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Title: Dream State

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The following is a work of fiction (actually, “FANTASY”). Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental and rather far fetched, if you ask me.

This is a story that describes some sexually explicit situations in a fictional (remember fiction?) setting. The target audience is adults (people over the age of eighteen) with broad minds. This audience is getting harder and harder to find each year.

Final disclaimer—I doubt that any of the people would act in the way described herein, or even if things described herein are even possible. This is just fantasy, and should be treated as such. This fantasy takes place in the mid 1970s to late 1980s, without any fear from AIDS or any other sexually transmitted diseases, so don’t try this at home.

Chapter 17—“Imagine how the world would be, so very fine, so happy together...”

That evening, William Voder took the four of us to a jazz club in Falls Church. Since I had not yet adapted to the sounds of the eighties, Mary and I had discovered that we really enjoyed jazz clubs, especially during our days on the big island in Hawaii.

As I mentioned before, I don’t drink much. However, we were in a bar, so I ordered a light beer at first, finishing the rest of the night drinking ginger ale. Mary had a glass of red wine, and Debbie and Aimee were a little more experimental, drinking frozen margaritas. William had a single malt scotch, suggesting that I might want to try something like that some day; he nursed the one drink the entire time he was at the club.

Over the noise in the club, I had a private conversation with William. I knew for a fact that my wives weren’t listening in any capacity and were instead listening to the band playing.

“I’ve finally made my decision about you,” I said.

“I’m glad to hear it,” William said.

“Are you interested in what it is?”

William sighed. “I know you very much, Jim. I also know that you have a very important secret and that I represent a danger of your secret being exposed. If you don’t trust me completely, I doubt that I would be breathing right now, probably at Mary’s hand.”

I stared at the man sitting next to me. There was no humor in his eyes. “Why Mary, may I ask?”

“Mary would be a better assassin. She was trained for it.”

I was surprised by that statement, since Mary never told me much about her service in the army. I kept my reaction minimal. I considered what William had said. “Mary doesn’t trust you.”

After a few moments, William said, “You’re only stating the obvious, Jim.”

A little later, I decided to show William how much I trusted him. “You were correct on the Empath thing. I’m not sure I like the term, especially since it doesn’t seem related entirely to emotions, although they seem to be a part of it. I can see how Empath would apply to Aimee and Debbie, though.”

“That subject has no interest to me,” William replied. “I know about it because I’ve seen Larson’s notes. Malen was also interested in you, but I believe that he thought that Larson’s treatment was the reason you never came out of the coma.”

I nodded. “Comas seem to be poorly understood.”

“I didn’t mention this in front of the others, Jim. Malen purchased an apartment complex near your hospital where I stayed while trying to get the goods on Larson. I made a few comments to the nurses monitoring you, and through the gossip pool, the nurses suggested that Mary could get a very good deal on an apartment at that complex. Neither of us ever anticipated that apartment would be a place where you, Mary, Debbie, and Aimee would meet. It was a fortuitous coincidence, actually.”

“You don’t mind the fact that Debbie considers me her husband, as do the others?”

Taking another sip from his glass, Voder said, “I would suggest that you keep your family small. DiPietro may not be tasked to find out your personal secrets, but if he discovers a polygamous or polyamorous relationship, he will not hesitate in alerting the local authorities anonymously. He is an honest man, but if he sees what he thinks is a crime, it will be reported.”

I nodded, while listening to a lovely saxophone solo, sipping at my ginger ale. I thought about this new information.

Finally, I said, “I don’t intend to add to this family, unless one or more of my wives have stopped using birth control. I never approached any of my wives, except perhaps Mary, but she was already visiting me every day even before I woke up. Debbie and Aimee also approached me, rather than the other way around. Your suggestion about keeping our relationship low-key is good advice.”

This earned me raised eyebrows. “I’m glad to hear that.”

William turned his attention from the band and looked at me. “I trust you, Jim. You have always acted responsibly, and you have shown excellent leadership abilities and have a good sense of ethics. I know from experience that Aimee is a good person as well, and the fact that she’s with you and allows Debbie in your relationship speaks volumes about you. I think Aimee, Mary, and you will be a great influence on Debbie, and I ask you to make the same promise to me that I made to James Malen: please take care of her.”

“It will be my honor, William,” I said.

William Voder nodded and said, “I just said I trust you, Jim. I would like you all to maintain contact with me.”

“That would be nice.”

“Aimee knows how to contact me,” Voder continued. “So does Charles Penet.”

“I’ll remember that.”

William didn’t stay very long after that. I think he had been waiting for me to say something, and even if it was stating the obvious, I think he needed to hear it from me.

I had a feeling that we would be seeing each other again.

* * *

We followed William’s advice and flew separate itineraries that all ended up in Windsor, Ontario. I crossed the border by bus between Detroit and Windsor. It’s one of the few places in our country where you can cross the border into Canada by going south. It was a very short trip to customs, where I passed with my “Simon” identification without any trouble.

