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Title: Dream State

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Synopsis: A trek of self-discovery


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The following is a work of fiction (actually, “FANTASY”). Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental and rather far fetched, if you ask me.

This is a story that describes some sexually explicit situations in a fictional (remember fiction?) setting. The target audience is adults (people over the age of eighteen) with broad minds. This audience is getting harder and harder to find each year.

Final disclaimer—I doubt that any of the people would act in the way described herein, or even if things described herein are even possible. This is just fantasy, and should be treated as such. This fantasy takes place in the mid 1970s to late 1980s, without any fear from AIDS or any other sexually transmitted diseases, so don’t try this at home.

Chapter 22—“Our love is still special, let’s take our chance and fly away somewhere alone.”

The three of us flew to the big island. June allowed me to fly the Cessna we had rented most of the way. From there, we took a cab and dropped June off at her apartment so she could say good-bye to Mely.

Debbie and I went to a nearby hotel.

An hour after we checked in, Mely called and asked us if we wanted to visit a nearby blues club. Debbie and I readily agreed, and the two girls picked us up.

At the club, I found myself in an interesting situation. During the months since Mary’s pregnancy, I had mostly avoided alcohol. I had never been much of a drinker, but I occasionally found myself enjoying the fruity drinks that Debbie and Aimee favored. Even after Dawn was born, Mary didn’t drink very much, not wanting to transfer any alcohol to Dawn via her breast milk. As a result, I had completely stopped drinking.

Now, I found myself in a club that made its profits from the serving of drinks. I knew that Debbie wasn’t a heavy drinker, so I decided to just order the same things she did, pacing myself to her consumption. By the end of the evening, I found myself enjoying the music and the company of my three female companions.

Our flight was scheduled to leave around nine in the morning, and Mely drove us to the airport. At the check-in counter, I picked up the tickets that Aimee had reserved for us, and I was surprised when I saw that June and I would be sitting together, with Debbie across the aisle from us. I knew this was Aimee’s doing; I think she wanted June and me to get closer to each other. Aimee wasn’t always the most subtle person in the world.

June gave Mely a passionate kiss good-bye, and both girls disregarded any reactions from tourists that noticed them. I think June may have told her girl friend that we knew about their relationship and that it didn’t matter to us. For all I knew, this could have been a test by Mely to ascertain whether it was the truth or not.

June and I made small talk in the airplane. She told me more about her Olympic tryouts, and how much she enjoyed working for us. I gave her as much of an unexpurgated version of the story about our family as I could within the lack of privacy the first class cabin afforded.

“You know, June, as a member of our family, you don’t really need to be working for us,” I pointed out.

June smiled. “I know, but I love driving. None of you ever really treated me as just a chauffeur or as just the help. You’ve given Mely and me wonderful places to live, and when we travel, our accommodations are first rate. I get to fly occasionally, and I have a lot of spare time to do whatever I want. Since Dawn was born, I’ve spent most of my time living in the cottage on your property and you all never hesitated treating me as a member of the family.”

I smiled. “We just made it official, the other day. I’m glad you enjoy doing what you do and being with us.”

“Aimee told me that I could have the Lime room upstairs, but I told her I like the relative privacy of the cottage.”

I was a bit surprised at this news. The Lime room was supposed to be my changing room, although I only slept in it about once a month, usually with Debbie, who seemed to have a desire never to sleep in the same room two days in a row.

I was already working with Debbie on an idea of splitting up the larger rooms into slightly smaller bedrooms to accommodate our growing family, now that Dawn and June were members. The women were already working out new color schemes for the new rooms. Since it was obvious that Debbie and perhaps Aimee might have one or more children, we wanted each child to be able to have their own room. We planned a set of smaller rooms with shared bathrooms for use as children’s rooms. The main house was more than big enough to house a large family, although if we had too many children, we might attract the unwanted attention of family services.

June turned a bit more serious. “Jim, Aimee told me why your wedding ceremony in San Francisco was secret. Mely and I hadn’t understood completely at the time, and even now, I haven’t told her, since I now understand about the family. You know that Mely is more than just a coworker, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I said, knowing that June and Mely were lovers.

“I was pretty sure you knew that. You don’t judge us; none of you do.”

“We don’t judge you because it’s not our place,” I explained. “Your relationships are yours personally, and don’t concern me unless I am personally involved, and that would be by your own choice. I never asked about or even cared what you did on your last night in Makena, nor what you did last night with Mely.”

June frowned. “It’s not that I don’t like you, Jim...”

“I understand,” I said, calmly. “Actually, I know you like me, and probably even more than that. I have no problem with that. Let’s take it slow. Since Aimee told you that the four of us consider ourselves, maybe not married, but totally committed to one another, you are now part of that. That commitment does not require you to be a bed partner to any of us, but it allows you to do so, but only if you and your desired partner or partners agree.”

June blushed. “Aimee is so... exotic...” June breathed.

“She’s like Mely?”

June’s blush deepened. “No. Mely is different. We just connected one of the times that Debbie had us staying in a hotel room, and we’ve been casual lovers ever since. Mely isn’t like me; she likes boys, too. She had a fiance a while back. Now that I’m living in Maui, Mely occasionally finds other partners, male and female, but she says that she never brings them to the condo out of respect for me. I, on the other hand, have been using my exercises and my fingers to keep me busy.”

“I’ve seen you sparring with Mary,” I said, ignoring June’s comment about her fingers. “I’ve only seen a mark on you that first time. You must be getting better.”

“Mary is teaching me to throw knives.”

“Really?” I hadn’t been aware of the specifics of June’s weapons training except when I occasionally tagged along to the shooting range with Mary and June, mostly just to ensure that I could still shoot pistols accurately enough.

