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Domestic Doll Services: Domestic Doll Fantasies

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

INSPIRATIONS: Downing Street’s Ringtones, Darkmind’s Pleasure Island, and Vendatrix’s Pleasure Crews Of The Ultimate Lovedolls. Please see my author’s note for more information, which is linked at the end of the story.

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ABOUT: Domestic Doll Services: Domestic Doll Services is a series of stories about a corporation that offers lifelike “Domestic Dolls” for sale. These “Dolls” are sold for domestic use primarily, but the Dolls, designed to the whims of the buyer, which often appeared as a mix of super model and stripper, obviously had a sexual use as well. Many of the Domestic Dolls for sale were actually robots. However, many were not...

Domestic Doll Services stories can, more or less, unless noted, be read in any order. This story mostly stands alone continuity wise. Enjoy!

* * *

After spending the afternoon in programming room 14, on the third floor of the underground facility, the new persona of Sarah Collins was loaded into her for tonight’s fantasy. Sarah’s primary personality had been backed up, which was done routinely anyway, beforehand and the new standard loaded over it. This amazing procedure was completed to merge them together for the erotic fantasy of the man who had purchased the Domestic Doll for the evening. Afterwards, this new combination would be uploaded to a faraway server stored in a hospitable country for potential future use by Domestic Doll Services, the corporation who owned the Domestic Doll programmed as Miss Collins.

Originally, not surprisingly, DDS had centered around compliant sex bots who existed to serve their Master or Mistress. They further moved into offering Domestic Dolls for human companionship. If you could afford to, why bother dating when you could literally build your fantasy woman or man? Next, DDS gained a military contract and created their Domestic Doll Soldiers line, which now protected citizens in every major city in the country. Their next venture, where our story will take place, would be the most successful yet.

Domestic Doll Fantasies had been founded a year before by Domestic Doll Services, an American corporation which focused on human looking androids like the ones described above. The idea behind DDF was to have a secluded island where people of financial means could privately indulge in their fantasies, whether sexual or not, although a lot were sexual, with compliant, consenting, Domestic Dolls. DDF took off immediately through the word of mouth and “invite only” system, which meant a previous island visitor had to offer a recommendation for you, and was often at full capacity. A beta version of an on shore version of it, for exclusive visitors of a hotel that Domestic Doll Services owned, was also being planned. Maybe next story?

Miss Collins had been one of the first Domestic Dolls assigned to Domestic Doll Fantasies. She was psychically “middle aged,” about 42, and was very popular with guests. Sarah had dark hair, green eyes, a rather large bust, and a classy Noir dame appearance in general. She exuded class and dignity, which buyers, mostly men, absolutely adored. She was currently available for permanent purchase, but, given her popularity, the price was quite high.

A new reality flooded Sarah’s mind as her current reconditioning and personality took over. She now had vivid memories of life as a single woman. After marrying, and divorcing, right after college, the stunning dark haired woman never quite found the right man again. Pretty much giving up, she bounced from job to job before landing as an administrative assistant at Mr. Davidson’s firm. He had taken a liking to her quickly and, in a company with a lot of beautiful young women, had encouraged her to dress more professionally, even allowing her to put a makeover and new wardrobe on his corporate card. “It is the least I can do,” the charming executive explained.

In this new reality, Sarah began dressing to please Mr. Davidson. She wore dresses each day with black pumps and, after he mentioned he liked them, stockings. A realization dawned on her after exploring some internet chat rooms, which she now had vivid, scandalous, memories of doing, that she was submissive and had a craving for male domination. This led to a few bland dates with men, but the man she really wanted was her boss.

This reality was a real as possible for Sarah as she waited that evening in Mr. Davidson’s hotel room. Shortly after those dates, they had began having an affair at work. One evening, she had stayed late to assist him with a big report that was due soon. The dark haired submissive felt a deep need to help, a desire that felt so natural and lived despite its fakeness, and please him. At the end of the night, her flirting and tight skirt led to them making love on his office floor. The dark haired Domestic Doll confessed to craving submission and, after being disciplined across the knee of her lover, pledged her absolute submission to him right then and there.

A few months passed and they continued like this at work. Once or twice a week they either fucked or Sarah pleased him with her mouth while behind a locked door in his office. Others gossiped, but she did not care. The only person that mattered to her was him. Master as she had come to know him as, was her entire life. She existed to please him. These fake memories felt so really that it made her tense up and feel a deep need for his cock inside her body.

It was with these thoughts, as real to her as they were conditioned, that she waited for him to meet her in the hotel room. They had been meeting up once a week for a romantic night and Sarah had prepared by wearing her tightest miniskirt, her middle-aged body showing off toned legs behind her black stockings from the gym membership her Master had gotten her, high heels, and a tight sweater that showed off large breasts.

Sarah only had to wait for around 20 minutes when, after a quick check on her makeup in a bathroom mirror, she heard Master entering the hotel room. If she had not rushed to him, as quickly as the very high heels she wore allowed, she would have noticed he was stunned by her appearance. The Domestic Doll had been perfectly reprogrammed into his ideal woman, and, in a moment, much more than that.

This was actually the first time Mr. Davidson had met Sarah. He was the head of a law firm who had risen in the ranks in record time. His beloved wife had died in a car crash six months ago. Devastated by her death, he had taken a boozy leave of absence. After trying to return to the office, nothing felt right. During a long lunch with a college friend who worked at another firm, his friend suggested trying out Domestic Doll Services. His own relationship had...dulled...over the years, so he often indulged with one of their Dolls while on his semi-monthly business trips.

What peaked Mr. Davidson’s curiosity was his friend’s aside that on one of his trips, he had actually gone to the new island...amusement park...he was not sure how to properly describe it. “Domestic Doll Fantasies,” they called it, “you can make the Dolls there do anything you want! I had mine be a naughty secretary. She was ready and willing to show how much she would do for the firm.” He leaned in. “Anything!”

John considered this. Role playing was not really his thing. He had tried it with his wife once when those “50 Shades” books came out, and they had both ended up cracking up laughing trying to “play” with each other. The idea of women submitting to women, as someone who was a bit old fashioned, did intrigue him. A few days after their lunch, John asked his friend if he would sponsor his trip to the island.

His trip was scheduled for a few months from that day. A Domestic Doll named Arianna showed up at his home one night for a meeting. They discussed his needs and she gently, knowing the tragic reason he was even considering coming to the island, nudged him to pronounce his fantasy to her. Eventually, it did come out and she told him to research his fantasies. He turned down her offer to actually show him what Domestic Doll Services could offer to him, at first, but her seductive ways were just too much for him to overcome and they ended up in bed. The Domestic Doll did things he could never even imagine, and his wife certainly could not have done, and was able to change according to his whims in a split second. Maybe a Domestic Doll was actually what he did need. She certainly left a lasting impression on him.

John spent a little bit of time before bed each night actively looking into what he wanted. So much pornography was created with women as young as his just out of college interns. While many of them were beautiful, he just did not have a passion for a woman half his age. A lot of pornography with older women in it was just variations on the former with a bit more plastic surgery to hide the natural aging process. Anything above his age...he found alarming.

He wanted a woman like his wife. After reaching out to Arianna again, she let him know that DDS had a number of Dolls available for that kind of fantasy. She asked him to send a few pictures so they could pick out the ideal Doll to replicate her appearance.

He did not need to know, as we will discover a few chapters from now, the process for “choosing,” perhaps not the right word, a Doll to fulfill his fantasy.

Eventually, John came up with the scenario that would play out tonight. He had just left his hotel room to go up a few floors. In the elevator, a Domestic Doll in a maid uniform stood at attention before returning to “normal” when the doors opened without ever acknowledging him as she swayed away...somewhere. He found that to be so odd, but was told it was their normal, programmed, behavior when on site.

He came to stand in front of the door where his Domestic Doll Fantasy would happen. John stood there for a long moment. It was important to move on. Ari had mentioned he could even buy a Domestic Doll as a new wife. Maybe that was the answer.

John gently knocked on the door on the hotel room before entering. One of the most stunning, breathtaking really, women he had ever seen in his life sat on the bed. She looked like, but not completely, his wife. Her bust was larger. A lot larger. Her hair was slightly different. But when Sarah gasped and ran as quickly as her high heeled feet allowed to jump into his arms, it felt perfect.

They held onto each other for a long moment. John had not been with another woman besides Ari since his wife’s death. He found that the gentle, feminine, touch of a woman was something he greatly missed. This Doll hugged him with such strength that predicated the back story programmed into her.

After stepping back from their embrace to take a look at her, John smiled. “You look amazing, Sarah. I am glad you are here.” The Domestic Doll known as Sarah put a manicured hand on her Master’s hand. Nervously, he fumbled through his pockets and pulled out a small box. “Sarah,” he began, pausing at her feminine shriek, “will you marry me?”

Sarah leaned down and pulled her master up to a sitting position and held him tightly. “Yes! Please, please, please, I need you.” Memories brainwashed into this body came flooding back, memories of nights of passions, flirting at work, and a deep need to submit fully. She pulled away and grinned proudly. “I promise to love, honor and obey you. I need to love, honor, and obey you.”

Sarah tore at her master’s clothing. The affluent man groaned slightly as his expensive suit jacket was tossed onto the floor, but knew he could buy another, and so many more, with the money and influence he had. That money and influence had purchased this beautiful creature, a wonderful creation to fulfill his needs. As they began to make love, he could not imagine being any happier.

John held her down and violently fucked the Doll programmed to be his new wife. She screamed out in erotic joy at his every forceful thrust. Her feminine body felt even more gentle and docile as he shot cum inside of her. No need for a condom, since she could not get pregnant, although her appearance could be altered to appear that she was with child if a man’s desires required it.

Her current Master panted loudly after finishing. “Oh, Master!” Sarah exclaimed as she slid into his protective arms. “I cannot wait to be your wife...imagine if I had not shown up for that interview? I almost,” she confessed with a tear streaking her perfect makeup, “didn’t go. What if I didn’t go?” The Domestic Doll continued crying at John held her.

He kissed her like he had not kissed a woman in years. His marriage had its ups and downs, and that included sexually, but the passion that Sarah showed was immense. John found himself falling into the fantasy as if it was real.

John kissed Sarah and tossed her onto the bed. “You’re fired. Don’t come back into work on Monday. You are moving in and never leaving.” His cock was getting hard again, which his new “fiance” noticed as well because she began stroking it with her manicured right hand. Before he knew it, the Doll was laying back on the bed while she sucked him off. His wife had been decent at oral sex, but Sarah was incredible. She sucked him with world class skills and swallowed down his cum obediently with an eager demand for more mirrored in her eyes.

For a moment, John wondered how she could be so good, but then he remembered she was a Domestic Doll. Of course it felt perfect. She was, at the end of the day, an algorithm. A collection of ones and zeros perfectly formed to create the best experience. He put her over his knee and began spanking Sarah. He hit her ten, fifteen, times, he lost count, and then pushed her onto the floor.

“Oh, Master, thank you for punishing me!” John could see her expression shift to continue with the change in their role play. He picked her up off the bed and then brought her to bed, where they lay for the rest of the evening.

In the morning, when the sun came up again, John woke up to find Sarah under the covers sucking his cock again. He lay back and let her perform the task, but his heart was not in it. She swallowed his cum, again, and then slid back up to snuggle against his body. “Good morning Master.” Her smile was amazing. Her cock sucking skills were even better. But something was not right about it.

John sat up suddenly. He kissed her head gently. “Sarah, this just isn’t the same as what I had with my wife. You are amazing, but it’s not real.” The businessman went over to the dresser and picked up the paper he had left with his belongings. It had the basic keyword commands he would need for using a Domestic Doll on a preliminary basis. He turned around to find Sarah’s naked body in front of him. How had she gotten so close without him realizing it?

The Domestic Doll kissed him gently. “I can be as real as you want, Master. Please program me for your use.” Her manicured hand slid down to his cock and she glided a long nail gently over the head of it.

John shook his head one more time. “Freeze.”

Sarah froze in place, mid-stroke, and he slid away from her erotic embrace with a grunt that almost was a bitter laugh. She looked ridiculous stopped in place like this. The life, so enthusiastic a moment ago, in her eyes was completely gone.