I was the last member of our family to arrive in Windsor, and after meeting up, we took a flight using Debbie’s credit card to Vancouver. We stayed two days in Vancouver before flying out to Chicago. Mary alerted me mentally that we had people following us by the time that we got to baggage claim in Chicago.

We decided to stay at a luxury hotel instead of Debbie’s Chicago property, in order to hopefully keep the Chicago property “bug free.”

One of the first things that Mary did when we got to our hotel was to call the number that William gave her. She recognized the person on the other end as her old Captain—now a major. She chatted about her upcoming wedding and that she actually had a bachelorette party a couple of weeks before.

It only took me a couple of minutes listening to the conversation to realize that Mary’s major was a female. Mary was quite convincing. She even mentioned that she thought she spotted somebody following us earlier in Hawaii and now in Chicago, but said her fiancee was trying to convince her that she was just paranoid.

The conversation lasted about twenty minutes, and Mary played her part pretty well.

I wondered what kind of mischief Mary’s call would cause.

* * *

The next morning, I was awakened by Aimee snuggling her face along my right side while giving my morning erection a very light hand job. Aimee looked up into my eyes as they opened, and I smiled at her.

Receiving a hand job in the morning from Aimee was a wonderful way to wake up from a slumber. The only thing better (it was really a toss up) was one of Mary’s magnificent blow jobs. Aimee had a light touch and the way she snuggled her nude body against mine made the two of us feel so close together, without even needing us to share our minds.

Debbie and Mary weren’t in the bedroom, and I reached out and found that they were snuggling together on a sofa in the living area within the suite. I pulled back, affording them their privacy, but not before I felt a “good morning, lover” message from both Mary and Debbie.

I smiled at Aimee, and she moved up my body and kissed me on the lips. “I will love you forever, Master,” she whispered.

“Good morning, Precious,” I answered, using the pet name that Aimee loved the most. “You make that promise to me a lot.”

Aimee just looked at me. “You don’t believe in an afterlife. If you say that, you really mean, ‘You will love me for the rest of your life.’ I mean even more, Master.”

First thing in the morning always seemed to be a difficult time for me to have mind to mind sex, a phenomenon that I figured was due to the fact that this kind of mind connection took more effort than simply sending and receiving a simple message. The solution, of course, was to avoid that sort of sex, and settle for good old fashioned rubbing body parts together.

Now that Aimee’s body was further up toward mine, she was in a better position for me. I reached between her legs and started to caress the folds of skin there. Aimee’s kiss deepened, and her hand moved from my cock to grab my shoulders.

I felt Aimee reach into my brain, and I did the same to her. As I said, it wasn’t easy for me in the morning, but Aimee was pretty strong in the mind department, and seemed to take up some of the effort that I would have normally have to expend. This was a method of making love that Aimee loved the most, and I couldn’t deny her. Inside her mind, I could feel Aimee’s need, and I moved downward so my lips were now between her legs.

I located Aimee’s clit immediately and took it between my lips. I felt her reaction within her mind, and was amazed at the amount of pleasure such a small piece of her could elicit. I was aware of Aimee squirming in response, and I continued licking around it and on it, maximizing her pleasure. I sucked her tender spot and started penetrating her hole with first one and then two fingers. Aimee’s motions became more regular, her pussy moving up and down, and I moved with her, and we both experienced the wave of her first orgasm as it slowly built to its climax.

There were warm lips on my cock, and I didn’t need to look to know that Debbie had joined us in bed. I could feel her tongue licking slowly against the shaft, reaching down to my pubic hair before moving back toward the tip. Another tongue started to wash my scrotum and I realized that Mary had joined Debbie’s oral ministrations. I was awakened enough now, and I opened Aimee’s and my minds to include our two wives.

It didn’t take long for the girls’ oral stimulations to make me approach my point of no return. I felt Aimee’s mind cry out with need as she continued to feel my tongue between her legs and also the effect that her two wives had on me.

Aimee’s arms pulled my head closer to her body, almost with a death grip. I continued to stimulate her between her legs, and inhaled the aroma of her arousal.

As my organ started to pulse, Debbie had shifted her position so that she was now sucking me. I pumped jet after jet into her willing mouth. Aimee pulled my head upward, and I slowly moved up her body, kissing her small but sensitive breasts before reaching her neck, which I licked and nibbled briefly. I then kissed my darling Aimee, noticing that Debbie and Mary had repositioned themselves on the bed, with Mary now sucking my spent cock, and in Aimee’s mind, I could feel Debbie licking between Aimee’s legs.

Aimee and I continued to kiss while my other two wives continued to lightly pleasure us. Aimee seemed quite out of breath, reveling in the after-effects of two of her own orgasms plus my own.

