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The Doctor Is In

How a doctor was tuned into a an ignroant dumb sex beast by spirit guides.

The doctor was in, and she sat down behind her desk focusing on her daily tasks and research documents. Life was the usual get up and go for her, middle aged, children that had left home and a divorce that left her alone, she was upset with her life and just continued to live it a day at a time. She was five two, dark haired and tanned skin, middle eastern and highly intelligent. Her name is Ellen and she is an excellent communicator and was loved by her pati4ents but sometimes feared by her staff. After her divorce she was an angry woman for a while, and a lot of her friends came to console her. Over time she mellowed out, but fell into a routine and didn’t have time for small things.

That morning one of the cleaners was busy in the toilet, and Ellen needed to really use it, so much so, that she became upset with the girl and barked at her “Get out already, cant you see I need to use the toilet?” The “girl” was actually sixty years old, and while she was a toilet cleaner/custodian, she was also a very powerful spirit guide, which is why she ended up custodian in the hospital, it was a place full of spirits that she helped. In a way, Fatma was as good a healer as Ellen was, but Fatma healed the dead, releasing spirits into the after world that had got stuck in transition. After a while she became loved by many spirits that stayed around, preferring top watch the live world in a way that live people watch sitcoms. What most don’t realize that is these long term spirits end up having powers over the living, and while they cannot perform miracles, they can directly affect living people in the most unusual ways, and make permanent changes too.

Fatma went about her day, thinking about Ellen and how she snapped at her. Usually Fatma was forgiving, but this day she was a bad day for her, she had to deal with a few lost causes in the spirit world and her nerves were frazzled. She did ask about the doctor, and found out a bit about who she was, but this only made her more adamant. So she went into the doctors office just as the Ellen was packing up to go.

Fatma sat in front of Ellen and was about to speak when Ellen looked up and said “Yes, can I help you?” in a tired voice. Fatma knew this voice, the tiredness after hours and days and years of working in the same place. So she decided to be nice, and answered “Yes, I think you can help me.” Ellen frowned and then said “OK, so what can I do for you? Whats the problem?” And Fatma put out her hand and held onto Ellen’s wrist. Ellen flinched and was about to pull her hand away but a warm feeling came over her and spread throughout her body. Fatma smiled and said “Actually, its what I am going to do for you or to you doctor. I see you are sad, and I think I can change your life for the better, that way you can be happy for the rest of your days.” Ellen looked confused, and answered “Let go of my wrist.” Fatma let go, and added “Dear doctor, your mind is lost, you are confused, your inner anger is hurting you so I will help you forget. You will forget everything and learn a new trade, you will help people and enjoy it as you do, you will lose your intelligence and knowledge which burdens you and become an empty vessel of harmony and satisfaction. You will forget life as it is and live a new life in a haze of orgasmic delight. You will lose your old life, your family, friends and work, and find a new life a new home and a new happiness. This is my gift to you.”

Ellen looked shocked, and then picked up the phone, and said “I am calling security, you are mad.” At which Fatma stood up and said “No, I am not mad, just alive, and you will soon join me in life too.” She sighed as she walked out.

The spirits in the hospital that had been in the room with Fatma and Ellen knew what Fatma had done, and a swirl of ethereal smoke started to grow in the room all around Ellen. She was oblivious to this, since it was not seen by normal living people. Out of the storm hovered three spirits, the spirit of a lifelong whore, the spirit of a drug user who OD’d after years of drug abuse and the spirit of a dumb but nasty slut who always cheated on everyone and was wantonly brazed throughout her short life. The three shot into Ellens body and she felt a slight jolt. The brushed her hair out of the way of her eyes and blinked, and then continued to pack her stuff and walked out towards her car.

The three spirits started to look into Ellens mind, and once of their capabilities was to literally erase knowledge, destroy memories, and change personalities. One spirit was enough, but Fatma was a strong spirit guide so three ended up working like the three witches of many a tale and got to work together. The whore turned to the slut and said, let me change her past, and the slut nodded and said let me change her personality, while the junkie said let me destroy her brain, and the three shook their spirit hands and got to work.

Ellen was driving home and got a splitting headache, it just appeared in her head like a bolt of lightning, she braked suddenly. Then the pain rolled over and she continued to drive and got home. She walked up the stairs and entered her apartment. Her brain had a dull thud, so she went to the cabinet and took an Ibrufen and then went to prepare dinner. Her children were living apart from her now and she was alone in the apartment. As she prepared dinner she put on the TV and listened to the news in the distance.

