looked well oiled, and she looked deeply tanned from the long weekend, several shades darker now.

When class finally ended, Brittany asked if Linda remembered her notebook. Linda stammered and then remembered that she had forgotten to bring it in. She felt embarrassed and unprofessional. She was ashamed she had gotten so wrapped up in the book.

Brittany crossed her arms, gave a stern look, and then she uncrossed them and put her hands on her hips, as if she was now going to lecture the teacher.

“Damn, then I’m gonna have to come to you to put my additional photos into that damned thing, ain’t I? That’s how I’ll handle it?”

Linda corrected her: “Aren’t you”. The she corrected herself. “I mean, I guess so, um, yes, sure, if you want to. It was my mistake.”

Brittany picked up the second folio and put it under her arm.

Brittany then asked “Well, I didn’t drive here… did you?”

Linda nervously said, “yes, yes, I drove”

Linda couldn’t believe how she felt like the one being taught now. She was being obsequious to this disrespectful student.

Brittany said: “Good, then I can finish that notebook and get some food, cause I’m hungry. Take me to your car.”

Linda walked to her car with Brittany, carrying all her stuff with zero help from Brittany. She fumbled with her keys.

Was she supposed to let a student know where she lived? Especially, a troubled student who seemed to make her nervous? Could she drive a student and keep her job?

But it was too late though, Brittany climbed into the car like she owned it. She adjusted the seat, fumbled with the vents, etc. She tossed her extra folio onto the back seat, and pushed the seat back. Then once Linda got the car off campus Brittany kicked off her shoes and she just rested both of her bare feet on the dash.

Linda tried to ignore them, but she sheepishly asked at a red light.

“Would you mind not putting..” Brittany turned her body in her seat and pulled one foot off the dash and brought it right up to Linda’s face, while spreading her toes. “My cute little on your dash?” Laughed Brittany. “They don’t stink or nothing. Brittany’s toes glistened in the light.”

Linda caught herself staring at them. It was like time froze for a moment. Seeing them in person they looked like the folio but more vivid. They looked like they were moving in slo motion. Then the light turned green. The person behind her beeped. Brittany moved her feet right back onto the dash. She began rubbing them the dash, with her toes flexing. Brittany laughed, when she lifted them up they left a moist footprint, that evaporated almost instantly.

Linda was beet red for a moment, but she silently drove the rest of the way. She tried not to look at Brittany’s feet. She put on KCRW but the news report bored Brittany. Brittany then changed the station to the station using her toes, some insipid emo shit. Then she said: “That’s more like it. Linda was not thrilled but she remained silent. She did her best not to glance at Brittany’s feet again.

Once they got inside, Brittany went straight to the sofa, re-opened her folio and began adding new photos to her notebook, she had at least an inch stack of new shots.

Linda started into the kitchen for a glass of water, but before the got half way there, Brittany spoke.

Brittany just said flatly: “Wine, with ice”.

Linda came back into the room. “Are you even of age?”

“Don’t worry bout that shit, wine with ice. I can handle that shit, or do I need to get up and get it myself?” said Brittany, snapping her fingers.

Linda sheepishly put ice cubes in a glass of wine, and another glass with just wine spritzer for herself. She felt she should know better. She was 31. She wasn’t standing up for herself at all. Giving wine to the 19 yr old, taking orders from her?

Linda noticed immediately the sofa was now covered with the folio, and the 2nd notebook and Brittany was sprawled out, not leaving any room for her. Brittany simply pointed down to the floor.

Linda stood aghast. But when Brittany pointed the second time with more intensity, Linda reluctantly sat at right at Brittany’s feet. She had to reach up to hand her the wine. She also had to look up to her, to speak to her or answer a question.

Brittany drank her wine with ice like it was just soda, while Linda sipped her spritzer. Brittany held out her glass to the astonished woman and curtly said, “Just get the bottle, I’m almost done putting the new photos in so you can review them.”

Linda got up, weak on her feet, but made it to the kitchen.

Linda found herself bringing the bottle in and sitting right back down at the younger woman’s feet, now out of her slip ons. Brittany insisted Linda loosen up and poured more wine into her glass.

Brittany was finally done. She held up the folio. “You can look now, but I will turn the pages so you can try to grasp what I am creating’.

Brittany then patted the sofa next to her, inviting Linda to sit next to her. Linda stood up and then sat next to her.

Brittany plopped the now much heavier folio right onto Linda’s lap and started from the beginning. The book was cutting off the circulation in Linda’s legs.

There was that face again, those feet, the face, those feet, the face, etc.

Linda finally said: “Yes I saw this part….”

But she was shushed by Brittany. “Just focus on them., now we have to start again” Brittany began again, slower, this time, tracing the outlines with her finger now.

Brittany finally got to the end of the previously seen photos, and started on the new ones.

Now the mannequin was on it’s back, arms stiff, wearing a blonde bob wig. Brittany’s foot rested right on it’s face. Photos showing the mannequin’s position changed using Brittany’s feet went on for several more pages.

Shots of Brittany’s calves with what looked like honey or sesame oil running down them, shots of Brittany doing body builder poses with her armpits in close up, Brittany’s face, her strong back, her flexed buttocks, her face, Brittany’s soles closing in from the POV of the mannequin.

Linda was getting dizzy. Her wine was refilled, against her wishes. The notebook was a love letter to herself, thought Linda. It was so arrogant, so entitled. Linda was starting to get annoyed. She wanted to get up, but the folio was too heavy on her legs, they had in fact fallen asleep. Brittany then grabbed one of her snakeskin flats and laughed.

Brittany said: “What, is my creativity boring you? Do you think my photos stink? Or that my feet do? Is that what you think?”

As Linda started to say “I don’t think eith..” Brittany brought her redolent snakeskin flat right up to and then held it right in Linda’s face, like a stylish gas mask. Linda couldn’t inhale without sniffing the inside of that flat.

It didn’t actually ‘stink’, it was just very warm and earthy, whatever Brittany put on her feet had a patchouli like scent: a dark, musky-earthy aroma profile, reminiscent of wet soil. The smell of the shoe glue was strong as well. Linda was appalled, but it was too much, the deep scent was making her more woozy and she couldn’t move, or lift the folio to push the flat away. It wasn’t that bad, it was just…unexpected…it made one woozy.

Linda fell back as Brittany applied some pressure, and she held the shoe there as Linda slowly grew limp. Then for a second the flat was lifted, but no, it was replaced by the other one, also still very warm, very fragrant. Linda was so woozy now, from the wine, the weirdness of the situation, the moderately pungent flat, that oddly… wasn’t so bad.

Brittany whispered. “See, it’s not so bad, it’s not so bad… it’s kinda nice, ain’t it? Brittany held Linda’s head by gripping her hair, making Linda nod “Yes”, and Linda whispered the corrective ‘isn’t it’…Then Brittany aimed Linda’s glance back to the folio, yet another shot of her feet. “Yeah, it’s not so bad at all, people like my feet.”

Linda felt like lead, it was all so weird. Brittany then shoved Linda onto right onto her side, and the folio heavily dropped to the floor. Brittany kept the flat well pressed to Linda’s face now, laughing softly, slowly sedated.

Brittany artfully pivoted; swinging her tan legs around so while Linda was trapped on her back, her legs well asleep and unable to move, a perspired flat on her face like a mask.

Brittany turned and then faced her on the couch, then she deftly lifted both of her legs, showing off some core strength, and repositioned them so they could frame the flat on Linda’s face. Linda didn’t even move when Brittany released the flat and let it just rest there, allowing Brittany to use both hands now to fully hold down Linda’s arms, while her 2 bare feet lowered right onto Linda’s face. ‘Just like the photos’, thought a dazed Linda. The young woman’s, soft wrinkled soles closed in on then reached Linda’s face, and pressed firmly onto it.