We finished our kiss, and I looked down at my other two wives for the first time. Mary had a hardening cock in her mouth and was staring at Debbie, who had her face buried between Aimee’s legs. I could tell that Debbie’s talented tongue was torturing Aimee even more than mine had done, and I joined Mary, watching Debbie’s beautify blonde hair move up and down, her arms wrapped around Aimee’s legs.

I moved within Aimee’s mind, finding her pleasure center, and started to amplify the sensations that Aimee was feeling. Aimee’s eyes rolled up until her irises disappeared, her face a mask of pure joy.

Mary moved my body so that I was further away from Aimee, and was now stroking my cock, which was once again fully erect. Mary guided the lower half of my body closer to Aimee, and used the connection to my mind to adjust her hands rubbing me to bring me to the point of orgasm.

I felt Aimee’s own orgasm start to flow as Debbie continued her relentless attack on Aimee’s clitoris. This outburst of pleasure, which I had magnified, triggered my own orgasm, as Mary continued jacking me, my cock spurting out its seed onto both Aimee and Debbie. My orgasm subsided, and Mary moved over to Aimee and started licking up the aftermath of my orgasm, running her tongue over Aimee’s pubic hair and Debbie’s downy hair.

With the exception of Mary’s gentle cleaning action, the girls lay silently.

Having the three most amazing girls in the world willing to pleasure you and each other completely was something that I would treasure my entire life. How many men my age would be able to have two orgasms before getting out of bed in the morning?

* * *

I took a quick shower, alone, and then went downstairs to the lobby. I saw that the check-in desk had no lines, so I went over and talked to the person behind the counter. “Hey... is there a good jazz club around here?”

The clerk looked at me as if I was stupid. “You mean, other than the Isle of the Goddess?”

“I never heard of that place,” I said.

The clerk shook his head. “Where have you been? The Goddess is the best place in the country for jazz, period. I think the House Band is playing tonight. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

I sighed. I didn’t like being reminded that I had been out of touch with reality for a dozen years. I also disapproved of the term “house band.” I wondered what kind of kickback the hotel got for that recommendation.

“Thanks for the tip,” I said, feigning interest.

Upstairs, I found that Mary and Aimee were taking a shower together. I smiled at this, and told Debbie, who had already showered, about my misgivings about the hotel’s recommendation.

“The Isle of the Goddess?” Debbie asked me, incredulously. “That’s right. We’re in Chicago! This is the original location!”

“I never heard of it,” I said.

“Oh yeah,” Debbie said, projecting a tiny sense of sadness. “It opened about six or seven years ago.”

Debbie saw me reacting to her sadness and she intentionally sent out a small feeling of happiness to me. “Sorry about that,” she added, when she realized that she was “leaking” her emotions. “I never realized that I did that.”

“I never knew you did it until William pointed it out. I remember feeling something about it in Aimee’s mind, but I thought it was just the fact that the two of you had been close for a time before you met me. Now, I think I’m getting hypersensitive to it!”

“I know,” Debbie said. “I’m still trying to get used to it myself. It seems that Aimee and you are mostly affected, but when I feel strongly about something, Mary can feel it as well.”

I smiled. “Well, like I’ve told you many times since I found out, you are one person that can definitely light up an entire room with a smile!”

The sadness in the room completely melted into joy.

Debbie remembered what I had just said before we went off on this tangent. “Back to the Isle,” she said, radiating excitement. “It opened in 1981 or 1982, and Rolling Stone had the owners on the cover. It’s owned by a husband and wife. They now have clubs in Los Angeles, New York, Memphis, and New Orleans.”

“Well, it might not be too good tonight. I was told they had a house band tonight.”

Debbie’s excitement actually went up a notch. “Jim, the owners actually perform in what they call the ‘House Band’ rotating from city to city about half the year.”

“The owners are part of the house band?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Debbie said. “Weird. You can only get recordings of the House Band at the clubs. You can’t find them in the record stores.”

“Sounds like the labels don’t like that house band.”

Debbie shook her head. “It’s the other way around, according to the Rolling Stone article. They have been known to throw record promoters out of their clubs. It’s a strict policy!”

I laughed.

Debbie shrugged. “Anyway, if the House Band is in town, you’ll need to find the concierge to get tickets. Tickets to the Goddess sell out months in advance, especially if the House Band is in town.”

“Tickets sell out? For a jazz club?” I asked.

“Uh, huh.”

I noticed Aimee standing in the doorway. “What’s up, Precious?” I asked.

“I was listening to the two of you,” Aimee confessed. “Do you want me to call the concierge? I’ve never heard the House Band play and they’re supposed to be awesome.”

“Sure. It’s only money!” I grinned.

Happiness flooded the room.

* * *

There is nothing that can destroy a good time more than a big build up. I knew that all three of my wives were chomping at the bit to go to the Isle of the Goddess. I was told that they served pretty nice food there and limited liquor, and the entrance fee entitled you to a table for the night.

