The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Don’t Fight It”

“C’mere,” Dawn heard Laura whisper from the hallway. She looked up to see the dark-haired Caucasian woman beckoning to her, a secretive smile dimpling her ruddy cheeks. “I’ve got something so cool to show you.” Laura’s hazel eyes sparkled with excitement as she punctuated the words with a few insistent nods in the direction of her office, just in case it was somehow possible that Dawn missed the implications of her words, and she practically bounced on her feet as if her body couldn’t quite wait to get moving.

With a familiar sigh of amused exasperation, Dawn levered herself out of her chair and locked her computer screen. She knew what this was about—it was a rare day when Laura didn’t come back from her lunchtime walk with some little find she was enthusiastic over, from a little tree frog that she managed to coax off the bark of an elm to a baby garter snake to a particularly vivid pink flower she spotted just off the path. It wasn’t exactly the sort of thing that Dawn went gaga over the way her nature-loving co-worker did, but Dawn knew she’d never get anything done until she followed Laura down the hall and made a few interested noises over the latest find.

“So what is it today?” Dawn asked, closing her office door behind her and following Laura down the hall. “Did you find the last passenger pigeon or something?” She couldn’t help teasing Laura just a little—the older woman was always telling Dawn that she’d feel so much better and more energetic and filled with zest for life if she only joined Laura on her daily walks, but Dawn enjoyed relaxing with a good book too much to give up her lunch hour tromping down to the nearby wilderness reserve and back. Giving Laura some good-natured teasing helped underscore Dawn’s firm commitment to indolence.

Besides, Dawn didn’t feel like she had anything to apologize for, just because she didn’t fit into the ‘willowy Asian’ stereotype. She knew plenty of guys who liked a woman who was a little bit plush in the right places, and if they didn’t mind that she had the palate of a hummingbird and preferred lounging in bed to long walks, then Laura could dang well get used to it too.

Not that the other woman seemed to notice the teasing. “Even better,” Laura said, seemingly propelled down the hallway by her own anticipation. “Oh, just wait until you see it!” She flung open the door to her office and ushered Dawn inside, pointing to something on the desk that looked like a bundled-up old jacket. She closed the door behind them and darted past Dawn, pulling aside the loose cloth to reveal something smooth and white and perfectly round.

Dawn looked at it quizzically. “Is that an egg?” she asked, approaching the desk slowly while peering at the mystery object. It looked too big and round to be an egg, but Dawn remembered seeing a nature documentary that said that eggs came in all sorts of shapes and sizes based on the nesting habits of the bird and stuff. Maybe this was a crane egg, or an egret? It looked big—Dawn was pretty sure her hands would barely fit around it if she picked it up. Maybe it belonged to a heron? Dawn suddenly hoped that whatever it came from didn’t have a maternal instinct. Anything that could lay an egg that size probably wouldn’t have any trouble breaking a window with its beak.

“That was what I thought, too,” Laura said from behind Dawn, her voice tinged ever so slightly with smug satisfaction. “But when I got closer to it, I realized it was something so much more special.” There was a strange quality to her words that set Dawn’s hackles on edge, without exactly knowing why; it was that kind of low-key fanaticism that people got when they were trying to sell you on some shitty new nutrition supplement, or explaining the benefits of Scientology. That next step beyond enthusiasm into full-on obsession. It made Dawn a little nervous as she tentatively leaned in for a closer look at the not-egg.

“I dunno,” Dawn said warily. “Is it, like, made of quartz or something? Because I—ut.” Dawn felt the words dry up into an inarticulate grunt as the orb suddenly burst into a vibrant display of colors that practically dragged her eyeballs down into the swirling depths of the object. She gripped the edge of the desk as a sudden wave of vertigo washed over her, forcing her to lean heavily on the solid oak for support.

Dawn tried to ask Laura what the hell was going on, what she was looking at, what was happening to her all of a sudden and why her gaze seemed to be inexplicably magnetized to the mysterious orb in front of her, but all that escaped her lips was another mumbled yelp of confusion. “Guh?” Dawn blurted out, trying to control her body and her mouth and her eyes and failing at all three.

