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The Devil’s Bed 2: Sara Returns

Originally Written 12/28/06

If you haven’t read “The Devil’s Bed” yet, well, you need to do that first.

You’re back? Great.. you probably LOVED “The Devil’s Bed”, so now prepare for the next chapter. Shiri and her family are once again under attack by the jealous Sara, obsessed with vengeance against the Hypno-Witch. And as Sara’s plan unfolds, you will be carried along for the ride. It’s seductive and sinister, but with Shiri’s wicked sense of humor, you will find that it goes down soooo easy.

I mean, how DO you take down a Hypno-Witch? Sara goes to great lengths. And what would you do with a Hypno-Witch once you take her down? Mmmm, that would be telling the best part.

In case you’re wondering, “hey didn’t Shiri kill Sara at the end of part one?” I guess the answer to your question is another question: does evil ever really die? Is hatred a powerful enough force to overcome anything, even death?

This story is filled with the collision of many powerful forces. Those forces are ready to invade YOUR mind, and take YOU deeper into the devil’s bed. It’s big and soft and alluring.. but beware of the women who lay on that bed and beckon to you. They are more than meets the eye. And once you enter their realm, it is they who control whether or not you will leave, and what you will be if you are allowed to leave.

And regardless, you WILL crawl back to the devil’s bed. To Shiri and her dark, dominant power. And you will serve her with a blissful smile..

The restaurant gave Aaron a strange feeling as if he was doing something that was certainly unapproved. The dim lighting was something Aaron was not used to and the only reason he would even be caught dead in a place like this was to meet up with an old friend, one of which he was still in love with after all these years.

The hostess walked Aaron over to the booth in the corner of the restaurant, and then Aaron turned, thanked her and peered around to see if she was really there.

“I see you,” a soft sexy voice said in a taunting manor.

“Sara?” Aaron said.

Sara stood up and gave Aaron a kiss on the cheek. The two of them sat down and Aaron got a good look at Sara’s face.

“You’ve changed some,” Aaron said.

“I had a face lift, do to an unfortunate accident that is best left out of discussion,” Sara said.

Just then a waitress walked up and Aaron watched as Sara slipped her a twenty and told her to make sure they where not disturbed for twenty minutes. The waitress smiled and nodded her head in agreement.

“So how long has it been?” Sara asked.

Aaron thought for a moment and said, “I think some eleven years.”

“I miss the project,” Sara said.

“Are you thinking of coming back?” Aaron asked.

“Oh no, not me, I have other plans in mind,” Sara replied. “How is Area 51 these days?”

Aaron shushed her and said, “God, don’t say that so loud!”

The two of them looked at each other and laughed.

“You could always make me laugh,” Sara said.

“What happened to you, why did you just leave like that?” Aaron asked.

“I didn’t want to be stuck twenty levels below ground for the rest of my life working on a mind control project that has no glory in any discoveries I might make,” Sara replied.

“Don’t you think you owed it to me to say goodbye?” Aaron asked.

“I am not good at saying goodbyes,” Sara said, then she took a drink of water and Aaron noticed her scared hand. “I knew there would be an argument and crying and then a fight and I didn’t want that to happen, you’re too good for that.”

Aaron gave another look at her hand and Sara noticed. Thinking that her hand and part of her scared arm was because of the accident, Aaron asked the question he had told himself that he was not going to ask.

“So why have you come back?” Aaron asked.

Sara nodded her head then said, “Cut to the chase nowadays, don’t you?”

“You fucken left me, Sara,” Aaron said. “What do you want?”

“Can’t we have a nice dinner and quiet evening before we get into that and into what I want?” Sara asked.

“You really don’t know how much you hurt me, do you?” Aaron asked. “I want to know right now what it is you want or I am leaving just as fast as you left me.”

“Alright then,” Sara replied. “I want formula SAR 48.”

Aaron sat back in his seat and watched as Sara lit a cigarette, he was still stunned when he said, “You can’t have that, I’m not willing to give you something like that.”

“It’s my fucking formula, I invented it,” Sara said, then blowing a puff of smoke into the air.

“You didn’t invent it, you took it from the brains of the aliens,” Aaron said.

“I synthesized it and made it possible for human injection,” Sara said.

“It killed the first two people you tested it on, and that’s why they pulled the plug,” Aaron said.

“That’s why I need the 48 formula because I got it right the third time and I produced that one vial before they shut me down, now I want it, so where do they keep it?” Sara asked.

“It’s under my custody, and I am not going to give it to you and you know that,” Aaron said.

Sara smiled and said, “I know that you won’t give it to me, you’re very loyal and I respect that, but sometimes things get complicated and I am going to get that vial.”

“It was good seeing you again Sara; I really think I should…” Aaron said and was interrupted.

“The mind control program was very interesting in those days,” Sara said. “I led the whole thing and pretty much had the run of the place. I was told to make sure to have all my subordinates in a state of absolute secrecy; do you know how I did that?”