“Yes. We have a target range behind the cottage.”

“I’m glad you didn’t carry any knives in your carry-on bags. It would have been embarrassing getting through the metal detector.”

“No, but I have a couple of nice throwing knives in my checked baggage.”

I shuddered. Mary was seriously turning June into a killer. I didn’t think this was a good idea, but apparently, my thoughts on the matter weren’t solicited by the people that made the decisions.

Actually, there was a part of me that liked the idea of June—and possible even Debbie and Aimee—learning basic weapons usage. Aimee seemed to have an idea that either I or the family would need a bodyguard, and I have never known any of Aimee’s premonitions to be wrong. Even if we never had to use June’s training, there was little harm in her learning. If we ever really needed it, it would be worth having it. The problem, of course, was the deadly seriousness that Mary had in these matters.

* * *

After arriving at JFK airport in New York, we found that the airline had misplaced one of my bags. I sighed, but figured that it could be worse; it could have been one of Debbie’s bags. As a result, I had a lot of shirts—quite a few Hawaiian ones, which would be out of place in New York in the winter—and no pants aside from the slacks I was wearing. Debbie gave the airline the address of Malen Associates so they could deliver my bag, when and if it would ever be found.

Once we arrived at the brownstone, Debbie’s melancholy was palpable.

“This place is spooky,” June whispered to me.

I would have to explain to June about Debbie’s gift some other time. Instead, I simply reassured her. “It’s all right. This was where Debbie’s father lived.”

The place was neater than I had expected. It appeared that Charles Penet had kept up the housekeeping for the place, even though James Malen was no longer using it.

Pictures of Debbie were all over the house, including one that looked pretty recent. She was posing with a young man, whose identity I didn’t know.

There weren’t any pictures of James Malen to be found. I had wished that I could see one to see if the image I had of him from my dreams matched. I knew that I could have satisfied my curiosity about how he looked by simply rooting around in Debbie’s mind, but I had stopped doing that as a matter of course, once I realized that Debbie wasn’t able to do the same to me.

There were four bedrooms, and Debbie took one of the smaller ones. The room that Debbie picked had a feminine feel to it, and I realized that this might have been Debbie’s own room at some point in her life.

June, on the other hand, took another bedroom.

I didn’t know how Debbie would feel if I took her father’s master bedroom, so I took the other bedroom, which didn’t have much in it other than a desk, a small dresser, and a queen sized bed.

“The guest room suits you,” Debbie said in the doorway as I put my suitcase down.

“I didn’t think you’d want me to use your father’s room.”

“It’s difficult, Jim.”

“I understand.”

Debbie left me to do my unpacking alone.

I had completed that chore and was sitting on the bed when I heard a scream from Debbie. I rushed out of the room and found Debbie’s face, white as a ghost, with a sheet of paper in her hand.

“What is it?” June asked, breathlessly, having arrived about ten seconds before I got there. June had a hunting knife in her hand at the ready.

“It’s a letter addressed to me,” Debbie said. “My father wrote it!”

“What does it say?” June asked.

I had a feeling about its contents. After all, Aimee had warned the man that the flight he was about to take was doomed.

* * *
Dear Debbie,

If you are reading this letter, then I am probably no longer walking this earth. I have few regrets, though. I have lived a gifted life. My one regret is that my work has kept the two of us apart.

Even if you don’t know it, I have been keeping track of you, my dear. You have always been one of the most important things in my life, and I must say you have done your father proud. If it is possible in the afterlife, I will continue to watch over you. Even so, I would suggest you engage the services of a very gifted individual, a Miss Aimee Porter, the lovely Asian [_sic_] associate who works for Malen Associates. I have also enclosed a business card for your Uncle William, who is an excellent investigator, who can locate her for you, if she no longer works for Malen Associates or your Uncle Charles. You will find Aimee to be a very bright and special individual, and I am sure that the two of you will become fast friends.

There are hundreds of things that I would love to tell you, but I just don’t have enough time to do this, but I must say that you are a very special and important person, and not only to me.

I have left everything that I own to you, which is a pretty big fortune. You should keep Malen Associates as well, as a company to manage your money. Uncle Charles has indicated that he’d be happy to manage your holdings so that you will never need to worry about money again.

There are a couple of people that I want you to meet. One of them lives in my apartment complex in San Diego. Her name is Mary Cadley, and she is staying in apartment three. She can introduce you to a remarkable young man. Do not misjudge these two people. Their lives may seem tragic, but I know that there will be a happy ending, and you can be a wonderful part of it.

Always remember that there will be many people to look over you and ensure your happiness for the rest of your life. Aimee, and Uncle Charles, and even Uncle William are only three of them. Remember me with affection and also remember that I have always loved you and wanted the best for you in life.

Finally, this is the moment that I must say good-bye to you. It has been a wonderful life that has allowed me to see all the beautiful things I have seen. Your mother and you were the most wonderful people that I could ever dream of knowing. I know you are probably saddened by my passing, but I promise you that you will find happiness. Keep your heart open.

Your loving father,
* * *

If there was ever any doubt that Debbie was an emotional transmitter, being anywhere near that apartment would have convinced the most skeptical observer.

June looked at me questioningly.

I didn’t answer June, but moved over to Debbie and hugged her tightly. I entered Debbie’s mind, just to send waves of love to her.

We were embracing for a minute or so, when I opened my eyes, and indicated to June to join us. She did so, hesitatingly, and she also hugged Debbie.

Many minutes passed, and eventually I felt Debbie’s sadness start to melt away.

* * *

Later on, in my room, June confronted me.

“What was all that about?” June demanded.

