The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 3: Awakenings

The room was dark and filled with the sound of the running shower and the breathing of the two sleeping students. It was still a mess, and Gary had to be careful to avoid the beer bottles, pizza boxes, running shoes, and discarded clothing that were strewn about like land mines. The computer had been turned off.

“Why am I doing everything you ask?” asked Jeff from behind him.

Gary ignored the question and went beside the french-kissing blond. How vulnerable he looked, asleep like that! He had short hair on the sides and the back of his head, but a mass of long wavy dirty blond hair on top, parted on the left. He looked like an angel. Gary positioned his glass over him.

“What’s his name?” he whispered to Jeff.

“John,” Jeff said, out loud.

John became agitated at the mention of his name. Gary motioned for Jeff to go to the other student, the tattooed one. “Shut up and splash him!” he said.

“Sorry about this Paul,” Jeff said, “but I can’t help myself!”

He threw the water all over the boy’s body. Gary turned the glass over the blond; the water flowed down his face and chest. Both students sprung wide awake, sitting up in their beds.

“Shit! What’s this?” Paul said, staring at his wet, hairless chest. His hair was shaven all around his head, but was a thick dark brown bush on top. “Jeff, why the hell are you naked? I’m gonna kill you for this.”

“It’s the guy from next door,” said the naked Jeff, pointing to Gary. “The jerk who keeps looking at us.”

“What are you doing here?” John asked, too confused to be angry. He was more disheveled than ever.

Both students threw their bed covers away. They were each wearing a pair of classic white cotton briefs. Gary had not noticed before, but John was better built than Paul was, even if the latter was taller by an inch or two—almost 6′2″.

“What’s this, why am I all wet?” asked John, slowly getting awake.

“Anticipation, I guess,” Gary joked. He felt cool and in control.

“Get the fuck out of here!” said Paul, standing up and coming closer to him.

Gary was taken aback by the anger, and he almost headed out the room, by reflex. There were three of them, and it made him a bit scared. Suddenly, his idea seemed not too bright. How would he control all of them? What if they found a way to bypass his orders while he wasn’t looking?

Maybe he could try altering their emotions, like he had done to Todd.

“Listen, all of you. You are nice to me, because I’m a person you admire and respect. In fact, you always call me sir. You are glad to see me, and want to do everything in your power to make me happy. Isn’t that right?”

There was a moment of blank stares, then:

“Yes, sir,” said Jeff. “It’s real nice to have you with us.”

“Yes, sir,” said Paul, scratching his morning beard. “I’m sorry I was rude. Do you want a beer?” He headed towards the small fridge tucked between his bed and the one next to it.

“No, thank you, Paul.” Seeing that Paul had already grabbed one from the fridge, Gary added: “And you don’t want one either, it’s too early.”

“Yeah, that’s right, I don’t want one,” said Paul, putting the beer back and closing the fridge door.

“I guess you took us by surprise,” said John, “with that water and all. But what did you do to us? Why do we do as you say?”

Gary smiled. “It will be my little secret, I fear. But don’t worry, you are happy to obey me.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” said Jeff, absent-mindedly feeling his balls.

Gary sat on the bed next to John. “Hello, John.” John had been his favorite from the start. An all-American boy with great looks, and a touch of innocence that made him endearing.

“Hello, sir,” John said, slightly uneasy.

Gary moved closer to him, and got an instant erection just by the warmth he felt from John’s body. The others watched them, perplexed.

“John, do you love women?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, you love me even more than you love women. You don’t know why, but you are very attracted to me. In fact, you are completely in love with me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” said John, looking down. “How did you know?”

Suddenly, John stared right at Gary, wide-eyed like an adoring puppy. Gary soflty asked him, “Admit it to your friends.”

Paul and Jeff were staring at them, completely shocked. John looked in their general direction, but was too embarrassed to look them directly in the eyes. “It’s true, guys. I can’t explain it, but I’m in love with this guy. Fuck, I don’t even know his name!”

“But what about Melissa?” asked Jeff.

“Melissa...” he said, thinking. “Oh, yeah. I guess I love her, but it doesn’t compare to what I feel for...”


“Gary. It doesn’t compare to what I feel for Gary.”

“Are you telling us you’re a fucking faggot?” said Paul. “You’ve slept with more women than the two of us combined!”

He was pacing around the room, his world completely shattered.

“No, I’m not a faggot,” protested John. “It’s nothing like that. I just can’t explain it.”

“Look, he’s even got a fucking hard-on,” said Paul.

All eyes focused on John’s groin, including Gary’s. It was true: there was a huge bulge in John’s briefs, which he was now trying to hide with his hands. What an unexpected development! Gary was ecstatic.

“That’s just a morning thing,” John said, humiliated.

“Well, Paul,” said Gary, “I wouldn’t talk too much if I were you. You are getting one too, because you never noticed it before, but the sight of a naked man makes you sexually aroused. So much that you cannot think of anything else, and the more you look at one, the more you lose control over yourself, and try to find ways to touch him.”

“What?” said Paul. “I don’t believe...”

But his eyes strayed towards Jeff. He did not even finish his sentence, as he became completely absorbed in watching Jeff’s nude body. His hard cock began to peek out at the top of his stretched-out briefs. It looked like quite a monster.