“No I don’t know,” Aaron replied.

“Everyone under me got strapped to the chair,” Sara said.

“You didn’t!” Aaron said.

“I sure did, I even had it approved,” Sara said. “Everyone got the drugs and the light show and of course a back door so I could get in and amnesia to make you forget.”

“Don’t do this Sara, please I don’t want to, stop looking at me like that, I feel…” Aaron was interrupted.

“I have already said two out of three of the combination words in sequence,” Sara threatened. “I only need one more.”

“Can’t we work something out? I mean we can do something,” Aaron said as his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Sara took a puff of the smoke and slowly blew it into Aaron’s face then said, “Obey… Approved to forget and to obey.”

Aaron threw his head back against the booth and he shook violently. Drool emerged from his mouth and fell down off his chin.

Minutes later, the waitress walked up and asked, “May I take your order now?”

Aaron lifted the menu and said, “Yes, I would like the honey pepper steak and make it well done please.”

“Chicken fajitas for me, please,” Sara said.

The waitress left and Aaron said, “I shouldn’t have any problem sneaking the formula out to you, but what do you need it for? What warrants the use of something so powerful?”

“Revenge warrants it,” Sara replied. “I am going up against the most powerful and ingenious person of them all, I am going to kill Hypno-Witch Shiri.”

“This bastard ass Sonofabitch, sorry crap mother fuc..,” Shiri yelled before being interrupted.

“Did you turn the power on?” Yvonne asked.

“What, do I look like a damn fool?” Shiri said. “Of course the power is on.”

Shiri continued to struggle trying to push the VHS tape into the VCR.

“Come on, swallow the tape, it what you do for a living,” Shiri told the uncooperative piece of electronics equipment that she could never get programmed.

Yvonne stayed seated on the couch as she watched her mother from over the morning newspaper. She continued to raise the news paper over her eyes, only to lower it and watch as her mother fought with the media beast.

Suddenly Shiri stopped and Yvonne’s eyes became wide as she had seen this type of reaction in her mother before, someone was about to get hurt.

Shiri took five steps backwards and tossed the VHS tape on the couch.

She stood silent for a moment and then her arms raised into the air and she screamed, “Guardians of the watchtower hear my cries!”

“Hey!” Shaun yelled as he walked into the living room. “What the hell is going on in here?”

“Mom’s gona curse the VCR,” Yvonne said as everyone turned to look at her. Yvonne raised the news paper up over her eyes once more.

“No, don’t…, don’t do that,” Shaun pleaded. “You curse the thing and then it will eat everyone’s tape up.”

“It won’t take my Disney video,” Shiri said. “I keep trying to put my video in and it doesn’t let me push it in, it hates me and is trying to make me pist, look at it, it keeps flashing twelve o’clock, it mocks me, damit!”

Shaun picked up the tape from the couch and walked over to the VCR, pressing the eject button, he removed the tape that was inside and pushed Shiri’s tape in its place and then handed the tape that was in the VCR to Shiri.

Shiri began to breathe hard and her face turned red with anger. She looked at the tape and read the label, which said, “Yvonne’s Graduation.”

Shiri’s head slowly looked up at Yvonne; her entire head was now hidden behind the news paper as she pretended to read.

“YVONNE!” Shiri shouted.

Yvonne lowered the news paper and looked around as if she didn’t know.

“This is your tape!” Shiri shouted.

“Is that mine, oh there it is, thanks mom.” Yvonne said not fooling anyone.

Shiri walked slowly over to Yvonne and then asked in soft threatening tone, “You little shit, you would have me loose my mind over a piece of machinery, just for your amusement, you knew your tape was in there all along.”

Yvonne folded up the news paper and sat it next to her, then said, “How about I go and get coffee, my treat.”

“Oh no you don’t,” Shaun said. “You made her this way and now you deal with her, I will go get the coffee, I need some alone time.”

“Excuse me, alone time, are you sick of us?” Shiri asked.

“I just need some alone time to relax,” Shaun said.

“If you would like I could hypnotize you,” Yvonne offered.

“No, no, not that kind of relax,” Shaun said.

“What kind?” Shiri said.

“Alone man time,” Shaun replied. “You know, pick my nose, scratch my nuts, man time, me time. I need to get the hell out. Umm, you know, me time.”

Shiri looked at Shaun suspiciously and then thinking about it he was more than likely right. She and Yvonne where crazy enough to drive anyone mad and he looked in need of a breather.

“Alright,” Shiri said. “If you think a coffee run will help you out that much then go right ahead.”

“I don’t need permission to go,” Shaun said.

Yvonne’s face got serious as she didn’t like the sound of that and wondered if that could end up in a big fight, as her mom was defiantly in the fighting mood.

“No, you don’t need my permission to go,” Shiri said. “By all means, please go and get us some coffee.”

“Because I can leave and not come back if I want to,” Shaun warned.

