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The Doodad




When I woke the next morning, I was alone. I’d expected as much, but it was still kind of disappointing. As if to distract me from my melancholy, my mind chose that moment to notice that my watch, the one I’d been frantically trying to find the previous morning, was on my nightstand where I usually left it. At the time, I assumed it must have been there all along.

In the driver’s seat of my car, as I was making sure everything was just so, as I like to before setting off to work, I discovered that my driving glasses weren’t in the cubby the manufacturers thoughtfully provided to keep them in. Once I’m at the “in the car” stage, I really don’t have any time to turn my place upside down looking for things, so I rooted around until I found an old pair of prescription sunglasses in the back of the glove compartment. It was a sunny day, so I blessed my good fortune and set off.

At work I kept thinking of Jenny. Sooner or later we’d see each other again: meetings like Monday’s were fairly regular occurrences. Would I be able to keep my cool? Would she? Was she regretting what we’d done last night? Just as I decided that I had no choice but to defer worrying about these questions, as I had no answers to them, my boss put his head around the door to his office:

“Hey, Tony!”

“Yeah, boss?”

“You usually go down to Hatton Plaza in your lunch hour, right?”


“OK, well, our beloved Mr. Standish has decided that he needs the draft agreement delivered to him by one of my slaves, today.”

I blanched visibly. Fortunately, there was a misinterpretation ready to hand, and my boss grasped it.

“Don’t worry, you won’t have to see him. No peons above the fourth floor, remember? Just get it to the building, OK?”

I took the envelope with visible relief that the boss only partly understood. I wasn’t ready to face Jenny yet.

* * *

I was on my way to run my assigned errand, hoping I could scurry in and out without incident and enjoy my sandwiches in the sunshine, when I heard a high and feminine voice behind me:

“Uh, excuse me?”

I turned to see if it was my attention that was being sought. As it turned out, it was, and being sought by a pocket-sized specimen of pulchritude. I was probably slightly delayed in responding, because the girl in question was adorable: she couldn’t have been much more than five feet tall, she had very dark brown hair down to her shoulders, and a very arresting combination of dark eyes with a pronounced epicanthic fold, plus full, almost bee-stung-looking lips that made me think thoughts that did me no credit at all. She was looking up at me with a wide-eyed expectancy which I found very cute.

“Yes?” I finally remembered to say.

“Could you tell me the way to the Meyer building?”

“Oh, sure, it’s right down there.” I pointed the way. “As a matter of fact, I’m headed there myself.”

“Cool, thanks!” She enthused as though I’d offered to pay off her mortgage. I smiled and nodded. As I turned to go, she hurriedly began to speak again.

“So, umm…”

I turned back around to make polite eye contact, and also to enjoy the view. Her suede jacket clung wonderfully to her tiny waist-line, showing off a surprising amount of curve to fit into such a small package.

“Do you work there?” she asked.

“No, but my company has a client who does. I’m just delivering something to him.”

“Cool,” she responded. “I’m headed there for an interview, myself.”

“Oh, well, good luck,” I said, for lack of anything better.

“Thanks!” She perked up again as though I’d handed her a check for five thousand dollars. Then, to my astonishment, she started walking beside me. She wasn’t actually holding on to my arm, but she was certainly close enough.

“I’m really hoping I’ll get the job, ’cause my college roommate, Jenny, she works in the same building, and I haven’t seen her in like, forever.”

By this point we were at the door of the building. I held the door open for her and tried to regain my composure.

“That wouldn’t be Jenny Bain, would it?” I wasn’t sure which answer I wanted to hear.

“Yeah! You know her?”

“Sure, the client I mentioned before? She’s his PA.”


As I went to the reception desk and made my delivery she hung back, only to resume the slightly one-sided flow of conversation as I turned to face her again.

“Jenny said she was only working a half-day today, so after the interview we’re gonna go some place and catch up.”

“That’s nice,” I said non-committally. “It’s always a shame when you lose touch with someone.”


There was an awkward pause, during which she continued to look unblinkingly and steadily up at me.

“Umm,” I broke it. “Don’t you have an interview to get to?”

“Oh, right! Earth to Tammy! I’m Tammy, by the way.”

I nodded. “Tony.”

“Hi, Tony!”

We shook hands. There was another awkward pause, but this time she was the one to break it, though with an air of infinite reluctance.

“So, I should probably…”

I nodded, and she turned to go, though her head seemed to lag about ten degrees behind the rotation of the rest of her body. I found it hard to believe, but she seemed to be trying to keep looking at me as long as possible. I turned away myself.

