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This was originally entered in Chrystal Wynd’s October 2018 contest about libraries on the forum.

Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of non-consensual sex and depictions of sexual slavery. If you are under 18 or offended by this type of material please do not continue. Otherwise, read on and enjoy! Also, any resemblance of the characters in this work to people either living, dead or fictitious is unintentional and purely coincidental.

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* * *

Anne walked into the Gould Library just off campus shaking like a leaf. She nervously glanced around the dusty shelves lined with knowledge, hoping nobody she knew was around. She felt lucky when she didn’t recognize anyone, with few people visible among the stacks of books. The computer terminals were ready for her to search whatever book she might need, and though plenty of kids from Christian College came here for forbidden learning, that wasn’t what she was here for. Nervously playing with her purity ring, she scurried past, going directly to the stairs.

Down several flights, she reached the sub-basement and opened the heavy fire door. Inside was dark and cramped, with a man behind a small counter protected by bulletproof glass, and two doors exiting the room. A small, naked light bulb lit the room from above, and wood paneling covered the walls. Nothing else was here, no signs, no indication of what the purpose of the room was or why the man stood ready. She walked up to the counter, staring, and her mouth opened, but no sound came out.

“Yes?” the man asked.

“Uh, well, um,” she stuttered. He waited patiently. “Is this, the, uh, Library of Sex?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he replied.

She looked nonplussed. After a few quiet seconds to consider, she asked, “Um, the Library of Erotic Learning?”

“Yes,” he replied. “It is.”

“I’m looking for, well,” she said, glancing around, nerves playing across her face. “I’m looking for a woman.”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean,” he said, staring at her.

“Well, I heard, you know,” she said.

“No, I’m sorry, I don’t.”

“Here,” she said, taking out her emergency credit card. “A woman. Not too tall.”

He took the credit card. “How long?” he asked.

“Oh, uh, yeah.” She reached for the cross around her neck. “Um, 30 minutes?”

“30 minutes,” he said. He stuck the credit card into the chip reader. It took a few seconds for the receipt to print off. Looking at it, he smiled, pulled out a pen from a jar containing several next to the machine, and held the two items to her. She signed with a shaky hand, and her signature was certainly not her usual, but he took back the merchant copy anyway. Pushing her copy out the window, he smiled, warmly this time, and gestured for her to come through the door that buzzed open with a loud clack.

She stepped through, into a huge space with a hallway to her right and a massive carousel dominating the room. Inside each glass-covered compartment on the turning wheel was a person, all in various states of erotic dress, and still as statues. She stopped dead, looking at a beautiful woman in a bustier and stockings, at a ripped man in a thong, at a woman in a bra and panties, at a man in a vest and hot pants. Her mouth dropped and her hands stopped fidgiting with her cross. She stared in wonder as the man from the counter stepped over to her and pointed at the small control panel next to her.

“Do you have any particular look in mind?” he asked.

“Uh,” she replied, not really able to get anything more out. This was by far the most flesh she’d ever seen, not having been to a public pool or down to a public beach because of all of the sin that would be on display. She looked over to a woman in a white, lacy teddy and translucent robe, and felt the familiar stirrings in her crotch that she never talked about with anyone. She reflexively started playing with her purity ring. “It doesn’t count if it’s not, you know, a guy, right?” she asked, mostly to herself.

“I wouldn’t know,” the man said. “Please use these controls to select a companion for your half hour.”

She looked down, and saw a large arrow on the floor, pointed at the man directly in front of her. He was in a cowboy hat, boots, and boxers. She turned the wheel on the panel, and the carousel slowly turned. She let it stop so that the woman in the white teddy was in front of the arrow. Her black hair, blue eyes and creamy skin tempted Anne to sin in a way that she knew from walking around campus, but it was stronger here with such raw sexuality on display.

“Her,” Anne said, feeling her pussy tremble in agreement. “I have to know if, uh, if I’m, uh, that way.” Her breath caught as the glass door opened and the woman stepped forward. The man gestured down the hall, and the two women followed.

“Did you have any particular setting in mind?” he asked Anne.

“Uh, no, just,” she hesitated. “Just a bedroom.”