She also turned on her PC and was preparing to get some research done to catch up with a major conference she was invited to lecture at in a months time. After preparing dinner, eating and watching the news, Ellen went over to her PC and opened up her presentation and started to read it over. As she was reading it she found it hard to focus on some words, and had to struggle to read some of them. Her mind was sluggish, she thought she was too tired, so she turned the PC off and went to prepare for bed.

After getting changed, brushing her teeth and preparing for bed, Ellen took another pain killer to get rid of the constant thumping in her head, she couldn’t understand what it was, but she lay in bed and watched TV which always put her to sleep. Ellen drifted off into sleep and entered a dream world. She was sitting in a sleazy joint, loads of naked women looking up a dressed men, most of the men were rather dirty like field workers and immigrant workers and the women were all sleazy looking with thick make up. One of the women looked at Ellen and came over to her and said “Hiya baby, guess what, this is your new home, d’ya like it?” Even in her dream Ellen was confused and revolted by the place, the décor was falling apart and the men were fucking the women in all positions all over the room. Some women were sucking cock at the same time as they were being fucked by another man. The woman put out her hand and took Ellen’s hand and suddenly they were in the street. Ellen looked around and there were street whores with hardly any clothes on being fucked by the wall in an alley, another was sucking a drivers cock with her ass naked in the seat, and the woman holding her hand jabbed a needle into Ellens bum and she yelped. She turned to the woman holding her wrist and in her dream said “What is this?” and the woman looked at her and smiled “Its drugs for your brain, so you can fuck 24/7 and love it”. Startled, Ellen woke up sweating. What she didn’t realize that the drugs in her dream were actually working in real life and she had been given a spirit drug that would slowly turn her brain chemistry to become an out of control nymphomaniac, or to put it simply, she would not only need to fuck all the time, she would want to fuck all the time.

Ellen looked at her watch, it was only 2am so she tried to fall asleep again, and did, very quickly, mainly due to the spirit drug in her system. Once under, she found herself in another location, this time it was a sleazy looking container with crack whores spread around on dirty mattresses, all moaning in pleasure as they were being fucked, all f the women were hooked up to IV bottles. As she peered closer she noticed they all looked the same, they all looked like her. Then someone grabbed her wrist from behind and she turned in shock, it was another woman, this time sleazy looking covered in tatoos and piercings, she screamed at Ellen and slapped a VR helmet over her head. Ellen was dazed in her dream and looked into the VR screen, all of a sudden she was blasted with sounds and fast moving videos and photos with subliminal messages. She was blasted with sex scenes of every kind and then she felt a jab in her bum again…and heard a whisper through the noise saying “Slut…that’s to rewire your brain to become a junkie slut…you will love it…but be so dumb you wont understand anything but the feel of cock in your wet pussy. Hahahaha…” Ellen woke up with a shock again and was numb with confusion. What she didn’t realize is that the drug she was injected with was already working on a spirit level and the VR was still on in the spirit world, her mind was being changed from within her soul, and her body would follow though slowly. Ellen was now to scared to fall asleep again, but felt so tired she just lapsed back into REM sleep and this time awoke in her dream in a room filled with naked men. All the men had hard ons and all were looking at Ellen, she turned around and saw one woman in the room, her pussy displayed in front of the men and dripping, a puddle of woman cumm was spreading across the floor. The woman looked at Ellen with a hungry smile and jumped suddenly up and landed on Ellen’s chest pushing her down to the floor. The next thing Ellen found was herself chained in a bed like contraption with her pussy facing the men, and all of a sudden one man cam forward and started to pump her, he came into her pussy and moved away, then another man followed him into her pussy and pumped till he came and then so on for 100 men. By the time she had been fucked a hundred times in her dream she was delirious, constantly orgasming as the wet sloppy cumm and her orgasm juices made a big puddle under her bed. She found herself standing, and playing with her pussy and then the woman turned to Ellen and pushed a syringe into her belly. Ellen jumped with shock, and the woman said “Stop thinking, you don’t need to think to be a dumb whore, lets get rid of all your knowledge, you don’t need to read or write and only need to speak basic…just to say when you are hungry or thirsty or stuff like that, but other then that, your only sentence in life will be “Fuck me” and the rest is nothing.” Ellen felt her mind collapse, she tried to remember medical terminology but couldn’t, she looked at her fingers but couldn’t count them and letters became just empty abstract signs. She jumped in her bed awake…and looked at her watch, she breathed a sigh of relief she could read the time. The nightmare was over, or so she thought, the time as 6am and she was getting ready to get up for work. What she didn’t realize is that the spirit world had done its damage and now, over time, she would change from a bright intelligent physician into a dumb nymph slut crack whore and do it happily and willingly. Ellen got up and brushed her teeth, prepared her clothes, prepared her documents and laptop. Prepared breakfast, watched the news, read some e-mails and left home for work. She did notice that some of the reading she was doing was not understood and some words didn’t make sense to her, but didn’t really think about it. She scratched her pussy all the way to work, something was seriously itching down there.