“Kneel,” he said quietly, after studying the document again. Sarah gracefully slid to the floor and knelt with palms placed on the floor, eyes lowered, her hair dangling across the impossibly beautiful face of this Domestic Doll.

“Sarah, you will report back to Ari that I have decided not to purchase a Domestic Doll after all. You are amazing, but you are also too amazing. I will have to reenter the dating market I guess,” he ended with a quiet chuckle. “I need someone who isn’t precision perfect each time. My wife was wonderful in bed, and as a person, but she sometimes had flaws too. Go back to Ari. Some other lucky man will have you I am sure.”

When John finished speaking, Sarah looked up at him. Her eyes continued to be distant and rather large. “Thank you for this feedback, Master.” The dark haired Domestic Doll gracefully stood up and left his hotel room.

In the elevator down the hall, before snapping to attention, Sarah’s long red nails typed in a code on the digital interface. Instead of going to a specific floor, it escorted her down into the underground area beneath the hotel.

When she arrived there, the doors swooshed open and Sarah swayed over to what looked like an assembly line with a litter of Domestic Dolls on it. “Ah, great,” began the engineer standing closet to it. “Y56—,” he looked down for a moment, “—34, please step up onto the line at the end.”

The Domestic Doll stepped up obediently onto the conveyor belt. Upon settling her high heeled feet down, the life went out of her body and it became stiff and rigid. The belt continued to move as each Doll was taken off of it some ways away on the other side of the underground. Two men picked her up off the belt and onto a cart. One of her arms kept snapping up until the taller man snapped a chip on her neck, which returned the Doll’s body to a rigid state.

They wheeled her to another section where a series of tubes lay. A few of the other Dolls from Sarah’s line were also there. Another engineer, barely noticing, tapped her neck in a certain place, which made the skin slide away where three ports lay. He inserted one end of a cord into it and a program began running which would end the life of “Sarah.”

“Personality uploading to backup server,” the Domestic Doll confirmed in a monotone voice. “Personality backed up,” she added a moment later. The body formerly known as “Sarah” further confirmed a moment later that “personality file deleted. Awaiting new programming.”

The man sighed. The overnight shift was tough, but the perks of being able to borrow a Domestic Doll on his off days made it worth it. Sometime soon he would make it to the day shift. Once on the day shift, if his work continues to be high standard, a personalized Domestic Doll would be processed for him. That bitch of a wife at home would know her place once they were done with her.

He inserted another cord into the second port and yet another into the third. “Small tits on the next one,” the man commented, with a sigh, as he read the new programming installation report. “They should start at F and never go lower.”

Before him, the busty, dark haired, housewife began to change. What used to be Sarah became Madyson, a small breasted, short, plain, soccer mom with close cropped brown hair. Madyson was to be, he read, a stuffy, prudish, mom, whom the man renting her wanted to ravage since she resembled his...stuffy, prudish, wife.

When the transformation was complete, he unplugged all the cords and ran a few terminal commands to check for errors. Upon finding none, Madyson was activated and came to life with a loud gasp.

The stay at home mom looked around and tried to cover her body upon noticing that she was not wearing any clothes. “What!? Where are my clothes?! This is not right at all?!”

“Freeze,” the engineer commanded. Madyson stopped, hands covering breasts, and the life left her body.

“Obedience mode,” was his next command. She was not due to be in the renter’s room until lunchtime tomorrow, but it never hurt to get her prepared and available early. Madyson could join the early morning foot traffic as a background character.

Madyson blinked a few times and then curtsied, remaining low. “Master, Madyson is ready to obey.”

He sighed. Her tits are too small still. It’s a shame. “Put on some clothing please.” He handed her a box.

Madyson put on the plain set of underwear and bra, loose fitting sweater, jeans, white socks, and sneakers. “Master, Madyson is ready to obey,” she confirmed in a monotone voice.

“Good girl,” he affirmed. “Wake up and follow your program.”

Madyson blinked a few times. “Ugh, I need to hurry up and do my morning chores before that moron I married meets me for lunch! Goodbye.” She padded away without the normal sexual sway of a Domestic Doll.

Madyson got into the nearest elevator and headed to the surface. She snapped to attention as all Domestic Dolls did in elevators. The body which housed her had been a school teacher just out of college. She was kidnapped, brainwashed, and made to serve as a Domestic Doll. That life was literally hundreds of lives ago, long forgotten in a file storage somewhere likely never to be downloaded again. The body would live on serving its Masters forever as an inhuman, human looking, Domestic Doll.

* * *

Around the same time that “Sarah” was being transformed into “Madyson,” Melanie Hargrove and her friend Lucille Parry arrived at Domestic Doll Fantasies and were settling into their shared room. Melanie’s new stepfather was Marcus Andrews, some kind of tech nerd zillionaire or whatever, who had married her mom during the fall. Her mom had quickly embraced the life of the happy trophy wife after leaving her business career and was currently about midway through a pregnancy that would give Marcus the male heir he desired so much.

Melanie had been left out of a lot of the new families plans. The beautiful blonde had turned 19 during the final week of classes. A year of partying, low grades, and general depravity had gone mostly unnoticed by the new combined Andrews family. Marcus was really old fashioned and seemed to have little interest in her as a new family member. He had even asked if she wanted to drop out of college so he could find “the right suitor” for her. It was...weird. Melanie had a few serious boyfriends, but really did not want to settle down anytime soon.

Nevertheless, when he reached out to her during finals week asking if she wanted a free vacation for her and a friend at Domestic Doll Fantasies, she was not about to turn it down. It was so odd: For once, her new stepfather actually seemed to be interested in her: He quizzed her about boyfriends, how she was getting along at the university, and how studies had been going so far. His promise to spend time with her and make sure she had a lot of fun also came as a surprise.

Melanie had slyly confessed to earning what basically amounted to a “D” average in her classes. She expected to be scolded by Marcus, but he just shrugged. “A lot of women just aren’t cut out for college. Maybe you are one of them. Perhaps there is a….job...for you in my organization?” He then suggested she take s vacation at DDF along with a friend. He suggested Lucille, whom he had met before over the holidays, out of a handful of options, and his new step daughter was too excited at the chance for an all expenses paid trip to question it. They would, he promised, discuss a job in his organization when she arrived.

Now, of course, it is pretty obvious that she should been alarmed, right? The combination of his interest in her personal life plus his dismissive, sexist, tone towards her education is probably sort of kind of a red flag. Even if that was not enough, his specificity to which friends she should bring really should have concerned her.

But, YAY, vacation! Maybe a job too!

Melanie walked into the hotel room and sat down on the bed. She had short cropped, bottle blonde, hair and stunning green eyes with a sun kissed tan. Her athletic frame was highlighted by the sun dress and platform sandals she was currently wearing. “This is going to be so fun. I can’t wait to explore the park tomorrow. We got free passes!” She waved them with a white tipped hand towards her friend.

Lucille, dark haired, deeply tan, with a very pouty mouth, giggled loudly. “I can’t believe your step father is letting us go anywhere we want! It would cost like hundreds of dollars to do that here.” Lucille was just as dimwitted as her friend. Her interest in an education had mostly been to find a football player going to the pros to attach herself to so she could spend his millions as their trophy wife. A life of ease, she imagined, was in the cards, and she was right, but not in the way she thought.

“I’m just glad you wanted to bring me along.” She looked over at Melanie. “Thank you so much!” Lucille was also a bit of a joiner. She had become friends with the much more popular Melanie when they were growing up. Their parents had been friends. Well, Lucille’s mother had worked as a secretary in Marcus’ previous business, and forced the airhead to bring the less popular one into their fold. She had embraced popularity and did well in college, but primarily because whatever her professors told her to do, she eagerly did, which was rewarded with good grades and praise as if giving a dog a treat.

Melanie yawned. It was really late. Their plane flight had been delayed a few times, which added a lot of stress and exhaustion to the trip. “We should get to bed probably. Do you wanna watch some tv and then go to sleep?”

“Sure,” Lucille said with a light giggle. There were two beds and each dropped onto one and began undressing. They had all seen each others tight bodies, large breasts, and shapely legs, many times before, so it was no big deal to be naked around each other. Neither had any kind of secret sexual desire for any of the others either. At least not yet.

Afterwards, they went to the bathroom to perform their evening ablutions, which included taking off makeup. Lucille was first to finish, so she padded back over to the television, which was very large and attached to the wall, and turned it on hoping to see a menu of apps to pick from, but got something else entirely which would begin the process of retraining her and her friend for the purposes of Domestic Doll Fantasies. By the time she went to sleep, her destiny would begin to be fulfilled.

As Melanie continued taking her own makeup off and working through the evening’s skincare routine, she did not noticed how quiet it had gotten in the living room. The beautiful blonde continued gossiping and discussing all the fun they were going to have in the park when she finally realized that Lucille was not responding. “She probably can’t figure out which show to watch,” Melanie commented as she excused herself to use the bathroom.

Melanie washed up after using the bathroom and walked out into the living room herself. “Hey, what are we watching,” she wondered aloud as her feet hit the carpet. “What are you doing?”

Lucille sat, on her knees, staring at the very large television. The life looked like it had been sapped from her body. She had a blank, distant, expression and her pouty mouth was slightly ajar. A few strands of hair fell down into her face.

Melanie came around and froze in place at the sight of the hypnotic spiral on the screen. Quickly, the simple minded party girl forgot whatever she had been thinking and focused on the bright pink spiral. She knelt down next to her friend with eyes as empty as their own. Both young ladies were ready to be reprogrammed for use by Domestic Doll Fantasies.

“Put in the earbuds on the dresser,” the screen suddenly exclaimed in purple lettering as bright as the spiral. “You are here to have begins with your earbuds….go to sleep once you put in the earbuds...”

Melanie and Lucille each stood up obediently and put in the wireless earbuds. They fit quite snug in their ears. With sleepy laziness, they lay down in their beds and fell into sleep right away. Their lack of resistance was a good sign. Due to their natural mental inferiority, women were very easy to put in such a suggestible state. In a few days, each of these women would be absolutely compliant.

As the night went on, a firm, authoritarian, yet loving, male voice spoke into their minds through the subliminal messages in their earbuds. “You are going to have fun…you are going to dress for want to have fun...don’t you want to have fun...anytime someone asks you if you want to have fun, you will obey them…obedience is fun….pleasure is obedience...obedience is pleasure...You are going to have fun…you are going to dress for want to have fun...don’t you want to have fun...anytime someone asks you if you want to have fun, you will obey them…obedience is fun….pleasure is obedience...obedience is pleasure...” It went on all night until the early morning when the girls would wake up ready to have fun.

* * *

From a hidden camera in a room down in the vastly built up underground part of Domestic Doll Fantasies, Marcus Andrews watched his step daughter and her friend begin the process of being hypnotically enslaved to ensure compliance during their processing. He was, as always, not surprised at how simple and suggestible the feminine mind was, as he had seen with Melanie’s mother. She had been a firm and tough business woman who he was able to quickly temper into a docile, very agreeable, trophy wife who would pop out an heir or two at his command. He believed women had no place in authority positions and felt like a humanitarian turning his new wife into a bimbo baby machine.

His current assistant Cammie stood next to him. The bottle blonde, impossibly, busty Domestic Doll, dressed in a pink maid uniform, had been an unruly customer, on vacation for the first time in a year after a big case at her law firm had ended, who spent her week at DDF drunk and badgering his workers. He despised people who treated service workers, even the most docile and automated, with ill respect and had her captured, brainwashed, and turned into a vapid Doll who served her new Master with complete obedience. Her time, unfortunately, was ending with him.

“Master,” she purred quietly next to him, “your step daughter and her friend will be excellent additions to the park. The ideas you have brainstormed are wonderful.” She ran a tan, manicured, hand over his arm. Marcus had taken off his blazer finally, but still wore a nice shirt and sweater vest. Cammie was programmed to find the ideas of men to be absolutely incredible and was constantly amazed by Marcus’ ideas. She had been such a rude career woman and now wished every woman could be turned into a Domestic Doll.

