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Dumbed Doctor

Jan is your average male man, he is five ten, weighs in about 180 pounds and is fifty six years old. Jan was married for over 30 years, and had three children, but his life was not filled with happiness, something was missing and like a lot of men, went through a mid life crisis, until one day, true happiness found him.

Jan, like many men, used to dig around the internet on porn sites, and during his long first marriage found looking at photos of women to be too simple, he needed more and sought interaction. The safest sex is one where no contact is made, and the internet brought a load of safe sex in the form of sex sites and chat rooms where thousands of women and men, could interact with each other discussing their likes and fantasies. Enacting them out from a distance, keeping the sex safe. During Jan’s searching through internet sex sites he came across a site that promoted ladyboys from Asia, usually Thailand and the Philippines. Now Jan is hetero, and never had a sexual encounter with another man before. However, when he looked at some of the ladyboys he was taken by two things, their lithe bodies and the size of their cocks. He was hypnotized by a huge cock. He couldn’t understand why he felt attracted to cocks, but it wasn’t an all-encompassing attraction, it was only for ladyboys that looked like a woman but had a huge cock…only huge would drive him wild with list and desire.

One day Jan was chatting with one such ladyboy on the site and a relationship started to develop. Jan and the young man called Vic started to chat about sex mainly, but also about life. Vic was a thin young man aged 30 and lived in the Philippines, he had a huge cock, thick and long and two perfectly shaped balls that drove Jan wild with lust. Ever since he found Vic, Jan started to watch movies that showed how to suck cocks, and he grew more and more intimate with the cock sucking life without actually having sucked a cock.

Over time, Jan and Vic developed a relationship that blossomed into love, but the two were far apart and Jan could not contain his lust or love for Vic. In fact, his cock only became hard when thinking about Vic’s cock, thinking about sucking Vic’s hard cock and balls. He dreamed of the days that Vic would walk about in his panties, or a dress and the cloth would suddenly rise and get taught as Vic’s cock grew harder and longer. Jan imagined touching Vic’s cock with his fingers, gently, and then slowly cupping Vic’s balls. He imagined kissing the peeking cock head and slowly liking it with his tongue and Vic held Jay’s head over his cock and rammed it down his thought causing him to gag as Vic pumped his mouth until his cumm burst out down his throat and around his mouth. He imagined Vic working the cam sex, and calling Jan to come and lick his cumm off his body.

With all these fantasies in mind, Jan still remained married to his wife and still continued his mundane life. One day, Jan and his wife decided take a trip to the Asia, and they chose to visit the Philippines. Jan was both excited but also concerned, since his fantasy life was now possibly encroaching on his real life, and he had trepidations. After all, dreaming about something is not the same as living it, and Jan loved pussy as much as any heterosexual, in fact Jan was a sex addict and loved to cumm as much as he could whilst wanking to an online sex companion, or in rare occasions with his wife.

The day finally came, and Jan and his wife flew to the Philippines, during this time Jan had told Vic that he was coming and even told him which hotel he was staying at, but explained that they could not meet since he was coming with his wife for a holiday. Vic, on the other hand had other ideas and decided it was time to take matters into hand.

Vic decided to visit a local witch, and had to travel well into the province jungle. There he found a feared witch that agreed to give Vic a special power for only a limited time. This power was the ability to control a persons mind, but for only a limited time. The witch told him he had exactly 1 day to work in, and then his powers would fade away. Whatever changes he made to that person would remain for life.

Jan and his wife were in their room in the hotel when they heard a knock at the door, Jan got up and looked at his wife and ask “did we order something?” but she nodded no, so he went to the door and asked “Who’s there?” the reply was “room service, a complement from the management.” Jan opened the door and saw five ladyboys standing outside, the one in front of the door was Vic. Jan gasped in surprise but Vic put his finger on Jan’s lips and he shut up. Then Vic entered the room alone, and walked up to Jan’s wife who was about to scream when Vic also put his finger on her lips and said “Shut up bitch” she did’nt utter a sound, but inside was screaming. Jan too was in a turmoil. Then the four other ladyboys walked into the room and closed the door behind them.

Vic told Jan to sit by his wife on the bed and then said “OK, so here is the story, I am Vic, your husbands true love in life, and I want to claim him for myself. But this is not enough, I need to make sure that he remains my property, and to do that I need to make sure you don’t follow us. So, I am going to first make some changes to your husband,. I want you to witness these changes, and then I will change you.”

Jan’s wife wanted to scream but could not, and she watched as Vic walked up to Jan and said, I am not forcing this on you, you have a choice. I can make these changes for you by your request and I will respect that because I know you love me. So tell me Jan, do you want to be my cock sucking slut that lives for my cock and only loves me, worships me and does all I say for the rest of your life?”

Jan was getting a raging hard on as Vic spoke, it was his own hard on, not an induced one, and he realized he could finally fulfil his true desires and destiny, so he answered “Yes please”.

Vic nodded and smiled, and said “OK, here goes, you will now never look at another woman with desire, for you only me and my cock fill you with desire. You live for me and my cumm and you love the taste of my cumm. You will suck me 12 times a day, and will perform on cam with me. You will take my cock wherever and whenever I want, and even if you want it, then you will take it more. From now on, I am your master, your owner and you know nothing but me. Do you agree?”

