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District Nine Domestic Doll Agency

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

On most days until a few weeks ago, the Sandersons woke up with the same way with one of Mrs. Sanderson, Missi’s, holes being filled by her loving husband and master’s cock. However, due to Mrs. Sanderson’s pregnancy, now eight months along, she had gently, and rather erotically, stroked her husband’s cock with her manicured right hand until his cum shot all over her rather busty chest. As Brett’s cum sprayed on her, Missi breathed heavily, her large breasts rather sensitive. Husband and wife stared into each other’s eyes, madly in love and deeply enthralled to each other’s bodies and erotic desires.

Mrs. Sanderson, 34, cleaned herself up, gently rubbing her swollen belly, and acquiesced to her husband helping her off the bed, so they could shower. Downstairs, the sounds of breakfast filled their home. In the shower, Mr. Sanderson, Brett, 37, washed her belly, smiling at the tiny kick of their soon-to-be born daughter. He was cautious washing her shoulders, stopping when she ran white tipped nails over his arm, which made the hairs on his arms stand up like his cock did at the sight of his full figured, naked, wife, and kissed her forehead, quietly whispering, “I love you,” to the curly haired platinum blonde who had devoted her life to loving, honoring, and obeying him.

After their shower, husband and wife both dressed for a routine based, but casual, Saturday morning and afternoon. Brett tossed on a sweater and dark pants, while Missi dressed in a pink maternity dress that hugged her breeder hips rather snugly. Quietly, as was their routine, Brett shaved and tied his shoes while Mrs. Sanderson applied pink lip-gloss, some light eye shadow, and combed her curly, genetically enhanced, platinum curls.

“Hey, babe,” Brett whispered, kissing her head again. “Hey, babe,” Missi replied, as was their morning custom, closing her eyes slowly, a dark green shade glinting in the morning light, as her husband gently snapped her family collar around the busty woman’s neck. The dark pink collar read “Mrs. Brett Sanderson 0000594,” as she was identified to the public sphere. Two small microchip cards shone their purple glow underneath the collar.

Brett took his wife’s hand and led his pregnant wife out of the bedroom and towards the stairs. He took a step in front of her, turning to make sure she had a pale hand on the staircase. Missi stepped slowly, taking delicate, feminine, steps down the stairs until at the bottom. Her husband smiled at her and squeezed his wife’s again as they walked through the living room and into the vibrant and rather loud kitchen.

Their current Domestic Doll, drones who served in homes, both sexually and domestically, a middle-aged woman named Betty, put a dish into the dishwasher and curtsied before her current owner. “Mr. Sanderson, your plans for today have been uploaded to Betty. How will Betty further obey?” Both Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson greatly enjoyed Betty’s work for them. They would make sure to pass her along to someone great.

Brett walked over the doll and touched the Sanderson collar around her neck. “We will be in the main part of the district for at least most of the morning. I will send you a message if there are any complications.”

Betty curtsied and nodded to her current owner. “As you wish. Have a splendid day ahead, Mr. Sanderson.”

In the train, Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson sat down in their private car, one of the special quiet cars reserved for expecting families, and patiently waited the 15-minute trip to the other end of their district. Missi stared out the window. Brett and Missi needed to purchase a new doll. There was nothing against Betty, but they decided to make a change.

Betty was their first doll, a wedding shower gift from friends. The Sandersons happily took her in and kept Betty for the first few years of their marriage.

Of course, eventually Betty would move on. That was the nature of most Dolls. Eventually, they are auctioned or otherwise sent out on loan. Given that Mrs. Sanderson was going to have their first child in a month, they needed a new, long term, solution. Sure, the doll they had was good for now, but they needed a doll in the house for the long term.

Having a more permanent doll in their home would offer stability and comfort for them. Missi had nudged her husband to purchase a new Doll at their district’s Domestic Doll Agency. Brett was clearly in control, Mrs. Sanderson existed for his instruction, but he always took her thoughts and viewpoint into consideration while deciding, knowing that she would always conform to his final decision. The Domestic Doll Agency they were traveling to be an essential public facility in their district.