“Here you are, then,” he said, indicating a door with a number on the front. “Room 18.” He ran a card over the reader, and the door popped open. He let the two women enter. “Enjoy,” he said, and closed the door.

A clock on the wall started counting down from 30 minutes.

“Oh my... oh hell, I’m actually here,” Anne said to herself.

“Does ma’am know what she would like?” the woman asked.

“I, uh, I’ve never done this before,” Anne replied.

“With a woman, or in general?” asked the woman.

“In, uh, in general.”

“It’s alright, I’m here to teach.”

“What do I do, just...?” Anne asked as she reached for the zipper of her sweat jacket.

“Let me,” said the woman, unzipping the jacket and slowly pushing it off of Anne’s shoulders. She had on only a tank top underneath, the most scandalous piece of clothing she owned. The woman leaned in and gently kissed Anne on the bare skin of her shoulder, then moved to the other side of the strap to gently kiss her collarbone. Anne flopped backwards on the bed, and felt the woman push up the yellow shirt. The student lifted her arms and her back as best she could, and somewhat awkwardly let the woman move the garment over her head and off. Kissing gently from Anne’s throat to the top of one of her breasts, the woman reached behind Anne as best she could to unhook her bra. Anne arched to let it happen, then shrugged around to let the woman pull off the underwear. Anne lay back, and the woman swirled her tongue lightly around Anne’s breast, from the underside to the top and back, suckling gently where the breast met Anne’s chest.

Anne moaned, unfamiliar feelings running through her body and mind. Electricity was shooting from the gentle kisses up to her brain, overloading her with sensations she had never felt before. The woman continued to Anne’s neck, softly working her way up to Anne’s ear, while she pushed her thigh under the skirts and between Anne’s legs, and pressed it against the student’s crotch. Anne keened, hardly able to control herself, as the woman kissed down her chin to her other ear, and down her neck to her other breast. Anne melted into the sheets, boneless, and felt herself hot and wet against the woman’s leg. The woman shifted, and Anne saw stars. The kisses and licks continued down Anne’s belly, until the woman suddenly stopped. Anne whimpered, wondering what sin she had committed, but the woman’s lips and tongue came back down at the student’s foot, causing her to twitch. Anne’s breath caught as the woman gently moved up the student’s leg, from the lines of her calf, to the back of her knee, to the inside of her thigh. Anne’s legs parted instinctively, bunching her skirt up high, granting the woman full access to Anne’s core.

Anne’s world was centered on the woman and the sinful sensations that she was giving to Anne. The student jerked as the woman’s tongue licked softly along the outside of her pussy, pushing under her panties, gently working up and down to finally touch the inner lips. Loving hands pulled the panties down, and Anne hurried to bring her legs together to allow them to slip off, and part them again. Anne’s hands moved down into the woman’s hair, fingers curling tighter as the woman neared Anne’s center. When Anne felt the tongue enter her, her belly muscles flexed, pulling her up off the bed. When she felt suction, she moaned in stuttering gasps, electric fire spring up from her crotch to her brain. Sightless eyes stared at the ceiling, blinded by infernal pleasure she could not deny. Her mind was awash in sinful need and desperate desire. When the woman pulled her tongue out, and gently licked up over Anne’s clit for the first time, Anne’s world turned upside down, and another lick shattered it in a desperate, keening, blistering orgasm that sent Anne into paroxysms of pleasure and arched her further off the bed. The woman’s talented tongue continued even as Anne’s thighs clamped together hard around her head, and Anne burned in pure sinful ecstasy.

Minutes later, as she recovered, now fully naked, curled on her side with the woman behind her, Anne felt the regret crash down on her. It was evil. It was wonderful. She never had any idea that it would be like it was, so powerful, so addictive, so needful and desperate and beautiful and sinful. Everything about it called to her, a desire to do it again already building behind the soft tears that dripped down her face and nose to fall on the sheets so recently dampened by a different kind of wetness. Her mind caved in on itself, knowing that she was a sinner, that this condemned her to hell, that she in her fallen state would do this again if ever given the chance.