They were very warm, earthy, and soft and lightly fragrant. They just stayed there while Brittany spoke soothingly.

“Yeah, you came in here thinking you’d be in charge, but you see now that you will be taking the orders now.

I’m gonna let go of your hands, but you won’t push my feet away. Nope.

No, instead…. your gonna grab my ankles and pull my feet in harder, much harder into your face.

Your gonna push em in nice and rough and you’re gonna make out with them like a dumb young bimbo on her first date. Your gonna lick em and suck em like some slut on prom night. Then you will ask me to teach You….how to become my very own mannequin. You gonna hold all still and shit til I tell you that you can move, you understand?

Linda really wanted to resist, to say “No. I won’t be some mannequin for you, I’m your teacher” but the warm soft feet on her face weren’t so bad. They really weren’t so bad. Linda’s legs were fully asleep, and now she couldn’t move her arms either. She tried, but was too weak. Weak, and frankly she felt her sex getting inexplicably wet.

Brittany let go of Linda’s barely resisting arms and they immediately bent at the elbow and her hands went right up to the ankles.

For a split second it looked like Linda might pull them away but she was simply adjusting her grip and repositioning those feet as she had been told.

Linda rubbed her face roughly, and sniffed the feet in her face. Then she began to slowly open mouth kiss the young soles, softly, tentatively at first… then she just moved her mouth like she was making out as she adjusted the feet to access those cute toes with silver nail polish. Finally, she slowly sucked on them individually, then in pairs. Occasionally Linda would open her eyes to look at Brittany’s face. That young angry face had made her do this. This was not like her.

Finally in the feverish intensity Linda blurted and mumbled: “Teach me, teach me to be your mannequin, oh my god, what’s gotten into me.”

Brittany demanded-“Mistress” you will call now me mistress, now you fucking airhead mannequin” Brittany had been stealthily rubbing Linda’s crotch the entire time.

Linda then felt a huge rush of pleasure, as Brittany demanded rather intensely. “You’re gonna hold perfectly still bitch, while I pose you, understand?”

Linda could not believe what she was hearing, or that she was replying: ‘yes-mistress, in stilted speech while doing her best impersonation of a mannequin.

Brittany pulled her feet back and she leaned back. She roughly shoved the coffee table away from the sofa using her leg and she gruffly moved Linda right onto the floor. She briskly posed Linda’s legs out straight, locking her knees, then she folded Linda’s arms at odd angles, and then she titled Linda’s head slightly, by gripping her head, gruffly. Brittany had strength.

“Now, give me an air-headed expression and hold it. Demanded Brittany

Linda complied, making a vacant expression of awe.

As Brittany commanded “Don’t you move at all, you’re gonna practice til you get good at this, til I’m satisfied.”

Brittany then stuck her feet right back onto Linda’s face and wiggled her toes and stayed like that while she watched TV all night, flipping thru channels, making snarky comments at the shows she watched.

Brittany then used her toes to pull off Linda’s skirt and then her panties. Then she pleasured Linda with her foot, making Linda orgasm several times, laughing each time.

Every time Linda came she was ordered to say: “You make me cum, Mistress, only you” Occasionally Brittany would repose Linda only slightly, and then reprimand her if she moved or she got fatigued. But finally Linda fell asleep, spent, exhausted.

Brittany noticed Linda was deep asleep, so she slipped off her own pants then sat straddling Linda’s face, wearing only a tiny thong. She endlessly ground her moist crotch into Linda’s sleeping face, using Linda’s nose, or chin to get her off. She did this several times, then rolled over to snore loudly, one leg around Linda’s neck, holding Linda down.

Linda awoke briefly when Brittany came all over her face, but she could not move, she had to remain still and take it.

Linda had to stay motionless again, and she fell back to sleep, exhausted.

Finally daylight broke. Linda had fallen asleep in her mannequin pose and she blinked awake rather stiff. Brittany’s leg was still gripping her.

Brittany finally awoke.

“Did I say to get up yet? Linda stammered: “No mistress”

Brittany continued. “You can get up when I tell you to” Linda answered, ‘yes mistress’,

Brittany asked: “What do you usually make for breakfast”

Linda answered timidly. “Um, yogurt, with fruit and some honey, and some strong coffee”

Brittany thought for a second. “Make ME coffee, and make that yogurt and fruit and honey shit, both in a small bowl for Me and on a flat plate for you. You’ll soon see why.”

Brittany continued-“You can get up now, but don’t wash your face, just your hands. You’re gonna wear my scent this whole weekend.”

Linda stiffly got up, and was in disbelief, but did what she was told. She was in disbelief her face was used to pleasure the young woman, and she could smell her orgasm all over her face, and she had to wear it all weekend.

Then she did what she was commanded and she slowly returned.

“I brought your breakfast, mistress” Linda said sheepishly.

Brittany demanded. “Put the plate at my feet and then kneel before me, you may watch me eat first.”

Linda complied, kneeling while looking up at and watching the young woman eat yogurt and berries with honey.

“Good” Said Brittany. “Now, when I lift up my feet, you move the plate right under them, then watch.”

Linda did so, and Brittany slowly lowered her feet into the yogurt and berries. “Pour some honey all over my feet” she demanded, and Linda did.

“Now… lick your breakfast off of my feet while kneeling, and then lick my feet until my feet are clean.

‘Meanwhile, thank me, and offer to be my mannequin” ordered Brittany.

Linda was hesitant the first time, but as she licked the soft young feet, and had the yogurt and berries, then revealed the feet under them, she said repeatedly: “I will be your mannequin Mistress” repeatedly.

While Linda did as she was told, Brittany drank her coffee, and watched Linda degrade herself. By the end, once all the yogurt and honey were gone from Brittany’s feet, Linda’s expression had been slowly morphing into one of awe, as she looked up at Brittany when she finished. “What next”, she wondered.

Brittany spoke:

“Now, you will ask me if you may please bathe and dry me, then you will beg me to teach you how to become my very own mannequin. Repeat to me over and over how you will let me teach you, and you will now be My student. Tell me that I will be in charge, because you aren’t smart enough.

Also, you aren’t permitted to have coffee any more, if you get a headache, the only relief is to grovel at my feet, kiss my ass cheeks and beg me to command you.”

Linda was already feeling the effects of skipping coffee, her head was aching a little, she was mildly hung over and this was all so weird. She was shocked and a little appalled but also strangely turned on by the bizarre situation. She very reluctantly began, slowly at first, but Brittany kept making her repeat and repeat.

Linda started uttering: “Please, let me bathe you, dry you, so you can teach me how to become your very own mannequin mistress. My head is aching. You are smarter than me, I want you to be in charge.”

Brittany laughed and revealed her taught ass. “You may cover my ass with kisses, and beg now”

Linda saw the firm youn ass and it’s cellulite free glory, and so she began: “Please teach me, I will be your student, and your mannequin,” Slowly and staggered at first, but then more fluid.

Before long, the 31yr old teacher was carefully bathing and slowly towel drying the 19yr old student, drying her tenderly, then slowly applying lotion to her young fit body. That weekend Linda spent countless hours in different stiff poses. When the headaches became too much, she’d drop from mannequin pose to kneel at Brittany’s feet and beg for more instruction.

When Brittany made Linda change into different suits and power outfits while groveling, she took photos with her phone. Linda knew she was in a spiral now but didn’t know the way out. It was so wrong, but… it was so hot. How was Brittany doing this?

Brittany kept Linda from sleeping all weekend and made her hold various poses for hours, occasionally presenting her with the slip on mask again.