As I emerged from the building into the sunshine, I realized that in the shock of hearing that Tammy knew Jenny as we were entering the building, I’d forgotten to take off my sunglasses. I turned left, and headed to the Plaza to have my lunch.

The fundamental oddness of my encounter with Tammy stayed with me as a sort of daze as I found my way to my favorite bench at the south-east corner of Hatton Plaza. The sheer autopilot of it all soothed me, sitting down, getting my bag lunch out and people-watching as I munched my sandwiches, just like I do every work-day. At this time of year, when it’s hot, the people-watching part is, of course, all the more fun, but I still felt too preoccupied to properly enjoy all the extra feminine flesh on display. I don’t want to sound like I’ve got low self-esteem or anything, I’m just self-honest, so I knew perfectly well that for Tammy to find me as interesting as she’d seemed to was just, well, not right. And coming on the heels of my encounter with Jenny the day before, well…

I was just starting to think well, hey, I guess I’m just a lucky sumbitch when I heard a very familiar, and pertinent voice behind me:

“Hi, Tony!”

I turned around and, sure enough, it was Jenny. Tammy was with her. They were arm-in-arm.

“Uh, hi.”

“Mind if we join you?”

I just shook my head. Tammy was still giving me that same look. I was just glad I was sitting down. When she had to tilt her head up the look just seemed too… devoted. Which, even knowing the rest of what happened that day, still seems crazy to write.

The two beautiful girls sat down on the bench. I was expecting them to sit next to one another—there was certainly room—but instead they sat one either side of me. And now Tammy was looking up at me again. Jenny and I were closer to, um, seeing eye-to-eye, but her eyes were still decidedly more… vacant than I was used to seeing them.

“So,” I said, since they didn’t seem interested in doing more than enjoying a very particular view. “How did the interview go?”

“Great!” Tammy replied, and her face became animated for just a moment, then settled back down into more staring.

“That’s good.” I turned to Jenny: “So, Tammy told me you were planning on spending the afternoon together?”

“Yeah, about that,” she replied, suddenly looking a lot more thoughtful. “She told you we were roommates in college, right?”

I nodded.

“Well,” she continued, hesitantly. “There was… a bit more to it than that. You know what ‘BUG’ means?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Tammy was leaning forward. I turned back around, and it looked like she was about to overbalance, but as soon as I turned to see if she was OK she sat back again and smiled fetchingly. Jenny took my distracted lack of an answer for a negative.

“It stands for ‘bisexual until graduation’. That was me, pretty much. Tammy and I were… an item.”

It took a second for the gravamen of that statement to batter its way through the thick armor of discombobulation that was surrounding me at the time, but needless to say it made it in the end, at which point my head whipped around, and I took off my sunglasses so I could look Jenny in the eyes. The eyes in question flicked downwards, briefly, following the motion of my hand until the sunglasses hung limply in it at my side, then returned to mine, and the same cheeky half-smile I’d grown so familiar with the night before flashed across her face.

“Yeah, we’re planning on spending the afternoon a bit more ‘together’ than you probably had in mind.”

This was more like… well, if not the Jenny I knew, at least the Jenny I’d gotten to know the night before, so I felt up to responding in kind.

“Oh, you don’t want to know what I had in my mind.” I gave a leer.

She flicked her smile on to high beam, and suddenly it didn’t matter any more that I had no idea what was going on.

“Hmm, naughty naughty.” She wagged a teasing finger at me, then her face became serious.

“Look, the thing is, I never told my boyfriend about me and Tammy. Actually, I haven’t told anybody since I graduated, up until now. So… can we use your place?”

“Huh?” I huhhed.

She spoke exaggeratedly slowly: “We need someplace private to… get reacquainted, and we were hoping that could be your apartment. Pleeease?”

“Uh, sure, I guess,” I responded without really thinking.

“Thanks, Tony! You’re a sweetheart!”

Jenny leaned in and kissed me under the ear. At the same time, Tammy ran a hand along my inner thigh. My dick responded in a way it hadn’t since I was a teenager, a way that begged for a sproi-oi-oinnng sound effect.

When I’d recovered my wits, I got my keys out and took the key to my place off to give to them. I was wondering how we’d arrange for me to get it back, when Jenny leaned in close again. She took a moment to drive me crazy with the feel of her breath on my earlobe and the smell of her perfume, then whispered to me:

“Oh, by the way: I told Mark we’d be having a girls’ night out, so we’ll still be there when you get home. I’m sure between us we can think of a way to thank you for being so… accommodating.”