Shiri smiled, walked up to Shaun, placed her hand on his cheek and said, “I am sorry I have been neglecting your need for some alone time. When you return, I promise to have this house quiet and free of disorder, sound good?”

“Yea, umm, sounds great,” Shaun said.

“Good,” Shiri said.

“Good,” Shaun said.

“The door is over there Shaun,” Shiri said.

Shaun walked towards the next room that had the door to the garage, as he walked they could hear him mumble, “Psycho babble bullshit, let her do that.”

“What has got into him?” Yvonne asked.

Shiri sat down on the couch next to Yvonne, picked up the news paper and said, “He has a question to ask me and he knows what the answer will be.”

“Why don’t you just do it?” Yvonne asked.

“I’m not ready,” Shiri replied.

“Then let me have him, I’ll tell him yes, there is plenty of fish in the sea,” Yvonne said.

“Yes that’s true and I can also slice you up into fish sticks if you lay a hand on him,” Shiri said.

“You’re jealous,” Yvonne said. “Some woman come along and take your man because you waited too long to say yes, oh what a shame,” Yvonne said.

“Did you know that you’re on my shit list for today or did you forget about what you just did to me,” Shiri warned.

Yvonne smiled and paused for a moment and said, “What if he never came home, what if he gets into a car accident and then died, what would you do then?”

Shiri sat silent.

“Poor mom, she not even widow and she wears black for…” Yvonne was interrupted.

“Do mothers still wear black when their daughters die?” Shiri asked.

“How about I go press play and we can watch your video,” Yvonne said quickly changing the subject.

“That’s a good idea,” Shiri said.

Yvonne stood up and as she walked over to the VCR she said, “I hid your black dress of death you know.”

“Yes, I know you did,” Shiri said. “I found it between my mattresses when it called to me, I have re-hidden it.”

Yvonne turned and looked at her mother in disgust.

“Are you going to turn on the VCR or not?” Shiri asked.

Yvonne turned and reaching up to the VCR she stopped before pressing play.

She stood there for a few moments before Shiri asked, “Yvonne, what wrong?”

Yvonne shook her head and pressed play, then said, “It’s nothing, just all that talk about him never coming back, I guess I scared myself instead of you.”

“He will be back,” Shiri said. “I am sure he will get bored of scratching his balls eventually.”

The two of them laughed and Yvonne sat down next to her mother and leaned into her.

Shiri put her arm around Yvonne and said, “Just because your cuddling up to me doesn’t mean I am not going to turn you into a frog later.”

“There is no such thing,” Yvonne replied.

“Things I haven’t taught you yet, the legends come from somewhere,” Shiri said.

Yvonne reached up and grabbed her mothers hand tightly, then nestled in closer to a place that only a mother can fulfill.

“Just don’t move,” Yvonne said. “I’ll let you turn me into whatever you want later, so long as you don’t move.”

Shiri bent down and kissed Yvonne on the top of the head, as she thought that Yvonne must have really scared herself with all that silly talk.

* * *

Remember me? I am back by popular demand. I am Russian scientist Dr. Youragetten Drowsy and from the labs of the Government’s Mind Control Project do we have a new product for you.

When I first approached the idea for our new product, our planning department told me that I have been drinking too mush of my favorite drink, Vodka Viagra. A wonderful concoction mix I call VD, Vodka Drowsy that is.

One night while having my Vodka Drowsy and entertaining a polar bear of a man, you can say, I had a wonderful idea, so I shot my furry man with a tranquilizer dart and I went to work right away. I don’t know, you feed him fish and me with my VD and he keep going and going.

Now my idea has become reality and ready for all women across the world. Here it is, my new invention is called, THE H.

Now don’t let the name fool you, the Vodka Drowsy will fool you, but not the H.

This little silver sphere about the size of one of your American baseballs is the key to your happiness. The H stand for THE HYPNOTIZER. Yes, yes I get hot just thinking about it or maybe it’s the VD. Anyway, The H uses the best in micro circuit technology and is powered by a Linux system and can be plugged into any computer via the USB port. With the software that is included you can program your H to hypnotize your polar bear any time you wish.

Simply choose from the options list and set The H to the start mode and take it with you to your boyfriend’s home. When he is not looking hide The H under his bed or in any hidden spot of the house. As your boyfriend sleeps at night, this little commie comes to life.

You see, The H is a robot all terrain hypnotist. Rolling itself out in a long snake like shape with thousands of small legs it will quickly and easily make its way to the bed room. With the H’s sensors it will determine the depth of your boyfriends sleep and when it is best to strike. The hundreds of silver shimmering lights will flash in a frequency that that his eyes will be able to see under his eyelids. Soon the frequency of the lights will produce a very deep state of hypnosis and The H will begin the post hypnotic suggestions.

In just a few days your man will be eating fish right out of your hand. The H will stay hidden in the house undiscovered and when it gets a chance it will plug itself into a wall socket and recharge.