Their district, District Nine, had risen as their country broke up in 2049. Various districts across the country had broken society into various philosophical worlds. Conservative, socialist, religious, and not, broke up into 20 districts. Advances in technology had cured disease, ended war, and, most importantly to the Sandersons, made the programming of a Doll an aspect of daily life.

Brett and Missi had come here right after Mrs. Sanderson’s 30th birthday. Both had considered themselves pretty progressive people. They believed in equality, but also, within their relationship, a certain hierarchy of dominance and submission. A few election cycles ago, the progressive candidate had defeated a fundamentalist candidate. Celebrations were short-lived because the District Congress had been split almost 50/50, which meant a lot of negotiating and red tape would be involved.

The brave, grand orator, who had been elected, began to cave to his opponents and financial backers almost immediately. Despite the country having just gotten out of a war, he began another war based on pretty shoddy evidence of aggression. As a “compromise” with fundamentalists in the government, various rights for women to privacy and eventually speech were eroded. The final straw had been the murder of a woman who interrupted a speech during the reelection debate campaign.

After the numerous protests of this grievous action, the government came down hard on dissension. The already tense situation was shattered further by a whistle blower, who proved the evidence for war had been doctored. In the unrest that followed, the formerly supposedly united country splintered into various districts across the land, each with a different set of values.

Brett and Missi had been together for a few years when this happened. Early in their relationship, he had begun to dominate her and announced that she would be staying the weekend to begin being trained. The busty, then raven haired, woman acquiesced without a hint of resistance and, in fact, encouraged him to not comprise or relent with her even in those early hours and days.

The first weekend he began to lay down some ground rules which Missi cheerfully and enthusiastically accepted. Both of them realized as they lay in bed the first night that they had found their perfect mate. Brett wanted a real time relationship that existed twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, not just in the bedroom or for some mundane kink or game. He was strict and handed out cruel punishment for disobedience. He was also gentle, encouraging and very caring to his property.

Brett also had begun to modify her appearance to his liking. She got her nails done each week and adhered to a strict dress and behavior code. With his permission, she cut her work week by one day so she could be home more. Missi was a feminist, and Brett shared her views, but they both agreed they would try their best to allow her to be a stay at home wife in the future. She began dying her hair a curly platinum blonde that, along with some other minor changes, made her into a big, beautiful, barbie doll.

Missi also had a strong desire for a real time relationship. She scoffed at the hilarious “Masters” she found on Internet sites who played the role of the bad ass Dominant while having no experience or any desire for a relationship that did not allow them to refer to her as a slut or cunt. Missi wanted a real man, who believed as she did and wanted to protect, dominate, and love her for eternity. Given the unpleasant political situation these days, Missi found it important to find a strong man to love and care for her. She longed for strong masculine protection from the more disgusting aspects of the public sphere.

For them, a Master/slave relationship was the only way each truly felt alive. As all of the turmoil in the country happened around them, Brett and Missi quickly traveled to their new district and settled down after marriage.

This district had a non-religious based belief in more traditional gender roles, where a man ran the home and the wife served him. For some, it was a more general belief; for many, its primary drive came from sex. Citizens of this district respected other people’s views whether more sexual or vanilla. This was celebrated by the district; there was a decided lack of misogyny and talks of the inferiority of women. They just had a different role than men. This role was no worse or better than any other.

Their district was filled with people of varying philosophical persuasions. The leaders of the district, two brothers, one more traditional and conservative than the other, had decided to check out of the problems of the other districts. They had little to no interest in religion, military conquest, or many of the other problems that hindered the other districts. They wanted to give citizens the chance to live their lives happily with the values they shared with others. Respect and familial agency was critical.

The proper treatment of females was also very important. Missi never worried about mistreatment, or misuse and had turned over everything to Brett. The beautiful busty female was sent for a week to a training center for training. At the end of the week, the now platinum blonde woman and Brett were married in an, at their request, small ceremony. A black collar with the words “Mrs. Brett Sanderson 0000594” was snapped around her neck by Brett. There were two chips inside the collar, one that fed new information to her and generally kept her in line, and another useful for conditioning by her husband.

Missi quickly accepted her place as Mrs. Sanderson. She relished in her role as wife and property. Brett treated her like an angel, and her life became even more devoted to his will.