Ellen walked into her office, put her stuff down and went to check her pussy in the toilet. On the way she met Fatma who just smiled at her. Ellen smiled back and entered the stall. She closed the door and undressed, and looked down at her pussy, it looked normal, no redness, but it was itching like crazy. She put her finger into her pussy and gasped as her clit was so sensitive. She brushed it with her finger and suddenly found herself pounding her pussy with her fingers. She had to bite her lip not to scream, as she reached a powerful orgasm. After she came her itching didn’t stop, she put her finger back into her pussy and the itching stopped. She realized quite quickly that she had to stuff her pussy with something to stop the itching, and she decided to look into that later, she was too elated and confused to worry about it.

During the rest of the day Ellen’s mind would wander from work ,which was becoming too hard to focus on, and even hard to understand. She couldn’t fathom out why she found it hard to read to do simple graph maths, she thought that maybe she was just overworked and needed a rest. What she did notice however is that she was looking at men’s crotches all day, she couldn’t look at their faces, only their crotches and the more she looked the itchier her pussy became.

After the day was over Ellen decided to go shopping and found herself driving to the local mall. It was a mega mall with hundreds of shops and as she walked through it she noticed a sex shop and for some reason decided to go in. She never ever thought of going into a sex shop before, but for some reason she was compelled to go inside. What she didn’t realize is that the spirit VR was working all the time and her mind was being re-wired to think only of sex, in combination with the three spirit injections she received she was slowly devolving into a dumb ignorant sex beast.

Ellen entered the sex shop and was looking around at all the paraphernalia when she noticed the various balls and dildo’s, different types and sizes, The man behind the counter came over to her and asked “What would you like? Can I help you decide on anything?” Ellen looked down at his crotch, she couldn’t bring her self to look into his eyes, for some reason she felt compelled only to bow her head to a man and look at his crotch. The seller sniggered, he didn’t really understand what the problem was, and only thought of Ellen as another stuck up cougar slut. She then said “I need something to fill my cunt all day.” She gasped, she called her pussy her cunt and realized she couldn’t remember the medical terminology for it, she tried to remember but all she could think of was snatch, beaver, cunt, pussy. Then the man took out two devices, one was a pair of balls and the other a large headed vibrator dildo. He showed her both items, and Ellen nodded “Yes, that’s perfect, thank you…and then she put her hand out to touch his crotch. The seller didn’t back away, instead he put the boxes down, undid his zipper and said “OK bitch, I know your type, come here behind the counter and suck my cock till I fill you with my wad.” Ellen was shocked for a split second, but then recovered as if his words were normal, she went with him behind the counter, got on her knees and slurped at his cock, she sucked him like a professional and he exploded all his cumm down her throat. After she had finished she licked his cock clean, licker her lips and go tup. She then gave him her credit card to pay for the two items.

After she left the shop with her bag of toys, she realized what she had done and suddenly felt dizzy with worry. She was about to panic when her brain suddenly fuzzed over and she relaxed. Her pussy was itching away like crazy and she realized she needed to fill it. So she went to the toilets and took out the balls and placed them in her pussy. The moment her pussy was filled it stopped itching, but started to feel orgasmic and she came constantly, it was hard for her to walk, because she was multiple orgasming literally all the time. Ellen finally reached her car, she got in and slowly drove home, savouring every orgasm as it happened. Once home, she flopped onto her settee and just basked in the orgasmic glory. She then turned on the TV and started to listen to the news, but it was too boring and some of the words were confusing here. She didn’t think of this, and just switched to a sitcom channel, but that too became too confusing, finally she just went online into a sex site and streamed it to the TV, listening to the grunts and groans of the actors. She felt much better and just listened to that for the rest of the evening. While she was watching and listening she decide to make dinner, as she started to prepare her food, she realized she couldn’t remember some of her basic recipes and when she went to read them up she found it too hard to read, in fact she couldn’t understand some of the words or numbers at all. She started to panic but her brain fuzzed again, and the spirit VR goggles with the injections pumped more stupidity into her brain, removing move knowledge and in fact emptying her head of all her education since elementary school. Basically, Ellen never went to school, and now she barely understood anything, she could speak simple words but the injections with the VR were re-wiring her to sex only.

