The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Dog’s Eye 2

by J. Darksong

Hello. My name’s Finnegan. And first off, I’m a dog.

I mean that literally. Woof woof. Bow wow. Rrrrrruff!! And all that.

There’s been a bunch of these here stories so far, so you know how this works. No need for a lengthy exposition. Just know that A) I’m a dog and narrating this tale. And B) There ain’t no sex in this one. Heh. Unless maybe Shayli’s feeling a little frisky today—



Shayli grunted, glaring back at me. “Hmph! As if. We’re not having sex, Finn. Let it go and move on.”

I harrumphed back at her. “Yeah. Whatever. Just remember that the next time you go into heat and start rubbing up against me!”

Shayli’s ears went back. “Hey! I’m not the one that spends all his time licking himself! Oh, excuse me, cleaning yourself. Your balls must be fucking pristine...”

SIGH. Anyway, my point? No sex in this damn story. If that bothers you, then fine. Here’s your chance to abandon ship. So don’t complain after you’ve read this twisted little tale. You’ve been warned.

Now then...

Ragnar the cat already mentioned in HIS story that Master and Baby were having some issues lately. They just weren’t getting to spend enough quality time together. Not that I understand it all that well myself. I mean, I get the idea of wanting to mate. I’ve been to the vet and gotten ‘fixed’, so I wouldn’t be making no little puppy bastards. But I still got it on with Shayli now and again...

Well, when she was being more ‘bitch’ and less ‘bitchy’, that is.

So, yeah, I could see where Master was coming from. But the rest of it, the ‘spending time together’ part, the snuggling, the talking about ‘feelings’ and all that? Bah. Forget it. What’s the expression your youngsters use these days? ‘Wham, Bam, Thank you, Bitch, Now Get the Fuck Out?’ That’s the way I roll. And considering the fact that Master can use his ‘special tricks’ to make his Baby do anything he wants her to, there should be no problem. Right?

Wrong! Wrong-o-man! See, Master actually cares for Baby for more than just mating time. Which I suppose is probably a good thing, as she seems to occasionally drive him up a wall. Not that he shows it or even tells her most of the time. But the guy loves to talk to us Pets when he has something on his mind, so we get to hear all too much of what’s going on inside his head. And mostly, it was about frustration.

Like the time he’d planned something special for her as a surprise for Valentine’s Day, only for it all to fall apart at the seams. Just from observing, there are three main complications with living with Baby: ONE- surprises do not work. She is too curious, and despite being Master’s ‘slave’, she is too much of a control freak. She has to know what is happening all the time, even if she is not in charge. TWO- financial difficulty. For some reason, Master turns the monthly finances over to Baby to take care of. But she has an issue where is she has money left over, she has to spend it instead of saving it. All well and good when things all the bills are paid... but when something unexpected happens, they are usually caught with their pants down.

“Don’t you think you’re being unfair about Baby?” Shayli asked, having returned to bother me again. “You make her sound like an irresponsible idiot!”

“No, I’m not,” I countered. “I’m just calling it like I see it. As I said, she DOES take care of things that need to be taken care of... she just tends to eat up any savings left over on fun stuff that she doesn’t need. I mean, YOU remember how Master looked when the money he’d set aside for Valentine’s Day was all eaten up because she hadn’t budgeted well enough the week beforehand?”

Shayli sighed. “Yes... you do have a point. And after he arranged his work schedule to have a rare two days off to spend together... not that it worked it anyway...”

Yeah. And that was the third thing about Baby. THREE- she cannot say no to family or friends. Heh. In fact, about the only person she seems to be able to say no to is Master... though even then, not very often. I suppose that can be a good thing, in a way. To be dependable, to always be there is someone needs you. But I would think it gets a bit taxing when you have a nice relaxing night planned, and someone calls, and suddenly, Baby has to leave to go help her mom and dad, or her best friend, or her daughter, with some small tiny thing, and doesn’t come back until just before midnight.

“Hi, I’m back,” Baby said coming in through the door, a small plastic bag clutched in her hands. We all glance up, of course, rushing over to meet her. As usual, Lucy goes completely ballistic, jumping up and down, whining, bouncing like a lunatic. Shayli and I merely watch, amused. “Sorry, sorry, things went on a bit longer than I planned,” she said, walking over to kiss Master on the cheek. “I brought dinner with me. Mom and Dad say ‘hello’.”