* * *

The District Nine Domestic Doll Agency was open from around the beginning of the workday to dinnertime. However, the Doll known as Ariel, aged 23, had been in a programming tube since around midnight, when a technician and nurse came in to begin processing the Doll. She was pretty, a tall 5′ 9″ with long pink hair and a sun kissed body with impressive genetically modified breasts.

The Doll was eager to please and served in all things, but the agency had many Dolls coming in and out, so this happened from time to time. Unfortunately for Ariel, though, this meant she would have to be “put down,” and sold off as a drone to benefit the district’s charity initiative.

Doctor and Nurse Bedford, a married couple who had come to the District a few months after the Sandersons, had come in for this sad task in the middle of the night before leaving for a well-deserved vacation. Doctor Bedford, a 45-year-old man with graying hair, and Nurse Bedford, a stunning redhead, 37 years old, who fell in love and under the control of her husband while mourning the loss of her first husband during a riot in the time before they came to the district, brought Ariel to the programming tube and began the process of reprogramming the Doll. They had told her, because they felt it right, that they needed to implement some new programming. This was not completely a lie, but it was not totally true either.

The conditioning session was moving ahead on schedule because Ariel just did not have a lot of mental resistance. The pink haired Doll’s arms remained at her sides as she stared straight ahead while sensors, subliminal, and spirals reconfigured her mind.

“You are doing well so far, Ariel,” Mrs. Bedford remarked about an hour in. She smiled as the levels on the screen in front of her rapidly spiked in the areas of the Doll’s brain that coordinated pleasure.

After typing on his own screen for a few moments and then referencing something else on a tablet tilted upward on the desk, Dr. Bedford turned to his wife and instructed her. “Begin flooding the tube for her psychical conditioning.”

“Yes, Master,” the stunning nurse replied.

The sexy, middle-aged, redhead swayed over to the controls, her white latex nurse uniform pressing tightly against her body, pressing purple tipped nails against the buttons to further program the Doll. Mrs. Bedford had worked for Dr. Bedford as a nursing assistant. After both lost their spouses, they had fallen in love, with the good doctor uses his contacts to bring her to their new home in this district and have her slowly, over time, so she could be eased into submission to please him.

The redhead stared ahead through the one-way mirror at Dr. Bedford’s patient. Her pale, freckled, oft augmented cleavage gently heaved up and down as she quietly watched the Doll. She looked over and frowned softly at her master. “I am surprised this Doll was not purchased. Ariel is pretty enthusiastic about service.” She sighed again, imagining the life of stray Dolls. Later, Mrs. Bedford would break down crying in private with her Master imagining that sort of life.

Dr. Bedford shock his head, rubbing gently at his graying goatee. “Sometimes a Doll just slips through the system.” He looked over at his wife. “Sometimes, there are just too many other Dolls that also need to be bought. This one, for example,” he paused and touched a screen below him, bringing up a three-dimensional read out of Ariel’s agency record, “never made it to a gentleman’s club or any showcase. Unless a buyer saw her at the agency, she did not really have a chance.”

Mrs. Bedford nodded, understanding. “Does the Doll Service have any specific requests for this one?”

Dr. Bedford toggled up their schematics on another three-dimensional portal. “They want the usual breast augmentation to a pair of F’s and a total personality wipe. This Doll should be a mindless, devoted, lovedoll for whomever it ends up with after sale. The other minutia of their requests are in her file.” He watched approvingly as his wife pulled it up on her own screen and began loading the parameters of the soon-to-be former Ariel. Ariel thought herself to be a very good Doll, but recently she had been very sad. The nice men and women at the agency had treated her kindly and she had done her very best, but it did not seem to be enough.

Because of her deep, programmed, need to please, the buxom pink-haired Doll was thrilled when Mrs. Bedford came to retrieve her for a programming session. Mrs. Bedford was a nice woman who served Ariel’s favorite on site doctor, Dr. Bedford. She loved the latex uniforms the red haired nurse wore, even going as far as scheming with the man’s wife so both were wearing them during one of her appointments. Both pleasured the doctor during lunch, letting him fuck them senseless.

