The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Don’t Speak”

“I mean it,” Lori said, gesturing slightly to emphasize the gun in her hand. “Say one word, just one, and I swear to God, I’m putting a bullet right between your eyes.”

Thankfully, Derek didn’t say anything. Lori was so scared she wasn’t sure if she was bluffing or not, but she didn’t want to find out whether or not she could pull the trigger. Derek didn’t force the issue, but he didn’t seem worried, either. He just stood there, looking at her impassively. A little too impassively, to be honest. The way he stared at was like she didn’t have the gun at all, like she was just a crazy girl who’d wandered into his office. He just kept looking at her with perhaps the tiniest hint of disdain in his eyes. Lori reached behind her and locked the door.

“There,” she said, hoping she sounded tough and suave, like Dirty Harry or something. “Now we can have a nice private chat.” She gestured slightly with the gun. “Have a seat.” Still without any sign of a crack in that unnerving calm, Derek sat down in his executive chair. “I know I was scheduled to report to you for ‘special training’ tomorrow, but I thought I’d just jump the gun a bit...” She realized the unintentional pun, and caught herself in a hysterical giggle.

Derek didn’t say anything, but he did raise an eyebrow for a moment. Then he lowered it again. He leaned back in his chair, looking for all the world like he had the upper hand. Lori realized her hand was shaking a little, the gun slick and sweaty in her grip. It felt heavy, heavier than she’d thought it would. This was her first time holding a gun, and she hoped it would be her last.

“I thought it’d be a good idea to talk to you privately before starting your ‘special training’, Derek, because I can’t help but notice that the girls who’ve been training with you, well...oh, I’m sure you’d say they were more friendly, now. More approachable.” Derek just sat there, tapping his fingers in a slow, measured rhythm on the arm of his chair. Tap tap tap. Tap tap tap. “But that’s why I’m doing all the talking, Derek, and you’re not.”

She slipped into the chair opposite his desk, and sat down. It felt nice and soft, very expensive—they’d all been a little surprised that Derek had just been hired straight into such a nice position, complete with a corner office and the funds to decorate it however he liked. But that didn’t seem so surprising now. “Because I don’t trust you. I mean, none of us ever trusted you, Derek. You were always an oily bastard, and we all figured you must have some kind of hold on Ms Plimpton to get this job to begin with, but I really don’t trust you now.”

Tap tap tap. Tap tap tap. He never stopped, never changed the rhythm. He never looked away from her. Lori wasn’t sure if he even blinked. “I’ll admit, I probably should have noticed sooner.” She realized she was rambling a little, but he was throwing her off with the way he was so damned calm about the whole thing. She’d thought that maybe she would come in here, he’d see the gun, and he’d...break down, maybe. Start sobbing. Admit his guilt...except that she’d have shot him if he’d said anything. Wouldn’t she?

“But you made a good choice, starting with Staci. Half of us thought she was a fucking slut anyway. When you announced that she’d be attending ‘special customer service training’, well...we all just thought it was a euphemism for ‘fucking me in the office for an hour every morning’.” Lori switched the gun to her other hand for a moment and wiped the sweat from her palm onto her blouse.

“So when Staci came out of your office every day with a stupid grin on her face, we didn’t think twice. When she started wearing higher and higher skirts, we just bitched about how unfair it was that she could get away with anything because she was fucking Ms Plimpton’s office pet. I didn’t even notice for a while that she’d stopped bringing in crossword puzzles and started bringing in Harlequin romances, because fuck, it wasn’t like I talked much with Staci anyway.” Lori tried to steady her breathing, calm her jangling nerves. But the calmer, the more impassive Derek seemed, the more nervous she got. She just wanted to find something to crack that calm veneer, say something that would prove that she knew it all and that he was in deep shit now.

“But when Ms Plimpton started dyeing her hair? That was when I started to think something was wrong. I didn’t know what, I thought maybe she and Staci were jealous of each other, but...but why over you? You’re not exactly a looker.” She half-hoped he’d flinch at that, but he just kept tapping his fingers. Tap tap tap. Tap tap tap. She looked down at his hand, at the gaudy ring he wore. Tap tap tap. Tap tap tap.

“And then you started in on ‘special training’ with Gina. And I knew you couldn’t be fucking Gina. She was practically a nun. But every day, she walked out of your office with that same stupid grin Staci wore—and Staci, she was smiling like that practically non-stop by then. Chewing gum on the job, giggling like a schoolgirl and flirting with all her clients...of course, she’s a natural blonde. You didn’t need to make her dye it.”

Lori jabbed the gun at him just a little. “Because it was you, wasn’t it? Don’t answer that,” she said quickly. “It’s a rhetorical question.” He didn’t answer, though. He didn’t even clear his throat to answer. He just sat there, tapping his fingers. Tap tap tap. Tap tap tap. The ring glittered with every motion of his hand. She had a sudden irrational urge to scream at him, to tell him to stop tapping his fingers, but she controlled it. She was in control here. She had him just where she wanted him.

“When Gina walked in with her new manicure, I knew something was up. Pink fingernails? Bleach-blonde hair? You might as well have tattooed your name on her ass.” For all Lori knew, he did. She pictured it for a moment, Derek signing each girl with his name, marking them as his. Lori shivered. “But I still didn’t know what. I just knew that all the girls were changing, becoming...” She trailed off as she tried to put it into words.