Titles pre-programmed into The H are as follows, 1. Obey Your Mistress, 2. Leave her, you don’t love her, you love (Insert name here), 3. All that you own belongs to your Mistress. 4. Anytime Anywhere. 5. Make your own Suggestions, 6. My recipe for VD.

Order online Today at my new web site This site also has my recipe for VD.

Unfortunately sponsored by The Government’s Mind Control Project now operated by the hypnotic_femdom.

Don’t forget the VD……………………… I am not intoxicated, who said dat?

* * *

Back to the story.

“Six shot white mocha venti and two frappichinos,” Shaun said, wondering why they just don’t do like Mc Donalds, so you could order a number one or a number two or so.

“Let me guess,” The employee said. “This is for that little gothic looking lady that comes in here and her daughter.

“Yea, I guess it is,” Shaun said.

“Don’t sound too excited,” Sara said reaching to the counter for her finished brew.

“It’s been a long day,” Shaun said.

“Its 7:30 A.M. and you have already had a long day?” Sara said.

Shaun looked the full figured woman up and down then said, “Long day.”

Sara smiled, took a sip of coffee then said, “You have been in an argument with a woman.”

“How would you know that?” Shaun asked.

“Oh the droopy eyes and tired look of a man who has been arguing with his lover, you have all the classic symptoms,” Sara replied.

“What, is everyone a psychoanalyst now?” Shaun said.

“I don’t need to be whatever that is, to tell when a man is down,” Sara said.

Shaun put a tip in the tip cup and walked over to the coffee machines for sale and wondered how much he might be able to save if he bought one of the expensive machines.

Sara followed him to the machines and said, “Temptation sucks, if you got one of these you would never have to go out and get her coffee, and you would not have to see sexy women like me who might treat you better than her.”

Shaun’s eyes opened wide and he said with surprise, “Ah? Shit, wow, alright then, umm, I am going to go over there and get the coffee and umm thanks but ah, no thanks, see ya around.”

Sara walked to the door and turned around in front of it, she smiled, took another sip of the coffee and pushed the door open with her behind and walked out.

The employee sat the cups on in the cardboard holder and then pushed them towards Shaun and said, “Hey, what did she do?”

Shaun looked up at the employee and said, “She gave me hard-on man.”

“Did you see her?” The employee asked. “I wish all the customers where that fine.”

“Enough to make an old bull dog break a chain, huh?” Shaun said.

“That she was,” The employee said. “I didn’t even care about her hand.”

“What about her hand?” Shaun asked.

“Bunch of gross looking scars all over it,” The man said.

Shaun picked up the coffee and headed for the exit and when he arrived at his vehicle, Sara was waiting at the door.

Shaun stood for a moment then said, “Let me guess, the car next to mine is yours and you’re locked out.”

Sara looked upwards for a moment as if to think about it and then said, “You know that one is better than the one I had.”

Shaun quickly moved over to the SUV and struggled to hold the coffee as he searched around in his pockets for the keys.

Sara sat her coffee down on the trunk of the car next to her, walked up, reached for the coffee tray Shaun was holding and took it from him.

“Hey!” Shaun said.

“You where going to drop it,” Sara said. “Do I make you that nervous?”

Shaun pulled the keys from his pocket and reached up to take the tray from Sara and then he saw her hand. He remembered the story Shiri had told him and Yvonne.

Slowly Shaun looked up and said, “Your name is Sara.”

“So you do have reason to be nervous, so very nervous, every fucking nerve,” Sara said.

Shaun began to breathe heavy as he noticed a very pleasant smell in the air, which seemed to get better the more he breathed.

“You’re the most irresistible woman I have ever met,” Shaun said falling deeper into her spell.

“Then why are you going home to her when you can come with me?” Sara asked.

Shaun dropped the coffee on the ground along with the keys and followed Sara to her car.

“Fifty-nine minutes,” Yvonne said.

“Not good enough,” Shiri replied.

“One hour,” Yvonne said.

Shiri sprang from her seat and said, “Get your keys, let’s go.”

The two of them pulled into the Starbucks parking lot and saw the red Range Rover in the lot.

“He hasn’t even gotten the coffee yet,” Yvonne said.

They walked inside and looked around for Shaun, but he was no where to be found.

Shiri walked up the employee and asked, “Excuse me, there was a man in here..”

“Yea I know who he is, he left about thirty minutes ago,” He said.

“The vehicle is still here, but he isn’t” Shiri said.

The man shrugged his shoulders and walked off.

Yvonne and Shiri walked outside to the SUV and Yvonne picked up the coffee cup and read the side, “It’s yours, it has a six for six shots and here is the keys, look.”

Yvonne picked up the keys and handed them to Shiri.

Shiri looked at the keys that where wet with coffee and said, “This is strange.”

“He was abducted,” Yvonne said. “Do you want me to call the police?”

Shiri dropped the keys on the ground and marched quickly back into the Starbucks.