“The letter in the den?”

“That and those weird feelings I keep getting from this place.”

“Those feelings aren’t from this place,” I answered. “Well, not directly at least.”

June looked confused, and waited for me to continue.

“Remember when Aimee showed you your gift?”

June nodded. “You mean seeing the box in the kitchen when I was blindfolded?”

“Yes,” I said. “Debbie has a similar gift. When she feels a strong emotion, other people feel it. It’s sort of the opposite of ESP, since it’s not a perception on her part, but on other people’s part. Living with Debbie, I’ve become very sensitive to it. I told you about Debbie and her father on the plane, right?”

“Yes. Aimee also told me that story before she met you, although she wasn’t as detailed.”

“Debbie’s trip right now is for her to discover her father. Her father seems to have known she would come here, and he left her that letter.”

“According to that letter, Mary must have known Debbie’s father. Aimee never told me that.”

“Actually, it’s the other way around. Debbie’s father knew of Mary,” I explained. “Mary apparently met Debbie by coincidence when Debbie and Aimee were touring her father’s California properties. I think Mary knew that Debbie was her landlord, and only talked with her to be reassured that Mary’s rent wouldn’t increase. Debbie’s father gave Mary a very good price on her rent.”

“How is Mary’s life tragic?”

“I know you know the story about how Mary and I met.”

“Oh!” June said, finally putting the pieces together. “But why would Debbie think Mary’s life was tragic? You came out of your coma, after all.”

“I think I was still in a coma when James Malen died. He didn’t know that when Debbie met me, I would have awakened from my coma, so he thought that Mary would still be visiting me in the hospital every day. As a matter of fact, a few days after Mary and Debbie met, Debbie met me, and we all became involved with each other, adding Aimee a little bit later.”

“How did James Malen know all this?”

“Aimee warned James Malen that his flight was doomed. I think he wrote this letter to tell Debbie where her future was. I think he may have had his own gift.”

“This is very weird.”

I laughed. “Tell me about it.”

Debbie appeared in the doorway. “What’s up, you two?”

“I was explaining some things to June.”

“Isn’t it spooky that Dad told me to visit Mary?”

“I think there were a lot of circumstances that were pushing all of us together,” I said. “Think about it. Despite Aimee warning him about his flight, he took it anyway. Aimee told me a story about her aunt, which she warned against walking to the store. On the way, her aunt saw a child in the street about to be hit by a car, and ran out and saved the boy, but got hit herself and died. Aimee said that her aunt was teaching her a lesson that day, about finding the good in the bad.”

“What does Aimee’s aunt have to do with my father?” Debbie asked.

“Aimee says to think of the good that happened from the bad event. After your father died, you met Aimee, and through Aimee, you met June. Somehow, you then managed to meet Mary and me, but even if that hadn’t happened then, you would have eventually read your father’s letter and met Mary anyway. Your father’s death, as tragic as it was, seems to be the event that allowed all that to happen.”

“As much as I love all of you, I would give it all up to have my father back,” Debbie said, softly.

“I know, my little Transmitter,” I said, hugging her tightly. “If I could bring your father back, I would do so in a New York minute. It’s not possible, though. Think about what your father wrote. ‘There will be many people to look over you and ensure your happiness for the rest of your life.’ I make you this solemn promise, Debbie: I will do everything I humanly can to live up to your father’s words. You know as well as I do that he wanted us to meet and to be together. All five of us... six, if you count Dawn.”

Debbie thought a moment. “I realized that he knew about Mary from what Mr. Voder said to us that day. I didn’t know that Daddy had really intended that this all happen.”

“I feel honored to have been one of the people he chose for you.”

Debbie sniffed. “It sounds like Daddy was planning my entire life.”

“No,” I said. “Look at it this way: you found Mary and me on your own. Remember what I told you about when I first met Mary? I told her that our getting together was in the stars. I think it’s something like fate. Maybe if your father didn’t die, we might still have met, or maybe not. Who knows?”

Debbie shook her head. “I’ve heard Aimee talk that way. I keep telling her that if free will exists, then predestination can’t exist.”

I laughed. “That sounds like a college philosophy course!”

“Maybe,” Debbie allowed. “I’m not so sure, now.”

“Keep your mind open, my special Transmitter.”

June said, “Jim told me why he calls you a Transmitter, Debbie. This is all very new to me, and very strange. I also don’t know what to believe.”

Debbie hugged June. “Thank you, June. Sometimes, with Mary, Jim, and Aimee freely accepting this stuff, I feel left out.”

“I don’t freely accept it, Debbie,” I said. “However, if you’ve taken Philosophy, then you’re familiar with the principle of Occam’s Razor. So far, everything points to Aimee’s interpretations.”

“With one exception,” June said.

“What’s that?” I asked, surprised.

“The common denominator is Aimee,” June explained. “She knew Debbie’s father. She may have known about Mary and Jim, if Debbie’s father did. What if Debbie’s father told Aimee to take her to San Diego?”

“No,” Debbie said. “At that point in time, Aimee was very reserved. Aimee had originally planned to move back to Hawaii after my dad died. She was feeling homesick, so I told her that I’d build up the place in Maui if she went with me on a tour of my father’s properties throughout the country. Then we’d visit Maui, I’d give her the property, and she’d help me find another assistant. We spent about eight months in Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and then Los Angeles, before we got to San Diego. Aimee wasn’t even staying with me in San Diego. She insisted that the only apartment that was available in the complex was too small for both of us, so she stayed at a Days Inn a few blocks away.”

“I remember,” June said. “Mely and I were at that hotel for a day before we went back to Los Angeles.”