She dropped another quick peck on my ear, took the key and they both got up.

As I was enjoying the view of them leaving, Tammy turned around and waved.

“See ya later, Tony!”

I smiled back and lifted a hand, weakly. At that point I realized that it was the one I was holding my sunglasses in. I put them back on and slumped down on the bench, waiting for my erection to subside before heading back to the office.

* * *

When I got home after another less than productive afternoon’s work, I faltered for a moment at the front door. Ringing the doorbell or knocking on my own front door seemed kind of silly, but I also didn’t want to just barge in on Tammy and Jenny, even assuming they’d left the door unlocked.

In the end I shook my head and decided I’d at least turn the handle. If it wasn’t locked, I thought, I’d assume they expected me to just walk in. It wasn’t locked. I just walked in.

Aaaand, I found Jenny stark naked, bent over the couch and being vigorously sodomized by Tammy, also stark naked, except for the strap-on.

I took a moment to admire Tammy’s body. It was as borderline-miraculously curvy as I’d suspected: her waist looked fit to give any wasp that might see it an eating disorder, but it flared out into a lovely butt that was presently clenching in a disconcertingly masculine fashion with each thrust. Her boobs were a mite smaller than Jenny’s, the lines of them went straight back from the nipple, a couple of cute little cones perfectly in proportion to her petite frame. Actually, since she was side-on to me, technically I could only see the one cute little cone, but I went ahead and assumed that the other one was very much like it.

Underneath and in front of her, Jenny was making so much noise I was surprised I hadn’t heard her all the way up the stairs. This musing reminded me forcefully that the door was still open. I moved quickly to shut it, with the result that I announced my homecoming by inadvertently slamming it.

Both women looked up at the sound, and their reaction was as surprising as it was swift.

“On your knees, bitch!” Tammy yelled, pulling out of Jenny’s ass with an alacrity that probably hurt like hell. “Master is home!”

Before I could open my mouth the two nubile twenty-somethings had disentangled themselves from each other and were kneeling at my feet. I looked down into two pairs of eyes, exotic brown and all-American blue, and I was lost for words.

“Welcome home, Master,” Tammy continued. “I’ve been training your newest slave, just as you instructed. Would you like to test her skills?”

I froze like a lamped rabbit and just stared at the two of them. They stared back, and the looks were definitely devoted, this time.

“Bitch, go present yourself for your Master!”

Jenny got up and slinked over to the couch, putting each foot ruler-straight in front of the other and swaying her hips mesmerically as she went. Then, keeping her knees completely locked, she bent her top half down, placing her hands on the cushions. Finally, she bent her legs slightly outwards, bracing her knees against the armrest she was bent over so that her buttocks parted and exposed her ringpiece to me. She looked back, at a point about two feet behind me, so it seemed, and husked at me in a thoroughly un-Jenny way:

“Please fuck me in the ass, Master.”

My pants fell down. I’d hardly noticed, but while Jenny was putting on her little performance, Tammy had been unlacing my shoes and stripping me from the waist down. She tugged on one of my feet, and I lifted it out of my pooled trousers long enough for her to get the shoe and sock off, rinse and repeat on the other one, then she gathered all the garments together and stood up. While she was folding my pants with care and draping them over a convenient chair, with my shoes and socks neatly placed underneath it, I staggered towards Jenny as though I was in as much of a trance as she seemed to be. Understandably, I feel, I was hard as a crowbar.

My hands reached for Jenny’s gorgeous caboose apparently of my own accord, and suddenly Tammy was behind me, pressing her naked body into my back. Given the height difference, I’m glad to say that the strapon fell neatly between my legs. She reached around and grabbed my dick, and I found that her hand was lathered with some kind of lubricant, which she applied zealously. She guided me in until the head was pressing against Jenny’s asshole, then suddenly her touch was gone from my member and from behind me.

I took a firm hold of Jenny’s hips and pushed forward. All at once I overcame the resistance and the head was in the whole way. Jenny didn’t make a sound. I was about to push forward when Tammy knelt on the couch and pushed the strapon into Jenny’s face. Mindful of where it had been, I opened my mouth to object, Jenny opened hers and took the plastic phallus inside with nary a moment’s hesitation. Tammy looked me right in the eye.

“A good slave always cleans up,” she said.

Jenny had started rocking back and forth, just as she had when she’d given me a blowjob on that same couch the night before, and the movement had buried about half my shaft in her butt. I bore down until the rest was in there and began thrusting.