The timer chimed, and the woman adjusted backwards. “I must leave now.” She gently kissed Anne on the cheek, pulled away, grabbed her clothes and quietly left the room. Anne stayed still, crying into the sheets, until a sudden need to leave came over her. She quickly pulled on her underwear, her long skirt and her tank top. As she flew out of the room, she slipped on the jacket, and hurried past the man, who tried to ask a question but never had the chance. She ran out of the door to the stairs, and leaped up two at a time, unable to control her sobs. She exited the library, clutching at her cross, running towards campus.

* * *

A week later, Anne slipped into the library again, looking around nervously as she headed for the stairs. She hurried down into the sub-basement again. Past the same heavy fire door was the cramped room, with the same man behind the counter. The naked bulb cast strange shadows, and Anne could almost feel the demons watching her from the shaded upper corners. She walked up to the counter, and a little more confidently this time, said, “I’d like a woman.” She pulled out her credit card once again.

“For how long?” he asked.

“An, an hour,” she replied. “Someone who can teach me.”

The door buzzed open. She entered, and once again faced the carousel. Flipping through the slow-moving display of flesh, she came to a woman with dirty blond hair, about her own height, wearing a black bustier with matching panties and thigh high black boots. “Her.”

The man gestured down the hall as the woman stepped out of her case. Anne followed down to the room the man opened, and inside the clock set at an hour. Anne desperately hurried out of her clothes, leaving them in a jumbled pile at her feet. She looked desperate, cross dangling from her neck and her fingers playing with her purity ring. The woman stood facing Anne, and the student moved in kissing close.

“Teach me,” Anne said. “Teach me everything.”

The woman simply nodded. She leaned in and gave Anne a kiss, deep and long and tender. Anne was on fire, every nerve tingling with the kiss, as she reached out instinctively and pulled the woman close. The woman broke it off and kissed down Anne’s neck, little gentle licks and suckles that made Anne drip down her thighs. Already keyed up, Anne felt little electric sparks fly up from her collarbone, through her spine to light up her mind, as the woman continued down. Anne moaned as the woman reached the top of her breasts, and the woman moved between and down to the underside, langorously licking along the crease of Anne’s chest. Anne threw her head back, more sensitive than she knew she could be. Her nipples were straight out and hard as the woman kissed up to one, and gently took it in her mouth. Anne’s breath caught, and she nearly crested just from that tender stimulation. When the woman nibbled, Anne nearly pulled away, shocked as she was, but stayed in place as her belly jumped and her mind melted down her legs.

The woman pushed a little, and Anne, not quite understanding but following along anyway, felt the back of her knees bump up against the bed. She sat a bit awkwardly, and the woman kept up the pressure, leading Anne to lay on her back. The student whimpered as the woman kissed down her belly, twitching the entire time, unable to stand the passionate touches, yet anticipating, needing every touch, every lick, every suckle. The woman pushed Anne over, making her turn onto her front, and started again from Anne’s neck and down her spine. Anne moaned, giving voice to the desire burning through her entire being. She twitched as the woman reached the dimples on her back, and again as the woman kissed down one ass cheek, then the other, to the crease underneath at the top of her thigh. Adjusting again, the woman parted Anne’s legs, knelt between them and started from Anne’s ankle, up the back of her calf to the back of her knee. Anne whimpered, trying and failing to hold her leg still under the assault. Up the back of her thigh the woman moved, Anne melting further into the bed, dripping onto the sheets, curling her hands into the fabric. Anne’s breath caught as the woman again made it to her ass, then moved down the other leg.

“No no no no no I need it, please I need it now,” Anne begged.

The woman obliged, adjusting to lick from Anne’s clit, up her engorged lips to her crack and over her rosebud. Anne jumped, unable to process fully what the woman was doing, as the woman again followed the same path.

“Not, no, that’s, oh God,” she cried, as the woman again licked, and the over-stimulated student crested, legs clamping together and back arching as her mind dripped down onto the sheets and pleasure rocked her body. The fire lit up and electric sparks were everywhere, and Anne saw stars as every muscle tried to tense at once. She trembled, she flexed, she melted as the fiery wave crashed over her and she bathed in the ecstasy of the second orgasm of her life.

