The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 6: Snapshots

[Fantasy guest stars: Jeremy Jordan as Nick, Kyle Alisharan as Kyle, and Scott Vickaryous as Scott]

Mallory was frantically trying to make sense of the defenses in Scott’s mental algorithms, but the jock was particularly well protected. Meanwhile, he and Kyle were seriously into their game of strip basketball. Scott successfully evaded Kyle, tried a hoop and missed. Kyle took hold of the ball, and after a few feints, threw a successful basket.

Scott looked at him defiantly: “So what am I supposed to take off?”

“Your choice,” said Kyle, catching his breath.

“I’d take off a shoe, but that would affect my game. I guess it’ll have to be the shirt.”

He stripped off his blue shirt, and threw it outside the court. Mallory looked up to check out Scott’s finally exposed chest. He noticed a tattoo on his right arm. Could it be a lead? He cross-referenced the instances of the concept ‘tattoo’ in Scott’s mind.

The game went on, and this time it was Kyle who had to take something off. “I prefer to keep my shirt a bit longer,” he said, “so I give you a free shot: two shoes instead of one.” He popped off his running shoes, pushed them away, and ran to the center of the court in his white socks.

Here is something, thought Mallory. He examined the results of his search of Scott’s memories. Last year, it seemed, Scott was working at a gas station and there was this older man, Grant, a tough guy whom Scott found cool. Scott decided to emulate him and to bolster his tough guy image, and he went to a parlor to get a tattoo similar to Grant’s. Could be useful.

Kyle had already lost his socks, and his black tank top was all sweaty. The two jocks had intense looks, their eyes alternating their focus strictly between each other, the basket, and the ball. Scott threw another successful basket. Frowning, Kyle peeled off his sweaty shirt, used it to rub off sweat from his face and chest, and threw it in Mallory’s direction.

Mallory started when the black tank top landed in his field of view. He took a moment off his analysis to contemplate Kyle’s tanned upper body. It was more finely chiseled than Scott’s, and smoother—Scott had thin patches of hair between his pecs and around his belly button. Mallory couldn’t keep his eyes off Kyle’s muscles as they waved all over his back and chest. He scored a magnificent basket, which Scott rewarded only with a pop of a single running shoe.

Mallory went back to his dissection of Scott’s prudery interrupt. He realized the interrupt had spread all over Scott’s mind, like a virus. This guy never showers publicly, locks the doors whenever he has to change his underwear... Well, better see it as a challenge.

When his attention got back to the two athletes, he was happy to notice that they were both barefoot now. Kyle glanced at Mallory, and, although a bit embarrassed by Mallory’s stare, slid his red shorts off his lightly haired legs. He was wearing black briefs underneath, and they hugged his ass and package tightly.

Being so close to losing gave him a kick however, and ten seconds later, he managed to score. He looked at Scott with a victorious smile; Scott frowned, eyeing Mallory hesitantly. “I’m not sure it’s such a good idea anymore,” he said, “this guy will think we’re crazy.”

* * *

From his comfortable position on the bay window couch, Gary scanned Nick’s bedroom as the gorgeous blond computer expert moved to the Asian rug in its center. Over a massive oak chest, Gary spotted a wooden bust of a male African man, as well as, for some reason, a camera. It was obviously an expensive camera, worth a few weeks of Gary’s salary. Gary was starting to become envious of Nick, who had succeeded so young—he looked barely twenty—at things Gary had never even attempted.

“Do you like my upper body?” said Nick, who now stood facing Gary, his bare chest dripping with drugged water, his arms folded, smiling a white row of perfect teeth. “I try to work on my arms and shoulders, and also my abs and pecs, everyday at the gym.”

“They’re fantastic,” said Gary, returning the smile sincerely. “And I bet just standing there, without your shirt on, with me watching and liking what I see, makes you very horny.”

Gary’s eyes became more lustful instantly. His hand moved towards his crotch as a reflex, as if he was resisting the urge to rub it. “Yeah, I guess,” he said. “It’s weird. I never admitted it to myself before, but thinking about you looking at my bare chest... Fuck! I’m getting a hard-on...” He laughed nervously as Gary checked out the growing bump in his jeans. “Fuck! I can’t believe I’m actually telling you I’m getting a hard-on from your watching me. I’d never thought I’d admit something like that. But I feel, you know, intimate with you.”

“As if you could share with me your most intimate secrets? As if you could expose yourself to me with no inhibitions?”

“Yeah, I guess. That’s exactly it.”

“Good, Nick. I appreciate your trust in me. What’s this?” he asked, pointing to the camera.

“A digital camera. I use it sometimes to create pictures for my web sites.”

Gary rose from his seat and fetched the camera. “How does it work?”

“Like a regular camera,” said Nick, breathing heavily and shifting his position, trying to find one to accommodate his extreme hard-on, “except that it has no film, and the pictures can be transferred to a computer quite easily.”

Gary studied the camera for a minute: it seemed simple enough to operate. An idea came to him. He took a snapshot of Nick.

“What are you doing Gary?” asked Nick, suddenly concerned. “I never liked having my picture taken, especially not when I’m half-naked and... well, too big for my jeans.”

“But these will be for my eyes only,” said Gary. “In fact, I have a feeling you’d enjoy it if I took pictures of you stripping for me. Just the thought that I’ll use them to look at your body whenever I please must make you horny as hell!”

Nick considered that for a moment, his face lighting up with anticipation. His hand was ‘accidentally’ rubbing against his crotch more and more often now.

“You’re right, Gary,” he said as if he could no longer hold it in. “Take pictures of me as I strip for you, please! Just thinking you’ll look at my body whenever you feel like it makes me so hot!”