The concierge had told Aimee that getting into the club, even with tickets, could be difficult. He arranged a limo to pick us up and to drop us off at the club.

What greeted us was utter chaos. The limo driver knew that we were going to the Isle, and he knew exactly where to drop us off. One of the bouncers saw me and three of the loveliest women in the world get out of the limo, and he came over. “Tickets?”

“I already have four,” I grinned, pretending that I misunderstood the guy to be a scalper. I fanned them.

“Funny,” the bouncer said, his face belying what he said. He turned toward the main entrance and signaled another bouncer. “Charley, let these four in.”

“Charley” nodded his head, and we walked toward him.

I went to show him the tickets, but he just waved us in past the crowd.

Inside, it was much more quiet. There were pictures on three walls. On one wall was a collage of pictures in varying sizes of a lovely blonde girl. On another wall were similar collage of a nondescript guy. A lot of his pictures had him playing various instruments. On a third wall was pictures of the two people together, including what appeared to be a wedding picture, and pictures of the two with famous music legends, such as B. B. King, Little Richard, Elton John, and a few other people that I couldn’t immediately place.

“That’s them,” Debbie said, radiating excitement.


“The owners!” Debbie enthused, referring to the blonde and the guy.


I found the maitre d’hotel, and showed him our tickets.

He looked impressed at me and my companions. “One of the best tables.” He paused, looking at me and my three companions. “You are one lucky man. Front row, center!”

We were led to a seat that was indeed exactly front row, center. For a place as popular as it seemed outside, the seating was rather sparse. Although we were at the front, we were still about twenty feet from the stage. There was plenty of space between the tables. I had expected the place with the crowds that I had seen coming in to have tables packed like sardines.

“Having less tables improves the acoustics,” Debbie said, noticing my reaction.

“They could make twice as much if they just forgot about the acoustics.”

“Then we wouldn’t be the best jazz club in the world,” the maitre d’ chuckled.

I laughed in response and handed the man a fifty dollar bill. He deftly returned it to me, shaking his head.

This was another first for me.

* * *

The meal was wonderful. The menu was written in beautiful hand-drawn calligraphy and had the current date on it, giving me the impression that they have a new menu every night depending on the whim of the chef. We all found something we liked.

During our meal, I had noticed that every table was full and the place still sounded pretty quiet. This was quite unlike any jazz club I that I had ever seen. With the exception of the stage, it looked much like an elegant restaurant.

The menu mentioned that they had a extremely strict policy on alcohol. One bottle of wine per table, and two drinks maximum during the performance.

Again, this was unusual. I had never heard of a “two drink maximum” ever in my life. I didn’t drink much anyway, but was glad that the place wouldn’t degenerate into a drunken party at the end of the night. It might actually be an enjoyable night out after all.

I passed on dessert, as did most of my wives. Aimee ordered the Goddess Food Cake, which turned out to be a renamed Angel Food Cake, with chocolate covered peanuts on top. Aimee squealed in delight—she was a devoted chocoholic. I noticed that Mary and Debbie both helped her with the peanuts.

Our waiter came over to our table and said, “The music is about to start. I’m not allowed to take drink orders during the performance, so if any of you would like a cocktail, you should order it now. We have ice buckets if you order beer or any other drink that you might need to keep cold if you want.”

I remembered the brand of single malt scotch that William had nursed a few nights ago, and asked for that. Aimee and Debbie ordered margaritas on the rocks, and Mary decided on a glass of merlot, and was surprised when the waiter showed her a wine list of names of the different brands. Mary selected one and the waiter smiled.

Our drinks arrived promptly, and a few minutes later, the lights started to dim.

“Chicago’s original Isle of the Goddess is proud to present, back from their successful engagement in New Orleans, the one... the only... Oogie Woogie and his House Band!”

There were cheers as the band came on stage. I had expected a much older band, but it seemed that the oldest person was about thirty.

I noticed the blonde from the pictures in the lobby was standing behind a bank of keyboards. It took me a few moments to find the man... he was talking with a trumpet player before backing toward the front of the stage, his back still to the audience.

The man turned around. “Hi, everybody,” the man said, speaking into a microphone. “I’m Oogie Woogie...”

This was interrupted by enthusiastic applause that Oogie Woogie gratefully acknowledged. “Thank you. Tonight we have two special guests, both of them famous actors! The first is Toby ‘Earplugs’ McConnell... a friend of our family from high school, believe it or not. You’ll probably remember him from the movie ‘Past Lives.’ He was also a member of the original House Band...”

The trumpet player Oogie had been talking to stood up to applause.

“We also have another movie star! Playing the saxophone, and forcing us to find a working AKG 414 mike at the last minute...”

This time, Oogie Woogie was interrupted by laughter from his own band.

“You might remember him from the Blues Brothers, and he also did the score from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit!’ The inimitable Tom Scott!”