“Melanie has proved to be an obstacle. I had hoped she would have just go on with her life, gotten married, or even nudged in the right direction. However, her failing grades and lack of direction, or lean towards a prosperous boyfriend, led to more rash decisions needing to be made.” Marcus shrugged. Women were a dime a dozen to him.

* * *

The Domestic Doll known as Bambi closed her eyes while taking a sip of her morning coffee. The plane she was on was in route to the new Domestic Doll Fantasies site. The past few days had been very hectic, but also very productive. She had been sent to do a review of the new facility that had recently opened down there. To the public, Domestic Doll Fantasies was merely an exciting diversion or vacation spot for an increasingly permissive world that saw the lines between reality and fantasy vanishing before their eyes. In reality, it was so much more.

Domestic Doll Fantasies was the first of, hopefully, many expansions that the corporation was looking into in recent months. A series of strip clubs in their home state were also being developed along with a number of websites. Some of the corporation’s best employees had been sent to work at Domestic Doll Fantasies, so the performance of the staff was not a concern. Nevertheless, an inspection was in order.

Bambi was sent down to give DDF an inspection. She had been given this command and happily obeyed it, as her programming ordered. The former sorority girl turned brainwashed Domestic Doll was told she would be staying to observe DDF and its leader Marcus Andrews. There was a larger issue at hand, however, that we will get to shortly. That was all sort of true.

Bambi finished the coffee in her hand after completing her morning email clear. While not requiring human nourishment, the dark haired Domestic Doll did enjoy the bliss of routine and structure. She did have to admit she was traveling in style. The private plane was one of two given to the corporation as a gift from a CEO as a gift.

A Domestic Doll named Caroline accompanied her on this trip. Caroline was a federal agent who had been reprogrammed as a part of an exchange program between the government and the corporation. In exchange for quietly giving an attitude adjustment to a few high level official’s wild and drunken daughters, Domestic Doll Services was allowed to condition a group of federal agents for their own use. Few people in the government knew of Caroline’s existence went along with it; if this worked out they could potentially cooperate again in training sleeper agents, spies, and assassins.

Caroline sat on the other side of the plane from Bambi. Even though she was a Domestic Doll, the forty-something woman could have easily blended in anywhere. She had natural red hair, kept in a long ponytail that dropped down to her elbows. A simple pair of glasses adorned her face; her makeup was kept equally as simple. Caroline wore a black business suit augmented with a pair of black pumps.

When they landed, a limousine was waiting for them. The driver wore a very slutty looking skirt suit with impossibly high heels. Bambi, nor Caroline, even acknowledged the Domestic Doll and got into the back of the limo and quietly continued to do work. Bambi was sure that Domestic Doll Fantasies was a great idea. She was programmed to think so; you know what I mean. It would be very profitable and while a great business front., also an opportunity for capturing women to be converted into Domestic Dolls much like Bambi had been when the financial service she worked for had gone under. It was semi-public, but also off on a private series of islands, which they were crossing over to via a large bridge currently, and so both discreetness and a public image can be maintained.

Bambi rolled down the window to view what Domestic Doll Fantasies looked like from their view. A series of large islands stuck out before them. Each was filled with technological marvels. One even had a small stadium. They eventually went off of the main road and ended up heading inside the VIP parking lot. After a moment, their spot began to descend downward to the center’s headquarters. At the bottom, Bambi and Caroline got out of the car to enter a large waiting room, which was housed by two thigh-high booted Dolls with guns housed on their miniskirts.

A moment later, Marcus entered the room. It had been kind of William Cullen, his friend and CEO of Domestic Doll Services, to pass along these Domestic Dolls. Too bad for them they did not know what was about to happen.

“Ah, hello ladies,” Marcus began. He was freshly dressed in dark dress pants and light sweater. He hated “casual” dress at work, but was also not a fan of ties either. Unless they were for binding a woman before converting them to his world view.

Bambi and Caroline both curtsied for their male superior. However, before either could look up from their lowered, feminine, gaze, Marcus commanded them too both load “service update DD-Alpha-3-Root—(password...hey I am not telling you their password!).”

Each Domestic Doll froze in place. “Service update loading,” they confirmed in soft, docile, voices. Marcus waited quietly for somewhere between four and eight minutes, wi-fi was a little spotty underground, for Bambi and Caroline to be reprogrammed into his devoted servants.

Suddenly, both Domestic Dolls dropped to their knees. Bambi looked up at her new Master with a cultish look of love and adoration mirrored in their eyes.

Marcus came to stand a few feet away from his new property. “Caroline,” he said to one, “please report to Service Room Seven for reprogramming.”

“Yes, Master,” Caroline confirmed in a sexy, husky, voice. She swayed away to be converted into the newest member of Domestic Doll Fantasies’ security unit. The redhead would be another nameless drone that watched over the islands with no other purpose than securing her Master’s land.

He then turned is attention to Bambi. Cammie had become rather boring to him, so this morning he sent her for reconditioning. There was always a need on various island for workers and the Domestic Doll was eager to be reprogrammed. Since his friend William had offered root access to Bambi’s programming he decided, with William’s consent, to keep her for a bit. She was beautiful and rather compliant, as he required of all women in his life.

Marcus walked over to the elevator and picked up the box he had been carrying and dropped it in front of Bambi. He knelt down, opened it, and pulled out a collar with her name inscribed in cursive pink letters. She let out a passive sigh as it was snapped around her neck. He then added a black leash and gave her a gentle tug, which made the Domestic Doll gracefully stand up and stare him with smitten eyes and a deep need to obey.

Marcus put a hand on her tan face. “While here at Domestic Doll Fantasies, you exist to serve me.”

Bambi smiled vapidly. “Yes, Master, Bambi exists to serve you.” She gave him a bright smile as her mind emptied of anything, especially the park review, but her current controller. He was so handsome and the Domestic Doll found herself smitten with him.

Marcus, a weeks old beard hiding a handsome face, nodded with approval. “Good girl.” She followed him to the other elevator after a tug of her leash. Inside of it, she moved to, as all Domestic Doll do while on site, to snap to attention, but another tug at her leash stopped the automated process. She gave him a confused look.

“It’s okay,” Marcus began with a calm voice. “You are not in trouble at all, but you are currently in violation of the dress code for women in my employ.” He handed the box to Bambi. “Remove your outfit and put on what is in this box.”

The Domestic Doll immediately removed her outfit without even a hint of modesty. She loved her toned, athletic, body, impossibly large breasts, and swell backside and was proud to show them off. Inside the box was a tiny floss sized bikini and clear pink platform heels. Bambi put the tiny fabrics on her body and slid into the sky high heels. There was more to the leash attached to her collar than there was to the bikini. Finally, she pulled down her long hair and waved her head around a few times as it fell below her shoulders. No matter how the Domestic Doll was dressed, she was gorgeous.

“Wow, just as amazing as I figured.” Marcus ran a hand over Bambi’s arms. He reached forward and kissed her gently on the mouth. She leaned up, still shorter than him even in heels, and returned the kiss. “After your tour, I will be enjoying your company. It’s an important part of your duties.” He extended a hand to her and used the other to restart the elevator.

Bambi happily took his hand with a gentle squeeze. “Thank you, Master.” Bambi cannot wait.” She would do anything to please him. Before their elevator trip ended on the floor their tour would begin, she leaned into her controller and sighed with happy contentedness.

Marcus began to escort Bambi around the facilities. She followed, eyes lowered, a step behind him as he led her by the leash attached to her collar. First he showed her the quarters assigned to her. He swiped a card into the wall next to the door and it swooshed open. Inside they found a small apartment with a kitchen, large bathroom, and a king sized bed.

“These are your quarters,” he began with a wave of his hand. Bambi’s docile eyes followed the hand with feminine focus. “However,” he continued, “you will be spending the entire weekend with me.” Marcus leaned in for a kiss, which the Doll returned eagerly.

Bambi remained close, running a hand over her controller’s masculine chest. Her other hand ran a manicured finger over his pants. Marcus gently grabbed it and held on for a moment. “Later,” he suggested, which got a wide grin out of Bambi.

Controller and controlled walked over to a wall of monitors. A few Domestic Dolls, dressed just like Bambi, worked as operators while a handful of men who Marcus greeted cheerfully. None paid much attention to Bambi, who continued to watch Marcus with vapid bliss. While the men conversed, she found to difficult to concentrate on their words. Domestic Dolls that worked on site, so to speak, were programmed to filter out conversations between men that are not totally relevant to them. It was not perfect, but Bambi sighed with content as her mind remained foggy and still.

Bambi’s blissful blankness was interrupted by a gentle tug at her leash by Marcus. “Sorry, I had to check in with them.” He led her to a wall desk with three monitors in front of it and pulled up two chairs. The Domestic Doll sat down and crossed her legs, which, given her floss sized bikini, left her basically naked.

Marcus sat down as well and began typing in a few commands. “The two young women we are currently looking at have arrived at the park.” After a moment, two of the screens lit up with surveillance camera footage. “This is Melanie,” he began, showing a pretty college aged blonde, “...and this is Lucille,” a stunning dark haired and deeply tan young woman, who appeared on the second screen. “They are best friends. When they arrived at the park, they were immediately entranced and spent the evening going through initial suggestive programming.” They watched them eat breakfast and play around on their phones for a moment. “I should probably mention that Melanie is my step-daughter.”

Bambi watched them for a moment. “They are both really pretty, Master.”

Marcus nodded. “Both downloaded the park’s app, which offers information about the park, but also has malware that can be installed on a phone which is not up to date. Neither Melanie or Lucille have kept their phones updated, so we were able to gain root control and add subliminal messaging to their music programs that have made been softer, more agreeable, and generally open to suggestion over the past few days before they even arrived.”

“Master, That is brilliant,” Bambi added thoughtfully. “They will be ready for immediate processing.”

“I believe in efficiency. No game playing. I want them brought in, converted into Domestic Dolls, programmed, and then sold,” Marcus commented as they continued to watch. “Just because Melanie is technically family, by law, that does not change anything. She is a hindrance to my future. Her pretty friend coming along for the ride is just a bonus.”

He stood up and motioned for Bambi to do so as well. “Both of them will be great additions to at Domestic Doll Fantasies. In the past, they would have been converted into a Domestic Doll more generally,” he poked Bambi in the nose, which made the bimbo giggle, “and kept on site or sold. We still do have...buyers...who want a specific Domestic Doll. My previous assistant is being programmed for one of our repeat clients, who is sponsoring the political candidacy for the state assembly of a rising political figure in their community. She will make a good little trophy wife and forget she was even here.” He faced Bambi. “Just like you will one day.”

Bambi shuddered at the idea of being programmed to forget this moment, this life, even existed. Men were so wonderful to her! It took everything in the core of her programming to not drop to her knees to begin furiously masturbating.

He picked up the leash and led her towards another screen. It showed different views of the water park. “The facility is built into and underneath the water park. On other side is a hotel that caters more towards conferences, business functions, and our clients. In the hotel itself is a superb looking gym, a high class salon, and a gentleman’s club. To one side is hotel for visitors and families. There are approximately 2,500 guests at each of the hotels on any given day. Every adult visitor to the hotel is also ran through our algorithm for potential potential acquisition. All information is forwarded directly to headquarters. The algorithm used to determine if a person is available to be conditioned has been flawless so far. In its short existence, we are averaging 4.75 Dolls captured, reprogrammed, and processed per fortnight.”

Bambi nodded along and they continued to observe Master’s step daughter and her friend get ready for the day. They would make incredible additions to the park for sure.

* * *

Melanie left the bathroom after performing her morning ablutions and smiled at the tight, and very short, denim skirt and crop top Lucille was wearing. “Wow, that looks great.”

Lucille did a spin for her best friend as she slipped on a pair of high heeled sandals. “They were delivered while you were in the shower. Just my size! I am going to have fun on this trip and dress for pleasure.” She blinked a few times. “I want to have fun.”

Melanie stared at her. “Is there a box for me too? I am going to have fun on this trip too.” Lucille waved a manicured hand towards the unopened box on the floor. Neither of their simple, feminine, and deeply suggestible minds thought it was odd that the boxes had been specifically delivered to them.