Master nodded, taking the food, placing it on the table next to them, patting the seat next to him. “Come on, then, Let’s have some dinner together.” He sighed softly as she glanced away. “You’re... not hungry are you?” he asked, his voice with an edge.

“Sorry... I, um... I grabbed something to eat with Mom and Dad while we were out,” she admitted sheepishly. “But... but we can still sit together and watch TV and talk a bit while YOU eat! What time is it anyway?”

“Ten minutes to midnight,” Master replied woodenly. Baby’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Midnight?!? Really? It’s that late?” she exclaimed. “Oh, Master... I’m so so sorry! I was gone the whole night...” she said looking down at her feet.

“Yeah,” Master replied ruefully, digging into his sandwich. “And you have school early tomorrow morning. You’d better head to bed, Baby.” She sighed, looking crestfallen, but Master simply sighed, pulling her into an embrace. “It’s okay, Baby,” he said, forcing a smile on his face. “Your mom and dad needed your help. It’s okay. I understand.” He sighed. “I mean, it SUCKS that they called you to come over the one day I had off from work, for the entire day... but yeah, I understand.”

“I’m sorry, Master,” she said, kissing him lightly. “I promise, I’ll make it up to you next week. I swear! Just the two of us, And I’m not going anywhere once I get home from work.”

So, as usual, Baby headed off to bed, and Master spent the next few hours watching TV and eating a late dinner before going to join her in the bedroom. To sleep, that is. not to have sex. Mainly because she was already asleep by the time he went in, and she had an early day. Also, well, he was in a bad mood after spending his entire day off alone. How do I know he was in a bad mood? Because none of us, not even his precious ‘Princess Puppyface’, got any table scraps that night.

* * *

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m old. Really old. My legs ain’t the best anymore. And my eyes don’t work as well as they used to. My hearing’s still good. And despite what Shayli might say, my boy parts are still fucking tip top. That said... sometimes, in the middle of the night, a fella’s gotta answer the call of nature, you know? Now, like good Pets, we sleep with Master and Baby, at the foot of their bed... and that’s ON the bed, not on the floor. Problem is... they have a fucking two-story high monster of a bed. And once you jump off, you need a goddamn rocket pack to get back up there! So, yeah, after going to take a leak, I sometimes... need a little assistance, getting back up onto the bed.

“Um. hey. Hey! Someone?” I called out softly, trying to get their attention. “Can you... can you lift me back up, please?” Nothing. No response. Of course, they were all asleep. “Hey!” I yelled a bit louder this time. “I’m down here!” Still nothing. “COME ON, GODDAMMIT!” I barked, even louder. “THIS FLOOR SUCKS! I WANT ONTHE COVERRRRSSSS!!!”

“Finnegan! Dammit!” Master growled, finally kicking off the covers, walking over to pick me up. “Four o’clock in the bloody morning,” he muttered, glancing at the clock. “Every damn night. Finn, we either need to get you an elevator, or give you your own bed in the living room.”

I rolled my eyes at that. I already had a dog bed in the living room. But damn if I was gonna spend the whole night on a cushion when there was this huge king sized bastion of warm fluffy paradise waiting for me. True, this kind of thing happened a lot. But, he’s its a part of getting old. Besides, I was the Pet. It was their job to take care of me, anyway.

So the next few days were the normal weekday routine. Master was here during the day, then he’d leave for a bit. Then Baby would return and take care of things until it was time to go to bed. Then Master would return home and have a bit to eat, then go to bed as well. And rinse and repeat. It’s kind of the way things went. Some days Master would be home the entire day, and he and Baby would spend some time together. Other times, on the weekends, Baby would be home all day, and Master would leave to go to work. I mean, they did get to spend time together, at least a little. Not as much as they wanted, apparently. But it was something, at least. It’s just part of being human, I guess.

And if there is one thing I have to give him credit for, he doesn’t stop trying to make plans. Today, for instance. He got up extra early today and did a bunch of cleaning, straightening up, and all around—

“FINNEGAN!” Master shouted.