“Excuse me,” Shiri said to the man behind the counter.

“Just a minute, I will be right with you,” The employee replied.

Shiri picked up a bag of the coffee beans and threw it at the man.

“What’s your problem lady!” The man yelled.

“Who did he leave with?” Shiri asked.

The man stood silent, prompting Shiri to pick up another bag of beans.

“Look, his extra martial affairs are none of my business,” The man said.

“Extra marital what?” Shiri said with surprise.

“It’s none of my business what he does,” He said.

Shiri opened her small purse and pulled out a chain with a very brilliant crystal on the end, and said, “I found this outside by his vehicle, was she wearing it or did someone loose it in the parking lot?”

“I’ve never seen that before,” He replied.

“It must be very expensive,” Shiri said. “I can tell by the way the brilliant lights shine off of it. If you look deep inside you can see someone’s initials in the middle. How they got them in there, I don’t know.”

The man looked the dazzling object over and said, “I don’t see anything.”

Shiri continued to twist the chain slowly and said, “You have to relax and look right into the center in order to see them. Let your entire focus fall inside and they will appear. Your almost there and they are coming into focus now, I think they spell something.” Shiri raised her other hand close to the man’s ears and with a snap of her finger she said, “They spell sleep.”

Shiri then brushed her hand over the man’s eyes and they closed.

“Your legs are so stiff that you remain standing and in perfect balance,” Shiri said. “Tell me about the girl, I want to know about the girl.”

The man stood quiet for a moment, and then said, “She’s taller than you and was following your husband around.”

“He’s my boyfriend,” Shiri said.

“She was following him around and hitting on him,” He said. “He tried to avoid her, but she wouldn’t stop bothering him, so when he left she must have met up with him.”

“What did she look like exactly,” Shiri asked.

“She had dark hair and was very beautiful, with a hot build, she gave your boyfriend a hard-on” He said.

“She what?” Shiri asked.

“She was hitting on him, big time,” He said.

“Think back now for me, I want to know any distinguishing features about her, something that makes her recognizable,” Shiri said.

“That’s easy, her right hand is all scared up,” He said.

Shiri turned her away for a moment then said out loud, “Sara.”

Her train of thought was interrupted when the man replied, “She never said her name.”

“Did you see what she was driving?” Shiri asked.

“No, I’ve been in here,” He said.

“I want you to listen very closely, You will not remember any of this and further more and for now on, when I come in, I want my coffee for free. When I snap my fingers you will count to ten and then you will awaken and continue on with your day.”

Shiri walked over to the door and snapped her fingers, she watched as the man began to count. She then walked right out the door and up to Yvonne.

“Did you find out anything?” Yvonne asked. “I saw you hypnotize him, right after up sided him with a bag of coffee beans, is that in the Grimoire?”

“Sara got him,” Shiri said.

“I thought you killed Sara,” Yvonne said.

“Well I didn’t kill her enough, did I!” Shiri yelled.

“Don’t scream at me!” Yvonne yelled back.

“I’m not screaming!” Shiri screamed back.

“We could start searching hotels,” Yvonne suggested.

Shiri shook her head and said, “We don’t know what she is driving. Do you think she checked in with her real name? We would have to check every hotel and every room and that is impossible.”

“She’s going to brainwash him!” Yvonne yelled.

“I know that,” Shiri said. “Then she is going to use him to get to me.”

“So what do we do?” Yvonne asked.

“We wait, until she makes the next move,” Shiri replied.

* * *

Hello, hello,

It’s Dr. Youragetten Drowsy again.

I am sorry to report that we are re-calling our first generation H machines do to a malfunction in the V chip. For some reason the device has been turning on it’s owners. Apparently it will climb up to the ceiling and flash its hypnotic lights on the owner of the machine, hypnotizing her and seducing her in her sleep.

They tried to blame it on the VD recipe, but I don’t think so. Even mine got loose and my polar bear ran off with it; two timer.

I am also being told to put out this warning. We have now sold over seven thousand of these units all though America and we have reports that almost half of them have gotten loose out into the public. They can recharge themselves anywhere and with our Japanese friends who helped program the Stealth Ninja code into the H they can out run, out maneuver and further more, they can get into and out of anywhere.

The patterns of The H have become very erratic. They have broken into countless drug stores and have hypnotized numerous pharmacists and have stolen large quantities of Viagra. Then the little commies will go straight to the bar for Vodka, why they do that, I don’t know. They will sit there and flash their stuff and leave with up to eleven or twelve men at the last report. Then they will return home with the Vodka, Viagra and all the men who are ready to go, after the owner of the unit has used my recipe for VD.

This is very strange behavior for the H units.

If you come into contact with one of these units and you get the opportunity to run do so. Do not try to shoot it, because you will miss and it could go into defense mode. The defense mode is a side effect of the V chip, not VD chip.