Debbie’s eyes went misty. “I was in that apartment, when I could feel the two of them making love. I mean Mary and Jim. I could actually feel them. Something in my heart told me that I needed to be a part of it, and I used my pass-key to come into their apartment...”

I nodded. “I remember that, too. It was like I knew what was happening, but at the same time, it was like it wasn’t me. One moment, I was myself, the next moment, I was Mary, and another moment, I was Debbie.”

“Aimee thought I fell in love with Jim the moment I met.”

“Didn’t you?” I asked, confused.

“No,” Debbie answered. “I fell in love with Mary.”

June’s jaw dropped. “You fell in love with Mary?”

This was interesting to me. The infallible Aimee, wrong?

“Yes,” Debbie admitted. “Mary was in love with him... I mean, I knew that Jim was her only reason for living. I think she still feels that same way, although she seems even more fixated on Dawn, now. Have you see the way she hovers over Dawn? Anyway, I was confused at the time, until something inside me told me that the only way I could have Mary was to love Jim. It went against everything I ever believed, a girl loving a girl, and being in a multiple partner relationship. I knew, somehow, that Mary would know if my love for Jim wasn’t true. Aimee and I discussed it one night, and then it became clearer to me. Aimee wanted desperately to be a part of what we all had, but Jim said ‘no.’”

“Wow!” I said, simply amazed. “I wish I had known all this at the time. I was very confused myself.”

“It really took a while for everything to work out,” Debbie said. “Aimee, I think, was the first to feel comfortable, and she talked with all of us, and things started to fall into place.”

June looked unconvinced. “So, Aimee could still be the common denominator.”

I didn’t know how to answer that.

* * *

I slept with Debbie in her room that night. Our lovemaking was passionate and explosive, Debbie reaching orgasm after orgasm before I finally achieved my own release.

We spent the rest of the night simply holding each other.

Debbie woke me up, kissing me profusely.

“What’s up, Miss Radio?” I asked.

“Thank you for last night,” Debbie sighed, smiling.

“You never have to thank me for making love to you,” I said. “I’m willing to make love to you until my body gives out.”

“No,” Debbie said. “I really needed last night. It was the first moment that I was in this apartment that I wasn’t feeling sadness. I was ecstatic, and I loved it!”

“I’m glad I was able to help out,” I grinned.

“You explained yesterday that Daddy’s death allowed us to get together. At first, I felt that it was a bad trade and I hadn’t been consulted. Last night reminded me what our relationship really is. I’ve always loved Mary, but you make love to me freely and completely. I feel love radiating out of you the way you say I that I’m a transmitter, but I know with you, it’s just from you to me. When you kiss me, you put your entire being into it. I told you yesterday that I actually fell in love with Mary, and even so, when we make love, it is like I am the only person as far as you are concerned. Do you know what I mean?”

I shook my head. I was confused.

Debbie sighed. “When I was traveling in California before I met you, I slept around. I know that AIDS is dangerous, but I didn’t give a fuck. My daddy died and I didn’t care what I did with my life. I must have fucked dozens of guys.”

“I know, you’ve told me this before...”

“Let me finish,” Debbie said. “Then I met the two of you. You were making love to Mary, and I envied her the way she felt. I felt you penetrating into her, how Mary was willing to give you everything, and I also felt your feelings and emotions. They were intense! And then, suddenly, somehow, I was part of it, and I felt the same intensity from you, and Mary. I envied Mary’s consuming passion, and for some reason, I had to have Mary. Despite the intensity that I felt from you, I have to admit that it scared the hell out of me. I decided that it was Mary I loved, instead. She seemed to feel the same way, and we made love in the bathroom, and then a few times when you weren’t around. She was as intense as she had been with you. Mary, however, would never leave you. I could feel that. I decided to play you along, since I felt that having a good fuck around wasn’t a bad side benefit, but I realized that Mary would be able to tell if I was just going through the motions. So, I went out of my way to make you as happy as I could, and in doing so, I found that I really loved you.”

I interrupted Debbie with a kiss.

Debbie kissed me back, but still had to get the rest of her confession off her chest. “You’ve let me, as well as Mary and Aimee, have our own desires. If I wanted to sleep with Mary, you’d simply sleep with Aimee. I’ve never met somebody so understanding—maybe Aimee, but never a guy!”

“Debbie, that’s not...”

Debbie wouldn’t be interrupted. “That day when Aimee got mad at you, I thought we were doomed. I was sure that Aimee would leave, and Mary would be angry at me and hate me. Aimee, however, spent nearly a dozen hours making love with me then. I mean, she went out of her way to get me to the point where it was difficult to walk. I don’t know if she ever had been alone with a woman before, but she made it the most exquisite time of my life. I actually forgot about Mary and you at one point. And you know what? Neither Aimee or I spoke a word to each other during the entire time!

“Then Aimee called you on the phone, and to my surprise, she seemed pissed at you even more—it was amazing! Despite that, we still met you later, and I knew from the moment that I saw you... I actually felt the love you felt for Mary, for Aimee, and most of all, for me. You gave Aimee that special corsage, and I thought, ‘What a wonderful guy!’ Aimee’s entire attitude changed. Despite the fact that I had more orgasms than I ever had that day with Aimee, we all slept together that night, and it was like everything changed, but it also didn’t change. We made love together, and it was no longer important who I was touching, or who was touching me. I felt we had become more than a foursome... into a family.”

I smiled. “I felt the same way that night.”

“Last night, you reminded me how much I have invested in our family. There was nobody else in our bed except the two of us, and when I needed you to be assertive, you did so. When I wanted you to be softer, you just held me. Then it hit me: We no longer ‘perform sex,’ Jim; We no longer ‘make love.’ I used to think so, but it’s more than that. It’s much more simple: We love. When I’m with you, we just love! That’s it, plain and simple.”