Brittany could hardly wait to see how Linda would behave in class after a sleepless weekend of degradation. But she had one more test to complete and one more idea to run.

Sunday afternoon came, and Linda, now exhausted, humiliated and left with few options, was ordered to drive Brittany to her apartment in Wilmington.

They arrived mid Sunday afternoon.

A now haggard Linda was led to the upstairs apartment of the older apartment building that was close to the 110 freeway and the college. Frankly, it was walking distance from the school and Brittany never really needed that ride on Friday. Linda struggled to the top of the stairs, in deep coffee withdrawals, deprived of sleep, and fearing another headache.

The front door was opened up by Brittany, and they both walked into the small apartment. Brittany nodded to her roommate, who looked cast room the same mold, but had a few more tattoos than Brittany and was slightly shorter, and kind of butch. The room was dark inside. It looked and smelled like someone had been playing a video game marathon, surviving on Doritos, red bull, Gatorade and cheap pizza. That guess was pretty accurate.

“So this is the bitch, eh?” asked the roommate? Brittany nodded. The roommate grabbed Linda’s face and turned her head from side to side. She studied Linda intently.

“Did you go downtown yet?” She asked Linda. Flummoxed Linda asked, “what?” The roommate swung her leg back then brought it to the back of Linda’s knees, and Linda dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

“I love to watch MMA,” said the roommate. She sat down right on Linda’s stomach and began to stroke her hair. She held Linda’s head down and stuck out her own tongue, and ran a lick across and all over Linda’s face while holding her down.

Shocked, dazed and helpless, Linda couldn’t move and didn’t know what to do while her entire face was eagerly licked by the young, intense roommate of her student. For a brief moment she turned her head, but it was moved back into back place while the face licking continued. Then Brittany spoke firmly: “You will, let her, and stay still, stay limp”.

Linda stopped moving, and her body went limp. The butch roommate continued to lick Linda’s face, slower now, and then she licked Linda’s lips. Then she stuck her ring-covered thumb into Linda’s mouth and pushed her jaw down. Linda’s mouth opened with ease and the roommate jammed her tongue in sloppily, and began vigorously exploring Linda’s compliant mouth, while Brittany started fondling Linda’s crotch.

Linda lay still until she reached orgasm, again and again. While Linda lay in the afterglow, dazed, wet faced, and limp. The roommate demanded. “It’s your turn mannequin, to go down town.”

The roommate revealed she wore no panties, and inched up until Linda’s face was smothered by her musky crotch. Her legs were rather muscular and she had several tattoos.

“You want that headache to go away, so show me what you got!” yelled the roommate. Linda felt broken, she was still buzzing from the orgasm and her face was covered in saliva, she had just kissed a girl for the first time, and she still had residue from Brittany using her face to get off on all weekend thus far.

Once the warm, musky crotch of the older roommate covered her compliant mouth, her tongue instinctively began to kiss it like she was making out with it. “Yeah, be like a bimbo on prom night, make out with my pussy. Kiss it hard.” Laughed the roommate.

Meanwhile Brittany coerced Linda into a couple more orgasms while Linda ate pussy, Linking that pleasure to going downtown.

As the sun set on Sunday night Linda was sweaty, covered with fluids, fully dazed, and very ready for a shower.

Brittany ordered Linda into their bathtub. She commanded her to get on all fours for a shower.

Brittany grabbed a large handled loofa sponge and some, cheap and rather cheap smelling soap. She scrubbed Linda roughly ordering her to hold still, like a mannequin.

Then she soaped up the smooth handle of the loofah and brought it to Linda’s ass, and slowly worked it in, to Linda’s shock. She insisted Linda relax and keep repeating “I am just your mannequin” while Brittany worked the handle in and out, repeatedly, slowly. She told Linda remain still while she used her other hand to finger her and get her off. Linda was ordered to only repeat “I am just your mannequin’ until she came then she had to say:”Only You can make me come, mistress” when she did.

At last Linda came again and she shuddered. Then she collapsed onto the floor of the tub, twitching in the after glow. She’d never felt that before.

Brittany hosed her off and then threw her a very stiff little hand-towel. It was obvious it had been used repeatedly and left to air dry.

Linda sniffed it. It smelled like Doritos, armpits and feet. She knew better than say to say anything.

“Dry off with this little community towel my roommate and I use to dry our feet and pits when we’re running late, or we just worked out. Then hang it on the shower curtain. But first, let me hear you tell me “it’s not so bad, while you sniff it, and touch yourself.

Linda was fresh off an orgasm and still dizzy, she inhaled the scent of the towel, said: “it’s not so bad” and played with herself. It was shockingly fast how quickly she came again, now having linked that ‘funky’ towel to an orgasm.

Brittany continued “Later, I’ll expect you to thank me for letting you use it. Then come out and get dressed. I laid out some things for you-

You’re going to make us both dinner.” Said Brittany.

‘Yes Mistress’, whispered Linda

The tiny hand-towel transferred much of its scent onto Linda, who again felt light headed, imagining this towel being used repeatedly for the feet and armpits of the 2 female students. It was probably all she deserved, really as she repeated over and over: “it’s not so bad”, becoming aware she was now beginning to pick up the scent of the towel, marking her as theirs to order around. She found herself sniffing it again, and just that scent forced her to have yet another orgasm before she rubbed it all over herself one more time before exiting.

Linda walked into the living room, a little ashamed but still unexplainably turned on. She had cum more times this weekend than the rest of the year.

Linda bent over and reached to pull her clothes from the pile on the floor where the butch roommate had been resting her feet, and she saw Brittany’s used thong instead of her own underwear. She looked at Brittany who just shook a finger as Linda reluctantly put the used thong onto herself. It was an odd sensation, since she always wore conservative panties. Wearing another woman’s thong was very strange indeed. She felt a tingle of excitement wearing the 19yr old’s used thong, while Brittany strutted around the apartment bare assed. Then Linda got fully dressed and wandered into the tiny kitchen. It was a disaster area. She stopped in her tracks.

The Kitchen looked like the college roommates mostly ordered fast food and never did dishes. The sink was full, and the trashcan was overflowing.

Brittany sauntered in, nude, smoking a joint. “Oh yeah do those dishes first, they go into that cabinet. Then the trash gets bagged and this window is right over the dumpster. Climb up onto the sink, open that window, and drop straight down. Then wash your hands and go thru the fridge. Just make something. You’ll figure it out”

Linda answered meekly, ‘yes mistress’

Linda did what must have been 3 weeks worth of dishes or more, then she bagged the trash, climbed onto the sink, opened the window, looked down to see the open dumpster, and strained to lift, then drop the large bag of garbage.

She slowly climbed down from the sink,(as she needed the height to dump the trash) and washed her hands.

Then Linda went thru the crowded fridge, with spills of every kids of condiment. She refilled the trash 2 more times with expired leftovers. And had to climb and drop as many. She finally found some things worth cooking. She made scrambled eggs, with some green peppers, some tomato and she poured orange juice, mixed with lemonade. Deep in the back she found 1 can of beer, which she split into two glasses.

She found 4 good slices of bread for toast, and made sourdough toast with jelly. There was a serving tray in the corner of the kitchen. She scraped it clean, washed it and then She brought both girls their food and presented it. Then she stood waiting to see what next befell her, still finding the thong felt exciting rubbing on her.

Both roommates applauded, then they immediately ordered Linda to get on all fours in front of the couch and to hold very still. Linda complied. Then she felt the weight of the meal tray on her back. She struggled to hold that position until se was ordered to stand up, as she was informed she was going home now.

But it took Linda a while to get up, she was so stiff, so tired.

