The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Details and Devils

Charlotte felt herself walking out of the theatre into the late-Autumn evening. The not-very-good horror movie she had just seen faded from her memory. It was the night before Halloween and she had decided to treat herself to something to get her mind off of the breakup with Roger.

It wasn’t a bad breakup; she was the one who called it off, after all. But still.

She stared at the movie poster outside the theatre. It showed a visual montage of a hand grasping a pocket-watch, a candle, some demonic face laughing in the background, and a woman in diaphanous clothes dancing on some desolate moor. Charlotte found herself holding the silver pendant from the necklace Roger had bought her. It was supposed to be for their five-month anniversary, he had told Charlotte, but he guessed it would be a nice break-up present.

A break-up present.

That was her problem with Roger right from the start; he had no vim or vigor. No spark. And, worst of all, no backbone.

She woke from her reverie with a start at the distant sound of a church bell chiming. She hadn’t realized how late it was or how cold it had suddenly gotten. She hadn’t planned on the movie when she had dressed for work this morning, and wearing the pencil skirt with the cleavage-baring blouse was, she thought, suddenly not enough.

She ran for the subway station…. And reached the platform in time to see the train pull away down the tunnel.

She looked at the message-board and saw that the next train wouldn’t be for another half-hour or so. The only other person on the darkened platform was a priest. They eyed each other warily. Somehow, the cold had followed her down underground.

She idly fingered the necklace again. She thought back to the movie she had just seen, where a woman had been taken by a demon in the darkness….

Wait…. That wasn’t in the movie… the movie… the movie was about an evil hypnotist who had lured girls from a nearby school into a cult…. so they could worship a demon, giving their virginal bodies over to pleasure.

Charlotte blinked and looked around. Those weren’t her thoughts. Those words came from outside of her. It was a voice hungrily whispering into her ear. A shiver went down her spine and settled in between her legs.

Suddenly the chill became slightly warmer.

Yes. Feel the warmth.

Charlotte quelled a scream, as she felt heat envelop her from behind and what felt like a hand cover her mouth.

Poor little Charlotte, all alone in the darkness, yearning for someone to “show some spine” and take you. I know what’s lurking inside you. I know what makes you….

She felt something like a tongue lick the skin of her ear, as if she were the subject of a taste-test.


Charlotte then felt the voice throw her against the nearby wall, face-first.

Winded, she turned around to see what was there and saw…


But whatever was there saw her, and laughed.

Sweet little morsel. You don’t know what’s coming. And it’s so delicious.

The voice seemed to come from a few feet in front of her, and right next to her ears at the same time. Her head jerked around trying to track it.

Finally, she found her own voice: “Why-?” The sound of her own weak and trembling voice echoing into the silence of the subway platform stopped her. She felt almost embarrassed.

Why not? The voice responded. Maybe someone offered you as payment. Maybe someone who ‘loved’ you put a curse on you. Maybe you’re just lucky. Maybe there are no reasons why bad things ‘happen’ to good people. Or to desperate people like you.

Charlotte felt hot and cold at the same time. She was frozen in panic, and, at the same time, she felt like someone was flipping through all the darkest fantasies she had stored deep within her mind, like some infernal auditor looking for dirt. She felt something click inside of her, as if some shameful scenario had just been found. She started to run away.

She made it about two steps before she found herself picked up into the air and thrown against the wall by the unseen force. This time she felt something grasp her firmly around her neck and softly across her cheek. She let out a grunt.

Oh no. You won’t escape that easily, little prize.

This time, the voice sounded like it was closer, breathing into her face. And this time, instead of coming from near her ear, it sounded like it was inside of her, somehow.

She looked around again.

Now then…. Let’s see what we can do about ^this^.

She felt something slide and slither up her thigh. In her distressed state, she couldn’t tell what it was, a hand or- or something worse? Oh god. It was something worse.

It tore… literally tore her panties off of her and tossed them into the darkness, landing on the rail. Charlotte began to cry.

Awwww. Such sweet, angelic tears. The voice was mocking her. Let’s exorcise those angels from you, shall we? Let’s get rid of any last shred of divinity. And don’t worry, precious, you’ll love every minute of it…. Well… maybe not the first few minutes.