Ohhhhh shit! Oh shit! Ahhh! He’s upset! As he walked over to tower over me, I went into standard emergency protocol. I rolled over onto my back and played dead.

“Oh, for Pete’s sake,” Master grunted, rolling his eyes. “For the billionth time, dog,” he said, picking me up, “you don’t have to freak out every time I call your name. We’ve had you for eight years now. I’d think by now you’d know that I’m not going to hurt you... dumb little mutt.”

Yeah, yeah. So he said. But I wasn’t about to take any chances.

He carried me over to the chair next to the computer, where his jacket hung over the back of. “Finn,” he said, his voice rumbling, “what have I told you about ‘marking your territory’?” he asked, holding up the left sleeve. The... slightly damn left sleeve that had been lying on the floor. I couldn’t help but whimper, and attempt to play dead in his arms again. “The whole point in taking you to the vet was so that you’d stop doing that,” he muttered, taking to the kitchen, and putting me back down on the floor again. “Tch... fine. Guess I’ll be washing my jacket... again.”

As he turned away, I sat back up on all fours again. You might think such behavior is shameful, but, well, as I said, why take chances? Master was literally ten times my size and weight. Not to mention the fact that depended on him for food and shelter. And, well... maybe my little compulsion to cover up HIS scent with my own as the only OTHER male in the household was kind of petty, but still—


OH OH OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH SHIT!! Uuuuhhhhh... excuse me, I, um, I ... I gotta go!

“Finnegan?” Master called out as I ran back out of the room. “Finn? Oh, come on! I’m just cleaning up the mess around the cat box... Finn?” He sighed softly, shaking his head, and continued sweeping the floor...

* * *

Hey. This is Shayli again. I guess I should probably explain a few things.

See, Finnegan doesn’t like to talk about his past, but we’re all pretty sure he was abused as a pup. And I mean, a lot. Not by Master or Baby! Of course not! They are the most wonderful Owners a Pet could possibly have! Especially Master... mmmmm...

Sorry, got distracted for a second. Anyway, I came to Master and Baby when I was just a baby, as soon as I’d been weaned from my mother. At the same time, Master and Baby rescued him from a shelter and adopted Finnegan, or as his official name is, Lucky Finn ‘Finnegan’ MacLeod. Like, in Finding Nemo, the little fish’s ‘lucky fin’? One of Finnegan’s ears will not straighten up, or flip back. It looks perfectly fine, but it just... doesn’t work. Master thinks he was beaten by someone, probably a male, by the way he always cowers and shows his belly whenever he or another man towers over him. Or if they are using a broom or mop.

It’s really kind of sad. The others all tease me about being ‘spoiled’, and being Master’s little ‘princess’. But in truth, I am. I’ve known nothing but happiness and love from my Owners from as far back as I can remember. It’s why I am so happy, so literally overjoyed when my Master comes back home from work that I just HAVE to pounce on him and cover him with kisses and licks and nuzzles. But Finn... half of his life was spent in pain and fear. He was hurt and degraded and yelled at, and hit. And even after eight years of being treated like the prince to my princess, he still quails in fear anytime Master or Baby, or anyone really, raises their voice, or stands over him. Especially with a broom.

All that is merely to say that Finn is a good boy. And despite my earlier snark, I do love him. He just... he has a very jaded and cynical view of the world. And that’s why. I just thought you should know. Looks like he’s coming back, and will probably take over the story again. Just keep all this in mind, okay? Thanks.

* * *

Okay. Not sure what Shayli was yapping about when I left, but don’t pay her any mind. Let’s just get back to it, okay?

Sooo... lessee. Ah, right. Master had gotten up early and taken care of all the chores, did some grocery shopping, and fed and watered all of us. He still had work later, but I’m guessing it was all preparations for tomorrow, his normal day off. All well and good. And as he headed out in the afternoon, he took with him a small woolen blanket—since it was still freaking cold outside with snow on the ground, and his truck didn’t have any heat. A fact that he grumbled about fairly often.