Before they headed out the door, the roommate asked Linda:

“You never said anything about the towel we let you use”

Linda gulped. “Um, thank you for letting me use the community towel.”

The roommate laughed: “If it’s a little ‘ripe” it’s because we use it all week long and then it’s your towel when you come over.”

Linda heard herself say softly. “It’s not so bad.”

Brittany smiled hearing that and said: “Good, I forgot to tell you, you gonna wear these too now. She walked Linda over to the tiny bedroom and pointed to the ceiling to floor shoe rack. She looked over the various shoes and found a well worn, rather broken in and beat up pair of ballet flats, the kind with super soft leather. Brittany’s footprint was deeply embedded into them, as was her scent. “Wear these until further notice, knowing they were mine” Demanded Brittany.

Linda kicked off her new, conservative, Clarks loafer pumps, and then slipped on Brittany’s beat up ballet flats, they were a half size larger than her own size, and it reduced her standing height by at least an inch. Linda had to scrunch her feet to keep them from falling off and shuffle a little when she walked.

Back at Linda’s.

Brittany told Linda to open the door and hold it open until she walked in first. And that she would always do that, even in public, but she was only to call Brittany ‘Mistress’ in private.

Brittany entered and turned on the TV, then sat at the couch. Linda followed her in, when to sit on the touch, but Brittany stopped her.

Brittany: “You sit down here, unless I say otherwise, but get a nail file first’.

“Yes Mistress” answered Linda, and returned with a nail file, then sat down at Brittany’s feet.

“Yeah, I need all my nails filed real smooth, and all my calluses and and shit too.” Said Brittany, ‘so get on it while I watch my shows, I fucking love reality tv. If I want anything else I’ll talk to you, otherwise, silence, and always sit facing my feet, don’t watch the TV, watch your work.”

“Yes Mistress.” Said Linda.

Linda carefully filed Brittany’s toenails smooth, and filed down her calluses.

Brittany looked them over, insisting they were all even, all smooth, and nodded her approval.

Brittany finally decided she was ready for bed.

She was tired, and she felt she deserved a massage.

Brittany ordered Linda. Before we go to bed, I expect a half hour full body massage. While to do it, I want you to keep saying: “I am glad you are my mistress, you deserve to be treated like royalty”

Linda said it half heartedly at first but with each utterance for the next half hour her words became more convincing. After a half hour of massaging the young woman’s legs, butt cheeks, back, arms and feet, Linda looked at the clock and said: “That was 30 minutes mistress.”

Brittany laughed and said: “I meant an hour” start again but sniff my skin while you massage it.”

Linda began again, sniffing the young woman’s skin while she diligently massaged her and repeated the line. “I’m glad you are my mistress…”

Brittany stood up, went to pee then returned to the bedroom then pointed at the bed.

Brittany took all the pillows. Then she pointed to the bottom half of the bed: “You, can curl up and use the bottom half only. You will always sleep behind me, unless I want you to go ‘downtown’. Otherwise your face is always right at my amazing ass. Every night before I get under the covers, I expect my feet massaged with lotion for 30 minutes, after my massage. So budget that 1.5 hours of Brittany time each night.

Then, it’s under the covers. If you’re hot under there, with your face against ass, just deal with it. Your face is to be right on my ass while I sleep.”

She continued:

In the morning, I will want my breakfast before school. You will bring it upstairs so I can have breakfast in bed. Then, you may get dressed, in whatever I decide you will wear.

Then you will drop me off, before you park the car, and rush back. We will keep ‘this’ under wraps in public, but if you spend the day at class, all excited wearing my used thongs and old shoes, that’s on you.” Brittany laughed, and put on the thong she brought with her.

Linda quietly said: “Yes mistress” wondering exactly how she got into this as she crawled under the covers with only Brittany’s ass before her face, before she fell asleep. As she pressed her face against the young woman’s firm ass, she said: “It’s not so bad” then she began dreaming again of the large folio, and those photos, several times that night. As she slept she relived the entire evening in her dream.

----- Starting the next school day, some small changes were noticed in Linda’s behavior. She showed up barely on time after the Columbus day Holiday, and didn’t look very well rested after 3 days off.

She displayed a bit less confidence in her teachings, and whenever unsure she’d look to the back of the room almost as if she needed permission from someone in the back row.

Amazingly, at the same time, the tough young gal in the back was showing up on time every class, looking bright eyed and bushy-tailed, as if she’d just gotten a massage, and had breakfast in bed at a resort or something. Her grades were climbing, and her skin was luminous.

Meanwhile as the next weeks went by, Linda seemed a little scattered, a little slovenly, And her clothes and shoes weren’t as sharp, and clean and pressed as in the beginning of her work.

There were even a couple occasions where a couple female students wore new sandals on the hot days when the Santa Anas blew, and Linda was apparently distracted, as it looked like she was staring at their young feet. She attributed it to allergies and the Santa Anas, the heat, her apartment’s A/C being out of order. She mentioned in ‘this heat’ she regretted not wearing sandals.

It was pretty much forgotten.

Then Linda was questioned on her hygiene by a student, who suggested ‘with no disrespect’ that Linda smelled like Doritos, armpits and feet. “Was she ok?”

Brittany smirked in the back of the class, and held back a giggle.

Class ended, and Brittany met Linda at her car. She looked around carefully before saying quietly:

Brittany told her. “I’m gonna let you wear a pair of my old Birkenstocks tomorrow, You can get them from my house tonight, after you cook and clean and my roommate and I are done with you.”

Linda was embarrassed by the questions today. She sniffed her arm, and it smelled like the community towel. “It’s not so bad,” whimpered Linda. “At first, it was overwhelming, but… I’m used to it now, Miss-

Brittany corrected her. “Never in Public, that will cost you tonight” she said.

They piled into Linda’s sloppy unwashed car and went to Brittany’s.

Once they entered the place was in a bit of disarray. The roommate had a few friends over the night before while Linda was at her place tending to Brittany’s every whim, including the 1.5 hours of mandatory massage.

There were beer cans, and pizza boxes and old socks and underwear everywhere. The sink and trash can were both full again.

Linda looked at everything hopelessly still concerned about “that will cost you tonight” The butch roommate pulled off her converse. She helped Brittany off with her flats.

“Before you clean and cook tonight I think you have to make up for slipping in the parking lot’ said the roommate: “Brittany texted me on the way home” she said.

Linda was nervous, then the butch roommate said it. “Go get the community towel, and come back here and wipe off both our feet”. Brittany sipped a beer and echoed: “You heard her.

Linda sheepishly answered: “Yes mistress” and returned with towel. Linda diligently wiped off both girl’s feet, then stared at their soles.

“It’s kinda growing on you ain’t it?” the roommate asked Linda.

Linda replied: “It’s not so bad, as she began kissing both young women’s feet, slightly hesitant at first, then it was if she went into a trance and really kissed and licked them diligently. She wiped them dry with the community towel and then put it up to her face and inhaled it deeply, uttering: “It’s not so bad” right before she came. Then Linda seemingly passed out, and fell over.

Both women jumped up and began throwing the socks and underwear onto Linda, piling them all over her head.

Linda stirred, and awoke with a start.

“I’ll bet you can accurately guess whose are whose by now” said the butch roommate.

Linda gulped.

The Brittany ordered her: sniff or suck on an item and tell us whose it is.

If you guess 3 in a row right, you can take a hot shower with a fresh towel. Said Brittany.

Linda grabbed a thong she recognized Letica wearing. She sniffed it hard, then said: : “Mistress”

Brittany clapped with glee.

Linda grabbed another thong…but the Butch roommate said: “No, too easy, try a sock.”