All she could really get was a succession of images. Ms Plimpton, handing out gym memberships to every girl at the office to help them ‘get trim and slim’. Gina, talking to a client over the phone like she didn’t even care about who heard her, moaning, “Oh, God, you’re turning me on, I’ve got my hand down my panties and three fingers in my twat,” and the smell of sex everywhere in the office as it became clear she wasn’t just saying it. Lori walking past a vacant conference room and hearing gasps and grunts, putting her eye to the crack in the door and spotting Staci being fucked from both ends by two of their long-term clients, taking a cock in her mouth and another in her cunt and clearly loving every second of it.

Lori realized she’d been sitting there for almost a full minute, just staring at that glittering ring, listening to that slow, insistent rhythm and remembering the way that all the girls were turning ino sex-crazed sluts. She noticed that her breathing had slowed, matching Derek’s calm, deep breaths. She noticed that the chair really was very, very comfortable. She jerked her eyes away from the ring, blinking furiously as she glared at him. “Whatever it is you’re doing,” she said, trying to disguise the sudden wavery quality to her voice, “stop it. I still have the gun.”

He didn’t react at all. He just kept staring at her, the expression on his face speaking volumes. He wasn’t afraid of that gun. He wasn’t afraid of her. Whatever power there was in this situation, it didn’t come from the gun; it came from him and the mysterious hold he seemed to have over every woman in the office. Lori didn’t know what he’d done, how he’d done it. She couldn’t protect herself from it. She’d been a fool to come here. Derek blinked, and Lori blinked right along with him.

“It was...” She tried to put the steel back in her voice, get some of that Dirty Harry feeling back. But the gun just felt so heavy, and she was so worried, and she didn’t want to look away from him for fear he might do something but she felt like he was doing something to her as she watched and she couldn’t look away and she couldn’t close her eyes and suddenly her eyes felt so heavy as she started worrying that if she let her eyes close, he’d do something to her, and the more she tried not to think about her eyes closing, the more she did think about it until it was all she could think about, and the tapping seemed to be slowing down, or maybe it was her that was slowing down, and she wasn’t even sure anymore...

She tried to speak. Her voice sounded slurred. “It was Daisy. When she went in for ‘special training’. I listened. I listened outside your office, nobody cared, they were all off fucking our clients to keep them happy because nobody did any work anymore except me and Daisy and she was going in for ‘special training’.

“And I knew that was where you were doing things to the girls, making them...” Making them suck and fuck, turning them into horny bimbos who wanted nothing more than to look pretty, keep fit, and screw anything that moved. None of them even tried to think anymore, none of them read anything deeper than ‘People’ magazine, and when they weren’t fucking the clients, they were fucking each other. They weren’t even hiding it anymore. Lori had come in to work to find Ms Plimpton under Gina’s desk, licking out her twat while Gina threw back her head and howled in ecstasy... “Making them yours. So I listened.”

Derek still didn’t react. He still just watched her with that same imperious gaze, as though she was telling the story at his request. No, not request. Derek didn’t look like he ‘requested’ anything. At his command. “And I heard you talking to Daisy. Telling her to look deeply into your eyes. Telling her to watch you very carefully, to just sink into the chair and let her body relax. Telling her how important it was to pay attention to you, to listen to your every word and accept it.”

The tapping was so slow now, Lori felt like everything in the world was slowing down to match it. Tap. “You told her she was...getting sleepy, eyelids getting...heavy...” Tap. “You said just listen, relax, sink deeper...” Tap. “You said...more you relax, better you feel...” Tap. “More you relax...more you want to relax...” Tap. “More you want to relax...sleepier you get...” Tap.

It wasn’t just her eyes now, or the gun. Everything felt heavy. Her arms, her legs, her head, like gravity was pressing down on her with more intensity every second. She couldn’t stop the overheard conversation playing itself out in her head, but her jaw felt too slack and her mind felt too sleepy to do more than recite a few key words. “Sleepy,” she whispered. “Deep...obey, must obey...”

She felt the gun slip out of her hand. It was too heavy to hold anyway. She wanted to look for where it fell, just in case she needed to grab it quickly, but it felt impossible to look away from Derek’s eyes now. They filled her whole world. Lori was dimly aware of her whole body slumping bonelessly into the chair, her head sinking into the headrest like it was the world’s softest, most comfortable pillow, but her whole attention was consumed with keeping her eyes open just a little bit longer, holding onto just a shred of willpower in the face of Derek’s total, all-consuming authority.

Derek stood up. It was hard to keep her eyes locked on him when she had to look up, her head was too heavy to move and her eyes just kept rolling back in her head and that made her feel even dizzier, even sleepier, even more obedient. She caught herself wondering what she’d look like as a blonde.

Derek walked around the desk, stood right over her. She noticed in her peripheral vision that his cock was rock-hard, bulging in his pants. She remembered hearing Daisy chant a mantra, and she couldn’t quite remember the words right now but she felt a little trickle of drool at the corner of her mouth as she imagined sucking on Derek’s cock. She thought for a second that she remembered hearing slurping sounds that day as Daisy did exactly that, but then it became too hard to think at all.

Derek spoke. In the hush of the office after hours, it seemed to fill her whole head. He said, “Good girl. Sink all the way down for me, now.”

Lori tried to summon up some last effort, find some words to tell Derek he wouldn’t get away with this, that she’d fight him, that she’d shoot him if she had to, once she summoned up enough energy to find the gun, that she didn’t want to be turned into a horny little bimbo slut like all the other girls, didn’t want her mind to leak out and soak her panties like Daisy as her cunt got hot and damp and tingly with lust and the need, the absolute need to be fucked that slowly pushed everything else out of her mind leaving only that soft, dreamy heat that made her such a hot, obedient slut for Master. But all that came out was, “I...”

“Shh, now,” Derek said, putting his finger to her lips. Lori’s mind stilled completely, her eyes slid all the way shut. “Don’t speak.”