Do not worry, I am working on a project to counter act The H units, so until the next time, this is Dr. Youragetten Drowsy saying, cheers.

* * *

“I hate the idea of just sitting here and waiting, I can’t take it, almost twelve hours now,” Yvonne said.

Shiri picked up a box of Kleenex, withdrew one and blew her nose. Wiping her nose she said, “It never fails, I always get a cold when I come back from Acapulco; at the worst possible time.”

“Let me get you something for that,” Yvonne said.

“No I don’t want anything,” Shiri said.

Suddenly the phone rang and Yvonne darted over to the phone and picked it up as Shiri watched in concern.

“Hello, It’s Brent,” Yvonne said.

“I need that line open,” Shiri demanded.

“Brent I’m sorry but, oh really, okay, I’ll go look right now, thanks Brent,” Yvonne said, hanging up the phone.

“What?” Shiri said.

“Sara is all over the hypnotic femdom,” Yvonne said.

The two of them ran off to the library and Shiri started up the computer, “Come on, come on, come on, come on,” Shiri said loosing her patients.

“Damit it takes a long time,” Yvonne said.

Shiri pressed the icon to start the internet. They listened to the dial tone. Buzzes and whistles and strange computer sounds gave birth to the internet as Shiri clicked the icon for Hypnotic Femdom her favorite place in the world. J

Shiri stared scrolling though the messages from those who where puzzled by whatever it was, ten messages in. Suddenly she got to the newest member of the group, her alias was simple, “shiri’skiller4u”

The message read as follows.

Remember me; you left me out in the snow to freeze to death? Sure you remember me. You should have minded your own business.

Ironic we would meet here. I like everything I have seen so far, I had no idea this kind of stuff was on the internet. So I plan to take your place. You see, I want your life. I think you will give it to me to or I will take his.

Let’s make a deal, his life for yours. I want you under my spell now and forever. He’s under my spell right now and telling me all of your tricks so you will not be able to escape. You have twenty-four hours to give yourself to me or he dies.

You had better reply to me. I want you to reply, why don’t you reply to me Shiri? Don’t Fucking ignore me! I have a gallon of gas here. I could throw it on him and light him up! Stop ignoring me!!!!! Stop laughing at me, stop it, stop it, stop it!!!!!!!

Yvonne turned to Shiri and said, “Girl interrupted.”

“Don’t we make a pair,” Shiri said.

“Now what?” Yvonne asked.

“I kiss her ass,” Shiri said as she began the reply.

I knew that you would back after me. So that you would live I left you in the snow and that’s what stopped the bleeding. I was beaten the day we met and I knew that then. I will gladly give myself up to you. I cause nothing but pain to the ones I love and I would be glad to allow you to put me under your power for the rest of my life or worse. Tell me what to do and I will do it.


Shortly after, Shiri received an E-mail directing her to an address at an old abandon warehouse near down town, she changed her routine.

“Are you going to go mom?” Yvonne asked.

“We are going to go,” Shiri said. “I’m curious about one thing.”

“What’s that?” Yvonne asked.

Shiri removed her glasses and sat for moment thinking and then said, “Shaun can’t be hypnotized by anyone but me.”

“I’ve hypnotized him before,” Yvonne said.

“Only because I was there,” Shiri said. “He has been given post hypnotic suggestions that will not allow a trance unless I am there or I am doing the hypnosis myself. How she got him is what worries me.”

Yvonne picked up a Kleenex and handed it to Shiri then said, “You really should take something for that.”

* * *

This is Dr. Youragetten Drowsy again.

I am happy to report that the situation with the new H units is under control. Apparently I had too much of my new drink called VD and I ordered the wrong operating system. I should have ordered Linux and instead all the units got Windows 95. Oops.

Instead we have a brand new offer. The Hypnotic chips that where in the old units work wonders when installed biomechanically into the human mind.

Ladies, here is your golden opportunity. Just one of our chips installed in just as little as a four hour procedure will turn you into an unstoppable walking hypnotic machine.

Watch how you will be able to walk up to any man out on the street and look him in the eyes. He will see strange flashing lights in your eyes as a devious grin appears on your face. Nothing he can do, so get yours today as supplies last. We have over a hundred and fifty thousand of these chips left and we expect to be sold out in the next three days.

For more information see our website.

So don’t be left out while all your friends are having fun get yours now.

As a bonus it also comes with my recipe for VD.

* * *

Shiri and Yvonne entered the warehouse as the front. Walking in slowly the two of them began looking around in the darkness.

Yvonne turned to her left and then back to her mother and was startled at the two bright red eyes looking straight at her, “Mother!”

“I couldn’t see,” Shiri said. Shiri reached over and placed her hands on Yvonne’s eyes and removing her hands she asked, “Is that better?”

“Much,” Yvonne answered with her new set of red peepers.

The two of them split up as started their search. Shiri was stunned as she went place to place in the large warehouse. Junk was piled to the ceilings and satanic makings where all over the place, no doubt nasty business has occurred here from one time to another.