Linda grabbed a sweat sock from the pile and sniffed if hard. She did it again.

She was worried a little. It was hard to tell. It looked like something the roommate would wear. Linda asked “Yours?’

The roommate laughed: “No, they are new, psych, and they are Brittany’s”

Linda was worried: “May I try again mistress?” she pleaded to Brittany.

“Yeah, sure, but blind folded.”

Linda used the clean sock as a blind fold, then reached into the pile. She pulled a thong out and began to sniff it, then sniff it again.

She was confused. She admitted defeat.

Brittany pulled off the blindfold and said: “Ha, those were mine, wore em all day, and she wiped herself off with them when you went down town on her last time. You lose.

But hey, put those aside, you found your thong for tomorrow at school.”

Linda was defeated. She knew she had to go downtown again. And bring both roommates to orgasm, then she still had to clean and cook. To add to her amusement Brittany had her wipe them both clean with the thong Linda was to wear tomorrow.

Again, Linda did a side by side downtown session, pleasured both young women, and then still cleaned up, etc.

After dinner a defeated Linda (who frankly was getting oddly accustomed to this) took a tepid shower, used their cheap smelling soap, and then dried with the community towel.

She tried to be angry or at least mad, but that damn towel was now linked to having an orgasm. She wanted to hate it, but when she dried with it, she shoved it into her face and inhaled deeply, and immediately had another orgasm. She was ashamed if her arousal, then she returned to the living room, light headed.

Linda looked glassy eyed. She was in some sort of twisted, weirdo scenario, but she honestly: never had this many orgasms before.

“What am I wearing tomorrow mistress? And can we please go home now?” asked Linda, feeling broken.

Brittany picked out some well worn Birkenstocks, a wrinkled skirt, and a blouse from her closet that had been her mother’s long ago.

“Oh, and your thong” Laughed Brittany.

It was still pretty damp, so Linda was allowed to carry it home…on her rear view mirror.

They arrived without being seen. Then it was time for the thoroughly exhausted Linda to massage and foot massage with lotion her young mistress before finally being allowed to sleep face to ass.

Brittany fell asleep in a second, and Linda cuddled with her ass. It was warm and clean and smelled of soap. “It wasn’t so bad.”

In the morning after Brittany finished breakfast in bed, and had a hot shower, and got dressed. Linda drove her to school, then hurried back in the wrinkled skirt, mom shirt and Birkenstocks. The thong was still a little damp, and simply knowing it was wet, and why made Linda increase it’s wetness via her being turned on wearing it in public.

In the middle of the school a female administrator came in to supervise Linda’s class. She thought Linda looked a little out of it, looked at the back of the classroom too much at the expense of other students, and her clothes were mismatched, wrinkled, the Birkenstocks looked unprofessional. They even looked worn and old.

It really hit the fan when Linda was interviewed close up by the administrator.

The administrator wrinkled her nose. “You reek of sex, frankly. Your clothes need to be ironed, and those shoes make you look like a dirty hippie.” She sniffed again. “Sex and Doritos, and armpits.” “My god, do you go to orgies then slither into school? How many partners at a time?”

Linda was embarrassed, humiliated. Linda looked at the back of the room for help, and all Brittany did was hold up the number 2 and turn around quickly.

Linda was so sleep deprived, out of it, and her seductive mistress was in the same room. It slipped out when Linda muttered. “Just two, but it’s not so bad”

Livid now, the classroom was cleared. Linda was berated and accused, she stammered and stuttered and said something about feet and going downtown, and how it wasn’t so bad.”

She was asked to leave and never return. She was given leniency and no charges were filed. But it would be tough to get back into education, known as “the dirty hippie who stares at coed’s feet.’

Linda had accrued some savings, probably 9 months but she wouldn’t be able to keep paying 2750 in rent without a job.

While dutifully massaging Brittany that night, paying special care to her feet, after several glasses of wine Linda sheepishly asked if she could be the girls…..’live in maid’. She offered to sleep on the couch or at their feet, or whatever. She needed to reduce expenses.

She casually mentioned her 25k in savings would get run thru quickly if she didn’t find work.

Brittany smirked unseen, then spoke as if it were an inconvenience.

Linda could move in with them, but- they’d both want use of her car. She could sleep in a makeshift bed of their laundry, since: 1. it wasn’t so bad, 2. Brittany accused her of being turned on by it. 3. Without school to worry about, nobody cared if she smelled of sex with two young hotties.

Then Brittany commended: “Now continue my foot massage”

Linda had no response but: “Yes Mistress.”

Linda vacated her 2 bedroom apartment, and put everything in storage while Brittany accompanied her. She moved in with the 2 younger women, permitted only a small suitcase.

Linda did all their laundry, their cooking, their cleaning, and she automatically entertained their foot fetish and their need for control. Linda grew more than accustomed to the community towel, and was eagerly rubbing one out every night after servicing the two women, fully aroused by it now. It was kinky, and things were dark but it was her new normal now. This continued for over 2 months.

Brittany finally got tired of the dirty car. The car was filthy and dirty due to Linda’s forced slovenly behavior. Linda turned to Brittany in the car wash as the car the suds ran down the windshield while they sat inside. Linda looked at Brittany with awe as she studied the young face.

Linda spoke: “A new chapter begins, and soon, a new year, I guess. I can’t believe I left the apartment, the job, all so I could be at the feet of my mistress, I really fell for you mistress, and your roommate. You have been there, thru all of this for me.” Brittany just said, “Yes, I know.” Brittany kicked her snakeskin slips on off and put her feet on the dash.

She looked at Linda: “Remember how you hated my putting these on the dash?”

Linda turned and saw the 19 year old’s feet on the dash.

Linda blushed a little: “Yes mistress, just a few months ago I berated you for putting them on the dash, but now:

Linda turned her head a little more and closed her eyes. Brittany brought of her feet up to Linda’s face. Linda deftly grabbed the ankles and she vigorously sniffed the soles.

She said giddily: “It’s not so bad” and then she left kisses all over the soles, just as the car wash ended. Linda quickly regained her composure and started the car. Brittany put her flats back on.

Linda stopped for wingstop for the girls and Brittany hugged her from behind as Linda paid, looking over her shoulder while she used her card. Then Linda drove Brittany right over to the girl’s apartment. As they climbed the stairs, Linda mentioned ‘they no longer had to split time between both locations. Linda was all hers now.

Linda said she’d act as ‘full time’ cleaning woman and cook and of course she’d service both women on command, she’d been catering to their foot fetish and going downtown almost as an instinct now. Brittany listened while Linda gushed over her. Linda said she’d find a new job soon.

Inside The apartment:

It was staying much nicer than it had been previously. Linda had only been using the ‘community towel’ for some time now, not only with zero hesitation, but accepting it as her new normal.

She was getting better and better at holding positions longer for the two roommates, and was able to alternately hold the ‘all four position’, a ‘kneeling refreshment tray holder’, and ‘standing coat rack positions’ longer as well.

Buy now, Linda had ‘it’s not so bad’, deeply ingrained in her vocabulary. She performed foot worship almost automatically when both roommates kicked off their shoes to watch football. There was a series of games from Europe the two watched almost religiously, rooting for the team, while Linda dutifully devoured their feet, submitting to the 2 young women.

Brittany’s Older Sister visits

Tonight was special however, as Brittany’s older sister was visiting unexpectedly. She had just arrived from the Long Beach Airport and seemed a bit perturbed. She had endured an 11 hour flight that was supposed to be only 8.5 hours. She was fuming.

Her baggage was in the corner of the small living room when the two entered. Various items were laid out on their ironing board. What appeared to be an airbrush set up stood next to it, as well as a large medical bag on the ironing board.