A saxophonist stood up to applause at this announcement. Mary noticed that I had no idea who these two celebrities were, and she moved close to me and whispered, “Tom Scott played sax on Paul McCartney’s ‘Listen to What the Man Said.’”

I remembered that song. It was a silly song, but the sax part was actually quite good. I smiled and applauded.

Oogie continued, “We’re going to do two forty-five minute sets tonight. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Isle of the Goddess’ famous House Band!”

Furious applause.

I noticed that Aimee was looking at Oogie Woogie strangely. I leaned over to her and asked her what was up. She told me that she got a strange vibe from the man.

“It’s nothing evil or bad, but it is quite strange,” Aimee said.

I shrugged, and wondered if the man was an Empath of some sort.

As I have mentioned previously, I was lost within the current sounds of the 1980’s, which is why I really liked jazz clubs. This club didn’t disappoint. I recognized the first song was the Peter Gunn theme, which had been an old television show in the 1960’s. That quickly segued into another song that I didn’t recognize.

The entire set seemed to work that way. I recognized some songs as standards, and just enjoyed the ones that I didn’t know. Oogie occasionally played trumpet solos and duets with Toby McConnell, but sometimes he moved over to the keyboard set with the blonde bombshell and they played killer duets together. Tom Scott was a wonderful soloist, as well.

The songs weren’t limited to just jazz. I recognized “Runaway” played in two different styles. The first style was a rather funky R&B style that was sung by the blonde at the keyboard, who was strumming an acoustic guitar playing just back beats. Her voice sounded like a southern torch singer. Oogie was behind the keyboards, but didn’t appear to be playing. I didn’t know why he wasn’t at the front directing the song, as he did for most of the other songs they performed. The song seemed to be a minor key variation of the original Del Shannon song; an interesting variation that I had never heard before.

After the second verse, the blonde kept singing, “My little runaway,” over and over with that weird minor key variation... until Oogie started playing the keyboards, playing the familiar arpeggios that were more familiar to me from the song, and he was joined now by the blonde playing the guitar now at “normal” speed. Oogie’s voice imitated Del Shannon’s almost perfectly, sounding more nasal than it did on his other vocals. Oogie also played the ultra-high-note solo on a smaller keyboard above the one he was playing and I noticed that the blonde had, by the time of the solo, moved her guitar behind her and that Oogie and the blonde were now playing duets on the keyboards. On the last verse, he was playing the high organ part and accompanied by Tom Scott on saxophone.

I was damned impressed. At the ending of Runaway, the band stood, and I realized that this was the end of the set. Instinctively, I rose out of my seat and applauded the band. They had actually managed to live up to the hype. I wasn’t the only person out of his or her seat, either. The crowd was chanting “Oogie!” over and over, and I decided to join them.

Oogie and the blonde bowed and the band left the stage as the lights went up.

“That was a fantastic set,” I said.

“I hear they do the easy stuff for the first set,” Debbie said. “They call it the warm up. The second set is supposed to be really great. Remember to shout ‘Oogie’ and ‘Goddess’ at the end, and they may do a special encore.”

I shrugged. It’s not every night you hear a performance like the one I had just witnessed, and there was going to be another set. I didn’t know if my heart could take it.

The waiter came out and asked us if any of us wanted refills. I still had half of my scotch, which, after the first sip, tasted quite good if I just sipped it slowly. I decided against a second, but I felt Mary send me a signal to get a beer. “Um, beer?” I said, not knowing if the waiter would serve me a drink since I had an unfinished scotch.

“Certainly,” the waiter answered. “House Beer or bottle?”

“You have a House Beer, too?” I asked, laughing.

The waiter must have heard that one before.

“I’ve been lucky with the house tonight,” I said.

Mary ordered the house beer as well, as did my other two wives.

I was sipping my scotch, wondering if I had to finish this before the beer arrived, when Oogie and the blonde came to our table.

“Hello, people. We’re the owners,” Oogie said.

I stood up and offered my hand to the blonde. “I’m Jim Montgomery.” I looked at each of my wives as I said, “and these are my dates. Debbie Malen, Aimee Porter, and my fiancee, Mary Cadley. That was a fantastic set!”

“Thank you,” the blonde said. “Did you say, fiancee?”

Mary blushed a little and nodded.

“When is the date?” Oogie asked.

“Next week, in San Francisco,” I answered.

“Jet setters, huh?” Oogie said.

“We like traveling,” I grinned.

The blonde looked at Oogie. “Well, we must have a present for the couple!”

“Certainly, Goddess!” Oogie said.

He pulled out some cards from his pocket. It had a picture of a purple ticket on it and the logo for the club that said, “Isle of the Goddess,” “Lucky Ticket,” and “Original House Band,” each on separate lines.

Oogie handed four tickets to me and said, “These are good at any Isle of the Goddess location, even Los Angeles. You aren’t a record promoter, are you?”

“No,” I laughed. “I used to be a captain in the army. I just came out of a twelve year coma.”