Ellen fell asleep and in her dream she was joked up to the VR goggles with three infusions leading to her arm, countless men were coming and pumping her cunt, she was being fucked constantly and was literally lying in a pool of cumm and cunt juices. The three spirits were next to her whispering into her ear “You are a dumb ignorant cunt, just a beast of sex, no brains, no thoughts, only pussy and clit, only cumm and cock, you are not a human, you are a beast.” Ellen overslept, and when she finally woke up she couldn’t remember where she was. She got up slowly, rubbed her cunt and got dressed. She didn’t know what she was doing or where she was, and her mind was now so simple, it could just about work out how to dress. She went downstairs and didn’t bother with car keys because she forgot she even owned a car and dint think of work because she forgot she ever worked. All she had in her mind was sex, the need to be filled.

Fatma was being updated constantly by her spirit world connections so she had taken a day off work and stood outside Ellen’s building. When she saw the dishevelled Ellen stumble out holding her dildo, she came up to her and said “Hi doctor Ellen, how are you today?” Ellen looked up sluggishly and said “Wah? I no doctor, me just me…” and was about to stumble away when Fatma held onto Ellen’s wrist. She then pulled Ellen towards her and said “No, you are no doctor you are a dumb whore animal, you are a simple beast who only lives for sex.” Ellen looked up and said “Uh, who you?” and Fatma replied “I am your owner, you are my sex beast, and you live to serve me.” Ellen nodded, she was confused and didn’t understand half of what Fatma said, but she did understand the words “Sex beast” and she then held onto Fatma.

Fatma took Ellen to her car, (Fatma’s car) and drove off with her, they arrived at Fatma’s cousin, a lawyer and someone that knew of Fatma’s gift. Fatma led Ellen into the office, and sat her on the chair. Ellen pulled down her shorts and pumped her pussy with her dildo, which she was carrying. Fatma’s cousin Fawzi looked up and smirked and said “So you made another one for your stable?” Fatma smiled back and said “Yes, I have but this one is special, she is rich and has family, she was a doctor, so I need her to sign over all her possessions and make her disappear legally, can you do this? Fawzi replied “Sure, just have her sign the documents I prepare, if she still can.” Fatma answered, “No, she can’t but one of her spirit owners can, she has three who now live though her.” Fawzi prepared all the documents including transfer of property, resignation from the hospital and an email to her children and parents telling them she was going on a sabbatical to South America.

After the Ellen spirit guide had signed the documents for Ellen, she possessed her body for the remainder of the week while Ellen’s spirit brain was finalizing its VR conversion. The drugs also finished their work, and now Ellen had an IQ of 60, was totally illiterate and discalculate. She had no knowledge other than sex, and could not perform anything but sex. She ate, slept, relieved herself and fucked…that was her new life, but it was not yet complete. Fatma had the spirit guide take Ellen to Colombia where she placed her in the possession of a local pimp who serviced the drug lords. While she didn’t need drugs they gave it to her anyway and she lay in a dirty cot on a slimy mattress with her pussy facing the air all day. She didn’t speak, didn’t think, all that happened in her life was 24/7 fucking, literally, her pussy was constantly used and she had a helper that fed her, cleaned her and had her ready in bed to be fucked all the time. IN her mind, she was in a constant haze of orgasmic delight but the real Ellen was not gone, the past had not been removed, it had merely been replaced. The real Ellen was stuck in a cell in her mind, but she was not sad, because her body was in constant arousal and while her memories were blank, Ellen lived in the dream world watching her body and feeling its delight. One of ther three spirit sisters came to her and said “So, how does it feel to be a sex beast?” and she answered “heavenly, never let this stop.” To which the spirit answered “It wont, even in death you will continued to serve us as a whore, and you will be reborn time and time again as a sex beast forever.” Ellen sighed in thankfulness, not having to worry about anything, just lie back and be fucked was heaven.