“What the fuck, man!” Jeff reached for a bed sheet, and covered himself.

Paul was flabbergasted. “Sorry Jeff, I sure don’t know what came over me. Come on! You know I’ve seen you naked lots of times before, and I never got all excited or anythin’. This is some crazy morning!”

He sat on the edge of the bed, drawing a sheet over his lower body.

Gary turned his attention on John, who kept staring at him. He studied John’s righteous jaw, his full moist lips, his unruly hair; then he focused on the eyes, electric blue, full of passion. He was melting under the boy’s powerful gaze.

“You really want to kiss me, John, don’t you? Do it. Kiss me as passionately as you can.”

John was suddenly all over him, locking his lips over Gary’s. Gary closed his eyes and let John invade his mouth with his frantic tongue. It was paradise. Their bodies were wrapped together; John’s body felt warm and cozy like the heat from a fireplace. He smelled like teen cologne, mixed with some earthy, slightly alkaline, otherwise undefinable odor.

“I love you,” whispered John in his ear, then he licked his lobe.

Gary’s hands stroked John’s thighs, and then they crept up towards his crotch. John moved back instantly, troubled. “Not here, sir, please, not in front of my friends.”

“We can leave you two love birds alone if you want,” offered Paul bitterly. “With all due respect, John, you can do what you want, but I personally find that disgustin’, kissin’ a old guy... like this.”

“I agree,” said Jeff.

Gary looked at the two of them, wrapped in their sheets, passing judgement like a couple of togaed gods. John was looking down, too embarrassed to say anything.

“You’re saying this,” Gary told them, smiling devilishly, “but you don’t mean it. Both of you have secretly wanted to kiss each other for a long time. In fact, you’re glad that John and I are so open with you, because it allows you two to be open too. Don’t be shy! Take off these sheets and kiss each other!”

Paul and Jeff looked at each other, their eyes briefly confirming these new fabricated feelings to each other. Then Paul jumped off the bed and into Jeff’s arms. The sheets fell. Their heads met. They awkwardly kissed. Paul, whose dick had had time to soften, grew hard again at the presence of Jeff’s naked body so close to him. He started to rub his erection against Jeff, his hands all over Jeff’s backside. It unsettled Jeff, who said, “Ok, Paul, that’s enough. We kissed. That’s it. Stop.”

But Paul didn’t. They both fell on Jeff’s bed, where Paul pinned him down. Jeff kept protesting, but Paul was strong. “I can’t resist...” he said. “You’re naked... I must touch you... Can’t control...”

As interesting as this sight was, it was John that Gary wanted. Right now. But Paul and Jeff’s struggle was getting a little out of hand. Gar y sighed and said:

“Paul, go back on your bed and jerk it off. Leave Jeff alone for now.”

Paul let go of Jeff and spread his back on the bed. He began to quickly stroke his huge hard cock. Jeff was wiping his body with a sheet, his face almost in tears.

“For two easily disgusted persons, they’re not exactly discreet,” said Gary to John.

“I guess so, sir,” said John, looking up at him.

“There’s no need for you to be shy either, is there?”

“I guess not, sir,” said John, his gaze growing more intense.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Stand up and take off these briefs. You’ve been wanting to show me your cock for a long time.”

“Yes, sir. That’s right, sir.”

John stood up in front of Gary and pulled his briefs down, a pleased look on his face. His cock hung loose, inviting, long and thin, below a patch of dark blond hair similar to the one that covered his legs with light fuzz.

Gary was hesitating now. This was the forbidden fruit. Gary knew that once he had his mouth wrapped around it, he would lose all his willpower to play hero with the drug. He would fall into the depths of addiction.

“Do you like it?” asked John innocently. “I’ve been looking forward to show it to you.”

“Yes, John,’ said Gary, breathing deeply. “I really do like it. I like it a lot.”

Gary looked up at John’s face. Yesterday, that angel had barely nodded to him, had ignored him, had been french-kissing a girl. Now, he was standing there, nude, smiling, seeking Gary’s approval of his cock. All because of some blue powder.

Gary moved his hand towards John’s balls. But before he grabbed them, the bathroom door opened, and Sean came out, his torso bare and wearing a pair of jeans. When he saw the scene before him, he froze instantly, in a state of shock.

“What are you all doing?” he said, stuttering.

Gary had totally forgotten about him! But it didn’t matter: he would make a welcome addition to the group, wouldn’t he? The drug in the showerhead would make sure of that. Gary was looking forward to have some fun with Sean, who had been so rude to him yesterday.

“Sean, take off your jeans and join us,” he said invitingly.

“What are you, nuts? Are you the one responsible for this? A little orgy? I can’t believe you guys went along with this...”

Gary, startled, started to get nervous. For some reason, Sean was not drugged. The two glasses were empty now, their contents still glistening over John and Paul’s chests. There was no way to get him drugged now; the flask was in Gary’s room!

Then, without warning, someone punched him.

“He,” said John, “what the fuck did you do that for?”

It was Jeff who had struck Gary, defiant despite his nakedness.

“I’m sorry, you fucking pervert, but whatever hold you had on me is gone.”