The beautiful young woman picked up the box and opened it. Inside there was also a crop top, denim skirt, and high heeled sandals. “I am going to dress for pleasure,” she announced to no one in particular as her towel dropped to the floor and she dressed in the outfit offered to her.

When done, Melanie did a spin like Lucille had, which got a giggle and applause from her friend. “We match! I want to have fun on this trip.” Both young women looked over at a mirror. They could have passed for sisters, somewhat, and looked absolutely ridiculous wearing the same outfit. However, as the siren song in their minds told them, this trip is about dressing for pleasure and having fun. The blonde looked at her friend. Lucille was so pretty. They were best friends and had shared so much in life, but the thought of intimacy with a woman, especially, her had never even crossed her mind. Maybe, possibly, one of the ways they could have fun on this trip…?

Before Melanie could think too hard about it, there was a hard, masculine, knock at their door. A second later, Marcus and a stunning woman entered their room. Her step father was, as always, dressed impeccably in expensive dress pants, and even more expensive dress shirt, and his traditional sweater vest. Bambi had, unfortunately, switched out of her tiny bikini uniform in favor of a very tight dress and sky high platform heels. Her collar had been replaced with a name tag, which had the traditional Domestic Doll heart over the “i” in her name.

“Ah, ladies,” he began with affection, “it is so nice to see you both ready to have fun at Domestic Doll Fantasies! Don’t you want to have fun?”

Both young women froze in place and stared at him with pouty mouths open. Both of them confirmed the effect of the hypnotic trigger with a soft monotone. “I want to have fun. Can you please tell me how to have fun, Sir?”

Marcus smiled. “Good girls. Until I directly speak to each of you, you will remain in this state. Nothing you hear me say will be decipherable to you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” replied each deeply entranced woman.

Bambi walked around both of them. “Master, they are so pretty!” Of course her beloved Master would choose a wife who had a beautiful daughter. How compliant as well! Some women struggled against their programming, which made the buxom bimbo very sad. All women should be Domestic Dolls! Men were so amazing and deserved them.

“I have a few ideas for what to do with them,” Marcus began with slightly less assurance than normal. In some ways, it was a put on. He did know what he wanted to do, but felt the need to discuss it with an assistant. The feminine mind, as silly and frivolous as it is, could also add keen insights too sometimes in regards to such matters. “Personally,” he continued, “I see Melanie as a homemaker like her mother. She is a constant disappointment at university and couldn’t even bother to put together some extra curricular activities or find a solid future professional athlete to attach herself to like so many other coeds on her campus have done.”

Bambi blinked a few times. “Master, Domestic Doll Fantasies has a number of environments that could be suitable for that. Environment H26 is likely the best one for her training before conversion.” A few seconds passed while she loaded more information. “Master, H26 offers a splendid gated community where all women exist to please their husbands and love, honor, and obey them until death does them part.” The dark haired bimbo sighed happily as she imagined herself as Master’s bubbly housewife, always ready to please and serve his needs. She cooked and cleaned in a maid uniform, in her vision, and was ravaged each night after offering her body for his pleasure. An odd pang for pregnancy emerged and vanished from her body.

Marcus winced at the language. Who wrote that? “That sounds quite suitable, yes. Are appointments booked for it?”

Bambi again stared straight ahead for a few seconds. “Master, currently there are two bookings. One is male on vacation and another is a woman with deeply submissive fantasies trying to escape the corporate—”

Marcus put his hands up. “Okay. They don’t matter.” He thought for a moment. “We can put her in another one of the homes a few blocks away. That will offer some privacy.”

“Melanie,” he began, gaining the entranced young lady’s attention immediately, “I have been thinking, and frankly you don’t need to do any thinking, of an idea for what fantasy you explore while here at Domestic Doll Fantasies. You will think, feel, and believe what I tell you. Thinking, feeling, and believing what I tell you to do will allow you to have fun here at DDF, and don’ you want to have fun?”

“Yes, Sir,” was Melanie’s quiet reply. It made perfect sense! Letting her step father think for her would let her have fun while at Domestic Doll Fantasies.

Marcus grinned smugly. “Good girl.” He took a few steps closer to her. “I know we haven’t been close since I married your mother, but that can change. You are going to have fun here at DDF.” He ran a hand over her chin. “I think the the best way for you to have fun is to work out your issues with the marriage. Your mother is a wonderful wife. Beautiful and obedient. Obedient women get to you have the most fun. Don’t you want to have fun?”

“Yes, Sir,” Melanie confirmed.

Marcus motioned over to Bambi. “My friend Bambi is going to take you to environment H26. It is a lovely community like the one I moved your mother to last year. The funnest thing you can do there is to explore being a good, obedient, wife. Bambi is a fine example of the kind of woman you should aspire to be. In fact, it would be really fun for you to become close friends with her. Befriend her and learn.”

Bambi swayed over to her new friend. “Hi! Melanie, you’re going to be, like, great friends with me! Let’s have some fun.”

Melanie continued to stare at Marcus, barely noticing her new friend. “Oh, go with her,” he commanded with a laugh. Women were so silly.

Bambi and Melanie left the room. The thuds of their very high heels could be heard in the hallway. He shook his head. His attention then turned to Lucille, who was lost in her own hypnotic trance. The easily suggestible woman had become totally enraptured. Marcus saw a look of simplicity and docility mirrored in her eyes.

“I know what to do with you,” he purred in her ear. “I always need new Dolls for our more sexual programs. In some ways you are a bit of a liability. I should not have allowed my dear step daughter to bring a friend really, but your parents will be easily bought off and your use here will turn quite a profit for us. Eventually, I will personally oversee your sale.” He paused briefly. “Hey! Maybe I could sell you to Melanie’s future husband as a domestic servant. What a wonderful reunion that would be.”

Lucille did not react to his musings. He had not directly spoken to her, so there was no need. She sighed audibly at his hand touching her neck to snap a collar around it with the name “Luci” emblazoned in bright pink. “You will come with me.” He attached a leash to her collar and gave it a loving, gentle, tug. “Now, come with me.” Luci followed obediently and swayed away right behind him.

* * *

Bambi and Melanie walked, holding hands, towards the “Old Fashioned Domestic Bliss” park. They had just gotten off a private shuttle, compliments of her step father, and were escorted into a back entrance by one of the hired security officers from Domestic Doll Soldiers which served in mindless work at Domestic Doll Fantasies.

They were inside a tunnel for a few minutes before coming out and into a control room where casually dressed men, most in flannels or sweaters, observed various computer or television screens. A few were servicing a Domestic Doll, who had a bruise and torn skin on the right side of her face. “Sometimes they get too rough. The client was ejected from the park,” Bambi commented quietly. “Your step-father doesn’t put up with that nonsense.”

It was true: Marcus had a zero tolerance policy towards abuse of his Domestic Dolls. Frankly, he found abuse to be immoral to begin with, but they were also merchandise whose repair required funding for salaried engineers. In stories like this, why doesn’t anyone just mind control all the men too?

Melanie stared at the injured Doll with curiosity. The bearded man fixing it took great effort to mend the wound. Maybe she had been wrong about her step-father?

The man in the sweater came over to see the young ladies. “Hello,” the man whose name tag said “Frank,” said to them. “I see Mr. Andrews has a new assistant. I will miss Cammie.” Mostly, he would miss her mouth wrapped around his cock.

Bambi smiled with docile civility. “Sir, this is Melanie. She is Mr. Andrews’ step-daughter. She is here to have fun at Old Fashioned Domestic Bliss.”

Frank nodded. “Yes, indeed. Don’t you want to have fun, Melanie?”

Melanie sighed deeply. “I want to have fun, Sir.”

“Good girl,” Frank confirmed while pointing out two boxes on the table to Bambi. Marcus had reached out to him about his plans to retrain his step daughter, as he had her mother, to be a living doll. His boss trusted him to be discreet and to adjust her enough so no one would even notice the young woman anywhere in the park. Marcus was working on a means to bring her out of public life, which were none of Frank’s business. He just worked on the Dolls.

Sure, he took one home each night too. But mostly work.

“Melanie,” he began, what did your step father tell you about your relationship with men while at Domestic Doll Fantasies?

Melanie smiled passively. “Sir,” she started, mimicking her new friend Bambi, “I think, feel, and believe whatever men tell me. Thinking, feeling, and believing what I tell you to do allows me to have fun at Domestic Doll Fantasies.” A beat passed. “Sir, I want to have fun.” The last few words came out with a slight up pitch, foreshadowing what a bimbo Doll she would become soon.

“Good girl,” Frank approvingly stated. “That, of course, applies to me as well, correct?” Marcus’ brainwashing methods were normally not breakable, but he liked to make sure. Also, in related news, it was really hot to hear a compliant woman tell you she will obey.

“Sir, I will,” Melanie confirmed in a vapid statement, think, feel, and believe what you tell me. I want to have fun.” See, told you!

Frank put a hand on her chin. Melanie was already pretty. By the time he was done with her, she would be beautiful. “I heard you have some issues with your mother marrying your new step father?” He slowly shook his head. “I’m glad you came here. You can learn proper gender roles, so you can be just like your mother. What do you think are your mother’s best attributes?”

Melanie did not even pause to consider. “Sir, my mother’s best qualities are that she is beautiful and feminine. Obedient women get to have the most fun.” She blinked a few times and smiled passively.

Frank nodded. “Good girl.” He motioned towards Bambi, who picked up two boxes off of the floor. Despite never having been here, she automatically knew the script that her current Master would follow because it had been programmed into her already.

Bambi handed one of the boxes to Frank, which conveniently had a large, cursive, “M” on the top of it. “Please undress and put on this outfit. You’ll blend in well at Old Fashioned Domestic Bliss if you wear it.”

Melanie hesitated at the idea of undressing in front of this man she had just met. Bambi put a manicured hand on her arm. “It’s okay, I have an outfit to wear too. Dressing up together will be fun!”

The simplified blonde nodded along. “I want to have fun,” she confirmed while watching Bambi begin to undress. The Domestic Doll’s flowing hair, enormous bust, and hairless body made her feel shame at her own lack of those attributes. Melanie undressed herself and then opened the box to find a knee length dress, pretty sensible and plain underwear, pantyhose, and a pair of pumps. The dress was a lot more modest than her normal attire for sure. The pumps looked like something from an old television show, or what she sometimes saw professional women wearing on the train in their city.

She began putting them on alongside Bambi. It had been a long time since Melanie had worn pantyhose and, immediately, they were very itchy and uncomfortable. A pang of envy went through her body at the ease that Bambi slid into her outfit and the garter clasped stockings. A slight hint of attraction for the Domestic Doll also simmered, but she pushed those feelings back down.

The two women came to finish dressing and looked at each other. Melanie looked very an old fashioned, but fashionable, housewife, and Bambi appeared as her family maid. A sexy, obedient, domestic not unlike, literally, Domestic Dolls littered in homes all around the world.

“Ah, wonderful,” Frank said with a wide grin. “Melanie, sweetie, you look like a good housewife. Just like your mom.” He took a step closer. She really was beautiful. “You know, I met your mother at the wedding. She looked so nice and happy. Your step father is a really good man. He will give her a bright future.” Slowly, he shook his head. “However, I also remember seeing you at the wedding. You looked very sad, and very bored. I even tried to speak to you at one point, but you walked right past me.”

Frank’s facial expression took a serious turn. “In all seriousness, how are you going to have fun if you are always so sad?”

Melanie nodded slowly. “Sir, I want to have fun.”

“Exactly!” Frank beamed proudly. Another happy dove on their way. “That is why Bambi brought you here. As your step father said, obeying men makes you happy. A strong, dominant husband makes you happy. You need to obey him at all times. I’m not really the marrying type, yet, but we should have you practice here so you can find a proper suitor.” Practice does, of course, make perfect. Combined with, you know, a lot of brainwashing. Need to find a suitable mix.

He walked back over to a console and pressed a few buttons on it. A few seconds passed and Bambi, who had been idling behind them, swayed over to Melanie and snapped to attention. “Master, Maid online. Maid awaits your command.” The life and personality, with the push of a button, had been eradicated from Bambi. She was now, in essence, a doll-titted automaton in a maid uniform. Her monotone voice was the default for Domestic Doll maids upon purchase. The passive bimbo smile and subservience mirrored in her eyes was as well.