Brittany was pleasantly surprised but slightly shocked.

Dominique was taller, and more intense looking. She appeared very fit, and built rather womanly. She looked shapely in her mint green scrubs and long ponytail. She was Amazon tall, and strong looking. Her appearance lived up to her name. Even her stance was imposing.

Brittany: “I wasn’t expecting your visit for several more months sis” she said.

Her sister, Dominique, was not so amused. She spoke forcefully: “You move too slowly little sister, you take your time too much. This should have all been done over 2 months ago.”

Brittany: “I was not aware I was supposed to be in such a hurry.”

Brittany turned to Linda. “Linda, this is my older sister, she lives up to her name, Dominique, and is not known for her patience. She in renowned for her amazing strength and her intensity. Treat her as you treat me”

Linda, still holding the food and her purse, looked up at Dominique and said: ‘It’s an honor to meet you, sister of my mistress, I am Linda, Will you be joining us for dinner?”

Dominique clearly looked down on Linda and curtly said: “I don’t need to know your name. Just put all that down, I wanna to look at you first.”

Linda put the food on the coffee table. “Yes Mistress” she said

The roommate began digging into the wings.

Linda asked: “Will you be joining us for dinner?”

Dominique simply said: “Silence:”

Linda looked a little startled but complied.

Dominique spoke: “now walk over next to me under this light, and disrobe for me, immediately.”

Dominique looked impatient.

Linda compliantly kicked off the shoes, removed her blouse, her skirt, and then quietly stood wearing her bra, and Brittany’s used thong, in front of Dominique.

“Fully” ordered Dominique, sounding rather annoyed. She was tapping her feet impatiently.

Linda then stood nude before the intimidating tall woman, her nipple erect from the cool.

Dominique hastily put on some surgical gloves, and then she dispassionately held Linda’s face. She lifted Linda’s lips, and looked at Linda’s teeth. Dominique frowned and then she reached into the bag behind her, and removed two industrial strength dental whitening strips in a box. Dominique hummed a tune quietly as she worked.

She applied strips upper and lower and then she manually closed Linda’s mouth, rather matter-of-factly. Then she studied Linda’s pretty green eyes using a pen light, and then said: “Hmm, very pretty eyes, nice color”.

Linda smiled weakly.

Dominique then put one hand on each of Linda’s shoulders and said: “Turn around, face that way.” While, physically spinning Linda as if she were so much meat. Linda now had her back to the woman and she cooperated fully. After 3 months with Brittany, Linda was had become quite docile. Dominique returned to humming.

Then with cat-like reflexes, Dominique swiftly reached into her bag and produced a hypodermic, with a substance that seemed to almost glow in the dark. She promptly injected Linda in the carotid artery on either side of her neck, using half of the syringe’s contents on each side, very quickly and efficiently, before Linda could even react.

Linda simply shuddered for a moment, stunned, then her eyes grew wide, and her pupils dilated fully, almost instantly. Dominique simply said: “Remain still.”

Linda hadn’t expected that at all. But she remained silent and still, standing there as ordered, while the serum coursed through her bloodstream.

Dominique then spun Linda around to face her again. She said matter-of-factly: “That will take full effect in a few short minutes, but first: show to me… an expression of calm bewilderment now.” Linda then complied, making that expression.

Dominique: “Hold that expression for me.” Linda complied, holding that look.

Dominique sighed again and reached into her bag yet again and produced a small plastic box.

She opened it to reveal several sizes of sclera-white contacts, and sclera-black.

Dominique glanced at Linda’s face, back at the box and seemingly thoughtfully selected black. She lifted Linda’s eyelid with deft skill and quickly placed them into Linda’s eyes. They fit perfectly. “You’ll get used to those quickly, so much for those green eyes” Dominique quipped. She resumed to humming.

Dominique then began to pose Linda into typical store window poses, adjusting her arms and head tilt, and her stance, trying different looks until she was satisfied.

Linda accepted the various positions with zero resistance. Dominique then ordered: “You shall remain in this pose until I command you otherwise.”

Dominique then said to Linda: “Now.. continue to breathe softly thru your nose, quietly as possible, deep, slow, undetectable breaths” and think only this thought: “I am a mannequin, I think as a mannequin, I move as a mannequin: Even when permitted to move as normal, I submit to my mistress completely.”

Then Dominique demanded: “Unless you are spoken to directly by me, or by your mistress, you will focus only on that sentence from now on..”

Dominique gave Brittany another disapproving look as she turned on the airbrush. It looked more industrial, and hummed a little louder than a make up airbrush, and had a 1.5 liter reservoir feeding it, containing quick drying, water-soluble nanofibers in a rather cloudy fluid. The scent was a very strong, almost overwhelming vanilla. An ample supply of it came with every sale.

This could be applied in any color, any skin shade and would rinse off with a water and vinegar solution. Clients had used it to fully alter their mannequin’s look, using the variety of dyes available. Then hairstyles, eye colors via contacts, and for many: botox lip plumping were chosen.

Dominique began spraying Linda with the airbrush, from her feet upward, in controlled efficient movements while she cavalierly manipulated a lollipop in her mouth. She hummed quietly as she sprayed. Dominique placed a cardboard eye cover over each of Linda’s eyes and sprayed her face. She then gave a few short sprays to Linda’s hair and she combed it back slickly to her head. Then she removed the eye covers while the solution dried, to a pliable rubberized plastic appearance.

Once she finished Linda’s front and sides, Dominique reached back into her bag. She removed a 3x3 inch patch of scopolamine derivative and affixed at the base of Linda’s spine. Then she fully sprayed Linda’s back and the backs of her legs.

Dominique reached around to the bag and grabbed two more small syringes, with a number on them.

She turned to Brittany and said: “Lip plumping, lasts for 6-8 months” Then she proceeded to inject Linda’s upper and lower lips. She stepped back, shook her head and then did some more. Satisfied Dominique laid them on the ironing board.

Lastly, Dominique removed a 2 sided miniature, C shaped dildo from her bag, removed the plastic wrapping, squirted it with a lubricant, pushe a button on the bottom to extend it, the jammed it in place on Linda, both vaginally and rectally. Then the touch the button for it to retract into place. Linda did not flinch. This clever device would link pleasure to the statement Linda would be constantly repeating, and to the entire transformation process.

The remote control was then handed to Brittany, and Dominique nodded.

Brittany hit the ‘on’ button, and a barely audible hum commenced.

Dominique then addressed Linda: “ Now say to me the last thing I told you.”

Linda, now with slightly slurred and stilted speech, still posed, said: “I am a mannequin, I think as a mannequin, I move as a mannequin: Even when permitted to move as normal, I submit to my mistress completely.”

As the spray dried it revealed a semi gloss shine looking eerily realistic.

Dominique bit her lollipop in half and cavalierly tossed the stick onto the floor. She then swiftly ripped the patch off Linda’s back to give her skin room to breathe. But the patch still had life in it, so Dominique held it by the edge. She laid it sticky side up on the ironing board.

Dominique then pulled out another patch from her bag and handed both to Brittany. Dominique: “When I lift her into the air, and turn her sideways, place one patch in the center of the sole on each of her feet, firmly and quickly. Put on a glove first.

Brittany put on a single glove and used the glove hand to hand to powerful patch at the ready.

Dominique lifted Linda several inches in the air, as if she weighed nothing, placing one hand onto her neck and the other holding her at the crotch, turning her sideways. Linda’s legs remained stiff, and her arms didn’t move. Brittany then placed the patches onto the soles of Linda’s feet firmly. And Dominique turned her back to horizontal and placed her standing again.

The powerful patches would provide the scopolamine derivative into the blood stream from the feet for the next 48 hours.