* * *

“It’s a bit late to change your mind,” said Kyle, “now that my shorts are off! Come on, coward!”

Kyle suddenly pulled on Scott’s black shorts, taking down Scott’s underwear with it, and Mallory saw the top of Scott’s ass in a flash before he angrily pulled his boxerbriefs back up. Yet, he let Kyle finish lowering his shorts to his ankles, and he stepped out of them.

“This is embarrassing,” he said, adjusting his blue CK boxerbriefs , the only clothes he had left.

“Wasn’t that the point in the first place? At least you’re not wearing briefs!”

Mallory had a sudden idea and started to explore the two jocks’ minds once again. It was difficult for him to concentrate: he kept looking at them as they played an intense game in their underwear. It took a full five minutes for Scott to finally score the winning basket. Kyle, disappointed, was striking an invisible opponent with his fists.

The two moved towards a chaise-longue next to Mallory, and Scott, smiling gloriously, lay down over it on his belly. Kyle sat on the edge of the bench next to him, and started rubbing Scott’s shoulders awkwardly.

Meanwhile, Mallory had found the weakness he was looking for. He typed for a while in Mindscape, then watched the two jocks blink in unison as they downloaded a few new alterations to their mental patterns...

* * *

Nick took off his footwear and started to slowly unbutton the top of his jeans, partly exposing the white material of his underwear, as Gary took snapshots as fast the camera would allow.

Then Nick stood with his arms behind his back, flexing his muscular arms and shoulders, an innocent smile on his face. His jeans were still up but they were unzipped; through the V-shape opening, his white boxers were swollen with his huge boner, which threatened to poke out at the next movement he made.

“Every time I use the camera,” Gary said, “it means I’ll have another picture of you to look at. I guess each time you hear it snap, it makes you even more aroused than before. You might even lose all your self-control.”

With that said, Gary took another snapshot. Nick moaned, inserting his hands between his jeans and underwear. “God, I feel so hot. I don’t remember feeling so horny before.”

Snap. Nick flung his head backwards with a deep moan. His jeans slid down to his ankles, revealing his slender, slightly fuzzy legs. Gary started to circle him, to take pictures from all angles. Snap. Snap. Snap. Nick moaned louder, tears coming out of his eyes, and stepped out of his jeans. His erection had finally popped out of his boxers, long and uncut.

Snap. Snap. Nick started to shake. “This... is so int... intense...,” he said, breathing heavily. He tried to slide off his boxers, which were getting stuck in his hard-on “Fuck... why can’t I get rid of these?” Snap. Snap. He yelled and ripped off his boxers—snap!—while turning around to show Gary his ass. As he spread open his thick butt cheeks, he said: “Gary... next time you take a picture... I think I won’t be able to control what I do!”

* * *

Mallory watched with keen interest as Kyle started to massage Scott’s shoulders and back. Scott’s breathing became louder, deeper. He took an embarassed glance at Mallory, then his eyes glazed over and he closed them. Mallory smiled.

He had discovered that their epidermal neural pathways happened to be extremely developed, and he had infected their minds with a temporary virus which gradually reprogrammed their sense of touch, amplifying it and linking it directly to their pleasure centers. Now the more they’d touch each other, the more aroused, and the least conscious of their surroundings, they’d get.

Kyle straddled Scott’s legs, which made his briefs slide a bit down, exposing the top of his butt crack. It was crowned by a tiny patch of dark hair. Kyle started to massage Scott’s lower back.

Mallory stood up and grabbed Kyle’s sweaty shirt from the ground. He then walked closer to the two jocks, while smelling the musky aroma of Kyle’s sweat. They seemed oblivious to him, their minds too involved with overpowering sensations. Kyle had moved down Scott’s legs, and when he started to massage his thighs, Scott let out a little moan; Kyle himself breathed deeper, and closed his eyes. Mallory started to stroke their backs, and they shifted under his touch.

“What are you doing?” whispered Kyle, but he kept his eyes shut and did not say anything else.

* * *

Gary refrained briefly from taking another picture, and lowered his khakis and boxers to start to jerk off at the sight before him: Nick, completely nude now, exposing his butthole to him. He had turned the rude successful straight Adonis into his personal stripper and model.

He grabbed the camera again. “Smile for the camera!” he said.

Nick turned his head towards him: “No, please!” but it was too late. Snap. Snap. Snap. Nick started to twist around, his whole body shaking violently. He snatched his hard cock and started to masturbate wildly, then let himself drop on the edge of his bed. He was silent, except for his breathing, fast and noisy. Gary knelt before him and started to lick Nick’s balls, still holding his camera. He positioned it to take a close-up of the action. Snap. Snap.

“Suck my cock, please!” yelled Nick, grabbing Gary’s head and guiding it towards his cock.

* * *

Mallory was licking Kyle’s nipples, and rubbing Scott’s ass through his boxerbriefs. Kyle’s dick bulged within his briefs, the tip of it sticking out above the waistband with a drop of pre-cum shining over it. Scott turned around on his back, his eyes still closed. His hard dick jutted upwards in his underwear, and a dark wet spot appeared in the center of his boxerbriefs at the apex.

Kyle lowered himself on top of Scott, and they started to rub their bodies together, moaning in ecstasy. Mallory heard a noise from not too far away. Someone was coming towards the court.

* * *

Gary wrapped his mouth around the arrogant rich blonde’s cock hungrily, his nose rubbing against the golden patch of pubic hair. With each suck, his previous reservations about using the drug were melting away. It took only a minute or two for Nick to come in Gary’s mouth, and as he swallowed, Gary blessed the unbelievable luck which had put the drug in his possession. Then he felt a blow to the back of his head, and fell to the floor, unconscious.