Off in the distance Shiri saw windows and what appeared to be people standing in the light behind the filthy mess.

As she walked closer she could see the figures of two women standing behind the unclear windows. One looked like………

“Yvonne!” Shiri said walking in the door.

“She’s so pretty, doesn’t she smell pretty?” Yvonne said, helplessly under Sara’s power.

Shiri turned and saw Shaun sitting off in the corner on the floor, with a distant stare in his eyes.

“Interesting look, wouldn’t you say,” Sara said.

Shiri turned to see Sara sitting in an old office chair. She couldn’t help but to notice her apparel, a crouch less black shiny latex body suit and dark evil make-up to really highlight those eyes.

“Well don’t you look the part,” Shiri said.

“I thought you would like this,” Sara said.

“On the contrary, you look ridicules,” Shiri said as she shook Yvonne.

Yvonne shoved Shiri away and said, “Don’t, I love her.”

Shiri looked at Yvonne for a moment and then back at Sara and said, “I don’t know how you did this to her but you will find it a lot harder to that to me.”

“You know what Shiri?” Sara asked. “Let’s find out.”

Sara’s legs slowly spread apart and they did, Shiri could smell a sweet odor in the air. Getting sweeter and sweeter and suddenly Shiri fell to her knees as Yvonne did the same.

“Crawl to your mistress Shiri,” Sara said. “Biology is so interesting. We all release pheromones into the air. Men attract women and women attract men, happens all the time. Aliens on the other hand have never used hypnosis to control the people they abduct. That was the mystery that we couldn’t understand. Then I found it in one of the bodies. Right there in front of me and I never realized it. They use a powerful sexual gland to produce a type of pheromone that, well in you case really turns you on to death.”

Shiri crawled up Sara; her breathing was hard and deep. She could help how much she wanted Sara and that smell, her heart felt like it was going to pound out of her chest.

“Stand up and take all your cloths off for me Shiri,” Sara commanded. “I can control how much gets released into the air. Too much and the excitement will put you into shock and then death and I plan to make you very excited.”

“Yes Sara,” Shiri said in a child like voice.

“Now get on your knees and lick those high heels of mine please,” Sara commanded.

Shiri got down on her knees and nodded yes with a smile and began to lick.

“That’s it Shiri,” Sara said.

Yvonne spoke out, “No mom!”

“Shut up your mouth,” Sara said. “Lie down and go to sleep.”

Yvonne flattened herself on the floor and shut her eyes.

“Sit up Shiri,” Sara said. “Are you ready to die?”

Shiri smiled and said, “Yes, please?”

Sara leaned forward and the two of them feel into a kiss.

Shiri’s hands slowly reached up as they ran themselves over her soft slippery latex breasts. She could feel her heart pounding and the veins popping out in her forehead. Her eyes bulged from the massive pressure build up in her body and would soon shoot out of her sockets.

“You know where I would rather you kiss me,” Sara asked.

“Anywhere,” Shiri answered as the smell kept getting more and more intense.

Sara opened her long sexy legs and pointed to Shiri’s doom and said, “Right here, don’t you want to find out how sweet it really is?”

Shiri nodded desperately as she looked into Sara’s eyes not caring that just one touch would be enough to kill her instantly.

She began to move towards her slowly as the smell intensified and she could here Yvonne having orgasm after orgasm from the overwhelming amount of smell in the room.

“Five inches, four inches, three inches and now two, that’s it Shiri,” Sara said.

Suddenly Sara put her high heel up then kicked Shiri away.

Shiri let out a sonic scream and quickly began to crawl back to what would seem like her whole world.

“Not so fast Shiri,” Sara said. “I have one thing left for you to do before we can go any further.”

“Anything, yes anything,” Shiri said.

Sara stood up and helped Shiri to her feet, they walked over to a table that had a pot sitting on top and Sara said, “See my arm and hand?”

“Yes,” Shiri replied.

“This large pot is filled with acid,” Sara said as a smile of revenge emerged on her face. “Raise your arm over the pot.”

“You did this to me and now I am going to burn your arm off, I hope it hurts a thousand times more that what it hurt me,” Sara said.

“Yes I want it to hurt,” Shiri said.

“Now reach in and touch the bottom for me,” Sara said.

Shiri’s fingers got closer and closer then she said, “If I touch the bottom do I get a prize?”

Sara looked up stunned and said, “How…”

Shiri grabbed Sara’s hand and dunked it into the acid, then jumped back.

Sara screeched across the room and fell to the floor. She raised up her hand and looked as it there was nothing left but a skeleton hand and she let out a most terrifying scream.

Shiri walked over to her purse and pulled out her hypnotic crystal connected to a long silvery chain. She placed her hand on her hip and stared walking towards Sara as she swung the crystal back and fourth.

“How?” Sara could hardly ask.