The… thing… at her thigh was finding its way between her legs. She was being pressed against the wall, her legs dangling. She tried to close them, but the…thing…was forcing them apart.

She sobbed as she felt it slide up to her clit. It was slick and wet of its own accord. But maybe there was something else. Was her own body betraying her? Or was it defending her? She couldn’t tell, and it didn’t matter, as she felt the thing begin to strum at her. She had lost track a little of what the voice was whispering. What it was repeating.

Submit to me. Give in to my will. Let your body betray you. Let your mind betray you. Let your soul betray you. Bend for me. Break for me. Submit to me. Give in to my will….

She groaned and shook her head. What was going on? She caught a glance of the priest who was now walking slowly towards where she was pinned against the wall. He seemed to be holding some beads and muttering something under his breath. Charlotte had a brief moment of hope. Maybe he could banish whatever this was. Finally, the priest halted, as if he had run face-first into an invisible wall. The priest fell to his knees, as if in pain, and then lurched over onto the ground and didn’t move.

Oh no, precious prize. There is no hope for you. She could hear the revulsion in the voice as it said “hope.”

And with that, the thing between her legs that had been working and sliding and… sucking?? at her clit, thrust between her folds.

She grunted. The voice was even louder in her ears. She could feel the vibrations of the rhythm of the voice begin to work their way through her body.

Submit to me. Give in to my will. Let your body betray you. Let your mind betray you. Let your soul betray you. Bend for me. Break for me. Submit to me….

This whole thing was horrible, and yet, her body was beginning to send messages to her brain that she didn’t want to accept. Damn it. She was starting to feel pleasure. Charlotte tried to deny this truth. The thing between her legs slid into her. It kept going and going. Thankfully, it didn’t feel very thick. Just when she thought it couldn’t go any further, it stopped. She could somehow, through the cold wall on her back and the colder air on her face, feel a throb through her body. It… It was throbbing in time with the incessant words.

Submit to me. Give in to my will. Let your body betray you. Let your mind betray you. Let your soul betray you. Bend for me. Break for me. Submit to me.

Her lips trembled. She whispered a “no” into the invisible hand that covered her mouth. At least…. She hoped it was a hand. It certainly seemed like a hand as she felt her mouth pried apart and something entered. She tried to bite down, but couldn’t find any purchase, and as she bit, she felt a small shock go through her body from the thing between her legs.

Temper, temper, little toy. Temper, temper…..Submit to me. Give in to my will. Let your body betray you. Let your mind betray you. Let your soul betray you. Bend for me. Break for me….

She could feel more tears from her eyes, and a bit of blood filled her mouth from where she had bit her tongue sometime in the last few… seconds… minutes… how long had this gone on for? Why wasn’t anyone else around? Why was no one rescuing her?

The throbbing thing between her legs grew more insistent. The pleasure inching up through her legs became harder to quell. Why? Why? How could her body react this way?

She felt what must have been hands begin to shove their way into her blouse. She was dimly aware of the sound of buttons scattering across the pavement as her blouse tore open. Her nipples were being pinched and sucked and fondled. Furtively at first and then… it was as if she something shifted in her world, and the pressure and tension in the biting and pulling became exactly what she had wanted from any lover she ever had.

As she hung there, pinned to the wall, she had a dim vision of what she must look like, arms held overhead, mouth agape and bleeding, mascara running down her tear-strewn face, her breasts heaving through a torn blouse, her legs spread open and twitching, and her whole body shaking and moaning. She looked… She looked….


And with that one word, she felt the thing in her cunt expand to fill her. To stretch her. Just enough. And then a little bit more. And still it entered and pulsed with the rhythm of the words still cascading through her barely-resisting body.

Submit to me. Give in to my will. Let your body betray you. Let your mind betray you. Let your soul betray you. Bend for me. Break for me.

Her body gave in first.

Three thrusts and her body came. It was different from any orgasm she had ever felt before. It seemed imposed upon her. It was wild and there was no way she could ride it safely. It would buck her off and out of all sanity if she weren’t careful.

Her body was still twitching, but it was no longer resisting. The Voice was holding it and moving it like a sculptor with clay.

A second orgasm coursed through her body.

Charlotte thought she heard a new voice added to the Voice.