I thought about Debbie’s words for a long while. Finally, a light bulb went on over my head. “You know, I think it’s one thing that William or your father never suspected. Empaths, by definition, feel emotions. How else would an Empath make love, if not with raw emotion? I think that you feel that, Debbie. When I’m with you in bed, I let you feel my love and my ecstasy, and you do the same to me. It’s a whole new concept. I like your term: We love.”

Debbie sighed. “Tonight, you will have to teach June.”

I shook my head vigorously. “I will do no such thing, Debbie! June is a virgin, and wants to remain so until she dies. I know this for a fact.”

Debbie shook her head. “I just spent a half hour explaining about how making love is more than just the physical act of sex. There’s ecstasy, but I feel that ecstasy with Aimee and Mary as well as with you. Neither one of them has your male equipment, Jim!”

“Oh,” I said, finally understanding. I thought about what Debbie had just discovered. I had known some of this, but the way she put it into words made perfect sense to me.

Finally, I smiled at Debbie. “Tonight, the two of us will teach June.”

“We’ll use the master bedroom,” Debbie said. “Last night, you exorcised the sadness from this place.”

I smiled and gave Debbie a long kiss. I could feel her radiate her pleasure, and I knew that Debbie was doing this on purpose. Sure enough, it was enough to bring June the voyeur to the doorway. I felt June’s presence, and without opening my eyes, I pulled away from Debbie’s lips for a moment to say, “Join us in a kiss, sister.”

I said that using a firm commanding tone, just as Aimee had used with June on Christmas day. From June’s response that day, I knew that she was a submissive deep down, even more so than Aimee.

June kissed me on the cheek. About two minutes later, I turned from Debbie to kiss June full on the lips, penetrating her lips with my tongue. I said nothing, but my kiss promised everything, and June moaned deeply as she started feeling the strong wave of emotions.

Debbie rolled out of the bed to allow June and I better access to each other.

I opened my eyes and saw June’s eyes were already open. I broke the kiss and saw the pleading in her eyes. She was asking for everything—almost. Did I tell you that her left eye is green and the right one brown? June was an amazing person on a whole bunch of levels.

I blinked, and June nodded in response.

Having gained permission, I kissed June again, and this time I entered her mind. She was currently thinking of her past lovers, her desires, and her confused emotions about me. I saw what I had earlier expected: she was a lesbian. She was also a virgin, by the definition that no male had ever penetrated her. She mostly avoided the female toys that her occasional partners sometimes used. I also saw promise as well. June didn’t hate men, she just didn’t associate the gender with sexual gratification, mostly based on her first experiences as an adolescent. I could “fix” that, but who am I to play God? June’s sexuality was part of what made June her own person. It was not within me to turn a tiger into a vegetarian just because I wanted it that way. Inside her mind, I promised her that I would not be the one to ever take her virginity.

Next, I just radiated love directly from my mind to June’s.

Finally, I broke the kiss, and left June laying on the bed. She was panting.

I got out of bed, nude, my erection so hard that it hurt.

June’s eyes were wide as she looked at me. “Oh, my,” she said, softly.

I’m not sure if June’s comment was because of our kiss, or of the sight of my cock. It didn’t matter to me. I wished I had a robe, mostly because of the chilly air, but it, too, was a victim of the airline’s baggage claim system.

As I walked out of the room, I paused, and turned around.

I mustered the most commanding voice I could manage. “You’re sleeping with us tonight in the master bedroom.”

I left the room with a confused submissive in Debbie’s bed.

* * *

I entered the kitchen and found that Debbie had left a note explaining that she was going to pick up some coffee cake and coffee from a nearby deli.

I smiled, and went back to my room and got dressed, wearing the same slacks that I wore the other day. I hoped that the airline would find my missing bag, but I figured that I would need to purchase some new pants and some other essentials that day, even if they found my luggage.

As I left my room, I could hear June grunting in Debbie’s room. I looked into the room, and saw the sheet that June pulled over herself moving up and down as her hand caressed her pleasure center. I entered her mind again, and when I felt her orgasm approach, I said, “Tell me who you are thinking about!”

June reddened in embarrassment, but was too far along to stop her pleasure. “Y-you...” she grunted, and then she cried softly into her pillow.

Debbie had arrived, and I could smell the coffee.

“Where’s June?”

“Your room, masturbating.”

“You’re cruel.”

“It was her choice. Do you really think I’m cruel?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.

“Not really,” Debbie admitted. “You’re wonderful!”

I think I blushed as I took a piece of coffee cake.

Debbie was incredulous. “Aimee told me that June was submissive, but I couldn’t believe that she came over and kissed you. We were both naked in my bed, and she came over just because you told her to do so.”

“I’ve made a solemn promise to her that I will never take her virginity,” I told Debbie.

Debbie’s reaction was shock. “What? Why?”

“I saw it in her mind, Debbie,” I said. “She’s a lesbian, although she’s not a man-hater. She doesn’t associate men with sexuality. I won’t change her attitude, nor will I force myself into her, because the only way a cock will enter her will be by force. I will personally kill the owner of that cock if June or Mary don’t beat me to it.”

Debbie didn’t respond, but I knew that she was confused.

* * *

I had always wanted to see Central Park.

The brownstone we were staying at was on Central Park West, an upscale neighborhood. Debbie told us that she knew her way around Central Park, having played there as a child a few times when she visited her father.