After a few button pushes, A gentle blue spray began soaking Ariel in her clear silver tube. After a few minutes passed, the already busty and augmented Doll’s breasts slowly enlarged another cup or so, which Ariel passively watched, happy to have breasts as big as would please a man. Previously, her skin had been permanently retouched to a slightly darker, sun kissed, tone, and her eyelids permanently made more smoky and alluring.

At the controls, Doctor Bedford whispered something to his wife, who obediently tapped a button and then swiped at the three dimensional screen that popped up. Inside the tube, Ariel began to hear a soft sonata play in the tube. She almost immediately feel even deeper into trance and new programming was flushed into her passive mind. my breasts are very important. the bigger they are, the less I have to worry about anything else...My body is for the pleasure of men...the bigger my breasts, the more I can just give pleasure is more important than anything else… Ariel’s green eyes, bright and incredibly sexy, were wide open as she began the process towards becoming a more mindless automaton.

Mrs. Bedford watched a monitor for a moment before, satisfied that Ariel was being satisfactorily conditioned, turning to her master. “Master, the Doll has begun her reprogramming process.” The nurse had already begun to think of Ariel as a mindless lovedoll.

Dr. Bedford looked up at his wife as he finished typing in some of the soon-to-be former Ariel’s readings into his report. The doll would be in processing for a while, so he figured it was time for a little fun. Turning in his chair, he put a hand on Mrs. Bedford’s back, tracing a finger through her dark red hair. His cock began to rise as she froze in place, then finished typing a sentence, and spun around to face him, a large smile on her face.

Mrs. Bedford placed a hand over her master’s hand and squeezed tightly, knowing exactly what he was thinking. Both master and Doll stood up and, grabbing her by the “Bedford000627” collar around her neck, Dr. Bedford pulled her to him and kissed her hard on the mouth. Two fingers attached to the front of the collar, the back did not move much, he led her to a side room where a small bedroom was furnished for overnight sessions like this one.

At the door, the couple held onto each other tightly before Mrs. Bedford led her master to the bed and threw herself onto him. Her latex uniform was only held together in the front by two buttons, so she snapped them off quickly, breasts bouncing up and down as she violently threw her uniform onto the floor. The red haired nurse slid a pink tipped finger into her panties as they feel to the floor. She slipped off her white pumps and tossed them against the wall. Mrs. Bedford crawled, bubble butt hanging in air, towards her master and quickly unbuttoned his pants. Dr. Bedford’s already hard cock popped out of his pants and she took the head of it in her mouth and started violently sucking on it until he was rock hard.

Mrs. Bedford impaled herself on Dr. Bedford’s cock and the couple fucked loudly until both master and, as programmed to only cum when her husband did, Doll both orgasmed in unison. The couple dressed as Ariel’s programming pod beeped to announce its conclusion.

After Mr. and Mrs. Bedford redressed, the nurse putting on only her underwear at her master’s command, they took a look at the soon to be former Ariel’s readouts. The Doll was well on her way to total personality wipe and was responded well to both psychical and mental adjustments. While Mrs. Bedford went through the readouts, occasionally announcing something to her husband; the good doctor was at another computer, programming it to send the Doll some nourishment, which was especially created for Doll who would not be normally fed anymore. This Doll would be so programmed it was no longer needed to waste regular food on it.

Mrs. Bedford was saddened by the former Ariel’s plight, but also had a tingle of excitement at what she would become yet. The Doll would still be useful to their district as a Doll no matter how she was used for service. In her post-fuck haze, she felt slightly envious of the absolute level of service she would give to her future owner.

After some further discussion and readouts, Dr. Bedford smiled at his wife and motioned for her to follow him into the room where the former Ariel had been reprogrammed. They stood in front of the tube, which was now turned and raised up on a three quarter angle, Mrs. Bedford not shamed by her lack of clothing, and Dr. Bedford pressed a few buttons on tube, which then opened with a loud swoosh sound.

The Doll formerly known as Ariel stared straight ahead, eyes glazed over and fixed at...something. Mrs. Bedford was always slightly spooked by how Dolls were clearly staring at...something...but it was unseen by regular humans. The Doll has been completely remade over. She was now tanned and her white-blonde hair shone in the light from above her tube. Her beach ball sized breasts were firm and unmoving despite their massive size.