“Twelve years?” the blonde asked, appalled. “That’s awful!”

I shook my head. “Getting out is actually nice. Being in a coma is what’s awful.”

“Were you hurt in action?” Oogie asked.

“No,” I smiled. “Mary, here, ran me over with a jeep.”

This was greeted by good natured laughter by everybody at our table, and our hosts joined in.

“How precious!” Oogie said. “Kris here was my high school sweetheart.”

Oogie found a pen in his pocket and wrote on the tickets, “AEP JC.”

“AEP JC?” I asked.

“All expenses paid. JC is just my initials. My name is Jim, too. The Goddess next to me is Kris.”

I was still holding Kris’ hand, so I bowed down and kissed the back of her hand. “I’m very pleased to meet you.”

Kris beamed.

I had received a sudden sensation when I touched Kris’ hand, a familiar one that I had felt one time before. I smiled and decided not to say anything.

“We need to visit the other tables, Jim. It was nice meeting you.”

We all said our good-byes.

They headed to the next table, and I was surprised when Kris screamed, “Patty! Cammy! I didn’t know you were in Chicago! Jim... fetch Toby and Tom!”

Aimee had been studying the couple when they were at our table. She noticed me looking at her now, and said, “He’s not like one of us, but there’s still something magical about him.”

“He’s a talented musician,” I pointed out. “He seems to have a great singing voice.”

“He can imitate many musicians,” Debbie noticed. “He nailed Billy Joel’s piano solo on ‘Angry Young Man’ perfectly.”

I didn’t recognize the name or the song, and Debbie said, “That was the one with the staccato piano solo on the grand piano that looked like he was playing the drums. He segued that into ‘New York State of Mind’ afterward. I think both songs are from the same album. I have it in my Los Angeles place, I think.”

I remembered the song that sounded like a love song to the Big Apple and smiled. I adjusted my thoughts about music that was written while I had been sleeping, and thought that learning new sounds might be fun.

The waiter arrived with our drinks. He saw the tickets that Oogie had put in front of me and his eyes opened wide. “Are you a friend of the family?”

“No. Oogie gave me these when he heard that Mary and I will be getting married next week.”

“Congratulations!” the waiter said.

“Thank you,” Mary and I said together.

I noticed Oogie coming back to the other table with the Toby McConnell and Tom Scott. I hadn’t noticed that there had been two empty chairs at that table. (Actually, there hadn’t, I found out later. Kris had asked the waiter to bring out the two additional chairs.)

My scotch had not been taken away, so I had both a half glass of scotch and a large glass of beer. I’m not much of a beer person, but I took a sip. It tasted malty and not too bitter. A rather good house beer. I decided that I’d be going to the Isle of the Goddess in every location that they had.

I mentioned this idea to Debbie, who told me that it was a date.

Oogie and Kris had moved on to another table, and Toby and Tom had remained at the table, talking with the two girls that were there. Toby was talking animatedly to the red head, and telling stories to the entire table. Tom Scott was laughing politely.

I watched Oogie and Kris go from table to table, mostly just saying “Hi” and introducing themselves, asking how the food is, etc. I felt honored that they took so much time at our table.

There was no introduction for the second set. The band, minus the two guest stars, simply came on the stage, followed by Oogie and Kris.

The music started with a powerful intro, which I immediately recognized as the intro to “You Made Me So Very Happy,” by Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

A soulful Oogie started singing, “I lost at love before...”

Immediately, Kris grabbed his mike and turned to Oogie and shouted, “You most certainly did NOT!” bringing the song to a complete stop.

The band started laughing, and soon was joined by the entire audience.

Oogie took his mike back, and said to the audience. “For those keeping score, it’s Goddess 481, Oogie 1.”

“Oogie ZERO,” Kris shouted.

Oogie sighed and said, “I give up, dear.” He turned serious and then added, “I wish to dedicate this next song to a special couple in the audience.”

I smiled. I was going to find out who those two girls were that were sitting with Toby and Tom.

“We have a couple that will be taking their wedding vows next week!”

Oh, shit. We were the special couple!

“Jim and Mary, please stand up!”

Obediently, Mary and I got up and received polite applause.

“I wish to dedicate this next song to our new friends, Jim and Mary. People... these two people met in the army where Mary ran Jim over with a jeep!”

We received polite laughter.

“Now that Jim has awakened from a twelve year coma, they’re finally getting married!”

Aaaws accompanied this announcement. I smiled at how accurate Oogie’s short description was.

“Jim and Mary, being married myself to this wonderful Goddess, it is my wish you will find the happiness in your lives that Kris and I have found in ours!”

More applause.

Oogie looked back at the drummer and a bass player. He whispered to Kris and then started playing a familiar intro.

Imagine me and you, I do,
I think about you day and night,
It’s only right,
To think about the girl you love,
And hold her tight,
So happy together...