“Ssh, shh, it’s okay,” Laura cooed softly, coming up behind Dawn and gently petting her back. “It’s okay. Don’t try to fight it. It’s so much better when you stop resisting and let it inside your mind, Dawn. You wouldn’t be able to resist anyway, so why try?” Laura’s fingers smoothed back Dawn’s long black hair, stroking it as the orb continued its implacable pull on Dawn’s gaze. The colors flowed endlessly inward, creating an optical illusion of bottomless depth that seemed to swallow Dawn’s mind more and more as she stared deeper and deeper. It felt like it was absolutely impossible to look away. Within moments, Dawn stopped even trying.

“Wh—I—whhuhhh?” Dawn managed to murmur, through lips that felt numb and nerveless. “Uuuuh?” She felt wave after wave of dizziness pounding away at her senses, stronger and stronger until all she could do was rest her weight on the desk and hold perfectly still. It didn’t feel unpleasant, though. On the contrary, it was the kind of giddy sensation that Dawn sometimes got when her sinus medication started to kick in, or back when she was in college doing a little pot with her boyfriend. As if just staring at the orb got her lightly stoned.

“I know,” Laura purred, her hand roaming over Dawn’s back as the younger woman continued to gaze helplessly into the swirling colors. “I felt just the same way when it happened to me. You’re very confused right now, Dawn, but the Coordinator will give you all the answers you need, I promise. Once you stop struggling and let it into your mind, you’ll never be confused about anything again.”

“I...” Dawn didn’t think she was struggling, but as she watched the endless tunnel of light suck her thoughts down and down and down into those impossible depths, she felt some part of her that she hadn’t even been aware of before now beginning to relax. It was as if there was a muscle in her mind that had been clenched so long that she never even realized it could unclench, and the orb was stroking it gently until the tension melted out of it and something... slipped inside. “Ohhhh...” she whispered softly, feeling a tendril of alien thought push deeper and deeper into her will.

“That’s it,” Laura said, her voice now filled completely with that same devotion that Dawn had noticed traces of earlier. She stroked her way down Dawn’s ass, down Dawn’s thighs, her fingers curling in the fabric of Dawn’s skirt and slowly pulling it up. “It feels so good now, doesn’t it? All you want to do is just relax your will, more and more, and let it fill you with pleasure. With purpose. With meaning.”

Dawn nodded absently, her jaw going slack as she stared deeper and deeper into the orb and let her mind accommodate the intruding tendril of thought. She felt a surge of warm, dizzy euphoria flow into her as she relaxed her mental muscles more and more, feeling it push into her further and further with every passing moment. Her body felt almost like an afterthought in the face of the orb’s mental manipulation, an abstract concept that held less and less meaning compared to the sensual communion she was experiencing... but then Laura knelt down behind Dawn and pulled her panties aside to expose her pussy, and Dawn’s attention was quite thoroughly grabbed. “Wha?” she gasped, almost managing a complete sentence in her surprise.

“Sssh, sshh,” Laura said softly, her breath tickling the inside of Dawn’s thighs as she hushed the dazed, helpless woman in front of her. “Don’t fight it. Just let the pleasure fill your mind and body while you surrender to the Coordinator. It’s so good to submit, Dawn... and the bliss you’re feeling now is only the beginning.” She leaned in, parting Dawn’s labia with her fingers, and began to slowly, sensuously nuzzle Dawn’s slick cunt.

Dawn’s eyes rolled back in her head involuntarily as she felt Laura’s tongue slide deeper and deeper into her soaking cunt, flicking over her clit with practiced precision before pushing down the slick channel between her pussy lips. “Wha, I, why?” she moaned, astonishment almost lending a moment of clarity to her thoughts. She never knew that Laura was into women before, but the confidence that her friend brought to cunnilingus removed any doubts that this was a new thing. Dawn had never been eaten out like this before in her life. It would be the most astonishing thing that had ever happened to her, if not for the competition currently mind-fucking her as thoroughly as Laura was tongue-fucking her.

“Mmmmm, so many reasons,” Laura moaned, the vibrations carrying through Dawn’s flesh and making Dawn’s legs quake with desire. She continued speaking, punctuating every sentence with another long, lascivious lick at Dawn’s dripping pussy. “Because you’re so much easier to program when you’re distracted. Because pleasure saps your will and melts your resistance. Because I’ve been wanting to do this for years, and the Coordinator promised me that I could have you. Because... mmmmmmm... because you taste fucking delicious, Dawn. Especially when the Coordinator is fucking your mind into compliance and it’s making you so. Fucking. Wet.”