Linda had remained perfectly stiff and perfectly still, having been injected with the dual doses of muscular paralytic. Her voluntary muscles would not be under her control for at least 48 hours, unless ordered to use them. Even larger doses (used for shipping and display could last up to a week or more.

The scopolamine derivative aided in the ‘burning in’ of not only the saying Linda was repeating in her head, but the subliminal commands and the visuals from the goggles.

This derivative had a 2 day half life. As for nutrition, a liquefied ‘emergency food ration MRE’ would be periodically injected, supplying enough nutrients to survive, readily absorbed without a creating a need to eliminate. Water for hydration would also be intravenous, but did require allowing you mannequin to eliminate, typically via a catheter.

Then Dominique then waved her hand in front of Linda’s face, and Linda remained perfectly still. With the spray nearly dry now, Linda’s look was quite amazing. Linda’s skin shined with a plastic like sheen with the ultra thin coat of spray, her pose was perfect, and the black sclera contacts gave her a mindless, otherworldly look. Her breathing was virtually undetectable. She was fully pose able, and the coating didn’t crack, it moved with the person.

Dominique then placed a self-adhesive, blond, ‘severe bob’ wig on Linda and then she quickly applied garish, wide blush stripes, and semi-permanent pink lipstick, on Linda’s plumped lips. The completed look was a hi end store mannequin from the 1970’s.

Any passerby would assume this was an authentic mannequin except for the small amount of body hair still under her arms and the conservatively trimmed pubic hair. Before all this began Linda simply had a ‘neatly trimmed’ pubic area, a large pubic triangle. Now she was due for a permanent Full Brazilian.

Dominique sighed again, and pulled the cordless electrolysis wand from her bag. With the coating dry, Dominique felt comfortable lighting up and smoking an extra long thin cigarillo. The scent of cognac mingled with the powerful vanilla. Dominique used ‘The e-Smooth’ Permanent Hair Remover, and left Linda clean and hairless as a newborn.

When Dominique was done, she took a long drag and then she stepped back to admire her work. She took more photos and sat down to look at them.

Linda, now wearing the Bob wig, the garish make up, the black sclera contacts, the shiny skin coating, and zero body hair: looked like she could be in any upscale store window in Newport Beach, advertising swimwear.

Dominique took another drag and then addressed Brittany, lecturing:

“You know, you work far too slowly, you procrastinate. You are lazy. How long did that take me? 45 minutes, 1 hour tops?? And look! She is worth $300,000 on the dark web.

Not a fighting, desperate to escape kidnap victim, but a compliant, obedient, one-track mind, custom designed, living mannequin! Once she is regularly dosed, and accepts her new normal, she only needs the food pellets to survive. There isn’t even a need for a bathroom really, and you waited this long?”

Dominique continued her rant

‘So you enjoyed having a maid and getting your bizarre foot fetish satisfied, and getting your pussies licked? I can almost understand that, for a weekend”

But you have to work the conversion much faster! The pictures need to be on the dark web for auction, THEN, you can have your fun until we finally procure a buyer.

You need to use the kit we provide, the technology makes it so much easier.”

Dominique retrieved a preprogrammed 3D Virtual reality VR headset with built-in retractable earbuds, Immersion 102° large visual, ideal heat dissipating design, video play & Pause, touch screen/action button, volume control button, adjustable Pupil distance and focal distance. And held it out to Brittany, then put it on the ironing board.

Dominique then lifted Linda bodily with ease, and placed Linda, on her back in the center of the room. Dominique then kicked off her large size 10.5 shoe and rested her foot right on Linda’s face. Linda remained still. She hit the video on her phone. She then demanded: “Mannequin-lick my foot until I command stop.” Linda immediately began licking the bottom of Dominique’s shapely foot. Dominique let this continue for a bit then said: “I honestly don’t get what this does for you.”

With her foot pulled away Linda’s tongue continued wagging.

Dominique then demanded: “That’ll do mannequin, return to running your primary sentence”

Linda retracted her tongue and returned to her expression of calm bewilderment and awe. Her mind began looping once again:

“I am a mannequin, I think as a mannequin, I move as a mannequin: Even when permitted to move as normal, I submit to my mistress completely.”

(Incidentally, the wig stayed beautifully when she was both lowered to the floor and returned to standing)

Linda was then moved in front of a white wall, and Dominique took several more photos with her iphone.

Dominique: “These new cameras really are fantastic. I do believe this new underground nightclub in Europe, with the erotic dance artist, may wish to use her in her show.

The performer is a sexy Lesbian with a very erotic routine and does a wild number with a mannequin now. Very hush hush of course, but she was the toast of Budapest, before she moved. A mannequin of this quality will be worth the investment. Occasional retouches to the surface, perhaps changes in the makeup, or the contacts, wigs are all easily done.”

Dominique then placed the virtual reality set onto Linda’s head and hit ‘on”. Then she sauntered over to the couch.

Dominique lit another cigarillo, and then she sat on the couch, crossing her beautiful long legs, while admiring her handiwork. She exhaled a long drag, and then she said:

‘This headset is programmed with a looped series of mannequin poses, while white noise and subliminal programming loops in the background erased history, and programmed accepted behaviors. This runs for 24 hours.”

“So I take it she has been summarily dismissed from her former employ, and all of her attachments?”

Linda completely ignored the conversation of plans for her fate, laid out in right in front her, as her only thought to her self over and over, was simply:

“I am a mannequin, I think as a mannequin, I move as a mannequin: Even when permitted to move as normal, I submit to my mistress completely.”

Brittany replied. “Yes, of course, per the plan:

First, I made her notice me and become curious, using my carefully shot folio. Then I slowly crushed her will and I seduced her to be submissive.

I controlled her appearance, I deprived her of sleep. My roommate and I took it further.

Soon, her work became sloppy, before long, she was looking “disheveled” at work, and was showing up late, and since she exclusively used the ‘community’ towel, wore my funky old shoes, shuffled sloppily, she appeared to be: “losing her edge, becoming an ‘unhygienic hippie.’

Conditioning her with my ‘weird fetish” got her in trouble, as she began to notice coed’s feet in sandals without subtlety.”

Once her ‘character & sexual proclivities were questioned’, they wanted nothing to do with her.”

She was released over two weeks ago, and she won’t be missed.” Said Brittany.

However: I want her car, the items in storage, and her savings, in addition to my regular commission. By the way how much is 15% of what you think she will demand anyway?”

Asked Brittany, now laughing.

Dominique laughed as well. “You would stand to make about $45.000 in commission, assuming we get 300,000, which it pretty standard for this quality.

Once a buyer is found and the money is transferred. Additionally, based on the list of items in storage you presented me….. Dominique scrolled thru the renter’s insurance list and read thru it very quickly

Furniture $ 8,907
4kTV 899
Home Computer 1,647
Microwave 151
Other Appliances 540
Clothing 3,900
Paintings, Prints, Photos 692
Glassware, China, and Silverware 512
Cameras and Photographer’s Equipment 1795
Books 740
Jewelry 1,523
All Other mis Property 4,000

Then there is the car….. I checked the bluebook on a fully loaded 2018 Hyundai Elantra, approx 21k. Then, you mentioned over 25k in savings? And you say you saw the pin while picking up this so called ‘food’?’ Dominique turned up her nose at their choice.

She then calmly added it all up on her phone’s calculator: “ Little sister: this was a 115k haul for you ! Not a bad payday, for getting your toes sucked is it?”