“I have a cold and I guess Yvonne was right. This medicine really does make your sinus drain. Unfortunately I can’t smell a thing. Funny how medicine works, it just kicked in,” Shiri said coming closer as her eyes gleamed red.

“No,” Sara said.

“Did you fuck him?” Shiri asked.

“I…” Sara said.

“Did… you… fuck… him…?” Shiri said in a low evil voice.

“No I didn’t,” Sara said.

Shiri grabbed Sara by the hair and turned her around, then slowly lowered the crystal in front of her eyes and said, “You would think I would hypnotize you to make this painless.”

Shiri took her other hand and grabbed the crystal as she wrapped the silver chain around her fingers a few times then held the choke rope in front of Sara.

“You thought wrong!” Suddenly Shiri wrapped the chain around Sara’s neck as Shiri fell to her knees, pulling and tightening as the two struggled until Sara’s life… was gone.

Shiri recovered Yvonne by pouring water over her head; Shaun however was going to need fresh air for a few days.

Before Shiri and Yvonne carried Shaun out who could hardly walk, Shiri noticed a small leather pouch and she quickly tucked it into her purse.

The two of them threw Shaun’s body into the back of the Range Rover and Shaun looked up at Shiri and said, “Sara?”

“Oh you will pay for that,” Shiri said slamming the door shut.

The two of them got in the front seats and Shiri turned to Yvonne and said, “Thanks for throwing a fit and making me take that medicine.”

“Don’t mention it,” Yvonne said. “Mom, I’m sorry for not telling you about the VCR.”

Shiri reached over and placed her hand on Yvonne’s and said, “You damned liar.”

“I had to say something,” Yvonne pleaded.

“Sara,” Shaun moaned.

Shiri turned and said, “Will you listen to that Sonofabitch.”

A few days later Shiri and Yvonne where sitting in the den reading when Shaun walked in. He looked upset as he slammed a small box down in front of Shiri.

“I can go anytime I want,” Shaun said.

“That you can,” Shiri replied.

“This is the last time I am asking,” Shaun said.

Shiri reached over and opened up the box. She removed the ring and placed it on her ring finger. Opening and closing her hand she studied it for a moment and then picked up her magazine and began to read.

“Do I take that as a yes?” Shaun said. “You don’t look too excited.”

“I am containing myself because Yvonne should know that it is time for her to leave. As soon as she does I am going to show you the true power of my yes. Until then I will have to just wait,” Shiri said.

Shaun reached into his wallet and pulled out his credit card and handed it to Yvonne then said, “Go to the mall, now, right now, please the mall, please go, and go.”

“Ooooouh I wonder how long this is going to turn out,” Yvonne said headed as she walked towards the garage door.

“I plan to say yes all day, be home by tonight and call first,” Shiri said as she watched his eyes gleam with excitement.

Later that night in Shiri’s candle room, Shiri prepared to blow out her last candle and paused for a moment.

Picking up the candle, she walked over to her desk, sat the candle down then sat down herself.

Opening the drawer she pulled out the small leather pouch and placed it in front of her.

She emptied the contents onto the desk, which consisted of a small syringe and a small vial that read, Formula SAR 48.

Removing the cap from the needle, she filled the syringe with the drug and flicked it as she pushed all the air out.

She sat the needle down and began to tie a sock around her arm. Opening and closing her fist, she soon found the vain that would work just fine.

Holding the needle to the vein she shook in fear. Not because of the fear of needles, she was afraid of what she was about to do or should even do it at all.

Her lips tightened and the candle flickered out.

Across town in a hospital, a nurse walks into a room in the intensive care unit to check up on her patient.

She had heard from the other nurses about the strange happenings with this patient. How they found her dead and investigators said she was probably dead for a day or so, and then as the coroners went to lift her, she began breathing. Her deformed hand that had what looked like baby skin around the bone and the choke mark around her neck, really gave the night nurse the creeps.

The nurse noticed a shadow behind the curtain at the bed, furthest away in the room.

Slowly she walked past the Jane Doe and over to the curtain. Suddenly the curtain springs open and both of the nurses stood startled.

“What are you doing in here?” The first nurse asked.

“Mrs. Henderson was discharged today and I lost the draw to make bed and re-setup,” The second nurse said.

The two of then turned and looked at the unknown woman in the coma and the first nurse said, “They say her hand is growing.”

“All I know is that I want to make this bed and get out of here,” The second nurse said.

“Let me help you,” The first nurse said. “What’s that smell?”

“What smell?” The second nurse said. “Oh I smell it; it smells like, sugar cookies.”

“Better than that,” The first nurse said. “Are you wearing something?”

“No,” The second nurse replied.

The two nurses eyes locked as looked upon each other in animal lust.

“You been looking a little sick,” The second nurse said.

“I’ve been meaning to do a self examination,” The first nurse replied. “It would be a lot better if you where to help me.”

The curtain closed as the two of them fell into the Devil’s Bed.

With love