The woman moved up and held Anne from behind, resting her head gently on Anne’s shoulder as Anne rode out the waves of pleasure. The student couldn’t stop shaking, couldn’t help but let her body tremble in release. They stayed like that for minutes as the woman let Anne recover.

“Oh Lord, I have never felt...” Anne trailed off.

The woman flipped Anne over again, and pushed her further onto the bed. Anne crawled back as the woman pulled her panties down and crawled up on top of her. She flipped around to present her crotch to the waiting student’s mouth.

“Next lesson,” said the woman. “Eat me.”

The two moved into a sixty nine, with the woman holding herself up a little to give Anne room to experiment. Anne did, leaning in and clumsily tasting a woman for her first time. The musky flavor surprised Anne at first, held her back a bit, but soon she was inexpertly lapping away.

“No, like this.” The woman started gently on one side, just outside of Anne, then along the other side. Anne did the same. Then she moved in, and started with licks and suckles that Anne repeated in turn. Anne gasped as the woman stuck her tongue as far up Anne as she could and fluttered, and Anne tried to do the same. Anne felt the woman move to her clit, and Anne followed along, stroking her tongue with long, passionate licks up. Anne felt her heat rising in spite of her concentration, but she managed to continue following along. When the woman lightly sucked Anne’s clit in and fluttered her tongue on it, Anne gasped and shook as she crested, moaning out her need and arching into the woman. The fire again melted her mind in bliss as her body rocked and twitched uncontrollably. For a short eternity she floated, juices flowing out and onto the sheets, ass pressed hard into the bed, head shaking and trembling. She recovered slowly, but realized the woman hadn’t moved. She remembered where she was, and tried to mimic the woman. The woman gasped as Anne took her clit into her mouth, and with delicate suction, lapped at the woman. Soon, the woman shook and arched and pulled away, moaning herself as she appeared to crest.

Anne laid back in the afterglow, and the woman turned to hold her again. The two lay like that for minutes, letting the warmth of cuddling and the feeling of tenderness and closeness wash over them. Anne couldn’t believe how incredible it was, how pure and how needy she was becoming, how her body responded to the touch of this woman in a way that she had never been drawn to with any boy she knew. Tears started again, and the woman gently kissed them as she caressed Anne’s body.

“Shh, it’s okay,” said the woman. “One more lesson before you go.” She took Anne’s hand and brought it down to Anne’s center, and started using Anne’s fingers on the student. “You don’t know how, do you?”

“Uh, no, don’t know, don’t know what?” Anne stammered as the sensations drifted up from her crotch through her belly and chest to run pleasure through her mind.

“How to pleasure yourself,” said the woman, stroking Anne’s fingers around, testing to see exactly what made Anne jump.

“I, no, I don’t, that’s sinful, it’s wrong,” said Anne, trying to pull her hand away, but not very hard.

“Let me guide you,” said the woman. Anne felt her fingers press inside of herself, stroking in and out for the first time in her life. She felt them move to circle her clit, to gently run along and between her folds. She gasped as her palm hit her clit and her fingers slipped inside again, and she stuttered out a moan. “You need to learn what you like.” Anne didn’t quite relax but did let it continue, burning pleasure washing up her body. She spasmed and another orgasm crashed over her, melting her mind in a haze of bliss, leaving her gasping and struggling to maintain her sanity in the midst of ecstasy. She came down slowly, unsure how comfortable she was with what had just happened.

“You need to know,” said the woman. “It will be better that way.”

Anne lay still, letting the woman cuddle with her, as what little time was left ticked away. Once the woman had to go, standing and exiting without a word, Anne felt the sobs start. She couldn’t help them, tears streaming down her face, and she curled in a ball on the bed, clutching at her cross.

* * *

Anne came in only a few days later. She paid for an hour and when looking at the carousel, pulled out her phone.

“Someone like this,” she said, holding up a picture.

The man creased his brow and pulled out a tablet. He flipped through some pictures until he came to one with a woman that came close. “Her?” he asked.

Anne looked and nodded. He turned the carousel and slowly the woman came into view. She was a little taller, just a little curvier, had slightly larger breasts than the woman in the picture. She wore a tight blue corset and matching panties. Anne felt herself juice in anticipation.