“Good girl, now load ‘processing’ program and perform.” Frank stepped back a few steps so he would not be in the way of his newest thrall.

Bambi did not move for a moment, but then suddenly, and swiftly, grabbed Melanie with stronger arms than she seemed to have and dragged her to a large metallic chair on the side of the room. The future resident of Domestic Doll Fantasies tried to resist in vein, but was no match for an actual Domestic Doll.

Bambi sat Melanie down in the chair and watched with orgasmic excitement as metallic bars came down around her arms, ankles, and neck. A helmet littered with lights and LCD readouts came down around her head. The bimbo maid looked over at Frank with pride as the hypnotic lights began to dance around the inside of the helmet. Melanie’s brief struggles ceased and her body became rigid as her mind accepted new programming. In a few hours, she would be well on her way to being a happy housewife just like her mother, except as a piece of fantasy merchandise at Domestic Doll Fantasies.

Frank put a hand on Bambi’s arm and patted it a few times with pride. He expected mindless obedience from Domestic Dolls, but felt they deserved praise for their good behavior. Bambi was a really beautiful addition to the staff at Domestic Doll Fantasies. Her bimbo smile made his cock harden. Her collar had an LED light, however, that shone purple, which meant that she was off limits to anyone but Marcus. Oh well.

“Come on,” he said with a grin, “help me check her vitals.” Frank took Bambi’s hand in his own, with a squeeze, and began pondering whether it was time to settle down himself.

* * *

In the early evening, as the sun began to go down on yet another wonderful day, Mrs. Melanie Adams, of course she took her husband’s name, hummed a happy song to herself as she sat on the couch reading. Her incredible husband allowed her reading time if all her chores were done for the day. He, of course, had to virtually unlock the reading device. A good wife would not read anything her husband did not give permission to read! She felt so blessed to have an amazing husband.

The story she was reading was all about a sad woman. The sad woman went to college, tried to get a job, but felt so unhappy. There is good news though: She found a man! He took control, pushed out all those silly ideas about having a career and being an individual, and began molding her into the perfect future Mrs. Adams. Melanie related to this character so much. She did not need to know that the text of the story was crafted to fit the needs of her conditioning.

At the end of it, she went through the next batch of suggested stories to read. The compliant blonde picked one that sounded interesting and shared it to her husband so he could grant permission for her to read it.

As she tapped a long, white tipped, nail against the screen, their maid Bambi, dressed in pink with white stockings, sky high heels and an enormous amount of cleavage, came into the living room. “Mrs. Adams,” the Domestic Doll, a gift from Mr. Adams’ boss, began in a monotone, up-pitched voice, “dinner is prepared. Bambi awaits further command.”

Mrs. Adams turned around and shrugged at the Domestic Doll. Bambi was useful around the house. She cooked, cleaned, and dealt with various silly household things. However, Melanie considered her just an appliance with breasts. They were, she had to admit, very large, and appealing, breasts. For their first anniversary, her husband was going to buy her a new, much larger, pair for herself. “Bigger than Bambi’s,” was her only comment during the consult. Her husband has suggested that to her the night before and the simpleminded housewife recited it with feminine ease.

“Bambi,” she began with a dismissive tone, “please keep dinner warm until Mr. Adams is ready for dinner.”

Bambi did not speak, but instead swayed back into the kitchen. The Domestic Doll knew exactly what her Mistress meant by that statement and would not disturb them. It was after all Melanie’s favorite part of the day: When her incredible husband came home!

His space taxi...hey it is a fantasy the engineers threw in some cool stuff here...landed in front of their home...Melanie nodded along at the “memory” of driveways being replaced by taxi landing pads. Something about carbon emissions. Oh, it was all so hard to understand! Anyway. His space taxi landed and her husband gave a wave to a Domestic Doll operating it, who blankly stared straight ahead, and began his accent up to the Adams front door.

Melanie’s husband came in the door with a wide grin and took off his coat before his wife jumped into his arms. She felt so safe and comfortable there as he kissed her forehead.

She took a step back and curtsied lowly for him. “Master, your home is clean, all errands are completed, and the maid has prepared dinner.” Her curtsy, despite never actually psychically doing it before, was formal, elegant, and feminine. Her programming was rewiring her body and mind in this very moment.

“Good girl,” he said with praise before taking her hand and leading his wife to their bedroom. Their daily ritual, which Melanie had significant memories of despite them being fake, reaffirmed his dominance, her submission, and the general rule of life.

In the bedroom, Melanie’s husband, his name had not been programmed into her fantasy to enforce the idea that a husband no matter their name must be obeyed, sat down the bed while she knelt before him. Melanie undid his belt and took the cock of the man she loved, honored, and obeyed into her mouth. Mr. Adams had provided Mrs. Adams with a good home, financial security, and happiness. Sucking his cock on demand was the least she could do for him.

Melanie was an average cock sucker at best, but she still put in quite the effort and was rewarded with her husband’s cum in her mouth. He petted her head gently and she padded into the bathroom to clean herself up before dinner.

In the bathroom, Melanie fixed her makeup and smiled confidently. The simple minded woman’s views of the world had been easily retrained and, upon waking up, would demand this kind of lifestyle. Too bad the only demand she would be making in the future would be whatever was programmed into her once she finished conversion into a Domestic Doll.

Back in the dining room, Bambi-Maid served dinner first to Mr. Adams and then to Mrs. Adams. Mr. Adams got a hearty meal, while his wife got a small salad with some protein. Again, Bambi’s impressive cleavage, when it leaned over to pour wine for her husband, left Melanie extremely jealous of the Domestic Doll. “Bigger than Bambi’s” she again whispered to herself,which received an affirmative nod from her husband. The bimbo housewife idly daydreamed about her future doll, literally, tits as she nibbled at the salad.

During dinner, Melanie’s husband told her about his day. She listened with passive, idle, charm and only commented when he asked her a question. It was not the place of a wife to be demanding of her husband!

After dinner, as always, as she had been brainwashed to remember, Melanie changed out of her dress into something less modest and significantly more sexual. The homemaker switched into sexy lingerie and a pair of clear platform heels. Her husband had confessed to have imprudish fantasies about his wife being slutty and she loved to perform that for him while in the bedroom.

He wanted to watch a sporting event, of course, so Melanie knelt at his feet on the floor on the mat he had left for her when they returned from their honeymoon. As she knelt there, her mind slowed until it became very still. Her mouth slightly ajar, she stared at him with empty, big, eyes. She only woke when he asked her to retrieve something from the closet and then returned to her silent, still, position below him.

At the end of the game, his team always won in this fantasy scenario, Mr. Adams sat up so his wife could suck him off again. This time he came all over her beautiful face. Melanie again swayed over to the bathroom to clean up, but froze in place when her husband said a phrase in Latin.

She turned and snapped to attention. “Ready for instruction.” Her confirmation of the hypnotic trigger was stated in the same high pitched monotone that their maid had spoken in earlier.

“Good girl,” Mr. Adams affirmed as he pressed a few buttons Melanie had not noticed before on the wall. A silver and pink tube with a lot of LCD lights on the side came out of the wall and its face opened. “Enter your pod,” he said in a very firm voice.

Melanie calmly obeyed and lay down inside of it. After a moment the top closed and a bright pink hypnotic spiral danced in front of her face as a nanite filled goo began to engulf her body to further her transformation into property of Domestic Doll Fantasies. Her weak, feminine, mind was easy to brainwash and enslave.

Confident that the settings were correct for the woman it had been assigned to help condition today, the male Domestic Doll currently known as “Mr. Adams” blanked its own personality and walked through the corridor of their home towards their large living room closet where it found Bambi-Maid standing at attention in an “off” position. It moved quickly to stand next to a fellow Domestic Doll, snapped to attention, and turned “off” for the night as well.

* * *

Luci’s simple feminine mind was lost in the happy hypnotic spirals before it after a night spent in a nanite pod very similar to the one her friend Melanie was also inside. The agreeable young woman turned out to be deeply susceptible to hypnosis and had spent the night being soaked in not only the literal tiny machines recreating her body, but a new personality and world view. She was getting the full Domestic Doll conditioning with the DDF twists of totally removing her personality, so her new owners could fill it in with whatever they desired before putting it back in so the beautiful bimbo could have a default personality.

Luci’s breasts had been greatly expanded to those of a high class stripper or porn star. Her body was now permanently hairless below the shoulders as was standard on Domestic Dolls. The nanites inside could alter any of these elements at the whim of a buyer. Breasts could be even larger, or much smaller. If the purchaser preferred a hairy cunt, it could be grown in seconds. Luci’s vapid, docile, default personality could be replaced with a rude or icy or domineering one. Her entire existence was to be devoted to pleasing whomever purchased her at the moment. Eventually, maybe one of them would become fond of her and ask to purchase and permanently adjust the Domestic Doll for their own whims. She could be wiped and reprogrammed at a second’s notice.

A few hours later, Luci began coming out of her programming session. Still in trance, she rose out of the pod that had housed her all night long and was dried off by a Domestic Doll in a latex approximation of an old fashioned nurse uniform. The Doll wiped her new sister dry and then took a few steps back to pick up a box of clothing. She turned and faced Luci-Doll. “Put these on please,” the former nursing student turned mindless automaton commanded her.

Luci compliantly put on the outfit left for her. It was a standard maid uniform that Domestic Dolls were clothed in while being programmed for the first time with white stockings and 6 inch black pumps. She stood at attention again, eyes empty of life, and waited for instruction.

A moment later, a handsome young doctor came into the room. Dr. Bedford smiled at the Nurse-Doll, whom he had never bothered to name, why bother, and motioned for it to monitor Luci’s readings. “Wake her up. Especially during the first few minutes it is important to make sure her readings are at standard levels.”

“Yes, Master,” the Nurse-Doll confirmed with her pouty mouth. She swayed over to the console to obey her Master. The former nursing student had gone on vacation after a long and grueling semester of studies. A trip to Domestic Doll Fantasies was just what she needed, her friend, under hypnotic suggestion from promotional materials, and the pretty student had agreed. Her own fantasies were warped against her until the only demand left for her was to be turned into an unthinking drone that existed to serve. The rest of her coursework was programmed into the new Domestic Doll and she took up her duties serving Dr. Bedford. A few months from now, he would grow bored with her as he always did.

Luci blinked back into existence after a moment. She smiled at the handsome doctor and the pretty woman. “Oh, hello, Sir. I must have taken a nap?’ Her up-pitched voice made the statement sound more like a question.

“Oh, yes,” Dr. Bedford confirmed, “you needed to go to sleep so we could make the changes you requested. You do remember those, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” Luci replied with a vapid smile. “I want to have fun while at Domestic Doll Fantasies, so I asked for some changes to be made.”

“Good girl. Your body has been adjusted based on your need to have fun. Your breasts are significantly larger.” The good doctor placed a gentle hand on one of them, which made his thrall blush. “Your body is hairless in places where it is inappropriate for a female to have hair.” Her slight squirm made him smile. “While you are here at Domestic Doll Fantasies, what is the best way for you to have fun?”

“By obeying men in all things, Sir.” Luci’s passive smile showed how easy it had been to reprogram her. She had always been such a joiner anyway.

Dr. Bedford nodded. “Your initial session is over. You will be allowed to socialize with others until this evening when you will have another session. First though, I need to run one more diagnostic on you now that you aren’t...napping...anymore.” He tapped her neck gently and a piece of skin slid away. A port could be found beneath it. “This will only take a minute and then I will escort you do the social room.”

The Nurse-Doll handed him a long cord, which he plugged into her. Turning towards the screen, he found normal read outs and nothing anomalous. Luci stared blankly ahead at nothing in particular. In this diagnostic mode, her mind was empty in case new programming needed to be installed at the command line. Doctor Bedford unplugged the cord from the port, tapped Luci’s skin to make the sliver close and stepped back while she came back to life.

Luci blinked a few times, her long eyelashes batting up and down. “Oh, hello again, Sir. I must have fallen asleep again.”