Once outside, I realized that we needed to find a place where I could get a parka. Despite the fact it was warm for a February, about thirty degrees, I had spent quite a lot of time in Hawaii in a more moderate climate, and apparently, my blood had thinned. The sweater that survived the airline’s mishandling was too thin to be of real help. The cab driver that picked us up just happened to know a place to get a good parka, and we got there in record time.

Once we got to the park, I saw that there was snow on the ground, and people were mostly walking on the foot paths.

Debbie showed me most of the sights, and relived some earlier memories with the two of us.

We went off the path, trudging into snow into a copse of trees. There, June pointed to a tree about ten yards away. I looked at the tree, and then I saw a knife sticking into its trunk, dead center from our direction.

I looked at June, who had a big smile on her face as she retrieved her weapon.

“New York has laws concerning concealed weapons,” I told June.

“They would have to find the weapon before they could arrest me.”

“Throwing a knife in a public park this size isn’t a very intelligent thing to do,” I answered.

Once again, I shuddered. June had told me that Mary had been teaching her to throw knives, and here she was, primed and ready to use her education. Her accuracy looked deadly.

“June?” I asked.


“Don’t be too quick to kill somebody,” I said. “Sometimes, you can make your point just by getting somebody’s attention. There may be times to kill, but that should be the last resort.”

June looked at me, and then retrieved the knife she had just thrown and she showed it to me. I had expected something like a survival knife that I had seen years when I was in the army, but June’s looked like a cross between that and a chef’s knife. The blade was long and sharp and looked like it could do a lot of damage to somebody from just looking at it.

Debbie visibly shivered when she saw June’s knife. She looked around, thinking that a policeman would be coming over any second.

Grinning, June returned her knife to the holster behind her back. “The secret to throwing a knife is to find your most accurate distance and throw to it. Accuracy isn’t that important for soft targets, Mary says.”

“Soft targets?” Debbie repeated.

“She means humans,” I explained.

Debbie made a grimace at that explanation.

“Animals can be soft targets, too,” June said, seeing Debbie’s reaction. “Just don’t rely on a single knife to stop a larger animal.”

I didn’t think June’s effort helped Debbie’s mind at all. “We’ll remember that,” I said to June, wryly.

Debbie suggested that we all get back onto the main path.

Despite the reputation that Central Park has as a dangerous spot, I mostly just saw people having fun, and even an outdoor ice skating rink. During rest of our time in New York, June, occasionally with Debbie and me accompanying her, would jog/run through the park after sunrise.

New York City probably has more restaurants than some states have people. It’s one place that people seem to be expected to eat out all the time. Debbie loved all the exotic Asian restaurants available, and we ended up at a Thai restaurant for dinner. I was getting used to the enjoyable cuisine, thanks mostly to the influence of Aimee and Debbie, and June also seemed to enjoy her meal as well.

* * *

Once we got home, I kissed Debbie, thanking her for a wonderful meal. Then I kissed June as well.

When I finished kissing June, I said in a stern voice, “June, I want you to go to your room, get a robe and a new pair of panties and put them on the big dresser in the master bedroom. Then, I want you to go to the bathroom, shower, and then report to the master bedroom, completely nude.”

Without hesitation, June obeyed.

“I’ve seen you order Aimee around, but June has her beat,” Debbie commented.

“When have you seen me order Aimee?” I asked.

“Sometimes, I watch you and Aimee when you think I’m in the sack with Mary. Aimee usually knows, but you are usually too focused on whatever you’re doing, and never seem to notice.”

I shrugged.

“All right, Harem Girl,” I said to Debbie, using one of my favorite cute names for Aimee. “Get your ass into the bedroom, and if you’re not naked and ready for me, I’ll paddle you!” I accompanied this with a playful smack on her ass.

“Ooh!” Debbie squealed playfully, running to the bedroom.

I went into my room, passing the bathroom where I heard a shower running. I tried the door quietly and found it locked.

I quickly went back to the kitchen and found a tool drawer and returned and used a small screwdriver to unlock the bathroom door.

Opening the door, I yelled, “You are never to close the bathroom door again!” I could see from June’s reaction that my voice had scared her a bit. “And no masturbating until you get to the bedroom. Be quick about it!”

I knew that June was a submissive. When I played sex games with Aimee, it was usually for fun. With June, however, there was something more involved. Deep down, she had a need to be commanded and even occasionally punished.

I would like to state for the record that I think that a man that hits a woman deserves to be castrated slowly with a butter knife dipped in rattlesnake venom. That being said, I knew that there was a difference between a sexual spanking that June actually enjoyed, and a male beating a helpless female no matter what the reason. Despite that I had little taste for punishing people, when it came to June, I knew that I would have to make an exception. I knew that I would have to deal with my reluctance when the time came, and the time was coming soon.

Inside the master bedroom, Debbie was nude, just as I had asked.

I softly explained to Debbie about June’s needs, but apparently Aimee had already beaten me to it. I told Debbie that I would make it up to her tomorrow night when we slept together again.

“No, Jim,” Debbie said. “Tomorrow night, you will be alone with June. You have to get her past her taboos and not let her continue to be afraid of you.”

I sighed. Debbie, of course, was perfectly correct.

“Then I’ll do you tomorrow afternoon. I don’t like waiting.”

Debbie kissed me tenderly.

A kiss from one of my wives was better than nearly anything else in the world. There was the inherent closeness of our faces, and the knowledge that if we open our eyes, we’ll see the object of our desires. There were also plenty of other things that could be done during a kiss, many lovely things to feel, to caress, to stimulate, to probe.

I was going to learn about June tonight. Debbie would be there to make the process easier on her nerves, because I could tell, deep down, that June was very nervous.