“Yes, yes, her, please hurry,” she whined.

The woman stepped out of her compartment and followed the two down the hall to a room. The man gestured inside, and the clock again clicked to an hour as the two women were left alone.

“I, just, please,” stammered Anne. The woman gently started stripping Anne. First, off came the modest blouse, then the utilitarian bra. “I don’t have any, anything sexier,” Anne breathed. The woman started kissing from her neck down to her navel, and Anne felt each as a fiery little spark that ran up to explode in her mind. She trembled as the woman slipped down the long skirt to the floor. Anne stood in her white cotton panties as the woman pulled of the sensible flats and socks that Anne had worn. The woman kissed her way up from Anne’s ankle, along her calf, inside her thigh and up to the panties, which she grabbed with her teeth. Anne moaned as the woman pulled them down. She stepped out of her clothes and was pushed back onto the bed.

The woman slipped between slick thighs and teased Anne with short licks and gentle caresses along the outside of her tender lips. Anne started babbling, then whining. “Please, please, oh please I need it, hurry hurry please, oh Lord help me I need it, please!”

Relenting, the woman ran her tongue deep from Anne’s entrance to her throbbing clit. She nearly came right then, with every nerve alight and lava burning up from her crotch to her heaving chest to melt her mind. The woman continue at a slow pace, again teasing Anne by holding her on edge and not letting her crest. Anne’s thighs widened and she reached down to the woman’s head.

“Oh, Vicki,” Anne breathed.

The woman continued her slow assault, with long licks and tender flutters. Anne whined and tried to grind down, but the woman backed off and continued to tease and torture Anne. The student gripped the woman’s hair and pulled in instinctively, and the woman relented, licking faster, from Anne’s center to her clit. Anne quickly crested and crashed through blistering heat to infinite ecstasy, arching off the bed and moaning her desperate bliss out to the room. Her belly clenched and shook as she rode out the pleasure coursing through her, eventually falling back down into a beautiful afterglow.

The woman pulled up and snuggled with Anne, lying her head on Anne’s shoulder. Anne closed her eyes and held the woman close.

“Oh Vicki, I love you so much,” said Anne, slowly recovering. After a few minutes, she extracted herself from the embrace and turned to lay on top of the woman in a 69. She pulled down the woman’s panties and started nibbling at her thighs. The woman responded in kind, and Anne moaned gently into her next kiss. The woman reacted with a moan herself, and Anne, realizing how good the vibrations felt, kept doing it while she moved towards the woman’s crotch. Suckling on the tendon at the crease of the woman’s leg, she inhaled the musky odor that was similar to the last woman she’d had, but distinct. She leaned in and took a long lick, from the woman’s clit down to her center. She felt the woman do the same to her. She tried one of the tricks from last time, and stuck her tongue as deep as she could into the woman. Again, the woman responded in kind. Anne moaned, and the woman did too. Anne lost it then, licking fast and long, and felt the woman respond. It took only a little time for Anne to feel the precipice approaching, her belly clenching and her pussy trembling in anticipation. Quickly she tumbled over, an earthquake running through her, shaking every muscle in her body and sending her into paroxysms of pleasure. Her thighs clamped down around the woman’s head, and she pulled her crotch away to avoid over-stimulation. She recovered only slowly, and realized that she hadn’t felt the woman do the same. She resumed licking, and after a minute, was rewarded when the woman juiced on her tongue and trembled around her face. She felt the woman’s thighs clamp around her head and she kept licking, feeling the pleasure rippling through the woman in the trembling, clenching, straining muscles and arched back underneath her.

As the two collapsed, spent, they stayed still for a minute, before Anne turned and snuggled close to the woman.

“Oh, Vicki,” she said again, then looking at the woman, felt tears start down her cheek. “Oh why couldn’t you be Vicki...”

The woman held her closer.

* * *

Anne walked into the small room one more time. This time, she didn’t plunk down her card.

“I heard... I heard rumors, that maybe, you know,” she stammered.

“Yes?” the man asked.

Anne tried again. “I heard that people can become a... book... in the library.”

“Yes, some people do choose to become entertainers,” he replied.