“It’s okay,” the doctor said warmly. “All part of having fun here at Domestic Doll Fantasies.” He walked over to a table next to the console Nurse-Doll stood at and picked up Luci’s collar. “Before we go, you need to put this back on of course.” He gently picked up her hair so she could place it snugly around her neck. The bright pink LUCI on the front identified her for all to see.

Doctor Bedford then picked up something else off of the desk. He connected a long leash to the collar via a hook right under the pink LUCI. The new Domestic Doll giggled at his playful tug. “It is important that you remain leashed at all times. There are many Domestic Dolls around and one could malfunction. It’s for your own safety.”

Luci sighed happily at the tug. What a kind man to think of her safety! “Thank you, Sir,” she said in a small, docile, voice. Perhaps there were ways the in progress Domestic Doll could show her gratefulness?

Doctor Bedford stared at the new Domestic Doll for a moment and then slowly shook his head. “You know, I think your breasts could be a bit larger. F cup is fine, but let us see how G cup looks on you. Activate root access mode,” the good doctor commented and then said his administrative password.

Luci froze in place. “Root access approved. DDLUCI002 is ready for programming.” The life left her eyes and her mouth froze in a half open pout.

Doctor Bedford asked his Nurse-Doll to hand him another cord and he tapped a spot right under Luci’s right breast, which caused another port to open. His policy for a Domestic Doll’s breast size was essentially “the bigger, the better,” but he realized there were obviously limitations to that. Nevertheless, in his educated, and artistic, opinion, he felt that Luci could go a bit bigger and look great.

The long cord that Nurse-Doll handed him inserted into the port under Luci’s breast. She tapped out some commands with her long, pink, nails and the new Domestic Doll’s chest expanded a bit more.

Doctor Bedford stared with fascinated concern. He considered his own personal aesthetic choices to be high caliber. Luci’s expanded chest would bring in a lot of money to the park. She would be used in a wide variety of fantasies and this expansion, as it were, would greatly aide in attracting customers to her. Most of DDF’s clients shared his “bigger the better” philosophy, so it would work.

Satisfied, he asked the Nurse-Doll to terminate the root session. Luci blinked rapidly. “Rebooting,” she confirmed in a quiet monotone. A few seconds later, life came back to her but she frowned apologetically. “I’m sorry, Sir, but I must have fallen asleep again.” She stretched out her body, which confirmed that further breast expansion was the right choice for her.

Doctor Bedford nodded and gave her leash a gentle tug. “Come on, I will show you to the social center. You are going to get along just fine with everyone there. In fact, that is a direct order.”

Luci stopped as they were walking down the hall. “Yes, Sir. I will get along just fine with everyone there.” She began following her controller again as if nothing had happened.

They walked out of his office and towards the elevator that connected him to the larger part of the underground complex below Domestic Doll Fantasies. In the elevator, as all Domestic Dolls do, Luci snapped to attention with an empty expression on her face. When the doors of the elevator opened again, she blinked back to life as if nothing had happened. Doctor Bedford grinned proudly at the Domestic Doll, who had passed an important test in her programming. After escorting her to the social center, he would report this news to Marcus.

At the social center, Doctor Bedford let Luci into the room, where should a few other women waiting there, but also something very strange. Each woman had a drink and light snacks left for them on top of a woman down on all fours, ball gag in mouth, enormous breasts hanging towards the floor, and an empty expression of her face that reminded Luci of the pretty nurse who had been working with Doctor Bedford.

“Ah,” Doctor Bedford began, “this young lady here came to us with a very special request. Her fantasy was to be living furniture! Can you imagine,” he asked with a playful tug of the leash, “being a table for someone?” Luci giggled. “Anyway, she loved it so much, she begged us to let her stay and continue fulfilling this fantasy.” He did not mention the weeks of brainwashing, cosmetic surgery, and nanite reprogramming. Luci did not seem to notice. Her gaze fell on the Table-Doll’s massive bust, which Doctor Bedford definitely made note of to himself.

A dark haired young woman sat on a couch with a magazine in hand. She was very pale and gothic looking. An elegant velvet dress, tight in all the right places, clothed her impressive body along with a pair of sky high heeled boots. She smiled and waved her long red nails upon seeing Doctor Bedford and Luci come into the room.

The collar around her neck read “Luina” in bright pink. A leash was also attached to it. “Hello, Doctor Bedford,” she said in an Eastern European accent, “I am ready to obey you in all things, which is how I can fun the most here at Domestic Doll Fantasies.” Her smile was vapid and flirty.

Doctor Bedford had been a big part of her processing upon arriving at Domestic Doll Fantasies. Luina had come to the park and gone on a date in one of their high class restaurants. The wine served with their meal had been drugged to make her extra suggestible. Her date, a Domestic Doll himself, suggested she go back to his room and the normal feisty woman agreed with a happy smile. In “his room,” which was actually a programming station, he ordered her into a programming pod, which she dutifully slid into for him. By the next morning, her old life was forgotten as she decided to take a job at Domestic Doll Fantasies.

Given her dark hair and pale features, a certain kind of fantasy was part of her currently in progress initial programming. Luina though of herself as a gothic vampire, an elegant, classy, princess of the night. No one, her compliant mind thought, could know this truth so she hid it well, and besides she wanted to have fun at Domestic Doll Fantasies. The pretty young woman, whose collar said LUCI on it, looked like she could be fun. An urge to bite her, to enthrall the bimbo, to turn the new Domestic Doll into a creature of the night, filled her body, but then drifted away as a warm smile came over her face.

“Oh, hello, dearest Luina,” Dr. Bedford began, “this is Luci. She is new here at DDF and wants to have a lot of fun.” He motioned towards Luci. “I think the two of you will get along, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” Luina confirmed in a subservient, thick, accent, “we will get along.”

“Good girl.” He turned to face Luci. “Why don’t the two of you get to know each other and then the evening staff will come back for you tonight. I have a, uh, date with a lady.”

Luci nodded. “Yes, Sir.” She smiled at her new friend warmly. The woman was oddly dressed, but very pretty. The Domestic Doll in training swayed over to Luina and sat down with her. She crossed her legs and watched the vampire watch them.

“So, um, like, tell me about you and stuff?” Luci asked the question, which came out more of a statement due to what a moron she was naturally before even being reprogrammed.

Luina smiled. “I am a refined lady. I love all things gothic and classy. Lace and velvet. I also believe in having fun, which was why I took a job here at Domestic Doll Fantasies.”

Luci nodded. “Yeah, like, I want to have fun too! Dr. Bedford has been helping me a lot. He is so nice.”

They continued like this for awhile, their inane conversation filling the room as a few other Domestic Dolls in training joined them. All were waiting for their evening session to begin, so they idly conversed before waiting for the evening staff to come in and take them all away.

As the afternoon went on, Luina and Luci became fond of each other and began to bond. They shared stories about their time with Dr. Bedford. Both shared a giggle filled confession of finding him handsome and then shared a kiss when the other Dolls were not looking.

Around dinner time, there was a knock at the door and a young man came into the room. All conversation ceased and the new Domestic Dolls looked over at him. He had dark hair, was clean shaven, and carried a leash with was connected to a beautiful Korean Nurse-Doll named Kimmi, who obediently followed him a few steps behind in a green latex nurse uniform with matching heels and stockings.

“Good evening, ladies,” the doctor said to them as he stopped in the middle of the room. “My name is Doctor Masterson, but each of you will refer to me as ‘Sir’.”

“Yes, Sir,” was the confirmation reply from each woman. Luci stared at Kimmi’s massive bust and began wondering if her G cups were big enough?”

“Each of you will be assigned to a pod for the night. Part of your fun here at Domestic Doll Fantasies can be found there. Tomorrow you will be able to have even more fun. Do you understand?” Each said “Yes, Sir,” again. “Alright girls, line up for me in Formation One.”

Luci was unsure what that meant, but found her body standing up to obey the command. She lined up with the other women in a horizontal line and snapped to stand at attention before him. He walked up and down the line, but she found that her gaze could not leave him. In the sky high heels on her feet, the bimbo Domestic Doll was almost as tall as him. Kimmi remained behind her controller with the leash laying on the floor.

“Wonderful ladies, all of you are very good girls.” Dr. Masterson stopped in front of Luci. “Sweetie, you are going to come with me for your session. You are new, so I need to orient you. You will obey me in all things.”

“Yes, Sir,” was Luci’s quiet reply. The good doctor was so handsome and his assistant was beautiful. Luci felt a stir go through her body to serve and obey him.

He turned to Luina. “Escort them to Programming Room Seven.” Luina did not speak as she oriented the other two nameless Domestic Dolls towards their destination.

Doctor Masterson took Luci’s hand in his own. “Come with me dear. I am going to show you how to have even more fun.” Luci squeezed his hand and nodded, but then pouted when he walked away towards Kimmi. He picked up the leash off the ground and picked up Luci’s to attach their collars together. He gave a gentle tug to the remaining leash in his hand and both women lined up for him. “Good girls. Follow me.”

They walked through a long hallway and into an elevator. Both Domestic Dolls snapped to attention while in the elevator, which was one of the first things programmed into a new Doll to give a reading of how they were taking on their conditioning. Both Luci and Kimmi passed with flying colors.

When they exited the elevator, a series of four doors were before them. Doctor Masterson playfully tugged their leashes and led his thralls to the door marked Programming Room Two. The door opened after he waved an identification card in front of it and they entered behind him.

Luci was amazed by what she saw inside of it. There was a long wall of computer equipment and two large chairs that looked like something from a dentist’s office. Her eyes were drawn to the bright pink pods at the end of the room. One was slightly ajar at the bottom. The inside almost looked like a bath of some sort.

Her attention was drawn back to Doctor Masterson at his tug of her leash. “Luci, this is your first time in here, so I am going to give you a bit of an orientation.” He motioned towards Kimmi, who went over to a table and picked up something. She swayed back over to her Master and put out her hands to show a pair of wireless earbuds.

Doctor Masterson put them in his pocket and grinned at Luci. “I noticed you were looking at the nanite bath. I enjoy your feminine curiosity. Let me show you how it works.” He motioned for her to follow and she did obediently. They stood before the pod. “This is where you will be receiving further training. Your body and mind must be tempered so you can have as much fun as possible while at Domestic Doll Fantasies. Do you understand?”

Luci nodded. “Yes, Sir,” she confirmed in a soft, feminine tone.

He leaned down and knelt on one leg in front of the pod. “This pod houses the nanite bath that will adjust you for optimal fun. The nanites are soaked into the body and bloodstream, and they rewrite DNA and your body. It will be reformed into the desired shape and then further reformed if needed at the whim of one of DDF’s fine employees.” He stood up and looked at her while touching Luci’s collar. “You will always obey employees of Domestic Doll Fantasies. That is a direct order.”

“Yes,” Luci confirmed, eyes blinking rapidly, “Sir, I will always obey employees of Domestic Doll Fantasies.”

Doctor Masterson took the earbuds out of his pocket and gently placed them in Luci’s ears. She did not resist and let out a girlie gasp as their subliminal programming began flooding her mind. Seconds later, she already was deeply entranced and stared straight ahead at nothing in particular.

“Lay down in the pod. Be careful when you lean back. You don’t want to hit your pretty head against the back end.” He shot a look over at Kimmie’s backside as it swayed over to the console to begin prepping for Luci’s session. The Asian bimbo had bashed her head against it in her happy enthusiasm at obeying her new owner upon arriving at DDF.

Luci gently slid down into the pod and then slowly dropped her head back into a rest that uplifted it a bit. A moment later, the pod began to fill with the green liquid that housed the nanites. Her maid uniform disintegrated, but Doctor Masterson did pull off her shoes before the liquid got to them.

Luci’s body was further transformed from the night before. She received the standard Domestic Doll features of an even wider bust than before, a hairless body below the shoulders, white blonde hair, and a sun kissed tan. As the evening went, her mind was further brainwashed to accept not only male command, but male supremacy. Feminine delicacy and weakness and rooted into the core of the new Domestic Doll. Her former life still existed inside her mind, but it was also backed up just in case there was another use for it at some point.

By the morning, Luci would be completely transformed into an android Domestic Doll who existed to serve not only men, but the clients of her new job at Domestic Doll Fantasies. Having fun was her purpose, and having fun meant obeying all commands without question and using her impossibly busty and firm body to be fucked at will.