Despite my playing around with Aimee, I could only go by my instincts about what June needed. So far, I hadn’t been wrong, but I knew that I was no sexual expert, despite Debbie’s earlier comments to me. Whatever the testimony that Mary, Aimee, and Debbie would give you, I knew that my only knowledge of sex was directly correlated to what those three girls wanted or needed and the two or three girls I had bedded before I joined the army—and I don’t believe that I was a great lover then.

June was a new part of my life, and she was much different than any of the other women I had ever met. Unlike the submission play acting that Aimee and I did, June really was a true submissive. My knowledge of domination and submission was seriously lacking. I knew that June occasionally needed to be punished, but would she be the kind of submissive that would intentionally misbehave just so she would be punished? I didn’t picture myself to be able to act that way, especially in the presence of Debbie.

However, Debbie was extremely physical in bed, and she also seemed to know instinctively what I needed and could easily communicate her own needs to her partner or partners. As I said, having Debbie here would ensure that I didn’t make any stupid mistakes, or if I did so, they wouldn’t be mistakes for long.

June entered the room, a towel around her hair. Her hands were at her sides, freely displaying her body. Her face looked apprehensive, and my heart went out to the poor girl.

Debbie and I stared at June, and she stared back at us.

The impasse was broken after a couple of minutes when June finally spoke. “Do you wish me to masturbate here?”

I nodded at a chair at the side of the room. “Sit there and show us what you did under the sheets in Debbie’s room this morning.”

June nodded, and sat down, placing her legs on either side of the chair, exposing her pink wetness to the two of us.

Slowly, June placed her right hand between her legs, and started rubbing up and down her slit. Her fingers were positioned so that we had an excellent view; it was obvious that June had been ordered to do this before, and had been taught how to maximize our viewing pleasure. The fingers on her left hand encircled her breast and she started pinching her nipple.

I have seen women masturbate before, but June seemed to be an expert in doing so in front of an audience. She moaned and groaned like a porn actress, adding to our enjoyment of the lewd show she was putting on before us.

“Am I allowed to come, Master?” June finally asked.

“Why should I allow you to come?” I asked, smiling.


Debbie picked up on this. “June, what will you do for your master if he allows you to come?”

“I... I will suck your cock, Master!”

I was surprised that June would making that suggestion herself. I had not expected that this would happen our first night together.

“Have you sucked a man’s cock before?” Debbie asked, before I could grant June permission.

“N-no,” June answered.

“Then what makes you think you will be good enough to give pleasure to my man?”

“I... I don’t know,” June said, her finger moving around her clit faster and faster. I could tell she was close.

I was glad that Debbie was helping here. I don’t know if I could torture June this way.

“Make him a better offer,” Debbie ordered.

Without hesitation, June asked, “Mistress Debbie, will you teach me how to suck my Master’s cock?”

If I had my body turned any closer toward Debbie, the rapid erection that I experienced would have knocked her off the king sized bed.

“Yes, June,” Debbie answered.

“You may now come,” I told June, knowing she was approaching her limit.

“Aaah...” June cried.

Debbie and I watched June’s orgasm wash over her body.

June’s hand was still moving furiously on her clit.

As June’s orgasm finally started to wane, Debbie called out, “You were not given permission for a multiple orgasm, Slave!”

Disappointment showed on June’s face.

“May I stop masturbating, then?” June asked.

Debbie was about to answer, but I interrupted. “June,” I answered. “I want you to know that my personal opinion of masturbation is that it is a lonely experience. I will never again order you to do what you have just done. You do not need to masturbate, unless you find yourself alone with none of us around. If anybody in our family can help it, there should always be somebody around to help you with your pleasure, and sharing your pleasure is always much more preferable and beautiful than doing it alone.”

Both Debbie and June looked at me.

There was amazement in June’s eyes. She leaped up from her chair, and jumped onto the bed, tackling me. “Thank you, Master!” she said, planting kisses all over my face.

* * *

“Yes,” Debbie was saying. “Suck on it, just like Dawn sucking on Mary’s nipple. Take it out of your mouth every once in a while, and kiss the tip and lick up and down the shaft.”

“It’s much bigger than Mary’s nipple,” June giggled, licking at the juncture between where the knob of my dick meets the shaft, creating a very lovely sensation of bliss.

I winced.

“Not so much teeth, dear,” Debbie said, seeing my reaction. “Just a little to let him know that you have him under control is fine,” Debbie added wickedly.

I glared at Debbie.

“Sowwy,” June said, my dick still in her mouth, and definitely not sounding like she meant it.

Debbie stuck her tongue out at me and returned her attention to June. “I was about to say, Dawn is much tinier than you. Think about how huge Mary’s engorged nipple is compared to Dawn’s size. Relatively speaking, they’re about the same as you and him. Now, suck it again, and this time, try to see if you can take him deeper.”

I felt like a practice dummy at a sex education class, and I was enjoying every minute of it, despite Debbie’s mischievousness.

Debbie was getting off at her student’s effort to do a first class job on her first male organ.

“It’s amazing that Jim’s is the first cock you ever saw live,” Debbie said. “You are so submissive, I would have expected some bull dyke to have forced you to suck or fuck a complete stranger.”

June moved off from her sucking to answer, licking my shaft as she had been instructed. “I would never take orders from such a person,” June answered. “It’s like I can tell when a person would be... nice... but... bossy at the same time.”

“You see it in Aimee,” Debbie said.

June nodded, my shaft once again in her mouth.

“You see it in Debbie and I,” I offered.

Once again, another lovely nod.

I kissed Debbie, a signal to her that I was approaching my limit.

“And Mary,” Debbie continued. “Keep sucking now, June, you are doing very well.”

June moved her head up and down, and I felt the start of that familiar sensation.