“I—unnnnh!” Dawn whimpered, her eyelids fluttering as the simultaneous waves of mental and physical pleasure hammered her at once. The colors took on new shape and form in front of her, her mind’s eye suddenly bombarded with images beyond her comprehension. She saw alien worlds, not just other planets but realities that her senses weren’t even equipped to understand. She saw a war, fought with weapons that her mind simply couldn’t conceptualize, in a place so far removed from Earth that she could travel the whole universe and never find it. She witnessed a battle, a battle that ripped a hole in the other existence and sent something hurtling through the void between dimensions to crash here.

“I, I don’t... hhhhh... hhhhow?” Dawn gasped, her face contorting in bewilderment as she tried to comprehend the alien thoughts infusing her brain. A thousand thousand strategies and tactics poured into her mind, each one relying on a set of physical laws that Dawn couldn’t begin to understand. She could feel her sanity slowly straining, the sea of pleasure she floated in the only thing that stood between her and total mental collapse. Her jaw hung open, slack and drooling, as the visions threatened to crush her very sense of self.

And then she heard Laura saying, “You’re struggling again, dear,” offering Dawn a lifeline away from the terrifying and incomprehensible alien concepts and back to solid reality. “Don’t try to understand it, don’t try to think about it; just accept. Just submit. Focus on the pleasure and let your mind become what the Coordinator wills it to be.” Her mouth returned to Dawn’s cunt, laving away at the slick flesh, but Dawn had already surrendered to the truth of her words. Thinking would only break her mind now. All she could do was obey.

As the visions slowly faded into blank, numb compliance, Dawn shuddered as one orgasm after another wracked her mind and body. She felt the vast power of the Coordinator fucking her will, pushing deeper and deeper into her mind like a cock that never ended. She felt Laura’s sure, confident tongue, finding exactly the right spot to send Dawn from one quivering climax to the next. She knew she was moaning, whimpering, desperately urging without words for her lovers to fuck her into total obedience, but she couldn’t make herself think about it. She couldn’t make herself think about anything. All she could do was cum and submit.

The pleasure flowed on and on, pulling Dawn’s mind deeper and deeper into docile emptiness as she let herself become nothing more than a blank, obedient fucktoy while the Coordinator programmed her. She could feel her will being slowly rewritten as the ecstasy overwhelmed her, new directives imprinting themselves on the temporary tabula rasa inside her head while her brain simply shut down and accepted the self she was becoming. Dawn understood them on a level deeper than thought, new instincts to serve the Coordinator that she submitted to completely. RETRENCH. RECRUIT. REINFORCE. They were a part of her now, as intimate as breathing.

“Retrench. Recruit. Reinforce,” Dawn mumbled, her jaw hanging loose, her eyes unseeing. She understood perfectly now. The Coordinator didn’t know where it was any more than Dawn knew where it came from, but it was determined to survive in unfamiliar and potentially hostile territory. It would create a new base on this world, and a new army to protect it until it could find a way back to the war. Dawn’s mind, and the mind of her species, was malleable and programmable. She would assist it in finding a safe place to grow its forces, and in recruiting new slaves to serve it. She didn’t need to think about these things, or question them any longer. They were her new meaning. Her new purpose. Her ultimate pleasure.

Dawn slowly collapsed to the floor, her body still shaking as the aftershocks of bliss washed over her.

* * *

With a sigh of exhaustion, Lucinda shut down her computer and rose wearily to her feet, grabbing her jacket from the chair behind her and heading for the door. Billable hours were always a good thing, but she was more than ready to put the office behind her for one day. She decided to treat herself to a nice dinner, maybe even a movie. Just a little something to make her feel more like a human being again, and less like a—

Lucinda gasped in shock as she opened her office door to find Dawn and Laura standing right outside it, smiling as though they’d been waiting there for hours just to see the look of surprise on her face. “We have something to show you,” they said in perfect unison, holding up something in front of Lucinda’s face that looked a bit like a giant turtle egg. “Something so cool.”

Lucinda furrowed her brow. “What are you two—ut,” she managed to say. Then the colors took her.