Jan nodded and said “Yes”.

Vic added “Good, I will allow you to retain all your knowledge, intelligence and memories, but you will be totally subservient to me and you will only love me and my cock.”

Jan nodded and said “Yes, please do this.”

Vic used his powers and forced the changes on Jan, and then asked “So, how do you feel?” and Jan replied, “ love you Master.”

Vic then said “Prove it, suck my cock now and swallow all my cumm in front of everyone here.”

Jan was already raging hard, he knelt in front of Vic and stroked Vic’s hard cock that stouck out form his pants and dress like a tent pole. He then lifted up Vic’s skirt and slowly lowered his mouth over the red hot member and kissed it. He then started to lick it and played with Vic’s balls with his hands. Vic was so on heat, he didn’t even wait for Jan to suck his cock; he exploded his load into Jan’s mouth immediately and Jan licked his lips and smiled.

Vic looked at the scared wife and said to her “As you can see, I can change people, and now its your time. I brought some friends with me. I am going to turn you into a ladyboy whore that loves to suck cock and is too dumb to be anything but a cock sucking whore. Now, I understand that you are an intelligent doctor, well that will now change. The first cock you suck will take away all your education from first grade, you will no longer be able to read, write, count and your vocabulary will be limited. The second cock you suck will reduce your intelligence to an IQ of 70 which will make you dumb and stupid. The third cock you suck will raise your libido so you need sex all the time, and the fourth cock you suck will make you grow a cock and turn you from a woman into a ladyboy. Now, the final cock you suck will be mine, and once you finish it, you will be hooked on cumm like a junkie and will need to drink cumm at least 24 times a day. If you don’t drink cumm 24 times you will become crazy and try to rape people to get their cumm.”

Jan’s wife looked up in horror and could not talk, inside she was shaking with fear and horror, and then Vic continued “Now I am going to make you suck your first cock, and you will do it and love the changes, and once you finish the first cock, you wont care anymore and want to suck the other four after it…even demand it. But before we do, here are some legal documents to sign; these include a resignation letter from work where you explain you are staying here, another one that transfers ownership of all your property and possessions to me, and the third one is a contract for you to work with my friend here who is a pimp and whore owner, and you will be his property for life. Now sign bitch.”

She could not stop herself and signed, and then her signature was witnessed by two of the men, one of which was a qualified lawyer, making all the documents legally binding.

Vic turned to Jan, suck my cock as you watch your wife become a whore. Jan laughed and clapped his hands, and then started to slurp on Vic’s cock as the first ladyboy stuffed his cock into the wifes mouth. She sucked for only two minutes and he jerked his load into her mouth. As the cumm dribbled down her throat, her mind started to loose all its knowledge and she felt light headed, realizing she couldn’t remember anything from her education and was starting to find thinking hard. Inside her mind she felt herself loose all her memories of schooling, her university years, all her medical knowledge, all her languages, in fact she lost everything till the age of four, making her totally illiterate and incapable of more than basic finger counting.

The second ladyboy then pulled his cock out, and she grabbed it greedily, realizing she wanted to become a lady boy cock whore and she stuffed his cock in her mouth…he came in seconds and her IQ dropped at such speed that she reeled and fell down. Inside her mind she felt herself become heavy and sluggish, before she could think fast, but now her mind slowed down so she needed to focus to think, and then just gave up. When she pulled herself up she was a stupid ignorant woman, she was totally ignorant with no education, and her thought process was so slow she could only think of one thing at a time and even that hurt her head.

She fumbled for the third cock and this one exploded into her mouth with such force her head rocked back and then she felt a burning sensation all over. Suddenly all she could think about was sex and fucking and sucking cock. Her dumb mind became totally fixated on sex, and she grabbed the fourth cock and swallowed all his cumm. The minute it hit her lips, her body buckled, she was in pain as her pussy reformed and all her internal organs reassigned themselves and transformed into a cock and balls. She no longer had a womans body, she had a mans body with her original tits but now had a cock and balls and she came in an orgasmic explosion, her first as a ladyboy. The cumm came out for a whole minute, wracking her body in both orgasmic delight but with extreme pain too. After her cumm dribbled to a stop, she pulled on her new cock and loved the feel. She played with her new balls and was overjoyed.

Then Vic pulled his cock out of Jan’s mouth and stuffed it into the new ladybodys mouth, and he said “Your name is now Jon, and you are a ladyboy cock whore forever.” When he came Jon’s mind reeled, he was so dumb, didn’t know anything, but needed cumm all the time, he craved cumm and Vic laughed and said “Now you will live with me and will be our cumm dump, everyone will use your mouth as a cumm dump and you will live the rest of your life as a dumb animal whore.” Jon looked up with dull eyes and smiled as cumm dribbled out of his mouth, his hands playing with his own cock and balls and his mind just thinking of cock and cumm. The once intelligent vibrant female doctor was now a dumb male cock whore.

Jan was so happy with his new life, and moved in with Vic, where he continued to work to help provide, but lived a life of total devotion to Vic, as well as use Jon (his ex wife) as a cumm dump whenever Jons mouth was free from cock, which was rare. He also worked on Cam with Vic, and would suck him in front of all the viewers happily every day.