* * *

The next morning, Melanie happily sung a song to herself as she swayed through a hallway towards Marcus’ office. She passed by a few other offices before stopping at his door where Bambi waited for her. The new friends hugged and entered the office after a gentle knock from the Domestic Doll.

Marcus stood up from his chair and nodded with approval at Melanie’s new look. She wore a dark pink dress with blue stockings and white pumps. Overnight her breasts had grown a bit and the dress showed off an appropriate amount of cleavage.

“Daddy!” Melanie exclaimed as she walked as quickly as the pumps on her feet allowed to hug her incredible step father. He held her tight for a moment, rubbing her back, a hand near her tight backside, and then pulled away from the new and improved step daughter. Overnight, her mind had been slowed down so the simple minded Domestic Doll in training was much easier to control. She now felt a deep happiness towards Marcus and could not wait this morning to visit him. The previously unruly young woman had been brought under control in record time.

“I love your new look, young lady,” Marcus opined to Melanie.

Melanie clapped her hands together with excitement. “Thank you, Daddy! I want to please you just like mommy does.” Her voice had taken on a cheerful up pitch to it like the bimbo she was beginning to self identify as proudly to please Daddy. “I want to have fun, Daddy,” she added vapidly after a few seconds.

“Good girl,” Marcus responded with a proud smile. “I think you are going to have a lot of fun while here at Domestic Doll Fantasies. Good girls like you always have a lot of fun.”

Melanie beamed with pride at his approval. She watched Bambi, dressed in a pink maid uniform, come around the table with a black collar. It had the name “Mellie” on it in bright pink. Thew future Domestic Doll automatically pulled her hair up so it could be snapped around her neck. Mellie turned towards Daddy looking for his approval.

Marcus grinned. “Good girl. Mellie is the name of a young lady who wants to have fun.”

Bambi leaned over and kissed Mellie, who returned it after a few seconds. They made out for a moment while Marcus observed them. His cock was beginning to get hard, but, while tempting, he felt it was unseemly to command Mellie to pleasure him. He always winced at the men who brought those sort of fantasies to the park. Perhaps Bambi could use a new slave sister thoughtful. Sighing, he shook his head at how quickly he grew bored with whatever the current alignment of women in his life was at the moment.

“Alright, young ladies, please focus on me.” Both Domestic Doll ceased their actions and paid full attention to their controller. “Mellie, it’s time for you to go off for more training. I think you need a few more psychical alterations so you can have even more fun.”

Mellie clapped her hands together with excitement. Her Daddy was so smart!

Bambi took her friend’s hand in her own again. “Come on, I will show you where to go.”

Marcus noted the appropriate programming room and off the new Dolls went together. He sighed at how silly and trivial young women were once their attitudes were nudged in the right direction.

* * *

The next evening, Luci was told by Dr. Masterson, who had come by to check on her, that she would really have fun at Domestic Doll Fantasies’ very large party room. It really was a VIP room for high class, affluent, clients to sample what DDF had to offer them in the short, and long, term. New Domestic Dolls like Luci were also sent there to test out their programming and get them experience with how fun it was to obey their controllers in all things.

Right before entering, Luci stood in line with a few other Domestic Dolls who were all brought to the side by a latex wearing Doll who escorted them to a cheerful male. ‘Hello ladies,” he began as his eyes drifted to Luci’s enormous bust. “I have to run a few tests on you.” He said a phrase in Latin, which put all three women in a deep trance. “Root access enabled,” all three women announced in a sing song voice.

“Lovely,” the man said to no one in particular. The music in the club was too damn loud. He picked up three cables attached to a small tablet in the latex Doll’s hands and tapped at each Doll’s neck to open an interface. Luci’s tan neck was the last one he did and the port opened with ease. She gasped as information began entering her body. “New personality transfer initiated” was her only reply, which came a few seconds after the others.

Luci’s mind went completely blank as her previously personality, her own combined with Domestic Doll programming, was slid into the background as a new persona came to the forefront. New memories, beliefs, and attitudes filled her simple mind as the new Luci began to emerge after a few minutes.

Once the new personality was successfully installed in each Doll, the two other Domestic Dolls entered the party room via a side entrance. They were now, and would be until DDF sold them, dancers who existed to please men and make money for their corporate owner.

Luci blinked back into awareness after hew programmer safely removed the cord and closed the opening in her neck. She looked around, not recognizing him, and began heading into the club. She had an important date with a client. After all, the beautiful woman was, and had, as far as she could remember bee, a prostitute.

Luci had been a struggling college student. Her parents disowned her when she left for university due to mom’s remarriage. She had a new family now and Luci was in the way. One semester during junior year, the financial aid ran out and the pretty young woman ended up losing not only the college she had signed up for, but her housing as well. If it was not for a friend from a class, she would have been homeless. It was embarrassing and deeply humiliating and she vowed to take control of her life. This programmed, virtual, life.

One night, her new programming told the prostitute, she was working at a new waitress job. The boss who constantly pawed at her body scheduled Luci for overnight shifts as a punishment for not returning his advances. A few beautiful women came in one night just as the sun began to come back up. They were friendly and chatted her up. For some reason, she opened up to them about her problems and they listened before asking if she wanted to make real money. At Luci’s nod, one of them slipped her a card and said to call in the afternoon.

When she called, the redhead, her name was Trixi, answered and said to hang up and a text from her would be forthcoming. A moment later, her phone pinged and a message with details for a large coffee shop in their city a few miles from the university and a time to meet were found in it. “Dress nice” was a further instruction. What were they doing? The naive, sheltered, former college student could not connect the dots despite having watched hundreds of hours of television shows about sexual crimes.

Her new friends were sex workers.

When Luci arrived at the coffee shop, she ordered a coffee and then sat down at a table to wait for Trixi. She was unsure what “dress nice” meant, so she wore a business suit with low heels as if going on a job interview. A message from Trixi came in as the beautiful college student sat down saying that the sex worker would arrive soon.

Luci played with her phone for a few minutes before a pink haired woman in a tiny skirt and cropped sweater came up to the table. “You’re here to meet with Trixi?”

Luci was stunned by the aggressive, but beautiful, woman. “Y-y-yes?”

The woman put her phone up to her ear. “She is here. You were right, she is very pretty. Okay. Call later.” She looked at Luci. “Okay, come on. I saved a more private table for you.” The woman pointed with a long white tipped nail towards the back of the shop that was a bit more secluded. Luci followed her obediently, deeply jealous of the sway of the woman’s thick ass in the impossibly high heels she was wearing at the moment.

Trixi arrived a few seconds later. “Hi!” She came over and hugged Luci as if they were old friends. Luci was unsure what to do, so she hugged her back and they sat down in the booth. Trixi explained that she was an escort who was paid to entertain men, whether as a trophy on their arm or sexually. Sometimes it was both. Luci had a good look, but needed some work.

A month later, after breast implants, a scar removal, and lessons in how to behave both like a lady and a slut, Luci had her first date with a man. She made enough money in one night to pay for a month’s rent in a huge apartment in the same building that Trixi and a few other escorts lived in. The man wanted another date and she eagerly accepted. Luci became a regular on his arm when he need a trophy for important business functions.

She only needed to work two or three nights a week, so others she hung out with Trixi, did drugs, which she had never done before, and had a fun time. One of Trixi’s clients brought her in and they had some fun being intimate with each other before taking turns being fucked by him. Luci tried to be careful to not spend her own money on drugs. Trixi had argued that the men should pay, and provide, it and told a cautionary tale about another escort who ended up with serious addiction problems because of her vices that got out of control.

The third nights each week were with different men. This programmed story would let Luci, when in this persona, believe she was actually an escort who actually was with different men each week. The reality was that Luci would be assigned as a “sampler” Domestic Doll for men with a fantasy for escorts.

She entered the party in a tiny, tiny, leather skirt, tight sweater, and high heeled boots. Luci giggled at how silly it had been when the escort had been uncomfortable wearing heels. She found tonight’s client and smiled at him. He gave a little wave. They had met at another party, her programming recalled, and she had been highly recommended by another man in the office of the politician they worked for right now. There was a big election coming up and they needed to unwind from long nights.

Luci swayed over, sat down, and hugged the man. The fact that she could not remember his name did not bother her. They kissed and made small talk for a moment, before he lay out something for her to snort. The Domestic Doll gracefully ingested the drugs as if she had done it many times before. In her previous life, hard drugs were not really a thing for her, but Luci’s programming made it seem so familiar and normal. She could feel the memories of previous partying in her mind’s eye.

She looked up at the man as the drug high took over her body. He motioned for her to get a little closer and she did. The handsome man said a few words and Luci found her mind just completely turn off. She mindlessly followed him to a private room where he pushed her into it and onto the bed on the left side. He yanked her skirt down and slid her dick into her.

The man had paid for a full session, which let him do what he wanted with her, and Luci rode the orgasmic...wave to a deafening orgasm. Afterwards, she sucked the man back to hardness with those surgically enhanced lips that Trixi had suggested she get and stroked him until he came all over her face. She was ready to go again, but pouted as her pulled up his pants and buckled his pants. The bimbo Domestic Doll stared up at him with puppy dog eyed devotion and hoped to please him further somehow.

“Freeze,” he said to her, which brought the Doll to an immediate halt. He nodded at the confirmation of her programmed response to a command. “Doll, please tell me about you.”

Luci blinked back to life at the command. “Luci is an escort, Master. She dropped out of college. She loves being an escort. Can she suck your cock again, Master?”

The programmer sighed. “That is temping, but I need to hand you off.” A few seconds later, Luina entered the room wearing a similarly slutty leather skirt as her new friend.

He took her leash in his hand and gave it a gentle tug. “Luina, sweetie, I have been impressed with your work so far. I am happy to give you more responsibility over other Dolls.” Luci could not understand it, but the fake “Trixi” in her fake background for this personality was actually Luina. In the future, she would be used for other Doll’s personality backgrounds, including potentially Luina, as needed. Her programming equally made her feel a connection to Trixi because there was something familiar about her, but also reject any ideas that she had already known her Domestic Doll sister. It would have just confused her simple bimbo brain.

Luina took Luci’s leash in her own pale hands and gave it a tug. “Luci, you will join Luina in a private session with a special client. For the evening, she is your Mistress. Obey her as if she is me.” The gothic Mistress led her thrall out of the room and to another part of the building where a man waited to use and abuse both Domestic Dolls.

Upon arrival in the room, the man, already in bondage gear, shouted a command to Luci, which made her drop down on all fours and bark loudly. Luina swayed over to their controller and pulled Luci closer with a violent tug of her leash. Luci padded at her Master and Mistress’ feet, breaking a long nail in the process. In a few days, nail regrowth would be automatic in case of this sort of situation.

Luci barked again lovingly at her Master and Mistress and then whimpered in delight as his cock went into her ass.

* * *

The next morning, Luci woke up inside of her life sized doggie bed and stretched out. Her memories of the previous night were very, very, fuzzy. Did she sleep with someone? Did she try cocaine? Why did it seem like this was something not unusual, despite a pang of fear that it was? Why did she remember barking last night? Was Luina, her new friend, there? Where was Melinda?


Luci realized suddenly that she had not see her friend for a few days. Where was she? An overwhelming need to find Melinda overtook her and she began packing up her bag. Melinda had been with her, right? Her recent memories were so confused. She had definitely come to Domestic Doll Fantasies to have fun and had improved her body so she could have even more fun.

Did she come alone? She was even more unclear on it now. The Domestic Doll blinked a few times. She knew Melinda for sure, but from where? Were they friends? Had they met here at DDF? It was increasingly hard for her to concentrate on anything particular train of thought and eventually she let it all slide out of her silly feminine mind.

Luci finished packing up her bag when she noticed a pamphlet on the coffee table in the middle of the room. She picked it up, squinted at the writing on it, and realized none of the words were familiar to her. The Domestic Doll could not read! Could she ever read? Can any woman read? Is it allowed? Is reading fun? If it was, surely she would be able to read? A second later, she forget it was even an issue and tossed the papers away.

The Domestic Doll still felt an urge to find Melinda, whoever she was, and walked over to the door. She opened it to find Luina standing there waiting for her with a smirk on her face. “Going somewhere,” she asked in her thick, Eastern European, accent.