“And that they, that they forget? Right?” she asked.

“Yes, they forget. That’s part of the,” the man paused. “Process.”

“I want to,” she said. “I want to become one. Now. I can’t stop, can’t stop, doing things myself, and I want, need, more, constantly...”

“I’m sorry, but we do not accept people on their first try. Please show that you have some commitment, and we will consider it,” he said.

“But, no, I need to forget, I need the sex, I need...”

“If it’s sex you want, I’m sure that you can find that elsewhere,” the man said.

“But, no, I need to forget, please help me forget,” she said, starting to cry.

“Not at this time.” He gently smiled. “Try to find a solution first, then decide. Let her know, she’ll understand.”

Anne flew out, sobbing.

* * *

A week later, Anne was back.

“Please, take me, make me forget, let people use me, I need it,” she cried. “I’m filthy, dirty, a sinner, I’m so bad, I need it! Please make me forget.” She started sobbing. “I can’t stop... thinking of Vicki...”

“It’s only been a week,” he said. “Please reconsider. And if you are serious, please make sure you are in shape and healthy.”

“Is that it? Do I need to be in better shape? I can do that,” she said, sounding hopeful and desperate. “I’ll do that.” She tore out of the room.

* * *

A month later, Anne was back. Her eyes were bloodshot, cheeks puffy. “Please, help me, I’m in better shape. I need it, please, I have to forget.”

“No, it is still not time yet,” he said. “Please reconsider. Please tell her first.”

“I can’t. Oh Lord, I can’t tell her,” she sobbed. “I’ll get in better shape, I’ll do anything, just help me forget!”

“I’m sorry, but you’ll have to come back later.”

“I... I need a woman, then,” she said. “I need one. Oh I need one, I’m so dirty, I’m a sinner, I’ve been... I’ve been, playing. I need a woman,” she said, plunking down her credit card.

* * *

For the next few months, Anne came back religiously, begging to be taken, added to the collection. She kept working out, getting into fabulous shape, and eating well. She was rejected each time. She bought a woman each time. She cried about how fallen she was, how much a sinner each time.

Finally, six months after asking, she came in, eyes red and puffy. She asked, “Please, can I be added to the collection? Can you please make me forget?”

“Are you certain?” he asked.

“Of course!” she said loudly. “I’ve been coming back here for months now, and keep asking. I can’t stop thinking about it, about how good it is with a woman, about how much I need it, about...” Her tone quieted. “Playing with myself. Thinking of Vicki. I can’t stop it.” She started crying. “I’m a sinner! I’m filthy, worthless, no man would want me, I don’t really want one, I’ll never have a family, oh Lord, please help me, please help me be someone good, but He never listens, does He? He never helps me, He gave me these... these... cravings, these dirty desires, and I’m damned, I’m damned!” She clutched at her stomach and sobbed.

He looked at her kindly. “Here, the contract. Please read it.”

“I don’t need to read it,” she said, grabbing the pen he offered and signing quickly. “Just make me forget!”

“We will,” he said. “We will.” He opened the door, and she went in.

Once inside, he led her down the corridor with the rooms to the end, where he opened a door with a sign on it, “Employees Only”. The room inside was somewhat larger than the bedrooms in the corridor, and was dominated by a machine with a seat on a platform and large screen in front of it. Wires ran around to a laptop behind the chair.

“Please strip and sit.” He gestured to the chair.

“But, here?” she said, suddenly shy.

“Yes, here.” He looked at her. “This is what you wanted?”

“Yes, I, just, I’ve never, in front of someone, other than here...” She finally started with her long skirt, then blouse. “I’ve never, with a man, it’s...”

“Don’t worry, you’ll do fine,” he said, smiling in a friendly way as she finished taking off her clothes. She left on her cross and ring. “Now, please sit, and we’ll make you forget.”

“Wait! Just a minute,” she said, grabbing her phone from the pocket of her skirt on the floor. “I need to... I need to... just a minute.” She furiously typed on the screen for a minute. “Okay, now, now I’m ready.”

“Please sit,” he said, gesturing again.

She climbed into the chair. A hum started, and the man strapped her in, arms and legs, chest and waist.