Fast forward a few hours later, and Baby finally returns home. We greet her with the usual decorum... except for Lucy, who acts like a braindead lunatic as always. After she gets settled in, we go back to lounging around as usual while Baby makes dinner, then sits down at her desk to look over her class’ school work, grade papers, and do the usual stuff. About that time, the retard shows up, and pounces onto the desk—

“HEY! C’mon, Finn!” Lucy interrupts, nuzzling me. “You, like, can’t call her that.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” I ask, frowning.

“Ellie Benelli. You can’t call her a ‘retard’. That’s, like, totally not PC, dude!”

I sighed, rolling my eyes. “Hey, I’m not being insensitive, fuzzball! Ellie IS a freaking retard. She was born with a kinked up tail, and that bump in her back and she has no sense of balance. Hell, even old lady Sasha and the kitten laugh at her.” I grunted. “She’s a cat that can’t walk across a ledge without falling over. I mean, if yer a danged cat, balance, and agility are supposed to be what you’re good at! Even Master and Baby refer to her as ’Tard Cat’ sometimes!”

Lucy chuffed, walking back over to the couch. “Huh... maybe. But still, you don’t have to call her that...”

Whatever! Ignoring the hairy little fuzzball’s comments, Tard Cat... er, Ellie, was crawling around on Baby’s desk, trying to get attention. Baby managed to ignore her for a few seconds, before yelling and physically picking her up and putting her back on the floor. Before she could get back to work, however, the phone rang. “Hello? Oh, hi, Jess. How’s it going?”

Jess. Aka, Daughter Judy, aka, Baby’s one and only daughter. I liked her. She was the one who’d named me after all, She was a good kid... kind of ditzy, but sweet. The fact that she was calling her mom at this time in the evening was nothing special. But half-listening to the conversation, I soon figured out that this was more than a little unusual.

“What? Wait. Are you sure?” baby asked, her voice somewhere between surprise and disbelief. “Jess, are you one hundred percent sure? I mean, you’ve been trying for a while now and...” She paused, nodding. “I know. I just don’t want you to get your hopes up before you... twice? No, three times?” She shook her head, standing up, pacing slowly back and forth. Shayli, Lucy and I all glanced up. Something important was definitely going on here. “Uh huh. Well, okay, we’re going to treat it like its true then!” she said, smiling finally. “Oh, sweetheart, I’m so happy for you! Good job! Huh?” she paused, nodding again. “Oh, of course, you can spend the night here! I know your husband is working the overnight shift this week... and I can imagine you not wanting to be home alone at night, especially now.”

Shayli and I glanced at each other. I still wasn’t sure what was happening yet, but I DID know that having Daughter Judy spending the night for the rest of the week would put a definite wrinkle into whatever Master had planned for his day off. And considering that Master has already planned something special, and Baby had promised after last week’s debacle to make time for just the two of them, I had the feeling that this was another disaster in the making. I walked over to Baby and started scratching at her leg, trying to give her a gentle reminder, that perhaps she could take a moment and reconsider before she finalized her plans.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m sure it will be... um... hang on a sec, Finn’s scratching at my leg,” Baby said, glancing down. “I think he needs to go outside and potty.”

I frowned, ears going back. That wasn’t what I’d meant at all.

“Finny Finn? Need to potty?” Baby asked, kneeling down. I couldn’t help it. I’m a sucker for baby talk. My tail started to wag. “You need to potty, Finny Boy? You a stinky boy? Are ya, are ya, are ya?” I started jumping up and down. I didn’t need to potty at all, but as excited as she seemed about the prospect, I was damn well willing to fake it! Lucy and Shayli started bouncing next to me as well, now, caught up in the moment. “Okay, puppies,” she said, leading us all to the back door, opening it. “Let’s go potty!”

And with that, we rushed outside into the cold dark backyard, to do our business. And, surprise, I actually DID have to potty, maybe from all that bouncing around. Regardless, by the time I and the girls were done, and let back inside, Baby was done on the phone, and back at her computer working again. I glanced at Shayli, who merely shrugged as if to say, ‘well, we tried’.

* * *

“Baby, I’m home!” Master said cheerfully a few hours later, coming through the door. “I’m glad you’re still up. I was hoping to catch up with you! I took the liberty of—oooh!” he blinked in surprise as Daughter Judy sat up from the couch and waved. “Ahhhh... h-hello, daughter? Nice to, er, see you again. This is a bit of a surprise,” he added, glancing at Baby, who blushed. “Spending the night are you?”