Luci tried to stammer out some kind of answer, but ceased speaking as Luina touched her arm. “You are right where you need to be, my dear.” The Vampire-Doll leaned forward and nudged Luci’s chin so they made eye contact. “You are right here, staring into my eyes. Lost in my eyes. So lost to anything but my voice. Do you understand?”

“Yesssssss,” was Luci’s quite reply as she feel into a quite fake, and very programmed, hypnotic trance.

Luina wanted to bite her Domestic Doll sister as her vampire brainwashing persona desired, but her deep need to obey her Master, Mr. Andrews, overrode it. A tube came out of the wall at floor level. It was pink and silver and hummed lightly.

“Kneel and bow, weakling.” Luci knelt and bowed as commanded before her superior. Luina took a step closer, her extremely high heels thumping across the carpeted room. “Crawl into the pod,” she cooed at the hypnotized Domestic Doll.

Luci obeyed without question. Her firm ass stuck out as she crawled to the pod, stared at it for a few seconds with curious fascination, and then slid inside of it. The moment her head hit the soft spot reserved for it, the top closed and new hypnotic lights began to dance in her view. The Domestic Doll was totally lost in them as two cords extended out of the pod and into slots on her body to pump it full of new programming.

* * *

The next morning, a group of new Domestic Dolls stood at casual attention on small platforms. Wires were attached to the backs of their necks and buttocks. All each wore was a pair of clear blue platform heels, collar and leash, and a blank expression as they idled in a sort of safe mode that allowed engineers to do trouble shooting, but also testing of new programming before it took hold of the Domestic Doll.

In this case, the mode was used to run new Domestic Dolls through different programming routines to make sure they were completely programmed and ready for proper activation. This group of Dolls included Mellie, Luci, and Luina. The engineers ran diagnostics on each for any kind of anomalies. Tiny rebellions, like Luci had the night before, were not really a problem once enough programming was done. In theory, a woman could try to hold out and resist, but with enough time their individuality would be neutralized and, whether they accepted it or not, new programming would take over as they were converted into a Domestic Doll.

The engineers ran a few standard diagnostic tests. They expanded, even more, decreased, and then reconverted to their previous size, each Doll’s breasts. Each one passed with flying colors. Their hair was changed to a number of different colors. Mellie looked quite striking in bright pink. Body art was added and then removed. One Doll, not one of our heroines fortunately, failed that test and would have to go back in for further assessment. Would I do that, dear readers? Maybe in another story we can have a long digression about Domestic Doll breakdown again.

Once the Domestic Dolls were sufficiently tested out, individual sessions were done with each of them to try out different programs. Mellie was led by an engineer to a testing room and rebooted with a “modesty” program. She became a virtuous housewife, makeupless and plain, but with enormous breasts, that dusted the room and hummed a happy song to herself about how wonderful her life was with Master. Soon enough, if she prayed hard enough obeyed completely, surely he would bless her with the honor of carrying his child! Only if she was a good girl. A headscarf adorned her head tightly as the request of her amazing husband and Master.

When this session ended and Mellie was sufficiently programmed, an engineer turned her off with a remote. Mellie froze in place, mid dusting, and stared straight ahead and only moved again when her controller commanded the Domestic Doll to report to a programming room for further training.

Luci was given a session next as a “girl next door” just home from college. A tight, torn, denim skirt and snug Domestic Doll Fantasies shirt adorned her body. She was immediately very flirty with her engineer and traced a long pink nail over his arm and with an expression that begged for a cock inside of her. The engineer spun her around, yanked down the Domestic Doll’s skirt, and fucked her ass. Luci’s orgasm was loud and very violent, which causes her to go into a diagnostic mode. “Hmm,” the engineer grunts out before hooking her up to a few diagnostic cables to check on why that had happened. The vapid woman’s original not really so smart persona could be overwritten totally, but it did effect performance when given a personality without a total wipe. While she masturbated on the floor, he pondered what to do with her until an idea came to him.

In another room, Luina was clad in all latex from head to toe with only small slits for her empty eyes and mouth. She swayed across the room, her thigh high heels clicking across the hard floor, towards a Doll play acting at being her captive. Luina sneers at her as a metallic pincher comes out of her skin to jab at the woman’s neck. She struggled for a moment before snapping to attention, the life taken out of her eyes as her new Mistress lead the scared slave to a chair for brainwashing.

Luina would be graduating to a full time role at Domestic Doll Fantasies as a Mistress for fantasies of both men and women, and she would find use as an enthraller also. Of course she was really a mindless Domestic Doll, but she was a natural at the kind of performative dominance required of the job. Her brainwashing accentuated this to a high degree and made her into the ideal employee. Her vampire Mistress persona would be very popular with men and women, which included a female senator.

While Marcus watches his step daughter, her best friend, and the former goth turned bimbo mistress on a large screen in his office, he took Bambi from behind. The reprogrammed Domestic Doll moaned in erotic delight as Luina droned the play acting Doll on the screen. She watched her sister Dolls play and be programmed, so proud of her own programming. She screamed in joy as Marcus came with a silent prayer said to herself that each and every woman be converted into a Domestic Doll.

Marcus pushed her forward. “Activate storage mode,” was his command. Bambi’s religious fervor ceased and she paused for a few seconds, stood up, and swayed over to a podium behind her Master’s desk. She calmly stepped onto it, turned to face him, and snapped to attention. The life left her eyes as she froze in place, totally powered down, to wait for further use in the future.

Bambi’s owner turned back to the screens as all three of his new Domestic Dolls were placed into programming pods for the night. His earlier temptations with Mellie were tempered down at this point. Luci was much more in line with his personal aesthetic and fetishistic desires and interests, but, again, she was also dime a dozen to him. Luina was certainly not his thing,but he saw uses for her.

It had been a very productive week at Domestic Doll Fantasies. He had acquired two new Domestic Dolls, which solved his unruly step daughter problem, that could immediately be put to use in the park. Tomorrow, once their final programming was secured this evening, each would become regularly used Dolls. He already had Mellie tagged for someone and a plan for what to do with Luci.

Bambi had her uses as well, although, like Luci, she was just another dimwitted bimbo to him. He always ended up passing them along. Marrying Mellie’s mother had been more for appearances sake. She had not left the bedroom closet at home in weeks. He sighed, locked his computers for the night, and went back to his private quarters.

* * *

The next morning each of our Domestic Doll protagonists began their work in the park. Mellie was assigned to a man’s pregnant housewife fantasy. In her programming pod overnight, her body was again morphed to be about eight months pregnant, with wide hips and a large bust. She had given up her teaching career after the wedding and settled down to a domestic life. Her dream had always been to be a mommy, and Master had gotten the vapid homemaker pregnant pretty quickly. The former teacher was now quite swell with the large breasts she had always been envious of other women having. As she dusted Master’s man cave, she giggled to herself about how he had mused that, once she gave him a few sons, permanent changes to the size of her chest could be in the cards. It made her, eight months pregnant, feel so sexy knowing he found her body appealing even in its current state.

Mellie went back upstairs and her husband, lord, and Master, the client who paid for this fantasy, pulled into the drive way. This was the same park where her previously housewife fantasy had been tested out. In fact, it was the same house. She clapped her manicured hands together happily and waddled into the living room to greet him.

The client, a thirty-something social media coordinator at a university, smiled at Mellie upon entering the house. She was exactly as he had requested her: Wide hipped, busty, pretty, and madly in love and obedient to him. He put down his brief case and allowed his wife to lead him to the couch. To thank Master, Mellie always sucked his cock before dinner, but in her present state, it was hard to kneel, so she sat next to him and bobbed up and down on it as he gently guided her head, just like in his fantasy, and held it in place for her to swallow him.

Dinner was ready shortly afterwards. He always ate first and Mellie asked for permission to sit. He laugh, again just like in his fantasy, and sarcastically insisted she stand before his wife began giggling at their daily joke while sitting down across from him.

That night, Mellie cried from joy as she strokes Master all over her gigantic pregnant tits. He begins crying too, said “I wish she was still here,” out loud, and this “Mellie” persona blinks out of existence as he freezes her.

At the same time as Mellie was turning off for the night, Luci was swinging from a pole inside a cage in one of DDF’s gentleman’s clubs. This persona was an experienced exotic dancer with an athletic body, a few tattoos, and large breast implants. She spun upside down and danced alongside the cage for the audience. This version of Luci could only remember ever being a slut who danced for money.

After awhile, she froze in place for a few seconds, exited the cage and swayed down the stairs and into a private room in the corner of the club. Her passive smile lights up the room when she enters as a new role play persona is loading into her. She excused herself to a changing room and comes back in a latex miniskirt, sky high platform heels, and mid drift barely containing her bust. Luci’s previous persona as a stripper slips out of her mind and now she is just a slutty trophy girlfriend, ready for Master to fuck her. He thrashes at her, not used to having such a compliant woman given what a bitch his wife was in the bedroom, and cums quickly. Luci pouts and then spends an hour getting him rock hard again for a proper fuck. The man goes home and initiates divorce proceedings. He needed a real woman in his life and not a shrew who barely wants to touch him.

Marcus had already bored of Bambi, so he had her wiped and a new personality installed. In the cage next to where Luci had been, the new and improved Peppermint slowly swung around a pole. Busty, tattooed, and green haired, she would prove to be quite popular with clients looking for something a little more alternative.

Meanwhile, Luina is being wined and dined by an executive business woman trying to unwind after a huge project ended. She is a lesbian, keeps it to herself, but also puts on an Alpha Bitch In A Pant Suit attitude to keep down her deeply submissive feelings. A friend from a BDSM website told her about Domestic Doll Fantasies and she decided to go there to explore her fantasies with Mistress Luina, gothic vampire slave keeper.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, Little did the woman realize that Luina was also a hypnotic enthraller. The woman’s drink had been spiked with a drug to put her in a suggestible state so Luina could begin to hypnotize and convert her. The hypnotic spiral on the wall began playing and the woman feel under Luina’s control quickly.

“Touch yourself for me, pet,” Luina whispered in her ear. The woman began to pleasure herself immediately. The gothic Mistress commanded her to continue as new ideas were planted in her mind. “You love being at Domestic Doll Fantasies. It is so fun at Domestic Doll Fantasies. My job is not fun. I hate being in charge at work. I will have a much funner time obeying. At Domestic Doll Fantasies I can obey. Obeying is fun. I want to have fun.”

Eventually, the soon to be former executive orgasms and falls back in a puddle of her own juices. After a week of programming, she would quit her job to join Domestic Doll Fantasies as a “Special Vice President.” This was actually a role where she served as a French Maid uniformed assistant to one of Marcus’ inner circle until he bored of her and wiped the new Domestic Doll, who was then sold off on the buyer’s market. Luina would forget they even met, as she had with her friend Mellie, the moment they left the room.

Later in the night, Peppermint was called in for an escorting fantasy.

She sat for a few minutes, white tipped nails bouncing off the front of her phone while sending a message to a coworker who did not exactly exist verifying her safety. Best practices for sex workers and all. That was actually programmed into all DDF Dolls. Safety was very important. Peppermint was good at her job, according to her programming, which mostly, at least in her fake memories, involved the “girlfriend experience” fantasy, where she was a good little trophy girlfriend that men loved to have around them. Her work, in these memories, had taken her across the country and, during summer breaks from college, around the world. The brunette did not have a dollar of student loan debt. Soon, her programmed memories told her, college would be over and she could really marry one of these men and fulfill whatever desires she had as his wife.

A man knocked at her door and entered a few seconds later. His big fantasy had been to go to an escort, but had never had the guts. He was married and loved his wife, but had needs that she could not fulfill. They had tried role playing, but she broke down laughing. Peppermint was perfect for him.

They fucked and he paid her. She left immediately and headed onto an elevator which led down to the underground portion of DDF. An engineer plugged a USB cord in her neck to run a quick diagnostic, which all returning Dolls at DDF got when coming back from a client, and at his thumbs up stripped for clothes and stepped into a large room. A conveyor belt on the floor brought her forward and large water jets sprayed her body down.

The End

* * *