Dominique gave Brittany a big hi five. She then said: “ 6 figures for a few months’ ‘”work” which face it, for you was play.’ But I still insist my method, once mastered is much faster. Just look.” As Dominique pointed over to Linda in the corner

Linda stood perfectly still and posed, as the patches sent their derivative into her blood stream, and the VR headset droned on, and the vibrator vibrated. Linda was in oblivious bliss.

“This is new” mentioned Dominique as she found the app on her phone then spoke into it. “Mannequin-move your arms 4x while tilting your head, then return to pose, for your mistress” said Dominique.

Linda moved like an automaton then returned to her pose. Both roommates clapped.

Dominique took a drag of her cigarillo.

What you will make on this venture is certainly more than enough, to enroll in a class at El Camino for your next procurement. There must be a suitable candidate there. You need only take 1 night class. You can audit the rest….and remember, what you saw me do tonight, I do at least 5 times per week in various tourist areas.

Half of Dubai has me on speed dial. Dominique laughed again.

This entire time: Linda’s black sclera eyes simply stared blankly ahead, into her Virtual reality goggles, watching the endless loop of posed mannequins while the audio continued.

Linda was now a nude mannequin with a look of ‘calm bewilderment’, running only this one thought through her head now, fully oblivious to the conversation around her, despite the fact it was about her:

“I am a mannequin, I think as a mannequin, I move as a mannequin: Even when permitted to move as normal, I submit to my mistress completely.”


More chapters to come, maybe…

Next chapter

The next day.

The two roommates slept in, had morning sex and stretched awake. Brittany put on a wig and a hoodie and extracted a little less than the daily max with Linda’s card from an atm not far from her now empty apartment. While standing near the old apartment she used Linda’s ipod to create a paypal account, and began regular scheduled transfers, in amounts small enough to build up to the full amount within a month or so. It was labeled ‘moving expenses/fresh start.’

Brittany really didn’t want to grab it all at once to raise a red flag, or have to try and use the now half programmed Linda to move the money for her.

Brittany took some of her cash and grabbed breakfast to go for her and her roommate at the popular diner near the apartments. Hash browns, strong coffee, two huge omelets, bacon, and the hottest salsa they carried. She put the food in the car, and dumped everything else in it into a local dumpster that picked up likely the next day.

Then she hopped into the shiny Hyundai, now dialed in to all of her stations, purged of anything formerly Linda’s and drove home.

Brittany strolled in with food and saw her roommate sitting on the couch, using the community towel to dry her feet after her morning run.

Brittany: “Don’t forget to hand that up, you never know who I’ll meet.”

They both laughed until they started coughing.

Linda remained quietly still in the corner, posed as last night.

She really looked authentic.

The roommate asked: “How long does the gotta stand there?”

Brittany looked at her phone. “My sister said til the same time she started yesterday, Then the batteries need recharging.” “We can only play with her til the batts charge”.

Dominique said she posted the ads last night, and there are already 300 ‘watchers.’ Brittany than admitted: “Yeah, she really worked fast. I could have easily converted a good 15 acquisitions in the last 3 months this way. Maybe she’s onto something. We could move to way better digs. But hell, when you first start out, you do how you know.”

The roommate nodded her head.

They devoured their breakfast, then played some video games. After it got to be dusk, a beeping sound emanated from Linda’s direction. The vibrator and the VR headphones needed charging.

Brittany lazily got up, belched, and went over to Linda. She tugged on the vibrator but Linda held fast. The she remembered to hit the release switch. POP the vibrator sprung wider, and it eased out. Brittany wiped if off on a paper towel, and plugs in the charger.

Then she eased out the ear plugs, and removed the VR unit and plugged it in to charge. Linda had the same expression but looked much more plastic to her. Brittany waved her hand in front of her, nothing.

She was getting curious.

Brittany put her hands on her hips and said commandingly:

“Mannequin, stand at attention.” Linda slowly moved her arms and legs and stood at attention.

Brittany asked. “Tell me Linda’s passwords for bank accounts”

Linda answered in stilted speech. “Who is Linda? I am a mannequin, I think as a mannequin, I move as a mannequin: Even when permitted to move as normal, I submit to my mistress completely.”

Brittany knew it. “Tell me about Mannequin then”

Linda began reciting what the VR had filled her head with.

Linda: “Mannequin was custom designed by as a life like pleasure unit or for store display” “Please read online manual pdf for care and cleaning of your unit.”

Brittany was impressed but also pissed. Now she was limited to her commission and the money she could grab. At least transfers to paypal were in the works, and she had the keys to the storage unit. She could sell it all in one lot, and walk away, this crossed her mind. She also had the car, and this was Los Angeles, she could drive it for years without registering it, anyway, until then, she’d avoid getting pulled over. Or submit a change of address, and fake a 1 dollar sale.

Brittany asked again. : ‘Mannequin, tell me about before “as-you-wish inc.” Linda answered again: This mannequin has always been a mannequin, custom designed by as a life like pleasure unit or for store display” “Please read online manual pdf for care and cleaning of your unit.”

Brittany was impressed. Previous memories erased, false memories installed? Was there any other info in her brain now?

Brittany asked: “Mannequin were you trained with any skills?”

Linda answered again. “Mannequin was custom designed by as a life like pleasure unit or for window display, skills include 21 different mannequin poses for window displays,35 submissive poses, cunnilingus, analingus, kissing techniques, foot fetish techniques.

Brittany was shocked this had all been so well implanted. Then it occurred to her, hey, foot fetish. Well it was the most popular fetish even if her sister wasn’t into it.

Brittany then commanded. “Mannequin assume a store window pose and shut down until addressed again.”

Linda responded: “Yes mistress” Then she picked a random store window pose and froze, standing quietly.

Brittany had to get a bag and all of the kit her sister used.

Unit charged, shipping, arrival, new career on stage. Life in Europe. New owner. New teacher at El Camino, shorter seduction.

The crate was approximately 6′× 2′× 2′ and weighed about 200 lbs when loaded; the door was secured by specialty screws. The specialty bits shipped beforehand. Inside the padded crate, the mannequin was secured by padded belts laying attention, with all limbs bubble wrapped. A turntable for home display was included, as well as a ½ liter of the current skin color touch up. (any air brush sprayer can be used) The mannequin ships wearing the VR headset with back up battery, looping her programming, the dble dildo in inserted but turned off, as well as a small oxygen tank designed for light weight, and measure tested for the specific shipping time. A 1 year food pellet and catheter supply are included! All shipments are fully over-insured. So both parties profit in the event of mishaps. Asyouwish product ships discretely with the return address to Asyouwish, LLC. Asyouwish also offers a variety of skin tint spray colors should you feel the urge to ‘change up your mannequin’s appearance for your pleasure or resale. Your privacy is of utmost important to us. As you wish has zero liability if mannequin is sold or reshipped.

Chapter-school starts in the spring, at El Camino 3 months later.

Brittany decided to do the photo album ruse at least in part, to see what happened. While she waited to get the ‘pro kit’ like her sister had. Dominique was assembling one, having taken Brittany on a few ‘expeditions’ in Mexico and a couple in Majorca Spain. Brittany had apprenticed during 2 ‘drunk blue blood sorority girls-now Mannequin-ing in Mexico City, programmed to only understand Spanish for the Cartel buyer. Cheerlading costumed mannequins. Different strokes though Brittany.

And two lithe Blonde haired, Blue eyed German female soccer players, now deeply brown brunettes with brown eyes, mannequin-ing in New Dehli, programmed to understand only Hindi.

Brittany read the info and it sounded about right : “Course emphasizes studio work with courses in portraiture, photojournalism, black and white, color, digital and film creative photographic processes.”

Brittany audited the photography course, but surprisingly the teacher was an old maid. Cellulite city. Not even a cute classmate. So Brittany closed her eyes and picked a course from the website at random.