“I…. I…. submit. I give in. My body betrays me. My m-mind…..”

She was waiting to feel a third orgasm, but now the thing between her legs and enveloping her body began to tease her. It started doing almost what she liked and wanted and needed and then, easing off. She was being toyed with. She was being kept on an edge. It felt like eternity.

All of a sudden she could feel her body pleading for release. That second voice suddenly began to sound desperate as it started over.

“I submit. I give in. My body betrays me. Please! My mind….. I submit. I give in. My body be- fuck, my body betrays me. My mind….”

Finally, she said the words. Because it was her voice she had to claim.

“My mind betrays me.”

And with that, her body and mind convulsed in a rage of ecstasy.

A third orgasm. A fourth. An eighth. A fifteenth. She lost track as it seemed that each orgasmic peak lurched into another one. Her voice and the Voice repeated in unison and each syllable sent shivers through her body.

“Submit. Give in. Betray. Bend. Break.” Over and over again.

She realized, as she grew to accept the Voice into herself, like some kind of wonderful unholy sacrament, that she was no longer pinned to the wall. Suddenly, she found herself on her hands and knees, as the Thing was plowing into her from behind. She was rutting like a wild animal in the middle of a platform and she was-

“Beautiful.” They said together.

She opened her eyes. If she had been looking into a mirror, she would say there was a glint of eerie silver in them. ““Submit. Give in. Betray. Bend. Break…Submit, give in, betray, bend, break.”

She saw the priest had recovered and was also kneeling. He had a rosary in his hands and he was praying fervently, staring at her.

But Charlotte smelled something else. Yes. Arousal. His arousal.

She slowly crawled over to the priest as she felt her body, mind, and soul being fucked over and over again.

She whispered, then spoke, in the priest’s ear. “Submit. Give in. Betray. Bend. Break.”

She grabbed the rosary from the priest’s shaking clutches, pushing him over and onto the ground. She straddled the priest’s hard cock. “Submit. Give in. Betray. Bend. Break.” The priest was already losing himself in the glint in her eyes.

She tossed the rosary in the direction of where her panties had gone.


“Rosary! Rosary! Rosary!” Roger practically shouted.

Charlotte woke up, shaking off the trance.

She took a second to catch her bearings.

She was in her dorm room. The red candle they had bought from that occult store was only half-burned down. It was only a little darker than when they had started. OK. So far, so good.

But she was leaning over Roger on the floor, straddling him. Oh. Right. She wasn’t supposed to be doing that.

Roger pushed her off. He seemed to have a bruise on his forehead.

“Sorry… I… uh… didn’t think it would work that well.”

Her blouse had been torn and there were buttons everywhere on the floor. Her panties were draped over the computer screen in the corner. She sat next to Roger on the floor and covered her face.

Roger prattled on, as he did when he was nervous.

“I didn’t do this. I don’t know what happened. We started the trance and did the scene just like you asked, and then, you tore your panties off… which… um… and…um…I tried to safe word, but you pushed at me and I hit my head on the desk and must have blacked out. I woke up when you were screaming and saying… things. I’m not sure I heard you right. Are you in pain? Were you in pain? I’m so sorry. Oh my god, are you ok?”

Charlotte crouched next to him shaking, covering her eyes. Finally she stopped. Yes. She could smell it. Arousal. His arousal. She looked at him.

Roger gasped, as she saw an unholy silver glint in her eyes.

She spoke, in a voice that wasn’t quite her own, that Roger heard coming from all around him.

Oh, Roger. You should be careful what you do on Halloween. What candles you burn. What desires you unleash. What sacrifices you offer.

“Wha- what? I-I- Charlotte? Oh my god, what’s going on?”

Roger. Oh, Roger. Sweet, little spineless Roger. Sweet little toy. I guarantee you one thing. God has nothing to do with this. Now Roger, repeat after me, and this will go so much better for you. ‘Submit. Give in. Betray. Bend. Break.’”

And with that, Charlotte straddled him again. The last thing Roger was ever sure of, before the darkness overwhelmed his will, was the feeling of invisible hands holding him down, as something infernal grasped his already-hard cock. Finally, he heard several voices, including one that sounded strangely like his own, repeating over, and over…

“Submit. Give in. Betray. Bend. Break.”