“In a few moments, June, Jim will have his orgasm. I want you to expect that and not panic. If you don’t want to taste it, move your face away now, but continue licking the side of the shaft—he’s really sensitive on the bottom, actually.”

June did not move away, but continued sucking, but I felt her tongue moving against the bottom of my shaft. The feeling was marvelous.

“All right,” Debbie said, “Now, when he comes, don’t try to swallow his semen, but try to keep it all in your mouth. It’s difficult, I know, but I want you... I order you... to do it. Start moving a tiny bit faster, Jim likes that...”

With a bit of a heave, I pushed my groin upward, feeling the hydraulics of my shaft start to pump my seed into June’s willing mouth. I shot a few times, and June kept her mouth on me, sucking. Finally, I sighed, and moved my groin down.

“One more last suck, June,” Debbie said.

I winced in advance as June’s suction was felt down my shaft. There was a devilish sparkle in Debbie’s eye, as she knew that the action she directed June to just do was something I preferred to avoid. However, June’s suction wasn’t as strong as the Mary’s or Debbie’s when they playfully did this to me, and the result was actually quite nice, surprising me.

“Nicely done, Harem Girl,” Debbie said. “Now, I want you to keep Jim’s seed in your mouth, and kiss me so we can share it together.”

June immediately obeyed, and a part of my mind sent an alarm signal. Before I could protest, though, the two girls were exchanging my semen between them.

Oh, dear, I thought to myself. Debbie is going to be so disappointed that she won’t be able to eat June tonight.

Of course, I would never allow anything that had my semen in it to touch June’s virginal cunt. I wasn’t sure if June was on birth control, or even if she were in a fertile part of her cycle, and even though I could get that information from her brain, I would still refuse to allow it. June would need to learn a new reality of having sex with consequences when it came to being with me. I knew that she trusted us implicitly, but we had to show her that we held her trust in the highest regard. We also needed to demonstrate to her how different things would need to be.

As Debbie and June continued their lip lock, I felt recharged enough to return June’s favor. I moved myself so that I was between June’s legs, and started to lick.

At first, I used the generic moves that I knew that Mary, Debbie, and Aimee all liked. As I started to sense June’s reactions, I tailored my approach to what she seemed to prefer.

Unlike the other women, June seemed to require more stimulation with my fingers in addition to my tongue, and she seemed to enjoy only minor finger penetration compared to the others. The reason, of course, was obvious, once you thought it out. Avoiding sex with men made this part of a woman’s stimulation a bit more unique and important. Despite the fact June disliked complete penetration, she still liked a little penetration, just not too much. As I realized that she enjoyed the stimulations between her legs, I was willing to oblige, in baby steps. June was tight, but I could easily squeeze two fingers into her without stretching her too much, and as I dazzled her clitoris with my tongue, I could feel her reaction.

For variety, I entered Debbie’s mind, and felt how June’s reaction to my tongue and fingers was being received by Debbie. Before I left Debbie’s mind, I told her the decision that I had made about Debbie eating out June with her sperm-infested mouth. I felt Debbie’s disappointment, but it quickly changed to relief when she realized that I would have even considered the possibility of June’s pregnancy.

I licked June through two orgasms, and June asked Debbie each time before she came if she had permission. It was cute and totally unlike the submission games that Aimee and I had played.

After her second orgasm on my tongue, Debbie took over with her fingers. June tried to get into a sixty-nine position with her, but I pulled her head toward mine. “Not tonight, June. You can do it tomorrow morning, but not tonight.”

“Why?” June asked, no longer the submissive.

“It’s for your protection,” I said, soothingly. “It’s not a punishment.”

“I’ll trust you,” June said, moving closer and kissing me.

Instead of answering, I just sent a torrent of love via our mind connection, and June nearly melted.

With her fingers, Debbie pulled three more orgasms from June, with June asking me for permission before each one. June then collapsed in a totally contented heap.

“This is wonderful!” June sighed.

As I could see that June was very close to exhaustion, I asked June which side of the bed she preferred to use.

“Either one,” June answered.

“Which one is your knife on?” I asked, mostly in jest.

“There’s a knife on either nightstand; I didn’t know which side I’d use.”

I figured that I would have to stop making fun about June acting as my bodyguard. She actually took it seriously and the reality was very sobering.

“Get your panties on and come back. Whatever side you pick is your side tonight.”

June jumped up happily, although confused about why I wanted her dressed.

When she returned on my right side, I whispered to her. “How do you prefer to sleep when you spend the night with a partner?”

“I usually sleep underneath my partner, our legs such that our crotches are touching each other’s legs.”

“I thought so,” I smiled. “You will sleep on top, tonight, since I’m much heavier than you. You are wearing panties because I get the feeling that you might be a grinder, and I don’t want any accidental penetration.”

I felt Debbie’s pride in my words to June.

June eagerly took her place on my leg, her crotch just above my knee. She kissed me, and hugged me, and very soon, she was breathing regularly. Her small breasts were pressed nicely against my right side as her body was draped over mine.

I had been correct. June was a grinder. Even in sleep, her motions hadn’t completely stopped.

I giggled, and Debbie, having heard the conversation and seeing June’s ass bounce up and down, giggled with me.

“That looks like fun, Jim,” Debbie said, quietly. “Do you have room for a second?”

I spent the night with two beautiful women happily humping my legs all night. It was distracting at first, but I quickly learned to enjoy it.

Debbie apparently had forgotten to turn up the thermostat when we got to the apartment, so having the two warm bodies on mine made up for the lack of heat. Of course, with all that grinding, mostly coming from June’s side, there was no lack of sexual heat, either. It was a most enjoyable night.