“Yeah,” she replied with a nod. “I wasn’t feeling too well, and with John working the overnight shift, I asked mom if I could stay over for a few days.”

Master nodded, the smile frozen on his face. “A few days. Great. That sounds... just great. So, I’ll definitely be seeing you in the morning then, since I have the day off tomorrow.”

Baby blinked, jaw-dropping. “Tomorrow? Did you say your day off is tomorrow??”

“Yes. Wednesday. It’s almost always Wednesday until someone calls in sick and they have to change around the schedule,” he replied. “Remember? I told you last week... and hung my schedule up on the fridge.... so you wouldn’t forget.”

“R-right, that’s right,” she said weakly, as Master turned and walked into the kitchen. “Um, sweetie, can you pause the movie for a bit, I need to go get m husband settled and get him some dinner.” Daughter nodded, and we all watched as Baby followed Master into the kitchen. They talked quietly for a few minutes, then he returned. Before Daughter could ask what was going on, he spoke.

“Judy Jetson Flash Bang.”

Daughter let out a soft gasp, before going still, her eyes drooping as she went into a deep hypnotic trance. “Yes, Daddy, I’m listening,” she said softly.

“Good girl. Now, in a few minutes, when your mom and I go into the bedroom, you’re going to be a good girl and ignore all the sounds coming from there. Understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl,” he said, before pausing. “Oh, and I meant to ask, Why did you come over to spend the night?”

‘I came to tell you and mom... that I’m pregnant.”

Master’s eyes went wide. “Preg... ah. Ah. I see. I get it.” He sighed softly. “Tch... story of my life. Always something unexpected... okay.” He considered, then nodded. Walking back into the kitchen, he spoke. “Judy Jetson Crash Boom.”

Daughter blinked, then glanced around, confused. “Huh? Did you say something?”

“Oh, nothing. Just getting dinner,” Master replied, as he and Baby came out of the kitchen a moment later, with a microwaved dinner. “You and Baby go ahead and have your movie night. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be in the bedroom.”

* * *

A few minutes later, Shayli and I joined Baby, going into the bedroom. “Master,” she said softly, climbing into bed with him. “I am so so sorry,” she began. But Master cut her off.

“It’s okay, Baby. I understand. And it was important that Daughter and you get to spend some quality time right now.” He caressed her face gently. “I’m disappointed, yes... but not upset.”

She sighed. “I know. But I did let you down. And I know it’s been such a long time. I really did want to play...”

Master smirked. “Well, I know you can’t get in the mood when Daughter is staying over... that you can’t let go when you’re worried that she’ll hear you. But... you have a point. You have been a bad girl. Even if we don’t get to play, I think you should enjoy a bit of... punishment.” Baby’s eyes lit up, and she bit her lip. “I think someone needs a spanking...”

“Ooooh...” Baby moaned softly, moving to roll onto her stomach, shaking her rump enticingly. “But... but, Master... she’d in the next room... she’ll hear!”

“Then you’ll have to be extra quiet, won’t you?” Master replied as he lay a hard slap across Baby’s bare bottom.

Yeah, I know. Daughter Judy wouldn’t notice anything short of a bomb going off. But Master chose not to share that little tidbit with Baby. I suppose if nothing else, it made a kind of sense. He was going to punish her, after all. Still, I think she was getting off too easy. I mean, it’s not as if she was being chased with a... a broom.

But, well, it was what it was. And, despite how it looked, in my opinion, Master was doing this more for Baby’s benefit than his own. It’s a weird concept... but for some reason, Baby wanted to be punished. She knew she’d screwed up, and having Master simply write it off and forgive her would only make it worse. Plus, well... if my nose was picking up Baby’s scent accurately, she was practically in heat just from getting spanked.

Okay. So I said in the beginning that there was no sex in this story. But, well, I guess what passes for sex is different for humans. At any rate, they both went to bed satisfied that night. You humans have a saying: you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. And, well, being an old dog myself, I suppose I can confirm that. But really, who cares? Who needs new tricks when the old tricks, used creatively, work just fine?