“Is that necessary?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said. “It is.” He placed a full cap on her head, wires trailing off.

“So, uh, now what?” she asked.

“Now watch.” He left the room.

“Wait, no, wait!” she cried out. “Why are you leaving me?” An opaque bubble came down over her chair, covering the platform and the screen. Anne smelled something in the air, faintly fruity and acidic. Then, the hum lowered and soft music started playing. The screen in front of her lit up, and colors swirled across it. She was gently drawn into the lights, as she thought she heard voices in the background. Her scalp tingled under the cap.

“What’s going on?” she whispered to herself. A wave of lethargy washed over her, and the colors grew to take up her vision. The voices seemed a little closer.

“Yes,” she said, and wasn’t quite sure why.

“No,” she said, and faded into the colors.

“Yes, I am relaxed,” she said, and felt something pressing down below, at her crotch.

“Yes, I am sleepy,” she said, and it thrust into her. It was the first time she’d had something so big, and she cried out in pain as she felt full.

She faded completely after that as the pain dulled, losing herself to the music, the colors, and the voices. Slowly, she forgot, first her pain, then herself.

* * *

Vicki flew into the little room. “Where is she?” she demanded.

“Who?” asked the man behind the counter.


“Who?” he asked again.

“Her,” she said, whipping out her phone. A picture of a smiling Anne was on the screen.

“Oh, yes, she’s not yet available.”

“What do you mean, not yet available?” she cried.

“She’s still, uh, processing. Please be patient. It will still be days yet before she’s available. Please come back Saturday.”

“What? What do you mean? How could you! How could she!” Vicki started sobbing. “No, no, no, no, no!”

“Please, if you’re going to... I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

Vicki tore out of the room, still crying.

* * *

Saturday, Vicki was in the room again. “How, how much?” she asked.

“Here are the prices.” The man pulled up a tablet, and Vicki stuck in her credit card.

“Hour, please.”

He buzzed her through the door, and she walked up to the carousel. “Oh, Anne, how could you,” she whispered.

“Please select a companion,” he said.

She pulled out her phone. “Her.”

“Ah, yes, I heard about you coming in earlier this week. Let me pull her up for you.” He flicked the controls until Anne stood in her container before them. She wore a simple blouse and skirt, with her cross between her breasts and her purity ring still on. “She has such an innocence about her.”

Vicki sobbed. “Oh Anne, what were you thinking?”

“Please, come this way.” He gestured down the hall.

She followed him blindly into a room, with Anne just behind. Vicki turned once they were inside, and grabbed Anne in a massive hug as the door shut.

“Oh, Anne, why did you?” asked Vicki.

“I don’t understand your needs,” said Anne, looking a little perplexed.

“Anne, Anne, is that you in there?” Vicki looked frantically at her friend.

“Did you just need to talk?” asked Anne.

“No, Anne, no, are you there, please be there, I need you,” said Vicki, starting to cry. “Please be there.” Her voice trailed off as she sobbed.

“Shh, it’s alright,” said Anne, stroking Vicki’s hair. “Let it out.”

Vicki cried quietly into Anne’s shoulder for a few minutes. When she recovered enough, she asked, “So, why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Tell you what?”

“Tell me that, you, you know, were that way too?” asked Vicki.

“I, am not, sure,” said Anne, stuttering.

“Please, tell me, why didn’t you? I would have loved you!”

“I love you right now,” said Anne. “Please, let me show you. It’s why you’re here, right?” Anne slowly started to take her own clothes off. Vicki stood back, softly crying, but letting Anne continue. Once Anne had her clothes on the floor, she reached up to Vicki. Vicki hesitated, backing away slightly, before letting Anne methodically strip her. Still crying, she let Anne lead her onto the bed. Gently, Anne started kissing down Vicki’s neck to her breasts.

“Wait,” said Vicki, taking off her own necklace with a cross. “And, wait,” she pulled off her purity ring.

“Please, be gentle, it’s, it’s my first,” said Vicki.

“I will be.” Anne looked her in the eyes. “I will be.”

The two made love, and Vicki came for her first time, on her friend’s fingers and tongue.

When she left, Vicki’s own cross and purity ring were still on the bed.