At the top of the tube, a small tablet stuck out from it. Dr. Bedford put it in a short code and pulled the tablet out. His fingers tapped against the small screen for a moment. The Doll suddenly began blinking and slowly looked around, looking past Mrs. Bedford and stopping on Mr. Bedford. Dolls always looked for the nearest male, unless otherwise programmed.

“Stand.” Dr. Bedford commanded the Doll. She gently rose out of the tube and took a step forward, stopping in place, eyes never leaving her controller.

Mrs. Bedford stepped forward to take some measurements and run a scanner over the Doll’s body. The process she had gone through overnight destroy all follicles of hair from her breasts down to her toes. She stood docilely waiting while the nurse assessed the Doll’s body, a mandatory part of the process to assure all went well.

“The doll has an excellent rating, master.” Mrs. Bedford had already forgotten the Doll’s name; it just slipped right out of her head when she was not thinking about it.

Dr. Bedford smiled and put a hand on his wife’s arm. “Great!” While his wife had been assessing the Doll, he had been customizing a new collar, which he snapped around the Doll’s neck while Mrs. Bedford held up the mindless Doll’s white-blonde hair.

At this point, their work was mostly just following regulations. He toggled some commands on the tablet to make her snap to attention, kneel, bow, and orgasm. Further tests were done on her gait, deeply sexualized, and the level of emptiness in her tiny little head was given a diagnostic. The Doll passed all of these with flying colors. She would perform her duties to exemplary standards. After all, it was now the only reason she had for living.

* * *

On a lazy Saturday morning, Mr. and Mrs. Brett Sanderson made their way to their district’s Domestic Doll Agency. After the brief train ride, they waited briefly in the queue and then headed off the train, which put them about a quarter of a mile away from the agency. It was a nice day and Brett thought the weather could do his pregnant wife some good. Hence, they calmly walked to the agency.

Which was about all Missi could walk these days. Deep into her pregnancy and tiring easily these days, the platinum, curly, haired beauty politely acquiesced to her husband’s arm on hers as she stepped down the stairs of the train and onto the main street of their district. Brett smiled and kissed his wife gently, holding her hand tightly as they began their walk to the agency.

Despite being so fully pregnant, Missi still tried to look as stunning as possible. Dressed in a pink maternity dress, white stockings, and ballet flats, she looked quite cute. Her normally curled hair was tied back with a ponytail. The platinum, genetically modified for permanence at the request of her husband, locks highlighted her pale skin. Mrs. Sanderson looked lovely still and took great pride in being a fine public representation of her husband, which led a manicured finger to gently touch the Sanderson collar around her neck with great pride. Her greatest joy was in being everything, and more, of what her husband wanted. The moment she became a Sanderson, her life became devoted to that goal. Nothing came before it.

On the way to the agency, the Sandersons stopped in the farmer’s market next door. It was open all weekend and staffed by very friendly young women. The couple stopped at an eggplant cart to buy a few for the week.

Missi knew that it was important for them to acquire a new Doll, but she also hoped they could go home soon. Mrs. Sanderson knew that she pushed herself too much, but wanted to be the best wife possible for her wonderful husband.

Inside the District Nine Domestic Doll Agency, Brett and Missi walked to the reception area, where a Doll greeted them and confirmed their appointment. “Feel free to browse,” said an intercom as they entered.

Brett took his wife’s hand and smiled at her. “Let’s walk around and see what is here.” Missi smiled and squeezed his hand tightly in response.

Husband and wife wandered around the cage and look at various Dolls. The main floor of the Doll Agency was filled with large, 10 foot high, cells that housed them. Each of them had a bed, treadmill, and dresser, which was presumably holding clothes, makeup, and other feminine needs. Each cell’s walls were painted a light pink color, with the name of the current Doll housed in it painted in silver on the back wall. Each had a sign on the front of their cage with their best features. Some were trained in sexual service, others domestically. Many were pretty raw and open to deep reprogramming.

As they continued walking past the cages, they found across two beautiful Dolls holding hands and whispering to each other. Cora, a redhead whose card said she was 25 with large implants and a straightened nose. The Domestic Doll giggling next to her was raven haired and 23 years old. Cassi was a curvy and very busty Doll with a shape similar to that of Mrs. Sanderson.