If I didn’t know that the group that recorded this song in the mid-sixties would be at least thirty years older than Oogie, I would have sworn that I was actually listening to Flo and Eddie playing their big hit.

I saw Mary looking at me, tears in her eyes. I knew immediately that this was going to be “our song.” I had always loved this particular song. I listened to each verse as Oogie sang it and wondered if this was a normal part of their repertoire. Perhaps Oogie probably did this song for every couple that were celebrating their engagement or wedding, but it still felt quite special to me. I noticed that Kris (and a lot of the band) didn’t play on this song. Instead, Kris just stared at Oogie with a look of love and devotion that I’d only seen in the faces of three other females in my entire life.

After the band finished the song that was dedicated to us, Toby and Tom ran back on stage and helped out with the rest of the set. Aside from that first song, Debbie had been correct. The second set was technically more complicated and interesting. I didn’t recognize many of the tunes, but found myself totally enjoying the experience.

At the end of the second set, the band stood up to thunderous applause. I looked around, and saw just about every employee of the place was standing against the walls and they were applauding as well.

People starting shouting “Oogie!” and “Goddess!” and we added our voices into the mix.

Oogie looked at Kris and the two shrugged. Oogie kissed Kris and took a few deep breaths. Finally, he nodded to the audience.

From all around me, the waiters and some of the customers started chanting, “Ouga chaka! Ouga, Ouga...!”

I remembered that song as well. It was “Hooked on a Feeling” done the way that Blue Swede performed it. It turned out that Oogie could very well imitate Blue Swede’s voice as well.

The arrangement seemed quite simplistic compared the songs that they had just performed, but it was enjoyable. Once again I noticed Kris didn’t even play. She just stared at Oogie, with that look of complete love and dedication in her eyes.

For some reason, that look in Kris’ eyes brought tears to my eyes. I wasn’t alone. All three of my wives seemed to feel the same way.

I know it wasn’t the song, nor was it the arrangement. We were looking at two people, totally in love and totally committed to one another. Oogie’s wish that we find the happiness in our lives that Kris and Oogie found wouldn’t be an easy wish to fulfill. I hoped that I’d do them justice.

That song was the last for the night.

I saw waiters bring checks to most tables, and after a couple of minutes, I signaled our waiter.

“You haven’t brought our check.”

“Kristen picked it up, and the one for the two girls at the table next to you.”

I turned to the table where the two musicians had been sitting, and saw that Toby McConnell had returned and was talking with the red head again.

“How much was it? I should at least leave a tip!”

“Kris covered the tip. I’m not allowed to accept tips from you.”

“Please. We’re not hurting for money!”

The waiter shook his head. “Listen, friend. I’ve seen Jim and Kris make dedications before. This was the first time in my memory that he didn’t just name you and sing the first verse of ‘Get Me To The Church On Time!’”

“Really?” I asked, astonished.


“Is he back stage? I’d like to thank them.”

“I think that Jim and Kris may already have left. They have to drive an hour to get home.”

“No shit! They commute an hour each way... every day... to their own club?”

The waiter smiled. “They both have pilot’s licenses, but I saw Kris’s Camaro parked out back, so I know they’re driving.”

I was floored.

Aimee sent me a signal. I looked at her as if to say, “Should I?” and she nodded.

“Can you please do me a favor?” I asked the waiter.


“Aimee, can you give me one of Debbie’s business cards?”

Aimee already had one in her hand.

“Can I borrow a pen?”

Again, Aimee had already anticipated my request.

I wrote a quick note: “Congratulations on your first baby, Kris. Thanks for the meals and the lucky tickets. All our love. Jim, Mary, Debbie, and Aimee.”

Aimee handed me an envelope and I put the card into it. Aimee had maintained eye contact with the waiter as I wrote, so I was pretty confidant that he didn’t see what I had written.

“Please give this to Kristen when you see her again,” I said, handing the envelope to the waiter. “Tell her it’s private and it’s from the engaged couple that she gave the free tickets to.”

The waiter took the envelope and left.

I hoped Kris would appreciate my note. Something told me that Oogie probably didn’t even know her condition.

* * *

That night, I had thought that I would be spending the night with Mary, since she was going to technically be my fiancee, at least it would look to the outside world that she was.

Instead, Aimee and Mary silently took the spare bedroom, leaving me with Debbie.

I’ve described Debbie as being enthusiastic in bed, and I now realize that one of the reasons for that is that she indeed projects her feelings outward. It is very difficult to ignore it when Debbie is sharing an orgasm as if she were a little radio transmitter.

Tonight, however, I sensed something else in Debbie. She just wanted to be hugged. I had seen the tears in her eyes as she watched the husband and wife at the club freely display their affection for one another in just a simple look, and I knew that she, as well as all of us, had been affected.

Debbie just wanted to be held.

We both stood nude just inside the master bedroom for the suite, and without any warning, I picked Debbie up from the floor and carried her to the bed.