She started making little throaty noises, which were about the only kind of noise she could make, in the circumstances, but were still a far cry from the abandon with which she’d been screaming when I came in. Then again, I wasn’t hitting her quite as hard as Tammy had been. She might be tiny, I reflected, but she obviously had some power where it counted.

Tammy lay back on the couch and spread her legs, letting me see that the black leather straps of the dildo were strategically parted, allowing access to her delicate little pussy. Jenny buried her face in it with a will and started lapping. The movement meant that she straightened her legs, and I had to lean forward, and come up on tiptoes myself, which made keeping up a rhythm harder, but with the view that gave me of Tammy’s strikingly pretty features contorting in pleasure at her girlfriend’s ministrations, I knew I wouldn’t have to keep it up long. I’ve always loved watching beautiful women enjoy themselves, and I was learning that watching beautiful women enjoy each other is even better.

I couldn’t keep my eyes on the tableau for long, however, as presently I found myself unable to keep from throwing my head back, and not long afterwards from blowing my load in Jenny’s back passage.

I pulled out as slowly as I could, but my feet were distinctly tired, and it was either disengage or fall over. When my glans finally popped free of her sphincter, I had to put a foot back to steady myself. I did it a couple more times for good measure, until I was standing a couple of paces away from the sofa, and continuing to watch the Sapphic display playing out on it.

At just about the same time as the blood started returning to my brain, Tammy threw a small, but perfectly-formed leg over Jenny’s shoulder, and grabbed her head with both hands, grinding her pussy into Jenny’s face and giving vent to a series of high-pitched staccato yelps. At length she let go, Jenny writhed up the length of her and they started kissing.

Before long, however, Tammy must have recovered her own presence of mind, because she wriggled out from underneath Jenny and dropped a hard spank on each of her buttocks in rapid succession.

“What did I say, bitch?” She yelled.

“What did I say?” She demanded.

The sight of Jenny cowering in the corner of the couch, visibly unsure what Tammy was talking about, with two little red handprints on her ass, made me want to wrap her up in cotton and keep her forever, but before I could do or say anything, the penny dropped.

“A good slave always cleans up,” Jenny responded in a tiny, meek voice.

Tammy nodded shortly and knelt down in front of me. Jenny got off the couch and joined her, and their two beautiful mouths descended on my member at once. It had shrunk rapidly since I’d pulled out of Jenny’s rear, so there wasn’t much of it to share, but under their determined efforts it rallied a bit, and they were able to come to a division of labor that was quite satisfactory to all parties concerned. Jenny wrapped her lips around my shaft just below the head and darted her tongue back and forth, making tiny little passes over the most sensitive area of my most sensitive area at random, while Tammy alternated between softly licking and kissing my balls and running her gorgeous full lips up and down the remainder of my dick.

Even so, I’m not as young as I used to be, so I knew that they wouldn’t get a response for a little while yet. Of course, I savored the moment for a while anyhow, but presently I started to get a little thirsty.

“I don’t know about you,” I said, finally getting a word in edgewise for the first time since coming home, “but I could use something to eat. How about I make us some dinner?”

As I’d started talking, the two of them had disengaged from my privy members, one at a time and with an air of reluctance, and by the end of the first sentence they were kneeling down and looking up at me, at all appearances imbibing my words as though they were manna from heaven. Once I’d finished, however, a profound change came over each of their expressions. Gone were the vacant if adoring kink monsters I’d come home to; I got the distinct impression that the Jenny I knew of old and the Tammy I’d met that afternoon had come back, in some sense. They stood up.

“Great!” Jenny said, and smiled at me just as if we were in the office and I’d included her in the cubicle-dwellers’ big lunch order. She turned to Tammy. “You’re gonna love it: Tony’s a great cook.”


I wouldn’t necessarily recommend putting the experience on your bucket list, but having dinner stark naked with two very attractive friends of the appropriate sex, one of whom is wearing a strap-on dildo, and discussing nothing but current events, common acquaintances and matters arising, is definitely… unique.

After the meal we adjourned to the bedroom, where I discovered that holding someone you’ve been mildly in love with for a couple of years, but until very recently never expected to get anywhere with, in your arms while her girlfriend makes passionate love to her with the aid of a wearable appliance ain’t too shabby either, as experiences go.

This day of learning experiences ended with the lesson that, as wonderful as I’d thought it the night before to fall asleep curled up naked with someone after an unexpected, but very welcome booty call, there is one way it can be improved on.