The busty Doll had a great faith in service, giving her strength, and tried to impart that view on Cora, whom she was deeply infatuated with. The Dolls were clearly smitten with each other and their cards confirmed it, which also begged for them to be bought as a pair.

Moved by their story, the Sandersons had the Dolls brought to a back room where they could watch them from behind a two-way mirror. They held hands at all possible times, and generally, they seemed quite enthralled to each other.

Finally, Missi asked to speak through the mirror to the Dolls. Both Cora and Cassi stopped what they were doing and knelt on the floor. The pregnant submissive wife, already tiring, wished she could join them. Missi admired their closeness and easily convinced her husband of their need to have both Dolls in their home for the time being. Brett loved giving Missi the things she desired in life and happily took on both, which would be expensive now, but fairly lucrative later.

Kimmie came back to negotiate a price with the Sandersons. Cora and Cassi would be away for a week of conditioning and then a few more days before they can be shipped to the Sanderson home. On the way out of the agency, they encountered the Bedfords, who checked up on Mrs. Sanderson.

A week later, the Dolls arrived freshly reprogrammed and ready to serve. Cora Sanderson, as she now thought of herself, proudly touched the “Sanderson” collar around her neck as she swayed into the living room, a pink maid uniform adorning her body. She smiled over at Cassi Sanderson, genetically modified to look like Mrs. Sanderson, with even her original raven colored hair, who was looking stunning and extremely classy in a curve hugging dress, high heels, white stockings, and pearls. The other new Sanderson family member also proudly touched her collar, returning her friend’s smile.

After settling in Mrs. Sanderson for the day, Dr. Bedford had placed her on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy, Cora began assessing the house with Mr. Sanderson to best fulfill her duties. She offered a few suggestions to her owner, who took to them kindly. Meanwhile, Cassie, who spent two days being programmed for domesticity, began dinner in the kitchen.

After dinner, Brett checked in with each Doll after making sure Missi was okay. He encountered Cora in the hallway. “Hello, Cora Sanderson.” He grinned at the Doll’s new name. Cora stopped what she was doing and curtsied for her owner. Brett put up a hand. “I just wanted to make sure you were doing well.”

Cora smiled and put down the box in her manicured hands. “Cora is doing quite well, Mr. Sanderson. She is so grateful to serve in your home.”

Brett nodded and put a hand on her arm gently. “I am very happy to have you.” He smiled again at the redhead. “In a few months, once Mrs. Sanderson is settled after the baby is born, I have a friend who would like to court you.” He paused and took her hands in his own. “I am not going to program you to accept him; you will be allowed to choose whether he is right for you.”

The red-haired maid threw her arms around Brett. “Thank you!” She, before she could stop herself, kissed him gently on the mouth. Her pale hands found their way to the tip of his slightly bulged cock inside his pants.

Brett pulled away and slowly nodded negatively to her. “No, you do not need to do that.” He gave her a pat on the bottom. “Go back to your duties. We should meet in the morning to discuss your routine.” Cora swayed away from him with a smile and blush on her face.

Brett then made his way to the guest bedroom, where he found Cassi reading on the bed after being released from her duties for the evening. She smiled at him as he entered the room, encouraging him to sit with her. “I just explained to Cora as well, but let me tell you too. Once everything,” Brett paused as his eyes wandered to the Doll’s heaving, so familiar, chest, “is settled with Mrs. Sanderson, you and Cora will be married off.” He put a hand up when Cassi frowned slightly. “Don’t worry, I will make sure you are always close. I will make sure of it.”

Cassi smiled. “Thank you, Mr. Sanderson.”

Finally, Brett went back to their bedroom, where Missi was sitting on the bed. She looked up and smiled at her husband. “How are they doing?”

Brett sat down on the bed next to her and stroked her hair. “Good. Both of them are doing well. I spent some time with Cora, and with Cassi too.”

Missi grinned at her husband. “I am so happy you let us buy them. I love you and always want you to be in control.”

Brett leaned across the bed and kissed his wife. “Focus on the baby.” At her obedient nod, he rubbed her belly gently, and they went to sleep.

The End