I placed her down lovingly on the bed, and then laid down next to her, and our arms held our bodies together.

“I truly love you, Jim,” Debbie whispered.

“I know, and I love you, too, my little Transmitter.”

Debbie smiled at the pet name and we kissed.

This was one of the first times in my life that I spent a night with Debbie without actively making love. For a person that expressed so much of her emotions physically, it was a tender moment between the two of us that neither one of us would ever forget.

* * *

I was awakened from a peaceful slumber by the sound of the telephone ringing. I looked at the alarm clock, and it was 9:00 AM.

Since I was the closest body to the phone, I reached over and said, “Jim Montgomery.”

There was a female on the line. “Why did you write that note?”

I drew a blank until I remembered what I had scribbled on the back of Debbie’s business card. “Oh, that! I got a feeling about that when you and Jim were speaking to us.”

“Huh?” the voice asked.

“I thought you were pregnant. If you’re not...”

“That’s not what I was talking about!”

“I’m sorry. I thought I was talking to a lady named Kris.”

“This is Kristen Swift-Crittenhouse. My husband and I own the Goddess clubs.”

“That’s who I thought you were,” I said.

“So, why did you write it?”

“Write what?” I said, confused.

“The second part.”

I tried to remember what I wrote. I had congratulated her on her first baby and thanked her for the meal and the tickets.

“Thank you?” I asked.

“What you wrote...”

“I think I wrote, ‘Thank you for the meals and the lucky tickets.’”

There was a pause. “What did you mean by that?”

“You comped us our meals, and you gave us tickets that were good at any Isle of the Goddess. We intend to take you up on your generous offer.”

Another pause. “You didn’t mean anything else?”


Kristen sounded relieved, “Oh! I’m sorry. Did I wake you?”

“Not really,” I lied.

There was another pause. “Hey!” she said, and then added with a whisper. “How did you know I was pregnant? Not even Oogie knows that yet! I was going to tell him this morning!”

Not just pregnant, but pregnant with her first. I think that was a bit of showing off, I thought to myself. I had to think quickly. “I told you before, I just had this feeling.”


“I sometimes feel things like that. My friend, Aimee, also has this insight with people...”

“I know somebody like that. Patty didn’t say anything, though...” Kristen let the thought die. After another pause, Kristen said, “I’m sorry. I just got a little confused. A waiter ran out when I was pulling out of the lot, and handed me the envelope. He said it was private, so I waited until Jim was asleep to open it. I got very scared for some reason.”

“How did you locate us here, if I may ask?”

“Oh, that was easy,” Kristen laughed. “You were sitting front row, center. That means I know the concierge that procured the tickets. From that information, I figured you were staying at that hotel, so I just asked for the name on the business card, and voila!”

“Oh,” I said. It made perfect sense.

“Was that story true? Did your fiancee hit you with a jeep?”

“Well, she wasn’t my fiancee at the time. In fact, we didn’t even know one another...”

We talked for about a half hour. I told Kristen the story we tell most people about how we met, only lying when I implied that Debbie and Aimee were her friends before I woke up.

Kristen told me that from the looks that Aimee and Debbie had given me all night, Mary might have some competition for my affections. I laughed it off, saying they were very close friends, and they wouldn’t come between Mary and me. Kristen then told me how she and Jim met in her final year of high school, fell in love, and opened one of the most influential jazz clubs in the country.

One by one, with my permission, my wives “tuned in” to the conversation between Kristen and me. The story about Jim and Kristen was indeed a love story, and it affected all of my wives.

Before I hung up, I assured Kristen that I had taken Oogie’s wish for our happiness to heart. I knew that their love would be an inspiration to all of us.

Kristen gave me the name and contact information of Patty Nadal, her business manager, and told me to feel free to keep in touch with her by sending correspondence to Kristen care of Patty.

I had remembered Kristen calling out the name “Patty” the evening before. “Was Patty one of the ladies that were sitting at the table next to us last night?”

Kristen answered, “Yes! She’s the friend that introduced me to Jim. Cammy was there from Boston, too. It was like a high school reunion. We’re visiting them today.” There was a pause and then she laughed. “Jim says we’re visiting them as soon as I get off the fucking phone!”

I laughed, and all of my wives giggled as well.

“Give my love to Oogie for me,” I said.

“I’ll do better than that. I’ll give him a double dose of MY love. Is that all right with you?”

“Of course,” I chuckled. “Thanks, Kristen.”

“Oogie,” I heard Kristen yell. “I have a surprise for you...!” The phone line clicked dead and I had a big smile on my face. I could imagine the surprise Kristen had in store for him, and how I’d react to the same information.

* * *

We all became friends after that. Debbie told me that they were millionaires many times over, but my first impression of them was two people running a very extraordinary jazz club, having the time of their lives playing, and totally enjoying themselves doing so. They had indeed found the secret to life.